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Update written by Shane

At the Port Charles Elementary school fair, Leo read his poem to rave reviews after focusing his eyes solely on Chase. Chase made a deal with Leo that if he performed his poem that Chase would sing later at his birthday party. Which Chase did, keeping up his end of the bargain. But it wasn’t all fun and happiness as Michael continued his refusal to speak to Sonny.  Willow tried to speak cordially to Sonny and did her best to keep the peace.

Felicia and Anna had lunch at the Metro Court Gardens where Anna told her friend how Valentin had come to her house, kissed her, and then ghosted her. Just then, Valentin happened by and when Anna took a phone call, Felicia gave him the third degree and warned him not to hurt Anna.

Anna later returned to the table and said the WSB now believes that Jennifer killed Luke. The three of them agreed that there was no way Jennifer could pull off a well-coordinated hit like that on her own.  They agreed the entire situation reeked of Victor Cassadine. That made Felicia and Anna think of the mysterious French captain (who in reality is Valentin). When Valentin soon suggested he and Anna share the wine he brought over weeks ago, Anna said she and Felicia had already finished the wine. Anna said, “I told you it wouldn’t wait.”

Back at the fair, Drew and Michael offered Ned the Chief Operations Officer position at ELQ, but he said he had to think about it.  Ned then took a phone call from Valentin and they had a secret meeting on site to discuss the merger.  Valentin told Ned that when Michael and Drew had control of ELQ they would cut him out of any and all major strategy decisions.  He urged Ned to join forces with him to preserve his place in the company.

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