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At the Metro Court spa, Carly took Josslyn for a mother-daughter outing. Josslyn was dismayed that Nina had chosen to go the legal route with regard to Wiley, and she scoffed at Nina’s claim to visitation rights. Carly recalled how often she had wiped tears away from Avery and Donna’s faces when they’d believed that Sonny had been dead.

Carly said that Nina had kept Sonny to herself for nine months while the rest of his family had been collateral damage. “What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t insist that Nina suffer the consequences for what she did to our family?” Carly asked.

Josslyn said that Carly was justified in trying to shield Wiley from Nina, no matter how far Carly had to go.

At the hospital, T.J. told Jordan that he wanted to file a missing persons report with regard to Marshall. Jordan told T.J. that it was possible Marshall didn’t want to be found and that Marshall wasn’t considered missing because he’d left Port Charles of his own free will. T.J. brought Jordan the musical instrument that Marshall had sent and discovered a receipt from a music shop in Brooklyn. Jordan encouraged T.J. to reach out to the store owner to see if he might know where Marshall was. T.J. said that he’d secured some time off from work, and he announced that he’d head to Brooklyn to find Marshall. Jordan told T.J. to follow his heart, and she promised to help square any concerns that Curtis might have about T.J. reuniting with Marshall.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned told Olivia that he’d meet her and Leo at the elementary school fair for Leo’s poem after he tended to some business with ELQ. Brook Lynn gave Leo a warm hug, and a displeased Olivia told Ned that he should concentrate on the things he had and be grateful for them.

After Olivia left with Leo, Brook Lynn asked Ned to take Olivia’s advice and to be grateful. Brook Lynn asked why merging ELQ with Aurora was a bad thing, and Ned asserted that Michael and Drew had already spoken to Brook Lynn and gotten her on their side. Brook Lynn admitted that she’d spoken to Michael, but she wasn’t on anyone’s side except the family’s. Brook Lynn surmised that getting rid of Valentin made the merger worth it. Ned worried that Michael and Drew were planning a future that didn’t include him, but Brook Lynn urged Ned not to do something he would regret. Brook Lynn told Ned that the day was all about Leo, and she encouraged Ned to not let business get in the way. Ned agreed and left with Brook Lynn.

At Kelly’s Diner, Valentin knew the Quartermaines were trying to oust him as CEO and wanted to know what Martin planned to do about it. Martin said that Valentin’s month-long absence from town had given the Quartermaines time to plot Valentin’s exodus, and Martin added that Valentin wouldn’t have a chance if the family stayed a united front. Valentin said that a united front had never been able to hold up a united front for long.

Valentin admitted that he needed to find a way to bring a member of the Quartermaines over to his side. Martin scoffed at the idea that a Quartermaine would ever side with Valentin, but Valentin asked Martin who would benefit the most. Valentin guessed that the answer to his question was Ned.

At the elementary school fair, Sonny and Drew arrived for their daughters’ talent activities and greeted one another. Sonny and Drew spoke of Sonny’s icy relationship with Michael, and Sonny told Drew that Michael felt embarrassed by what the Corinthos name stood for. Sonny expressed his regret that things had deteriorated between him and Michael. “By the time Wiley is old enough to ask questions about his grandfather, I’m going to be a distant memory,” Sonny said.

Drew said that he hated to see bad blood between Sonny and Michael, and he asked if there was anything he could do to help things. Sonny asked how Drew thought he could help, and Drew offered to get Sonny and Michael together and serve as a mediator without taking sides. Sonny said that Michael was building walls around his family to keep Sonny out, and Michael wouldn’t listen to reason. Drew told Sonny that walls didn’t last forever and that things could change.

Drew confided to Sonny that he and Michael were working on a merger with ELQ, and he said that he could perhaps broker peace. Sonny wanted to know if Valentin was likely to retaliate against Michael. Drew assured Sonny that Drew and Michael could handle themselves, but Sonny said he wouldn’t allow Michael to go up against someone like Valentin without backup. “I want in,” Sonny said.

Drew told Sonny that as much as their friendship meant to him, his answer was no. Sonny said that Michael was lucky to have Drew on his side, but he added that if Michael let a family disagreement escalate to something more, he would need all the luck he could get.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Dante told Willow that the lab results had confirmed that Harmony wasn’t Willow’s biological mother. Sam came to lend emotional support to Willow and invited Willow to join her at the elementary school fair to take Willow’s mind off Harmony.

After Sam and Willow left, Michael asked Dante why he’d really come to the mansion, and he surmised that it hadn’t just been to see Willow. Dante said that Michael and Sonny needed to get in a room and hash out their differences. Michael said that Sonny had abandoned his family, but Dante didn’t believe that. Dante said that no one was perfect. Dante later accused Michael of behaving just like Sonny, and Michael exploded on Dante and said he was nothing like Sonny. Dante asked why Michael couldn’t leave their dad out of things.

“It’s not enough that I have to rise to the top, Sonny has to fall. I’m going to take everything from him. Every shred of legitimacy that he has. And the next time the PCPD comes calling, he’s not going to have anywhere to hide,” Michael told Dante about Sonny.

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