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Update written by Shane

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned asked Drew to call off the plan to merge ELQ and Aurora. Drew tried to explain that it was in the companies’ best interests to merge because it would dilute Valentin’s shares. But, Ned still felt he could be left out in the cold if the merger went through.

Alone with Michael, Ned said that he’d sacrificed a lot for ELQ and admitted he felt he was about to be “put out to pasture.” Michael assured Ned that no one was trying to drive him out. Michael promised that he would be active in discussions about how to move forward. Michael asked Ned to not worry so much. “Anything for the family,” Ned said.

At the gatehouse of the Quartermaine mansion, Willow reeled from the shock that Harmony was dead and had never been Willow’s birth mother. Alexis stopped by to visit Willow and said that Harmony had approached her for help in getting Willow a fake birth certificate. Alexis said she felt bad for keeping the truth about Harmony from Willow, but she said that it wasn’t her place to tell a friend’s secret. Alexis recalled that Harmony had told her that a woman on a commune in Colorado named Joan had given birth to Willow and then disappeared. Willow asked if Alexis thought that any of Harmony’s story had been true.

Alexis recalled that the more time had passed, the more Harmony’s story hadn’t added up. Alexis told Willow that she’d encouraged Harmony to tell the truth several times. Alexis added that Harmony’s relationship with Willow had to have meant the world to Harmony if she’d been willing to kill to keep Willow’s identity a secret. Willow then mentioned her father and wondered if he’d known of Harmony’s lies.

At Charlie’s Pub, Carly asked how it was that Nina always managed to consider herself the victim in every situation that Nina caused. Nina tried to tell Carly that they both wanted peace, and she asked Carly to sit with her.

Nina asked how Willow was doing and asked Carly to send Nina’s condolences to Willow. Carly refused and called Nina out for only pretending to care about Willow. Nina asked if Michael and Willow had told Wiley that Harmony had died. Nina said that Wiley shouldn’t feel abandoned. Carly told Nina that Wiley was too young to process that type of information. Carly accused Nina of not putting Wiley first. 

Nina claimed she loved Wiley and deserved to be in his life, and just then, Phyllis walked in the door. Nina excused herself, and Phyllis invited Carly to join her at the bar. Carly said she’d wanted to see how Phyllis had been since the robbery. Phyllis said that Carly was always welcome at Charlie’s. The two mentioned Nina, and Phyllis said that it was hard not to care about someone who’d been helpless and in a coma as Nina had been many years before.

Phyllis revealed that she hadn’t been with Nina at the time Nina had given birth and that Madeline Reeves had later given the baby to Phyllis to deliver to the child’s adoptive parents. Carly asked if Phyllis knew if anyone had been present when Nelle had been born. Phyllis wondered why Carly would ask, and Carly claimed that Nelle had been on her mind lately.

Nina returned to the main room at Charlie’s and thanked Phyllis for being a friend. As she did, Nina put a glass of wine that she’d been sipping on a table as Carly stared at the glass. When Nina left, Carly got up and put a napkin around the glass to slip into her purse. Carly looked up and was startled by Drew.

At Kelly’s Diner, Josslyn yelled for Esme to leave. When Cameron refused to take sides, Trina and Josslyn accused Esme of manipulation and both said that Cameron’s refusal to take sides was as bad as taking Esme’s side. Esme left but made a point to compliment Cameron on being a gentleman and for having a heart.

Josslyn told Cameron that she’d seen the way Esme had touched Cameron before she’d left and that it had been Esme’s way of saying to Josslyn that Cameron didn’t mind Esme touching him. Cameron didn’t see it that way and insisted that in time, Trina would understand Cameron’s actions. Cameron told Josslyn that he had to get back to work, and he gave Josslyn a hug.

At the Jerome art gallery, Trina told Ava that she needed Ava’s help. Trina said she needed to prove that Esme was responsible for the sex tape and to make Esme pay for it. Trina surmised that Esme was a true schemer, just like Ava, and added that Ava was the only person Trina knew that could “out-scheme” Esme. Ava was flattered by Trina’s faith in her.

Ava told Trina that Spencer knew Trina to be a wonderful person, and Ava asked Trina to take advantage of Spencer’s feelings. Ava suggested that Trina set a trap and goad Esme into making a mistake. Ava thought that if Trina put on the right act around Spencer, it would drive Esme crazy. Ava said that if Trina stuck to the plan, Esme would lash out just enough to incriminate herself. Trina then confessed there was something that could help her. “Something I’ve been keeping to myself. But before I tell you what it is, this is a last resort,” Trina said.

At Wyndemere, Spencer went through an old box of Esme’s and found a prescription bottle. Spencer discovered the bottle contained pills but had no label. Spencer slipped the bottle into his shirt pocket to take for testing and wondered what else Esme had hidden. Spencer continued to look through the box of Esme’s things when he found Maggie’s letter to Esme. Spencer read the letter as Esme sneaked into the room and watched Spencer from behind the door.

Esme yelled at Spencer for having gone through her personal things. Spencer confessed that he’d read the letter Maggie had written Esme, and he wanted to know why there was an entire box full of letters from Maggie when Esme claimed to have thrown them away. Esme wanted to know why Spencer had gone through her private things. “When you found that box, exactly what did you think you’d find?” Esme asked.

Spencer claimed he didn’t know what he’d been looking for, but he wanted to know Esme more. Esme said that if she and Spencer were going to get back to being the couple they’d once been, they both needed to be completely transparent with each other. Spencer readily agreed.

“Why don’t we start with this? Why did Maggie write, ‘No good can come from you having contact with your father’?” Spencer asked Esme.

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