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Update written by Joseph

Nicole and Holly walk through the town square. Nicole asks about Holly’s first day back at school which she says was fine. Nicole decides that since Holly is back in school, she’s going to return her phone to her. Holly questions if she’s going to keep tabs on her. Nicole calls it an opportunity to earn her trust back.

Brady and Tate have coffee at the Brady Pub. Brady wonders where their waiter is. Tate then says he’ll be right back.

Eric comes home with Jude to Sloan, who notes that they took off early this morning. Eric asks if she has a minute because he needs to talk to her. Eric mentions stopping by the Spectator yesterday for a photography job, but when he was walking out, he heard Leo on the phone, saying he would give him a ringing endorsement and work every angle he can. Eric says that Leo was obviously talking to her. Sloan questions why he would be talking to her. Eric points out that no one knew he was going there but her, so he asks her to tell him what’s going on between her and Leo.

Alex sits at home, complaining about the press release about Bella closing not being what he called for. Theresa comes in and joins him, so Alex asks if she read it. Theresa says she didn’t as she knew what was happening. Alex then complains that Theresa had to run straight to Maggie as soon as he told her the magazine was closing.

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ, noting that he’s off to an early start. EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices and then the district attorney’s office. EJ says Kristen can mock him, but the company won’t run itself and once the board votes, he will be the permanent CEO. Kristen says that’s if the vote goes forward without a hitch. EJ is sure it will and tells her to prepare for that. Kristen responds that she is prepared. Kristen asks if EJ heard about the Bistro opening again. EJ says he saw it on social media. Kristen asks if he will be having lunch there now to support their brother. EJ jokes that wild horses couldn’t drag him there. Kristen thinks it would be fun to watch their brother actually work since he’s in charge all by himself. Kristen brings up EJ giving Stefan a very sweet deal when he could’ve been in prison for years, but EJ let him walk so an outside may have questions about that decision. Kristen says as a member of the family, it’s crystal clear to her that EJ is playing the long game because it would’ve been in his best interest to send Stefan off to prison until a parole hearing in a decade or so, then he wouldn’t be a threat to his grip on power but that didn’t happen so EJ has something else on his mind. EJ says he would love to continue to listen to her fan fiction, but he is late for a breakfast date with Nicole. Kristen asks if she’s right. EJ asks if she’s trying to find where the bodies are buried, but not his. Kristen says they shall see about that as EJ exits.

Sloan admits to Eric that she called Leo and they spoke about him. Sloan feels that Leo owes her for going above and beyond as his attorney. Sloan says she wanted Leo to put in a good word for him as she was trying to help him. Sloan talks about Eric being her husband and she wants his photography business to take off so he can find joy in his work like she finds joy in her work. Sloan declares that they can be the power couple with the life that people will say they want what they have. Eric argues that isn’t who he is and he doesn’t think that’s what this is about at all.

Theresa tells Alex that she did not run to Maggie’s. Theresa says Maggie is her friend and also her sponsor, so she feels like she let her down along with the whole Bella team. Theresa talks about how that can affect one’s sobriety and it’s high stakes for her so she had to do an act of self care and speak to her sponsor. Alex says he gets it and she’s right. Theresa says all he had to do was ask and not accuse. Alex agrees and apologizes but notes that afterwards, Maggie came to Titan and insisted he give her a job at the company which he wasn’t prepared for and now he’s stuck with her. Theresa is surprised he said yes. Alex says he didn’t have much option since Maggie threatened to go to the board, so in order to keep the board at bay, he’s bringing her back but on his terms. Theresa compliments his business instincts. Theresa praises Maggie as a brilliant business woman and says this could be a really good thing for Alex. Theresa feels with he and Maggie together, they could take Titan to the next level.

Holly tells Nicole that she knows she hasn’t been the most trustworthy person but promises to try to be better at it. Holly’s best friend, Sophia joins them and says they are going to need coffee for their school work. Nicole tells them to have fun and tells Holly to come home after school as they walk away.

Tate returns in a Brady Pub apron to bring Brady his coffee. Brady questions what he’s doing. Tate explains that the cook called in sick so Roman is in the back and he’s going to help out. Brady asks if he’s sure, worrying that he could be late for school. Tate assures that he won’t be but notes that Brady needs to go pick up Rachel. Brady wishes Tate luck and exits the Pub. Tate then goes behind the counter to work as Holly and Sophia enter the Pub. They get a table while Tate brings them their menus. Sophia comments on it being fancy seeing him there. Tate explains that he’s just helping out his uncle Roman as he’s short staffed. Sophia calls it sweet of him to help his family. Tate offers Holly a menu but she says she’s not hungry. Tate encourages her to look at the specials so Holly takes a look and finds a sticky note inside with Tate’s phone number on it which she takes. Tate finishes taking their order and heads back behind the counter.

Theresa sits down and sighs so Alex asks if everything is okay. Theresa says it just really sucks that she can’t fix things at Bella. Alex encourages that it’s not her fault. Theresa says she’s trying to do things now that are within her control as she wants to help people on the marketing team find their next gig. Alex comments on her thinking of others in a time of crisis. Theresa says that’s what a leader does but she doesn’t have much to lead right now. Theresa points out that Alex does so maybe he could move people around in the company like he offered to do with her. Alex tells her that offer still stands but Theresa declines, saying she doesn’t think corporate America is for her. Alex asks what’s next for her then.

Sloan doesn’t know what Eric is thinking. Eric says it’s what h’s seeing. Eric shows her the numbers in the finances and complains that they are not adding up. Sloan argues that they already went through this and she told him they were fine. Eric argues that she manipulated the numbers but it was a trick and says they are not adding up as there’s a lot of money not accounting for. Eric declares that he thinks he’s starting to realize what’s really going on.

EJ meets Nicole in the town square and says he was late because of family stuff. Nicole guesses it’s Kristen which EJ confirms. Nicole asks if he’s ready for breakfast but EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices to address action items. Nicole guesses that doesn’t include the Bistro which EJ also confirms and adds that he won’t be attending the Bistro’s reopening. Nicole asks if they can schedule lunch but EJ says he has depositions and case reviews. Nicole is worried about EJ running himself ragged. EJ assures that he feels focused and determined and sees the future ahead for the company and for the city. EJ says he thrives on chaos and he loves her for being right by his side as they kiss.

Kristen uses her laptop to start typing up a letter to Mr. Shin, but then decides against it. Brady arrives and asks where Rachel is or they’re going to be late for school. Kristen informs Brady that Rachel is already gone since she insisted on an early art class, so she had one of the drivers take her. Brady argues that she could’ve called him and he would’ve taken her. Kristen claims she got caught up with EJ and lost track of time. Kristen says now that Brady is there, they could have breakfast and they should chat. Brady tells her that he’s not interested and says he’ll pick Rachel up from school. Kristen says she has to stay late for tutoring. Brady questions Kristen not telling him that Rachel is being tutored. Kristen claims she was going to tell him at some point and supposes now is as good a time as any. Kristen tells him that Rachel is having trouble with math. Brady repeats that Kristen didn’t tell him. Kristen says she’s telling him now. Brady decides he’s going to go. Kristen stops him and remarks that she told Alex about Rachel having a tutor and he’s very supportive and interested, claiming that Alex is very interested. Brady is pretty sure that Alex doesn’t give a damn and that Rachel feels the same. Kristen understands if he’s threatened but claims it’s true. Brady says he’ll speak to Rachel about what the truth is when he sees her tonight and he’ll find out what she says about Alex.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s really in to fashion and food, so maybe she could start a blog. Alex says it sounds great. Theresa then remarks that she wonders how much Alex is going to see of Maggie now that she’s engaged to Konstantin which shocks Alex. Theresa says she thought he knew but she just found out when she went to see Maggie. Theresa asks Alex not to say anything since she was told in confidence. Alex agrees not to say anything but questions what the hell Maggie is thinking.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s a little embarrassed because he has two jobs and she doesn’t even have one. EJ tells her that she’s a DiMera now and doesn’t have to worry about that. Nicole says she still has an ego and she’s always worked since that’s who she is. EJ says he respects that she’s ambitious and talented but he doesn’t think her going back to work right now is a good idea.

Sophia comments to Holly that she wishes Tate was on the menu and questions how Holly can study when Tate is waiting on them. Holly says her mom will kill her if she doesn’t get all A’s. Sophia goes to the restroom, so Tate comes over and asks if Holly told her about them. Holly says no and it’s killing her not to because they tell each other everything, but Sophia also tells her mom everything. Tate says that’s probably smart then. Tate mentions getting a cheap cellphone so they can interact without their parents finding out. Tate says he should get back to work so Roman doesn’t report him to his parents. Holly tells him that she’s really happy to see him as he heads back to work.

Sloan tells Eric that she thinks he’s way off base. Eric argues that he’s counseled couples and knows finances can lead to lots of addictions. Eric questions if she has gambling addiction and says they can get through it together. Sloan tells him that she’s not a gambler, so Eric asks her to tell him what’s going on. Eric reminds her that he’s here for her and is waiting for her to tell him the truth. Sloan tells Eric that he pretends like he wants to work when he actually wants to stay at home all day with the baby. Eric questions what she’s talking about. Sloan accuses him of projecting his anxieties about finances on her. Eric says that’s not what this is about. Sloan says she can pay the bill, the rent, the car, and utilities because she can handle it. Eric tells her not to make herself out to be a martyr. Sloan decides she’s going to take Jude for a walk before she says something half as hurtful as what he just said as she then storms out.

Kristen tells Brady that Rachel will probably say Alex is tall and funny and will call him mad dope. Brady says he’s not buying it and he doesn’t know what Kristen is up to, but it’s not going to work. Kristen tells Brady that it’s not all about him and she would love to chat more about her private life, but she has a lot to do so he can let himself out.

Theresa tells Alex that Maggie the smartest woman she knows, but she thinks that she is thinking with her heart. Theresa thinks that Maggie is trying to hold onto the connection to Victor through Konstantin. Alex complains that Konstantin just rubs him the wrong way and brings up the idea of him getting his hands on his father’s money. Theresa tries to say he’s too respectful to do that. Alex talks about the vibe Konstantin gives off and questions what the hell Maggie is thinking by marrying a con man.

Sophia returns to Holly and tells her that she just saw the poster for prom, so she wonders if Tate will go. Sophia asks if Holly is totally over Tate after everything that happened. Holly claims that she was never really in to him in the first place. Sophia says she was just checking and asks if Holly will go to prom. Holly says she doesn’t know. Sophia guesses her mom might shut that down. Holly hopes not and notes that Nicole did just give her phone back to her so she might be starting to trust her again. Sophia talks about prom being a big deal and how they could double date. Holly says it all sounds great but they have to get going to school. Holly waves goodbye to Tate as she and Sophia exit the Pub. Tate then sees that Holly left one of her notebooks and runs to catch up with them.

Nicole questions EJ about how working is not a good idea. EJ clarifies that where she works might be the issue since she can’t work at Basic Black with him as the CEO as DiMera Enterprises. Nicole talks about not knowing where she would go to work but she has too much time on her hands and needs something more fulfilling. EJ is sure she’ll be a great asset to where ever she chooses to work. EJ notes that he could use her talents at DiMera. Nicole calls that not really her vibe right now. EJ asks what exactly is her vibe then. Nicole admits she does have some ideas.

Holly and Sophia walk through the park. Sophia talks about how much fun they would have shopping for prom dresses. Holly agrees to talk to her mom but says she can’t make any promises. Tate then rushes up to catch up with them.

Eric brings the mail in and goes through the junk and catalogs before finding a past due notice addressed to Sloan which he quickly opens.

Brady goes to leave the DiMera Mansion as Nicole comes home. Brady explains that he was there to take Rachel to school but Kristen made sure that didn’t happen. Nicole says she’s sorry. Brady asks how Holly’s first day back at school was. Nicole says all she said was it was fine. Brady says Tate said the same. They agree that at least they are both progressing. Nicole tells Brady how much she’s always loved Tate just like Brady has always loved Holly. Nicole knows they’ve agreed Tate and Holly can’t be friends for awhile or maybe ever, but she hopes that she and Brady can one day be friends again. Brady suggests now and always.

Theresa says Alex is getting caught up in things that are probably never going to happen. Alex complains that he recently read a business book that said to always anticipate and always plan. Theresa says she’d love to hear about it but starts to massage him, noting that he is so tense. Theresa tells him that he really needs to relax. They get close but Theresa pulls away and says she’s going to the gym now. Alex tells her that she’s really good at massages and he’s going to take a shower.

Sloan walks through the town square with Jude. Sloan says she knows Jude doesn’t like it when she and Eric fight but sometimes they have disagreements and someone doesn’t know what’s in his best interest. She ends up running in to EJ. EJ starts to walk away but Sloan questions why he gave Stefan such an incredibly generous deal, only to sabotage it with the judge. EJ responds that his family situation is none of her concern and walks away. Sloan remarks that little does EJ know.

Nicole tells Brady that she’s so glad he still wants to be friends after all the torment that Holly put him and his family through, calling it very generous of him. Brady acknowledges that Holly is a kid and he knows she didn’t have malicious intent when she made a mistake. Nicole feels she should’ve been so attentive to her but she was consumed with grief after losing her son. Brady tells her not to go there as kids make mistakes and they’ve made their fair share as it’s part of life. Brady promises it will be okay. Nicole says she truly hopes so.

Tate tells Holy that she forgot her notebook. Holly can’t believe she left it. Sophia thanks Tate and points out that Tate really sprinted after them. Tate says he just wanted to make sure that Holly had the notebook before class. Holly says she’ll see him around as she and Sophia then walk away.

Eric questions how Sloan could let this happen as he reads the letter and finds daily reoccurring charges at the Salem inn. Eric wonders what the hell is going on.

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Days Update Monday, April 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Kayla gets Paulina set back in the hospital and warns her that she’s lucky to be alive. Kayla notes that Paulina checked out fine but her numbers are too high for her to let her go home. Kayla questions what Paulina was thinking by sneaking out to Smith Island. Paulina apologizes for worrying everyone. Kayla talks about Paulina commandeering a snow plow and driving on snowy roads at night while also exposing Johnny, Chanel, and Julie to radiation. Kayla says that’s a big deal so there’s going to be an investigation and reports. Paulina says she knows all that and she’s sorry that she put people’s lives at risk, but she felt she had no choice. Paulina asks if Kayla could sit still and do nothing if her daughter was missing. Paulina declares that she had to rescue her baby girl and nothing was more important than that.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in a hospital room, talking about their experience having to be checked out after being exposed to radiation. Chanel is sorry that Johnny had to go through this because of her. Johnny doesn’t blame her and points out that she went looking for him. Chanel says if she would’ve just waited for him to come back, she wouldn’t have gotten stuck and Paulina wouldn’t have risked so much. Johnny declares that all that matters is that Paulina found her, even if it means he didn’t get to be her hero. Chanel assures that he is her hero and he makes her happier than she’s ever been as they kiss.

Kate enters the Brady Pub as Roman is talking on the phone with Sami about the Horton Cabin being emptied and getting Johnny, Chanel, and Paulina checked out at the hospital. Roman finishes the call and asks Kate how Lucas is. Kate says he’s hanging in. Roman encourages that Lucas will be out soon but Kate worries that nothing is for certain with Clyde on the loose. Kate wonders if Lucas is still safe at the monastery or if he will have go back to prison and complains that there are so many questions. Roman gets the Lucas and Kate are in limbo right now. Kate admits it’s driving her insane. Kate asks if Harris is upstairs, complaining that he’s not answering her phone calls. Roman informs her that he left for work so Kate decides she will go to the police station to find him for her questions. Roman wishes her luck as she exits.

Harris and Ava walk through the town square and come across the Bistro, which says that it is closed for renovations. Ava comments to Harris that everyone knows it’s shut down because Stefan got arrested. Ava asks if Harris regrets being dragged in to this yet. Harris insists there is no way she’s doing this alone. Ava states that if it wasn’t for Clyde’s black book, the Bistro is the last place she would ever be. Harris notes that it could be their big break in finding Clyde and putting him away so they will just get it over with. Ava then heads for the Bistro.

Abe drinks coffee at the hospital and thinks back to getting Paulina set up in the hospital for radiation. Kayla comes over, so Abe tells her that he takes full responsibility for Paulina’s escape since he wasn’t keeping an eye on her. Abe wishes she called him before doing something so reckless and asks how she’s doing. Kayla notes that her levels are still higher than she’d like, but if she follows the proper protocols, she thinks Paulina could go home tomorrow. Abe promises to keep Paulina in line from now on. Kayla jokingly wishes him luck with that and walks away.

Johnny asks Chanel if they are supposed to keep their distance now until they are radiation free. Chanel says she will go nuts if they have to isolate. Kayla comes in and informs Chanel that she has no break or fracture, just a serious sprained ankle. Chanel is relieved and says she’s feeling better already. Kayla advises her to keep it elevated and iced while staying off it as much as she can. Kayla brings up Chanel being exposed to more radiation than Johnny and Julie so her levels are higher, but she doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. Johnny asks if they are good to go then which Kayla confirms. Johnny calls it a relief. Kayla reminds Chanel to come back if she feels any nausea or dizziness. Kayla then tells them they can go and exits as Johnny kisses Chanel.

While waiting for Ava, Harris runs in to Kate in the town square. Harris tells her it’s not a good time. Kate tells him to make time because she’s left him three messages with no returned call. Kate questions why Harris has been avoiding her at the Pub.

Ava enters the Bistro and flashes back to talking to Harris about finding Clyde’s black book. Ava then begins searching the Bistro until Stefan comes out from the back and questions what the hell she’s doing. Ava claims that she was picking up the last of her things. Stefan questions her having things behind the wine bottles. Ava admits that he caught her as he figured a couple bottles of wine was the least the place owed her. Ava asks why she’s being interrogated and questions what Stefan is doing there. Stefan says he owns the place so he’s doing inventory. Stefan explains that EJ let him keep the Bistro when he kicked him out of DiMera, so he figured his people have been out of work long enough and with Clyde out of the picture, they are going to reopen and become the best restaurant in the state.

Harris tells Kate that he has not been avoiding her, but he’s been extremely busy recovering from nearly being killed and trying to track down Clyde. Kate argues that everyone wants Clyde caught but he’s not doing that alone, so she needs him to focus on getting Lucas out. Kate reminds Harris of his promise. Harris says it’s going to take some time. Kate remarks that it’s not his son that’s in the monastery going insane. Harris says he understands but Kate argues that he doesn’t because he almost got Lucas killed by dragging him in to all of this. Kate warns of what she’s capable of when it comes to protecting her children.

Paulina talks to Abe on video chat and says she would do anything for her children, feeling she had no choice but to do what she did. Abe disagrees, pointing out that she put people at risk and risked her own life. Paulina calls it a calculated risk as she was told the radioactivity would decrease with time. Abe argues that the doctors didn’t clear her so it wasn’t safe for her to leave. Paulina acknowledges that she abused her power and potentially hurt her reputation, but repeats that her daughter was missing and she was afraid of never seeing her again so she couldn’t stay in the room. Abe loves that she is the force of nature that she is, but says this was ill advised. Paulina admits that she took a chance and it was risky, but points out that they all made it out alive because of her and Chanel was reminded that she will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe. Paulina then asks if anyone found her phone.

Chanel tells Johnny that her ankle hurts when she puts too much pressure on it. Chanel jokes about ending their honeymoon at the hospital, limping while radioactive. Johnny brings up Julie walking in on them and then getting trapped in a snowstorm until Paulina showed up and gave them all radiation poisoning. Johnny asks about giving it another try at the cabin but Chanel says absolutely not.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub. Roman hugs her and says it’s good to see her as he asks if everything is okay. Kayla says it’s been quite a day. Roman offers her clam chowder and a shoulder to lean on which Kayla says she needs more than he knows.

Ava congratulates Stefan on going from CEO of a multi national company to a barkeep. Stefan tells her to hurry up because he has work to do. Ava argues that they built the restaurant together. Stefan points out that they also ran drugs through it. Ava reminds him that her son was kidnapped and nearly killed while Stefan reminds her that his wife had her leg broken in prison. Ava argues that Stefan tried to kill Harris twice, so she doesn’t know why he’s giving her grief when he should still be behind bars. Ava remarks that Stefan is lucky that he has a brother with pull. Stefan argues that Harris got him out of jail and he’s not going to take the blame for a deal that went sideways. Stefan complains that Ava should be kissing his feet since he took the blame for everything when Ava was just as guilty. Ava mocks him being a saint. Stefan admits that he has his regrets including what happened between them as Ava flashes back to when they had sex. Stefan adds that he would do it all again to protect his family. Ava admits she would too. Ava then tells Stefan that there’s something she’s been meaning to tell him. Ava then claims that she came to the Bistro because she was feeling nostalgic about the place and the good times they had. Stefan questions if there were any. Ava guesses she just wanted to see the place one last time and now she has everything she needs. Stefan reminds her that he will need her keys back.

Roman tells Kayla that he knows she’s used to taking on a lot, but this is way too much even for her. Kayla doesn’t want to complain and reminds herself of what others are going through. Kayla calls it a relief that everyone at the cabin was found and they are alright. Roman questions what the hell Paulina was thinking. Kayla talks about how they can relate to protecting their children but wishes there was another way of going about it. Kayla thinks Paulina feels vindicated now. Roman isn’t sure that she should but acknowledges they would do anything to protect and save their kids. Roman mentions not seeing Stephanie around lately and asks how she is doing. Kayla says she’s going through a rough time and a broken heart, so she wishes she could fix it but all she can do is be there for her. Roman says anybody that has Kayla on their side is better off. Kayla repeats that she’d do anything for Stephanie and her sons. Roman jokes for her not to go stealing any snow plows. Roman assures that he’s always here for her. Kayla calls him the best brother. Kayla decides to head to the restroom before leaving. Kate then returns and informs Roman that she ran in to Harris on the way and they had a few words. Kate states that she told Harris to get Lucas freed or else.

Ava tells Stefan that maybe she should hang on to the keys in case of emergency and she can always fill in if he needs her since she’ll have time on her hands while looking for work. Stefan says he appreciates that but he thinks they need to make a clean break. Ava reluctantly accepts that and hands over the keys. Ava tells Stefan to take care of himself as she then exits the Bistro. Stefan then thinks back to having sex with Ava. Ava heads back to Harris in the town square and tells him that Clyde’s book is nowhere to be found. Harris asks if she’s sure and he wants to go in but Ava stops him and says that’s not such a good idea. Ava reveals that Stefan is in there which shocks Harris. Ava explains that Stefan said he’s doing inventory before reopening and things got pretty heated between them, so he made her turn her keys back in. Stefan comes out, so Ava says they should go but Harris decides he’s going to hang back and talk to Stefan, just the two of them. Ava tells them to play nice and walks away. Stefan tells Harris that he’s unarmed. Harris says he’s not, but questions how the hell he’s out of jail.

Johnny helps Chanel to the front desk of the hospital. Johnny says they ran the gauntlet and spoke to his mother while waving to her mother through the glass. They get ready to go but Chanel talks about how it won’t be easy to go up the stairs to his bedroom. Johnny says that’s why they aren’t going back there yet. Johnny reveals that he had something else in mind and promises it’s a surprise that she’s going to like.

Kayla exits the Pub and runs in to Ava. Ava asks her to excuse her but Kayla refuses. Kayla asks where to even begin. Ava guesses it’s her reckless disregard to anyone but herself. Kayla complains that Ava thinks she’s so smart but she never learns. Kayla warns that there will be a reckoning with all the damage that she’s caused her family. Ava says she doesn’t have time for this. Kayla asks how Ava even sleeps at night after almost getting her son killed. Ava argues that she tried to protect Tripp and begged him to go to China with Wendy. Kayla mocks her solution being to get Tripp out of the continent so that he’s out of the way of the crosshairs of her crimes. Kayla asks if Ava even fathomed what it would do to Steve if he lost his son. Ava argues that Tripp is her son and what it would do to her. Kayla argues that Ava would’ve been responsible for it but would’ve blamed somebody else. Ava warns Kayla that she has no idea what she had to do to save her son. Kayla complains that she wouldn’t have had to save him if she didn’t get involved with Clyde in the first place. Kayla calls it another one of Ava’s self-centered schemes and then she got Steve involved, forcing him to break Clyde out of prison. Kayla tells Ava that she knows all about it. Ava warns her to keep her voice down unless she wants Steve to go to prison. Kayla complains about Ava abusing Steve over and over again. Kayla warns Ava to stay away from her husband. Roman then comes out from the Pub and asks what’s going on.

Harris tells Stefan that he and EJ must have cooked up some kind of deal or else he’d still be locked up. Harris argues that Stefan tried to kill him and confessed to working for a drug lord. Stefan argues that he did what he did because his wife’s life was threatened and that he provided the police with useful information that led to the significant dismantling of Clyde’s operation. Harris argues that the judge never would’ve considered time served without a recommendation from the district attorney. Harris then realizes that Stefan has something on EJ. Stefan points out that Harris had something on him too to force his confession. Harris notes that Stefan didn’t deny having something on EJ. Harris calls him an arrogant son of a bitch. Stefan says for what it’s worth, he’s truly sorry for shooting him and he was relieved that he pulled through. Stefan knows that may be hard to believe but calls it the truth and says if he could go back, he would change so many things. Harris asks what he wishes he could go back and change and if it includes helping Clyde escape. Stefan swears on he and Gabi’s lives that he did not help Clyde escape. Harris questions Clyde not reaching out to Stefan since escaping which Stefan confirms and that if he had, he would’ve alerted the authorities immediately. Harris mocks the idea of Stefan being an upstanding citizen. Stefan says that there is no grey area with him and Clyde so as far as he’s concerned, Clyde has gone far away, never to be seen again. Stefan admits he’s done a lot that he’s not proud of, just like Ava and Harris. Stefan swears to everything he holds dear that he had nothing to do with Clyde escaping prison. Harris questions who the hell did then.

Kayla tells Roman that everything is fine and that she and Ava are just clearing up a few things. Ava asks for the key to their room and says she’ll be out of everyone’s hair. Roman questions what room. Ava then informs them that she is staying with Harris. Roman argues that Ava’s name is not on the lease, so she can’t have the key and she can’t stay there. Ava questions if he’s really going to police who can stay in who’s room. Roman tells Ava that this is personal because of what she did to his sister. Roman adds that she can stay somewhere but it won’t be under his roof. Ava says they will see what Harris has to say about that. Roman declares that he’s the landlord, so it’s his rules and he calls the shots here. Ava then walks away. Kayla thanks Roman, who says it was his pleasure.

Paulina asks Abe where her phone was found. Abe says it was near where she found Chanel and they’ll go pick it up tomorrow. Paulina asks if that means he’s not angry anymore. Abe says he doesn’t love what she did, but he gets why she did it so he’s willing to let it go. Abe adds that he was more worried than angry. Paulina declares there is no need for worry anymore either as everyone is fine and safe and she will soon be radiation free at home with him. They say I love you to each other and finish their video chat.

Johnny carries Chanel into a room at the Salem Inn which he had set up with rose petals, candles, and champagne. Chanel questions him checking them in under John Doe. Johnny decides after everything they’ve been through, he thought it would be nice if no one could track them down so there’s no more unexpected surprises. Chanel acknowledges that he thought of everything. Johnny talks about setting this all up and reveals he also brought his guitar and he’s going to serenade her. Chanel talks about how lucky she is. Johnny then plays guitar and sings to Chanel. Chanel applauds and they kiss.

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Days Update Friday, April 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad and Thomas play magic cards at the Brady Pub as Thomas tries to explain the game to Chad. Stephanie comes in and identifies the game, so Chad asks her to help him.

Marlena finishes a call at home as John brings her a glass of water. They talk about Jude being asleep as they are babysitting. John asks about Kayla. Marlena confirms that everyone was rescued from the cabin and on their way to the hospital. John asks about the radiation. Marlena says that Paulina did her best to distance herself, so it seems like everyone should be okay. Marlena adds that she understands why Paulina went out there because of her daughter, but she knows Paulina would be feeling a lot of guilt if she got anyone sick. John remarks that guilt is really rough to live with.

Rafe goes to the police station and checks in with Jada, who informs him that the state troopers checked the campgrounds in Montana where Clyde Weston was allegedly seen but it was a mistaken identity. Rafe complains that he thought it was a good lead. Jada encourages that Clyde or Goldman will eventually mess up. Jada goes to update the evidence log. Everett then arrives and asks Rafe if there’s any news on the manhunt. Rafe says no and even if there were, he wouldn’t be sharing it with him. Everett questions if he’s denying press access. Rafe responds that he’s denying Everett and declares that until he does the right thing and signs the divorce papers to give Jada some peace of mind, he’s not welcome here.

Konstantin joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie talks about trying to pick out a wedding date but notes that she has to check with her lawyer to go over any possible immigration paperwork and if there’s time to get it completed before his VISA expires. Konstantin says he has something to offer her to express his commitment to their arrangement. Konstantin tells her it’s his gratitude for her help and generosity as he then presents her with a ring which he says belonged to his mother and now he wants Maggie to have it. Maggie tells him that it’s beautiful but cries that she can’t accept it because she’s not ready yet to remove her ring from Victor. Maggie hopes she hasn’t offended him. Konstantin says she could never do that and offers to put the ring on a chain and asks if she would accept wearing it around her neck. Maggie says that would be lovely and thanks him. Konstantin swears that he would never take advantage of her.

Marlena agrees with John that guilt can be very difficult to live with, but says that sometimes it can have a positive effect and turn things in the right direction. John questions if she thinks he doesn’t have any reason to feel guilty. John talks about a homicidal maniac being free because of him and an innocent young woman was killed by him. John knows he said he’d work on it but calls it such a damn struggle. Jude then wakes up crying, so John goes to get his bottle. Marlena tells Jude that John is such a good man and he really deserves some peace of mind.

Thomas excitedly hugs Stephanie. Chad mentions being hungry and sends Thomas to get them cookies. Stephanie sits with Chad and notices that Thomas left Konstantin’s card in with the rest of the cards and calls it a neat card. Chad thanks her for rescuing him. Stephanie talks about how she used to play the card game all the time in Seattle with her brothers and mentions that Everett taught her how to play. Stephanie adds that she heard Stefan is out of jail and showed up at EJ’s press conference, so she asks what’s going on. Chad says other than reporting on it, he’s doing his best to stay out of all the DiMera insanity for he and his children’s sake. Chad adds that he can’t wait to get back in to the Horton House and talks about his kids identifying as Hortons even though Abigail is gone.

Rafe tells Everett that he has nothing to say to him, so he can send another reporter over from the Spectator and he’ll be happy to comment. Everett says he gets it but that what happened between he and Jada is personal, so what he’s doing is abuse of power. Rafe questions him talking to him about abuse after he lied to Jada, cheated on her, says he doesn’t know who she is and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Rafe asks what the hell is wrong with him. Everett responds that he honestly wishes he knew. Rafe tells him that if he’s looking for sympathy, he’s not going to find it with him after he treated Jada like crap, lied to her, and cheated on her while now insisting she’s a stranger but he refuses to sign the divorce papers. Rafe tells Everett to give Jada a chance to get him the hell out of her life. Rafe thinks it’s time Everett figures out what’s wrong with him and tells him to get the hell out of here. Everett then exits the police station. Jada comes back in and greets Rafe after overhearing.

Marlena and John put Jude down after feeding him. They talk about being glad that Eric and Sloan agreed to let them babysit. Marlena thinks it’s important that Eric and Sloan have time together to themselves. John agrees and notes that he kind of got the feeling that Eric was distracted, like he was worried about something. Marlena reveals that Eric confided in her that they are having some financial problems with a lot of expenses and Eric’s photography business not taking off yet. John suggests they could help them out a bit. Marlena doesn’t think they would accept that but says they could help by spreading the word about Eric’s photography, offering to babysit, and telling Eric they are proud of him. Jude wakes up crying again so John goes to check on him.

Konstantin put his ring on a chain and puts it around Maggie’s neck, adding that he’s honored that she is now wearing it. Maggie comments on how much the ring means to him and feels she owes it to him even though it doesn’t make up for his suffering because of Victor. Konstantin says it shouldn’t be her burden since she is not responsible for what Victor did. Maggie points out that Victor isn’t here to make amends, so she feels like she represents him. Maggie knows nothing could take away or lessen the pain of losing his daughter, but she can at least help him stay in the country. Konstantin tells Maggie that her company is what he enjoys most as she always livens his spirits. Maggie says he livens her spirits too and that’s why she’s not willing to say goodbye to him.

Stephanie and Chad talk about Thomas growing. Stephanie asks how it’s going at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad jokes that it feels like grand central station like they are all on top of each other. Chad feels bad for Julie since she wanted to escape the chaos but got stuck in the snowstorm on Smith Island. They talk about the weather being crazy lately. Thomas returns with cookies for them. Chad mentions having plans to go to the playground but having to play endless hide and seek because of the weather. Thomas invites Stephanie to come to the Kiriakis Mansion and play with them. Stephanie says she would love to, so Thomas suggests tomorrow. Everett enters the Pub and sees them together as Stephanie tells Thomas that she thinks that might work.

Rafe apologizes to Jada if he overstepped and says he just sees what Everett is doing to Jada, so when he sees him, he goes a little crazy. Jada says she was actually going to thank him for defending her honor. Rafe tells her that he made it very clear that Everett is not welcome until he signs the divorce papers. Jada says she appreciates that but she’s been thinking that maybe she should chill out about the divorce papers and maybe he will come around if she stops pushing him. Jada adds that it’s not like she’s in a rush to get married again yet.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he was so thrown when she proposed to him since it’s usually the man that gets down on one knee. Maggie is not sure that’s the custom anymore as things have changed. Konstantin bets that Maggie and Victor had a big wedding but Maggie says it wasn’t big and it was very simple in the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie says it was like her first wedding to Mickey. Maggie brings up that Konstantin never says much about his first marriage or wife. Konstantin says there isn’t much to say as they got married, they lost Catharina, and then got divorced and he never saw her again as she disappeared. Konstantin declares that part of his life is the last thing he wants to talk about.

Chad sees Everett and calls him over. Chad asks how it went at the police station. Thomas reminds Chad that he promised no work talk. Chad says he just has one follow up question and then they are done. Chad tells Thomas to start packing up. Thomas points out that they haven’t eaten their cookies yet. Chad decides they’re going to let Stephanie and Everett have the cookies while they will stop at the Bakery on the way home which Thomas agrees to. Chad asks Everett if he got what he needed. Everett says there was nothing super exciting but an unproductive run in with Rafe. Chad says they can’t get headline material every time. Chad asks Thomas if he’s ready to go. Stephanie hugs Thomas and says it was so good to see him. Thomas asks Stephanie if she’s coming over tomorrow. Stephanie says that she and Chad will check their schedules, so if it’s not tomorrow, it will be sometime really soon. Thomas says okay but he hopes it’s tomorrow. Chad and Thomas then exit the Pub together. Stephanie asks if Everett cares to share the cookies with her and says she could use the company, so he agrees. Stephanie asks how therapy with Marlena is going. Everett flashes back to telling Marlena that he didn’t want any more hypnosis because some things are better left unknown. Everett then claims to Stephanie that hypnosis is good and really helpful, so Marlena really wants him to continue with it. Stephanie asks if he will. Everett admits that he’s not sure. Stephanie asks if he’s talked to Marlena about why he doesn’t feel comfortable signing the divorce papers. Everett confirms that he has and Marlena has a theory that his subconscious is hiding feelings that he’s not ready to handle. Stephanie asks if that’s feelings for Jada. Everett says he’s certain that is not the case. Stephanie knows Jada is going through a lot, so she really wishes for both of their sakes, that he will sign the papers and set Jada and himself free.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie if he upset her. Maggie says there are a lot of topics she prefers to avoid too, but she’s very comfortable talking about her career. Maggie announces she is returning with Titan. Konstantin calls that wonderful news. Maggie says she will be working with Alex and thinks they will get along very well. Maggie decides to go get lemon bars for them from the kitchen. Konstantin then begins searching the room for his card. Chad and Thomas come in. Chad greets Konstantin, who says he lost something very important to him. Konstantin says he could’ve sworn it was in his room but he’s afraid that it’s lost. Chad then asks if Thomas knows anything about that.

Rafe tells Jada that he didn’t think she wanted the divorce papers signed so she could get married again, but so she could get rid of Bobby Stein, the guy who hurt her so badly. Jada confirms that is true. Rafe understands it’s premature to be talking about marriage and he’s not trying to rush her in to anything. Rafe says he just wants her to be happy. Jada tells Rafe that he makes her happy and she’s very grateful for him. Rafe feels the same about her, but thinks they don’t get to spend enough time together. Jada points out that they work together and practically live together. Rafe says it’s still not enough because he loves spending time with her. Rafe thinks the only way they could spend more time is for them to live together, but he’s already asked her so he’s not going to ask her again. Jada thinks he should ask again, encouraging him to take risks.

Everett tells Stephanie that he understands why it would be so much easier if he signed the divorce papers and he wants to, but part of him is afraid, though he sees her point. Marlena and John then enter with Jude and greet them. Stephanie comments on them babysitting. Marlena says they took Jude for a stroll as it’s a nice night. John goes to get coffee and tea. Marlena asks how Stephanie is. Stephanie says she’s grateful that she’s helping Everett with his memory loss as they were just talking about her hypnosis and she hopes that he continues. Marlena and John then go to get a table. Stephanie tells Everett that she should get going, but Everett asks her to come back to the Salem Inn with him as he has something to show her. Stephanie mentions having a work call in 30 minutes. Everett promises it will be quick, so Stephanie agrees to go. Stephanie tells John and Marlena that it was good to see them as she exits with Everett.

Konstantin doesn’t understand why Chad would ask Thomas about the item he misplaced. Chad explains that they were playing hide and go seek and he found Thomas in Konstantin’s room. Chad apologizes and asks if Thomas moved or took anything from Konstantin’s room as now would be a good time to return it. Thomas insists that he didn’t. Chad tells Konstantin that he’s sorry that Thomas went in his room and gives him his word that it won’t happen again. Konstantin tells him that it’s no trouble. Chad remembers to go get Thomas’s backpack for a permission slip and tells Thomas to set up their card game. Chad exits and then Konstantin tells Thomas that they need to have a little chat about his card because he has a feeling that Thomas took it. Konstantin warns that Chad would be very angry with him if he lied, but if he returns the card to him right now and promises to never go in his room again, Chad will never know. Konstantin asks Thomas what it will be.

Marlena calls Eric and tells him that everything is going great with Jude. Marlena encourages Eric that he and Sloan should just relax and enjoy themselves. Jude wakes up crying, so John takes him out of the Pub to try and calm him down. John talks about how he can’t wait to take Jude to baseball games. Marlena comes out and sees that John got Jude calmed down. John thinks Jude returned the favor as holding him makes it hard to imagine there’s anything wrong in the world. John declares that he doesn’t want to waste any more time feeling guilty and tearing himself down, especially when he has so much to be grateful for.

