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On a beach in Jacksonville, Carly spread Virginia’s ashes into the ocean. She told Drew that she used to play on the beaches there and catch hermit crabs. Drew said he could picture Carly there, playing on the rocks.  He asked if Carly ever tried to take the crabs home. Carly said no, because her mother told her the crabs lived on the beach and it was their home. Carly told Drew that her mother had said that one day she would live there on the beach too. Drew lifted her urn and said, “and now she will.” Carly eulogized Virginia.  She told her that she was a good Mom and apologized for not always making her feel that way and then she spread her ashes into the water. Afterwards, Carly claimed that she’d found closure and perspective. She told Drew that the emergency landing of her plane in Jacksonville seemed to be an inconvenience but she realized that her mother needed her and she was glad things had happened as they did. Drew and Carly kissed.

In the boathouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Robert was stunned to find Holly alive. Robert told Holly that everyone had thought Holly had died, and he asked where she had been for the past two years. Holly said that she thought she’d been on a boat. Robert wanted to have Holly examined at the hospital for a possible concussion, and Dante called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Robert told Austin that Holly had been experiencing memory issues. Holly reluctantly agreed to let Austin examine her. After the exam, Robert asked Holly what had been the last thing she’d remembered before waking up in the boathouse. Holly recalled that she had been working a case for the WSB in Monte Carlo. Robert shared that he and Ethan had searched Monte Carlo “up and down” for Holly. Holly was surprised that Robert had gone in search of her, but Robert said he would do it again. Robert wanted Holly to stay in the hospital overnight, but Holly refused.

Also at the hospital, Sasha confided her grief over Brando to Maxie, who shared with Sasha the grief she had felt after Nathan’s death. Mason appeared, and he asked if he could speak to Maxie. Mason asked Maxie to convince Austin to return to Pautuck for Thanksgiving. Austin appeared, and he ushered Mason away from Maxie and Sasha. Off to the side, Mason gravely said that Maxie would do well to stay as far away from Austin as possible.

Later, Martin appeared at the hospital and told Sasha that he had an update from the judge on her guardianship.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Chase and Brook Lynn kissed. Brook Lynn steered the discussion toward her desire to have Chase become a singer in order to get revenge on Linc.

Ned appeared, and he and Chase chatted briefly about Holly. Brook Lynn took a call. Alone, Ned asked if Chase was happy. Chase shared that he enjoyed singing but that his true passion was being a cop. Chase vented his frustration that he was no longer on the force. Outside the mansion, Brook Lynn received an email from Dante that he’d promised to send as part of his effort to get Chase reinstated. Brook Lynn promptly deleted the email.

Brook Lynn reappeared in the kitchen, and she told Chase that Linc wanted Chase to do a duet with one of Linc’s rising female stars. An uneasy Chase hugged an ecstatic Brook Lynn.

In the lobby of the police station, Anna, Jordan, and Martin watched a video of Lucy’s shooting. The three were stunned to see that the person that had shot Lucy had the same face as Anna. A furious Martin called Anna a murderer, but Anna swore that she had been set up. Anna firmly believed that Victor had been behind Lucy’s disappearance, and she angrily marched into the interrogation room to confront him.

Victor swore he’d had nothing to do with Lucy’s disappearance, and he acted emotional when he was told that something had happened to Lucy. Anna became unhinged, and she tried to physically attack Victor. A police officer interceded, and he and Jordan escorted Anna out into the lobby. Jordan lectured Anna on the unprofessional appearance of her histrionics. Anna tried to return to the interrogation room, but Jordan refused to allow her.

In a voice message to Robert, Anna said that Victor had tried to frame her for Lucy’s disappearance. Martin returned with Arden, the assistant district attorney. Martin demanded that Anna be arrested for murder, and he showed Arden the video of the person who looked like Anna shooting Lucy. Anna was reeling that Martin could believe she was responsible for Lucy’s shooting. Martin recalled that Anna had tried to blackmail him, and he accused her of using people any way she had to.

After Jordan returned to the lobby, Arden told Jordan to tell Victor that he was free to leave. Arden then escorted Victor back into the lobby. Victor “learned” that Anna had been seen on the surveillance footage. Arden said that Jordan needed to recuse herself from the investigation into Lucy’s shooting due to Jordan’s close ties with Anna.

Jordan refused, but she agreed to follow the evidence and to pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law if the person in the video turned out to be Anna. Arden apologized to Victor for the police having “wasted” his time. “All that matters is justice for Lucy. As the commissioner said, just follow the evidence,” Victor said direly.

In the parking lot of the PCPD, Anna searched her car for evidence that she had been framed. In the hatchback of her car, Anna was shocked to find a gun, which she picked up with a gloved hand.

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