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Update written by Dustin

Outside at the Metro Court sponsored pumpkin farm, Carly tells Sam that since she returned from Jacksonville, she feels more leveled and centered than she did before she left.  No sooner than she gets these words out of her mouth, she sees Sonny and Nina with Avery and Donna and totally zones out.  She immediately approaches Sonny.  Sonny and Nina both tell the girls to look that their Mom is home.  The kids rush to hug her and it becomes really awkward when Carly mentions they should have a sleepover soon and the girls ask if Aunt Nina can come. Carly frowns and asks Sonny if they can have a word in private. Sam takes the kids away to give Carly time with Sonny.

Carly takes Sonny aside and lets him have it for having sleepovers with “Aunt Nina,” she also brings up the fact that she specifically asked Sonny not to have Nina over when Donna was present. Sonny explains it wasn’t anything like that. They simply had a pizza party and watches movies. Carly quickly realizes that she overstepped and apologizes to Sonny.  She thanks him for respecting her boundaries and Sonny says that he has respected her boundaries but that they’re not working for him anymore.

Carly looks like she’s prepared for a fight.

Sam leaves the kids with Danny and Rocco. She explains she’s there to support Carly.

Meanwhile, Sonny explains that Nina wasn’t a part of his life but she is now, and it’s official. “Congratulations,” Carly says.

Sonny says he didn’t agree to put his life on hold indefinitely. Sonny says if Carly was seeing someone, he wouldn’t ask her to keep Donna from them. “Who says that I’m not?” She all but admits to seeing someone and Sonny agrees to be careful when he explains things to their kids. When Sonny and Carly rejoin the kids, Nina attempts to say something to Carly but Carly is not having it.  She tells Nina to let Sonny speak for issues involving their children. She makes it clear that she has nothing to say to Nina in any other capacity.  

They all disperse before things get too heated and Sam takes Carly aside to ask what happened in Jacksonville. Carly reminisces about Drew.

Elizabeth confronts her parents about Reiko’s death and the images she has been having.  At first, her parents act aloof, but after she confesses to having images, losing time and even attacking Chase, her parents come clean.  Yes, Elizabeth’s father was having an affair with Reiko but it was not Elizabeth’s father that pushed her down the stairs. Elizabeth’s father tells her there is much more to that and then admits it was Elizabeth that pushed Reiko down the stairs. 

Drew and Scout visit Alexis in her office at The Invader, with Scout dressed as a butterfly for Halloween. Drew and Alexis think she looks great. She dances around with her wings floating and takes some candy from Alexis.

Drew tells Alexis that he knows she is no longer a practicing attorney but he has a hypothetical situation for her.  He presents his situation with Carly and the ELQ/Aurora merger and asks if that would constitute insider trading.  

“Hell Yes!” Alexis responds. She tells him that it is textbook insider trading and that both parties could serve prison time. She goes on to tell him that it would be much harder for charges to stick if he and the “friend” that he mentioned were just casual acquaintances rather than having a family or romantic involvement.  Drew looks horrified. 

Back at the pumpkin farm, Sonny says hello to Holly and introduces her to Nina.  Holly makes an excuse and leaves the three of them quickly. Later, she is seen giving information to an unknown caller about Robert’s efforts to get another judge to intervene on Anna’s behalf.  Sonny asks Robert if he would like to work together to help Anna.  Robert says what did you have in mind?  He asks Sonny if this has something to do with Anna breaking out of jail and living on the run?  Robert tells Sonny not to worry that he has everything under control.  

Sam asks Carly if Drew was with her in Jacksonville.  Carly says that he was and that he was very helpful in securing a place to move her mother’s remains.  Sam says she finds it awkward that they were there for weeks and yet Carly has barely mentioned him. Carly does her best to avoid the details of the situation, knowing that it could be painful for Sam. But, then Carly says, “there is something that you should know.”  Drew is approaching Carly when he hears her say this.

In Switzerland, Valentin is being tailed by Victor’s men wherever he goes and he can not shake them.  He is shocked and glad to see Laura when she knocks one of Victor’s men out cold with a candlestick. She tells him Anna sent her.  They talk about Lucy’s shooting and how Victor has set Anna up to take the fall for the crime. They’re interrupted by another one of Victor’s men. He says hello to the “sister,” and knows Valentin is Charlotte’s daughter but asks for the nun’s name. Laura lies that it’s Sister Margaret. Victor’s goon hears one of his associates at the front of the church on the floor, moaning.  Sister Margaret tells him it is a man who got drunk on the communion wine. The man tells Laura that his co-worker only drinks Vodka as he raises his gun.  This time, Valentin wields the candlestick and the man is left unconscious on the floor. “Father Kevin” shows up and hugs Laura. The three of them agree they need to get Charlotte. 

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