Thomas returns Konstantin’s card to him and exits the living room. Konstantin declares that it is almost time to get what is rightfully his.

Jada tells Rafe that she might have turned down living together the first time, but maybe she sees things differently now which Rafe questions. Jada brings up her failed marriage and says Rafe now probably knows way more about than he wanted to and after that was her relationship with Eric and they were both disasters, so it got her cynical about relationships and men, but then Rafe came along and proved her wrong. Jada calls Rafe sweet, loyal, honest, kind, and sexy. Jada says she’s so lucky to have him and calls him her person. Jada thinks he should ask her again. Rafe calls her the sweetest girl he’s ever met who is also sweet, loyal, kind, and sexy. Rafe asks Jada to move in with him which she agrees to do and they kiss.

Everett brings Stephanie to his room at the Salem Inn and shows her his divorce papers. Stephanie doesn’t understand. Everett doesn’t know what, if anything, is next for them, but she made him realize that if there’s any chance for them to be something, he has to clean the slate. Everett then asks Stephanie to be his witness which she agrees to. Everett then signs the divorce papers as “Bobby Stein”.

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Days Update Thursday, April 18, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Ava packs the last of her things at the apartment while Tripp says he still doesn’t understand why she’s moving out. Wendy comes to the door and listens in as Ava tells Tripp that she already told him why but Tripp says he doesn’t buy it and wants the real reason. Tripp asks what kind of trouble she’s in now.

Stefan joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan calls it a wonderful day to be alive as EJ pours a drink. Stefan says he’s going to have Harold get the finest bottle of champagne they have. EJ asks what the occasion is. Stefan responds that he just visited Gabi in prison and he’s feeling optimistic about the future. EJ calls them two criminals. Stefan says EJ won’t bring him down today as he has a new lease on life. Kristen comes in and questions Stefan not being in jail.

Alex works at the Titan office as Theresa enters and asks him to tell her it’s not true. Alex responds that he’s afraid it is. Theresa questions what happened. Alex tells her that Green Industries pulled out of the issue. Theresa complains that they were their biggest advertiser and she worked so hard to turn things around. Alex says he appreciates everything she’s done here but the numbers do not lie and Bella Magazine is failing again. Theresa argues that there has to be something they can do like get a new advertiser. Alex says it’s too late and announces there’s not going to be another issue. Alex hates to say it but he thinks they have to pull the plug on Bella today.

Maggie proposes to Konstantin. Konstantin responds that he is speechless and calls that very unusual for him. Maggie says she just wants to help and she’s not ready for him to leave Salem. Konstantin says he’s so grateful to her and to the universe for bringing them together. Konstantin says he’s touched but he cannot accept her proposal.

Wendy enters the apartment and greets Ava and Tripp. Ava is glad she gets to see her before she goes. Wendy asks if everything is okay. Tripp responds that he’s concerned about his mom and wants to make sure that she’s leaving for the right reasons. Ava promises that she’s not in trouble and that moving has nothing to do with them since they have been wonderful to her. Ava says that she’s moving in with Harris like they are taking their relationship to the next level. Ava adds that she’ll just be down at the Brady Pub so they will still see each other all the time. Ava tells Tripp to stop worrying and insists that it’s best for everyone. Ava then takes her box and exits.

Stefan asks Kristen if EJ didn’t tell her that he cut a deal to keep him out of prison and he was just about to return all of his possessions. EJ points out that’s half of his possessions. Kristen questions why she’s the last person to know what’s going on around here. Kristen asks Stefan if he means their possessions before he stole them from them. Stefan argues that he and Gabi staged a very lawful takeover of their family corporation. Kristen asks what is actually going on here. Stefan suggests she ask EJ, so she asks EJ what he’s up to now.

Theresa asks Alex not to pull the plug on Bella and give them a chance. Alex says it’s not going to happen as he spoke to the client for over an hour and they don’t believe Bella will make the money, so they pulled funding and there’s nothing more they can do. Theresa declares that it’s their loss because she will find an even better multi-national client. Alex tells her that’s not going to happen. Alex says he’s gone over the numbers and it’s not feasible as they are spending more publishing Bella than it’s possible to make. Alex thinks it’s best to take it down before it gets worse. Theresa questions if there’s no changing his mind. Alex says he wanted it to be a success story too but he thinks it’s best to take their losses and move on. Theresa says she gets it. Alex encourages that it’s not the end of the world as he will get her another job. Theresa tells him not to bother as she quits.

Maggie questions Konstantin not accepting her proposal. Konstantin says he wouldn’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position with her family and friends. Maggie argues that if they don’t approve, that’s their problem. Maggie acknowledges it would be a marriage in name only but for all that he suffered because of Victor, she wants to make amends on his behalf. Maggie believes marrying him is the right thing to do and says to hell with anyone who disagrees. Konstantin repeats being grateful for her and says he can accept being a marriage in name only because he would never ask more of her than she’s ready to give. Konstantin then accepts her proposal and they shake hands.

Wendy sits with Tripp and notes that he’s awfully quiet. Tripp says he’s just thinking. Wendy guesses he’s worrying about his mom. Tripp confirms that he is worried between Stefan leaving Ava out of his confession and her sudden moving out, he knows something is up. Wendy questions what it could be, pointing out that she quit the Bistro. Tripp talks about thinking Ava is on the straight and narrow and then it blows up in his face. Wendy says at least Ava won’t be on the side of the highway since she’s moving in with an ex-Navy SEAL and current police officer, so she might be safer living with Harris. Tripp hopes so but says that’s enough about his mom. Tripp asks Wendy about her first day back at work. Wendy responds that it was terrible.

Ava meets Harris for drinks at the Brady Pub. Ava jokes about relaxing after hauling all of her stuff up to his room. Harris tells Ava that they fit together perfectly and kisses her. Harris toasts to fresh starts.

EJ tells Kristen that he doesn’t owe her an explanation. Kristen argues that she’s just as much of a DiMera but EJ disagrees. Kristen says they may not share the same DNA but she’s every bit of a DiMera as he is. Kristen guesses that since EJ got Stefan out of prison, EJ got a great payment. EJ informs Stefan that their public relations department will be issuing a statement from Stefan, resigning the company because of his failings. Stefan asks if EJ has it all figured it out, thinking he buries his reputation and EJ will come out smelling like roses. EJ jokes that Stefan could restore his reputation by doing volunteer work or finally figuring out what to do with the Bistro with all the damage control that he’ll have to do. EJ adds that Ava sent an e-mail that she quit even though it’s been closed for weeks. EJ wishes Stefan and Kristen luck as he then exits.

Alex questions why Theresa would quit, arguing that it’s not her fault but his since he resurrected Bella Magazine to make a point to Maggie that he knew better than she did. Alex adds that he also wanted to make Victor proud since the magazine was named after his daughter Isabella. Alex supposes he wanted to feel closer to Victor’s memory. Alex feels he gave Theresa an impossible task. Theresa appreciates him falling on the sword like that but feels she could’ve done more. Theresa says she was just so distracted with Tate and feels she was just a charity hire. Alex disagrees but Theresa says she was struggling even when she was coming to work. Alex says she just had growing pains but she also had great ideas and everybody here loves her. Theresa repeats that she appreciates it, but she thinks it’s better for everyone if she just finds a fresh start somewhere else. Theresa then exits the office.

Maggie and Konstantin decide they are officially engaged. Konstantin says words can’t express what this means to him. Maggie is just glad she can help and says maybe in some small way, it can make up for what his rivalry with Victor cost him. Konstantin says that was not his responsibility but he is grateful. Maggie says she will talk to her lawyers about how to proceed and getting the necessary forms. Maggie asks to keep this between them which he agrees to and thanks her. Maggie then exits the room. Konstantin remarks to himself that all the pieces are falling right in to place for him to get exactly what he deserves, if he can only find that damn card.

Tripp asks Wendy what’s going on. Wendy thought it would be a good distraction to be back in the office, but says it was a total mess as she was completely useless and was obsessed with trying to find a lead on Clyde but it was a waste of time. Wendy talks about thinking if she dug deep enough, she’d find something but she found nothing. Tripp thinks she’s being hard on herself since it’s her first day back at work. Wendy had a fantasy of being back at the top of her game but says every road she went down were dead ends. Wendy adds that she passed by Goldman’s desk and it would give her flashbacks. Wendy apologizes as she gets emotional. Tripp says she has nothing to be sorry for and he’s sorry that she had a terrible day. Tripp suggests maybe she went back to work too soon. Tripp encourages Wendy to sit back and relax now. Tripp understands her anxiety after being held captive. Tripp suggests maybe it would help if she talked to a professional.

Harris asks if Ava doesn’t want to toast to fresh starts. Ava appreciates his vote of confidence but she doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a fresh start until she finishes this last task for Clyde. Harris asks what they are waiting for then and suggests they go get the book. Harris says they will get the book, hand it back to Clyde and that’s when they will capture him and put him behind bars so he’ll finally be out of their lives for good.

Maggie sits in the living room and looks at her and Victor’s wedding photo. Maggie says that she hopes she’s doing the right thing. Theresa enters, so Maggie greets her and says she’s always happy to see her. Maggie asks if everything is okay but Theresa cries that it’s not and she thought she could burden Maggie with it since she is her sponsor. Maggie says she is never a burden and offers to sit down and talk about it. Theresa informs Maggie that she and Alex have decided so shut down Bella Magazine. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that but it’s not a surprise since it hasn’t been doing well. Theresa cries that she feels like a total failure. Maggie argues that the magazine was doomed from the start and she tried to tell Alex over and over again. Maggie encourages that Theresa did good work and she’s certain that Alex will find another job at Titan. Theresa complains that she doesn’t want another job at Titan and that she told Alex she quits because she doesn’t belong there. Theresa says she was never qualified with no experience and calls herself a charity hire again. Maggie stops her and disagrees, pointing out that she ran the magazine before. Theresa says it still wasn’t successful back then. Theresa states that she only got the job because she pushed herself on Alex. Maggie tells her that she can’t make a man fall in love with her and that Alex did that all on his own. Theresa responds that now she’s blown that too. Theresa thought everything was coming together and she would be rich, successful, and happy but it turns out that she’s just a pretender. Maggie hugs her and encourages that she’s capable, smart, and driven so she has everything going for her. Maggie feels this is all on Alex since Bella was a sinking ship from the start. Maggie says she will have a chat with Alex but Theresa says she doesn’t need to. Maggie says after she talks to Alex, she’ll see Theresa at the meeting tonight. Maggie tells Theresa that everything is going to be fine as she then exits. Konstantin then enters and asks Theresa for a word.

Tripp asks Wendy what she’s thinking. Wendy says she was thinking about what Tripp said about Ava always finding trouble. Wendy worries that if Ava finds trouble again, she can’t deal with getting caught in the crossfire. Tripp says he couldn’t either but assures that’s not going to happen. Wendy argues that Ava moved across town but not across the globe, so if she gets in over her head again, Tripp is going to want to protect her and he should. Tripp asks what Wendy is trying to say.

EJ approaches Harris and Ava at the Brady Pub. EJ tells Ava that he received her resignation from the Bistro and passed it along to Stefan since he will be running the Bistro full time after being bounced from DiMera Enterprises. Ava asks if he knows about the Bistro reopening. EJ says he doesn’t know when or care. EJ then asks Ava to hand over the keys, so he can pass them on to Stefan.

Kristen asks Stefan if he’s really going to let EJ steamroll him like that and take over the business that he worked so hard for. Stefan feels he has no choice as it’s either resign or get fired since he can’t imagine the board would love having a convicted felon for a CEO. Kristen admits she can’t argue with that. Stefan then brings up that Kristen is a pardoned felon, so while he can’t be CEO, there’s no reason she can’t be. Kristen likes where this is going. Stefan says he does too. Kristen tells Stefan that they will make such a winning team. Stefan agrees and declares that he will help Kristen knock the CEO crown off EJ’s head, which they toast their drinks to.

Maggie goes to Titan to see Alex. Maggie says she’s sorry to barge in but she just spoke to Theresa, who told her about Bella. Alex knows that Maggie is dying to say she told him so and tells her to lay it on him.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he just overheard her chat with Maggie and asks if she’s having a sudden attack of conscious, reminding her of their agreement. Theresa argues that he’s not holding up his end but Konstantin reveals that he is, as Maggie just proposed to him. Theresa doesn’t believe him. Konstantin says they are forbidden from spreading the word as they want to savor the status before letting the world enjoy it. Theresa can’t believe that Maggie would be gullible enough to fall for a con artist like him. Konstantin argues that he cares about Maggie. Konstantin points out that Maggie is already giving away her half of Victor’s estate and since they set up Alex getting the other half of the estate while he’s entitled to her half. Theresa is sick of the deception and suggests this doesn’t work for her anymore. Konstantin tells her to walk away after she gets the money, or else Maggie will find out that she kidnapped her grandchild. Theresa says that was only because he blackmailed her and declares that if she goes down, Konstantin is going down with her. Konstantin warns Theresa not to play games with him and to stick to the plan or else she will live to regret it.

Tripp asks Wendy what she meant about Ava. Wendy says she knows that he will always be there for Ava and he should be as her son and family is very important to her too. Tripp says he knows that. Wendy reveals that earlier today, she spoke to her dad and he’s finally starting to sound like himself again. Wendy says that her parents are still grieving, but he told her that they are both trying to get on with their lives. Tripp calls that great news. Wendy adds that her parents are both very fragile and it affected them when they heard they almost lost another child, so she’s scared of hurting them again. Wendy admits that she’s tired of always worrying and having to look over her shoulder to wait for bad things to happen.

Ava tells EJ that she doesn’t have the keys to the Bistro on her at the moment and she would prefer to return them to Stefan himself and cut out the middle man. EJ says he was just trying to save them the awkwardness and suggests that maybe Ava relishes in the fact that Stefan took the fall for her misdeeds. Ava responds that Stefan made his own bed. EJ argues that they all know Harris is the one that floated Stefan that deal to keep Ava out of the charges and then he would not have Stefan prosecuted for trying to kill him. EJ thinks that was egregious to sacrifice an open and shut case to save one of Clyde’s minions. Harris argues that EJ made the deal to set Stefan free and asks how he got him to do it or what Stefan is holding over his head.

Stefan guesses Kristen wants the CEO position, calling her highly ambitious and addicted to status and power. Kristen says he would be correct and asks what Stefan will want in return. Stefan wants Kristen to help him get Gabi out of prison.

Maggie tells Alex it’s not her style to gloat and that she came here to congratulate him on making the right decision at long last. Maggie adds that she’s also there to present another chance to make the right decision. Alex says he’s listening. Maggie says they haven’t always seen eye to eye, but she wants him to bring her back on at Titan. Maggie knows the company has been struggling since Victor’s death, but she wants to make it as successful as it once was. Maggie declares that she believes they can right the ship together.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she never should’ve agreed to their agreement, but what she hates most about it is him lying to Maggie. Konstantin says he is fond of Maggie but argues that under different circumstances, everything that Victor amassed should’ve been his anyways and soon, it will be. Theresa advises Konstantin to run far when he does get that money because no one in Salem will want anything to do with him, especially Maggie. Konstantin says that’s fair but there’s an important piece of business that has come up since he arrived. Konstantin calls it an opportunity to avenge a great loss but there is something he must find to make that happen and he will not be leaving Salem until he does.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s always considered herself strong and cool under pressure as she hates being afraid. Tripp tells her that fear is totally normal and healthy. Tripp calls her one of the strongest people he’s ever known, but even the strongest people feel fear and uncertainty at times. Tripp encourages that she doesn’t have to go through it alone as he’s always there for her. Tripp promises that it’s going to be okay and hugs her as she cries.

Harris guesses that Stefan has something on EJ and decides he’s going to make it his mission to find out. EJ thinks he has enough missions already. EJ reminds Harris that he knows the truth about his deal with Stefan and suggests they stay on his good side or else their irregular activities will see the light. EJ warns that Harris would at least no longer be an officer of the law. EJ then exits the Pub.

Kristen laughs at the idea of Stefan wanting her to help him get Gabi out of prison and calls that insane. Stefan jokes that she’s a little insane so she’s overqualified for the job. Kristen questions how he proposes going about that. Stefan points out that Kristen got herself out of prison semi-recently. Stefan asks if Kristen wants to be the head of the DiMera Empire and says she’s got this. Stefan asks if they have a deal. Kristen responds that she’ll think about it. Kristen asks if Gabi is innocent. Stefan says he’s never been more certain about anything in his life. Kristen responds that if Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin, the simplest way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did. Stefan says there’s nothing simple about it since the police have exhausted every lead while he and his private investigator have come up empty. Kristen assures that she will find a way as she then exits.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Update written by Joseph

Sloan comes home and announces to Eric that her new client is very impressed with her which means a lot of money. Eric remains distracted on the computer and asks if she knows how much money that will be. Sloan questions him still worrying about their finances. Eric asks how he can not when they are having serious problems.

John is on the phone at the Brady Pub. John says he wants public records scanned on Konstantin to find anything that could lead them to his ex-wife. John hangs up and wonders where she is and what she may know.

Konstantin sits in his room at the Kiriakis Mansion with a photo of his daughter Catharina. Konstantin promises to find a way to stay and finish what he started. Konstantin thinks back to using his card to control John as The Pawn in the park. Konstantin then pulls his book from the drawer and goes to retrieve the card but finds it is gone. Konstantin gets upset and questions where the hell it is.

Marlena goes to visit Paulina at the hospital but finds Paulina is gone from her room.

Julie tells Johnny that help is on the way and the first responders will be there as soon as they can get through. Johnny questions where Chanel could be. Julie suggests she could’ve slipped on the ice or got turned around in all the snow. Johnny admits the visibility is pretty bad so she could’ve just lost the trail. Johnny decides he has to get back out there and find his wife and he’s not coming back until he does. Julie warns him to be careful out there as he exits the cabin.

Marlena calls John and says she needs his help as Paulina is gone when she was supposed to be isolated in her hospital room. John asks if she went for more tests but Marlena says she checked and that she was supposed to stay in her room, but there is no sign of her. Marlena worries that Paulina could be exposing people to harmful levels of radiation.

Julie thinks back to being on the phone with Paulina and telling her about Chanel missing. Julie pulls out her phone and calls Maggie. Maggie tells her that Doug filled her in on everything and asks if Chanel is safe. Julie says not yet but Johnny just went to look for her again. Maggie asks about the first responders. Julie explains that they can’t get through since the roads are blocked. Julie then hangs up as he thinks the first responders are there but she is shocked by Paulina arriving instead. Paulina warns Julie to stand back. Julie questions her not being in isolation. Paulina complains that she couldn’t sit in the room while her baby girl is missing. Julie argues that Johnny just went to find her. Paulina asks why they are standing here and suggests that Julie go one way and she’ll go the other.

Sloan asks Eric if he’s considered the expenses of a newborn baby. Eric assures that he’s been extremely careful in trying to figure out how they are in the red. Sloan offers to take a look and tells Eric that some of the entries are fixed and some are variable, so it’s all just a matter of navigating the tabs on the screen. Eric questions why people use accountants if it’s that simple. Sloan says it’s not fun so most people don’t like doing it. Sloan tells Eric to let his brain relax and promises to work it out. Sloan asks about Jude. Eric tells her that he’s in the crib. Sloan decides that she will go get him because they could all use a little Jude time.

Maggie has papers delivered to her at the Kiriakis Mansion by the maid.

Marlena meets John at the Brady Pub and asks if he got anything. John informs her that he just learned that Chanel is missing in the snowstorm as she and Johnny went out to the Horton Cabin. John explains that Johnny called 911 but first responders can’t get over the bridge so Johnny’s out looking for Chanel, but not by himself as he just learned from public works that Paulina commandeered a snow plow and is out there looking for Chanel on her own. Marlena realizes that’s why Paulina left isolation and says they have to notify the first responders because they can’t go anywhere near her since she’s radioactive.

Sloan brings Jude to Eric and says he’s the most precious creature she’s ever seen. Eric comments on how settled down Jude has been since the Christening. Sloan says that God works in mysterious ways. Eric suggests he should be more specific in his prayers for new clients in his business. Sloan asks if he’s still stressed about that and promises that things are going to look up with her payments from Stefan DiMera. Eric doesn’t want her to have to carry the whole load. Sloan says she doesn’t mind. Eric says he does and he’s been thinking about putting more focus in to editorial photography. Sloan calls that a great idea and suggests he could work for the Spectator. Sloan suggests he go see if he can persuade someone there to hire him on. Eric agrees to do that. Sloan wishes him luck as he exits. Sloan tells Jude how Eric is such a good man but if he knew that he and Nicole were Jude’s real parents, Eric would never trust her again and would never want anything to do with her. Sloan declares that they can’t have that so that’s why it’s their little secret, so she can be Jude’s mom forever.

Konstantin storms into the living room and confronts the maid over cleaning his room. Konstantin complains that a very important red and black card is missing from his room and questions if the maid has seen it, threw it out, or stole it. Maggie asks how dare he talk to her like that. Konstantin apologizes for his outburst and says it was completely unfair of him to make that accusation. Maggie argues that Ellie has been a model employee for several years. Konstantin explains that the card has sentimental value to him as a memento from his time with his daughter but apologizes again. Ellie the maid agrees to check with the staff if they have seen it and exits. Maggie notes that she’s never seen Konstantin like this. Konstantin says she knows how he is when it comes to his daughter. Konstantin claims the card is something Catharina carried with her. Maggie says if the card is in the house somewhere, they will find it. Konstantin thanks her for reassuring him and apologizes for how he acted. Maggie tells him that it’s alright and she forgives him. Konstantin says she always has a way of calming him down. Maggie doesn’t know how calm he’ll be when she tells him what she just learned. Maggie reveals that it’s unsettling news.

John tells Marlena that the first responders have been notified of the radiation threat and he offered to go up there himself but they said they will handle it. Marlena questions what Paulina was thinking. John says she obviously wasn’t thinking. Marlena worries about Paulina exposing everyone she comes in to contact with to radiation. John says she only cared about saving her daughter and argues that if anyone can relate to that, they can since they’ve been there with almost losing Sami and Belle. Marlena remembers those difficult times and they got through them because John was strong, amazing, and kept her from falling apart. John remembers Marlena being the strong one keeping him together through the whole thing. Marlena thanks him for the credit but says she wasn’t strong. John calls her his person and says he loves her with all his heart. John considers himself the luckiest man on Earth to be able to share his life with her. Marlena feels the same way and calls him so amazing. Marlena calls him her hero as they kiss.

Paulina successfully finds Chanel and brings her back in to the cabin. Chanel can’t believe she came looking for her. Paulina is just relieved that she found her. Paulina sits her on the couch with a blanket. Chanel thought she was hearing the angels when she heard her voice. Chanel calls Paulina her angel on Earth. Paulina talks about finding her. Chanel guesses she slipped in the snow and got caught between the rocks. Paulina tells her it’s okay now. Chanel stops and questions Paulina not being in the hospital. Paulina guesses she shouldn’t have left but she heard Chanel was missing and it was like the world turned dark, so she couldn’t sit there and do nothing as she had to find her.

Sloan puts Jude down for a nap and pulls out her phone to call Leo. Sloan tells Leo that Eric is on his way to the Spectator office to ask about photography work, so she hoped he could help him out. Leo says he would love to work with Eric but they already have a full time photographer on staff. Sloan argues that she and Eric both need this because of finances as Eric wants to make more money. Leo says he’s flattered that she thought he had any power at the Spectator but he doesn’t. Sloan declares that she’s not taking no for an answer and tells him to use some of his Leo magic. Sloan says no one knows better than her how persuasive he can be when he puts his mind to it. Sloan reminds Leo of his vow of silence in regards to certain subjects Sloan warns Leo to make sure Eric gets the job or else. Leo argues that he’s the one blackmailing her, not the other way around, right as Eric walks in to the Spectator office. Leo then quickly hangs up and greets Eric, calling it a lovely surprise. Eric apologizes for not calling. Leo tells him that he’s welcome anytime. Eric questions who Leo is blackmailing these days. Leo jokes about it and calls it a tactic with his Lady Whistleblower sources and admits gossip is a dirty business. Eric hoped he could catch Chad or Everett and not Xander. Leo guesses he’s throwing his hat in the ring for any photography work he can find. Eric asks how he knew he was looking for anything job related. Leo tells him he’s solo today since Chad and Xander are at the district attorney’s press conference while Everett is out trying to find himself. Leo says he’d be more than happy to put in a good word for Eric. Eric agrees to send him a link to his portfolio.

Marlena tells John that all Chanel and Johnny wanted was a mini-honeymoon and they ended up with a blizzard. They hope that Chanel is found. Marlena tells John that she’s so glad he is here and not in Greece. John says there are so many holes in his memory about what happened in Greece and why, so now Steve is as determined to get to the truth as he is. John talks about putting feelers out to try and find Konstantin’s ex as maybe she was there or maybe it was why they got divorced. Marlena suggests maybe John shouldn’t do anything until he’s prepared for what he will find.

Konstantin asks Maggie what her bad news is. Maggie reveals that she heard back from her legal team and they’ve tried every angle, but they have not found a path forward to extend Konstantin’s VISA. Maggie says she’s so sorry. Konstantin says she has nothing to apologize for as she has gone above and beyond. Konstantin says he will miss the place so very much and he will miss Maggie most of all. Maggie says she will miss him too. Maggie hoped they could figure out something to find a way for him to stay. Konstantin decides he will go pack his bags and exits the room.

Sloan tells Jude that Leo better come through or else he’s going to lose a lot more than his fairy Godfather title.

Leo tells Eric that he will make sure Chad gets his portfolio as he will do anything he can to help Eric. Leo tells Eric to let him know if he ever needs babysitter for Jude. Eric admits that Jude lights up when he sees Leo and likes being around him. Leo says that makes his day but remarks that it’s too bad that Jude is the only one in town that lights up when he sees him. Eric feels that’s not true. Leo says he understands he’s not a great guy and he has a long way to go.

John tells Marlena that he has to be ready for the truth of what happened in Aria. John thinks Marlena would encourage him to follow his gut if she was his therapist and not his wife. John gets a text from his contact in Greece, informing him that Konstantin married a woman named Elizabeth in 1970 in Aria, Greece. John declares they’ve got it. Marlena tells him to make that call, so he does.

Paulina looks out the window and thinks back to being on the phone with Johnny about Chanel missing. Paulina then tells Chanel that she shouldn’t have been that close to her. Chanel says it already happened so there’s no reason to worry now. Paulina prays it wasn’t a mistake. Chanel jokes about her being radioactive. Chanel then points out that Paulina saved her life. Paulina realizes that she didn’t call Abe so he’s probably worried out of his mind. Paulina goes to call Abe. Johnny then returns and is relieved to find Chanel inside. Johnny talks about seeing the snow plow and hoping someone found her and they did. Johnny then sees Paulina inside and realizes it was her. Paulina declares that she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from finding her daughter. Johnny says he was losing his mind as he’s never been so panicked in her life. Chanel feels pain so Paulina worries that she has a sprained ankle. Paulina then realizes that Julie is still out there.

Konstantin angrily goes through his room, searching for his card. Maggie enters and tells him that they need to talk.

Jude wakes up crying as Sloan complains about wanting a break. Sloan remarks that every time she thinks she’s in the clear, something goes wrong.

Eric thanks Leo again and says he should get going, so they will talk soon. Eric exits as Leo gets a call back from Sloan, who asks how it went. Leo says he will do his best, give Eric a top level endorsement and work every angle he can. Eric remains in the open doorway and listens in on Leo.

Julie returns to the cabin, relieving Chanel, Johnny, and Paulina. Julie says she’s fine and thanks Johnny for calling her. Johnny calls it a miracle that their phones are still working. Julie checks on Chanel, who says she’s grateful to be indoors but might have sprained her ankle. Julie calls it such a relief and asks who found her. Johnny explains that Paulina drove the snow plow across the bridge to save Chanel. Paulina repeats that she was going to find her girl. Julie says they are all very grateful but Paulina should’ve stayed in isolation as she exposed all of them to radiation, so she hopes that Paulina didn’t do more harm than good.

John talks on the phone, saying he hoped it would be all good news but they know how these things work out. John tells his guy to keep looking and let him know if anything else is found. John hangs up as Marlena reveals that she just spoke to Abe, who confirmed they found Chanel safe and sound. John asks about Paulina. Marlena says she is keeping her distance until the first responders arrive. Marlena guesses John’s news isn’t as good which he confirms. John reveals that his source found Konstantin’s divorce papers and there has been no sign of Elizabeth since.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie for his frustration. Maggie says she’s sorry about Catharina’s card as none of the staff have seen it. Konstantin calls it another disappointment but it doesn’t compare to leaving Salem, Maggie, and Victoria which makes him the most sad. Maggie then says he won’t have to leave as she then proposes to Konstantin.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Sarah checks on Paulina in her hospital room. Paulina says she’s groggy and can’t seem to focus. Paulina adds that she misses her family. Sarah says that’s normal. Paulina mentions the nurse giving her medication. Paulina asks how long before she can be released and get back to the real world. Sarah says it’s a minimum of two days but could be up to four and as soon as it’s safe to release her, they will. Sarah adds that she will have to take precautions for about a week before she can fully enter the public life. Paulina complains that means there’s no end in sight.

Johnny returns to the Horton Cabin with the firewood. Julie asks what happened. Johnny says the wood was wet so he had to go further to find some. Julie asks where Chanel is. Johnny thought she was here with her. Julie explains that she went out looking for Johnny. Johnny responds that he hasn’t seen her so Julie questions where Chanel is. Julie notes that it’s been about ten minutes so Johnny says she couldn’t have gone far. Johnny decides he will call her and let her know that he’s back but they find out that Chanel left her phone in the cabin.

Harris helps Ava pack her things at Tripp and Wendy’s apartment. Harris jokes about moving it in to his place as they kiss. Ava says she’s glad to be getting out of here as she doesn’t want Tripp and Wendy caught in the line of fire again now that Clyde is still in her hair. Ava can’t believe Clyde wants another favor with his black book. Harris wishes he was there when Clyde called her. Harris mentions trying to track Clyde’s location but he hasn’t left any trail. Ava calls Clyde a reptile waiting to strike. Harris argues that he’s had more stealth training than Clyde and that Clyde has definitely underestimated who he is dealing with in both of them. Harris declares that he’s going to bring Clyde to justice.

Nicole confronts EJ in the town square and questions his half-hearted apology where he didn’t even mention Tate and his family. EJ claims that he did right before they got there. Nicole questions him as she thought he was genuine about this. EJ argues that he did exactly what he said he would do, no more and no less. Nicole feels it was a lot less since the press barely arrived. Nicole guesses that EJ wants to bury this and questions if he’s even sorry that he locked up Tate. EJ argues that he has a very busy day and they were lucky to get an apology. EJ adds that he just met with the judge over the whole Stefan fiasco and the judge said they will take the plea under advisement, so he has no idea if they will accept or reject the deal. EJ repeats that it’s a very busy day so he has to go as he doesn’t want to deal with the press. EJ tries to walk away but Xander and Chad arrive. Xander announces they are the press and they are here while Chad tells EJ that he hopes he’s hungry because he’s about to eat crow.

Ava tells Harris that for him, justice is putting Clyde behind bars but for her, it’s a little different. Ava mentions that she swore to slit Clyde’s throat after he tried to kill the two most important men in her life. Harris assures that he won’t let Clyde hurt Tripp again or her. They kiss until Ava worries about what if she can’t find Clyde’s black book and says she doesn’t even know where to begin looking. Ava says she worked at the Bistro for months and knew every inch of the place but she never came across it. Harris says they have to have a plan as they can’t just bust in and tear the place up. Ava is glad she’s not doing this alone. Harris is glad she told him about Clyde’s call right away this time and thanks her for trusting him. Ava says there’s no one that she trusts more. Harris says now they can beat Clyde at his own game, so they are going to find Gil’s black book, give it to him, and then take his ass down.

Sarah tells Paulina that she knows isolation is a drag but she will be back with her family soon and this whole ordeal will be over. Sarah knows Abe, Chanel, and Johnny are missing her. Sarah mentions Johnny and Chanel being at the Horton Cabin for their honeymoon, but she doesn’t think they were expecting a snowstorm. Sarah hopes they didn’t lose power and that they have enough firewood. Sarah adds that they have plenty of blankets and clothes, so she’s sure they will be just fine but Paulina looks worried.

Johnny realizes they can’t call Chanel so Julie asks what they are going to do. Johnny decides he’s going to go find her. Julie worries about Johnny looking for her while she’s looking for him. Johnny says he will have his phone and tells Julie to call if Chanel comes back. Julie goes to prepare cocoa for when he finds her.

EJ tells Chad and Xander that they are too late as he just wrapped up this press conference, offered his apology to Brady and claims he was just talking to Nicole about how well it went. Chad says that’s bull and they all know it. Xander calls EJ unbelievable by starting the press conference early to avoid the press. Chad calls it not a good look for EJ. EJ tells them to get out of his way but Xander stops him and says EJ is a civil servant and the press have more than a few questions. Nicole steps away with her phone while Xander tells EJ to start by telling them what he missed and asks if he even apologized to Tate and his parents. EJ states that an apology was given, the family was there, and the matter was resolved. Xander argues there has to be more to it and asks what exactly was said. Chad walks over to Nicole and asks if she doesn’t want to stand by her husband while he’s getting grilled. Nicole claims that’s not her job and he has his own office. Chad questions why EJ would start the press conference early and if he didn’t want the press there. Nicole says she has no idea and she was only there for the end. Nicole adds that she’s not interested in talking about this. Chad asks how Holly is doing. Nicole says she’s okay and goes back to school today, so she hopes it all goes well. Chad says he hopes so for both of them and asks how Nicole has been holding up. Nicole thinks she’s at a crossroads after taking care of Holly for almost a year and now she doesn’t know what to do with herself as she thought she would be raising her son. Chad says he’s sorry. Nicole states that God has other plans for her but she doesn’t know what they are yet. Ava and Harris enter the town square as Xander asks EJ if the family were satisfied with his apology. EJ claims they were completely and now he must get going. Xander stops EJ and asks if there’s any progress in finding out who shot Harris and set him up. EJ talks about the police investigation and claims his office have offered their full support. Xander then notes Harris and Ava walking through, so he asks Harris if there are any leads in finding the actual shooter. Harris says a public statement should come from the police commissioner. Xander asks where they are in the search for Clyde Weston. EJ responds that they have initiated a nationwide manhunt for Clyde which Xander questions. Ava suggests to Harris that they go grab a coffee and walk away.

Paulina checks her laptop and sees that her office just sent her a transcript of EJ’s press conference. Paulina reads it and questions EJ being so smug and sleazy, arguing this is not the way to apologize to a wrongly accused teenage boy. Sarah warns Paulina about her heart rate rising and suggests she finish work a little later. Sarah encourages her to think happy thoughts for now.

Chanel’s phone rings with a call from Paulina so Julie asks if they should just let it go to voicemail. Johnny says then Paulina will start to worry and just keep calling, so he answers it. Paulina questions where Chanel is. Johnny claims she’s in the shower and he saw it was her calling so he didn’t want her to worry. Paulina responds that she is worried because she heard about the storm, so she asks if everything is okay there. Johnny claims everything is great and asks how isolation is. Paulina says it’s boring but she’s fine and will get through it. Paulina apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon and says she just wanted to check in. Johnny says it’s no problem and he will tell Chanel that she called. Paulina tells him to tell Chanel to call her after her shower. Johnny agrees to do so and hangs up. Johnny tells Julie that he will go find Chanel and then Paulina will never know and won’t have to worry. Julie warns Johnny to be careful as he exits the cabin. Julie then prays to St. Anthony to help Johnny find Chanel. Julie thinks back to talking with Chanel and telling her about the time capsule before she left to go help Johnny. Chanel’s phone then rings again with a call from Paulina. Julie answers so Paulina questions why she’s at the cabin. Julie explains that she came for an overnight getaway to get out of the house but she had no idea that Sarah had told Johnny and Chanel they could use it for their honeymoon. Paulina guesses that Julie had to stay because of the snow which she confirms. Julie says the roads are blocked and nobody can get out. Paulina asks where Chanel is since she told Johnny to have her call after her shower. Julie says they decided to take advantage of the weather, so they are out playing in the snow. Paulina hopes they dressed warmly. Julie assures that she bundled them up. Paulina tells Julie to have Chanel call her. Julie says she will and hangs up.

Ava and Harris walk through the town square with their coffee. Ava tells Harris that she’s sorry he had to be put on the spot with questions. Harris understands that Xander wants to know who set him up. Ava says she’s sorry for all the trouble she brought his way. Harris argues that Clyde did that, not her. Ava says she made things complicated and he still covered her. Harris says he used Stefan to help her and he would do it again. Harris calls Stefan a weasel but says he was under Clyde’s control like Ava was, but not for long. They look over where Chad and Xander are still trying to interview EJ. EJ tries to say he has to go but Chad asks how much time the district attorney’s office is recommending that Stefan serve in his plea deal. Chad says any nepotism or conflict of interest would be interesting for the readers. EJ asks if Chad interviewing him isn’t conflict of interest. EJ states that there was a hearing this morning but the outcome has yet to be decided. EJ says that Stefan’s attorney gave it her best go, but he is quietly confident that Stefan will serve justly for his role in the distribution of tainted narcotics throughout Salem. Stefan then interrupts and announces he actually already has which surprises Harris and Ava as they watch.

Julie calls Doug and tells him that Johnny is out looking for Chanel and as soon as they come back and the roads are plowed, she is going to get the hell off the island. Chanel’s phone rings with another call from Paulina. Julie questions her not giving it a rest. Julie tells Doug that Johnny said she has to pick it up or it would be much worse if it went to voicemail. Julie answers the call as Paulina questions what is going on out there and where Chanel and Johnny are. Julie says to let her check and puts her on hold. Julie tells Doug that she needs an excuse for why Chanel is not answering Paulina. Julie says she can’t tell her the truth but accidentally says in to Chanel’s phone that Paulina will panic if she finds out Chanel is missing which Paulina hears. Julie tells Doug that she will call him back and hangs up. Julie then goes back to her call with Paulina, who questions her daughter missing. Julie realizes she heard her. Paulina demands Julie tell her the truth and asks how long Chanel has been missing and where Johnny is. Julie informs her that Johnny went out to get some firewood and he was gone awhile, so Chanel went out to find him and then after ten minutes, Johnny came back with the firewood but not Chanel, so now Johnny has gone back out to find Chanel. Julie apologizes as she didn’t want to worry her as she’s sure they will walk through the door any second. Johnny then returns without Chanel. Julie asks him where Chanel is.

