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Update written by Shane

At Pozzulo’s, Sonny continued to try to reach Dex by phone. He left a voicemail demanding that Dex call him. Brick arrived and told Sonny that he had also been unable to locate Dex. Sonny informed Brick that he was not cool with Carly visiting Brick’s hotel room, and Brick assured him that he would never disrespect Sonny. He added that he would tell Sonny if he insisted but to do so would be to violate Carly’s trust. Sonny’s guard came to tell him a supplier needed to speak with him. Brick was left alone in Sonny’s office.

After finishing up a run, Drew ran into Carly and Carly told him that they still needed to be super careful.  She informed him that Josslyn had seen them kissing, but she told Drew that Josslyn could be trusted. Drew agreed and then told Carly that he was trying to locate Willow’s birth parents or even possibly some family members.  Carly looked stunned for obvious reasons.

Olivia arrived in the plaza and greeted them but Carly quickly made her exit when she received a message from Brick. He told her that Sonny was aware that they had met, and Sonny had had some wild ideas.

In Josslyn’s dorm room, Dex awoke and grabbed a sleeping Josslyn’s hand as she slept in a chair next to the bed. She opened her eyes and checked his fever, which she said had broken. Dex said that he felt better, but he groaned in pain when he began to move. She handed him a bottle of water and urged him to stay hydrated. Dex asked her to get him some clothes so that he could leave. Josslyn reminded him that he couldn’t walk, let alone stand, but Dex struggled as he got out of the bed and stood up by himself. Josslyn thought that Dex was too weak to leave, but he didn’t want to take a chance of her getting into trouble with all the people around the dorm.

Sonny returned to his office, and Brick told him that he wouldn’t disclose discussions that were about private matters. There was a knock at the door, it was Carly. She announced that she’d heard that Sonny had gotten the wrong idea about her meeting with Brick, and said she was there to set him straight. Carly told Sonny that the entire matter was none of his business, and Sonny looked toward Brick, who stated that Sonny had been curious. Carly told Sonny that she and Drew were seeing each other but that had to keep it quiet for the time being. She claimed that she had gone to Brick and asked him to conceal any digital footprint that she and Drew might have left.

Sonny asked Brick to leave him and Carly alone, and Brick left. Sonny told Carly that he was happy for her. Carly said she didn’t want Sonny getting the wrong idea, and he disclosed that Nina had been the one to inform him that Carly had gone into Brick’s hotel room. Carly was not at all surprised, and she noted that it was time for Nina to get a life and stay out of hers.

Back at the dorms, Josslyn returned with clothing for Dex. She told him he could not take the antibiotics without food and grabbed a granola bar for him. Dex was surprised to see a pair of socks in the bag, and Josslyn explained that she wouldn’t dig through his bloody things for the pair he’d been wearing. He was unable to put them on himself, but Josslyn helped him. He also asked for help with his pants, and she slid them over his legs. He managed to get out of bed and pull them up himself. Josslyn packed a duffle bag of odds and ends for him to carry to avoid suspicion and told him she’d burn all the bloody clothing and rags in the fire pit at home.

Dex said that she had gone through an awful lot of trouble for him.  Josslyn agreed. Suddenly, Dex grabbed her, and they began to kiss passionately. “Damn!” Dex muttered when they finally separated. He told her that wasn’t supposed to have happened. “Well, it did!” Josslyn replied. She smiled broadly as Dex left.

At General Hospital, Austin informed Britt that Dr. Talone, a leading specialist in her field, was on the way. Britt appreciated Austin’s help, and while he didn’t have to stay, she admitted she’d like his moral support. When the doctor arrived, they all sat down. Britt admitted to a family history and symptoms as the reason for her pursuing Huntington’s disease further. She admitted to having given a false name with incomplete information when she’d had the hospital visit while on the run.

The doctor suspected that Britt could be further along than originally thought. She explained that the symptoms could have been masked by her carpal tunnel syndrome. Austin urged Britt to be honest, and she admitted to various symptoms such as tremors and irritability. Dr. Talone then stated that she wanted to run more tests. Once Dr. Talone left, Britt and Austin joked about the doctor’s lack of bedside manner and made a comparison to Britt.

Britt thanked Austin for treating her no differently. She admitted that her disease was easier to discuss with someone she didn’t know well because she wanted her loved ones to remember her and not her disease. She stated that she knew how her story would end. The doctor returned and announced that Britt had Stage 3 Huntington’s. Austin grabbed Britt’s arm as the doctor explained that while it was probably a low to intermediate stage, the symptoms would increase, including those of cognitive impairment. She thought that Britt could survive another five to 15 years, although she could need full-time care in as little as 18 months.

Scott met with Cody and sat down with him at a table in Metro Court. Cody said that he wanted legal advice because he might be coming into an “absurd amount of money.” Scott suggested that it was illegal, but Cody assured him it wasn’t. Cody told Scott about the necklace that belonged to either the heirs of Faison or those of Taub. Scott had advice for Cody. “Run for the hills!” he exclaimed. Scott said that the diamonds being cut from the Ice Princess were cursed. 

