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Update written by Shane

As Nina clears leaves off of a park bench, Sonny came from behind and startled her. She reminded him that Halloween was over and she was going to be less forgiving about being scared. He told her about wanting to help Carly out after taking Josslyn home, but as it turns out, Carly had all the help she needed from Drew. Nina noted that there had been no new victims in weeks, but Sonny made it clear that the suspect had to be caught. Nina told Sonny that if she needed to “step back” until the threat from the killer was over, she would. Nina said that she knew Sonny’s priority was his kids, but he informed her that Carly was aware that he would not be walking away from Nina.

Elsewhere in the park, Willow and Michael sat on a bench and watched Wiley playing in the leaves. Michael told her that there would be times when their children would get along and times when they wouldn’t. He added that the kids would have each other and them.

T.J. showed up, and Michael excused himself to take a work phone call. T.J. guessed that Willow hadn’t told Michael anything about her illness yet, but Willow said that she intended to tell him after her latest test results. T.J. thought that Willow sounded as though she’d already given up, but she assured him that she hadn’t. T.J. promised that she wouldn’t be alone, and they shared a hug. Just then, Nina and Sonny headed in their direction, and Nina shook her head in disbelief.

Wiley ran over to hug Sonny and Nina, and Willow pulled him away. She told Sonny that she’d arrange a date for him to see Wiley soon, and Nina did her best to get Sonny to leave. Michael rushed over to intervene, but Nina announced that she and Sonny were leaving. After they had gone, Michael asked about them, but Willow told him, she believe Nina had finally relented that she had no place in Wiley’s life.

Willow received a message that the babysitter had car trouble and would be late. She asked T.J. to take her to the hospital for her appointment and suggested that Michael take Wiley home to wait for the sitter. She confirmed that she would meet Michael at the hospital. Michael seemed fine with that even though T.J. looked suspicious.

Sonny told Nina that he was surprised she’d backed off so quickly, but she told him that being around his family was often painful. Nina told Sonny that she believed T.J. and Willow were having an affair, but Sonny found it hard to believe. Nina explained how she had often seen the couple embracing and whispering along with tears. She suspected she could be wrong, and that was why she hadn’t told Sonny previously because she knew he would feel he had to tell Michael.  Sonny said that was exactly what he was not going to do.  The two of them were going to stay out of it and Michael didn’t need to know any of it.  But, Michael was following Sonny and Nina closely and demanded to know what Sonny had said that he “didn’t need to know.”

Elizabeth arrived home with Terry and wondered what she might say to Finn about the trip. She couldn’t believe what she had learned from her parents. Later, there was a knock at the door.  Elizabeth went to it and opened it, only to find Finn standing there.

At Wyndemere, Esme stood in her locked room and tried to figure out a way to get out through the window. Nikolas walked in, and while she claimed that she only wanted fresh air for the baby, Nikolas replied that he knew otherwise. He assured her that his staff had been paid to look the other way, and Esme could make as much noise as she wanted. Esme reiterated that she was not the Hooker, and Nikolas noted that the attacks had stopped since she’d been locked up. He left and relocked the door.

Elsewhere at Windemere, Victor finished up a phone call to Johann, telling him that the necklace he was looking for could be their “final act.” Nikolas walked in and demanded to know why Victor was there. Victor announced that he would be moving back soon and had wanted to check out his room. Nikolas apologized and stated that he was distracted, while Victor announced that something big was going to happen, and he needed a “united front.”

Nikolas shouted at Victor and said that he was tired of Victor’s speeches that gave little in the way of facts. Victor decided that Nikolas had been loyal, after all, and he realized that Nikolas had been distracted by love. He thought that maybe Nikolas was the “real heir apparent” who should be included in his inner circle.

Laura visited Anna at the local jail and assured her that Valentin and Charlotte were safe. Valentin arrived, and he and Anna shared a kiss through the bars. Anna exclaimed that she had been worried, and Valentin announced that Charlotte was home, thanks to help from Laura and Kevin. Laura revealed that Charlotte would be staying at her place. Anna said that Lucy’s body hadn’t been found, and Laura added that she was aware that Victor had arranged with Deputy Mayor Ashby for the drone to fly over the pier.

