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Curtis admits having Marshall back in his life was unexpected. TJ notes Marshall leaving is not just Curtis’ loss, because he was just getting to know his grandfather. Curtis says this was Marshall’s choice, but TJ feels Curtis also made a choice to do what he did without any of their opinions. Curtis fills TJ in on what he learned about Marshall. TJ respects his decision to do what he did and hopes Curtis will respect his. TJ refuses to give up on Marshall, and he intends to find him and bring him back.

At the Metro Court Gardens, Carly tells Valentin that his ruse of having Sasha pretend to be Nina’s daughter, and not being honest with her from the get-go, is what cost Nina a relationship with her real daughter. She feels everything that’s happened is really his fault. Valentin is just suggesting it would be best for everyone if they set aside their differences. He thinks she should have compassion for Nina, as she has everything Nina has ever wanted. Carly notes last time she checked, Nina has her husband.

Valentin argues that Nina still has no children, no relationship with her grandchild, and few friends. Even her office space is at Carly’s mercy. Carly notes Nina has defenders, and she is no victim. Valentin points out that Nina’s been exploited by everyone who has said they care about her. He asks if there is no part of her that feels for Nina?

Carly vents, “Nina’s been hurt, so what! You carry on and that’s called life.” Valentin points out Carly has multiple support systems, and Nina only has a few people who care for her, one being Phyllis. Carly knows Phyllis nursed Nina while she was in a coma, but asks if she was there when she gave birth. He asks why she’d need to know that? Carly explains even Harmony felt for Nina and what happened to her. Valentin adds, “And Sonny?” Carly doesn’t know why he feels what he does for Nina and suggests it’s Stockholm Syndrome from all the months they spent together.

Chet meets with Terry for their first official date. He confesses that he should have told her about his legs on Valentine’s Day, and not over texts. She tells him that doesn’t matter to her, and he should be proud of who he is. He admits some women have rejected him because of it. He asks if it was difficult for her to tell him about herself. She was terrified, but it’s how she knew she really liked him and dating a trans woman isn’t something many men consider. He comments if it felt that way it would have been his loss.

They continue to talk and agree to a second date. She laughs that she’s been having such a good time that she forgot about her dust-up at work. She explains she’s gotten into it with a colleague at General Hospital. Chet notes his sister works there and she may know her. He reveals Amy is his sister to a surprised Terry.

At Wyndemere, Esme gets another letter from her nanny Maggie. Thanks to what she wrote her, Maggie believes Esme has tons of friends and she and Spencer are closer than ever. She also is relieved to hear Esme isn’t pursuing a relationship with Ryan. She urges her to focus on school and Spencer, and to be happy. Esme goes into her closet and hides the letter in a shoebox with other letters. She vows she intends to be happy.

At Kelly’s, Cam asks Spencer if his plan is worth the hell he is going through. Spencer admits Esme wants to have sex, and he’s running out of ways to avoid it. Cam feels they are out of options and need to tell Joss and Trina the truth. Spencer won’t do that, so Cam says they must find physical evidence against Esme. Spencer explains it’s not that easy as she’s always hovering. Right now, she’s gone to yoga, and then she’ll be walking through Kelly’s door. Cam urges him to go search for proof and he’ll stall Esme.

Joss and Trina head to the yoga studio for a relaxing class. Rory is there stretching, and Trina says when this trial is over she plans to enjoy life to its fullest. Joss catches her friend staring and asks Trina if she’s enjoying the view. Rory looks their way, and Trina and Rory smile at one another. He approaches them to say hello and relays that he was in the previous class and was just stretching. Joss leaves them to talk.

Esme arrives and spies on Trina and Rory. Rory admits to Trina that he can’t socialize with someone under active investigation, but there are no rules on running into one another. He also says when she beats the charges… Trina cuts him off and responds, “If I beat them.” He knows she will, and then they are free to explore whatever. He eventually departs, and Joss returns. Trina wonders if Joss is trying to hook her up with Rory to keep her mind off Spencer. Joss wants her to have a good guy, not someone who is needy, superficial, and jealous. Trina tells her not to worry, and she gave Spencer and Esme the boot out of the gallery the other day. Joss wonders why they were even there. Trina explains Spencer was working on his restitution, and Esme followed him like the psycho she is.

Joss wonders if Rory can help them with her case, but Trina won’t put him in that position. Joss vents that Esme set them both up and ruined their lives. Joss knows she has to have made a mistake which proves her guilt. When they find it, Joss vows Esme will go to prison where she belongs.

Back at Kelly’s, Esme arrives and asks Cam if Spencer is there. He explains he sent him on a grocery run because they were out of milk. She had something to tell him but guesses she’ll see him at home. Cam tries to delay her and says they should clear the air. He knows he’s said things to her, but Trina is Joss’ best friend and is Joss his girlfriend. Esme wishes she had a boyfriend as loyal as him. Cam assures her that Spencer believes in her, and even accused him and Joss of being in on this with Trina to frame Esme. He says Spencer has her back, and this will all work out for the best. Esme thanks him and gives him a big hug as Joss and Trina enter. Joss yells, “Get your tentacles off my boyfriend!”

At Wyndemere, Spencer takes photos of Esme’s room and then begins to search it. He makes his way into her closet, takes more photos, and starts looking through her shoeboxes. He eventually comes across something.

At Charlie’s, Nina meets up with Ava and reveals she was just strategizing with Scott. She’s ordered Scott to go after Willow. Ava thinks going after Willow right after her mother died is harsh, but Nina feels they took the first shot. Ava assumes this has to do with Smoltz’s article and explains that he asked her to comment on Avery’s birth. Nina rants this is Michael and Willow’s fault, but Ava says this is all public record, and Diane will bring it up in court. Ava didn’t tell him anything, and won’t talk unless called into court. Ava changes the topic and asks how things with her and Sonny are going. 

Before she can answer, Nina spots Amy and says hello to her. She asks how her day is going, and Amy moans badly. Nina comments if she can help to let her know. Amy pulls up a chair, and vents about Terry. Nina suggests she think about what Man Landers would advise two women having trouble at work to do. Amy jokes he’d advise they get a drink together, and she goes to the bar.

Ava returns to the topic of Sonny and points out that if Nina marries Sonny then Michael will become her step-child. She advises she take that into consideration before doing anything rash. Nina doesn’t care and declares she’s going after Michael and Willow with everything she has. Nina states she didn’t want this fight, but she’ll come out guns blazing, and Carly better hope she’s not in the line of fire. Carly walks in at that moment, hears Nina, and smirks.

Amy leaves and runs into another nurse outside the bar. She tells Amy that she just saw her brother having drinks with Dr. Randolph and they appeared to be having a good time. Amy is stunned.

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