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Update written by Shane

Outside Kelly’s, Britt thanks Cody for offering to help her sort through Peter’s things. She notes most people don’t want anything to do with Peter. Cody says that he won’t be scared off by Peter or Faison, because he could be related to Leopold if not Mac. Britt thinks he seems intrigued about her family and wonders why he wants to help her. He thinks they are similar, as he too has a past and knows what it’s like to try and move on from it. Cody tells her it’s not too late to just throw away the things her brother left her. She’s thought about it but wants to look through them one last time in case she missed something. Britt says that she would hate for something interesting from her family to fall through the cracks.

Cody and Britt head to her room at the Metro Court.  When they arrive, Cody tells Britt it must be nice living full time in a hotel.  He asks her to remind him to go to medical school next time.  Britt says that he has a nice set up as well at the Quartermaine stables.  Cody draws close to Britt and she says that they should get back to business before she has to go back to GH and Cody has to go back to the stables. Britt grabs the box that Peter left her. In it she finds an old ATM recipient, a money clip, and a stub from a parking garage. There is a set of keys as well as his passport. Cody identifies one of the keys as belonging to a safe deposit box. She wonders what could be in it. Cody suggests some things are better left unopened. However, Britt wants to find it and see what’s inside. Cody says there is only one way to figure out what is in the box for sure.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Victor and Lucy grab a table. Victor suggests they continue their interrupted cruise and take a sunset sail around the harbor. He says it could be conducive to doing business. Lucy says that she would like to know more about his business before they head out on a cruise. Victor tells Lucy that if she comes on the cruise, he will tell her everything she wants to know. Lucy says she needs to change into something more suitable for the boat, so he suggests they meet at Pier 55. She reminds him that the bartender was stabbed there, so Victor says he’ll have one of his security guards meet her to make sure she is safe. She agrees to see him later and heads out. Alone, Victor makes a call to someone and tells them Lucy accepted, as he knew she would.  Lucy has unknowingly played right into Victor’s hands.  Victor tells the person on the phone that they know what to do.

Ava meets Scott at the bar, and he advises her to cut ties with Nikolas. Ava informs him that she’s not staying at Wyndemere anymore. Scott notes that was the wrong move because if she stayed in the house she’d have leverage in any potential divorce. He feels she needs to file for divorce before Nikolas does, especially given the fact that he has been running around on her. Ava tells him no one is to know about that. Ava says that if she even hears the slightest peep that Scott has divulged that information that she will have him disbarred for breaking attorney/client privilege. Scott hates seeing her protect Nikolas, and she needs to find someone who deserves her. She says Nikolas wants to work things out, and she doesn’t know yet what she wants.

Later, Victor joins Ava and Scott, and Scott tells him that he is just another Cassadine who Ava needs to remove from her life. Victor agrees with Scott and tells Ava he plans to make sure she’s well taken care of in the divorce. Ava explains she and Nikolas aren’t talking about divorce anymore in case he hadn’t heard. Victor tells Ava that he thought Nikolas would have told her that he is in fact moving forward with the divorce. Ava storms out, and Victor asks Scott if it was something he said. Scott warns Victor whatever he is up to that he will protect Ava.

Lucy heads to her home and changes. She ignores a call from Anna, who leaves her a message to do as she says and stay away from Victor or there will be serious consequences.

Valentin stops by Anna’s place to tell her that Victor is sending him away to see Charlotte, but Anna warns this could be a trap. Valentin thinks it’s possible, but he needs to take that risk because he misses his daughter. She wants to go with him, but he can’t take her because of Victor’s terms. He hates to leave her, and they share a kiss. She cries if he doesn’t come back then she’ll never forgive him. He kisses her again and heads out.

Anna makes a call and tells someone that Valentin is in trouble and needs their help. She later makes another call to check up on Lucy and learns from her office that she’s meeting Victor on Pier 47 for a sunset cruise. She races out.

Later, Johann breaks into Anna’s place and searches for something. After searching all through the downstairs of the home he looks puzzled and says to himself, “it must be upstairs.”  Johann then heads up the stairs.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas speaks with a contractor about repairs on the house and tells him that there is to be no renovations on the north tower until further notice.  The contractor points out that winter is coming and that if they wait, the needed repairs will not be able to be completed until spring.  Nikolas tells him that that will be fine and reiterates that no one is to go near the north tower until he gives the OK.

Later, Nikolas visits Esme in her locked room and brings food, which he expects her to eat all of to nourish the baby. Esme says she hates milk and Nikolas says he doesn’t give a damn what she likes, the baby needs calcium. As he exits the room, Esme grabs a candlestick and tries to club him, but he uses the tray he brought the food on to slap it away. He calls her a psycho and tells her nobody missed her when she was gone, and that the only people looking for her are the PCPD and the only reason they are looking for her is so they can put her in prison. Therefore, he says she is better off locked up in the north tower of Wyndemere. She wonders what will happen after she has the baby. He says the baby will be given a great life, but she is expendable. He looks at her with a cold stare.

Nikolas tells Esme to look on the bright side, locking her up at Wyndemere will prove whether or not she is the hook killer. She swears she isn’t the killer and asks what will happen to her baby after it’s born. Will he give it up, or will he raise it with Ava? He tells her that is none of her concern and reminds her no one will miss her. Esme says that’s not true because her father knows she’s alive and back in town. She then tells Nikolas that she bets he didn’t see that coming. Nikolas accuses her of lying and reminds her that she claimed her adoptive parents were dead and that she didn’t know who her biological parents were. She admits her adoptive parents are dead, but her biological father is alive and a very powerful man. Nikolas says that whether or not her father is real is something that can never be known because she has told so many lies he simply can’t believe her.

Esme tells Nikolas if he doesn’t let her go then he won’t like how his story ends. He says her future is up to him after she gives birth, and then he will decide whether to toss her off the parapet again or throw her to the wolves. Either way, they will see if her imaginary father comes to her rescue or not. He leaves and locks her in.

Alone, Esme rants she’s a prisoner surrounded by Ava’s tacky taste in art. She gets an idea and pulls one of the wires used to hang the paintings off of one. She uses the wire to try and pick the lock to the door.

Downstairs, Nikolas finds Ava at the front door. She says she thought he was done keeping secrets from her.

Valentin boards Victor’s jet and finds a glass of champagne waiting. He sniffs it but doesn’t drink it. He calls Anna to tell her whatever she’s doing that he’s with her in spirit.

Back at the Metro Court, Johann meets with Victor and tells him it’s done. He also says Anna went to Pier 47 to find Lucy. Victor is pleased, as she will be nowhere near Lucy.

Down on the pier, Lucy arrives at Pier 55 and nobody is there. She calls her office and learns Victor’s invite said to meet at Pier 47, but she knows that is wrong.

Lucy sees someone arrive and asks, “What are you doing here?” A gun is pointed at her.  Lucy begs the individual not to shoot.  But, her words fall on deaf ears, two shots ring out.  Lucy has been shot in the stomach.  

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