Stefan asks EJ if he’s surprised to see him and says he’s sorry to steal his limelight. EJ asks how this happened. Stefan reveals that the judge followed the law and agreed to time served, announcing he is now a free man. EJ angrily declares that they are done here and that’s all for questions. EJ storms off as Chad calls out to him that they aren’t done yet and Xander questions if EJ advocated for Stefan’s release. Chad realizes EJ won’t answer and suggests they go talk to Stefan. Xander says he has somewhere else to be and asks Chad to handle it. Chad agrees and thanks Xander for showing up. Xander admits his motivation was to grill EJ about who set him up but that EJ didn’t seem too eager to find out who is behind it or who shot Harris. Chad tells Xander that he’ll let him know if he finds anything. Xander warns Stefan that he’ll see him later as he walks by. Nicole calls this unbelievable as Chad questions how Stefan pulled off worming his way out of prison. Nicole calls Stefan a son of a bitch and demands he start talking now.

Xander joins Sarah at the Brady Pub. She asks how the press conference went. Xander calls it a joke as EJ called the conference before the press even arrived, so they missed most of it. Xander adds that there’s no news on his case and he doesn’t expect any change there. Xander calls the whole thing bizarre, revealing that Stefan showed up. Sarah is shocked and questions that with Stefan being in jail but Xander says not anymore.

Harris and Ava confront EJ in the town square about letting Stefan go. Harris asks how he could be so reckless. EJ argues that Harris is the one who covered up his own shooter to protect Ava. EJ remarks that someday, Harris will regret that. Ava asks EJ how his mother Susan is doing these days. Stefan asks Nicole what her problem is. Nicole responds that Stefan helped put the drugs on the street that almost killed Holly. Nicole gets that Holly is not a DiMera, but argues that they are family. Stefan says he feels terribly about that and he never intended on anyone getting hurt. Stefan says he only let the drugs be picked up and dropped off under the threat of bodily harm to his wife. Stefan says Nicole has to believe him when he tells her that he had no idea the drugs were laced with opioids. Stefan states that he only did it to protect his wife and he’s so sorry. Nicole tells him that he should be apologizing to Holly, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near her. Stefan says that might be difficult since they live in the same house. EJ interrupts and says he wouldn’t be so sure about that. Nicole storms off in tears while Chad goes after her to ask if she’s okay. Nicole doesn’t understand how Stefan could be free after what he did. Nicole knows Clyde was putting screws to him, but argues that he could’ve told the police or EJ. Chad says that Stefan thinks he can handle everything on his own. Chad tells Nicole that he’s sorry. Nicole asks why since he didn’t do anything. Chad says it’s his family and that should’ve never happened.

Julie tells Johnny that Paulina called again and knows Chanel is missing. Johnny instructs Julie to call 911 as he takes the phone to talk to Paulina, who asks if he found Chanel. Johnny says not yet, but Julie is calling for help. Johnny apologizes for not telling her sooner. Paulina asks how long she has been missing. Johnny guesses 30 or 40 minutes. Paulina worries about Chanel freezing to death in the snowstorm. Johnny tells her not to panic and vows to find her even if he has to search the whole island. Paulina says he better as she hangs up and worries about Chanel being out there, cold and alone. Paulina declares that she can’t just sit here and do nothing, so she makes a phone call and says they need to connect her to the Salem Public Works now.

Xander tells Sarah that it looks like he won’t be visiting Stefan at the jail today after all. Sarah brings up Stefan confessing to helping Clyde run drugs through the Bistro and questions how the hell he’s out of jail. Xander guesses he made a deal with the judge and maybe there’s blackmail involved, pointing out that he’s a DiMera so they can’t be surprised at him playing dirty. Sarah complains that this is so wrong and talks about the amount of overdoses that she’s seen come through the hospital and lives being destroyed. Xander calls it unbelievable as Stefan helped poison the whole town. Sarah suggests maybe EJ finagled a deal for him and wonders if he got him out. Xander says it doesn’t seem like they care much for each other but the DiMeras are shady. Xander argues that Stefan was up to his neck in the mess with Clyde, so he wonders if Stefan played a role in making it seem like he was guilty in shooting Harris. Sarah asks what if he did. Xander declares that if Stefan was involved in throwing him under the bus, there will be hell to pay.

Nicole tells Chad that he is not his family, so he bears no responsibility for what Stefan did. Nicole brings up that Chad wrote the article that put out what Stefan did. Chad credits Everett for writing that story but Nicole points out that Chad published it when he didn’t have to and put his family’s dirty laundry in the headlines which says so much about his integrity. Chad argues that he’s made his share of mistakes. Nicole says they all have. Nicole encourages that Chad did the right thing. Nicole remembers when she was a TV reporter having decisions hard to make. Chad questions her being a reporter. Nicole calls it a really long time ago and says she loved chasing after a story and figuring out how to tell it, saying every day was exciting. Stefan warns EJ about reneging on his deal this morning. EJ asks what deal since Stefan signed over everything to him. Stefan argues that he agreed to give back half. EJ asks how to give back half a house. EJ says to forget the house, but they go back to running DiMeras co-CEOs. EJ argues that the board and shareholders will not want that since Stefan is a convicted felon and they made it very clear they don’t want that. Stefan says fine to EJ being CEO but says he gets everything else. EJ refuses. Stefan looks back over at Chad talking to Nicole and asks if EJ told Chad or Kristen about their deal. EJ says he didn’t. Stefan says that’s good because he would hate to see anyone else try to get their paws on what is rightfully his. Stefan brings up EJ saying his blackmail was better than his but says he was wrong. Stefan then threatens that if EJ doesn’t give back what is his, then he will tell Nicole that EJ knew about the drugs being distributed through the Bistro and that he came to him for help but he refused. Stefan warns that if Nicole finds out that EJ could’ve prevented Holly’s overdose, she will never forgive him.

Julie tells Johnny that help is on the way and the first responders will be there as soon as they can get through. Johnny questions where Chanel could be as he’s looked everywhere. Julie suggests she could’ve slipped on the ice or got turned around in all the snow. Johnny admits the visibility is pretty bad so she could’ve just lost the trail. Johnny decides he has to get back out there and find his wife.

Paulina complains on the phone about being told it will be hours before they can clear the bridge. Paulina says she realizes the snow is still coming down but that is not acceptable. Paulina declares that she is the Mayor of Salem and tells them to have the head of their company call her immediately. Paulina thinks back to Chanel yelling at her to stop talking about leaving the planet during her cancer treatment and then promising to get through it. Paulina gets out of the hospital bed after getting dressed, grabs her things, and declares that mama’s coming as she exits the room.

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Days Update Monday, April 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Chanel wake up on the couch at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. They kiss on the couch until Julie walks in. Julie worries that she did it again and says to pretend she’s invisible as she heads back out.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and notes that she’s up early. Nicole says she actually went for a run as she needed to clear her head, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how she’s spent the last two months of her life from grieving their son to almost losing Holly. Nicole questions what to do now. EJ asks what she wants to be next. Nicole responds that she doesn’t know. EJ encourages her to take her time and think about it as it will come to her eventually. Nicole mentions that she and Holly will go to the press conference and then she will take her to school. Holly comes in and remarks that she hoped it would be a snow day. EJ informs her that the storm just missed them and remarks that Smith Island got the brunt of it. Nicole encourages Holly that getting back in a routine will be good for her. Holly informs them that she wrote her apology letters to Tate and his family, but questions how to deliver them if she’s not allowed to see Tate.

Brady and Tate eat breakfast at the Brady Pub. Brady encourages Tate to eat but he says he’s not hungry. Brady guesses he’s anxious about the press conference and school. Theresa joins them and talks about how she can’t wait for EJ to have to eat crow in public. Tate asks who else they think is going to be at the press conference.

At the police station, Sloan is with Stefan in the interrogation room. Sloan informs him that they can move forward if he chooses to retain her services but notes it’s an unusual case since he had already worked out a deal prior to seeking an attorney. Stefan responds that he is a DiMera and fearlessness is in their DNA.

Chanel and Johnny eat breakfast at the Horton Cabin. Julie comes back in and announces that she’s not crashing their honeymoon anymore as she is leaving, but Johnny and Chanel revealed that Julie is not leaving because they are snowed in and the bridge is closed. Julie remarks that she’s trapped in a cabin with two newlyweds.

Theresa encourages Tate to eat his breakfast since he has a big day ahead of him. Brady adds that they do have something important to talk about. Tate complains that’s all they ever do. Brady informs him that they know it’s inevitable that he’s going to see Holly at school and instructs him to keep his distance. Theresa states that under no circumstances is he to hang out with Holly which Tate mocks. Theresa warns about Holly dragging him down again while Brady says they are trying to protect him. Tate says he gets it. Theresa hopes he does because Holly is trouble and will screw up his life.

Nicole offers to hang on to Holly’s apology letters so she hands them over. Nicole says she’s proud of her for writing them as she knows it couldn’t have been easy. Nicole asks if EJ is ready for his speech. EJ mocks that it being his dream to issue a public apology. Holly says she’s sorry that he has to do it. EJ says he did what he did because he was sure Holly never would’ve taken those drugs on her own, but she proved him wrong. Holly questions why she did it and suggests her life isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks. Holly brings up being on her third stepfather and EJ’s last name coming with a whole lot of baggage, pointing out that a DiMera put those drugs on the street. Nicole tells her to stop it and not to blame her or EJ because she made her choices and now has to live with it. Nicole tells Holly to get her stuff and they will go, so she exits. Nicole tells EJ that she’s sorry. EJ says that Holly is lashing out at them, but deep down is just mad at herself. EJ then gets a phone call and says he’ll be there. EJ hangs up and tells Nicole that he has to go to a meeting, but he will not be late to the press conference. Nicole says she’ll see him there then and kisses him goodbye as she exits. EJ then tells himself that in this “meeting” which is actually Stefan’s hearing, he will present the judge with a case so weak that she’ll have no choice but to reject his plea agreement.

Sloan tells Stefan that some would call his behavior rash. Stefan points out that he’s hiring her to represent him. Sloan calls it a little late but says they will first discuss her retainer and guesses he’s not so fearless on that. Stefan responds that his finances are in flux at the moment. Sloan notes that he’s a DiMera so funds are at his fingertips. Stefan states that his access to those funds is temporarily on hold. Sloan is suddenly not feeling confident about this arrangement and goes to leave but Stefan stops her and promises to pay her handsomely. Stefan adds that she could also benefit from representing him since he hears her practice has slowed down quite a bit. Sloan tells him that he’s mistaken as her practice is flourishing. Sloan tells Stefan that if he’s not paying upfront, it will cost him double at the end which Stefan agrees to. Sloan says she still has questions and asks why he needs her when EJ made him a sweet deal. Stefan says the deal is only sweet if the judge signs off on it and there’s no way that EJ won’t try to double cross him.

Julie asks Johnny and Chanel what they are going to do. Johnny says they will just have to ride it out, but at least they still have power. Chanel offers Julie some of the breakfast they made. Julie feels terrible, like she’s invaded their honeymoon. Julie suggests after breakfast, Johnny and Chanel can go make memories in the snow. Chanel says they didn’t pack for a snowstorm but Julie says she has them covered.

Tate tells Brady and Theresa that he won’t hang out with Holly. Brady tells him to just focus on making good choices. Tate asks if he can talk about something else and declares that he wants to start working at the Pub again, arguing that it’s good to be productive and he still has to pay back the damages to his old school. Theresa doesn’t feel like it’s a good idea since he’s starting school again and needs to focus on that. Brady agrees that Tate should focus on school work and summer is right around the corner. Tate argues that Roman needs him and he’d be helping family. Tate says if it gets to be too much, he can just quit. Brady decides they will table the conversation for now because today, they need to focus. Nicole and Holly then enter the Pub, so Holly and Tate see each other.

EJ meets Stefan in the interrogation room. Stefan remarks that he’s so glad he could fit him in to his schedule and asks if it’s a busy day. EJ wants to get it over with and asks what he needs. EJ mentions being surprised that his hearing was moved up to today. Stefan says his attorney arranged that for him. EJ questions why he needs an attorney. Stefan argues that his life is on the line. Stefan says EJ may be his brother, but he’s also the district attorney prosecuting him and he doesn’t trust him one bit. Stefan says he needs someone on his side that doesn’t benefit from sending him to prison. EJ feels that he’s wasting time and money. Stefan admits the offer is very generous and a win-win for both of them as EJ gets to brag to the citizens of Salem while he gets the time served sentence. EJ brings up Stefan blackmailing him in to agreeing to the terms. Stefan reminds EJ that he also won a high stakes chess game. Stefan states that at the end of the day, they are family, so he hopes EJ would return his half of the DiMera funds when he returns home. EJ laughs at Stefan thinking he’s coming home. Stefan warns that if he doesn’t, EJ will pay.

Theresa complains about Nicole and Holly entering the Pub. Nicole suggests to Holly that they go to the Bakery instead. Holly argues that it’s a small town, so they can’t just run away every time this happens. Nicole says they can now since she gave Brady and Theresa her word that they would keep Holly and Tate apart. Holly points out that she can give them her apology letters now. Nicole questions if that’s a good idea. Holly feels there’s no better way to make amends than in person. Nicole reluctantly agrees and gives her the letters. Holly then approaches their table and informs Brady, Theresa, and Tate that she wrote each of them a letter and gives them the letters.

Julie gets Johnny and Chanel dressed up in jackets and hats, pointing out that they always keep extra clothes here. Julie says she’s going to call Doug and encourages them to go play in the snow. Chanel decides they should just make the best of it, but says she will want a do-over on the honeymoon somewhere that is hot and tropical as they then exit the cabin.

EJ, Sloan, and Stefan see the judge. EJ talks to the judge about the drug epidemic but the police being able to cut off most of the pipeline. EJ says Salem is now a safer place to live and says the state agrees that time served is in the best interest for all parties. The judge asks if he’s joking, arguing that Stefan is his brother and the plea is nepotism. The judge declares that she is appalled which makes Stefan worry while EJ holds back a smile.

Chanel and Johnny head back inside and tell Julie about how it was cold but they had a lot of fun. Julie suggests they play charades after warming up. Chanel says she’s never played. Julie assures that she’ll love it and says she’ll make hot cocoa.

Tate reads his letter from Holly, which says she’s so sorry for everything she put him through and she wants to be better, noting that next time she’ll keep his sweatshirt to have something of him to keep close to her. Tate then thinks back to being in the park with Holly. Holly and Tate smile at each other. Brady thanks Holly and says she obviously understands how her actions hurt Tate. Brady adds that they appreciate the letters. Theresa thanks her as well. Brady feels like they are finally coming to an end of this situation and he’s very grateful for that. Nicole says they are too. Theresa warns Holly that the letters don’t change how they feel about her hanging out with Tate. Nicole insists that they understand and will continue to abide by their wishes.

EJ tells the judge that all required paperwork is included and the people have spoken. The judge argues that this plea does not support the interest of the public or address the nature of the offense. Sloan presents the judge with a sworn affidavit from the attorney general’s office including the information that Stefan provided, leading to the seizing of narcotics. The judge says that’s well and good but that Stefan shouldn’t get a free pass just because EJ doesn’t want to prosecute his brother. Sloan argues that they are all safer knowing that Stefan curbed the enterprise of Clyde’s. Sloan brings up Clyde having Gabi assaulted in prison because of Stefan refusing to take Clyde’s orders. Sloan says those additional crimes would add years to Clyde’s prison sentence when he is recaptured. Sloan feels time served is a reasonable sentence for Stefan, considering all he has done to make amends. The judge then states that she’s heard from both sides and they may have accepted the court to accept the plea agreement, but in the interest of justice, she will take it under advisement and her clerk will notify them when she has made a decision. She adds that the guard outside will escort Stefan back to his cell as she needs to get to court. EJ thanks her as she exits. Stefan asks Sloan what this means. Sloan says they just wait and she’ll check in on him later. Stefan thanks her for advocating for him today and says he appreciates it. Sloan then exits. Stefan confronts EJ and argues that he deliberately presented a weak case. EJ says that he did exactly what they agreed to and he doesn’t make the rules, so whatever the judge decides is under her discretion. EJ argues that it’s out of his hands. Stefan threatens that he may not have destroyed the only copy of the recording of EJ. EJ threatens back that he will have no problem revealing who really shot Harris Michaels and his blackmail trumps Stefan’s. EJ adds that he still has the agreement where Stefan signed over all off his possessions. EJ tells Stefan that he’ll see him in a few years and storms out.

Johnny, Chanel, and Julie play charades. Julie notes the fire getting low so Johnny decides that he will go out and get some more firewood and exits. Julie comments to Chanel that Johnny is a really lovely guy, bringing up Johnny standing by during Paulina’s illness. Julie asks how Paulina is doing. Chanel says she’s doing really well but is in radiation so she’s in isolation. Julie asks if that means she’s in the home stretch. Chanel says that’s what they are hoping for. Chanel calls the Horton Cabin a really special place. Julie calls it wonderful for the family with beautiful memories. Julie talks about her grandparents always having board games and puzzles for them on bad weather days like this. Julie then brings up the time capsule and informs Chanel how they found it after the house fire and they think it was something to challenge the new generation like a puzzle. Julie mentions it getting colder so Chanel decides she will go help Johnny to bring more firewood.

Nicole and Holly sit at table together at the Pub. Nicole asks Holly if she feels better after handing out the letters. Holly says she was nervous but is glad that it’s over now. Nicole thinks it will help her heal, make better choices, and understand the consequences. Holly apologizes and says she never wants to hurt her like that ever again. Nicole tells her that she loves her. Tate then loudly asks “what the hell” after seeing something on his phone but tells Theresa and Brady that it’s nothing. Theresa says he wouldn’t react like that if it was nothing and takes his phone to see. Theresa then reads a post from a student, saying today is the day that the pill pushing dirtbag comes back to school and asks when he’s going to cause Holly another overdose. Theresa shouts that she’s going to have a conversation with the principal. Tate asks her not to make this a thing today. Brady declares that all of this is going to stop when EJ makes the public apology as that will be all over the news and it will die down. Holly comes over and says she will tell everybody at school that what happened was completely her fault and had nothing to do with Tate. They thank her as Nicole says they are going to get going as they press conference is about to start. Brady says they will see them there as Nicole and Holly exit the Pub while Tate has a smile.

Brady, Theresa, Tate, Nicole, and Holly go to the town square where EJ is speaking at the press conference. Brady questions it already starting and if they were late. Nicole guesses EJ was early. EJ finishes his speech. Brady confronts EJ and asks what the hell was that.

Julie works on a crossword puzzle and complains about a snowstorm in the middle of April. Julie wonders where Johnny and Chanel are so she steps out to look for them. Julie calls out but there’s no answer, so she heads back inside, worrying that they’ve been out there too long.

EJ asks what Brady means. Theresa argues that he started before the press even got there. EJ points out the press but Brady says that’s just EJ’s PR guy and this is not an acceptable apology. EJ tells him it is what it is, so he can take it or leave it. Tate wants Brady to just let it go as he doesn’t care and says he wants to go so he’s not late on his first day back to school. Brady agrees to leave, but tells EJ that he wants a written copy of his apology sent to his office by the end of the day. Nicole tells them that she’s so sorry as she had no idea EJ was going to do this. Nicole knows it’s not what they wanted, but insists that EJ is very sorry and just isn’t very good at apologizing which Theresa mocks. Nicole knows it’s not an excuse but assures that their whole family is really sorry. Brady thanks her as he and Theresa walk away with Tate.

Julie decides that Johnny and Chanel have been out in the cold too long so she’s going to find them but Johnny returns with the firewood. Julie asks what happened. Johnny says the wood was wet so he had to go further to find some. Julie asks where Chanel is. Johnny thought she was here with her. Julie explains that she went out looking for Johnny. Johnny responds that he hasn’t seen her so Julie questions where Chanel is.

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Days Update Friday, April 12, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Paulina uses her laptop in her hospital room. Sarah enters to check on her. Paulina says she’s fine and isolation is great for work, but she’s looking forward to getting out. Sarah reminds her that the treatment is essential to her recovery. Paulina understands being radioactive and asks if Sarah is worried since it’s dangerous to babies and she wouldn’t want to hurt Victoria. Sarah assures that she’s taking all necessary precautions and has her treatment progresses, the amount decreases significantly. Paulina mentions that she’s not bad other than a bit of nausea. Sarah says they can get her something for that and the pharmacy will have it up to her ASAP. Sarah asks if there’s anything else. Paulina says she can’t think of anything else other than to thank her as she’s grateful for the wonderful care she is getting. Sarah tells her that it’s her pleasure. Sarah encourages her to rest and hydrate. Sarah then presents an “I love you” card that Abe made for her. Sarah says if she needs her, she’ll just be a call away as she exits.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he can’t thank her enough for opening her home to him and she has saved him in so many ways, but his time here is truly done. Maggie insists that she doesn’t want him to leave. Konstantin says leaving her will be truly hard so Maggie tells him not to leave and that there must be another way. Konstantin suggests perhaps there is.

Julie has a drink in the hallway at the Kiriakis Mansion while commenting to herself on what a day it’s been. Julie says the mansion is chaos 24/7 with too many guests, drama, babies, and children. Julie declares that it’s time for her to relax with a really good book but Thomas runs into her, knocking her drink out of her hand.

Johnny and Chanel return to the Horton Cabin from hiking on Smith Island. Johnny talks about getting the full experience. Chanel admits it was amazing. Johnny calls her his stunningly beautiful wife as they kiss. Johnny and Chanel drink Italian wine as they reminisce on their time in Italy. Johnny surprises her by having their favorite dinner from Italy set up, revealing he cooked it and brought it with them so it’s heating up as they speak. Chanel calls him the best. Johnny says he’s married to the best as they toast to their honeymoon.

Abe thanks Sarah for delivering his card to Paulina. Sarah tells Abe that he can visit Paulina virtually since it’s against policy for him to enter her room. They sit together as Abe asks how Paulina is really doing since she puts on a brave face. Sarah encourages that she’s doing really great. Sarah says Paulina’s only job is to rest and stay comfortable. Abe knows Paulina never wants to stop working. Sarah hopes that she lets her body recuperate from the trauma and surgeries, but she knows Paulina. Sarah thinks if anyone can break through to her, it’s Abe. Abe agrees to see what he can do.

Thomas apologizes to Julie. Julie questions why he was running in the house like that. Chad comes in and apologizes, explaining that they were playing hide and go seek. Chad acknowledges that everyone’s a bit on top of each other here. Thomas comments on the weather. Julie says there’s rotten weather everywhere as she dreamed of getting outside for a few hours. Thomas apologizes to Julie again. Julie says it’s just wine.

Maggie asks Konstantin how she can help. Konstantin talks about only having a work VISA and he has no family to sponsor him while joining the US army is out of the question, so the only other option he can think of is something he’s mentioned before but he’s reluctant to bring up the possibility. Maggie assumes he’s talking about marriage which he confirms. Maggie thinks it would set off red flags and they’d see right through it. Maggie mentions having access to the most brilliant lawyers in the country, some of whom are dedicated to immigration law, so she will get them to look in to this. Konstantin calls her far too gracious and generous. Maggie encourages that they can get through this and find a way to extend that VISA. Xander enters with Victoria. Maggie tells him how happy she was when she spoke to Sarah and heard the good news which Konstantin questions. Xander informs him that he’s been fully exonerated from the shooting of Harris Michaels and he’s a free man. Konstantin congratulates him and calls him a very lucky man, but Xander notes that luck had nothing to do with it as he was innocent, so the truth was on his side. Maggie says they knew that for sure. Xander adds that maybe luck is with him today if he heard Konstantin is having VISA troubles. Xander asks if he needs a ride to the airport.

Johnny and Chanel finish their dinner. Johnny notes they still have dessert and he likes spoiling her. Johnny suggests they stop talking about how much they love Italy and just go back to Italy. Chanel assures they will get there, but right now she’s just loving being in this cabin with him as they kiss. Chanel suggests they skip dessert. Johnny says he first wants to show her something that he thinks she will get a major kick out of. Johnny heads outside in to the cold and returns with two sticks, revealing they are going to make smores but Chanel doesn’t think so.

Sarah sets Abe up on her tablet and tells him to take as much time as he needs while she goes on break. Abe then opens up his virtual chat with Paulina. Paulina tells him that she’s just finishing up a text. Abe points out that the work day ended a few hours ago. Paulina talks about having reports and spreadsheets still to go through. Paulina mentions a funding bill. Abe advises her on it but Paulina assures that she’s got this and can do the job no matter what’s going on with her.

Julie tells Chad that it will be lovely when they can just go home again, but for now, she will settle for a glass of wine and a good book. Chad apologizes again as Julie says goodnight and heads in to her room. Chad tells Thomas to slow down in the hallways and stay out of the bedrooms as they resume their game of hide and seek. As Chad starts counting, Thomas then enters Konstantin’s bedroom.

Maggie tells Xander that she has her lawyers looking in to extending Konstantin’s VISA. Xander questions why. Maggie explains that Konstantin has come to enjoy this country, so she doesn’t want him to be rushed to leave as he should be able to decide when is the right time for him to go back to Greece. Konstantin thanks Maggie and doesn’t know how he will ever be able to repay her. Xander remarks that he could exit graciously. Konstantin declares that home is where ever he may lay his head. Xander argues that they all know Konstantin can’t go home because a certain criminal syndicate in Greece has made it clear that he can never go back. Maggie understands there will be logistical issues and she has no doubt that when the time is right, Konstantin will return home to Greece. Konstantin thanks Maggie and claims that he looks forward to returning home as well as to taking Maggie back to Greece as well. Xander points out that Maggie won’t have much time for traveling as Sarah told him that Maggie is considering returning to work at Titan which she confirms. Xander says that Titan would be lucky to have her. Konstantin agrees. Maggie asks what’s next for Xander now that his nightmare is over and asks if he’s thought about returning to Titan as well. Xander thinks he will have his hands full with the Spectator to better serve the town’s best interests. Victoria wakes up crying, so Maggie goes to get her teething ring. Maggie runs in to Julie, who complains about the noise. Julie tells Maggie that she loves her and is grateful for her but she has to get out of the mansion for at least one night as she needs a break from this. Julie says she loves the family but she’s pining for her own house. Maggie encourages her to go. Julie asks her to keep an eye on Doug as he’s already asleep. Julie says she’ll be back sometime tomorrow and will just go pack a bag. Julie doesn’t know where she’s going but says she’s going to have a lovely time.

Abe encourages that Paulina can do anything she puts her mind to but he wants her to rest. Paulina questions sitting on her hands even after getting a message that EJ has called a press conference tomorrow without any notice to her office. Paulina remembers she has to call EJ and tells Abe that she will call him back in a few minutes. Abe says to let him know when she’s back online as they hang up. Paulina then calls EJ and tells his assistant that it can’t wait, so she expects him to return this call immediately as they need to discuss serious issues, starting with his press conference. Paulina declares that she will be waiting for EJ’s call as she hangs up.

Johnny asks Chanel what’s wrong with smores and calls it a classic dessert. Chanel explains that her problem is with the sticks and reveals she found actual supplies while the sticks are dirty. Johnny argues that the sticks come from nature but agrees to go along with Chanel’s way. Johnny decides happy wife, happy life as they kiss.

Xander gets Victoria settled down. Maggie returns with the teething ring. Xander thanks her but points out that Victoria is no longer screaming. Maggie gives him the ring anyways just in case. Chad enters and asks if anyone has seen Thomas but they haven’t, so Chad says he will continue the hunt. Xander asks if they can chat about work stuff. Chad says they can make it quick. Konstantin decides it’s a perfect time for he and Maggie to take an evening stroll, so they exit.

Paulina gets on video chat with Chanel. Paulina says she’s much better now that she’s seeing her. Chanel asks about the radiation which Paulina makes jokes about. Chanel doesn’t want to worry about her, so Paulina assures that she’s fine. Paulina asks how Chanel is. Chanel tells her that the woods are beautiful, it’s really peaceful and it’s been great. Paulina says she’s needed to decompress after a crazy couple of months. Paulina tells Chanel to get back to her honeymoon. Chanel sends their love and asks her to let them know if she needs anything. Paulina says she will as they hang up. Paulina then gets a text message that upsets her as she declares that is not going to work for her at all.

Thomas remains in Konstantin’s bedroom and says he can’t give up as he has to win the game of hide and seek. Thomas starts looking through the drawers in the room and finds the book that includes the card that Konstantin used to control John. Thomas picks up the card and calls it so cool.

Chad guesses that Xander is not a big fan of Konstantin which Xander calls an understatement. Chad thought Konstantin was redeeming himself as he’s been great with the kids. Xander asks about the repairs on the house. Chad notes him changing the subject very fast. Chad says the repairs are going well and asks what he wanted to talk about in regards to work. Xander says he just wanted to give him a heads up that he plans to be more active at the Spectator now that he’s a free man. Chad says that’s great as they are poised to break some big stories this cycle. Xander asks how Everett has been doing. Chad responds that he’s a strong investigator with great instincts but he has been distracted with some personal stuff lately that he doesn’t want to get into. Chad notes that he could really use the help. Xander tells him that he has a story for him as he’s interested in who framed him which he wants to run with. Xander adds that he’s surprised there wasn’t more coverage on Stefan’s arrest as he thought Chad would have the inside scoop. Chad says he won’t make excuses for Stefan but he thinks he made some choices based on threats made against Gabi and he thinks they would do the same thing in the name of love. Xander still feels Chad would have more insight based on having one brother on the side of the law and one brother not. Chad says he makes a conscious effort to stay out of his family’s business for his mental health and his children’s safety. Chad tells Xander that if he wants to get his hands dirty, he can go nuts. Chad adds that EJ has a press conference tomorrow and he doesn’t know what it’s about but he’s going to be there. Xander decides he will join Chad, so Chad agrees to text him the details. Xander says he should get Victoria home while Chad notes he should get his kids to bed and they agree to talk tomorrow. Xander wishes Chad luck in finding Thomas in hide and seek which Chad says he’s going to need as Xander exits with Victoria.

Maggie and Konstantin sit together in the park. Konstantin comments on Salem being a magical place and understanding why Victor settled there and how it inspired Victor to create a new life for him and his family. Maggie notes that she wasn’t born in Salem but she will always consider it her home. Konstantin says it seems to have that affect on people. Konstantin adds that something about Salem feels right for him. Maggie asks if he’s sure about that after everything that has happened.

Paulina gets back on video chat with Abe and asks what is going on. Abe says he was planning on telling her and maybe he overstepped, but he wants her to focus on healing. Paulina thanks him which surprises Abe. Paulina admits that Abe overstepped, but she’s glad that he did because with everything going on, her mind is not operating how she wants as it feels foggy which the doctors said would be a possible side effect. Paulina talks about not liking being separated from Abe. Abe encourages that it’s only a couple more nights. Abe says at least Paulina is warm in her room because they might get snow tonight which surprises Paulina. Abe adds that the real storm is going to miss them as it seems to be heading south towards Smith Island. Paulina worries about Chanel and Johnny and wonders if they should tell them to come home. Abe says it wouldn’t be safe to drive anywhere, so the safest place for them is to be cuddled up in front of the fireplace at the cabin, enjoying their honeymoon.

Johnny asks Chanel if everything is okay. Chanel says she’s just worried about Paulina as she knows she’s hating the isolation. Johnny encourages that it is the last of her treatment. Chanel also worries about Paulina’s job as Mayor being stressful. Johnny thinks Paulina is doing an incredible job and that she thrives under pressure. Johnny adds that Paulina has all their support, so she’s going to be fine. Chanel tells Johnny that he’s also doing an incredible job at knowing exactly what she needs to hear as they hug. Johnny and Chanel start kissing on the couch until Julie walks in to the cabin, startling them.

Paulina reminds Abe to water the plants in the kitchen window. Abe says he will take care of everything and encourages her to rest. Paulina complains on having another day of isolation tomorrow. Abe says he’ll download some magazines for her to read. Paulina thanks Abe for being her person and taking such good care of her. Abe says he loves her to the stars and back. Abe tells her to sleep well as they hang up.

Chanel apologizes to Julie as they weren’t expecting her. Johnny questions what she’s doing there. Julie points out that it’s the Horton Cabin. Chanel explains that Sarah let them use it. Julie realizes it’s their honeymoon and apologizes. Chanel and Johnny say it’s ok. Julie says she’s leaving now but they say she can’t since the snow is picking up and there’s no street lights on the island. Julie admits the last mile of driving was challenging. Chanel asks her to stay as they’d be really worried about her. Julie points out there is only one bedroom. Chanel tells Julie to take it after the drive she had but Julie argues that it’s their honeymoon. Johnny assures that the couch is comfortable and they’ll take it. Julie admits she doesn’t want to drive back in the snow and dark, so she agrees to stay and promises to lock the door and stay out of their way. Julie then takes her bag and heads to the bedroom.

Xander brings Victoria to join Sarah at the Pub. Sarah asks about the visit with Maggie. Xander says it was fine apart from Victoria teething like crazy. Sarah asks if Konstantin was there. Xander confirms that he was and he just doesn’t feel right when Konstantin is around. Xander adds that he sensed something was more off than usual. Sarah says maybe he’s overthinking it. Xander does not like their daughter being in Konstantin’s presence and now every time Maggie takes care of her, he’s going to be in the picture. Sarah states that his feelings are valid but points out that nothing has happened in months. Sarah declares that ever since Maggie paid off Konstantin’s debts, life has been quiet and safe. Xander doesn’t equate quiet to safe, pointing out that the Greek mafia don’t just go away.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she loves him having there but she sometimes wonder how he tolerates being surrounded by people who wronged him in the worst ways like John and Steve. Konstantin talks about letting go and says if his time in Salem is running short, he wants to make the most of the time he has left. Konstantin asks Maggie to dance with him. Maggie points out there’s no music. Konstantin responds that when he’s with her, there is music in his heart so they dance together.

Thomas talks about how cool the card is until Chad finds him in Konstantin’s room. Chad questions what he’s doing there as he’s not supposed to be in there. Thomas apologizes and says it was a cool place to hide. Chad asks how he’d like it if someone was in his room. Chad asks Thomas if he touched anything. Thomas swears that he didn’t while crossing his fingers and hiding the card behind his back. Chad then sends Thomas to go brush his teeth.

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Days Update Thursday, April 11, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Steve brings Kayla her flowers at home but she’s not interested. Steve sees she’s still upset with him and says he will be on his way. Steve tells Kayla that he’s really sorry that he disappointed her as he regrets helping Ava with Clyde, but repeats that he was afraid of losing his son which made him do something stupid and reckless. Steve guesses he will just have to live with that. Kayla stops him and says she knows that he feels bad for what he did, but because she loves him, she’s going to forgive him for the risk he took by breaking Clyde out of prison. Kayla states that she needs to stay mad at him at least for today. Steve says he understands. Kayla then accepts the flowers and thanks him.

Tate eats with John and Marlena at the Brady Pub. John asks Tate about his spring break plans. Tate says he has a ton of school work to catch up on and he’ll probably just hang out with some friends. Marlena brings up Tate’s parents forbidding him from seeing Holly and asks how he feels about that. Tate says it sucks because he likes Holly and she’s his friend but they are probably right about them being toxic for each other so it’s for the best.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Holly that she’s so proud of her for telling the truth about her drugs. Holly says she should’ve told the truth from the beginning. Maggie understands she was worried about her mom. Holly points out that she still lied and got Tate in big trouble. Maggie goes to get snacks from the kitchen and says she wants to continue their discussion. Holly then texts Tate, saying she has to get out of there.

Stephanie walks through the town square and runs in to Everett. Stephanie says she’s kind of in a rush but Everett stops her and says he just wants to say he’s sorry about everything as he knows it’s been hard on her in so many ways, including how it’s hurt her friendship with Jada. Everett says he was really worried when they stormed out of the Spectator office. Stephanie informs him that she and Jada talked things through but it’s none of his concern. Stephanie then asks if he still has feelings for Jada. Everett says no and asks how he could have feelings for someone that he doesn’t even know. Stephanie questions why he’d want to stay married to her then and why he won’t sign the divorce papers.

Ava goes to Harris’s room and says she needed to see him. Harris asks what for. Ava responds by kissing him.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s not going to sign divorce papers as man that he doesn’t know. Stephanie argues that he was identified as Robert Stein. Everett warns her not to ever call him that again.

Steve reminds Kayla of the time they snuck onto a river boat on the Mississippi and how beautiful she looked. Kayla says she appreciates it but she’ll let him know when he’s out of the doghouse. Steve says there’s something else he wants to get off his chest that doesn’t have anything to do with Ava or Clyde. Steve adds that this happened a long time ago before they were together when he was working for Victor. Kayla says she’s listening. Steve explains that on Victor’s orders, he escorted John to Greece when he was The Pawn’s handler. Steve says it was his job to protect John and see him through a mission which was to send a message to Konstantin which shocks Kayla. Steve informs her that while they were on the mission, something terrible happened and Konstantin’s daughter Catharina was shot and killed, possibly by John. Steve says for years, he tried to bury it out of his mind and pretend it didn’t happen while doing everything he could to protect John from knowing about it. Steve adds that when John recently found out, he was ready to fall on his sword and give himself up by flying to Greece, turning himself in, and possibly spending the rest of his life in a foreign prison. Steve says that because he was spending so much energy and time protecting John, he forgot to deal with his own feelings, guilt, and shame about it. Steve thinks it’s about time that he did.

Marlena is glad that Tate understands his parents decision that he shouldn’t see Holly. Marlena knows it has to be difficult because they are fond of each other. Tate gets a text from Holly but claims to them that it’s a friend helping him study for a test. Tate asks if they mind if he meets up with him. John tells him to go ahead because school comes first. Tate says he will refill their water before he goes. John asks for some hot sauce too as Tate heads to the back. Marlena tells John that it makes her happy to see him smile. John says she always helps him and notes that a talk he had with Harris gave him some perspective, so he’s going to try to take his advice on self-forgiveness by reminding himself that he was a victim too and he chooses not to be one anymore. John figures if Konstantin was willing to forgive him, maybe he can try doing the same thing, so he’s really trying.

Konstantin sits in his room with a photo of his daughter Catharina and talks about his heart aching for her every day as her life was cut short so cruelly. Konstantin declares that he pretended otherwise, but he will never forgive her murderer. Konstantin then flashes back to his confrontation with John in the park where he was able to control him with a card, turning John back in to The Pawn. Konstantin promises Catharina that her death will be avenged as he then exits his room.

Holly gets Tate’s text to meet in the park in ten minutes. Maggie returns to the living room with snacks. Konstantin enters and hopes he’s not interrupting. Maggie introduces Holly to Konstantin. Konstantin says he’s heard so much about her and it’s a pleasure to meet her. Konstantin says Holly reminds him of his daughter as she was around her age when she died. Holly says she’s so sorry. Maggie explains that Konstantin is an old friend of Victor’s, visiting from Greece. Holly decides she should get going. Maggie points out that she didn’t have her tea or lemon bars. Holly claims that Nicole is expecting her and promises to go straight home as she exits.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s so sorry but maybe now that it’s all out in the open, everyone involved can leave it in the past. Steve is not sure because he doesn’t think Konstantin’s forgiveness is genuine. Steve talks about Konstantin grieving Catharina’s death and planning to avenge her, so he’s not buying his 180. Steve adds that he thought from the moment he came to Salem that he was scamming Maggie and he still does, so he will be keeping an eye on him.

