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In California, after Jeff tells Elizabeth that she pushed Reiko down the stairs in a fit of anger, Elizabeth refuses to believe him or anything her parents have to say. Jeff explains she saw him with Reiko in his room, Reiko ran out, and Elizabeth followed her to the top of the stairs. Elizabeth has a flashback and can hear herself arguing with Reiko, and Carolyn realizes it’s all coming back to her. 

Elizabeth recalls fighting with Reiko and asking how dare she do this to her mother, and calling her a homewrecker and that she’s not the first and she won’t be the last. Elizabeth threatened Reiko that she was going to tell her mother, and then find her husband and tell him. Elizabeth recalls Reiko grabbing her and telling her she couldn’t do that. As they fought, Reiko tumbled down the stairs. Elizabeth cries to her parents, “I did it, it was me.”

Elizabeth doesn’t remember if she pushed Reiko or if it was an accident, and Jeff admits he didn’t see what happened. Jeff explains Reiko had a concussion and internal bleeding from the fall. Reiko required a blood transfusion after the fall, and that’s how she contracted the disease that killed her. Carolyn goes on to explain Elizabeth was a minor, and they had to protect her from the legal system in the Mariana Islands, so they put in for an immediate transfer.

Elizabeth realizes Reiko died because of her. Carolyn notes that this is not entirely true. Elizabeth doesn’t understand why she blocked all of this out. Carolyn explains she didn’t at first, and she had terrible nightmares and sleepwalking episodes. Carolyn began coaching her to suppress the memory, and they sent her away so their presence wouldn’t cause the memory to return. Carolyn and Jeff never wanted to abandon her, but they thought it was better to lose their relationship with her than lose her forever. Elizabeth thinks they sent her away because they wanted to protect their reputations.

At the park, as Carly is about to tell Sam about her newfound relationship with Drew, he appears and suggests he be the one to tell Sam. He says they realized down in Florida that they made a good team, and came back with a renewed sense of purpose. Spinelli appears, and Drew asks to run something by Carly in private. They head off, and Sam says she is waiting for someone to tell her something that she already knows.

In private, Drew tells Carly that she cannot tell Sam or anyone about them. He explains Ned’s threat that they could be guilty of insider trading. Carly laughs it off and says that the whole thing is absurd. But, Drew says that he had a legal consultant look it over and that they both could both be looking at fines and jail time if the truth got out. He says for now they have to create some distance between them and let this blow over. Drew explains they can’t be in a public relationship. Carly understands and says that she is fine with going off grid to maintain their relationship.

Meanwhile, Sam asks Spinelli to help in finding out what Cody is hiding, and suggests using his algorithm. Spinelli reminds her that she wanted him to destroy it because it could get him sent to jail. She figures they could use it for good and explain Cody’s interest in the necklace that he and Britt found and why he didn’t want Sam looking into its origins. 

Carly and Drew return and say goodbye to Sam and Spinelli before taking off. Sam continues talking to Spinelli about Cody, and feels they need to learn all they can about him. She points out he could be Maxie and Georgie’s family, and she doesn’t want to see Dante hurt either. Spinelli agrees and tells Sam he is at her service.

At Carly’s place, Joss and Trina compare their weekends. Joss confesses she and Cam finally slept together again. She had hoped that it would fix what is wrong in their relationship but she tells Trina that it didn’t. Joss blames Esme for not being able to enjoy her first time. Trina tells Josslyn she can not let Esme ruin her relationship forever. Trina tells Joss to stop trying to get back to where she and Cam were, but instead focus on their future. Joss thanks her for the advice.

Trina opens up to Joss about her stay with Rory at their hotel and tells Joss that just as things got intense, she imagined she was with Spencer. Joss says it’s clear she still has feelings for him. Joss admits to Trina that she and Cam visited Spencer and she tells Trina he wanted to know how she was doing and if she was happy. Trina realizes that is the reason behind the missed call she got from him. Joss says she believes Spencer has a good heart, but that doesn’t mean he deserves her. Trina feels she should put her focus on the good guy she has in front of her, just like Joss is doing with Cam.

At Charlie’s, Cody walks in as Britt is telling Scott and Obrecht about Peter’s necklace. Cody sits down, and Scott tells him he knows trouble when he sees it. Cody apologizes for sucker-punching him, and all he’d like is a do-over. Scott asks why? Cody explains he’s important to Britt’s mom, and Britt is important to him. He also knows how much he loved his biological mother, and he’s sorry they both lost her. Scott says that was a very long time ago.

Britt and Obrecht rejoin Cody and Scott, who are talking about Serina’s concern for Lucy. Obrecht asks if Cody plans on staying in Port Charles. Cody assures her that he is going to stick around as he likes Port Charles, and his job. Scott knows he has a reason given the DNA test he took, and he knows all about the fact that Cody may be Mac’s son. As they talk, Britt coughs after taking a sip of wine. When she continues to have coughing spells, Obrecht looks concerned.

At The Invader, Alexis picks up the phone and has her assistant call for Commissioner Ashford.  She says, “tell the commissioner I just received a letter from The Hook killer.”

Dante and Jordan arrive and take the letter into custody. In it, the killer explains they are not hungry for fame or targeting people at random. They are targeting those who have wronged them. The killer tells Alexis to leave them be or she would regret it and ends by saying they are off to see the wizard. Alexis assumes that is a reference to Oz Haggerty. Dante and Jordan leave and Jordan tells Alexis to not tell anyone about the letter.

Jordan and Dante are barely out the door as Alexis calls Gregory and spills everything to him. She also takes out a copy of the letter that she made before the police arrived.

Later, Jordan arrives at Carly’s house and when Josslyn asks her if she is there to see her mother, Jordan informs her that her business concerns both her and Trina.  Moments later, Carly and Drew say their goodbyes with a kiss and Carly enters the mansion.  She approaches Jordan, Josslyn and Trina and asks what is going on.  It is then that Jordan informs Carly that Brando was not the intended target of the Hook Killer.  Josslyn was the true target.  Jordan then confirms Trina’s worst fear, she is the common thread that ties all of the victims together.

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