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Update written by Shane

At Sonny’s office, Dex handed Sonny a copy of his résumé, which Sonny immediately shredded. Sonny told Dex that he didn’t use résumés but relied solely on his instincts. Sonny told Dex that the most important thing in his business was trust. “If that’s a problem, then we stop right now,” Sonny said.

Sonny informed Dex that he needed to know Dex would be able to take orders and follow them, and Dex was never to think he knew better than Sonny. Sonny complimented Dex for having broken up the fight at the gym earlier. Sonny told Dex that being tough could only get a person so far and that being smart was “the better way.” Sonny was impressed by Dex’s attitude but wouldn’t make any promises to bring Dex into his business.

Frank escorted Brando into Sonny’s office. Sonny asked about Sasha, and Brando said that he needed Sonny’s help. 

At GH, T.J informed Sasha of the normal results of her CT scan. When T.J. left, Sasha began desperately digging through her purse. The photographer who’d chased Sasha the previous night entered the room.  He told a startled Sasha that he had checked and that he knew the pills he’d seen her drop at the Metro Court gardens were not for migraines. He told Sasha that all he wanted was his memory card back and then he would forget about the unseemly photos he’d taken of Sasha. The photographer added that he had connections that he insinuated were tied to drugs. He texted Sasha his number and told Sasha to give him a call.

At the elevators, Jordan ran into Dante. Jordan told Dante that she had a pressing job for him. Jordan wanted him to find out who Willow’s birth mother was. Jordan told Dante to learn everything he could about Harmony’s life before she’d come to Port Charles. Jordan added that somewhere out there, a mother was missing her daughter.

At the Metro Court gardens, Gladys was having difficulty inserting the memory card to view the photos of Sasha when Valentin asked if he could be of assistance. Valentin ignored Gladys’ pleas that she didn’t need any help and began looking at the photographs. Valentin focused on one of the photos the photographer had taken of Sasha.

He told Gladys that while they both knew that Sasha hadn’t struck Harmony on purpose. “In the wrong hands, these photos tell a decidedly different story,”  He showed Gladys a photo of Sasha crouched on the floor of the Metro Court Garden’s desperately trying to retrieve several spilled pills.

Gladys defended Sasha, saying that a doctor had prescribed medication for Sasha to help her cope with the loss of Liam. Valentin was sympathetic, but he reminded Gladys that Sasha had a history of drug abuse. Valentin was concerned because Sasha was his business partner and represented a large part of Valentin’s investment. Gladys told Valentin that she trusted Sasha. Gladys became irritated with Valentin and moved to an empty table nearby.

Sasha joined Gladys at the table. Sasha remembered flushing her pills and told Gladys not to throw the memory card away. Sasha said the photographer might leave them alone if they gave back the memory card. Gladys said she would protect Sasha. She added that Sasha could tell her anything. Sasha thanked Gladys for looking out for her but encouraged Gladys to return the memory card as a show of good faith. When Sasha left, Gladys stared at the memory card.

At Marta & Chloe, Nina stormed in and interrupted Scott’s facial. Nina revealed that she’d received an advance copy of the five-part series the Invader was scheduled to run. Scott assured Nina that her case would be decided in court and not on the front page of the Invader. Scott mentioned Harmony’s death and quipped that compared to Harmony, Nina was like Mother Teresa. Scott felt he and Nina should go to Michael and Willow’s lawyer and announce that they’d let the judge decide whose behavior was better for Wiley’s sake: Nina’s, or that of a double murderer.

As they were speaking, Diane entered the salon and brought up Nina’s documented history of emotional and mental instability. Diane encouraged Nina to withdraw her claim, but Nina refused to back down. Nina told Diane that if Michael and Willow insisted on dragging her through the mud, Nina would drag both of them with her. As Diane went to leave, Nina said that Wiley shouldn’t be punished because of Willow’s pain. “Nina, you seem to think that depriving Wiley of your presence would be a punishment. The court may not agree with you,” Diane said.

When Diane left, Scott and Nina agreed that it was time for an all-out war against Michael and Willow. Nina felt that Willow was “too good to be true” and told Scott there had to be something about Willow they could uncover. Nina told Scott to keep digging until he found it.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Dante told Willow the PCPD would do everything in its power to make sure Willow got answers. Carly told Willow that the reason Harmony had attacked Carly and Alexis was because Harmony’s secret had started to come out.

Willow then recalled that Harmony had a difficult time finding Willow’s birth certificate. Dante told Willow that Willow’s real birth certificate had never existed and that the one Harmony had given Willow had been forged. Carly then explained that Willow had been taken as an infant and given to someone else. Willow couldn’t believe that everything she had been told about her childhood was a falsehood. 

Willow pleaded for Carly to tell her if Harmony had confided why Harmony had lied about being Willow’s birth mother. Carly flashed back to the promise she’d made on Harmony’s deathbed to look after Willow. Dante wanted Willow to take a DNA test to rule out any blood relation between Willow and Harmony, and Willow said she needed time to digest everything she’d learned. Dante agreed to come back the next day. Dante apologized for having been the bearer of bad news, and he left. Carly got up to leave, as well, and hugged Michael and Willow. Before she left, Carly told Willow that she’d promised Harmony she would protect Willow. Willow told Michael she couldn’t help but ask herself the same question. “If Harmony isn’t my birth mother, who is?” Willow said.



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