Stephanie tells Everett that she’s sorry as she didn’t mean to offend him. Everett says he should be sorry as he’s been really stressed about all of this. Everett says he’s trying really hard to figure this all out and he’s on his way to see Marlena now for another session. Stephanie hopes he gets some answers and peace of mind. Everett says that he’s sorry about everything and walks away.

Harris and Ava lay in bed together. Ava tells him how much he means to her and talks about having someone who is good to her that she can count on, who won’t abandon her even when she’s in trouble. Harris questions her saying that and if she’s in trouble. Ava claims she was just getting emotional because she’s never had someone be so kind to her. Ava mentions telling Wendy and Tripp that she would be moving out, but she doesn’t have a place to live. Harris invites her to stay with him. They joke about being roommates with benefits as they kiss.

Holly meets Tate in the park. Holly says she’s really glad to see him as they hug. They talk about turning off their phone trackers and Nicole having no idea where Holly is. Holly is grateful that Tate could get her a burner phone. Tate mentions his parents being in a meeting while Holly says her parents are at dinner. They talk about it being dumb that their parents are forbidding them from seeing each other and joke about comparing it to Romeo and Juliet. Holly says that their parents not wanting them to be together only makes her want to be with him more as they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s going out for some much needed girl time with Stephanie. Kayla says she’ll see him later tonight and goes to leave right as John arrives. Kayla hits John, who questions what that was for. Kayla says she thinks he knows and then exits. John guesses Steve told her, which he confirms. Steve admits to John that he told Kayla about Clyde’s prison break and about Konstantin and Catharina because keeping the secrets were eating him up. Steve says he now feels relieved, like a weight has been lifted off of him. John responds that he knows that feeling all too well.

Everett goes to Marlena’s office for his next session. Marlena is glad he’s there and that he’s committed to learning more about his past. She asks how he’s feeling today. Everett responds that he’s struggling and wishing he were anyone but him.

Tate and Holly eat donuts from the bakery in the park. Holly mentions being chilly so Tate gives her his jacket and wraps a blanket around her as she calls him her hero.

Konstantin tells Maggie that Holly is a lovely young lady. Maggie talks about being grateful that Holly came back to them and how she makes her feel like part of her son, Daniel is still with her. Maggie calls her children and grandchildren the lights of her life. Maggie then apologizes to Konstantin.

Kayla meets Stephanie in the town square. Stephanie explains to Kayla how Everett is still married to Jada as Bobby Stein, who he doesn’t remember being. Stephanie mentions Everett telling her that he has another session with Marlena lined up, so she hopes he makes progress in finding out who he is or was. Kayla remembers Stephanie bringing Everett to the hospital for an examination and it was clear he had head trauma but no signs of memory loss. Kayla reveals that she asked Marlena if she thought Everett was faking it. Stephanie is surprised and asks what she said. Kayla says that Marlena didn’t really have an answer but didn’t rule out the possibility.

Marlena questions why Everett won’t sign the divorce papers. Everett responds that he can’t sign as someone else because he is not Robert Stein, so it would be forgery to sign as him. Everett adds that’s not the only reason he wanted to see her today. Everett then reveals that he wasn’t completely honest with her about what he saw during hypnosis. Marlena questions what he saw. Everett informs her that he saw himself staring back at him and he really needs to know what it means.

Tate and Holly hold hands and talk about the fresh air as they were both stuck inside for way too long. They agree that it’s really nice to be here together. Kayla and Stephanie then walk through the park and run in to them.

Ava texts Tripp that she will be home soon to collect her things as she found a place to stay. Ava asks Harris if he’s sure about this. Harris confirms he is and they kiss. Ava feels it will be much safer for Tripp and Wendy with her not being there. Ava still feels so terrible about all the trouble she put them through with their lives at risk. Harris says she can’t stare in the rear view too long because there’s a big, beautiful road ahead. Ava worries about Clyde still being out on the loose and who knows if he’s going to come back again. Ava asks Harris if he has any new leads on Clyde or Goldman. Harris says unfortunately, the trail has gone completely cold so he suspects they are long gone by now and possibly out of the country. Ava responds that she wishes Clyde was long gone by now.

Steve tells John that he’s his best friend and his partner. Steve says they have been through so much together so he’s going to be honest with him. Steve thinks it would ease his mind if they could get to the bottom of this thing, so he asks John to let him help him. John agrees to give it a shot. Steve asks where to start. John says with the facts. John brings up the night that Catharina was killed, there were three people there and that was them and Konstantin. Steve points out that’s all they know of but there are no videos or photos, so he questions how they can be sure that someone else wasn’t there. Steve states that if someone else was there, that person could be holding a very dark secret.

Kayla greets Holly and Tate, saying it’s nice to see them. Kayla asks Holly about her physical therapy which she says is going well. Tate asks them not to tell their parents that they ran in to them because they aren’t supposed to be with each other. Holly asks them to pretend like they didn’t run in to them. Stephanie agrees not to say anything and Kayla guesses it’s not her place to tell. Tate and Holly thank them, so Stephanie tells them to enjoy their day and Kayla says she’ll see them later as they continue on. Holly tells Tate that was a close one. They decide it’s best to call it a day. They agree to see each other soon as they kiss goodbye.

Stephanie and Kayla walk back through the town square. They admit they feel bad not telling about Tate and Holly. Stephanie points out that they are young and in love and compares it to Kayla and Steve. Stephanie admits it also made her think of her and Everett since she has told herself to stay away from him, but for some reason, she doesn’t want to. Kayla understands she has very conflicted feelings. Stephanie knows she should hate him, block him, and move on, but she still feels drawn to him and feels bad for what he’s going through. Kayla tells Stephanie that she always wants to protect her and tell her to move on to not get hurt any further, but she’s so proud of how kind and compassionate she is as she hugs her.

Marlena tells Everett that she’s not entirely sure what seeing his own image staring back at himself means. Marlena says he’s clearly struggling with a dual life and thinks he’s also struggling with feelings for Jada that he’s not ready to accept. Marlena asks if he would be comfortable with another hypnosis session to get to the bottom of these things but Everett says no more hypnosis or digging. Everett declares that some things are better left unknown as he then leaves her office.

John asks Steve if Victor could’ve been there. Steve says he couldn’t be as he was in Monte Carlo at the time where he won big on a bet. Steve asks about one of Stefano’s men. John brings up Catharina’s mother living there. Steve confirms that Konstantin said they separated a few years after so she could’ve been in the house or maybe she knows something. John suggests they investigate to see if she’s still alive and if she is, maybe they can track her down. Steve agrees that’s a very good place to start.

Konstantin tells Maggie that she has nothing to apologize for but Maggie feels it was insensitive to go on about her children and grandchildren. Konstantin says he delights in her delight and he loves knowing that her heart is full. Maggie calls that very kind. Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s going to miss her as his travel VISA is expiring and he’s been denied another extension, so he’s afraid he’s going to have to leave Salem.

Harris guesses that Ava thinks Clyde is still around. Ava reveals that she knows he is. Harris asks what she knows. Ava informs him that Clyde called her earlier and wants her to do another job for him.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Eric calls the landlord at home, who informs him that he and Sloan have been late on rent two months in a row which surprises Eric. Eric notes that things have been hectic with a new baby but Sloan will be home soon and they will get the rent to him. Eric hangs up and guesses Sloan forgot about paying the rent. Eric tells Jude not to worry about it and they will get it all squared away.

Sloan meets Jada at the Brady Pub. Sloan says she was knee deep in research for her case. Jada asks if she found a way to get her out of her marriage. Jada pays Sloan her retainer fee and asks if she found any loopholes. Sloan informs her that unfortunately, the law leans in Everett’s case because of his condition.

At the Spectator, Stephanie tells Leo that the article on Stefan’s arrest is gaining a lot of traction. Leo comments that he knew Stefan had a dark side but didn’t think he was a drug dealer. Leo wonders how Chad is taking the news. Leo hopes the readers also check out his column and remarks that it may be his last. Stephanie encourages that things always look up. Stephanie says she has to go check on another account so she’ll see him later. Stephanie then goes to exit as Everett arrives. Stephanie greets him and asks where he’s been.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square with Victoria. Xander talks about feeling almost like a free man. Sarah encourages that he will never be locked up again. Xander says he appreciates her support which Sarah says she will always have. EJ walks in to the town square and gets a call from Kristen which he ignores. EJ runs in to Xander and tells him that he has some news about his case, so he might as well hear it from him.

Kristen is at the DiMera Mansion and leaves a message for EJ, complaining about DiMera stock plummeting. Kristen demands EJ prove that he cares about the company and call her back before they lose the family fortune. Kristen hangs up and questions if this day could get any worse. Nicole then storms in and asks what the hell is wrong with her.

Stephanie asks Everett if he’s okay. Everett says he’s good and it’s nothing he wants to get in to right now. Everett asks how the article on Stefan is doing. Stephanie says it’s great and shows him. Everett calls that good news at least. Leo suggests a follow up article but Everett tells him to stay in his lane. Leo remarks that Everett is clearly singing the blues so he will steer clear of him. Stephanie asks Everett to tell her what’s wrong but Everett says not now as he’s trying to work. Jada then arrives and asks if Everett is as stubborn as he is psychotic and demands that he sign the divorce papers.

EJ informs Xander that he believes he belongs behind bars and admits he would’ve relished putting him there but their forensics team have examined the images and confirmed that Xander did not shoot Harris Michaels, acknowledging the difference in pants. EJ reveals he has officially dropped the charges against him and congratulates him as he walks away. Xander can’t believe it and asks Sarah if that really happened. Sarah encourages that Xander made it happen with his determination and wants to celebrate his freedom. Xander jokes about being congratulated by EJ as he kisses Sarah.

Nicole questions Kristen telling Holly that she’s a bad influence on Rachel. Nicole complains that Kristen is picking on a girl who nearly died and now she’s upstairs crying. Kristen calls Holly a drama queen and a drug addict. Nicole argues that she’s not a drug addict. Kristen points out that Nicole had no idea that Holly was doing drugs before. Nicole says she made a mistake while Kristen complains that Holly covered it up and lied about it while Tate got beat up in prison over it. Kristen argues that she has every right to keep her daughter away from Holly. Nicole tells Kristen to come after her if she wants to go after someone so Kristen asks if she wants to fight.

Sloan goes home and thinks back to arguing with Leo about him costing her a fortune. Eric greets her and asks how her day was. Sloan calls it exhausting. Eric says he just put Jude down and thought maybe they could talk. Sloan notes that he sounds serious. Eric reveals it’s about their finances as he came home and found the rent note under their door.

Jada asks Everett again to sign the divorce papers. Stephanie questions them still being married while Leo calls this juicy. Jada explains that Bobby never signed the divorce papers and he still won’t do it now. Leo questions who Bobby is. Jada tells him that it’s Everett, leaving Leo confused.

Nicole asks if Kristen punching down makes her feel powerful. Kristen argues that she just told Nicole’s daughter to stay away from her daughter. Nicole tells Kristen to come to her if she has anything to say to or about Holly. Kristen mocks Holly being a druggie and calls her just as selfish and manipulative as her mother. Nicole asks if she wants to compare daughters to mothers, calling that a dangerous place for her to be. Nicole talks about feeling sorry for Rachel and remarks that she’s bound to be a bad seed just like her mom.

Sloan tells Eric that she feels terrible that the rent must have just slipped her mind. Eric says he figured and points out being late last month too, but he knows she’s had a million things on her mind. Sloan talks about the expenses increasing with formula and diapers. Sloan promises to be more on top of it and says she will send the rent now. Sloan adds that her case load is increasing so it shouldn’t be a problem. Eric adds that at some point, his business will pick up. Eric suggests they make a family budget together. Eric grabs a paper to come up with a list of expenses but Jude wakes up crying so Sloan says she will go take care of that.

Jada tells Everett to just sign the papers as Robert Stein so they can get this over with as they don’t want to be married to each other. Jada argues that it’s just a signature and no one will know or care. Everett responds that he’s sorry but he can’t sign the way she wants him to. Leo asks for clarification on Everett being Bobby, then points out Stephanie being with him so he asks if Stephanie knew him as Bobby. Stephanie tells Leo not to go there. Leo asks how he can’t when his gossip column has been starving for a scoop. Everett also tells him not to go there. Jada questions how long he’s going to torture her with this.

Xander and Sarah go home to eat together. Sarah says they are going to sleep like babies tonight now that this whole nightmare is over but Xander says it’s actually not completely over.

Kristen warns Nicole to keep Rachel out of this because Rachel isn’t a screw up like Holly. Nicole argues that Holly has been nothing but kind while Rachel is an entitled brat. Nicole brings up Kristen’s felonies so Kristen asks if she wants to compare notes as they yell at each other. Kristen brings up Nicole kidnapping Jude while Nicole brings up Kristen stealing Tate as a fetus. Kristen argues that she learned baby stealing from Nicole and goes over her past including breaking up Daniel and Jennifer. Nicole says she actually regrets it and is trying to turn her life around. Kristen tells her to spin her way to Hell where she belongs. Nicole brings up Kristen drugging Eric and having sex with him. Nicole adds that Kristen paraded around town in a mask of her to seduce Brady. Nicole declares that Rachel only exists because Brady had sex with Kristen, thinking she was her. They start to fight until EJ runs in to break it up, screaming at them to stop and questioning what is going on.

Sloan returns from changing Jude’s diaper as Eric shows her a list of expenses that he came up with. Sloan tells him it looks all good. Eric questions what is missing. Sloan claims she isn’t thinking of anything but Eric says something isn’t adding up right. Jude starts crying again so Sloan decides to go feed him.

Everett tells Jada that this isn’t personal. Jada complains that they are still married and she takes that very personally. Jada asks what the big deal is as no one will even care and they can move on with their lives. Leo points out that it would be forgery but Jada argues that he is Robert Stein legally. Jada tells Leo to shut up and stay out of it. Everett repeats that he’s sorry but he can’t sign it right now. Jada then storms out, so Stephanie goes after her.

Sarah questions Xander saying the nightmare is not over. Xander talks about every night in jail, trying to figure it out because he knew he didn’t shoot Harris but the evidence was stacking up against him. Xander thinks he was framed and whoever set him up did a bang up job, but the only question is why him.

EJ separates Kristen and Nicole and questions if this is the example they want to set for their daughters. EJ questions Kristen attacking a teenage girl. Nicole thanks EJ for sticking up for Holly. Kristen asks EJ if he heard the things Nicole was saying about Rachel. EJ argues that the difference is that Nicole said those things to Kristen while Kristen fired her missiles right at Holly’s face. Kristen asks if EJ is kidding by giving Nicole a pass. EJ states that Nicole is his wife and Kristen will show her respect. Kristen calls Nicole a scheming gold digger while Nicole calls Kristen a homicidal maniac. EJ screams that is enough and warns that if Kristen is unable to get along with Nicole, then she will have to find another place to live.

Sloan puts Jude to sleep so Eric asks if she can sit down and go over the expenses now. Sloan says she would but she just noticed Jude is out of diapers. Eric asks if she’s sure as he thought they had one more pack but Sloan says they are all out, so she will be right back and then exits. Eric wonders where all their money can be going.

Leo tells Everett that he can only imagine what this is doing to him. Everett calls the whole thing a nightmare with Stephanie right in the middle of it. Leo talks about no one seeing this coming. Everett states that he’s not the victim but the bad guy in the situation since Jada thinks he’s a two timing bastard and Stephanie is debating whether he’s that or a nutjob. Everett adds that either way, Stephanie has lost trust in him and he hates this. Leo says if he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t remember and encourages him to stop being so hard on himself. Leo insists that Everett is a good guy who is going through an identity crisis. Leo says he can only imagine what it would be like to be two people with two sets of rotten memories. Everett tells Leo that he appreciates his support. Leo says they all need someone to listen to their side of the story. Leo asks if he can write about this in his column and promises to be gentle with the story. Everett asks if he’s out of his mind and tells him to drop it. Leo decides he will leave so that Everett can clear his head. Leo adds that he’s there for him, but he does agree with Jada that he won’t be able to move forward until he puts this behind him, so he has to figure it out. Leo declares that otherwise, he’ll never get Stephanie back and it’s obvious that he’s in love with her. Leo says he knows the feeling as he exits the office.

Stephanie and Jada go to the Pub. Stephanie thanks Jada for telling her about the divorce snafu and trusting her enough to open up about it. Jada knows it can’t be easy for her either. Stephanie admits it’s been pretty shocking. Jada tells her that she’s sorry for biting her head off more than once as she realizes she’s been taking all her anger out on her. Stephanie says she can’t imagine what she went through when her marriage ended and what she’s going through now. Jada says it’s no excuse since Stephanie is a victim here too. Jada asks if Stephanie can forgive her for the awful things she said.

Xander tells Sarah that someone went through a lot of trouble to set him up, starting with the phone call. Xander thinks back to the night he got that call. Xander says someone obviously duplicated his jogging outfit and planted the gun in their apartment. Sarah adds that they put the money in his account. Xander says it has to be someone who knows him with money. Sarah wonders if it was Clyde. Xander calls it possible that he financed it since he does have a vendetta against Harris, but questions why Clyde would pin it on him when he hasn’t had any contact with him in years. Xander thinks it would be odd for Clyde to go to such lengths to set him up. Sarah brings up the Spectator article saying that Stefan was doing Clyde’s bidding through the Bistro, so maybe Stefan hired the hitman. Xander decides he’s going to visit the jail to see if he can see Stefan. Sarah asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea.

Kristen asks EJ who he thinks he is and says he doesn’t own the house, adding that she’s been a DiMera longer than Nicole has. Nicole tells Kristen that it’s a big house and suggests agreeing to keep their kids away from each other. EJ says that’s settled and now he’s going to DiMera Enterprises to show some leadership as the board made it clear Stefan is out as head of DiMera, so he needs to take the reigns. Nicole asks if he can do that and still be district attorney. EJ says he can and the company needs someone with the family name while Tony doesn’t want that responsibility while he’s traveling with Anna. EJ adds that Chad never expressed interest while Johnny is too young and inexperienced. Kristen argues that there’s a DiMera right here which EJ laughs off and says he doesn’t think so.

Xander asks Sarah why it would be a bad idea for him to see Stefan. Sarah says he’s all free and clear now so she thinks it’s a bad idea to poke the bear. Xander feels he has to figure out who did this to him. Sarah says they are in this together. Xander thanks her and decides he’ll see about visiting Stefan tomorrow. Sarah jokes with him about bringing her cheese in bed which Xander promises to do every night as they kiss.

EJ says he’s off and asks if he can trust Kristen and Nicole to be there alone. Nicole decides she will go with EJ and he can drop her off in the town square as she could use some retail therapy and then they can have dinner out. EJ calls that perfect. Nicole says she will go check on Holly and let her know they are heading out. Nicole and EJ exit the room while Kristen grabs her phone and calls Mr. Shin, saying she thinks they need to have a talk.

Jada tells Stephanie that she really let her have it but it was all misguided anger as she’s not to blame for any of this and she believes that she had no idea Bobby was married. Jada hopes that Stephanie will forgive her someday when she’s ready. Stephanie admits the things that Jada said really hurt. Stephanie knows she was coming from a place of pain and wasn’t trying to hurt her, so she forgives her as she knows she was only trying to protect herself. Stephanie says they just process things differently. Jada calls Stephanie the calm and rational one while she’s a total hot head. Stephanie says she’s had her moments too. Jada says she’s been so wrapped up in her own world that she didn’t take time to think about how this was affecting Stephanie. Stephanie admits it’s been rough. Jada asks Stephanie if she’s furious with Everett. Stephanie confirms she is half the time, but the other half she’s thinking about what he must be going through. Jada asks if she believes his story. Stephanie says she doesn’t know but she feels for him, losing chunks of his life and identity while having nobody. Jada points out that he has Stephanie and guesses she still has feelings for him. Stephanie wishes it was that black and white.

Everett remains at the Spectator office and declares there is no escaping Robert Stein. Everett then grabs his phone and calls Marlena but it goes to voicemail. He leaves a message, saying he needs to see her.

Sloan meets Leo in the town square. Leo asks if this was really urgent since he has a pedicure. Sloan complains that he just had one and her baby comes first. Sloan talks about what Jude needs. Leo remarks that she should be on a budget. Sloan complains that she can’t keep hiding Leo’s expenses as her bank account is drained and she’s late on rent. Sloan points out that Leo is legit working now and compliments his article on Paulina. Leo is shocked that she didn’t insult him. Sloan calls him a decent writer and points out that he’s getting more assignments. Leo talks about those assignments costing money too. Sloan encourages him being a talented writer and asks for a little bit of help. Leo says because of his fondness for Jude, he will cut her allowance by 10%. Sloan was thinking 40%. Leo says they’ll meet in the middle at 25% only because she complimented his writing. Sloan hugs Leo and says he has no idea what this means to her.

Eric continues going over expenses and says he doesn’t get it as something’s not right here. Eric guesses that Sloan must have some big expenses that she’s not sharing with him. Eric declares that he’s going to get to the bottom of this.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Paulina complains about everything being on her special diet while she’d rather have a bear claw. Abe encourages that she will be able to have one very soon. Paulina says she doesn’t mean to complain as she is very grateful that the treatment exists but she’s dreading the treatment because she hates being away from Abe for even a minute.

Chanel runs in to Johnny in the town square. Johnny reveals the key to the Horton Cabin and announces they are starting their mini honeymoon today which surprises her. Chanel says there’s one problem that she has to work. Johnny guesses it will just have to wait then. Chanel thanks him for understanding as they kiss. Chanel then heads to the Bakery to work.

Kristen walks through the town square, reading the news on her phone and says she can’t believe that Stefan confessed to running illegal drugs through the Bistro and that he’s now behind bars.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ is on the phone, saying the Spectator did not get the exclusive because it’s run by a DiMera and that his office will be releasing a statement today. EJ hangs up as Holly enters the room. EJ knows she’s upset about being punished but says she chose to do drugs and lied to them about it. Holly asks if he’s never lied. EJ says everyone makes mistakes but this needs to be a lesson learned. Holly complains about her and Tate not being able to see each other anymore. EJ says that was Tate’s parents decision and he can’t blame them. EJ knows Holly wants to be with Tate now, but thinks in time that she will see this is for the best. Holly thinks EJ blew everything out of proportion right from the beginning and declares that this is all EJ’s fault.

Tripp and Wendy go to the park. Wendy asks about his first day back to work. Tripp says it felt good to get back to normal and asks if she’s decided when she’s going back. Wendy says she’s not sure as Rafe left it up to her. Tripp feels that’s good. Wendy asks what they are doing out here and worries about a storm coming soon. Tripp informs her that they are going to work up a sweat. Tripp then opens his bag and presents her with boxing gloves and tells Wendy that she’s going to punch him.

Ava gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him. Ava asks what he wants. Clyde wants her to listen up. Ava says that Clyde almost killed her son and his girlfriend, so unless he called to tell her where he is, so that she can come slit his throat and watch him bleed, she has nothing to say. Clyde questions her hostility and remarks that he’s heard Tripp is just fun. Clyde warns her to listen to what he has to say unless she wants him to disavow Stefan’s confession to the police. Clyde informs Ava that he just finished reading this morning’s news about Stefan being arrested and that he’s awaiting arraignment while his ex-business partner, Ava, declined comment. Clyde questions her being called his ex-partner and says he doesn’t think so because he has one more little job that he needs Ava to do for him. Ava flashes back to when Clyde first asked her to run his new drug empire. Ava tells Clyde that the Bistro closed because of everything that went down. Clyde instructs her to force her way back in. Clyde doesn’t know or care how she and Harris got Stefan to take the fall, but they both know she is far from innocent on this. Clyde warns that if Ava wants to keep flying under the radar, she will do what he tells her.

Wendy questions punching Tripp as he instructs her to put the gloves on and explains that physical activity is good for working off nerves and stress. Tripp says after what they went through, it’s not surprise that they have PTSD so he thinks it might be good to work their feelings out in a physical way that’s perfectly safe. Wendy says she’s never tried boxing before. Tripp says he hasn’t either but always wanted to try. Wendy was thinking more like jogging but agrees to give boxing a try.

Chanel returns to Johnny in the town square and says her staff was wondering why she showed up when she was supposed to be on her mini honeymoon. Johnny admits he may have talked to them and they agreed to cover. Chanel says it was sweet, generous, and she really wants to go but brings Paulina starting her treatment. Johnny says that’s why he scheduled this now because Paulina is going to have to be in isolation, so she won’t be able to be with her for the next few days due to being radioactive. Chanel acknowledges that’s true. Johnny adds that the Horton Cabin is fairly close if she had to come back but assures that everything will be fine. Chanel admits she can’t say no to that. Johnny promises it will be the best time ever as they kiss.

EJ walks through the town square, on the phone with Mr. Shin, saying he has everything under control as he walks past Kristen. EJ promises Mr. Shin that he will handle it as he hangs up. Kristen complains about finding out their brother is in jail from the Spectator. Kristen questions nobody telling her. EJ tells her to get a grip. Kristen argues that Stefan was running the company, so she questions where the hell that leaves DiMera Enterprises. EJ assures that there’s nothing to worry about and he has to run. EJ walks off as Kristen shouts about the family business going under. EJ runs in to Johnny, who informs him that he and Chanel are going out of town to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. EJ tells him that’s great and long overdue but says he’s in a rush. Johnny stops him and says he also wanted to know about Stefan being in jail. EJ questions if he even cares. Johnny insists that he does since Stefan is his uncle. EJ points out that Stefan was supplying the drugs that nearly got Holly killed and assures that everything is under control. EJ tells Johnny not to worry and to go enjoy his honeymoon as they both deserve some time off. EJ then hurries off.

Wendy worries about hurting Tripp with a punch but Tripp assures her that she did good and they joke about it. Wendy mentions being a brown belt in taekwondo but says she’s never punched someone. Wendy takes off her gloves and tells Tripp it’s his turn but Tripp decides jogging doesn’t sound like a bad idea, so Wendy says she’ll race him.

Ava tells Clyde that she doesn’t care about flying under the radar so he can go ahead and tell someone that she was just as involved as Stefan. Ava says she’d rather park her ass in jail than do anything for Clyde again. Ava declares that she’s hanging up and tells him not to call back. Clyde asks what would Harris say if he knew how he got out of prison. Clyde guesses that got her attention and says he’s only asking for one small favor. Ava refuses to launder his money. Clyde says this job is easy. Clyde reveals that Gil hid a little black book at the Bistro and inside that book is all the information on his suppliers and dealers. Clyde says there is no digital trail on him as everything is in that book. Clyde declares that Ava is to get him that book and it is not to be placed in anyone else’s hands. Clyde points out that he’s not asking Ava to kill anybody or kidnap anybody or even betray her friends. Clyde says that book is the only trail back to him, so if she gets it to him, he will pick up and move his operations elsewhere so she’ll never have to hear from him again. Ava then tells Clyde that this is the last thing she will ever do for him and then she’s out.

Abe and Paulina talk about her upcoming treatment. Chanel arrives and says she brought some treats that are made to be on her approved foods list which excites Paulina. Chanel says she has to go but will have her phone on if they need her to come back as she reveals that she and Johnny are going to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. Paulina calls that wonderful and insists on them going.

Holly sits at home and thinks back to being with Tate. Johnny comes in and greets her, then asks what’s wrong. Holly complains that she has no life. Johnny has no idea what she’s talking about. Holly informs him that she and Tate are no longer allowed to see each other which Johnny says sucks. Holly adds that she’s not in love with Tate in case anyone tells him that, but she does really like him. Holly says it doesn’t matter because Nicole and EJ decided they are toxic for each other. Holly remarks that she thinks EJ and Nicole are a total mismatch. Johnny says he’s sorry that she and Tate can’t hang out. Holly blames herself for making such a mess out of everything. Johnny says they all mess up and she’s paying the consequences, but soon it will just be a bad memory. Johnny mentions that he and Chanel are getting away for the weekend, so he has to go pack. Holly says she’s really happy for them and hopes she finds that one day. Johnny tells her not to rush as she has loads of time. Johnny says when he gets back, if she still wants to talk, there will be no judgment. Johnny heads upstairs and then Rachel comes in and greets Holly. Rachel suggests they go paint their nails which Holly agrees to.

Wendy and Tripp return home as they finish their jogging. Wendy pulls out her phone and sees the Spectator article about Stefan being in jail after confessing to running drugs out of the Bistro. Tripp asks if it says anything about his mom. Wendy says just that Stefan’s ex-business partner declined to comment. Ava then comes in and greets them, asking if they are okay. Tripp responds that he’s fine but she has some explaining to do as he shows her the article. Tripp asks Ava what’s going on and why Stefan would do that. Ava claims not to know. Tripp thought they were both forced in to this shady stuff and threatened by Clyde. Ava guesses that Stefan felt so guilty about what happened to them. Tripp feels that doesn’t sound like Stefan but says who cares since it’s great news and Ava can finally put all of this behind her. Ava declares that she’s going to make a fresh start and she has started by quitting the Bistro since it’s too much bad luck and bad memories. Ava adds that her fresh start includes finding a new place to live.

Rachel and Holly paint their nails. Holly asks Rachel about school. Johnny and Chanel come in. Johnny announces they are taking off for their honeymoon. Holly tells them to have a great time. Johnny and Chanel then exit together.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s going to miss her. Paulina says she’s going to this procedure, knowing he will be at home waiting for her. Paulina says it comforts her knowing that he remembers their history and loves her as Abe hugs her.

Tripp questions Ava moving out. Ava jokes that newlyweds need their space. Wendy says they aren’t exactly but Ava says she heard they exchanged vows which Tripp and Wendy flash back to. Ava asks if they are going to make it official. Tripp says maybe, but for now their vows are on the backburner. Wendy agrees that they are just happy being together. Ava feels they still need their space. Tripp says she doesn’t have to do this. Ava argues that she nearly got them killed. Ava says they have been too generous and let her stay way too long. Ava thinks moving out on her own will be best for everyone.

Abe brings Paulina to the hospital where she prepares for her treatment. Abe encourages that it’s only for a few days. Tripp enters and greets them. Paulina says it’s good to see him. Abe adds that they are so relieved that Tripp and Wendy were rescued. Tripp thanks him. Paulina calls it a horrifying ordeal. Tripp says it was but they are okay now and feeling very lucky. Tripp mentions hearing they had an ordeal as well but with a really happy ending. Abe says they are blessed. Tripp tells Paulina that they will get started and explains that she will be taken to a special room to take the radioactive pill. Paulina asks if she and Abe can have a minute before she goes. Tripp agrees to send a nurse for her in ten minutes and exits the room. Abe then hugs Paulina.

Johnny and Chanel arrive on Smith Island as Johnny carries her in to the cabin. They talk about the place being private and cozy. Johnny jokes that they can be as loud as they want, unlike at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel wonders when anyone was last there. Johnny guesses it’s been awhile and decides he will get some firewood for them as he then exits.

Rachel tells Holly that she doesn’t like boys and is never getting married. They talk until Kristen walks in and orders Rachel to go upstairs, so she exits. Kristen questions what the hell Holly is doing. Holly responds that they were just hanging out. Kristen says not anymore and tells Holly to stay away from her daughter. Holly argues that they were just doing manicures like they used to. Kristen argues that Holly used to not do drugs back then. Holly says she’s not doing drugs now. Kristen questions if she’s lying now like she was before when she let Tate take the fall. Kristen complains that Tate is like a son to her and he’s also Rachel’s half-brother. Kristen asks how Rachel is going to feel when she finds out what Holly did to Tate. Kristen warns that if she finds her with Rachel again, she will regret it. EJ walks in and screams at Kristen that’s enough and that she will not talk to Holly like that anymore. Kristen complains about Holly and Rachel. EJ mocks her asking if they were doing their nails or listening to Cannibal Corpse. Kristen argues that Rachel is her daughter, so she will decide who she hangs out with. EJ brings up Kristen’s villainous history with Brady, Theresa, Marlena, and Eric to name a few. Kristen tells EJ to get off his high horse and storms out of the room. EJ remarks that Kristen makes his blood boil and says he’s sorry for losing his temper, but Holly thanks him for having her back. EJ tells her to let him know if Kristen gives her any more trouble as he then exits the room.

Wendy asks Ava if she needs help looking for a new place. Ava says she can manage. Wendy repeats that she doesn’t have to go. Ava admits that she’s been really good to her and she appreciates it as she then heads to her room.

Abe exits Paulina’s hospital room.

Johnny lights a fire at the Horton Cabin and tells Chanel that it should start to warm up soon. Chanel has an idea on speeding that up as they start kissing. They say they will love each other forever as they continue kissing.

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Days Update Monday, April 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Steve works on his laptop. John arrives and asks if he got anything. Steve gives him bad news that he’s done several deep searches and nothing has come up yet, so where ever Clyde has gone is definitely off the grid. Steve still can’t believe Clyde got away and says he should’ve known that Ava would double cross them. John says he won’t make excuses for Ava but she obviously wasn’t thinking straight since she was worried about her son’s life. Steve argues that Ava going rogue led to Clyde and Goldman getting away while Tripp and Wendy could have been killed anyway. John questions how they know that Ava doesn’t know more than she’s letting on.

Harris gets up and joins Ava in the kitchen at her apartment. Harris comments on her letting him sleep in and they kiss. Harris asks how she’s feeling after quitting her job at the Bistro. Ava responds that she feels free for the first time she can remember and like her life belongs to her again. Harris calls that a great way to start the day as they continue kissing.

Konstantin joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if she’s okay. Maggie says she’s been reconciling in her mind with the many sides of Victor. Konstantin says they all have their past but what’s important is the present. Maggie calls him a remarkable man. Konstantin responds that he’s inspired by her.

Alex goes to the Titan office and finds Theresa. Alex tells her that her performance at their meeting was very impressive and that it’s good to have her back. Theresa admits it’s great to be back in the office and seeing sales go up. Brady arrives and jokes about it being true that Theresa is back in the office. Brady tells Theresa that he was going to call her as he was wondering if he could talk to her for a minute about Tate and Holly. Theresa questions what Holly did to their son now.

Harris and Ava have breakfast together. Harris comments that she made him a believer in vegan bacon. Harris gets a message on his phone that the audit has been wrapped up at the Bistro, the books are clean, and there’s nothing linking Ava to anything illegal at all. Ava is relieved and acknowledges Stefan taking responsibility. Harris points out that it was either that or go down for attempted murder of a cop. Ava still can’t believe Stefan took the fall. Harris assures that he did and that means it’s over but he’s not sure that she really believes it. Ava says she wants to, but feels too many people know she was involved and that it wasn’t Stefan working alone. Harris encourages that no one will say anything and that Clyde won’t care who takes the fall. Harris insists that those who know, Tripp, Wendy, Steve, and John all want to protect her. Harris declares that Clyde can’t hurt Ava now, so she’s free to start her life.

John asks Steve if he thinks Ava knows something she isn’t telling them. Steve says it’s hard to say but he knows she wants Clyde to pay for what he did to Tripp. John points out that it is Ava. Steve admits that as soon as you think you can trust Ava, you can be quickly reminded of being a gullible fool. John decides they should talk to Ava again before Clyde hurts anyone else while on the run. Steve says they wouldn’t be able to live with that. Kayla comes over and questions what they wouldn’t be able to live with.

Brady informs Theresa about Tate going to see Holly even after they told him not to. Theresa is shocked that Tate lied. Brady adds that EJ and Nicole were there, so he told them that they have to keep Holly away from Tate. Theresa says they obviously see that Holly and Tate are totally toxic for each other. Theresa doesn’t understand why Tate wants to see Holly after all she’s done to him. Brady calls it teen infatuation but thinks as long as the adults are aligned, things will settle down as they are kept separate and it will all be good. Theresa hugs Brady and thanks him so much for handling this because she would’ve lost it if she was there. Brady admits he almost lost it but they have to do what’s best for their son as Alex watches on from the corner.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s still processing his relationship with Victor, questioning how they developed a friendship over the years. Konstantin claims that they were mortal enemies but even in their darkest moments, they felt like kindred spirits. Maggie remarks that she didn’t think she would ever fall in love again when she lost Mickey, but she did and Victor was her second chapter. Maggie says she couldn’t have been more surprised as Victor had a big heart and deep devotion for his family. Maggie declares that’s the Victor she knew and loved. Konstantin says that’s the Victor they should both remember.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s surprised as he thought she was going to work. Kayla thought she’d pick up some food on her way and questions what Steve can’t live with. Steve responds that he can’t live with the fact that Clyde Weston got away or that he’s still out there. John tells Steve that they got to get a move on for their client meeting, so Steve tells Kayla they will talk later. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her and then exits with John.

Maggie tells Konstantin that he is very kind. Konstantin says she brings out the best in him, as she did with Victor. Maggie says she and Victor needed and adored each other, but she’s still struggling with what she knows about Victor’s past. Maggie adds that seeing Konstantin find peace has given her hope. Konstantin says hope holds them together and shines light on what is to come. Julie walks in and screams that the place is turning in to a madhouse, then asks if she’s interrupting.

Theresa tells Brady that she was a handful as a teenager but not like Tate and Holly. They agree they have to be united. Theresa prays that EJ and Nicole are on the same page. Theresa realizes she has to get to a meeting. Alex tells Theresa that he will be cooking dinner for when she gets home. Brady questions if he missed something. Alex then informs Brady that Theresa moved back in with him.

Harris asks about what Ava is going to do next. Ava talks about dreaming of being a fashion designer as a kid but that wasn’t in the cards with her family. Ava says cooking is now her passion so Harris suggests culinary school could be her next move. Harris says that whatever she chooses, he will be there and cheering her on as he believes in her. Ava says that means more than he knows. They are then interrupted by a knock at the door. Ava assumes it’s the groceries but answers the door to see Steve and John. Ava questions what they want. They respond that they are there to talk about Clyde Weston.

Julie tells Maggie that she’s not complaining but she’s just a little tired. Julie says she loves Thomas and Charlotte but questions when spring break ends. Konstantin says it’s time for his morning walk and asks Maggie to continue their conversation later over afternoon tea in the garden which Maggie agrees to as Konstantin exits. Julie then questions what she walked in on.

Brady is surprised since Theresa said she was staying at the Salem Inn. Theresa explains that she was but then she ran in to Alex. Alex points out that Theresa never really moved out since half of her belongings were still there. Theresa repeats that she has to go and tells Alex that she will see him at home as she exits.

