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Maxie explained that she wanted to see Austin two nights in a row but that she didn’t want to ask Mac and Felicia to babysit again. Maxie said that being a parent to three kids didn’t leave her with much free time. Austin said that it seemed that Maxie was trying to convince herself more than anyone else. Maxie denied that she had wanted to push Austin away and recalled everything she had been through in the past year with Peter. Still, Maxie conceded that Austin had a valid point, and she said that a new relationship was the last thing she needed. Austin offered for he and Maxie to go back to being friends. “To hell with that,” Maxie said, and she flung her arms around Austin for a long kiss.

As they kissed, Maxie and Austin were interrupted by Georgie, who was upset to find Austin at the apartment. Austin said it was time for him to leave. Maxie walked Austin to the door and told him goodnight as Georgie looked on with disapproval.

At the Metro Court, Lucy entered Martin’s room as the two planned a steamy night of romance. Afterwards, Lucy told Martin that she had missed him. Lucy said the best part about Martin’s return and the launch of Deception as a public company was that she and Martin could take their relationship public. Lucy encouraged Martin to dump Valentin as Martin’s only client, but Martin was hesitant. Lucy asked if Martin had a problem with going public with their relationship. Martin denied that he wanted to keep their affair hidden, but he expressed his desire to remain financially independent in lieu of Lucy’s recent windfall with Deception. Martin then said he was tired of kowtowing to Valentin. “I can always find another client. I just don’t think I can find another you,” Martin said.

Later, Lucy and Martin stepped off the elevator and encountered Valentin. Martin boasted that he and Lucy were indeed an item and assured Valentin that Martin’s clients were never the subject of “pillow talk.” Martin added that he would be sorry to see Valentin go as a client if Valentin felt uncomfortable watching his lawyer and close business associate become involved.

Valentin told Martin that Martin and Lucy made a happy couple, and Valentin wished them all the best. When Martin asked if that meant Valentin was still his client, Valentin assured Martin that he was. Valentin told Lucy that she would have his blessing as long as Valentin could count on Lucy’s support at ELQ. Lucy assured Valentin that she’d been happy with his work with the company and that she had no plans to withdraw her support. Valentin bid them a good evening and left.

In Elizabeth’s room at Metro Court, Elizabeth and Finn kissed on the sofa before Elizabeth’s phone rang. Afterward, Finn started to leave to go to his room next door. Elizabeth gave Finn a key in case she called and needed his help. Finn told Elizabeth to make sure she latched the door to her room after he left. Just as Finn left, Elizabeth’s phone rang again. Elizabeth answered but forgot to latch the door.

Later, Elizabeth showered and was startled to discover that the room had been trashed and that someone had ripped open the couch pillows and cut through the furniture in her room. Elizabeth yelled for Finn, who rushed in. Rory and the police arrived shortly after Finn to take Elizabeth’s statement and to look for clues. Elizabeth admitted that she’d forgotten to latch the door.

Elizabeth and Finn went to the dining room area of the Metro Court and ran into Lucy. Lucy invited Elizabeth and Finn to join her and Martin. Elizabeth remembered that she’d left her phone in the room, and Finn offered to get it. When Finn left, Lucy asked what Elizabeth would do next. Elizabeth told Lucy that she felt the police might be “out of their depth on this case.” Elizabeth then asked Lucy for the name of the medium she had mentioned.

Back in Elizabeth’s room, Rory told Finn that Elizabeth’s room was out of the security cameras’ range but confirmed that no one had entered or exited the elevator on the floor of the room. Rory told Finn that the police were searching the hotel’s vacant rooms because the intruder could have hidden in one of them. Finn told Rory that there had to be something the police had missed because it was impossible to break into someone’s room, vanish, and leave no evidence.

At the Savoy, Nina invited Sonny to join her table. When Nina learned that Sonny hadn’t spoken to Michael, she told Sonny that Harmony had been involved in a terrible accident and was in the ICU. Nina encouraged Sonny to join Michael at the hospital, but Sonny told Nina that he wouldn’t be welcomed there.

Sonny recalled his and Michael’s awful fight and said that things had been said that couldn’t be forgotten or forgiven. Sonny expressed his disbelief that someone fighting for their life that was so close to Michael and Willow didn’t warrant a phone call, but Sonny reasoned that it was no longer his place to check in on Michael. Nina urged Sonny to keep the door open to reconciliation.

Sonny told Nina that he’d felt great since he’d quit drinking. When all the patrons at the Savoy had gone home, Sonny told Nina to dance with him. Sonny and Nina danced passionately and intensely and held each other close. After Sonny and Nina danced, Neka and a co-worker applauded. Sonny and Nina thanked each other for the dance and bade each other goodnight. Both stared longingly at each other before Nina left.

At the hospital, T.J. gave Willow, Michael, and Carly the news that Harmony was still in critical condition. T.J. cautioned Willow about the importance of keeping Harmony calm.

In the waiting room, Michael brought Carly orange juice and a snack. Michael confessed that he felt Willow would be off without Harmony and said that it was hard whenever a parent betrayed their children’s love. Carly quickly surmised that Michael was referring to Sonny and she told Michael that she wanted him to have a relationship with his father. Michael said that he didn’t want anything from Sonny, his money, his advice or his support.

In Harmony’s room, Willow told Harmony to keep fighting and said that they could get through whatever had happened that night. Harmony opened her eyes. “Willow, I’m so, so sorry,” Harmony managed to say through her strained voice. Harmony told Willow that she had loved being Willow’s mom, and she said she had to tell Willow something. Harmony then became anxious, and Willow had to leave the room.

Michael and Carly joined Willow outside Harmony’s room, where Willow begged Carly to say whatever Carly had been about to tell Willow earlier in the night. Carly deferred and told Willow that she needed to focus on Harmony. T.J. joined them and informed them that Harmony had only needed a sedative for the time being.

Carly encouraged Willow to go for a walk with Michael and get some fresh air. Not long after they left, Harmony awoke and motioned for Carly to join her in her room. Inside, Carly told Harmony that Willow knew that Harmony had tried to kill Carly and Alexis, but Carly added that Willow didn’t know why. Carly then told Harmony that she’d held back for Willow’s sake.

Harmony tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out. Carly said she would find someone to help Harmony communicate.

“Nina,” Harmony muttered to a confused Carly.

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