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Update written by Shane

At Finn’s place, Violet hosted a tea party with Chase. Brook Lynn came over with lightsabers for May 4th and asked if she could join Chase and Violet. Chase and Violet played with the lightsabers while Chase explained to Violet that the lightsaber is the weapon of the Jedi. Brook Lynn smiled while she watched Chase and Violet. Chase and Brook Lynn hated that they had not been able to watch Star Wars on May 4th, and Brook Lynn suggested the two have their own screening of the movie soon. 

Chet returned from a trip to the Middle East and tells Sony that he had a lot to look forward to on his return home and mentioned Dex, a friend he’d recommended take over his role when Chet was away.

Dante tells Sonny that Carly and Alexis had both been attacked by Harmony. Dante informed Sonny that Harmony had died shortly after she ran into traffic. Sonny told Dante that normally Carly or Michael would have called him immediately.  He thought that the fact that neither Carly nor Michael had reached out to him was also meant to send him a message.  They don’t want anything to do with him and that is the way things are going to be now.

Dante asked if Sonny was taking care of himself, specifically his mental health. He told Sonny that he was concerned he could become more and more isolated. Sonny told Dante that he was taking good care of himself.

Dex impressed Sonny after breaking up a sparring match that turned into an all-out fight.  He reconsidered his decision about Dex’s future and asked Chet to have Dex come by his office later.

At GH, Britt tried to console T.J. after the loss of his first patient. T.J. confided that it was the worst thing he had ever experienced, and admitted he felt angry and “useless.” T.J. said he wanted to scream. Britt told him to prepare himself. She said that might have been the first patient he had lost, but it wouldn’t be the last.  

When T.J. said he wished he could compartmentalize his emotions. Britt said she wanted doctors who used their hearts as well as their heads. T.J. said that telling Willow was heart wrenching. Britt told T.J. to take the rest of the day off to take care of himself.

At the Metro Court nail salon, Terry welcomed Elizabeth for a mani-pedi. Terry told Elizabeth that their mani-pedi had been paid for by Finn. Elizabeth insisted that she was still shaken by recent events but she was taking care of things. Elizabeth confided to Terry that Aiden believed Elizabeth’s stalker was Franco’s ghost. Elizabeth admitted she didn’t know what to think anymore and asked Terry to go with her to her appointment with the medium.

At Michael and Willow’s place, Carly told Michael that Willow would need their strength to lean on, given what the future held. Carly warned Michael that he needed to be careful what he said around Wiley and added that the press would be all over the story of Harmony’s death. Michael said he didn’t know how to protect Willow from the fallout.

Dante arrived and asked to see Willow as Willow descended the stairs. Dante told Willow that he had more information on Harmony if Willow was ready for it. Willow asked what secret Harmony had tried to hide. “Harmony had killed before,” Dante told her.

Carly told Willow that Harmony had revealed a secret that Neil had kept in his notes through the years. Willow asked what the secret was and pleaded for someone to tell her. “Harmony was not your biological mother,” Dante told a stunned Willow.

Carly then flashed back to Harmony’s deathbed confession that Willow had been Nelle’s twin and that Nina was Willow’s biological daughter.  Carly had vowed to protect Willow from Nina and she pointedly did not admit anything else to Willow but the fact that Willow was not Harmony’s biological child.  She told Willow that Harmony had taken Willow from someone else and raised her as her own.  Willow struggled to take in all the news.

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