Steve tells Ava that they didn’t realize she had company so they can come back another time but Harris says if it’s about Clyde, he’d like to hear it too. John says they were going over everything and wondered if Ava remembered anything new. Ava wishes she did but says she wasn’t Clyde’s confidant. Ava says she wants Clyde caught and put away as much as anyone. Harris talks about law enforcement doing their best and points out that John and Steve are really good at their job, so the more eyes looking for Clyde, the better. Harris asks John and Steve to let them know if they find anything because he wouldn’t want them taking things in to their own hands. John claims they wouldn’t dream of it. Steve decides they’ve taken up enough of their time. Ava decides she’s going to get ready to start her day and heads to her room. Harris suggests they keep each other in the loop. Steve agrees while John asks Steve to go ahead as he wants to pick Harris’ brain about a couple things. Steve tells John that he’ll see him back at the office and exits. John asks Harris since they are keeping each other in the loop, if he can get a look at Goldman’s personnel file. Harris says they’ve scoured everything they have on her while John feels fresh eyes can’t hurt. Harris tells John that he already knows that’s against policy. John argues that it might help put Clyde behind bars. John says they have both worked outside the lines from time to time. Harris asks if her personnel file is all she needs. John adds that he also has a personal question for him about them that they both have in common. John calls it a shared experience and he’s talking about what Megan did to him. Harris says he tries not to think about that. John asks how that’s working out for him. Harris admits in the beginning, it wasn’t good, until he went to Bayview and that helped a lot mostly thanks to Marlena. John wonders if that’s enough sometimes. Harris asks what he means. John asks Harris if he’s afraid that he’s nothing but a ticking time bomb and that anytime, it could happen all over again.

After Maggie fills Julie in, Julie calls it terrible for Konstantin to lose his daughter that way and worries about the agony for John feeling responsible. Maggie comments on knowing that Victor played a part in it and says she’s had to dig deep in her feelings about who Victor really was. Julie calls Victor a complicated paradox but says Doug is too as he certainly has a past, but now he’s a model citizen and the most loving man she ever met. Julie encourages that Maggie brought out the best in Victor. Maggie says Julie has a gift for saying the right thing and lifting everyone’s spirits. Julie toasts to them knowing how to pick them.

Brady questions Alex about he and Theresa going from almost engaged to roommates again. Alex asks why not since it gives Theresa a chance to find her own place and claims there’s no hidden agenda, as he just wants what is best for her. Alex thinks Theresa has the ability to make serious waves in the company. Brady comments on Alex sounding like Victor there, so he’s glad that he’s pushing that legacy forward. Alex says finding out Victor was his father put another level of pressure on him, so he just wants to make him proud. Brady encourages that he thinks Victor would be very proud. Alex says he appreciates that and he’s happy to hear that Tate was exonerated. Brady talks about the challenges and wanting Tate to know what a healthy relationship is. Brady adds that he wants the same thing for Theresa which is why he’s warning Alex not to screw with her.

Theresa walks through the town square and runs in to Konstantin, who says he’s been trying to reach her but she never responds. Theresa argues that she’s been busy, the world doesn’t revolve around him, and she’s in a rush. Konstantin wants an update on her relationship with Alex. Theresa informs him that he’ll be pleased to hear that she moved back in to Alex’s apartment, but she’s keeping it strictly platonic as roommates in separate rooms. Konstantin says that’s for now. Theresa questions if she’s not moving fast enough for him. Konstantin responds that what he’s about to say might surprise her.

Steve brings flowers to Kayla in her office. Kayla questions what he did. Steve asks if he can’t just bring his wife flowers. Kayla says not unless he’s done something she won’t be happy about. Kayla adds that it was so obvious at the Pub that something was going on. Kayla asks Steve to talk to her. Steve says he hates keeping secrets from her but he doesn’t want to put her in a position of having to lie for him. Kayla argues that he knows she has his back and would do anything for him, so she asks him to tell her what’s going on. Steve tells her to sit down because it’s a long story.

Harris tells John that he’d be lying if he said it didn’t cross his mind that it could happen all over again, but working with the doctors and working on himself saved him. Harris says he has to live with what he did as that’s never going to change. Harris admits in the beginning, it was tough as he was so overwhelmed with the guilt. John asks how he dealt with it. Harris says he just kept reminding himself that those actions were not committed freely, so he wasn’t responsible for those actions. Harris can see that John is still struggling. Harris says it took him a long time to come to terms with his past. Harris encourages that John has to tell himself every day that it was not his fault and put the blame where the blame belongs on the people who tried to control him. Harris declares that they were victims, but to continue to not be victimized by them, he has to forgive himself.

Kayla can’t believe it and questions Steve, John, and Ava creating this whole hazmat incident as a cover to extract Clyde Weston from prison. Kayla goes over Steve breaking a dangerous criminal and convicted murderer out of prison. Steve says he was desperate and afraid he’d never see his son again. Kayla complains that he negotiated with a terrorist. Steve feels he had no choice because he knew Clyde would kill Tripp and Wendy if he didn’t do something. Kayla questions breaking him out of prison being the only option. Kayla adds that it’s not shocking that Ava double crossed him which Steve admits they should’ve anticipated. Kayla complains that Steve would trust Ava. Steve argues that time was not on their side and he thought he was going to lose his son. Steve knew it’d be dangerous. Kayla asks how he could do something so stupid.

Alex says that Brady has given him a lot of insight and advice in regards to Theresa. Alex feels his subtext was that a recovering addict is always on the verge of a relapse and now he’s telling him not to screw with her. Brady doesn’t want things to end badly for her and just wants her to be okay. Alex feels it just goes further than that with all his interventions. Alex believes Brady is far more interested in Theresa than just as the mother of his child. Brady assures that’s not the case as he wants Theresa to be stable as her life is complicated enough without involving Kristen. Alex questions why she’d have to deal with Kristen. Brady points out that Kristen is going to be around if she and Alex are dating. Alex points out that it’d be a plus for Brady because Kristen being around would drive Theresa right back to him. Brady repeats that he just wants the best for Theresa and that’s the extent of his concern. Alex says he’s not very convincing and he thinks Brady is lying to himself. Brady decides he should leave then. Alex reminds him that Theresa is back under his roof and whatever happens between them is between them. Brady says the notice is served loud and clear as he exits the office.

Konstantin tells Theresa that nothing attracts men like Alex more than forbidden fruit. Konstantin says he’s observed this over the years. Theresa mocks his expertise. Konstantin argues that they both know men like Alex will want what they cannot have, so she must create that illusion for him, so he will run right in to her arms and her bed. Theresa says she already knew that and that he’ll be pleased to know her plan is to slow burn until Alex is consumed by the flames of passion. Theresa then walks away.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s not proud of what he did and he wishes he hadn’t agreed to it, but it was an awful sudden turn of events and asks Kayla to try to understand that. Kayla can’t understand why Steve ever trusted Ava. Steve argues that he keeps telling her that he was desperate and thought his son was going to die. Steve adds that things would’ve been different if Ava came to him as soon as Clyde got his hooks into her. Kayla complains that she didn’t because Ava is incapable of thinking about anyone other than herself before it’s too late. Steve shouts that she doesn’t have to remind him. Kayla feels she obviously does because Steve was deceived by Ava again in the worst possible way. Kayla complains that every time they are sucked in to Ava’s vortex, they are the ones who suffer and Steve should know better, but he let it happen again. Kayla declares there is no damn excuse for that as she then storms out of her office.

Brady joins John in the town square and says he wanted to talk to him. John asks if everything is okay. Brady says there’s nothing to report but he knows something has been weighing on John and he feels he hasn’t been attentive. John says to forget about him and talk about something good for a change like Tate coming home. Brady calls that a big relief and mentions their plan to go to a Cubs game this weekend. Brady invites John to join them which John says he would love. Brady still wants to know how John is doing. John responds that he’s feeling a lot better today. Brady says he can see that in his eyes, like he finally found peace or something. John says that’s what he’s been praying for and he’s starting to feel like his prayers are being answered.

Maggie tells Julie how much she lifts her spirits and how she keeps her optimism even in the darkest of times. Julie says the alternative would be to sink in to despair. Julie says Maggie makes her faith in the human race rise because she is all heart. Julie asks Maggie how Holly is doing. Maggie says she’s fine, physically, but confessed that it was her drugs that she overdosed on and not Tate’s. Maggie says on one hand, she’s relieved that Holly is home and Brady and Theresa have that weight off their shoulders but on the other hand, she’s sad to know her granddaughter is using drugs. Julie encourages that they are all here for her and Maggie is not alone. Julie then points out that Maggie is not alone that often these days as she and Konstantin seem to be growing closer. Maggie confirms they are and says he’s become a very good friend.

Alex comes home to Theresa, who is folding her lingerie as part of her laundry which distracts Alex. Alex says he’s going to shower and then will start cooking. Theresa remarks that her mission is close to accomplished.

Ava comes back to the living room and kisses Harris. Ava asks what’s wrong. Harris says he was just going to his place to get some clothes for work and assuming he’s going to stay the night, so he will be right back. Ava tells him that he knows where she’ll be as he then exits. Ava then gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him.

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Days Update Friday, April 5, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Tate (now played by Leo Howard) greets Brady at home. Brady tells him it’s a great morning because Tate is finally home. Brady tells him he’s got coffee ready and is making him breakfast. Tate mentions sleeping better than he has in months. Brady credits finally being in his own room again. Tate can’t believe it’s already April and it’s like he wasted 3 months. Brady declares that he’s finally free again and asks if he had fun at Buddy’s house. Tate claims he just hung out with a couple friends who caught him up on the viral videos he missed while locked up. Brady says it’s good that he’s reconnecting with his friends and making up for lost time. Tate comments that reconnecting was great…

Nicole talks with Holly at home about her physical therapy going well. Holly asks if that means she can stop going soon but Nicole tells her that she still has a few more sessions. Nicole tells Holly that she is really proud of her hard work. Holly asks if she’s proud enough to give her phone back and let her leave the house by herself but Nicole says not yet. Holly remarks that at least she can be alone in her room then and storms off upstairs.

EJ is in the living room on the phone with Mr. Shin, relating to the loss of a son. EJ confirms that Stefan has been put in jail because he was in cahoots with Clyde Weston and his drug ring. EJ assures that it will be dealt with and hangs up as Nicole appears in the doorway.

At the Spectator office, Leo talks to Chad about his daily horoscope as they are both pisces. Leo reads that pickles will be a great source of joy for him this week and tantric is not a cuss word to be used around the office but says he’ll leave that part out. Everett arrives and greets them. Chad questions what he’s doing there. Everett says considering what’s been going on lately, he’s been working from home but he came to share news with Chad in person because it directly affects him. Everett reveals that his sources at the Salem PD told him that Stefan is in jail which Chad questions as he hasn’t heard anything about that. Leo asks why Stefan is in jail and asks if Chad is alright. Chad says he’s just a bit shocked but guesses he shouldn’t be. Chad asks what Everett knows about why Stefan is in jail. Everett then reveals that Stefan confessed to running drugs for Clyde Weston.

At the Brady Pub, Sloan tells Eric that she has to go for several client meetings. Eric comments on her working hard. Sloan mentions the expenses piling up since they have a kid now. Eric comments on his photography business not taking off yet. Stephanie comes over and greets them. Stephanie tells them not to hesitate if they ever need a babysitter as she misses being around kids, especially Thomas and Charlotte. Stephanie mentions going through a rough time. Eric asks if something happened with Everett. Stephanie confirms that something did and she was totally blindsided.

At the police station, Jada brings a box to Rafe in his office. Jada says it’s from her storage with all her divorce documents from her awful time in Seattle with Bobby. Rafe tells Jada that he’s sorry for what was found. Jada tells him not to be and insists that she is not still legally married to Bobby Stein and that somewhere in the box, there will be proof.

Tate and Brady finish breakfast at home. Brady asks if Tate has any plans for spring break. Tate says he thought he’d still be locked up in the halfway house so he didn’t make any plans. Brady suggests they go to the Cubs vs. Dodgers baseball game. Tate agrees that sounds fun. Brady brings up that he knows Tate recently felt like nobody believed him about the drugs and like no one was in his corner. Brady understands how rough that must have been but he’s proud of the way Tate handled it. Tate brings up how he stole Theresa’s phone and broke out of the halfway house. Brady talks about how they all make mistakes but it’s how they atone for them that builds character. Brady encourages Tate to put the past behind him. Tate admits he’s nervous to go back to school and now that he has a phone, he can see what all the kids are saying about him and what happened. Brady points out that his real friends stood up for him. Tate asks if he can go hang out with them. Brady says sure and asks which friends. Tate says he and his friends were going to go to the mall. Brady offers to give him a ride but Tate says he will walk. Tate thanks him as Brady tells him to have fun. Tate heads to his room while Brady looks concerned.

Rafe and Jada look through Jada’s box until she finds her divorce decree and presents it to Rafe. Rafe jokes that he’s relieved to not be sleeping with a married woman.

Stephanie sits with Eric and Sloan to fill them in on Everett being Bobby Stein, but having no memory of being married to Jada or seeing her before meeting in Salem. Sloan calls that strange and complicated. Sloan asks Eric if Jada ever mentioned much about her marriage to Bobby. Eric says she didn’t much. Stephanie says it was obviously a very tough time for Jada and now she finds out that she was the other woman while Everett doesn’t remember being married. Eric and Sloan hope Stephanie finds forgiveness for her own peace of mind. Sloan guesses they’ll never really know what Everett was going through and feels that no one should judge unless they walk in someone’s shoes. Sloan wishes she could stay and hear more but she has to go meet a client. Sloan wishes Stephanie luck and then exits the Pub. Eric tells Stephanie that he’s really sorry for what she’s going through. Stephanie is sorry for the way she handled it since every time she tries to talk to Jada, she just gets more upset with her. Stephanie explains that Jada blames her for not knowing that Everett was married when they got together and wonders why she didn’t do a background check or find it odd that she never met his friends or family. Stephanie adds that now that she knows Everett cheated on Jada and blew up their marriage, Jada is furious that she hasn’t turned her back on him.

Sloan joins Rafe and Jada in Rafe’s office. Jada thanks her for meeting with her. Sloan informs her that she coincidentally just ran in to Stephanie at the Pub and she filled her in on everything with Everett, Bobby, and how upset Jada is with her. Jada tells Sloan that she’s sure Stephanie played the victim. Sloan says that Stephanie seemed extremely sad about the whole thing but she didn’t let her know that Jada called and let her believe she didn’t know anything about it. Sloan assures that she takes client confidentiality very seriously. Jada says she appreciates that and then presents Sloan with the divorce decree that she found. Sloan reveals that she spoke to Rafe’s friend and more details are coming to light. Sloan informs them that the divorce decree was not signed by Bobby so she is technically still married to Robert Stein.

Chad finishes a call with EJ and informs Everett and Leo that EJ confirmed Stefan confessed and was arrested but he declined to comment further. Chad recalls the last time he saw Stefan, he was really drunk and an emotional mess. Chad guesses it makes sense now knowing he was working under Clyde and maybe it was a cry for help. Leo gets a text and says he has to go as he has a lead on a story, so he quickly exits. Everett informs Chad that he wrote up a story and asks if they are going to post it. Chad says of course. Everett asks Chad if he’s sure, reminding him that last time he was going to write about Stefan being involved in the drug ring, he asked him to look the other way so maybe he wants him to cover this up too. Chad thinks back to ordering Everett to remove everything about Holly’s overdose at the Bistro from their paper.

EJ informs Nicole that the DiMera Board got wind of Stefan’s arrest, the stocks are way down, and they are furious so now they want to kick Stefan out. EJ doesn’t blame the board since they have been working hard to recreate the image and Stefan being connected to a drug ring is the last thing DiMera needs. Nicole wonders if Stefan is responsible for the drugs that put Holly in a coma. EJ admits that he could be but says all he knows is that Stefan helped Clyde distribute drugs through the Bistro because Clyde threatened to kill Gabi if he didn’t fall in line, so he was trying to protect his wife. Nicole argues that doesn’t make it right. Brady walks in and declares none of this is right. EJ tells Brady that this isn’t a good time. Brady argues that his son lost three months of his life, so they are going to listen to what he has to say. Nicole asks what he wants. Brady responds that he wants what he’s already demanded and that’s a public apology from EJ to Tate and for EJ to admit that he was wrong to accuse Tate of a crime that he did not commit. Brady declares that’s what he wants and what he will get for his son and his son’s family. Brady asks if EJ has a problem with that.

Jada doesn’t understand how the divorce decree isn’t valid. Sloan repeats that Robert never signed it. Jada argues that the error never would’ve been discovered if not for Rafe’s friend. Rafe says he was just trying to help. Sloan feels it would’ve come out eventually and she needs the paper to be legit if she ever wants to get remarried. Sloan encourages that it’s not an insurmountable problem as all she has to do is get Robert Stein to sign the papers. Jada declares that she will do that right now.

Chad tells Everett that when the raid at the Bistro turned up nothing, he chose to believe his brother and now he owns that it was a mistake. Chad tells Everett to write his damn story and they aren’t covering anything up. Stephanie arrives and says she hopes she’s not interrupting as she came to announce that she decided to stay on as the Spectator’s PR person. Stephanie thinks it’s best if Chad is her primary point of contact which Everett says makes sense. Everett then gets a call from Jada, who says she needs him to meet her at the Pub right now. Everett says he can’t because he’s at work but Jada says it will take five minutes so Everett agrees to meet. Everett tells Chad to take a look at what he wrote and see if he likes it. Everett says he’ll be back and exits, leaving Stephanie wondering what that was about.

EJ tells Brady that he would have no problem issuing a public apology to Tate. Brady says he didn’t think that he would consider the hell Tate has been through due to EJ’s bias and Holly’s deceit. Holly then comes downstairs and tells them that she’s going to take a walk around the garden, so she exits through the side door. Holly goes around the corner and meets Tate at the front door. Holly informs Tate that Brady is inside which surprises him. Tate assures her that Brady didn’t know he was coming here. Tate then surprises Holly with a burner phone and says now they can talk anytime but she’ll have to keep it hidden. Holly calls him a lifesaver as they hug.

Leo walks through the town square and runs in to Eric with Jude. Leo shows Eric his new scarf and talks about the sale at the store. Leo offers to watch Jude if Eric wants to go do some shopping. Eric calls it a kind offer but says he and Sloan are budgeting right now with a lot of expenses. Leo tells Eric that he was honored to be included in the Christening. Eric thanks him for his kind words.

Holly asks Tate if he’s adjusting to life on the outside. Tate says he’s doing so much better and he’s relieved to be out of the halfway house as it was beyond horrible. Holly says she’s really sorry. Tate says it’s okay as he’s out now and gets to hang out with her. Tate calls spring break a waste and says he’s not ready to go back to school. Holly guesses they have no choice. Tate points out that their parents can’t keep them separated while at school. Holly suggests they agree to find each other in between periods, hold hands in the hall, and find a private space to be together at lunch. Tate says he has the perfect spot under a tree. They kiss until they hear the gardener. Holly decides they should say goodbye before Nicole sees them.

Nicole tells Brady that she told Holly to apologize to Tate but also to Brady and Theresa. Brady wants that made clear to EJ as well. EJ says he will issue a public apology but argues that he only went where the evidence pointed and the law. Brady argues that the evidence only pointed towards Tate because of EJ’s bias against Tate and his hatred for him. Nicole tells them both to stop. Nicole tells EJ that none of this would’ve gotten out of hand if Holly didn’t do drugs in the first place or told them the truth when she woke up and Tate screwed things up by covering for her. Nicole states that the truth is out now and the kids need them to be united, so they need to set a good example. EJ agrees that they all need to take the high road. EJ apologizes to Brady for accusing his son of a crime he did not commit and says his office will issue a statement as soon as possible. Brady says he looks forward to that as they shake hands.

Everett goes to the Brady Pub and meets Jada, Rafe, and Sloan. Everett asks Jada what this is about. Jada responds that it’s a personal matter and informs him that she’s hired Sloan as her lawyer. Jada informs Everett that she asked him for a divorce when she found out he was cheating on her. Everett repeats that he doesn’t remember her so he doesn’t remember being married or divorced. Jada informs him that they never got divorced, so under the law, they are still married.

Nicole and EJ walk Brady out of the living room. After they leave, Holly and Tate sneak in through the side door but Brady comes back and catches them, questioning what the hell Tate is doing here. EJ and Nicole come back in as well. Nicole tells Holly that she can’t believe this.

Chad complains to Stephanie about letting Stefan use him and how every time the DiMeras start to rebuild their image, something like this happens. Chad notes Stephanie is distracted and guesses it’s about Everett. Stephanie says it’s all such a mystery if he’s Everett or Bobby and if she should hate him for deceiving her and Jada or if she should stand by him. Stephanie states that she doesn’t want to believe he meant to hurt either of them.

Everett questions still being married since he doesn’t remember being married in the first place. Jada says what he remembers isn’t relevant at this point and tells Sloan to show him the papers. Sloan gives the papers to Everett and he signs them. Everett declares that’s it but Sloan looks at his signature and questions what the hell this is.

Eric finds an envelope from the landlord, revealing that Sloan has not paid the rent.

Brady tells Tate that they are leaving now, reminding him that he told her not to see Holly. Holly responds that she wanted to see Tate too. Brady doesn’t care and says he doesn’t want Tate around her after she let him take the fall for her drug overdose and almost jeopardized his future. Brady is surprised Tate even wants to be around her. Tate declares that he forgives Holly but Brady says he shouldn’t. Nicole agrees with Brady that Holly and Tate shouldn’t hang out together for the time being. Holly argues that they can’t do that to them. Tate complains that they aren’t angry with each other and only the adults are angry. Brady announces that the adults agree so Holly and Tate are not to see each other anymore.

Chad tells Stephanie that she has to take care of herself first and she does that by distancing herself from Everett. Chad knows she’s hurt and confused. Chad doesn’t think it will be good for her to stand by Everett and suggests letting him lean on someone else. Stephanie points out that he doesn’t have anyone else in Salem. Chad offers to lend an ear when Everett needs it but Stephanie doesn’t think he will want to open up to him. Chad jokes that he can branch out and join a softball league, go to church, or find some way to meet new people. Stephanie doesn’t think those would interest him. Chad feels there’s plenty of other ways to meet people. Chad doesn’t want his advice to come across as sounding jealous because that’s not it. Chad says that Stephanie is his friend and he cares about her a lot, so he doesn’t want to see her get hurt any more than she already has.

Sloan points out that Everett signed the papers as Everett Lynch but she needs him to sign as Bobby Stein because that is who is married to Jada. Everett argues that he’s not that man and declares that he’s sorry but he can’t sign for him because that would be forgery. Everett tells Jada that he’s sorry but she’s going to have to find another way to get her divorce.

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Days Update Thursday, April 4, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Kate brings Lucas snacks and books at the monastery that he’s staying at. Lucas complains about having no internet but admits that it’s better than prison. Lucas tells Kate that he’s praying a lot to get out, see his family, and get his life back.

Marlena finds Alex at Small Bar and notes that she hasn’t seen him for awhile. Alex invites her to sit and assumes that Brady updated her on the latest. Marlena confirms that Brady told her that Alex has moved on with Kristen which made her wonder why she would get involved with somebody who is so difficult, but she thought maybe he had some ulterior motive.

Brady and Theresa bring Tate home. Tate says it feels amazing especially after having his ankle monitor removed. Theresa says they are just so glad he’s there. Brady asks if Tate wants to take a nap but Tate says he’s too wired and hungry. Theresa says Brady will go get him whatever he wants but Tate says he’d like to go out as he would really like to be around people since he hasn’t seen his friends in awhile. Tate mentions texting his friends about hanging out. Theresa tells him that if Holly is one of those friends, he can forget it and stay home.

Holly goes to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Nicole tells her that she’s going to talk and Holly’s going to listen.

Alex questions Marlena’s insinuations. Paulina arrives and says she hopes she’s not late. Marlena says not at all and informs Alex that she and Paulina are having kind of a girls night out. Alex tells Paulina that it’s good to see her and he’s very happy to hear about her recovery. Paulina asks if there’s a reason he’s buttering her up. Alex responds that he just appreciates strong, beautiful women. Paulina feels he appreciates a whole lot of women. Alex says it was good to see them and exits. Paulina hopes Alex is a patient of Marlena’s because she guesses he needs some help. Marlena asks how Paulina is. Paulina says she’s glad that she asked her to come out since it’s been too long. Marlena mentions she was going to decide on the Bistro but it hasn’t reopened yet which Paulina decides is probably for the best. Paulina talks about sticking to her diet before the rest of her treatment. Paulina tells Marlena that she will be ordering a vodka.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s praying too. Lucas hoped she could do a little more than that. Kate reminds him that the deal to shorten his sentence was never finalized. Lucas complains that it’s not his fault that he got attacked before he could finish his plan to out Clyde. Kate points out that now that Clyde has escaped, she’s not sure what they could do to persuade them to let Lucas out of prison early. Lucas asks if Kate’s saying he’s stuck here and has to do his time.

Tate tells Theresa that he didn’t mention Holly’s name and questions if they are going to continue to treat him like a prisoner. Tate complains that he’s been stuck in prison and then a halfway house for months. Theresa argues that they just don’t want Tate to be around Holly for obvious reasons. Brady understands Tate wants to see his friends but thinks Theresa was hoping he’d stay home tonight because they missed him. Tate says he missed them too but he saw them when they visited and he hasn’t seen his friends in forever, so he asks if he can go out just for tonight. Brady asks Tate to be sure he’s not going to see Holly which he confirms, so Brady tells Tate to have fun then. Tate promises he won’t be out late as he then goes to get ready.

Nicole asks Holly what she thinks her consequences should be for what she did. Holly admits she thought she would be grounded by now. Nicole wanted to make sure she thought things through and that she wasn’t coming from a place of anger and hurt. Nicole knows the purpose of consequences is to stop the behavior from happening in the future. Holly asks if she talks about that in therapy with Marlena, guessing it’s mostly about her. Nicole tells her that’s none of her business but she wanted to make sure the punishment fit the crime. Nicole points out that Holly lied to the police and let EJ prosecute an innocent bystander who was her friend. Nicole adds that even if Holly was trying to protect her, she thinks part of her was trying to protect herself. Nicole argues that she is supposed to protect Holly and if she was just honest from the beginning, none of this would’ve happened. Holly agrees and decides whatever punishment she has, she knows she deserves it.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s not giving up on getting him out. Kate brings up that Harris recovered and is out of the hospital. Lucas argues that Harris needs to step up since he got him in to this mess and keeps making promises he can’t keep. Kate declares that if Harris doesn’t come through, she’s going straight to the Governor because one way or another, Lucas is getting his freedom back.

Paulina says she’s not supposed to have more than one alcoholic drink a day on her diet and she’s indulging tonight on her girls night out with Marlena. Marlena is glad they could make it happen. Paulina complains about her treatment but says she’s grateful to be alive to go through it. Marlena knows it might be difficult for her to be in isolation since she’s usually so active but encourages that maybe she can relish the quiet. Paulina says she had weeks of that in the hospital, so she’s over that. Paulina declares that she won’t relish anything about sitting in isolation, especially being separated from her husband.

Nicole tells Holly that the first thing she’s going to do is make amends with Tate. Holly argues that’s kind of hard to do when his parents don’t want her seeing him. Nicole says that Holly will respect those wishes and instructs her to write letters to Tate and his parents. Holly states that Tate knows how sorry she is. Nicole says then she’s going to remind him, very sincerely and empathetically. Nicole points out that Holly took months off of Tate’s life that he can never get back and she’s surprised Tate found it in his heart to forgive her. Holly asks if Nicole will ever forgive her.

Tate runs in to Alex in the park. Alex is surprised to see him and notices he’s not wearing his ankle monitor, so he questions if he’s supposed to be out. Tate confirms that he can be where ever he wants as he informs Alex that he got released today. Alex calls that great news and says he’s happy for him. Tate tells Alex that he doesn’t have to pretend to care as he knows that he broke up with Theresa and that he was two seconds away from calling the cops on him just now.

Brady tells Theresa that he’s sorry Tate flew out so fast. Theresa admits she can’t blame him for not wanting to stay home with his parents. Theresa can’t believe Tate is finally home as she thought the day would never come. Brady feels like the nightmare is finally over. Theresa doesn’t think Tate will be too happy though when he sees that her stuff has taken over his room, so she will need to clear out of there. Brady argues that Tate can just stay on the couch but Theresa refuses to do that to him. Brady asks Theresa why she doesn’t just sleep in his bed then.

Paulina tells Marlena that there is something she wants to ask her about her near-death experience. Paulina talks about hearing what happens when you’re braindead and how it makes you see things that aren’t there. Marlena asks if she saw things that weren’t there. Paulina confirms that she thinks she did and maybe she was just dreaming, but it all felt so real. Paulina tells Marlena about first seeing a very bright light and then asks if Marlena believes in ghosts.

Alex tells Tate that Theresa was the one who broke up with him which surprises Tate. Alex assures that he is happy for Tate, reminding him that he was the one who hired Tate’s first lawyer. Alex remarks that maybe if Theresa hadn’t fired him, Tate would’ve been out a lot sooner but clarifies that he’s not blaming her. Alex states that he’s just really happy that it all worked out in the end. Alex brings up Theresa crashing in Tate’s old room and asks where she’s going to go now that he’s home. Tate doesn’t know as he hadn’t really thought about it.

Theresa questions Brady offering his bed. Brady clarifies that he’ll sleep on the couch. Theresa says it wouldn’t be right. Brady says he’d be totally fine with it but Theresa insists she wouldn’t do that. Theresa declares that it’s time for her to move out and rent a room at the Salem Inn. Brady says she doesn’t have to do that but Theresa thinks it’s best for everybody.

Nicole tells Holly that she forgives her. Nicole says she’s angry, sad, and scared. Holly insists that she’s fine. Nicole questions how long Holly was using drugs before what happened on New Year’s. Holly swears it was only a few weeks. Nicole asks where she got the drugs. Holly says it was at school and they are kind of everywhere. Holly vows that after what happened, she will never use again. Nicole hopes there are fewer drugs on the streets of Salem now that Clyde Weston’s drug ring has been busted. Holly explains that she never thought something like this could happen as so many kids have prescriptions for these pills. Holly insists that she’s learned her lesson but Nicole questions if she has. Holly admits that she has had a drink since New Year’s. Nicole calls alcohol a drug too and says they shouldn’t have to remind her that she is underage. Holly explains that after the Christening, she was really nervous and scared about telling the truth so she had some champagne. Holly promises it was only two glasses and that nobody could tell. Nicole thanks her for being honest, but says she needs to be honest too. Nicole wants to trust Holly but feels now she’s just shown her that she can’t.

Lucas complains about his fate lying in the hands of Harris Michaels. Kate points out that Harris saved her life while Lucas argues that he almost got her killed. Kate encourages Lucas to have faith and to promise he won’t leave no matter what. Kate warns that Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere including the police department. Lucas questions what Clyde wants from him since he can’t bring him down. Kate feels she knows Clyde better than anyone and that he’s all about revenge. Lucas asks what’s going to happen when he gets out of prison then and if he’s not going to be safe until Clyde is dead.

Marlena asks Paulina to tell her about her near-death experience at the hospital. Paulina tells her to buckle up because she’s going to think she’s crazy or clinically insane. Marlena says whatever happened brought her back to them and they will always be grateful for that. Paulina then reveals that after she saw the light, Abe’s late wife Lexie appeared. Paulina explains that first she thought Lexie was going to take her to the other side but she told her that she wanted her to stay with Abe and then she was suddenly healed while Abe got his memory back like a double miracle. Paulina knows she had a lot of medication in her but points out that Abe saw the same thing. Paulina asks if Marlena thinks that really could’ve happened. Marlena asks if Paulina thinks so. Paulina says she’s just starting to wonder and brings up hearing Kate’s voice in the urn when she was supposedly dead, so maybe she has an extra sensory perception. Marlena says there are so many things in the world that they don’t understand, so nothing would surprise her anymore.

Tate tells Alex that he’s not sure where Theresa is going to live but he’s sure she’ll figure it out. Alex says she always does and asks Tate to tell Theresa how happy he is for him. Tate asks why Alex just doesn’t tell her himself since they worked together. Alex notes that Theresa has kind of been avoiding him. Tate thinks there’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve him. Alex calls him very mature. Alex asks Tate what happened and how he got released. Tate informs him that Holly finally remembered that it was her drugs. Alex questions her not knowing that the whole time and guesses that Tate just doesn’t want to admit he’s covering for her. Tate calls it complicated while Alex says Tate’s a better man than him as he doesn’t think he’d ever be able to forgive someone who screwed him over like that…

Brady asks Theresa if she’s sure he can’t talk her in to staying. Theresa thinks it’s best to leave on a high note and points out that instead of them fighting, they fought together for Tate and they won. Brady says they’ve come a long way which Theresa agrees with. Brady says he’ll see her at the office but Theresa says she’s been working remotely since breaking up with Alex. Brady offers to help smooth things over but Theresa says she’s a big girl and can handle it. Brady says he’ll see her sometime somewhere else then. Brady offers to help her with her bags but Theresa says she’s good and she will write a thank you letter to John and Marlena for letting her stay. Theresa tells Brady to take care as they hug and she then exits.

Holly doesn’t get it since she just told Nicole the truth and now she suddenly doesn’t trust her. Nicole argues that Holly almost died and clearly hasn’t learned her lesson. Nicole says that she can only earn her trust through time and hard work. Nicole wants Holly to start by going to therapy, not as a punishment but just because she needs it after all the trauma she’s been through and calls it non-negotiable. Nicole adds that if the therapist thinks she needs further treatment. Holly says no to rehab but Nicole argues that she just admitted to drinking right after coming out of a coma from a drug overdose. Holly argues that she had been out of the coma and remarks that it’s not like Nicole didn’t have a few drinks at her age. Nicole warns her not to throw her past in her face and calls that different. Holly shouts that she’s really sorry. Nicole asks if Holly can even grasp what she put Tate and his family through as he was beaten up in jail. Holly argues that she was in a coma so it’s not her fault that EJ went ballistic on him. Nicole argues that Tate was trying to protect her and was only made out to be a villain because EJ believed her when she said Holly would never take drugs. Nicole decides she will only feel better if she makes sure that Holly is no longer in danger of relapsing, so she is grounded indefinitely. Holly argues that she can’t do that as she has to see her friends. Nicole says she can see her friends here and demands that she hand over her cell phone and car keys.

Marlena tells Paulina that she could pass by the no visitor rule since she works at the hospital. Paulina doesn’t want her exposing herself to radiation. Marlena insists that she can wear the suit and keep her visits brief. Paulina calls her a great friend but feels she’s been a horrible friend since they’ve spent the whole time talking about her and she hasn’t asked about Marlena. Marlena responds that Paulina’s life has been a lot more exciting than her life the past few weeks. Paulina finds that hard to believe but says Marlena doesn’t seem like herself, so she asks if everything is alright. Marlena guesses she isn’t covering very well. Paulina confirms that she can see the worry in her face. Marlena tells her that John has been going through a lot of revelations about his past lately. Paulina is sorry to hear that and knows it can be difficult to exorcise those demons to move on. Marlena encourages that John will get through it fine and she’ll be there to help him. Paulina guesses this is not their first time. Marlena confirms that John has been going through this for a very long time. Paulina says they are lucky to have Marlena as they toast their drinks.

Alex sees Theresa going through the town square with her bags and offers to help. Theresa starts to decline but then accepts his help. Alex mentions running in to Tate and tells Theresa how happy he is that Tate is out of the halfway house. Theresa thanks Alex for what he did to support Tate. Theresa mentions getting a room at the Salem Inn until she figures out a more permanent solution. Alex questions why when half of her belongings are still at his place. Alex asks why she would spend a money on a hotel when they started off a as a platonic living arrangement and there’s no reason they can’t go back to that. Theresa says she can think of a few reasons.

Holly questions Nicole wanting her to hand over her phone and her freedom. Nicole says those are the terms. Holly tells her no. Nicole gets upset and reminds her who is in charge. Holly argues that she’s been in a coma for months and hasn’t seen in her friends. Holly questions Nicole being so happy that she’s still alive but trying to take her phone which she says her whole life is on. Nicole calls that a problem. Holly complains that Nicole didn’t think so when she got her first phone for her when she was 10 so she could be self sufficient when Nicole wasn’t around and wouldn’t have to think about her. Nicole calls that untrue. Holly argues that she’s punishing her for lying when she only lied so that Nicole wouldn’t think she was a bad mom. Holly then declares that she started taking drugs because Nicole was completely checked out. Holly rants about her dad dying when she was born and then there being Eric until Nicole screwed that up and made him walk out on them while now there is EJ who doesn’t give a damn about her. Holly adds God knows who will be next year. Nicole raises her hand to slap her but stops herself. Nicole then demands that Holly give her the phone now. Holly hands over her phone but says she’s not giving her the password. Nicole says she’s not going through her phone and just doesn’t want her to call any drug dealers. Holly asks why she always has to go to such extremes. Nicole brings up Holly plotting to break up Johnny and Chanel while now being all up in it with Tate. Nicole remarks that it seems like Holly always wants what she can’t have, just like her. Nicole tells Holly that she loves her with all her heart and will do anything to protect her, even if she hates her for it. Nicole decides she’s going to bed and Holly should too. Nicole says goodnight and then heads upstairs.

Paulina compliments her drink and the company. Marlena agrees that they should do this again soon. Marlena encourages that Paulina will come through her radiation with flying colors. Paulina jokes that they are some tough broads and toasts again to them.

Lucas thanks Kate for bringing him books and talks about never being this lonely in his life. Kate encourages him to hang in there as it’s not going to be forever. Kate hugs him as Lucas says he hopes she’s right.

Brady looks at a photo of himself, Tate, and Theresa but tells himself not to go there.

Alex argues that the Salem Inn is expensive when Theresa could just stay with him. Theresa argues that he’s dating Kristen and she might put a hit on her if she moves back in. Alex says they’ve been on like two dates. Alex says he’s just trying to lend a helping hand to a friend in need. Theresa says she just doesn’t want things to blow up again. Alex promises to be a perfect gentleman. Theresa then accepts his offer, so Alex takes her bags and they walk off together.

Tate sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion to see Holly and they kiss. Holly says he shouldn’t be there but Tate says it’s okay and questions her not answering his texts. Holly informs him that Nicole confiscated her phone. Nicole calls out for Holly so Tate says he’ll see her soon and rushes back out. Nicole comes back to the room and tells Holly that she doesn’t want to go to bed angry. Nicole talks about it being them against the world when she was a baby. Nicole says this brought her back to the time in their lives when she fought to be her mother. Nicole cries that she’ll always fight for her, she loves her, and couldn’t bear to lose her. Nicole says she just wanted her to know and says goodnight as she then heads back upstairs.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Harris and Ava go to the Bistro and find it left exactly as it was when it was shut down with dishes on the table. Ava recalls sitting there with Wendy and Tripp when Stefan just strolled in after shooting Harris. Harris is thankful that Ava found him and declares that he’s alive because of her.

