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Update written by  Shane

On Pier 47, Anna answered her cell phone. It was Robert, who asked if Anna had tracked down Lucy. Anna revealed that Lucy’s assistant had told Anna that Lucy had planned to meet Victor on the pier for a sunset cruise. However, there hadn’t been any sign of Lucy or the boat. After the call, Anna started to leave, but she froze when she heard two shots ring out.  She ran in the direction of Pier 55.  Upon arriving on scene she discovered a shoe she believed could belong to Lucy.  Just as she began examining the show, Victor arrived feigning ignorance of Lucy’s whereabouts.  Anna questioned him and he taunted her with razor-sharp comments designed to provoke Anna.  It became clear to Anna that Victor had discovered that Lucy was working for her and that the entire operation had been compromised.  Dante arrived on scene and questioned Victor.  Victor’s driver confirmed his alibi that he had been nowhere near the scene.  Dante told him he was free to go but instructed him not to leave Port Charles.  As Victor left, he looked Anna directly in the face and said, “I do hope Lucy wasn’t the victim of foul play.”  Anna looked stunned.  Anna quickly pulled Dante aside to tell him that Lucy had been working for her to bring down Victor and that somehow Victor had found out.  Dante was very disturbed by this news.  He did remark that if anyone could survive Victor, it was Lucy.

In Diane’s hospital room, Alexis told Diane how frightening it had been for Alexis to find Diane injured on the garage floor. Diane questioned Alexis about goading the Hook killer in the Invader, but Alexis explained she’d been desperate to drive the attacker out in the open. Alexis conceded that the open letter might have been a bad idea and may have provoked the killer to strike again. Diane reminded Alexis that serial killers never need an excuse to kill. Diane told Alexis how much she appreciated everything she had done on her behalf.  Diane confessed that the attack had put things into perspective. “Am I living my life to the fullest?” Diane asked. It was a rhetorical question, and before Diane could elaborate, Robert appeared in the doorway. Alexis then left to allow Robert and Diane the opportunity to speak in private. Robert apologized if he had chased off Alexis, but Diane assured Robert that she and Alexis had enjoyed a long visit. Diane was curious if Robert had an update about her attacker, but he admitted there was no further news from the PCPD.

Robert asked Diane if she could possibly remember anything else about the night she was attacked. She assured him that she had given it a great deal of thought but all she could remember was that it was definitely a woman wearing bracelets that jangled. Diane admitted that her life had flashed before her eyes. Robert agreed because he had experienced that a few times over the years.

Later, Robert handed Diane a cup of water while she asked about his scars. Robert admitted that he had a scar from his cancer surgery, but he would not show it to Diane unless she bought him dinner. Despite the pain, Diane laughed. She acknowledged that Robert had had plenty of brushes with death, but Diane’s last injury had been in elementary school when she had broken her pinky toe while sliding into third base. Robert was surprised Diane had been a tomboy, but she asked him not to tell anyone because she had a reputation to uphold.  Robert promised to catch the killer and make the streets safe again for Diane, and she looked forward to sparring with Robert in court again. She warned him it would be awhile, but Robert vowed to visit Diane often. Upon leaving, he looked back in the direction of Diane’s room and smiled.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Kristina apologized as she approached Sonny and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She took a seat next to Dante as she explained that she’d been late because she’d been training someone to fill in as manager while she attended an out-of-town management program. Dante wanted to hear all about it, but first he insisted on ordering food because he was starving. Sonny smiled because a family dinner had been long overdue. Kristina glanced around and asked about Dex.  Sonny told Kristina that Dex was there and was on duty. She was pleased because she had never suspected Dex of being the Hook killer. Dante said it had been an error in judgment because it had been early in the investigation, but Dante conceded that new evidence had pointed the police in a different direction. “Told you — both of you,” Kristina said.

Alexis recognized Dex in the Metro Court restaurant and asked him if he had worked for Sonny.  He said, “I am working for Sonny and Mr. Corinthos is having lunch with your daughter.” Alexis was surprised that Kristina was there.

At the table, Dante looked at his phone, got up from the table and said that duty called. After Dante left, Sonny took Kristina’s hand in his and assured her that he was proud of all his children. “Even Michael?” Kristina asked. Sonny assured her that Michael would always be included even though things between them were not good.  Sonny told Kristina that he found it funny that even though Michael was adopted, Michael was by far the child of Sonny’s that he regarded as most like him.  Kristina agreed and held out hope that because of that the two of them would get past their disagreements and come to some sort of understanding.

Moments later, Alexis approached the table. Kristina and Sonny were thrilled to hear that Diane’s recovery was going very well. Sonny excused himself to give Alexis and Kristina a chance to talk. Alexis sat down, but she promised she wouldn’t stay. Kristina explained that she had missed Brando’s funeral because of work commitments and an out of town trip. Alexis reassured Kristina that she respected how important Kristina’s job was to her.

Alexis admitted that she sometimes questioned Kristina’s way of doing things, but Alexis was well aware that Kristina was a responsible young woman and would of course be recognized by her superiors for her great work ethic. “I am so proud of you,” Alexis said.

