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Carly arrived at the hospital and asked if the results of her DNA test were ready yet, but she was told that they weren’t. A concerned Bobbie approached and wondered what test results Carly was waiting on. Carly assured her mother that the results could wait, the test wasn’t that important. Bobbie and Carly talked about the hearing that was scheduled for the next day, and Carly hoped for justice. Bobbie wondered what Carly would do if the judge ruled in favor of Nina. Carly vowed to do whatever she needed to do to protect her family. She told Bobbie that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and she suggested that they  focus on something else. She took Bobbie’s hand, and they left.

Stella entered a conference room at the hospital and found Portia and Epiphany. The medical professionals were glad to see that Stella seemed herself again after her panic attack. Stella assumed that Curtis had told Portia about her part in Marshall’s 40-year absence, and Portia assured Stella that Curtis understood that Stella had needed to keep the secret. Portia made a comment to Epiphany about being a doctor soon, and Stella was delighted to hear that Epiphany was going to medical school. Portia realized that, since they were off the clock, they should be out enjoying themselves. She suggested that they go to the Savoy and drink for free.

Nina sat down at the Savoy and ordered a martini from the bartender in order to take her mind off of the hearing the next day. A man approached Nina and recognized her as the “mafia home-wrecker,” and she threatened to have a bouncer kick the man out. Sonny arrived and asked if there was a problem. The suddenly terrified man apologized to Nina, put his drink down, and ran out. She thanked Sonny for defending her honor, but she insisted that she could take care of herself.

Nina and Sonny began to talk about Michael, and Sonny thought that things wouldn’t be all right between him and his son for a long time. He told Nina that he refused to let Michael tear down everything he’d spent his life building. Just then, Epiphany, Portia, and Stella arrived and greeted Sonny, and he introduced Nina. Nina advised the women not to believe everything they’d read about her. The women wished Sonny and Nina a good evening and then headed to their waiting table.

Nina wondered what Sonny was going to do about Michael. Sonny revealed that Michael wanting nothing to do with him left him free to support Nina at the hearing. Just then, Carly and Bobbie arrived and glared when they spotted Sonny and Nina.

In Brooklyn, Marshall entered the bar T.J. and Molly were in, and they were thrilled to see him. T.J. wanted to let Curtis know that he’d found Marshall, but Marshall told him not to. Molly sensed that the two needed some time one on one, so she went ahead to the jazz club. When she was gone, Marshall divulged that there had been too much damage done for him to go home and that everyone was better off without him. T.J. shot back that Marshall had never stuck around long enough to find out.

Marshall thought that T.J.’s father would be proud of him at that moment. Without deciding anything, Marshall figured that they shouldn’t keep Molly waiting, and they left the bar. Outside, Marshall took them down an alley that led to the stage door. Just then, two men approached and demanded that Marshall and T.J. place their wallets and phones on the ground. The two complied. One of the men spotted the clarinet case and wanted that, too, but T.J. refused. One of the men took out a knife and growled, “Don’t make me ask again.”

Finn arrived at Laura’s to check on Elizabeth, and Laura mentioned that Elizabeth hadn’t talked any more about ghosts. Kevin entered the room to join the conversation as Elizabeth descended the stairs. She accused them of thinking that she was losing her mind, but Finn insisted that no one thought she was crazy. Just then, glass shattered, and they turned and saw a broken flower vase on the floor. Kevin explained that it had been an accident waiting to happen on the bookshelf, but Elizabeth thought it was Franco again.

Finn insisted that he was always on Elizabeth’s side. If he really was, Elizabeth challenged him to join her the next time she met with Chelsea. Kevin and Laura wanted to give the two privacy to talk, but Elizabeth said that if anyone should leave, it was Finn. He tried to convince her that she was playing right into the culprit’s hands, but she didn’t want to hear it, so he left. She called Chelsea but got her voicemail. Laura suggested that everyone would feel better after a good night’s sleep, so Elizabeth went upstairs.

As Kevin and Laura cleaned up the broken vase a few minutes later, they wished that they could help Elizabeth. Laura asked Kevin to lock up for her while she checked on Elizabeth. She went upstairs, and Kevin went to the door, only to find it ajar. Laura returned downstairs and revealed that Elizabeth was gone. A few minutes later, Kevin told Laura that the security guard hadn’t seen Elizabeth at the entrance, so she could have used the service entrance in the basement. Laura wondered where Elizabeth would go at that time of night.

At Kelly’s, Violet was drawing a picture as Gregory talked to her about youth. She showed him the picture of Gregory and Chase, and she explained that it went with another one of Finn, Elizabeth, her boys, and Violet. Violet observed that Finn was late meeting them again, and Gregory figured Finn had encountered an emergency at the hospital.

A clearly upset Finn arrived and revealed that he was late because he’d gone to visit Elizabeth. As Violet ordered a hot fudge sundae, Finn muttered to Gregory that he was losing Elizabeth. A few minutes later, Violet ate her ice cream with her headphones on. Finn told Gregory about the medium and how he couldn’t get through to Elizabeth. He conceded that there had never been evidence of anyone being there when anything had happened, but Violet took her headphones off and reminded Finn that Elizabeth had always been there.

Elizabeth arrived at home. She saw the picture Violet had drawn of the family. She picked it up and ripped Finn and Violet out of the picture.






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