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At Carly’s house, Bobbie and Carly sat at the kitchen table.  Bobbie said she was excited to see what was to come in the next chapter of Carly’s life. Carly, who had just returned from Jacksonville, said that she had suffered a “crisis of identity” when she had gone to Florida and she added that she had decided she would not be keeping the name, Corinthos. Carly did not mention what had happened with Drew in Florida to Bobbie. Carly did ask Bobbie what she thought of her taking the family name of Spencer. Bobbie said it was fitting and she hugged Carly.

At Elizabeth’s house, Cameron thought that he and Josslyn had grown closer because Josslyn had stayed over the previous night. He seemed relieved that maybe they had put the shame of the leaked sex tape behind them. However, when Josslyn started to leave she ran into Finn. Josslyn excused herself and said she was just on her way to class.  Cameron began an awkward conversation with Finn who finally asked Cameron outright if Josslyn had spent the night. Cameron quickly told Finn that it was none of his business. Finn said that it was obvious that Josslyn had spent the night, but that he had no intention of telling Elizabeth but added that he thought Cameron should tell his mother the truth.  He reiterated that he was only there to check on the boys as he promised Elizabeth he would do while she was away. Cameron blurted out how odd it was thinking of his Mom being in the same city where his grandparents live.  Finn asked him to repeat what he had said.  It became obvious to Cameron that Finn didn’t know that Elizabeth’s parents also live in Monterey.  Cameron had just inadvertently informed Finn that Elizabeth was, in fact, not attending a medical conference but attempting to gain some clarity on the visions that she had been having about her past.  Cameron offered Finn some advice for being there for Elizabeth without acting like she needed to be saved.  Finn later thanked him for the pep talk. Finn left Elizabeth’s house shaken by the news of Elizabeth’s true reasoning for going to Monterey.

At Oscar’s gravesite, Drew visited Oscar on what would have been his birthday. Drew said that when he had been held captive, he had often closed his eyes and thought of Oscar and Scout. Josslyn appeared with flowers, and she and Drew hugged. Drew said he would leave to give Josslyn some privacy.  But, before he left, he thanked Josslyn for being a part of Oscar’s life. Josslyn spoke to Oscar and confessed to him that things hadn’t been the same between her and Cameron since the sex tape. Josslyn said that she worried Cameron wouldn’t “be able to handle” losing her.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Ned informed Michael that Valentin had been missing for several days. Ned asked if Michael had been behind Valentin’s disappearance and accused Michael of calling immigration to cause trouble for Valentin. Ned had gotten this idea because Sonny had pulled the same stunt in the past with Jax. Michael told Ned that he was nothing like Sonny. Ned quickly responded by saying that Michael was just like Sonny and at that point the conversation quickly turned into a screaming match that Olivia promptly ended by screaming herself and pounding on the table. Olivia left the kitchen to find Brook Lynn to help play referee. Olivia was mortified when she walked into Brook Lynn’s room and found Chase lying on the bed, naked. Ned and Michael were still arguing when Brook Lynn entered.  Olivia and Chase entered just after Brook Lynn and everyone wanted to know why Olivia and Chase were acting so awkward. Olivia admitted that she had walked in on Chase while he was wearing no clothes.  Ned glared at Brook Lynn like she owed him an explanation.  So, Brook Lynn admitted that she and Chase had spent the previous night together. Brook Lynn joked that everyone at the Quartermaine mansion had seen Chase naked, but Olivia quipped that Monica hadn’t, even though it was Monica’s house. “Alan gave it to her!” Chase exclaimed. Everyone had a quick laugh at the tension that was palpable.

Olivia (distracting herself and everyone else) offered to drive Willow to the hospital for her prenatal checkup, and the two left. Later, Drew arrived at the mansion. Drew told Ned that he had gone to Oscar’s Meadow. Drew recalled that Ned and Olivia had been so very kind to Oscar during his last days, and he pleaded with Ned to help fix whatever was broken in their family. Michael said that Ned could not be reasoned with. Ned pointed out that Michael still went by the Corinthos name, and he added that Michael was only a Quartermaine when it was convenient. Ned then lashed out at Drew and said that Drew’s nice-guy act was really starting to wear thin. “Wow! Okay, fine, Ned. The gloves are off, and you are not gonna like the moves that I make to get you and Valentin out,” Drew boasted. “Really? And how do you plan on doing that when you’re facing an insider-trading charge?” Ned asked a shocked Drew.

Drew tried to laugh off Ned’s accusation, but Ned explained that, as Michael’s mother, Carly had been told about the potential merger of Aurora and ELQ and that it had been the only reason why Carly had purchased Aurora shares, which then cost her the Metro Court. “That’s called insider trading, and it’s illegal. Martha Stewart went to prison for much less,” Ned said. Ned told Drew and Michael that they were fortunate that no one knew about what happened to Carly. He also threatened Drew and Michael and told them not to forget that he had knowledge of what had happened. He made it clear that he could put Michael and Drew away if he saw fit to do so. Ned left, and Michael scoffed at him and said that Ned was bluffing. Drew had nothing to say. It was clear that he was in deep thought.

In an exam room at the hospital, Britt remarked that certain areas around Willow’s lymph nodes appeared inflamed. Britt stepped out of the room to call Terry, who advised Britt to schedule an ultrasound on Willow’s liver. Alone in the room with T.J., Willow asked what Britt was so concerned about. T.J. said that if Willow’s liver and lymph nodes were swollen, it could mean that Willow’s cancer had advanced to Stage 3, which might limit their ability to treat her leukemia.

Later, Olivia greeted Finn near the hospital elevators. Olivia started to get a headache, and she asked if Finn had ever had the feeling that someone had just walked over his grave. Olivia then caught sight of a blonde-haired woman in chains and an orange prison jumpsuit. “Hello, Olivia!” the woman said. Olivia screamed when she realized the woman was Heather Webber.

Heather accused Olivia of letting her son rot in prison while Olivia had “traded up” to marry a Quartermaine. She then laughed like a mad woman as she was led away by guards. Afterwards, Finn asked Olivia who the woman was. “Don’t you know? That’s Heather Webber!”

In Monterey, Elizabeth and Terry sat in a car outside Elizabeth’s parents’ home.  Terry informed Elizabeth that her parents had agreed to meet Terry for coffee. Elizabeth planned to break into her parents home to search for clues about Reiko’s death by going through some old diaries that her parents’ had kept. Meanwhile, Terry would meet with Jeff and Carolyn to give Elizabeth enough time to search. Elizabeth flashed back to her first day in Port Charles outside Audrey’s house when she had told Sarah, “The stork brought me! Remember?” Elizabeth smiled at the memory.

Elizabeth left the car, entered her parent’s home and was able to silence the alarm. She stared at different family photos on the mantel and seemed overwhelmed by the memories they brought back. Elizabeth picked up a photo of her and Sarah and she held it closely against her chest. Elizabeth was startled to hear the doorknob rattle. An older man with gray hair entered. 

“Elizabeth?” the man asked.

“Dad,” said Elizabeth.

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