In the alcove, Sonny told Dex to take a couple of hours off, since Sonny would be having dinner with Kristina, but Dex said he was OK with staying since Sonny would be at the restaurant. Sonny thanked Dex for not holding what had happened to him against Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that “mistakes were made,” and Dex had been treated unfairly; however, Sonny said that Dex had proven himself and he had demonstrated the qualities of loyalty and discretion.  Sonny said those were two qualities he held in high regard.

Sonny revealed that he’d once had someone at his side who had embodied all the important qualities, but “he” was gone. Dex told Sonny that he would never be able to fill Jason’s shoes, but that he was prepared to step into his role. Sonny mentioned a position as a lieutenant in the organization, and Dex promised that he was ready for a new challenge. Sonny asked if Dex could think of anything more important than protecting Sonny’s family. “No, sir,” Dex answered.

At Pentonville, Spencer was working in the library when he was approached by Cyrus who greeted his great-newphew. Spencer was clearly not happy to see Cyrus. but Cyrus glanced at the scraps of paper in Spencer’s hand and explained that the Spencer told Cyrus he didn’t believe in him or his redemption story as he dictated it to Laura, but Cyrus reminded Spencer they were family. “I’m a Cassadine, and family is simply a means to an end for us,” Spencer said. Cyrus was disappointed by this because he said that he held family as the greatest of all bonds. Cyrus mentioned Laura and Martin, but Spencer yelled at Cyrus and told him not to speak his grandmother’s name.  Cyrus explained that he had only intended to convey his regret for having pushed away the two people who had meant the most to him.  Cyrus made it clear that he saw an opportunity in Spencer to make amends, but Spencer wanted nothing to do with Cyrus. Cyrus promised to look out for Spencer, but the prisoner known as “Book” sauntered in to pick up where he had left off with Spencer. Book warned Spencer that the Corinthos men couldn’t protect Spencer 24/7, and Cyrus was an old man.  Furious, Cyrus asked if Book was suggesting that Spencer join with Book. Spencer cut to the chase and asked what Book wanted. Book demanded that Spencer step down as librarian. Spencer wasn’t surprised to learn that Book had been working in the laundry room, but Spencer refused to give in to Book’s demands. Cyrus ordered Book to leave, but Book sucker punched Cyrus in the face. Cyrus quickly turned the tables on Book by slamming Book against the wall with Book’s arm twisted behind Book’s back. “Move on,” Cyrus said in a menacing tone.

Cyrus let Book go. Cyrus accused Book of having a shiv, prompting the guard to conduct a search. The guard recovered a shiv from Book’s pocket and removed him from the library with a promise to lock Book into solitary confinement. 

Spencer reminded his pious great-uncle that the Bible warned against bearing false witness, but Cyrus burst out laughing. “Apparently, God is not through with me yet,” Cyrus said. Cyrus said that his actions were just a way of “removing Book from Spencer’s sphere for a short time.”  Spencer decided to gift Cyrus with a new arrival. Cyrus was excited when Spencer gave him William Tyndale’s translation of the New Testament. “A book for a Book,” Spencer said. However, Spencer made it clear that the gift meant he owed Cyrus nothing. Cyrus insisted that he never had.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised to find Ava on his doorstep. She brushed past him, but he insisted it wasn’t a good time. Ava didn’t care because Nikolas had a lot to answer for. Nikolas offered to meet Ava at the Port Charles Grill later, but Ava refused to leave. Ava confronted him about Victor’s claim that Nikolas intended to file for divorce. Nikolas advised her that this was just his uncle Victor’s way of overstepping the boundaries that Nikolas and Ava had set.  Nikolas recalled his encounter with Victor outside Kelly’s when Victor had threatened to get Nikolas back in line if Nikolas didn’t divorce Ava. But, Nikolas vowed to spend the rest of his life with Ava.  Nikolas started to kiss Ava, but she pulled away before their lips touched. Ava claimed she had stopped by to pick up a few things that she needed to inventory before she closed the gallery. Ava said she needed access to the tower, but Nikolas stopped her. He claimed a pipe had burst, and the damage had been extensive. He promised that her things were boxed up and had not been damaged and that he would get them to her as soon as it was safe to do so.  Ava seemed pleased but doubtful Nikolas was telling her the whole truth at the same time.

In the north wing, Esme remained imprisoned, but she worked furiously on picking the door’s lock. “We won’t give up,” Esme told her baby. She picked up the wire hanger and returned to the lock. Her efforts paid off when she heard a click. “Let’s go see your grandfather,” Esme said. Esme opened the door, but she was horrified to find Nikolas blocking her exit.  Nikolas looked at Esme with a cold stare and said, “Going somewhere?”  He then threw Esme in the bathroom to allow him time to retrieve Ava’s belongings out of the tower.

Ava, seated at the bar at the Metro Court, was met again by Victor.  “Twice in one day,” Victor remarked.  Ava looked at him with a mixture of humor and disgust.  She told Victor she would no longer fall for his attempts to meddle in her marriage.

Meanwhile, somewhere on what looked to be a beach location, a woman in dark clothing managed to drag herself out of the water and walk onto shore. She then immediately collapsed.

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