Tripp and Wendy sit together at home. Tripp asks if she’s okay. Wendy talks about making sure the door is locked. Tripp assures that Ava had a state of the art security system installed. Wendy apologizes for being paranoid. Tripp understands and calls her the bravest person he knows. Tripp adds that it’s not like it’s easy to just move past what they have been through, but assures that they both will. Tripp tells Wendy that he’s always there for her as he hugs her.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub and sees Everett seated alone. Stephanie greets him, so he invites her to sit. Stephanie asks how he is. Everett responds that he had his first hypnosis session today. Stephanie asks how it went. Everett calls it intense and reveals that he saw something that scared the hell out of him. Stephanie asks what him to tell her what he saw. Everett responds that he saw himself.

Jada joins Rafe in his office at the police station and asks if he’s ready to call it a night. Rafe says he can be convinced. Jada asks if he wants to go to her place or his. Rafe suggests going to the Brady Pub first as he’s craving chowder and a burger. Jada agrees. Rafe then gets a phone call and says he has to take this, so he’ll meet Jada there. Jada exits. Rafe then answers the call and asks if they found anything.

Sarah goes home to Xander, who excitedly shows her surveillance footage of Harris being shot. Xander explains that he compared the photo to a pair of fancy designer pants that cost a fortune while his pants are like $40 generic jogging pants. Xander points out that the designer pants have stripes thicker than his. Sarah asks how he can be sure since the police have his pants. Xander reveals that he has two more types of the same pair since they were on sale. Xander declares that he finally has proof that he’s innocent.

Tripp understands Wendy being anxious and scared after what they’ve been through. Wendy admits she’s hardly been sleeping at all and having a recurring nightmare when she does. Wendy notes that she heard Tripp shouting in his sleep too about being unable to breathe. Tripp thinks they need to rewire their brains with happier thoughts. Wendy asks how to do that. Tripp suggests a fun little date night and says that he has an idea.

Harris and Ava clean up the Bistro. Ava says she will cook dinner and suggests he turn on music and pour their drinks. Harris says he will keep her company and watch her cook.

Stephanie questions Everett saying he saw himself. Everett says he doesn’t know what it means as he flashes back to his vision of himself during hypnosis. Everett explains that he saw himself smiling but different. Everett says it’s like he saw a version of himself. Stephanie asks what Marlena said about it, but Everett reveals that he didn’t tell her.

Xander shows Sarah his pants compared to the photo. Sarah agrees that they are definitely not the same and calls Xander brilliant as no one else would’ve noticed that. They kiss and Sarah suggests they go see the police.

Rafe asks on the phone if they are sure and says he never knew what he would find. Rafe tells them to send him all the scans and thanks him as he hangs up. Rafe declares that this is going to get ugly. Sarah and Xander arrive. Xander tells Rafe that he has something that he needs to see. Rafe says it’s not a good time. Xander tells him it can’t wait and promises it won’t take long.

Stephanie questions why Everett didn’t tell Marlena what he saw so she could help him figure it out. Everett says he doesn’t know why and he just wanted to get out of there and go somewhere familiar for a drink. Jada then arrives and remarks that Stephanie and Everett are picking up right where they left off.

Ava and Harris sit down for dinner together at the Bistro.

Tripp tells Wendy that his brilliant plan is for them to play Jenga and talks about ordering them food, but notes her being distracted. Wendy reminds Tripp of something he told her in the hospital and reveals that she looked up that low oxygen levels could impair judgment. Wendy wonders if that’s why he proposed to her and she said yes. Wendy questions if that’s the reason they got married. Tripp assures it wasn’t the carbon dioxide and that they were saying things that they were already feeling but had been too afraid to say otherwise. Wendy supposes he’s right. Tripp tells her that he does not regret or take back anything he said. Tripp asks if she does. Wendy says no. Tripp brings up how Wendy talked about seeing marriage in her future. Tripp admits he wanted to make that happen for her when it seemed like their time was running out, but he wants that for himself too. Tripp states that while they were locked up, he realized more than ever how much he loves her. Wendy says she loves him too but feels like they skipped over a few crucial steps to jump in to wedding vows which is easy to do when you think death is just a few minutes away.

Ava and Harris have wine from the most expensive bottle in the Bistro. They toast to surviving. Ava says that when Harris was in the hospital and she didn’t think he was going to make it, she was beside herself because she thought she was going to lose the strongest, kindest, and most loyal person she has ever known. Ava declares that being loved by Harris makes her think that maybe she is okay if he wants to be with her. Harris calls Ava everything he wants and needs.

Xander and Sarah present Xander’s pants to Rafe. Sarah explains that the stripe in the photo is thicker than the stripe on Xander’s pants. Xander talks about the difference in price of the pants. Sarah points out that whoever setup Xander clearly could afford designer jogging pants. Xander adds that they also could put $40,000 in his bank account. Sarah argues that this proves Xander is innocent.

Stephanie doesn’t understand why Jada has to give them a hard time. Jada says she just made a simple observation that they are picking up where they left off. Stephanie gets that she’s angry but says they are trying to figure this out. Jada remarks that they have a whole lot to figure out. Stephanie informs Jada that Everett just came from therapy with Marlena. Jada calls that big of him. Stephanie explains that Marlena hypnotized Everett to try to access the things he can’t remember. Jada asks what Everett remembered. Stephanie tells him that he doesn’t have to answer if he’s not ready. Jada thinks she has a right to know since her life was greatly affected by the things he can’t remember. Everett agrees and says it’s pretty weird and won’t make sense to her, but he saw himself smiling which Jada laughs off. Stephanie suggests they should just go but Everett says it’s okay as Jada’s anger towards him is totally justified and he understands her skepticism about everything he says. Everett tells Jada that it may ring hollow but everything he has said to her since Valentine’s Day has been the truth. Jada agrees that it rings hollow as he’s claiming to not remember her or being married to her. Jada asks how he would expect her to react to that. Everett says he’d expect her to be as upset and confused as he is. Everett says for him, not being able to remember being married to her is not just confusing, but agony. Stephanie suggests Jada try to have a little compassion and support Everett instead of condemning him. Jada tells Stephanie that she can do that, but she’ll pass. Jada declares that she’s just glad she doesn’t have to deal with Bobby Stein anymore and that he’s all Stephanie’s.

Rafe admits he can tell the difference in the pants and tells Xander that this could be good news for him. Xander asks how it couldn’t be and what’s next. Rafe responds that they will get on it in the morning and tells them good job. Sarah credits Xander for making this happen. Xander says he was highly motivated by fighting for his life and family as he hugs Sarah.

Wendy asks Tripp about Allie Horton being his first love. Tripp calls Allie his first serious relationship. Wendy asks if there was anyone else before Allie. Tripp says he just had a crush on a girl in high school and asks Wendy who her first love was. Wendy says there was a guy named Cameron in her freshman year of college. Wendy says they dated for awhile, but then he found someone else and broke it off, so she was totally crushed at the time. Wendy decides that all of those past relationships led them to each other in this moment. Tripp says he’s so grateful for that. They agree to forget about the whole marriage proposal and go back to all the steps they missed. Tripp then asks her out on a date, right here and right now.

Harris and Ava finish dinner. Harris tells her that it might have been the best meal he’s ever had. Ava points out that they haven’t even had dessert. Harris jokes that he has a lot of ideas about dessert, but first suggests a dance. Harris reminds her that their first dance was at the Bistro, so they get up and dance together.

Xander and Sarah go home. Xander exclaims that they finally have proof. Sarah is proud of him for being determined to find it. Xander talks about Sarah believing in him all along and never doubting him. They say I love you to each other and kiss.

Stephanie tells Everett that she’s sorry about the way Jada went after him. Everett understands why Jada is angry. Stephanie questions Jada constantly being on the attack and wonders if Marlena could talk to Jada to get her to understand. Everett says he doesn’t even understand what’s going on with him, so he thinks the best thing for he and Jada is for him to stay away from her. Rafe joins Jada at the bar. Jada tells Rafe that she was thinking definitely his place tonight and suggests they get out of here right away but Rafe stops her and says he has some news that can’t wait.

Ava tells Harris that she wishes they could stay like this forever, but they do have to make a living. Ava says at least Harris has to be a detective. Harris points out that Ava is going to run the Bistro and asks when she’s going to reopen, but Ava responds that she’s not and declares that she’s done with the Bistro.

Tripp pours beer and toasts to Wendy’s sign language helping them get rescued. Wendy stops and says she can’t do the smell of beer after they were locked in the beer tank. Tripp understands that Joey thought it was funny to give them beer as a gift but it obviously triggered her very badly. Wendy says she’s been trying hard to stop the images in her head but she keeps seeing them in the beer tank and Goldman. Wendy says she remembers the feeling of not being able to breathe and starts to panic. Tripp encourages that she’s not in danger anymore but Wendy breaks down crying that she can’t keep pretending that nothing’s wrong.

Sarah puts Victoria to sleep. She and Xander talk about how Victoria reminds them of each other. Xander calls it amazing that they made a new life. Sarah says she’s so grateful that they did and that Victoria brought them back together. Xander says he’s so grateful for Sarah as they kiss.

Harris questions Ava not reopening the Bistro. Ava points out that the Bistro almost destroyed her life and almost killed Harris and Tripp. Harris says he understands but questions what else she’s going to do. Ava says she’ll figure it out and find another legit job. Ava tells Harris that she’s serious about never going back to that life.

Wendy apologizes to Tripp and says she will clean up. Tripp tells her to just talk to him. Wendy says it’s not right for her to act like she’s the only one who suffered through this when he was there too. Tripp tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for and he’s glad she let it out because he doesn’t want her bottling her feelings up. Tripp states that what they went through was terrifying and traumatic. Tripp says if he sounded like they could just move on, that’s not what he meant as he knows that’s not possible and he just thought a distraction might do good. Tripp says he’s the one who is sorry.

Everett tells Stephanie that there’s something he needs to tell her that she might not want to hear but it’s something he really needs to say.

Jada asks Rafe what news she has to hear right now. Rafe reveals that he got a call from an old friend of his that he used to work with. Rafe says he asked him to do some digging and he’s not exactly sure how to tell her this.

Everett tells Stephanie that he doesn’t know what’s going on with her but he knows that he loves her and believes they can get through this and that there is hope for them. Everett knows that’s a lot to take in but his feelings for her have not changed. Everett repeats that he loves her and that she’s everything to him.

Jada tells Rafe that he’s scaring her and asks him to just say what’s going on. Rafe reveals to Jada that her divorce papers were never properly filed, so she’s still legally married to Robert Stein.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Harris and Ava wake up in bed together. Ava says she’s so glad that he showed up at her door last night. They talk about finally having to get up but decide they have nowhere else to be. Ava says her son is safe and her business partner is in prison. Ava assures there’s nowhere else she’d rather be as they kiss.

Johnny joins Chanel in the town square and notes that she looks tired. Chanel talks about the bakery being crazy busy. Chanel says now that Paulina is healthy and in remission, she has to start focusing on the Bakery again. Chanel adds that she’s basically on her own since she let two of her staff take off. Johnny calls her a good boss. Chanel tells Johnny that her break is over and she has to get back to work.

Stephanie joins Julie at the Horton House to help with the remodel. Julie talks about wanting the house to have new life but still wanting it to say “welcome home”. Stephanie says she loves interior design. Julie talks about having an antique shop years ago and she thought Stephanie could have a pleasant diversion to take her mind off of Everett.

Everett goes to Marlena’s office to try hypnosis. Marlena is glad and hopes they can get some clarity on his past. Everett then decides that he thinks coming here was a mistake.

Chad visits Abigail’s grave and brings her flowers for Easter. Chad talks about the kids having an Easter egg hunt at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad calls it crazy that they are living there but the Horton House is being renovated, so they should be back home soon. Chad states that he misses Abigail so much and he’s sorry that the man who took her from them escaped. Chad declares that it’s all his fault.

Stephanie tells Julie that she was lying in bed last night, trying not to think about Everett and her mind randomly wandered to the time capsule. Julie says she still can’t open it and has been obsessing over where the key could be or what could be inside. Julie is afraid the key must be gone with the wind. Julie is sure that Tom wanted everyone to figure it out together like a puzzle. Stephanie suggesting posting a picture of it online and using the internet for help. Stephanie offers to help with that but Julie says not now as she’s decided to dedicate all her focus to the house project instead of the time capsule, because she knows her grandparents would want the place to be ready for all generations to come.

Chad blames himself for interviewing Clyde and putting his picture in the paper as then he never would’ve retaliated but he pushed him and put the whole thing in motion. Chad says he just wanted to make Clyde pay for what he did to Abigail, but instead he tried to kill their babies and family by sending a henchman to torch their home. Chad says that was Abigail’s great grandparents home where she spent all of her happiest days as a child. Chad feels he let Abigail and her family down and now Clyde Weston escaped. Chad promises that he will make it right.

Marlena sits Everett down and says there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy. Everett confirms he’s read a good deal about it. Marlena explains that they try to access parts of his memory that weren’t available. Everett admits that’s what freaks him out as part of him definitely wants to know the truth but another part of him is afraid of what he might find out. Marlena understands but encourages that he will be safe with her and if he feels unable to go on, they will stop. Everett then agrees to give it a shot.

Ava asks Harris what he’s thinking but Harris says he doesn’t want to ruin the mood. Ava insists so Harris brings up that Clyde and Goldman are still free and they don’t know where they are or if they are coming back. Harris says Clyde really wanted his freedom, so he doesn’t think he will jeopardize that by showing his face around anytime soon. Harris decides he’s going to join the manhunt as soon as he can which Ava points out is not today. Ava comments on Harris healing really fast and almost having all his strength back. Harris mentions being hungry and suggests ordering more food but Ava reminds him that she is a great cook. Ava tells him not to move as she goes to whip something up for him.

Johnny helps Chanel lock up at the Bakery. Chanel then gets a big order for tomorrow and decides she’ll have to prepare for it now. Johnny suggests she do it tomorrow but Chanel insists on doing it now. Chanel doesn’t want Johnny to have to wait so she says she’ll catch up with him later. Johnny offers to help. Chanel thanks him but assures that she can handle it. Johnny points out that she needs the help and he gets to spend a little extra time with her so Chanel decides they will get to work.

Julie and Stephanie look at ideas for the house remodel until Stephanie gets a message from a potential new client. Stephanie mentions that she could use it since she’s thinking about dropping the Spectator. Julie questions why and guesses it’s because of Everett which Stephanie confirms. Stephanie admits it will be even more upsetting if it turns out to be true that Everett was dating her on the side while married to Jada. Stephanie adds that now Jada can’t stand her. Julie argues that it wasn’t her fault. Stephanie explains that Jada accused her of missing the signs that Everett was hiding something big and maybe she’s right that she ignored what was right in front of her the whole time.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Everett. Everett recalls being with his mother, Helen. Marlena asks about his mom. Everett praises her and then Marlena asks if there’s anything he’d like to ask his mother while he envisions her. Everett then gets agitated and imagines asking his mom why she did it.

Chanel explains baking to Johnny and instructs him to begin helping by pre-heating the oven as they kiss.

Julie tells Stephanie that she cannot blame herself for Everett’s lies since she didn’t know what was going on and was devastated when she found out. Stephanie says the timing couldn’t have been worse as she was just starting to think that maybe Everett was the one again, but then everything blew up in her face again. Julie asks how she feels now. Stephanie responds that she feels confused and furious as just when she thought she could trust Everett again, this happens. Stephanie adds that she feels guilty for being mad and not sympathetic for what Everett is going through. Julie tells her to forget Everett’s problems as she should be taking care of herself. Julie encourages that she’s not alone and has the family to lean on. Julie declares that when the truth comes out, they will get her through it. Chad arrives and says he didn’t expect to see them there. Julie says the same as she thought Chad was coming by tomorrow. Chad says he was stopping by to check on Thomas and Charlotte’s remodeled bedroom. Julie says he can go check it out upstairs and come back to give his opinion, then he can come back down and help them.

Under hypnosis, Everett continues questioning why his mom did it. Marlena encourages that he’s safe and no one is going to hurt him. Everett responds that he’s not safe as he continues to struggle with his visions.

Ava brings Harris breakfast in bed which he says hits the spot. Harris jokes that anything is better than hospital food. Ava craves fresh pasta and suggests they go to the Bistro since it’s closed and shut down now, so they could have a private dinner. Harris decides that sounds like a plan. Ava says she will be the chef and pick out the menu. Ava guarantees it will be very satisfying as they kiss.

Chanel jokes with Johnny that sometimes she forgets they are married since they didn’t have much time as newlyweds and haven’t had a real honeymoon. Johnny suggests going back to Italy but knows she has to stay close to home for awhile. Chanel says as soon as the time is right, they will definitely take that trip. Chanel reminds him about taking Sarah up on her offer to use the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. They talk about it just being the two of them. Chanel says it sounds perfect as Johnny asks how soon they can go.

Chad returns to the living room and assures that the kids will love the remodeled bedroom. Julie offers to get snacks and goes to the kitchen. Stephanie tells Chad that the kids must be anxious to move back in. Chad confirms they can’t wait. Chad asks Stephanie if there are any updates on Everett or if he’s going by Bobby now. Stephanie informs Chad that she met with him yesterday to talk with him about hiring a new PR firm to the Spectator. Chad questions that, arguing that she’s terrific and can’t leave them. Stephanie says she feels awkward and knows he understands. Chad asks if she wants him to fire Everett again. Stephanie tells him not to do that, at least not yet. Chad jokes for her to just tell him when. Stephanie asks what he thinks about the house. Chad calls it amazing and mentions feeling responsible for the fire, so it breaks his heart that Doug and Julie had to go through all this. Stephanie argues that it wasn’t Chad’s fault but Chad feels he practically goaded Clyde in to it. Stephanie says that Clyde is a lunatic. Chad still feels responsible. Chad knows it doesn’t make any sense but he went to Abigail’s grave to talk to her about it since Clyde is the one who took her from them. Chad remarks that God only knows what Clyde’s going to do next.

Marlena asks Everett to tell her what’s happening and what he is seeing. Everett stops and says he sees nothing but darkness. Marlena asks if he can find a light. Everett struggles but says he can’t. Marlena decides that’s enough and brings him out of hypnosis. Marlena assures that he’s safe and asks him to tell her what he remembered.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing at the Bakery.

Everett tells Marlena that he’s sorry but he doesn’t know and turns away. Marlena brings up that he said he saw some darkness and something was disturbing after seeing his mother. Everett claims he’s not sure as it was kind of fuzzy. Marlena asks how he feels now. Everett admits he’s a little shaky. Marlena calls today a very good start but says there was something blocking him from going forward. Marlena suggests they could deal with that in their next session if he’d like to. Everett says definitely. Marlena asks him to let her know if he has any memories at all which he agrees to do. Everett decides he should get back to work and thanks Marlena. Everett says he will set up another appointment and exits the office.

Stephanie hopes that visiting Abigail helped ease Chad’s mind. Chad confirms that it did. Stephanie repeats that what happened was not Chad’s fault. Stephanie points out that everyone is safe and the house is still standing, so before long it will be as good as new. Stephanie adds that Chad’s family and friends care about him so much, so he can lean on them. Chad thanks her and tells her the same since she’s going through a rough time as well. Julie returns with snacks. Stephanie says she has to run actually to go meet the new client that she mentioned. Julie gives her a sandwich and an apple for the road. Stephanie tells Julie to keep her posted as she exits. Julie notes that Chad doesn’t look too happy and asks him to talk to her. Chad responds that he’s just so sorry about the house and declares that it’s all his fault.

Ava and Harris decide on going to the Bistro to get rejuvenated. Harris feels he should shower soon as he’s sweaty. Ava mentions she’s been just as active as him, so she needs a shower too as they kiss.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing. Johnny starts to undress her but Chanel says doing so in the kitchen would be a health violation. Johnny decides they can wait. Chanel mentions the storage room as they continue.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub and sees Everett seated alone. Stephanie greets him, so he invites her to sit. Stephanie asks how he is. Everett responds that he had his first hypnosis session today. Stephanie asks how it went. Everett calls it intense and reveals that he saw something that scared the hell out of him.

Julie encourages Chad to let it go. Chad feels he’s made such a mess of everything and now Clyde is free. Julie assures that nobody blames Chad for the fire and gets Chad to say that he’s not to blame. Julie hugs Chad as he talks about struggling. Chad sometimes feels he’s doing his best to raise his kids without their mother while other times, he feels like he’s failing. Chad cries that he misses Abigail so much all the time. Julie cries that they all miss her and this isn’t something he can do alone. Julie encourages that the family all support him and that she wants to build the house back because it’s a constant in their lives and a symbol of family, love, and hope as they hug.

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Days Update Monday, April 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina get dressed up at home. Paulina worries about paparazzi and making sure she looks okay. Abe assures that she looks lovely but doesn’t think this is about her appearance. Paulina admits today is the day that she finds out if she’s cancer free and hopes for another miracle.

Xander comes home to Sarah, who is getting ready for work. Xander informs her that Justin just dropped off an envelope with all the evidence against him including a flash drive of pictures. Sarah wishes she didn’t have to go to work. Xander knows she’ll be there in spirit. Xander talks about being so happy that Sarah is with him on this and believes in him. Sarah points out that there’s also Harris who doesn’t think Xander shot him. Xander calls that a start and says now all they have to do is find actual proof that he is innocent.

Tate asks Theresa to stop talking about Holly like she’s a villain. Theresa argues that Holly nearly ruined his life and because of the restraining order, shouldn’t even be calling him. Tate points out that’s why she had to pose as his mother. Theresa questions Tate defending that. Tate complains that Holly wanted to see how he was doing because she is his friend and cares about him. Tate asks Theresa to chill the hell out but Theresa refuses until he tells her why he won’t stop speaking to that spoiled little brat.

Brady returns to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks where everyone went since he just took a work call. EJ informs him that the party is over. Brady says he was on his way out as he is going to see Tate. EJ tells Brady to leave Holly alone. Brady remarks that he was just stating a fact while EJ argues that he only said it to upset Holly. Nicole asks them not to do this now. Brady then goes to leave but Holly stops him. Holly tells Nicole that she’s so sorry. Holly then announces that it was her drugs on the night she overdosed, shocking Nicole and EJ. Holly apologizes for not telling everyone from the beginning. EJ questions why now and if she had some sort of epiphany. Brady warns that he’s about to come down on Holly because his son went to jail for this and went through Hell because Holly decided to lie about this for weeks. Nicole asks Holly if it’s true. EJ doesn’t believe it. Holly admits that she should’ve told everyone sooner. Nicole questions Eric knowing. Holly explains that Eric knew something was bothering her, so she had to tell him because she couldn’t keep it in any longer. Nicole questions why she went to Eric and not her. Holly responds that she knew Eric wouldn’t judge her and she was afraid that Nicole would blame herself. EJ trusts that Holly will them the whole story then and asks if Tate was her dealer. Brady asks what EJ’s problem is and why he hates his son so much. Eric tells Brady to take it down a notch but Brady tells him to stay out of this. Holly assures that Tate did not give her the drugs and warned her not to take them. EJ calls Tate the delinquent who got kicked out of boarding school and questions him suddenly being a saint. Brady tells EJ that they can take this outside. Holly asks EJ to listen. Eric calls for everyone to calm down and let Holly speak. Holly brings up when Nicole and EJ came in her room and thought she was asleep but she overheard what Nicole said about being afraid she had been a terrible mother by not paying enough attention to her. Holly adds that she knew Nicole blamed herself for her accident while she was pregnant. Holly cries that she thought that Nicole wouldn’t be able to take it if she found out her daughter was a druggie. Nicole hugs Holly as she cries.

Tate complains that Theresa acts like Holly is evil, but he swears she’s not a bad person. Tate blames himself for sneaking out to see her. Theresa argues that he broke in to the house of the district attorney. Theresa complains about Tate going to jail and now being in a halfway house all because of Holly, who could remember what really happened but claims she can’t. Tate questions if she finally believes him then. Theresa responds that they always have from the beginning and told him that over and over. Theresa says they have been praying that Holly would wake up and clean up the whole mess, but instead she threw him under the bus. Theresa doesn’t believe Holly is a good person and declares that she is bad news. Theresa calls Holly a selfish little liar, who she despises.

Nicole tells Holly that she could’ve come to her. Holly apologizes as she thought she was protecting her. EJ questions why Holly confided in Eric. Eric says it’s because they are close. Brady argues that it doesn’t matter and shouts that Tate has been going through Hell because Holly has been lying for weeks. Holly calls it a horrible mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life and she wishes she told the truth from the beginning. EJ questions how they know she’s telling the truth now. Holly informs him that she has proof and reveals that it’s in her room. Nicole tells her to show her so they head upstairs together.

Sarah tells Xander that she will be home a little late. Xander says he’ll probably be in the same spot and jokes that he’ll be checking on Victoria every ten minutes. Sarah says she will check in on her break and she has a very good feeling about this. Xander assures that he won’t give up until he finds something. Sarah then exits. Xander complains that he could never make it as a detective, searching for clues all day. Victoria wakes up crying, so Xander goes to take care of her. Xander declares that he’s not going to let anyone send him up the river for something he didn’t do and promises to make Victoria proud of him.

Holly brings Nicole to her room and asks if she’s ashamed of her. Nicole asks how she could be ashamed of her when she knows she only withheld the truth to protect her. Nicole wishes she came to her about it. Holly apologizes and repeats that she didn’t want her to fall apart. Nicole says she loves her for that but she’s stronger than she thinks. Nicole asks Holly to show her the proof. Holly then opens up her jewelry box and reveals the drugs inside. Nicole doesn’t know what to say. Nicole decides they need to go downstairs and show everyone else right now, so they exit the room.

Nicole and Holly return to the living room where Holly presents the drugs to EJ, Brady, and Eric. Holly promises that Tate was shocked when he saw them and refused to take any when she offered them. Holly repeats that Tate tried to stop her from taking the drugs. Brady points out that Holly still let Tate take the blame for her overdose this whole time. Nicole suggests maybe Holly didn’t remember until recently and the coma affected her memory. Nicole asks Holly if that’s the case.

Paulina and Abe wait in her hospital room until Sarah arrives. Paulina asks what the oncologist had to say. Sarah says that he asked her to go through her test results. Paulina asks her to tell them the good news.

Tate asks Theresa to quit yelling at him. Theresa asks if he doesn’t know how upsetting this is and how it’s been hell on all of them. Tate complains that it’s mostly been on him so he doesn’t need her getting mad at him on top of everything else. Theresa admits that he’s right and apologizes as she shouldn’t be lashing out at him. Theresa hopes Tate will take this to heart. Tate doesn’t want another lecture on relationships. Theresa calls it just a few words of wisdom. Theresa then sits with Tate and tells him that relationships are complicated and she’s had her fair share of them and learned a lot. Tate says this isn’t like when she was younger as everything is different now. Theresa agrees that maybe they didn’t use apps, ghost each other, or communicate on social media but those feelings are exactly the same. Tate argues that he’s not a little boy anymore. Theresa asks him to let her finish. Theresa talks about the rush feeling of infatuation when involved with somebody. Theresa calls that a crush which is exciting but temporary and not the basis of a strong, healthy relationship that can last decades. Tate argues that’s not what he’s looking for. Theresa insists that he’s ready to start thinking about relationships, so he has to understand the key to a successful relationship is mutual respect. Tate questions her thinking he doesn’t know that. Theresa complains that he must’ve forgotten that with Holly because she clearly doesn’t respect him or care that he was falsely accused of a terrible crime or else she would’ve come forward. Tate responds that he’s sure Holly has her reasons for not being able to tell the truth. Theresa remarks that Tate is making excuses for inexcusable behavior. Theresa admits this is turning in to a lecture so she will stop there. Theresa wants Tate to ask himself if he trusts Holly enough for her to be honest and will she always have his back.

Xander gets Victoria back to sleep and goes back to looking over the evidence on his laptop. Xander reads over witness statements. Xander jokes that he envies Victoria being able to nap but says there’s no rest for the wicked as he continues reading witness statements.

Sarah announces that Paulina is in complete remission with no signs of cancer which thrills Paulina and Abe. Paulina hugs Abe and Sarah as she thanks God. Sarah tells Paulina that she’s so happy for her. Paulina asks what’s next. Sarah says she will have radioactive iodine treatments and be isolated for a few days, then take a few precautions after. Paulina asks about when she goes home after that and if she’ll still be able to have bear claws from the Bakery. Sarah confirms that she can have anything as soon as her treatment is completed. Paulina declares that she and Abe will be just fine then as they hug.

Holly tells Nicole that at first, her memory was a little fuzzy but after a day or so, she remembered everything and after she heard what Nicole said about blaming herself, she lied and didn’t know how to take it back or she was too much of a coward to take it back. Brady declares he’s done with talking as he gets that Holly decided not to hurt Nicole and hurt Tate instead. Brady demands that EJ get Tate out of the halfway house now and he wants all the charges dropped. EJ responds that it can’t happen immediately as it will take time. Brady threatens to file a civil suit if it doesn’t happen immediately and adds that he wants a very public apology to Tate in newspapers like the Spectator. Brady then storms out of the mansion. EJ angrily follows him out. Nicole tells Holly that EJ will take care of this but Holly cries that she made such a mess out of everything that nothing will ever be fine again. Holly runs out of the room while Eric tells Nicole to let her go. Eric hugs Nicole as she starts to cry. Nicole asks Eric how long he has known. Eric says that Holly told him today after the Christening, but he felt it was her place to tell Nicole and not his. Nicole calls him one of the few people she knows that still keeps people’s confidence. Nicole brings up that Holly almost didn’t go to the Christening. Eric says it meant a lot to him that they were all there. Nicole calls it somehow comforting as she felt a little closer to her baby in Heaven. Eric encourages that she’s a good mother. Nicole responds that she doesn’t feel like one right now, but if Holly learns from her mistakes. EJ returns and announces that it’s taken care of. Nicole thanks Eric for being there for Holly. Eric says they will talk soon and exits. As Eric exits, he finds Holly sitting outside. Eric tells Holly that it was a very brave thing she did. Holly tells Eric that she loves him. Eric says he loves her too. Holly remarks that sometimes she wishes Eric and Nicole, but then says nevermind. Eric responds that he and Nicole are both happily married now which means Holly has even more people in her life that care about her. Eric adds that he’s always there for her. Holly says she knows.

Paulina thanks Sarah again for getting her through as she knows she can be a handful. Sarah calls Paulina her favorite patient and says she makes all the doctors and nurses feel appreciated. Sarah reminds Paulina to check her records online and make a follow up appointment. They say goodbye as Abe and Paulina then exit the hospital. Sarah calls Xander and asks if everything is okay. Xander says he’s just super frustrated as he’s been searching for hours but it’s an endless maze of dead ends. Sarah encourages that he will find something and she will help him when she gets off. Sarah suggests Xander take Victoria for a jog and clear his head. Xander calls that an excellent idea to try out the new stroller that Maggie got them. They say I love you to each other and hang up. Xander tells Victoria that they are going to play with her new stroller and mentions that he will change in to his jogging clothes, but then stops and says that Rafe said one of the witnesses described his jogging clothes which he wears every time he runs and are pretty distinctive. Xander then goes back to his laptop and reads over the witness statements.

Brady joins Theresa and Tate at the halfway house while finishing a call with Justin. Tate asks what’s going on. Brady tells Tate to pack his bags and announces he’s coming home which shocks Tate and Theresa. Tate can’t believe it while Theresa asks what happens next. Brady adds that Justin will have someone come take the ankle monitor off as all charges have been dropped including the restraining order which Justin confirmed with EJ. Theresa calls this fantastic and so unexpected. Theresa asks what happened. Brady then reveals that Holly admitted it, that the drugs were hers and Tate had nothing to do with it while he even tried to stop her from doing the drugs. Theresa and Tate are relieved. Brady declares that everyone now knows that Tate was telling the truth all along.

Xander finds something in the statements and remarks that’s what he gets for wearing the same track suit all the time. Xander declares that this is it, a slam dunk, and he’s going to be a free man.

Paulina and Abe return home. Paulina declares that her two favorite words are now cancer free. Abe says he had a feeling but couldn’t rest easy until hearing it from the doctor. Paulina is excited to spend a cozy night at home with her husband. Paulina says she’s never loved their humble abode as much as she does now. Paulina knows she’ll have to spend several days at the hospital for the iodine treatment but for now she’s not going to worry. Abe encourages that it’s just standard procedure and she’ll get through it with flying colors.

Nicole tells EJ that she is grateful for Eric helping out and encouraging Holly to be truthful. EJ says Holly obviously loves and trusts Eric which gives him credibility to him. Nicole admits they have a very special connection. EJ confirms he had the charges against Tate dropped. Nicole thanks him and knows Holly will be relieved as well. EJ says it’s obviously been weighing heavily on her and she obviously cares about Tate a great deal, but they’ve known that for awhile. EJ now wonders who did Holly get the drugs from or if she went off on her own looking for them. Nicole says she doesn’t know but they will have to question Holly about where the drugs came from and who gave them to her, pointing out that the drugs nearly killed her. EJ knows that would’ve destroyed Nicole but now the most important thing is to support Holly and help her though this very difficult time. EJ declares that they will do that together as a family as they hug.

Tate asks about Holly confessing. Brady confirms she did to him, Eric, Nicole, and even EJ. Tate can’t believe that Holly really came through for him. Brady says he’ll call John when they wrap up because he and Marlena will be very happy. Theresa suggests they go out and celebrate at the Brady Pub. Tate feels he should call Holly. Brady suggests waiting until he’s settled in. Theresa tells Tate not to go overboard in thanking her because she’s still very angry over what Holly put him through. Tate responds that he was angry too but he’s not anymore. Tate mentions that he even told Holly she didn’t have to tell the truth the last time they talked which Brady questions. Theresa asks why Tate keeps protecting Holly like this when she almost ruined his life. Tate says it’s okay because it’s over now. Theresa agrees that they’ve been vindicated. Brady tells Tate to start packing now. Tate says he can’t wait to get out as they hug.

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Days Update Friday, March 29, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

The priest officially baptizes Jude. Leo then interrupts, announcing that he’s sorry but he has something very important to say that can’t wait. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Leo says it’s what he should’ve done from the very beginning.

Tate continues reading through his journal in the halfway house, saying that he should’ve told the truth from the very beginning instead of trying to protect Holly since he’s the only one who ended up in trouble.

The priest asks Leo if he’s sure he doesn’t want to go to a private confessional. Leo responds that this is something he needs to say in front of everyone, causing Sloan to worry.

Tate continues reading his journal about wanting to protect Holly and says he has no one to blame but himself for being locked up now.

Nicole comments on being to a lot of interrupted Salem weddings but not a Christening. Eric warns Leo not to make him regret inviting him. Roman questions why Leo was invited. EJ asks if he should call the police and have Leo removed so they can continue with the baptism. Nicole points out that Leo hasn’t committed a crime but EJ says he’s not sure about that. Jude starts crying, so Melinda hands him over to Sloan. Leo hesitates and looks over at a statue of the Virgin Mary. Leo then stops and claims that he just didn’t disclose that he’s covering this event for the Spectator so if anyone objects to having their photo taken, they can speak now or forever hold their peace. Sloan sighs in relief as the priests asks if that’s all. Leo says no and that while he has the floor, he knows a lot of people here have experienced losses. Leo talks about losing Dimitri while Nicole and EJ lost their baby which he knows is just the tip of the iceberg of losses that people here have suffered. Leo then remarks that baby Jude has his entire life ahead of him which brings them hope and he’s honored to be his fairy Godfather which he takes very seriously. Leo adds that Jude means a lot to him because he’s an amazing kid. Brady jokes that Jude is lucky to have two Godfathers and the rest of the room applauds. Eric lights a candle as the priest resumes the Christening ceremony. John decides he needs some air and steps outside, so Marlena follows him out.

John tells Marlena that he’s okay but didn’t feel comfortable hanging out in the house of the Lord, knowing what he has done. Marlena encourages that God’s mercy has no bounds. Marlena reminds John that she urged him to focus on the blessings of the day like his family and a new child, while forgetting about his own pain for one day. Marlena asks John to do it for her because it’s very hard for her to see him suffering. Marlena reminds John that Konstantin was able to forgive him for the death of his daughter, if he had anything to do with that. Marlena asks if John can at least forgive himself.

Tate continues reading his journal, saying his whole family is at a baptism and hopes they are praying for a miracle for him, otherwise he will be trapped in this place for a long time.

Theresa tells Brady that she’s going to take off to visit Tate. Brady says to tell him that he’ll be there by the time visiting hours end as she exits. Melinda pulls Leo aside and questions his dramatic interlude, calling him a blithering idiot and complaining that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Leo remarks that all’s well that ends well and walks away. EJ and Nicole step aside with Holly and say they are heading home before the guests start arriving there. Holly says she’ll see them in a few as EJ and Nicole then exit the chapel. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda talk about Jude being the star of the show. Sloan decides to take Jude to the car while Eric says he’ll be right there. Sloan takes Jude and exits with Melinda while Eric sees Holly is crying, so he approaches her to ask what’s wrong.

Theresa visits Tate at the halfway house. Tate asks about the Christening. Theresa says Jude got through it without crying and that Brady is a very proud Godfather. Tate encourages that Brady will be great. Theresa suggests Tate telling Brady that because he had his doubts. Tate asks if that’s because he’s such a screw up. Theresa encourages that’s not the case. Theresa shows Tate a picture that she took of Brady with Jude. Tate questions Alex not going with her, so Theresa reveals that they broke up. Tate is surprised and asks if it was because of him.

EJ and Nicole go home to the DiMera Mansion. They stop outside as EJ asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she knew it would be hard to watch Eric and Sloan christen their son after losing their baby, but she’s glad that she showed herself that she could get through it. EJ calls her heroic. Nicole says her whole goal was to not fall apart which she managed. Nicole thanks EJ for letting her throw the reception. EJ assures that he’s so proud of how generous she is for being willing to do this. Nicole knows how EJ feels about Eric. EJ decides it’s important to her, so it’s important to him. Nicole admits that she couldn’t help but be distracted by Holly at the church since she knew she was reluctant to go. Nicole feels Holly seemed not only uncomfortable, but so sad which is unlike her. EJ says Holly has been through a lot, so it will be a long time before she feels like her old self again.

Holly asks Eric not to tell anyone else if she tells him something. Eric promises that whatever she shares with him will stay between them. Holly responds that she’s ashamed that she kept this secret for so long and she doesn’t think he will be shocked, but really disappointed in her. Holly then reveals to Eric that on the night she overdosed, she’s 100% sure that the drugs were not Tate’s because they belonged to her.

Leo runs in to Sloan and Melinda outside in the park. Sloan tells Leo that she’s very grateful that he didn’t blow their baby swap secret sky high in the middle of Jude’s Christening, but asks if he is insane. Leo complains that he was overwhelmed by the majesty and that the priest had him feeling repentant. Leo says he saw Nicole looking sad and he was moved to do the right thing. Sloan argues that when EJ mentioned calling the authorities, he realized how much trouble he would be in. Leo admits that was part of the reason. Sloan argues that he didn’t think about what would happen to them. Leo talks about thinking about Nicole and Holly and then decided it would be best for everyone if he kept his mouth shut. Sloan calls him a nutjob who almost ruined their lives. Leo promises he will never be tempted again to tattle on the three of them. Leo asks them to stop being negative as they are going to party at the DiMera Mansion. Leo walks away, leaving Sloan and Melinda in disbelief.

