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Update written by Shane

At the PCPD, Anna told Portia the truth that Lucy had been working for her on an investigation targeting Victor Cassadine, who was being held for questioning in the interrogation room.  Portia asked Anna if she believed Victor could have had Lucy killed and Anna told her that she believed it was entirely possible.  Anna eventually lost it and rushed into the interrogation room and told Victor that if he didn’t start talking she would make it her personal vendetta to bring him down.

At that point, Victor’s attorney arrived and asked why he was being interrogated without counsel?  Victor said that they were all just “caching up.”

Nina’s nosiness got her into another heated exchange with TJ.  She did her best to get him to admit to the affair that he isn’t actually having with Willow.  Nina asked for an explanation from TJ about his closeness to Willow and how they seem to be together quite a lot when Michael isn’t around. TJ declined to give Nina any details and told her to mind her own business. Nina told TJ that it was her business because Wiley was her grandchild. TJ did not respond to her further goading and when Sonny walked over to see what was wrong, TJ said goodbye to Sonny and shot Nina a dirty look and pointedly did not say goodbye to her.

Michael overheard Ned leaving a voice mail message for Valentine detailing how he was very upset that Valentine never returns his calls.  Michael inquired as to whether Ned’s decision to ally himself with Valentine was working out well.  Ned was obstinate and shot back at Michael, wanting to know if the stock free fall at Aurora Media had been contained.  Michael answered that it had been and the situation quickly escalated into a screaming match.  This upset an already ill Willow to the point of her becoming obviously in distress.  Olivia came to her aid first and asked if she was alright, which then triggered Michael to come to check on her.  Olivia suggested that Willow get some fresh air and then she asked Michael and Ned if they were proud of themselves.  She was obviously furious that their juvenile behavior had upset a pregnant woman in their own household. Willow went for walk and found footprints leading up to one of the Quartermaine guesthouses.  Willow investigated and found a woman she did not recognize, she screamed and her screams were heard by Michael, Olivia and Ned in the kitchen of the main house.  Willow came rushing back into the main house and described what she had seen.  Michael asked her if she thought it was Lucy’s assailant and Willow said she didn’t know.  Ned picked up the phone to call Dante and Olivia was going to phone security but Michael rushed out, intent on confronting the individual before they could get away.  Olivia pursued Michael, screaming for him to wait. Michael and Olivia reached the guesthouse and Olivia implored Michael to wait for the police.  But, Michael told her to get back and he smashed the door of the guesthouse. Michael looked perplexed as he saw the woman inside.  When Olivia, ran up she was horrified, like she had seen a ghost.

A pow-wow with Sonny convinced Curtis that he should, “explore genetic counseling,” if, for no other reason, than in the case that he and Portia decide to have any children together, they would know.  Sonny and Curtis being unaware that Portia and Curtis already have a child who is the picture of health.

Back at the PCPD, drone footage from Pier 55 was made available for everyone to see what happened on the Pier.  When the footage was called up on the screen, no one could believe their eyes.

Meanwhile at General Hospital, Epiphany readied herself for her MCATs and had a heated exchange with Marshall for ever building up her self confidence enough to let her pursue what she regarded as a foolish dream.  Marshall quickly talked her down by stating all the wonderful qualities that Epiphany has and how no one can run GH like she can.  Epiphany seemed satisfied and she gave Marshall a kiss on the cheek as she headed to the testing location.

Trina and Rory headed for a comic book convention after Rory was finally able to break free from work. He was delighted and thrilled; she wasn’t exactly, but she explained to Rory that if he found this form of art interesting that she was willing to go into the experience with an open mind.

Epiphany began the process of the MCAT exam and as she saw the first question come up on the screen, she smiled.

Back at the Quartermaine guest house, Robert arrived with Ned and before he could go inside the guest house a concerned Olivia told him before he went inside he should, “prepare himself.”  Robert went inside and was stunned to find Holly seated in the front of the room.  “Hello, Robert,”  Holly said.  Robert looked on with shock.

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