Anna insisted that she had not been the one to shoot Lucy, and Laura replied that she would announce that the wrong suspect had been in custody. Valentin vowed to get Anna out, but Anna revealed that she would be leaving for Pentonville that night. Valentin cited that Victor had taken on Luke, Lucy, and Anna, and he wondered what Victor had been trying to protect. Valentin proclaimed that he had a plan, and he and Anna grasped hands.

Back in Robert’s office, Holly finished off her text message to Victor just as Robert walked in. She asked if he had any leads in Lucy’s case, and she suggested that they work together like old times. Robert frowned. Holly continued to press for details, but they were interrupted when Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby barged in. She snapped that she’d heard that Robert had been trying to get Anna out of prison on bail, and she accused him of trying to pull strings. She warned him that she would have to demand his resignation.

Robert replied that he had recused himself from the case, and he pointed out that he was an elected official, Ashby was not the mayor, and he couldn’t resign. Ashby pointed out that the election was in a matter of days, and if she went public, he would not win. She added that she would run the office the way she saw fit until the mayor “graced the city” with her return.

“Well, here I am, Eileen, gracing you,” Laura announced as she stepped into the office. Laura made it clear that she wasn’t happy with Ashby’s falling-out with Robert because she trusted him. She hugged Holly and told her how Robert hadn’t given up hope on her return as quickly as others had. She wondered where Holly had been. Robert informed her that Holly had had a lapse in memory, and Laura suggested that Kevin could help. After suggesting it more than once, Holly shouted a resounding no.

Holly apologized, and Laura announced that she wanted to check in with her family. She also wanted Robert to accompany her out into the hallway. Ashby accused Holly of almost getting them caught, and Holly claimed to not know what Ashby was talking about. Ashby revealed that she was aware that Holly was working with Victor, and he was the one who called the shots.

Out in the hallway, Laura wanted details from Robert. She couldn’t believe that Holly had just shown up, and she wondered if Holly was even telling the truth. Robert reminded her that Holly was the victim, but Laura declared that Holly had been known to mix it up with unsavory people in the past. Robert said that he trusted Holly, and Laura replied that she trusted Robert. They shared a hug.

Robert returned to his office and announced that he had city business. Ashby left, and Holly guessed that Laura had had her doubts about Holly. Robert thought that Laura was just less inclined to trust people, but he trusted Holly, who thought that was all that mattered.

At General Hospital, Heather was wheeled out into the hallway, clad in a straitjacket. She accosted Finn, who was standing by the nurses’ station, and asked why he was scowling. Heather taunted him in sexual terms and admitted that because people thought she was crazy, she had the freedom to say what she wanted. Finn, who had been looking at Elizabeth’s name in his phone contacts list, replied that he was actually happy. He said he planned to give the “all-clear” for Heather to go back to D’Archam.

Heather said that she was under the impression that Finn had wanted to ask her something previously. She guessed that he had been flustered by the mention of Jeff Webber’s name, but Finn replied that he didn’t expect anything coherent from Heather. She told him that years earlier, Jeff had been one who had denied his own shortcomings and never accepted responsibility for his own actions. She suspected that he was still the same. She thought that she had piqued Finn’s curiosity and was willing to discuss it further after certain terms were met. Finn told her he wasn’t interested and dismissed her, just as Valentin stepped off the elevator.

Valentin told Finn that it was time to move on their timeline, and Finn replied that it had all been handled. Just then, Terry arrived, and Finn welcomed her back. He asked about the medical conference and spa. After Terry provided an answer, Finn informed her that he was aware there had been no conference. He added that he was concerned about Elizabeth. Terry suggested that Elizabeth be the one to give him answers.

T.J. grabbed Willow’s hand as they sat and waited in Terry’s office. Terry walked in and sat behind her desk. She had the latest scan results and announced that Willow had Stage 4 leukemia.

Elizabeth heard a knock and opened her front door. It was Finn.

A guard showed up at Anna’s cell, and she guessed it was time for her to depart for Pentonville. He revealed that she was not going there.

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