Steve enters the DiMera Mansion for the reception and greets EJ, Nicole, and Roman. Steve goes over to John and Marlena to ask how it’s going. Marlena says it’s going well and asks about Kayla. Steve says they were short staffed at the hospital, so she couldn’t leave. Roman joins them. Marlena asks about Kate. Roman explains that she’s helping set up the buffet tables. Roman calls the Christening very moving while Marlena calls it perfect. Steve notices John looking uncomfortable. Roman asks John if he caught the Royals vs. Rangers game. John responds that he missed it and steps away. Roman asks what he said. Steve says it’s not him. Roman asks Marlena if John is okay. Marlena admits that he’s not. John starts complaining at the portrait of Stefano about what the old man did to so many people while EJ comes over and jokes that talking to himself is never a good sign. John responds that he’s here because he loves Eric and Jude, but he can’t get out of the DiMera Mansion soon enough. EJ tells him to feel free to leave anytime. Marlena comes over and comments to EJ that it was so kind of them to host the reception. EJ says it was all Nicole’s idea and assumes it’s his fault that Sami isn’t there today. Marlena explains that Sami is actually with a friend who just lost their husband. EJ asks about Belle. Marlena tells him that she is with Shawn. EJ says he wishes them all the best. John argues that he doesn’t and that DiMeras don’t care about anyone but themselves. John declares that Tate is locked up because of Stefan running a drug front for Clyde and it doesn’t get any more evil than that. John warns EJ to stay away from his family and walks away with Marlena.

Theresa tells Tate that she and Alex did not break up because of him and asks why he would think that. Tate argues that Theresa had to take so much time to deal with his problems. Theresa assures that he will always be her priority. Theresa says that she and Alex took a break for a lot of reasons. Tate questions if taking a break means they will get back together. Theresa asks why he cares. Tate guesses that he doesn’t like seeing her alone which Theresa calls sweet. Theresa says she doesn’t know and that time will tell if she and Alex will get back together.

Brady arrives at the DiMera Mansion and tells Nicole that he finally made it. Nicole says she’s glad he did and that he’ll be glad to know that Kristen agreed to stay away from today’s festivities. Brady is glad but admits he was hoping to see Rachel. Nicole says she’s sorry as she can’t imagine being separated from her own child. Brady talks about how selfless it is for Nicole to do this for Eric and Sloan. Nicole feels she’s selfish for trying to prove to everyone that she can be truly happy for them. Brady asks if she is. Nicole says she mostly is. Nicole adds that she really thought everyone would be here by now and asks where Holly is.

Holly guesses that Eric must be so disappointed in her. Eric responds that he’s not here to judge her and promises not to tell anyone, but he insists that she tell her parents. Holly responds that she can’t and that Tate even said she shouldn’t. Eric asks if she really thinks Tate wants to stay in a halfway house because of what her parents will think about her. Holly explains that it’s not that but what it will do to Nicole to find out that she’s not her perfect little girl. Holly worries that Nicole will blame herself for everything from her baby dying to the overdose. Holly states that after all Nicole has been through, this will kill her. Eric argues that he knows Nicole is a lot stronger than she thinks. Eric acknowledges that Holly is in agony because of this and Tate is suffering because of her behavior. Eric tells Holly that she needs to do this, not just for Tate but for herself. Eric hugs Holly as she cries. Sloan comes back in and asks if Eric is coming so they aren’t late. Eric says he’ll be right there. Eric encourages Holly to think about what he said as he then exits.

Steve asks when the party is getting started and where the guests of honor are. Roman responds that he has no idea. Leo arrives, so Roman jokes this should liven things up. Roman questions the stunt that Leo pulled at the chapel. Leo claims he just gave a heartfelt speech about love and loss. Roman points out that his speech didn’t start out heartfelt and questions why he would interrupt a Christening just to tell people that he was covering the event for the Spectator. Leo questions Roman cross examining him and claims his only agenda was to lift people’s spirits. Leo remarks that he has a special connection with Jude and walks away. Roman questions why he somewhat believes Leo for once. Marlena asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole says she’s okay but she’s not sure about Holly since first she wasn’t coming to the service, then she decided to come by herself while now she said she’d be home in a few minutes. Holly then comes home. Nicole hugs her and says she was worried about her. Steve sits with John and says he saw him staring at Stefano’s portrait. Steve tells John that when he worked for Victor, he did that willingly but when Dr. Rolf implanted a chip in his brain, he had no choice and was basically turned in to Stefano. Steve says he could’ve killed John then and came real close. John argues that Steve didn’t kill him because something inside of him stopped him. Steve says no, it was sheer luck and that John saved himself. John wishes he could’ve done something to save Catharina. Holly walks through the room and steals a glass of champagne. Leo sees her as Holly exits the mansion to drink it.

Outside the mansion, Holly hides the champagne glass behind her as Eric, Sloan, and Melinda arrive with Jude. Eric questions what she’s doing outside. Holly claims it got stuffy inside so she came out for some air. Eric points out that it’s chilly out and she’s not wearing a coat, so he suggests she come inside. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda head in. Holly stops to finish her glass of champagne before following them in.

Marlena tells EJ that she was hoping Johnny and Chanel would be there since she ordered them a wedding gift that finally arrived and she has it in her trunk. EJ calls that very thoughtful of her and says they hardly left Paulina’s side but they found some time to get to the Salem Inn to celebrate their wedding night a few weeks late. Marlena thanks him for letting her know. Roman jokes with Steve and John that Stefano must be turning over in his grave to have the DiMera Mansion full of Bradys celebrating a happy occasion. John walks away again, so Roman asks Steve what’s going on with John. Steve says he’s sorry but it’s not his story to tell. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda enter with Jude. Eric apologizes and announces they had a diaper emergency. Holly follows in and places her champagne glass back. Jude starts crying so Nicole offers to try to calm him down. Eric hands Jude to Nicole and he stops crying.

Tate comments to Theresa that he’s a juvenile delinquent and talks about the photos that Theresa showed him from the Christening. Tate talks about Eric looking so happy, but Nicole looking worried. Theresa thinks it was just rough for Nicole since she lost a baby a few months ago.

Nicole hands Jude back to Sloan, who says the day was almost perfect as she looks over at Leo. Brady calls for everyone’s attention as he proposes a toast to Jude, Eric, and Sloan. Brady states that Eric’s been waiting a long time to be a dad and he’s already a good one. Eric says he learned from the best. Brady adds that Sloan will be a wonderful mother as they toast to them. Nicole looks around and questions where the hell Holly is.

Holly exits the mansion with another glass of champagne and drinks it. Holly then pulls out her phone and calls the halfway house. Holly pretends to be Theresa again and asks for Tate. The woman then informs Tate that he has a call from his mother, which shocks Theresa who is still with Tate. Theresa then takes the phone and questions who it is. Holly gets scared and hangs up.

John asks Marlena if they can leave yet. Marlena decides she’s sure Eric will understand. Roman tells Eric it’s a great party. Eric asks if he’s leaving already and where Kate is. Roman says she’s packing up the leftovers to donate to the food bank. Marlena tells Eric that it’s been a wonderful party but they have to go. Steve adds that it was a beautiful Christening. Eric thanks them all for being there. Marlena says she loves him and Jude. Steve congratulates Eric as he, Roman, John, and Marlena exit. Sloan comes over with Jude and tells Eric that Jude is looking ready for a nap, so she thinks the party is over. Eric asks for a minute to talk to Holly before they leave and says it’s important. Sloan points out that Jude is about to start screaming as Eric says he just can’t leave yet. Leo comes over and offers Sloan a ride home which she accepts and adds that they can drop Melinda off too. Eric gives Leo his keys to grab the carseat out of his car. Leo, Sloan, and Melinda then exit with Jude as Eric watches Holly.

Roman and Kate go back to the Brady Pub. Kate complains that she knows Nicole was just trying to be nice but it would’ve been a lot easier if they just had the party at the Pub. Steve arrives and asks for a drink of scotch. Roman asks if this has something to do with what’s going on with John. Steve says he could say that.

John returns to the chapel and lights a candle. John begins to pray and says when he was a priest, he used to say that no one is ever unworthy of God’s forgiveness. John then laughs off that he wasn’t really a priest because everything he believed about himself was a lie, as is everything he believes about himself now. John knows he shouldn’t allow himself to suffer so much over this since Konstantin is the one who truly suffered. John asks God to come up with a way to help him through this if it’s not asking too much. Marlena joins John and says it’s not asking too much and that God will help him with it as she will too, because they are in this together as John hugs her.

Leo brings Melinda and Sloan to Sloan and Eric’s apartment. Sloan puts Jude to sleep while Melinda calls Leo an obnoxious creep. Leo says he’ll be on his way. Sloan warns Leo that what happened today can never happen again. Leo says he knows while Melinda says the pact is official that no one can ever know that Jude is Nicole’s baby. Leo points out that he couldn’t tell the truth in a church so he won’t anywhere else, unless the money stops rolling in. Sloan says she knew he’d say that. Leo declares that the money will keep rolling in or else their lives will go down the toilet. Leo calls them an unholy trinity, the only three people in the world to know that Jude came from Nicole DiMera and they are the only three who will ever know.

Theresa informs Tate that she instructed the staff that he is not to receive any more calls here. Theresa asks who it was. Tate claims he doesn’t know. Theresa guesses it was Holly. Tate says maybe it was. Theresa asks if Holly called before. Tate admits that she did. Theresa questions if he talked to her. Tate says he thought he was answering a call from Theresa. Theresa argues that he should’ve hung up as soon as he realized it wasn’t her and reminds him about the restraining order. Theresa asks if Tate wants to go to jail and ruin his whole future. Theresa questions what is wrong with Holly, complaining that she’s done enough to ruin Tate’s life and that she better leave him alone from now on.

Brady returns to the living room and asks where everyone went since he just took a work call. EJ informs him that the party is over. Brady says he was on his way out as he is going to see Tate. EJ tells Brady to leave Holly alone. Brady remarks that he was just stating a fact while EJ argues that he only said it to upset Holly. Nicole asks them not to do this now. Brady then goes to leave but Holly stops him. Holly tells Nicole that she’s so sorry. Holly then announces that it was her drugs on the night she overdosed, shocking Nicole and EJ.

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Days Update Thursday, March 28, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion which is set up for Jude’s Christening. EJ apologizes for having a lot on his mind but tells Nicole that he looks amazing. Nicole notes that EJ is distracted and assumes it’s about Stefan turning himself in. EJ confirms it is but says today is not about that. Holly comes in, so Nicole questions why she’s not dressed as they are about to hit the road. Holly responds that she’s not going.

Leo runs in to Melinda in the town square. Melinda questions Leo being dressed up. Leo questions where Melinda’s Christening gift is for Jude and asks if she forgot something so important. Leo says he might have a fix.

Eric and Sloan get ready at home for Jude’s Christening. Eric calls it the happiest day of their lives and asks what Sloan is thinking. Sloan brings up having the party at the DiMera Mansion with Nicole hosting and says she’s trying to be positive but she’s still so uncomfortable. Eric says they talked about this. Sloan knows she should be more forgiving but seeing Nicole just reminds her of when Nicole kidnapped Jude and asks Eric if he knows how hard it is for her not to think about that.

Brady and Theresa eat together at the Brady Pub. They joke about Brady being Jude’s Godfather. Theresa decides to call Tate. Theresa tells him that she plans to come visit him after Jude’s Christening and then Brady will come see him after the party. Theresa mentions that they will be seeing Holly at the chapel. Brady thinks back to talking to Theresa about wishing Holly would clear Tate. Theresa tells Tate that he should be focused on his school work instead of worrying about the girl who got him in to this mess.

Marlena and John get dressed for the Christening. They recall the vacation where John got his tie. Marlena suggests they should plan a vacation in Hawaii but John says running away from what he’s done isn’t going to change anything. Marlena asks what will then. John complains that he murdered an innocent young woman and that’s something that he has to live with for the rest of his life. Marlena reminds John that he has no memory of that time and there’s no evidence that he had anything to do with the girl’s death. John argues that Steve was at the scene of the crime and doesn’t remember seeing anyone else there but him. Marlena points out that Stefano and Victor were also there, so who knows what happened and she doesn’t trust Steve’s memory. Marlena adds that John beating himself up and questioning who he is, is not okay and it’s hurting her. John apologizes for that. Marlena says she knows him, loves him, and knows who he is. Marlena urges John to forgive himself but John doesn’t know if he can do that.

Theresa tells Brady that Tate is obviously still hung up on Holly in spite of it all. Kate and Roman come over to their table. Brady asks if they are ready for the big event. Roman says he is ready for the Christening but not so much the reception at the DiMera Mansion. Kate points out that they will try to keep an open mind. Brady suggests maybe it could be the dawn of a new era. Roman jokes that they will hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Melinda questions Leo being serious. Leo assures that he is serious about gifts. Melinda can’t believe Leo is actually going to the Christening. Leo argues that he’s an invited guest. Leo adds that he and Melinda were responsible for getting Jude to Sloan and Eric instead of with Nicole. Melinda acknowledges that they are connected in that way but suggests they never talk about it because today is about the future. Melinda warns Leo to keep his mouth shut if he wants to stay out of prison.

Sloan and Eric get Jude dressed in his Christening gown. They decide they are ready to go. Sloan apologizes for being a downer about Nicole hosting the party. Eric acknowledges that she was just being honest. Sloan decides that she will take the high road since it’s very kind of Nicole and EJ to host the reception, so she’s sure it will be a beautiful celebration as they hug.

Nicole tells Holly that they are all going to the Christening as a family. EJ asks her what’s really going on. Holly says she just doesn’t have the energy to be around so many people. Nicole asks if she should call Sarah to check on her. Holly insists that she’s fine and tells them to go without her. Nicole decides that if Holly’s not going, she’s not going. EJ adds if Nicole isn’t going, he’s not either and suggests they could all stay home.

Leo calls it tacky of Melinda to bring up his arrangement with Sloan which he compares to Melinda’s own arrangement. Melinda says she comforts herself in knowing that Jude is being raised by amazing parents. Leo argues that there is nothing maternal about Sloan. Melinda disagrees and says she is going to check in on her godchild. Leo tells Melinda to go for it as she walks away. Leo decides that he will go check in on the big man.

Roman tells Brady that he thinks Eric made a very wise choice when he asked him to be Jude’s Godfather as he knows he’ll take the role to heart. Brady admits he was honored to be asked. Roman is glad that Brady accepted since Eric mentioned that he was reluctant at first. Brady confirms he was as he hasn’t been very confident in his parenting skills these days. Roman encourages that Brady can’t blame himself for things that are not within his control and all they can do is love their kids unconditionally. Brady thinks back to visiting Tate and agrees that’s all they can do. Roman mentions that he spoke to Kimberly, who said she’s very grateful for what he’s done for Theresa. Brady is just glad he could be there, especially since he’s been there. Brady states that he and Theresa aren’t together anymore but she’ll always be family. Roman calls Brady a great dad and declares that he will be a world class Godfather. Roman tells Brady that he’s very proud of the man he has become as they hug.

Holly calls it crazy and argues that Nicole and EJ can’t miss the Christening. Nicole and EJ refuse to leave her alone and say no one would miss them. Holly argues that Eric would be crushed if they weren’t there. Nicole asks if this is because of Brady and Theresa being there, making it uncomfortable for her because of the situation with Tate. Holly says it’s the whole vibe. Nicole promises that Theresa and Brady will be on their best behavior. Nicole adds that Eric loves Holly and would miss her, so they are not letting her stay home alone. Holly gives in and acknowledges that today is important and they need to be there, so she agrees to get ready to go. Nicole is relieved and bets it will be a beautiful Christening that might brighten her day. Holly doubts that but suggests they go without her so they aren’t late and she’ll meet them there as she exits the room.

Eric finishes a call and informs Sloan that Kayla won’t be able to make it because the hospital is understaffed. Melinda then arrives and gives Sloan a card and says it’s just something for Jude’s savings account. Eric tells Melinda that there’s something he needs to talk to her about. Eric informs Melinda that as Godmother, she will have to carry Jude to the front of the chapel and asks if that’s okay with her. Melinda responds that she would be honored.

Leo goes to the chapel where the priest asks if he’s there for a confession. Leo jokingly asks how much time he has, then explains that he’s here for the Christening of Jude Brady. Leo mentions knowing Jude for his whole life. The priest comments that everyone there will bear a responsibility in Jude’s life which Leo questions. He talks about it taking a village to be examples of good, kind, and honest people. He then goes to continue setting up while Leo tells himself that he is good and kind, but not so much honest.

Marlena asks John to put aside his guilt for one day and try to focus on the joy of the new life they are celebrating. John agrees to do that for her, so she thanks him as they hug and John flashes back to arguing with Marlena about being unable to live with himself over what he’s done.

Roman gets an urgent phone call from one of his employees, who was in a car wreck while delivering food to the DiMera Mansion. Kate decides she will take care of the food while sending Brady and Roman on their way so they aren’t late.

Eric tells Melinda that everything is pretty straightforward. Melinda asks if they are ready to go. Eric mentions having to call his sister Sami back since she left a message earlier. Eric goes to make that call. Sloan asks Melinda how she’s going to get through this. Melinda urges that she has to and reminds her that she has everything she ever wanted. Melinda questions Leo being invited. Sloan complains about that along with Nicole hosting the after party. Melinda reminds Sloan that this is her event and worries about Leo and Nicole being in the same space. Melinda says it’s a good thing that she ran in to Leo as she reminded him to keep his mouth shut. Sloan remarks that he damn well better.

John and Marlena arrive at the chapel. John says something about the place always calms him down. They are then surprised to see Leo Stark. Marlena hopes he’s not there to write gossip and then greets him. Leo asks how they are doing today. John says they are just fine and asks him the same. Leo talks about feeling spiritual and peaceful. Leo says he’s blown away by Eric and Sloan’s generosity to invite him to the event. Leo talks about not being much of a church goer, but he’s sure today will be enlightening and uplifting for all of them as he then walks away. Marlena comments that he’s quite a character. John says that’s one way to think of him. John is concerned about having a reporter there. Marlena points out that Sloan and Eric both said Leo was great with Jude. Brady, Theresa, and Roman arrive and greet John and Marlena. Marlena asks about Kate. Roman explains that they had a delivery snafu and Kate offered to take care of it. Roman steps away to call Kate to check on that. John informs Brady and Theresa that he and Marlena have made plans to go see Tate. John asks how they are holding up. Brady says they are attending meetings and putting sobriety first. Theresa adds that they are trying to think of Tate and mentions that she is going to see him after the Christening. Marlena asks her about the reception at the DiMera Mansion. Theresa thinks it’s best for her to steer clear of EJ and Nicole as EJ and Nicole then arrive at the chapel. Marlena tells Theresa that she doesn’t think that will be too easy to do. EJ and Nicole approach Roman, who tells Nicole that she’s looking lovely. Nicole asks where Eric and Sloan are. Roman says he hasn’t seen them but he’s sure that they’ll be there any minute. Theresa complains to Brady that she has no interest in going to the party at the DiMera Mansion. Brady responds that he’s only doing it for Eric and Jude. Sloan, Eric, and Melinda then arrive with Jude. John, Marlena, and Roman greet them. Eric thanks everyone for being there on this special day and says that Jude is lucky to have them all in his life. Marlena says they are lucky while Leo tells Eric that was eloquent. Leo promises that the day will be off the record. Eric steps aside with Roman while Melinda suggests to Sloan that they do a final diaper check before the big event. Marlena asks John how he’s doing. John says he was doing okay but being in the house of the Lord and seeing Jude, he’s having a hard time. Marlena promises to be with him every step of the way. Eric tells the priest that Sloan is getting Jude ready and he’s pretty sure everyone is there. Holly arrives and hugs Eric. The priest calls for everyone to take their places. Brady and Theresa approach Holly, who greets them and asks about Tate. Theresa mocks her and brings up Tate’s restraining order and ankle monitor. Brady stops her, so Theresa questions if she’s not allowed to talk to Holly as they take their places. The priest then begins the Christening ceremony.

The priest officially baptizes Jude. Nicole flashes back to giving birth to Jude with Leo’s help as she and Leo exchange looks. Leo then interrupts, announcing that he’s sorry but he has something very important to say that can’t wait, causing Sloan and Melinda to worry.

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Days Update Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Marlena gives Eric his old Christening gown for Jude to wear. Marlena comments on there probably not being a crib for him at the DiMera Mansion and admits she doesn’t understand the change in venue from the Brady Pub to the DiMera Mansion. Eric explains that Nicole wanted to host the party. Marlena asks how Sloan felt about that. Eric admits she wasn’t thrilled, especially because he said yes to Nicole without asking Sloan which shocks Marlena. Eric asks how he was supposed to say no to Nicole after everything she has been through.

At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole tells Holly that Eric is going to want to take a ton of pictures tomorrow and asks if they should set up outside. Holly complains about the portrait of Stefano as a backdrop. Nicole asks Holly if she wants to go outside as she thinks they could both use some fresh air but Holly says she just wants to go to her room. Nicole stops her and asks if everything is okay. Holly says it’s not.

Tate sits in his room at the halfway house, reading back what he wrote in his journal as his therapist suggested he do. Tate states that he just needs to get out of here.

Stephanie meets Everett in the town square and questions him having caffeine. Everett thanks her for meeting him. Stephanie says she’d be wanting to talk with him too and that she tried to reach him at the Spectator but Chad says he’s barely been around. Everett responds that he’s had a lot on his plate. Stephanie informs Everett that she thinks it would be best if he hired a new law firm to work with the Spectator because she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to work together anymore.

Harris sits in his room until Xander shows up at his door. Xander asks if he’s going to let him in or if he’s afraid he’s going to shoot him. Harris asks what he can do for him. Xander says he came to thank him for helping him make bail and says he owes him. Harris disagrees and claims he just couldn’t positively identify his shooter, so the judge made the right call. Xander acknowledges that he’s done terrible things in the past but says he’s a changed man because he’s a father now and nothing is more important to him than being a good person for his daughter and the woman he loves. Xander wants Harris to know for certain that he did not shoot him and he is innocent.

Everett asks Stephanie not to punish herself because she’s angry with him. Everett says he hired her to do PR and social media because she’s the best but if she doesn’t want to deal with him directly, he’s sure Chad would. Stephanie states that she doesn’t want to deal with him in a professional setting and remarks that she doesn’t even know what to call him. Stephanie asks if he’s finally admitting that he was married when they were together in Seattle and that he cheated on Jada with her. Everett doesn’t fully understand what happened as there’s still a lot more questions than answers, but he has come to realize that there are a lot more gaps in his memory than he initially thought. Stephanie asks what kind of gaps. Everett informs her that he can’t remember his father.

Marlena tells Eric that he knows Sloan has issues with Nicole for good reason. Eric asks if she wants him to uninvite Nicole to the Christening. Marlena says he can’t do that since he already has Nicole planning the entire reception at the DiMera Mansion. Eric says that Nicole and Holly are like family to him. Marlena asks how Sloan feels about that. Eric admits she’s not exactly happy with him. Eric mentions that Nicole stopped by this morning and kind of bonded with Sloan which Marlena questions. Eric explains that Jude was fussy and Nicole calmed him down which Sloan seemed to be grateful for. Marlena calls that a very positive step but she’s still worried that Eric’s relationship with Nicole is very complex, so he has to be sensitive for other people. Eric says he’s trying his best but thinks she needs to stop worrying. Marlena just wants he and Sloan to be happy. Eric asks what that’s supposed to mean. Marlena says she wants them to be happily married and asks what he thought she meant.

Holly tells Nicole that she’s just upset about Tate because she thought he would be released from the halfway house when she told her that the drugs weren’t his, but she didn’t believe her. Nicole argues that it’s not that she didn’t believe her but that Holly said herself she doesn’t remember everything from that night. Holly argues that she remembers everything before it and she never saw Tate using drugs ever. Nicole remarks that there’s a first time for everything and that Tate was acting awfully suspicious that night. Holly argues that it’s not like she can prove Tate roofied her and complains about the restraining order. Nicole informs her that she and EJ agreed that Tate and Holly should keep some distance from each other. Holly complains that they act like Tate is a horrible influence on her when they went on one date. Nicole says to look how that turned out. Holly says it wasn’t because of Tate. Holly tells Nicole that what happened on New Year’s Eve wasn’t Tate’s fault, it was her fault.

Eric tells Marlena that he’s sorry as he just thought Marlena was trying to tell him something that Nicole might have said in therapy. Marlena says that would be an ethical breach. Eric agrees and apologizes for Jude being asleep. Marlena says it’s okay as she’ll see plenty of him tomorrow. Marlena adds that she and Brady are looking forward to tomorrow, noting that Brady is taking his duties as Godfather very seriously. Marlena is glad that Eric asked Brady because he needed this with everything going on lately. Marlena adds that they are all hoping that Tate is released as soon as Holly remembers what actually happened on New Year’s Eve, but it seems she doesn’t remember where she got the drugs. Marlena mentions that Brady thinks Holly is not telling the truth and he wants to believe his son. Eric points out that Nicole wants to believe Holly is telling the truth. Eric hates to say it since he loves Holly, but admits that Brady’s not the only on who thinks Holly is not telling the truth.

Nicole tells Holly to stop blaming herself for that night since the drugs were not her’s. Nicole brings up that Marlena made her realize that self blame is a coping mechanism to deal with trauma but it’s not good for anyone. Nicole says that terrible night, she thought there was no chance the drugs were Holly’s but then self doubt started creeping in and she started questioning herself as if she was oblivious to what was going on under her own roof with her own daughter. Nicole says she started blaming herself as a mother for not being attentive and worrying about her. Holly understands she was going through so much and asks her not to be so hard on herself. Nicole declares that she realized that Holly does not do drugs and she was the victim on New Year’s Eve as someone maliciously put drugs in her drink without her knowing and almost ended her life. Nicole remarks that she blamed herself for no reason just like Holly is now. Nicole asks what Holly could possibly be sorry for.

Tate continues reading his journal, questioning why he would want to be with someone who doesn’t even care about him and that Holly only dated him to get over Johnny. Tate rips up the page and remarks that he needs to get over her.

Stephanie questions Everett never realizing until now that he doesn’t remember his father. Everett guesses it was sort of an out of sight, out of mind thing but when he was in a session with Marlena, she asked about his mom. Everett says even though his mom died when he was younger, he could still see her face but when Marlena asked about his dad, he was totally blank. Stephanie calls that really strange. Everett asks if he ever told her anything about his dad. Stephanie admits that he didn’t. Stephanie remembers asking about him once but he just kind of zoned out on her, so she figured it was a sensitive subject and she never asked again.

Xander thanks Harris for his time and says he’ll be on his way. Harris questions that being it. Xander says he just came to say his piece. Harris offers him a drink of scotch which Xander accepts. Xander questions how Harris can so calmly share a drink with someone who everyone else believes tried to kill him. Harris responds that he has a gun and he believes that Xander didn’t try to kill him. Xander says it obviously means a great deal to him that Harris believes in his innocence, but questions why he does. Harris responds that he knows what it’s like to be accused of something you didn’t do. Harris talks about being guilty in the past but he’s worked really hard on himself and turned over a new leaf which he feels Xander is trying to do as well. Xander confirms that and repeats he’s done some terrible things in the past but that he would never be stupid enough to shoot a cop, especially now that he and Sarah are back together with their daughter. Xander asks why he would risk it all to put a bullet in Harris when he doesn’t even know him. Xander wishes there was some way to track down who sent him that text and deposited money in his account. Harris asks if Xander has any idea who might have set him up.

Marlena questions Eric thinking that Holly might be lying. Eric admits he thinks it’s possible and says that Holly was evasive when he spoke to her. Marlena is sure that Brady will be grateful that Eric talked with her. Marlena hopes the truth comes out soon. Eric asks how Marlena is doing since Brady said that John has been out of sorts lately. Eric asks if there’s anything he can do. Marlena says no but he’ll be her first call if she decides to talk about it. Marlena says she should get going and hugs him as Eric thanks her for coming by.

Nicole insists that Holly has nothing at all to be guilty about and asks her to just be kind to herself which Holly agrees to do. Nicole says she has to go get more things for the Christening and invites Holly to come with her but Holly says she’s kind of tired now. Nicole tells her to call her if she needs anything. They say I love you to each other as Nicole then exits. Holly then pulls out her phone and looks up the halfway house.

Tate continues reading over his journal about how he thought Holly came to the police station to tell the truth but she didn’t and now he can’t even see her. Tate decides maybe that’s a good thing and he doesn’t need Holly in his life anymore.

Stephanie asks Everett if Marlena had any idea why his memory was so badly affected. Everett says that she said it was very likely to do with the brain injury from his accident and suggested hypnotherapy. Stephanie says it sounds like it’s worth a try. Everett confirms he said he would give it a try but admits maybe he’s scared of what might come up, especially since he was told that he was a monster that did awful, unforgivable things. Everett suggests maybe he didn’t do those things but Stephanie says it’s pretty clear that he did. Stephanie suggests maybe the hypnotherapy will help him learn that there was another factor and he’s a different person now. Everett supposes it would be too much to ask or hope for with them. Stephanie says she’s sorry that he’s dealing with this mental health issue and she knows he doesn’t have a lot of people to lean on, so she’s not going to disappear on him. Everett says he appreciates that. Stephanie adds that she did have real feelings for him and was starting to have them again. Everett stops her and says he knows where she’s going with this. Stephanie tells him that she’s not saying anything is impossible and declares that if it’s meant to be, they will figure it out. Everett says he’ll take that and asks Stephanie not to give up on him as he then walks away.

Holly tries to come up with a lie to tell the halfway house as she then calls them and claims to be Tate’s mother, Theresa Donovan.

Tate is told that he has a phone call from his mother. Tate shouts back to tell her he’s meditating or something and he’ll call her tomorrow but they say that she said it’s important so Tate agrees to go answer.

Everett runs in to Marlena in the park. Marlena asks if he had any more memories. Everett says he unfortunately hasn’t. Marlena says they’ll keep working on that. They go to leave but then Everett stops her.

Nicole lights candles at the chapel as Eric then arrives.

Stephanie runs in to Jada in the town square. Jada tells her that she has a lot on her mind. Stephanie says she does too but she got the impression at the hospital that Jada was upset with her. Jada responds that she’s upset with the entire Bobby situation. Stephanie says she is too, but they are friends and they were both victims of his lies. Stephanie asks if they can get together and talk about. Jada declares that she doesn’t see Stephanie as a victim since she’s the one who was cheated on. Jada brings up that Stephanie was the other woman who helped break up her marriage. Stephanie is sorry that she feels that way and thinks of her as the other woman. Stephanie thinks she should be mad at Everett. Jada assures that she is. Stephanie knows Jada was hurt and she is so sorry about that, but argues that she didn’t know Everett was married and if she had, she never would’ve gotten involved with him. Jada asks if she’s sure that she didn’t know. Stephanie confirms that she didn’t. Jada suggests maybe a small part of her just didn’t want to know. Stephanie asks why she would say that. Jada questions if Stephanie ever hung out with his friends, met his parents, or looked him up on the internet. Jada points out that he was obviously keeping his life a secret from Stephanie and she had to suspect there was a reason for that, but she didn’t do any digging. Jada suggests maybe Stephanie didn’t want to mess up her life because she was so in love that she didn’t want to find anything that would ruin her perfect life.

Xander tells Harris that Salem is unfortunately home to a number of people who would want to do him in. Xander says that EJ is at the top of the list, so when he got that text, he went to confront EJ but Stefan was the only one home. Harris asks if he no longer thinks EJ set him up. Xander says he doesn’t know why EJ would want to do Harris in and have him murdered. Xander asks what Harris thinks since he’s the cop. Harris responds that he has nothing concrete so far. Xander states that as far as he knows, there was only one eye witness to the shooting and that was Harris. Xander asks if he’s sure that he doesn’t remember anything at all.

Everett tells Marlena that he knows he agreed to try hypnotherapy, but the more he thinks about it, the more afraid he is of what might come up. Marlena says she understands and admits that not knowing could be even more destabilizing while knowing might help him get rid of some of his fears. Marlena suggests they still move forward. Everett sees what she’s saying but he’s not sure.

Tate answers the phone and is shocked that it’s Holly, who reminds him to pretend she is his mother. Tate asks if she’s okay. Holly says she is but she hates what is happening to him. Holly brings up going to the police station but they wouldn’t let her see him and now there’s the restraining order. Holly can’t stand that this is happening to him because of her. Tate tells her that there is something she could do about it. Holly says she knows so Tate questions why she doesn’t do it.

Eric tells Nicole that he was stopping by to see the priest about the reading at the baptism. Nicole is sure he’s surprised to see her as she’s never been much of a church goer, but ever since losing her baby and everything that Holly’s been going through, she’s been talking to God a lot lately. Nicole says she unfortunately hasn’t heard from him yet. Eric encourages her to keep listening and admits he’s actually been doing the same thing lately. Eric declares that running in to Nicole here kind of feels like fate. Eric then tells Nicole that he has a confession.

Harris tells Xander that he’s sorry but he doesn’t remember anything. Xander points out that he was shot in the chest, so they must have been face to face. Harris says even if he does recover some memories, he’s not going to tell the prime suspect anything about the investigation. Harris tells Xander that while the charges against him remain active, he will do everything in his power to clear his name and he just has to be patient. Xander admits that’s not his strong suit. Harris believes they will find the shooter. Xander is unsure about that and says no justice, no peace.

Stephanie questions Jada thinking she has a perfect life and argues that she has her struggles just like Jada does. Stephanie asks where this is coming from and then asks if she’s not supposed to ask questions since she’s not the detective like Jada. Jada agrees that she’s not and questions if Stephanie’s ever had a job where she had to get her hands dirty. Jada remarks that if she found out that a man cheated on her dear friend with her, she wouldn’t be sticking by his side. Stephanie argues that’s not what she is doing. Jada says it seems like exactly what she’s doing and mocks her being sympathetic to Everett. Stephanie states that Everett is going through it as he’s very confused and doesn’t have friends or family here. Jada calls him a poor bastard then tells Stephanie to have a good day and walks off.

Marlena tells Everett that whatever they find out in hypnosis, she will be with him every step of the way. Everett thanks her. Marlena tells him that she will see him at their session and walks away.

Holly tells Tate that she thought telling EJ and Nicole that the drugs weren’t his would be enough. Tate points out that it wasn’t. Holly explains that Nicole was in a really bad place when she lost her baby and when she overdosed, Nicole was about to blame herself for not being there for her and not being a good enough mom. Holly tells Tate that it would kill Nicole if she thought those drugs were her’s and she doesn’t think Nicole could take it as she would totally fall apart. Tate knows she’s just trying to protect her mom. Holly still feels bad about what he’s going through. Tate hopes he won’t be in the place much longer, but admits that Nicole going off the rails could destroy her whole family so she shouldn’t tell her ever. Tate tells Holly not to worry about him. Holly says she is worried. Tate says the halfway house is not so bad. Tate tells Holly to just take care of her mom. Holly tells Tate that EJ just came home so she has to go and hangs up.

Nicole questions Eric having a confession. Eric says it’s something he only wants to tell her. Nicole says she’s listening. Eric brings up when Nicole came by this morning and he was getting out of the shower. Eric admits that he kind of eavesdropped on her and Sloan because he was worried that they wouldn’t get along, but once he saw Nicole help Sloan calm Jude down, it did his heart good. Nicole says she’s glad. Eric adds that after everything they’ve been through, he’s really grateful they can still be friends. Nicole says she is too and jokes that it wasn’t much of a confession. Eric guesses he just wanted to share with her how much their friendship means to him. Eric decides he will let her finish her prayer and he will see her there tomorrow for the baptism. Nicole says she’ll see him tomorrow as Eric then exits.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie goes to the hospital and surprises Kayla. Stephanie mentions bringing gifts for Wendy and Tripp. Kayla says she has their discharge papers so they can go give them everything together.

Tripp and Wendy sit together in their hospital room, talking about being excited to go home to their own bed. Wendy tells Tripp that she’s never felt closer to him than now because of what they went through and because of how brave Tripp was. Wendy talks about how safe he made her feel. Tripp says she did the same for him. Wendy recalls that they were both dizzy and weak, but she remembers accepting Tripp’s marriage proposal and then exchanging their vows. Wendy points out that she asked after if he would marry her for real if they were rescued, but she doesn’t remember what his answer was so she asks for an answer now.

Abe and Paulina talk about being so glad to be home together. Paulina talks about always believing she would be okay because someone was looking out for her, either God or a guardian angel. Paulina says part of her knew that was wishful thinking but says she needed to believe that so she could keep on. Abe admits he has comforted himself that way too. Paulina tells him that they know someone is taking care of them, so it’s not just wishful thinking.

Brady goes to the Titan office and finds Alex leaving a note. Alex says he was heading home but Brady says they have to talk now about his relationship with Kristen.

Theresa goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Kristen and asks what the hell is going on between Kristen and Alex, questioning what her endgame is.

Paulina tells Abe that she thought she was hallucinating and wasn’t sure if Lexie was taking her upstairs or down, but once that fear disappeared, it was just an overwhelming sense of peace and she knew everything would be okay. Abe says that what they experienced that night was beyond a miracle. Paulina tells Abe that she loves him with all her heart as they kiss. Paulina calls Lexie their guardian angel.

Wendy tells Tripp that she knows the proposal was under really strange circumstances but they get interrupted by Stephanie and Kayla coming in. Kayla asks how they are feeling. Tripp says they are ready to get out of here. Stephanie reveals that Joey has been checking in with her nonstop as he’s been worried, so he sent them gifts which she hands to them.

Kristen tells Theresa that there is no endgame and that she and Alex are just dating and getting to know each other better. Theresa argues that Kristen had never shown interest in Alex before. Kristen says that’s because he wasn’t available before and mocks Theresa for letting Alex go. Kristen calls Alex fascinating and witty. Kristen questions what possessed her to give all that up.

Alex tells Brady that his relationship with Kristen is none of his business. Brady responds that anything involving his daughter is his business. Alex questions what he means. Brady asks what his intentions are towards his child. Alex tells him to slow down as he just started dating Kristen. Alex admits that being a stepdad to an 8 year old girl is not on the immediate to-do list for him. Brady brings up that Alex was dating the mother of his son and now he’s dating the mother of his daughter. Brady calls it a pattern. Alex asks what exactly he’s accusing him of.

Wendy and Tripp open their gifts from Joey of a tea kettle and beer. Jada arrives and says she hates to interrupt but she has follow up questions for Tripp and Wendy.

Paulina tells Abe that she has something to admit to him and that is that she’s a little bit jealous of Lexie. Paulina knows it’s not rational or fair to her memory to want to be the love of Abe’s life. Paulina guesses it’s her want to be special to him and asks if that’s greedy of her. Abe calls it human and assures that she is the one he loves now and he loves her with all his heart for the rest of his life. Paulina comments on how lucky that makes her as they kiss.