At Pier 55, Robert shouted at Holly. He yelled that he had baited her with a phony address for Anna, and Agent Whitten had appeared there after an anonymous tip from Holly. “How long have you been working with Victor?” he demanded to know. Holly admitted the truth, although she insisted it was not by choice. She grew hysterical and informed him that he would be a target if she told him anything. Robert replied that everyone was a target with Victor around, and he wanted to hear all of it.

Holly told Robert of her lies, she remembered the past two years. She took a deep breath and explained that she had been investigating Rudge and his casino, and she’d heard that he’d been working with Victor. She went on to say that her cover had been blown, and she’d been taken captive. She recalled being able to phone Robert for help, and he remembered the call. She said that Victor had threatened her, and he’d forced her to watch as he killed her sister, Paloma.

Robert recalled Paloma’s body being found on the casino grounds. He noted that she’d resembled Holly. Holly recounted that Paloma had been wearing Holly’s wedding ring, and dental records had been falsified. She continued that she’d been moved from Crete to somewhere else and then to Port Charles. She explained that Anna had been in the way of Victor’s plans, and she had also been ordered to distract Robert. Holly admitted to being the one to have shot Lucy, although she maintained that she’d used one rubber bullet. She added that a second bullet had been fired into the water, leaving behind residue and casings.

Holly assured Robert that Lucy wasn’t dead, and he was skeptical. She said that Victor had never wanted to hurt Lucy. She explained that she had been wearing prosthetics when she’d committed the shooting, in order to resemble Anna. She said that Victor’s guards had retrieved Lucy from the water. She told Robert that  Victor couldn’t know that she’d told Robert anything, or her son Ethan would be in danger.

In Sonny’s office, Carly finished rebuking Sonny when Brick returned with Dex. Carly hastily departed. “Where the hell have you been?” Sonny asked. Dex told him about the bullet graze, how he’d been lying low and lost his phone. Brick and Sonny exchanged looks. They agreed it was all less than professional, but Dex insisted he could be counted on.

As Josslyn packed away all the bloody clothing and bandages, Carly arrived and announced that she’d seen Dex in Sonny’s office. Josslyn was annoyed, but Carly reminded her that Dex was working for Sonny of his own volition and it was his choice to continue to do so. Carly wondered if Josslyn would even see Dex again. Josslyn announced that she needed to get to the fire pit.

After Dr. Talone left Britt’s office, Britt told Austin that she wanted to be alone. She closed the door and wandered around. She picked up her diploma and her business card. Her quiet weeping turned into rage as she threw things and swiped the items off her desk with a vengeance. She looked at her trembling hand and sobbed. She picked up the necklace from the floor just as Cody knocked on the door.

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GH Update Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Update written by Shane

Sasha and Gladys were sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant when Sonny came in. Sasha thanked him for the flowers on what would have been Liam’s first birthday. Sonny said that it was important to remember birthdays.  Gladys joked that Sonny could go right ahead and forget her next one if he liked.  Sonny asked Sasha if she would allow him to say a few words that he knew that Brando would have wanted him to say.  When Sasha nodded, Sonny told Sasha and Gladys that there is nothing more important than family and that Liam would always be in their hearts. 

Sonny asked how the guardianship arrangement was going, and Gladys told him about the deal she had to approve for Sasha at Deception to appease the investors. Sonny wondered if Sasha had seen the changes that the new chef had made in the kitchen yet, and he invited her along for a tour. 

After the tour of the kitchen, Sonny took Sasha aside and admitted that he’d wanted a “one-on-one” with her to check in about how Gladys was really doing as guardian. Sasha responded that, after she and Gladys’ had their initial disagreement over the recent deal, Sasha had realized that Gladys was only trying to protect Sasha’s share in the company. She told Sonny that Gladys’ intentions were genuine and she knew that she was only trying to watch out for her in the long run.

Britt took a sip of her drink at the Metro Court bar and immediately launched back into coughing fits. Brad approached and advised her to do something about the cough, and she snapped, “Which one of us is the doctor?” She apologized and said that she’d had a bad day. She then remarked that she would “never get into heaven” so on that night she wanted to raise hell with Brad. He saw right through the act and wondered aloud what was going on with her.  At first, he quizzed her about Cody, but when Britt asked if he saw Cody, he changed the topic. Selina approached and in typical Selina fashion interrupted their conversation. Selina was pleased to see Brad enjoying a night out after a hard day at work and she was also happy he had a reliable friend. Britt pointedly promised that she had Brad’s back if anyone ever tried to hurt him. Brad looked at Britt like she had officially lost her mind. Selina advised the bartender to put their drinks on her tab, and walked away. 

Brad was shocked at the way Britt had talked to Selina, because as he said no one spoke to Selina like that, at least no one who expected to live long. Britt replied that Selina didn’t scare her anymore and then dropped another bombshell when she casually admitted to Brad that Selina had blackmailed her into insisting that Brad work for her and not for GH. Brad insisted that he actually liked working with his aunt, so both she and Britt had actually done him a favor. He knew that she was dealing with something big and asked how he could help her out in return. She replied that it was nothing that alcohol and music wouldn’t fix. She grabbed his hand, and the two ran out to go to the Savoy.

Gladys approached Selina at a table and said that it was nice to see a “fellow investor.” Selina expressed her sympathy about Brando. Gladys commented that she and Sasha were looking after each other,  after the court had made it clear that what was Sasha’s was Gladys’. Seeing an entrance, Selina mentioned her “private party” she held occasionally at the Savoy, and she wondered how Gladys felt about Texas Hold ‘Em. “I’m not disinterested,” Gladys replied. Selina handed Gladys a card with information about the game and advised her to keep it private.

Sonny and Sasha approached Gladys and Selina, and Sonny mentioned that he  didn’t know that they were acquainted. Selina replied that they were “potential business associates.” “What kind of business?” a suspicious Sonny asked. Selina was glad to see Sasha doing better, and Sasha replied that she was getting help from friends. Selina hoped that Sasha would consider her a friend, as well, and she left as Sonny glared at Gladys. Sasha hugged Gladys for always having her best interest at heart. “Of course. Always,” Gladys replied as she held the card behind her back.

At the police station, Dante was talking with an officer when he spotted Sam. She’d decided to visit him at work, but she insisted that the surprise she had for him should be “private.” They went into the interrogation room, and he was delighted to open the bag she handed him and find “a hoagie from Sal’s.” As he ate, he vented about his assigned investigation into Anna. Sam was surprised when he mentioned that Sonny could be involved, and he asked about any safe houses she could direct him to. Sam said that Anna was a “super-spy” and would be far away from Port Charles by now.

After Dante’s sandwich, the two of them dreamed about winning the lottery and taking the kids on a vacation to Iceland before they became too old to want to go anywhere with them. 

Nikolas let Elizabeth into Esme’s room, and they found Esme passed out on the floor. Elizabeth examined Esme and lied to Nikolas that the baby was in distress, so they needed to call an ambulance or risk a miscarriage. Because Nikolas didn’t like either of those options, Elizabeth advised him to get a knife from the kitchen so she could sterilize it and do a C-section.  “Without anesthesia?” Nikolas replied in disbelief.  “That just seems so inhumane.”  Elizabeth, continuing with the ruse, told Nikolas he needed to get his priorities straight and then she began to “prep” Esme for the procedure. But, at that moment Esme had reached her limit, “Get your grubby paws off me and my baby!” Esme screamed as she came off the floor.

Elizabeth smiled  and gave a sideways glance at Esme, saying she knew that playing Esme would be the only way to cure her. Esme yelled that Elizabeth was supposed to help her, but Elizabeth had zero sympathy for Esme because of what she had done to Cameron. As Nikolas and Elizabeth left the room, Elizabeth was put off by Esme’s cries for help. Esme couldn’t believe she had been outsmarted by Elizabeth.  Esme realized the baby was kicking. She wondered if the baby would be a soccer player. She began to laugh uncontrollably and then the laughter eventually turned to tears.

Downstairs at Wyndemere, Elizabeth asked what Nikolas’ endgame was. Nikolas thought that he would fly Esme to Cassadine Island, where she would live out the rest of her days after giving birth. He begged Elizabeth not to say anything to the police, and when she agreed, he replied that he owed her. Elizabeth insisted that Esme have the baby at Wyndemere, and she would serve as the nurse.

On the phone with Martin, Laura insisted that she was getting some take-out for the two of them, as they were family. She didn’t want to get his hopes up, but she revealed that there were a lot of people risking their lives trying to find Lucy.

Inside Haven Bistro, Robert and Holly were enjoying some private time together without people coming up to tell Holly how pleased they were that she was back. He talked about how worried he was about Anna, who he hadn’t heard from since her escape. Laura arrived and sat down with them while she waited for her take-out order. Laura explained to Holly that she had discovered she had two brothers, and Martin’s relationship with Lucy. Laura continued that Martin was convinced of Anna’s guilt because of the video “evidence.” Holly went on a passionate tirade against gaslighting. When she calmed down, she claimed that she knew what it was like to lose someone, and how many ways there were to lose them. She said she just knew that Anna wasn’t responsible.

Laura commented that Holly sounded sure of herself, and she wondered if Holly knew something that they didn’t. Holly abruptly excused herself to get some air. Laura was suspicious of Holly, but Robert thought that it was a big jump to think that Holly was working with Victor. Laura knew that Robert loved Holly, but she believed that he knew deep down that Holly was hiding something.

Outside, Holly ran through the evening of Lucy’s shooting in her mind: Lucy looking worried, begging for her life, shots being fired, Lucy falling into the water, a woman discarding the weapon and a wig in a bag, and then the woman turns to reveal her true face, it is Holly.

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