Alex says clearly Brady hasn’t been listening and repeats that he and Kristen are just getting to know each other. Brady brings up Theresa despising Kristen. Alex asks what that has to do with him. Brady argues that he knew damn well that Theresa would blow a gasket over Alex and Kristen kissing. Alex says that Theresa went bye bye. Brady questions that being it and argues that he saw how Alex reacted when Theresa was high, so he knows he cares about her. Alex says he cared in past tense. Brady isn’t buying it and thinks he’s making a mistake if he’s just trying to make Theresa jealous. Brady warns that Theresa and Kristen are like fire and dynamite, so it might just blow up in his face.

Theresa tells Kristen that she did not give Alex up and his proposal was out of pity. Kristen asks why she even cares about her and Alex since she’s shacking up with Brady these days. Theresa argues that she’s temporarily staying at John and Marlena’s in her son’s room. Theresa assures that there is nothing going on between her and Brady and that they are just working together to help their son through a crisis. Kristen tells her that she will tell her what she’s really doing with Alex then.

Jada tells Wendy that she’s glad they are okay as the whole department was worried and credits Wendy for knowing sign language. Jada brings up Wendy’s statement from the night she was rescued and asks if she’s remembered anything else since. Wendy is pretty sure she covered everything. Jada asks if Wendy remembers Officer Goldman giving any indication of where she and Clyde might be headed.

Tripp sits in the hospital lobby with Stephanie and Kayla. Tripp asks Stephanie what’s been going on with her but Stephanie says it’s nothing he needs to hear about right now. Tripp then gets a call from Ava and steps away to answer. Kayla asks how Stephanie really is since she saw the icy look between her and Jada. Stephanie is sure Steve filled her in on everything. Kayla confirms he did but says she’s there if she wants to talk. Tripp comes back and says that Ava has been calling him nonstop since the rescue as she wants to be waiting to pick him up. Kayla understands and says she and Steve will be hovering more than usual since they almost lost him. Tripp says that’s fine with him.

Theresa asks Kristen what’s going on between her and Alex. Kristen talks about being a single parent and it being a long time since she had companionship. Kristen calls Alex a gem and says she really loves being with him. Kristen adds that she thinks Rachel will benefit from a positive male influence. Theresa calls that Brady’s job. Kristen says in a perfect scenario, Rachel would have her parents together but Brady is not open up to that idea. Theresa argues that men and women can co-parent without being together. Kristen remarks that it’s usually best for a child to be with their parents together in a loving relationship. Kristen says as much as she’s enjoying being with Alex, if someone helped Brady with the idea of a relationship with her then Alex wouldn’t stand a chance. Theresa decides she will see herself out and exits.

Alex tells Brady that resenting him playing games with his exes is hypocritical as he brings up walking in on Brady and Theresa kissing. Alex accuses Brady of playing games then and trying to make him jealous. Brady argues there was nothing to be jealous of as he was just there for her and it meant nothing. Brady asks why he’s bringing that up again. Alex says it’s because he doesn’t believe him. Brady is happy that Alex gave him the real scoop about what’s going on with Kristen, but warns that he’s dealing with two women who are a lot of work and who can make him miserable as he exits.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Kristen that they need to talk. Brady says he’s not staying long but he had a really enlightening conversation with Alex. Kristen asks how her boyfriend is. Brady responds that Alex is perplexed and views their relationship as purely fun and games while he had no idea he was a candidate to be a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen thinks Alex would make a great stepdad and maybe will even give her a baby brother or sister. Brady stops her and says that Alex said in no uncertain terms that they are not serious, so she’s never going to get a commitment out of Alex. Kristen responds that she thinks Brady is actually jealous.

Wendy tells Jada that she doesn’t recall Officer Goldman saying anything about where she was heading. Jada goes back to when Goldman kidnapped them from the park during the geocaching event. Wendy recalls her saying that they were in danger and that she needed to escort them to a safe location. Wendy adds that they got in to the back of an unmarked van and drove for awhile. Wendy says they remembered hearing airplanes and then Goldman locked them up in the beer tank by the airport. Jada tells her to continue whenever she’s ready. Wendy talks about how Officer Goldman would show up randomly with food and water. Wendy says they had no way to tell time and heard the vents close, so they thought that was it. Wendy adds that in those last moments, they exchanged wedding vows and held each other until they stopped breathing. Jada thanks her for sharing that as she knows it was very hard for her. Jada asks if Wendy considers herself married now. Wendy doesn’t know but says it felt right at the time. Jada says if they have a real marriage, it will last.

Stephanie tells Tripp that she keeps thinking about he and Wendy being locked up all that time and asks how they survived. Tripp says the food and water kept them going until Officer Goldman tried to kill them. Tripp talks about using their imaginations to keep from going crazy and mentions even getting married which Stephanie and Kayla both question.

Theresa goes to Alex’s apartment. Alex asks if she came to pick up the stuff she left behind when she bolted. Theresa says was just stopping by. Alex mentions not seeing her around the office lately. Theresa says she’s been working remotely and seeing Tate a lot. Alex says that makes sense. Theresa brings up seeing Alex with Kristen earlier and says it really got her thinking that she needs to dig deep and think about their relationship. Theresa admits that maybe she overreacted when she packed her bags.

Tripp tells Stephanie and Kayla about he and Wendy exchanging vows and how they planned to get married for real if they were rescued. Stephanie says they are obviously in love and she’s so happy for them. Kayla says she’s happy for them too and she thinks Wendy is a great girl, but worries that they are both so young and were in a very intense situation. Kayla thinks maybe they should wait to think about marriage. Kayla says if they’re meant to be together, they will be and advises them not to rush anything. Jada comes over and says she just finished talking with Wendy so now she has to talk to Tripp. Kayla and Stephanie decide to go check on Wendy.

Paulina jokes with Abe about staying home all week. Abe suggests they start planning a nice, long and relaxing vacation.

Alex questions Theresa thinking she overreacted. Alex agrees that her moving out was a major overreaction, especially since he was just being honest about his feelings. Theresa says maybe she didn’t want to hear his feelings, but now that she’s had time to think, she thinks she should re-evaluate her decision. Theresa tells Alex that she’s missed him and she knows he’s missed her. They almost kiss but Alex thinks back to talking to Kristen about their plan to make Theresa jealous. Alex then tells Theresa that this isn’t a good idea and she needs to go now.

Jada asks Tripp if he picked up any clue as to where Officer Goldman and Clyde were going. Tripp says no as Goldman didn’t say much. Jada asks if anyone was ever with her. Tripp confirms she was always alone. Tripp gets a text from Ava, asking if he’s almost ready. Jada tells him that this is an open investigation, so she will need to speak with them again. Tripp says they want to help catch Goldman and Clyde any way they can, but right now he thinks it’s time for he and Wendy to go home.

Kayla and Stephanie go back to Wendy’s hospital room. Kayla asks how it went. Wendy guesses it was okay. Stephanie mentions that Tripp told them more about what they went through. Kayla calls the vows beautiful. Stephanie hugs Wendy and says she’s so sorry they went through all that but she’s happy Tripp wasn’t alone.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s not jealous of her and Alex. Kristen asks why he’s here then and why he cares who she’s with. Brady brings up that they have a daughter. Kristen argues that their daughter would be better off with both her parents. Brady questions her going down this road again and disagrees since they are awful together. Kristen argues that they loved each other once. Brady says it was in a very obsessive, destructive way. Kristen argues that they brought out the best in each other. Brady says maybe for five minutes. Kristen says maybe Brady doesn’t want to admit it or he’s suppressing the memories. Kristen brings up when they were alone in the bedroom as she grabs Brady and kisses him. Brady pulls away and questions what she’s doing. Kristen says it’s what they both want but Brady calls it the last thing he wants as he asks what the hell is wrong with her. Kristen questions how he can say that and says she kissed him because she was drawn to him. Kristen argues that he knows there’s an attraction between them. Brady states that they are a trainwreck and then storms out of the mansion. Kristen remarks that Brady’s mouth says no but his lips say yes, so it’s just a matter of time.

Theresa asks Alex if he’s sure this is what he wants. Alex confirms it is, so Theresa agrees to go but hopes she’ll see him again soon. Alex says they will see as Theresa then exits the apartment.

Paulina comments on her heart beating fast. Abe asks if she’s okay. Paulina assures that she is and that Kayla didn’t say anything about limiting their physical activity, so they head to the bedroom.

Wendy and Tripp talk about getting discharged. Tripp gets a text from Ava that the car is outside waiting. Wendy says she’s more than ready. Tripp tells Wendy that he loves her so much and after what they went through, his love only grew stronger but they need to take their time. Wendy agrees to making life altering decisions not when they are about to die. They agree to take things one day at a time and that they will get there as they kiss.

Theresa joins Brady in the town square. Theresa says she thought she had something simple and easy with Alex but seeing him with Kristen makes her wonder. Brady encourages her not to go too hard on Alex as he’s sure that when Kristen shows her true colors, Alex will go running for the hills.

Alex sends a text to Kristen that Theresa stopped by but he stuck to the plan and played very hard to get, warning that she better be right about this.

Kristen texts Alex back that Brady was there and assures that their plan will work.

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Days Update Monday, March 25, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex meets Kristen in the town square. Kristen comments on him being six minutes late and tells him to be early next time. Alex questions how many of these meetings they are going to have for their scheme. Kristen says as many as it takes and they need to talk next phase. Kristen talks about their original plan was for Alex to keep Theresa occupied while she and Brady found their way back to each other but things didn’t work out and Alex didn’t propose to Theresa on Valentine’s Day so they need to go another direction. Alex tells her not to put it all on him since Brady practically laughed in her face when she brought up the idea of rekindling things and says that’s not his fault. Kristen argues that Theresa moving out of Alex’s apartment and in to Brady’s certainly is his fault. Kristen says that Alex didn’t have to marry Theresa but maybe he could’ve strung her along for awhile. Alex complains that Theresa overreacted and got needy as he didn’t get the need for marriage rather than just being together. Kristen argues that he didn’t try hard enough and instead, sent Theresa running to Brady’s arms so now she’s sleeping in the bedroom right next to his. Kristen asks if he grasps how counterproductive that is. Alex says if she wants his help, she better not talk down to him. Kristen tells him to get serious about their mutual goals instead of screwing up every five minutes. Alex argues that Kristen’s done her share of screwing up too. Alex comments on Brady and Theresa being wrapped up in Tate’s drama and informs Kristen that Tate got arrested again for sneaking out of the halfway house to go see Holly. Kristen worries that will only make Brady and Theresa more inseparable. Kristen decides they have to up their game. Kristen then spots Brady and Theresa walking in to the town square and tells Alex that she thinks she knows just how to do that.

At home, Xander tells Sarah that he just put Victoria down to sleep as they joke about when she gets older. Xander talks about feeling good to be home as he feels like he missed so much with Victoria. They kiss as Sarah brings up that Maggie said she would watch Victoria anytime, so maybe when Xander is settled, they could plan another night alone. Xander worries about finding Victoria in Konstantin’s arms again the next day and remarks that he doesn’t trust him as far as he could throw him.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, John tells Steve that what happened in the past happened because he lacked free will and others manipulated him in to doing their being. John declares that now he has free will and is going to exercise it. John tells Steve that if he cares about him, he will let him do this. Marlena says they hear him. John adds that Konstantin is never going to forgive him but Konstantin stops him and says he’s wrong as he does forgive him. Konstantin declares that it’s time to put this all behind them. John responds that it means a lot to hear him say that, but he can’t accept his forgiveness.

Sarah tells Xander that she gets it as she’s not Konstantin’s biggest fan either but says she’s trying to see the good in him since Maggie does. Sarah adds that Maggie has taken in Chad and the kids and Doug and Julie, so Konstantin has been helping a lot with that. Sarah acknowledges how Konstantin was great with Thomas and Charlotte. Xander still thinks he’s a con man who is taking advantage of Maggie. Sarah decides that they will have to agree to disagree because he makes Maggie really happy, so she’s grateful for that. Sarah insists that Maggie has been much calmer and happier since Konstantin came in to her life which Xander acknowledges. Sarah suggests that maybe Konstantin deserves a chance.

John declares that he needs to go to Greece to turn himself in and let the authorities do a full investigation in to the murder of Konstantin’s daughter and that is his path to forgiveness. Marlena tells John that she will stand by him in whatever he decides, but asks if they can take a day or two to think this through. John responds that he’s sorry but they know this is the right thing to do. Steve offers to go to Greece with John to pay their respects, but argues against turning himself in for a crime he’s not sure he even committed. Steve declares that he won’t let him do it.

Theresa complains to Brady about how she hates seeing Tate so upset. Brady talks about the restraining order being extreme but says it’s no surprise with EJ. Theresa admits she wouldn’t mind Tate and Holly staying away from each other and asks why Holly can’t just come clean about Tate not giving her the drugs. Brady brings up Holly saying she doesn’t remember. Theresa hopes that Sloan can come up with something to force EJ to drop the charges. Brady doesn’t think that’s going to happen and worries that Tate will be in the halfway house until the trial. Brady tells Theresa that they just have to hope for the best. Brady then spots Alex and Kristen at their table and wonders what they are doing. Kristen then tells Alex that it’s time for their new plan as she kisses him, shocking Brady and Theresa. Brady and Theresa go to confront them as Theresa asks what the hell. Kristen claims she had too much to drink and talks about Alex being so hot and a good kisser. Theresa asks if this is just a random, drunken, sloppy kiss. Kristen says no and claims that she and Alex are seeing each other now. Brady asks if she’s kidding. Kristen questions him not knowing. Brady says he didn’t but he doesn’t care and wishes Alex luck, saying he’s going to need it. Alex responds that he’ll be fine and thanks him for his concern. Brady tells Theresa that he’s going to run some errands and he’ll see her back at the house as he walks away. Kristen asks Alex to take care of the check as it’s important that she go talk to Brady. Alex says of course. Kristen kisses Alex and goes after Brady. Theresa then remarks that she and Alex were barely broken up and he’s already in the arms of Brady’s ex-wife. Theresa questions what the hell he is thinking.

Kristen catches up to Brady outside the Pub. Brady tells her that he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say and if it’s important, she can tell him over the phone. Kristen questions him not caring that she’s seeing Alex. Brady assures that he doesn’t and guesses she’s upset that he didn’t react how she wanted him to. Brady tells her that she’s not going to get anything like that and tells her to go have a good time because it’s none of his business. Brady adds that he hopes when she’s done with Alex, she hasn’t scarred him for life.

John tells Steve that he can’t stop him from doing this and argues against there being no evidence that he killed Catharina when there were four people in the room and Steve saw him holding the gun. Steve points out that nobody saw him pull the trigger. Steve understands that John feels compelled to do this but warns him to think about what he’s giving up. Maggie argues that searching for answers will take him away from his family, friends, and everyone who loves him. Marlena offers to try hypnosis but John says that didn’t work before, so there is no other way. John declares that no parent should ever have to bury their child and he is the cause of that for Konstantin, so he’s going to Greece to face what he did and pay the price.

Kristen tells Brady that he’s going to regret being dismissive towards her. Brady says he only regrets not being dismissive of her. Kristen thinks he will want to know a lot more about her relationship with Alex. Brady says he doesn’t care about that as it’s not his business, telling her that Alex is a playboy and to have fun. Kristen remarks that Alex is certainly fun and has a way with women, but he’s also smart, sophisticated, and the CEO of Titan which Brady always let slip through his fingers. Brady calls it nepotism and only a matter of time before Victor’s last minute heir apparent took over the company. Kristen remarks that Brady’s been related to Victor his whole life and couldn’t hold the job. Kristen then says they aren’t talking about Brady but about Alex and comments on Alex being successful and rich. Kristen states that Alex has everything she wants in a long term relationship and as a stepparent to Rachel which Brady questions.

Alex tells Theresa that when she left on Valentine’s Day, he was pretty broken up as she just took off for no reason. Theresa argues that he was toying with her by having an engagement ring and not proposing to her. Alex asks if it’s a crime to not be ready to get married yet and says that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be with her. Alex adds that he explained that but Theresa blew up and overreacted. Theresa asks if he’s saying it’s her fault. Alex apologizes for her finding the ring but says that’s in the past now, so he doesn’t understand why she would care if he’s with Kristen. Theresa claims she doesn’t care but questions why Kristen, calling her low class and a pardoned criminal with felonies. Alex responds that he doesn’t care because what he and Kristen have doesn’t matter. Theresa asks how they got together anyway. Alex explains that when they left John and Marlena’s, they decided to grab a drink and one thing led to another. Theresa decides she doesn’t need to hear it. Alex apologizes and says she had her chance and he tried to make it work but when she stopped answering his calls and texts, he got the message loud and clear that it was time for him to move on, so he did.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s sorry as he can’t just give Konstantin another chance because his gut is telling him not to trust him. Sarah suggests he put aside his anger and distrust to try to feel a little bit of empathy for Konstantin since he tragically lost a daughter and they know what that feels like. Xander blames Konstantin for Victoria getting kidnapped while Sarah points out that he is the one who rescued her. Sarah worries about anything ever happening to Victoria and states that she wouldn’t survive that as Xander hugs her.

Maggie asks John to slow down and think about this because he’s not the same man he was then. Marlena adds that John doesn’t even have memory of that man or what Victor did to him. Steve agrees that Victor used John as a weapon. Maggie says she loves Victor very much and hates to speak ill of him, but what he did to John and demanded of Steve was so wrong. Maggie believes in her heart that Victor didn’t know a young woman would get killed. Maggie says that Victor was a different man then, just like John. Maggie asks John not to throw away the life he’s built for himself and his family over a mistake that was beyond his control. John turns away in tears.

Theresa mocks Alex saying it was time to move on and choosing to do it with someone like Kristen DiMera. Theresa brings up that not long ago, Kristen was parading around Salem in a mask while trying to steal the identity of half the residents of Salem. Theresa reminds Alex that Kristen stole the unborn child out of her body and impregnated herself to give birth to Tate. Alex remarks that nobody’s perfect. Theresa tells him not to make jokes and calls Kristen a sadistic maniac. Alex remarks that maybe he likes crazy since he was with Theresa, who isn’t a saint and has done plenty of things she regrets. Theresa argues that Kristen has no regrets or conscience and doesn’t believe that she does anything wrong. Alex comments on Theresa getting worked up over this. Theresa says she’s horrified that Alex would choose to be with a woman like Kristen and says she’s genuinely worried about him. Alex tells her to get over it because Theresa slammed the door in his face while Kristen opened the door. Alex states that they get along great and declares that Kristen is fun, sexy, and smart so he’s excited to see where things go.

Brady asks if Kristen is joking and questions her seriously considering Alex to be a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen asks why she wouldn’t and says he has tremendous potential as a long-term partner and a stepparent, so she has to consider this. Kristen states that being a single parent is a package deal. Brady questions why the hell she would ever think Alex has long-term potential when his relationships last five minutes and he has zero experience with children at all. Kristen argues that Alex grew up with younger brothers and loved spending time with Tate with Theresa, so he loves kids. Brady questions if Alex has met Rachel and if Kristen already has him hanging around their daughter. Kristen says no because their relationship is brand new and they are still in the honeymoon stage, so she would not introduce Rachel to her boyfriend until she knows it’s a serious relationship. Kristen adds that she’s starting to have genuine feelings for Alex, so he could meet Rachel any day now.

Xander tells Sarah that it was traumatic when Victoria was kidnapped but they got her back and now she’s perfect in every way. Sarah is glad they are parenting together and that Victoria has such a brave and devoted dad. Xander says he would die for them. Sarah says she’s so happy that she gave their relationship another chance. Sarah tells Xander that he’s proven himself to be a kind and caring person to everyone who has given him a chance and he’s redeemed himself, showing everyone what a wonderful person he is. Sarah suggests that maybe Konstantin deserves a chance to prove himself too. Xander understands her point and calls it very generous. Xander then agrees that they should all hope that everyone can change and it’s important to give the benefit of the doubt when possible. Xander then argues that it’s different with Konstantin. Sarah asks how.

John points out that Konstantin has been awfully quiet through all of this. Konstantin responds that he’s been listening and learning more about him, so now he knows for certain after witnessing the love his wife and friends have for him, that he is no longer the man who killed his daughter. Konstantin declares that he has now decided that it is time for him to let go of this hatred and need for revenge that has tortured him for decades because he cannot go on living like this, especially since he has found that life has so much more to offer. Konstantin adds that he brought this on himself by challenging Victor’s rule, so it was his reckless behavior that got his daughter taken from him. Konstantin states that he is no longer the man he was back in the day and neither is John. Konstantin says he must ask John one favor and pleads with him not to go back to Greece. Konstantin asks John if they can move past this as he is determined to do. Marlena knows how conflicted John is about this because of his big heart and his integrity, but says there’s nothing to gain by punishing himself. John then agrees to try to move past this. Marlena says she will help him and they will do it together. Marlena suggests they just go home now. Steve says he’ll head out with him. John thanks Konstantin and then exits the mansion with Steve and Marlena. Konstantin sits down while Maggie holds back tears.

Xander tells Sarah that it’s different with Konstantin because he’s spent his entire life in nefarious activities and still has ties to the Greek mob. Xander adds that Konstantin’s entire purpose of coming to Salem was to swindle Maggie out of the Kiriakis fortune. Sarah questions if he has proof of that. Xander says as soon as he gets out of his charges, he will find the proof. Sarah asks what his next step is. Xander says he’s just hoping that Harris remembers who did shoot him, so he can clear his name. Sarah asks what if he doesn’t, then what do they do to prove his innocence?

Theresa says with Alex’s history, she doesn’t know if this thing with Kristen will last because he’s a love them or leave them type. Alex says time will tell but he loves everything he sees so far. Theresa questions if he slept with her already. Alex says he doesn’t kiss and tell. Theresa tells him to go ahead if he wants to hook up with Kristen, but not to come crawling back when she blows up his life like she did to Brady’s. Alex claims he’s sorry if this is upsetting her as that was not his intention and that it was very unexpected for her to see he and Kristen kissing. Alex says if he could do it over, he’d break the news to her in a different way. Theresa tells him not to worry about her since he’s moved on. She tells Alex to go enjoy Kristen but not to be surprised when she sucks his brain out and eats it for breakfast. Theresa then walks away.

Brady tells Kristen that he doesn’t get it as she doesn’t even know Alex and is already considering him as a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen claims she’s having feelings for Alex and that Rachel needs a father figure in her life. Brady argues that he is her father. Kristen points out that he’s not always around since he has Tate to worry about and he has so much going on while she needs someone that will be there all the time for her and Rachel. Brady brings up that Alex doesn’t have a good record of being reliable as he’s a shallow womanizer. Brady says he’s tried to make up time and be closer to Rachel but he can’t because Kristen has full custody. Brady complains that he can’t take her to the park or on a trip. Kristen claims all he has to do is call. Brady says that’s bull since it’s always not a good time for her. Brady accuses her of depriving him of his daughter because she doesn’t want him to have a bond with Rachel and she’s making her believe that he doesn’t want to. Brady says he misses Rachel horribly and questions why Kristen doesn’t understand that.

Xander tells Sarah that Justin will have to put together a rock solid defense that proves he was framed. Sarah points out that Rafe said he felt the evidence was planted against him. Xander worries that Rafe has never been a fan of his, so he’d jump at the chance to put him away and any jury would feel the same if they bring up his history. Xander declares that they can’t count on the cops so he’ll have to figure out himself who framed him and that he will do it for them.

Kristen admits to Brady that maybe she hasn’t been open enough to he and Rachel spending more father-daughter time together. Kristen suggests setting up a play date. Brady says he’ll take what he can get and asks her not to bring Alex to the play date. Brady agrees to call her to set something up. Kristen says they will talk soon as Brady walks away. Kristen then gets a call from Alex, who asks how it went with Brady. Kristen claims he’s coming around since once she brought up Rachel, he suddenly got very concerned about them dating and Alex being apart of their daughter’s life. Alex is not sure how to feel about that. Kristen informs him that Brady called him a flaky and shallow womanizer. Alex notes that Theresa is not a fan of Kristen’s either and their kiss definitely made her jealous. Kristen says that’s how it’s supposed to be and instructs Alex to keep making Theresa want more of what she can have.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s so proud of him for what he did as it took tremendous courage. Konstantin says all he knows is that it’s time for forgiveness. Maggie questions why he didn’t tell her that John was the Pawn that took his daughter’s life. Konstantin says he didn’t want to involve her because he knows how much she cares for John and Marlena, so he didn’t want to hurt her with the knowledge. Maggie admits it was shocking but says she wants to apologize on Victor’s behalf for his daughter’s death. Maggie calls it very hard to reconcile what she knows Victor was capable of with the man she knew and loved in his later years. Konstantin calls it all in the past and says he has her to thank for this change in heart. Konstantin states that he’s a better man because of her. Maggie thinks forgiveness was in his heart all along, but she’s curious about why he presented himself as Victor’s dear friend when he first came to town, but she now gathers that they were bitter rivals so she questions how he can explain that. Konstantin claims that it took many years but they eventually became friends and even partners in some ventures. Konstantin says they were both at fault but they grew older and wiser and his enemy became his friend. Konstantin adds that he thanks God for so many reasons, most importantly because it led him to her.

Steve goes home with John and Marlena. Marlena says she’s so glad it’s over. Steve asks if John can finally move past this now. When John doesn’t answer, Marlena asks what’s wrong. John responds that he’s been thinking about it more and he knows they want him to move past this, but he can’t continue on with his life as if he never took the life of that young woman. John knows the only thing that can give him peace of mind is accepting the truth of what he did and paying the price.

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Days Update Friday, March 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole goes to Sloan’s apartment and tells her that she just wanted to go over some details for the Christening reception. Nicole asks how Jude is. Sloan says she just put him down for a nap. Nicole comments on how big he’s gotten. Eric then comes out from the shower in just a towel, then apologizes as he didn’t know Nicole was there and goes back to get dressed.

Marlena tells John that she thought he was working from home today. John responds that he did what she and Steve asked, he thought about this all night long, but it didn’t change what he needs to do. Marlena knows he wants to apologize to Konstantin, but they both think he’s dangerous but admitting something to him might put John in harm’s way. John feels it won’t change what Konstantin believes, so it might just give him some closure. John adds that Marlena can’t change his mind. Marlena offers to go with him. John appreciates her support, but he doesn’t think she will support the rest of it which Marlena questions. John then announces that after he apologizes to Konstantin, he’s booking himself a flight to Greece to turn himself in to the authorities.

Konstantin sits in his room with a photo of his daughter Catharina.

EJ goes to the police station and asks Harris where Stefan is. Harris directs him to the interrogation room. EJ questions what Harris is trying to pull here. Harris says nothing and explains that Stefan walked in on his own, saying he was turning himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering on behalf of Clyde Weston, and then he asked for EJ as he wanted to cut a deal. EJ heads in to the interrogation room where Stefan sits with a chess table. Stefan talks to EJ about the strength of the chess pieces. EJ questions what sort of game he is playing. Stefan responds that it’s chess and the stakes are very high as they are playing for their freedom.

Nicole asks Sloan about food for the reception but Sloan asks Nicole if Eric ever mentioned to her that she was not fully on board with Nicole having any involvement in Jude’s Christening. Nicole says she didn’t realize. Sloan says she knows it’s meant to be a peace offering and promises that she dug deep looking for forgiveness for Nicole kidnapping her son, but she hasn’t found it and doesn’t think she ever will.

Marlena pleads with John to listen to her, asking who knows what the consequences would be if he turns himself in to the authorities of another country. John says he’ll face whatever they are. Marlena questions him leaving his family. John argues that he was a killer and asks who says he won’t be again. Marlena asks why he’s trying to punish himself for something he might not have even done. John complains that he was always afraid that he was capable of such a heinous crime. John says he can’t wake up like this anymore, knowing what he is and what he’s done. Marlena doesn’t think he’s thinking rationally. John tells her to put herself in his shoes and asks how to move forward without dealing with the past and taking responsibility for it. Marlena knows how he feels. John argues that wasn’t her and it’s not the same. Marlena says it is and tries to stop him but John declares that he’s waited long enough and exits. Marlena pulls out her phone and calls Steve, who asks what’s happening. Marlena tells him that she needs his help.

Harris calls Ava and informs her that Stefan finally turned himself in. Harris notes that it might not be smooth sailing though which Ava questions. Harris says he can’t talk about it here and asks where he can meet her.

EJ questions Stefan talking about his freedom. Stefan brings up EJ taking all of his assets. EJ argues that Stefan signed him over willingly. Stefan says that was in exchange for EJ giving him safe passage out of town. EJ confirms he did, but Stefan didn’t show up. Stefan complains that he was sending him to a warzone. EJ states that Stefan agreed that was preferable to life and death in prison for shooting a cop, but now he’s here. EJ reminds Stefan that Harris knows that he shot him, so he questions why he would entertain the idea of letting Stefan plea to lesser charges. Stefan responds that Harris has his own agenda just like they all do. EJ states that any deals have to go through him and he’s not offering. EJ laughs that he can’t wait to get rid of Stefan. Stefan warns that he may want to rethink his position on that. Stefan then reveals that he recorded EJ telling him that he got him his trip out of Salem and his new identity. Stefan then asks EJ if he’s going to play ball or should he take the recording to Harris, joking that maybe they could be cellmates.

Nicole tells Sloan that if she doesn’t want her to host the reception then she won’t. Nicole just thought that after everything Holly has been through, she’d want to be part of the festivities and it would be nice if Roman could actually sit and enjoy a family function for once. Nicole admits she thought it might help to impress upon Sloan how sorry she is that she took Jude from the town square that day. Nicole says she’s not trying to make excuses that she was dealing with depression but she hoped Sloan would understand as a mother that she was out of her mind with grief when she convinced herself that Jude was her son, but Marlena helped her realize that part of her just wanted to be closer to the baby that she knew she would never have. Nicole understands if Sloan never forgives her. Sloan calls that very good of her. Nicole brings up Holly looking at Eric as a dad and considers Jude like a little brother. Nicole says they are going to be part of each other’s lives, so at some point they will have to figure out how to make this relationship work. Nicole calls Eric an important part of Holly’s life which makes him part of her life. Nicole knows Sloan doesn’t want to hear that. Nicole adds that she loves EJ so much and she’s thrilled that Eric has a wife and baby that he adores and makes him happy. Nicole insists that she really means that.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie, who says she wasn’t expecting him. John says he needs to see Konstantin and asks if he’s there. Maggie says if he’s here to throw more baseless accusations around, she will ask him to leave. John says that’s not why he’s there. Marlena then arrives with Steve. John tells Marlena that Steve isn’t going to change his mind any more than she could which Maggie questions. Steve asks John to step outside. Konstantin then enters the room and questions what is going on here. John tells Konstantin that he knows he can’t ask for his forgiveness so he’s not going to try, but at least he can tell him how sorry he is.

Harris meets Ava in the town square. Ava asks what’s going on. Harris says even though he floated the idea of Stefan turning himself in to get Ava off the hook, but notes that EJ is still the district attorney. Ava asks if EJ objected. Harris responds that he doesn’t know, but Stefan asks to speak with EJ one on one so he worries that whatever is going on between them could really complicate their plans.

EJ questions why Harris is even offering, but then realizes that he thinks Stefan could take the fall to save Ava from the consequences of her own sinful deeds. EJ calls Ava a plague and says he has zero interest in lifting a finger to help her. Stefan points out that EJ has zero interest in helping him either, but he doesn’t have a choice now. EJ supposes letting Stefan plead guilty to a lesser charge is not as egregious as offering him a deal for shooting an officer. Stefan says EJ drops the charges in exchange for his testimony against Clyde and everybody’s happy. EJ says except for Xander who is paying for a crime he did not commit but asks who cares about him. EJ decides he can’t have the charges completely dismissed but he can offer Stefan a sentencing deal. Stefan says he can live with that. EJ clarifies that if he offers this deal, Stefan won’t show Harris the recording. Stefan confirms that is the case, so they both go free and it’s a win-win. EJ asks what the point of this chess game was then. Stefan asks if he can’t guess. EJ argues that the fortune Stefan signed over to him is not negotiable since he did exactly as he promised. Stefan disagrees and says that EJ promised him safe passage out of Salem, but he’s still here. EJ calls that his choice. Stefan argues that it leaves the terms of their deal a bit murky. Stefan proposes a game of chess where if EJ wins, he keeps everything but if Stefan wins, he gets it all back. EJ says he’s not going to play his stupid little game.

Sloan appreciates Nicole’s words. Nicole says that EJ moved Heaven and Earth to help Holly recover, so she feels incredibly lucky even after losing their son. Sloan says she’s truly glad to hear that. Jude then wakes up crying. Sloan holds him and talks about him being so fussy lately. Nicole offers to hold him so Sloan reluctantly hands him to her. Nicole sings to Jude and then hands him back to Sloan as Eric comes back out. Sloan comments on Jude being so calm now and thanks Nicole. Nicole calls it teamwork as Eric smiles seeing them together.

Maggie questions John coming to apologize for the way he treated Konstantin and guesses that Steve came to stop him. John clarifies that Steve came to stop him from confessing which Maggie questions. John reveals to Maggie that he is the man who killed Konstantin’s daughter, Catharina.

Ava asks if Harris really thinks Stefan is playing him. Harris doesn’t think Stefan is foolish enough to turn down the best deal he’s going to get. Ava asks what if EJ isn’t on board. Harris brings up EJ covering up the Bistro being used for drugs. Ava adds that EJ also refused to help her and Stefan get out from under Clyde’s thumb. Ava calls EJ a son of a bitch who despises his brother and her even more. Ava worries that if Stefan refuses the deal and reports Harris, there could be charges against him and he could lose his job. Harris responds that he had to take that chance as he can’t lose Ava after everything they have been through.

EJ tells Stefan to forget it as he has absolutely nothing to gain from his silly little exercise. Stefan guesses EJ is afraid that he will win. EJ says he’s just not willing to waste all his time. Stefan argues that he knows full well that fortunes have been won or lost in poker or horseshoes, so he can’t think of a more DiMera appropriate way to settle their disagreement than chess unless he wants him to air his grievances in an open court, revealing their respective misdeeds. EJ argues that Stefan’s misdeeds are quite a bit larger than his. Stefan says maybe this month, but asks if EJ will really be able to enjoy his fortune if he’s in prison. Stefan offers to let EJ have the first move in chess. EJ reluctantly agrees to take another look at the deal if he loses but says he won’t as he sits back down and begins the chess game.

Eric apologizes to Nicole about earlier. She says not to worry about it. Nicole asks about Eric’s new business which he says is going pretty well. Nicole admits she envies them both, working full time and not having Jude in daycare or having a nanny. Eric says he enjoys spending as much time with Jude as he can. Sloan calls him a great dad. Eric mentions running in to Holly earlier and says it was great to see her out and about. Nicole says she’s getting stronger every day. Eric asks if Holly is starting to remember any more about what happened on New Year’s Eve but Nicole says no. Nicole doesn’t know what else Holly can remember as she doesn’t know how the drugs slipped in to her drink. Nicole knows that Brady believes Tate’s story that the drugs were Holly’s and she admits she had her doubts but Holly denied it. Nicole insists that Holly would never lie, especially if it jeopardized Tate’s freedom since she cares so much about him. Nicole admits that she and EJ don’t think Tate and Holly are good for each other and that it’s a toxic relationship. Eric argues that they are just young. Nicole remarks that she’s Holly’s mother and knows a thing or two about relationships and if they are meant to be.

Maggie questions how this could be. Steve says there is blood on his hands too since he was working for Victor and was the Pawn’s handler, so he might have been able to stop things from going so terribly wrong. John argues that no one is to blame but him as he shot the young woman. Maggie questions if he’s sure if no one saw it. Steve says he’s not but John insists that there was no one else in the room, so it was him. Konstantin confirms it’s the truth that John killed his daughter and he has no doubt in his mind.

Ava admits that after Harris found out about her and Stefan, she wasn’t sure he would feel the same way about her. Harris states that they’ve both done things they aren’t proud of and he knows that her relationship with Stefan was a cover to protect him. Ava acknowledges that he tried to warn her but she was just being stupid. Ava insists that her and Stefan was one time and meant nothing. Harris says he knows and is only worried about if there’s more information that he doesn’t know about that could blow this deal. Ava says not that she knows of. Ava doesn’t think Stefan would go out of his way to screw him over, but worries that EJ is the wildcard they’d need to worry about.

EJ takes the lead in the chess game so Stefan suggests they make it a best of three series but EJ declines. Stefan says the other day he was thinking that he’d never be able to play chess with his brothers again and that made him sad. EJ calls it so satisfying to trounce people he’s in conflict with. Stefan admits that he wasn’t ready to be out of the DiMera family fold as he loves being a DiMera which is something they have in common. Stefan makes a chess move that he says he learned from Chad as he’s always been more ruthless in sport than life, while he and EJ are two ruthless sons of bitches in any context. Stefan then makes another move which surprises EJ. Stefan asks if he’s underestimated him again. EJ admits he doesn’t see another move, so Stefan wins the chess game.

Eric tells Nicole that he asked Brady to be Jude’s Godfather and asks if that will be an uncomfortable situation with Tate. Nicole says that she and Brady are good friends, so they will work it out. Nicole adds that she wouldn’t miss the Christening for anything. Nicole repeats that she envies them both and wishes that she and EJ were able to baptize their son before they lost him. Eric assures that her little boy is with God. Nicole believes he is too. Nicole apologizes for bringing the mood down and promises that tomorrow will be nothing but good vibes. Eric thanks Nicole for everything. Nicole says she will see them at the reception and exits.

John tells Konstantin that as a father himself, his heart is breaking for him and he can’t imagine the pain he has suffered all these years. Konstantin agrees that John can’t imagine it because he did not know his daughter or her gentle soul. Marlena has no doubt that Catharina was a wonderful woman and the loss of her was devastating, but she wants him to know that the man John is now is also a light in the world. John responds that he’s sorry but he doesn’t even know who he is. John declares that all he knows is what he has to do, so he’s getting a car to the airport and once the flight touches down, he will turn himself in for his crimes and no one will stop him.

Harris tells Ava that he should get back to the police station to see what’s going on. Ava tells him that if things don’t work out, she wants him to know that he tried his best and she appreciates it. Harris assures that he’s not giving up yet as they hug. Harris says he’ll see her soon and walks away. Ava then follows after him.

EJ acknowledges that Stefan won the chess game, but says his victory is meaningless because he still has his signature. Stefan questions if EJ wants a few million more a year or his freedom. EJ decides the details of who gets what will wait until he is out of lockup and he can provide his office with the proper evidence against Clyde and then the judge will agree to time served and says that’s the best he can do. Stefan hands over his recording and they shake hands on the deal. EJ and Stefan exit the interrogation room. EJ informs Harris that the deal is done and Stefan will sign his confession. Harris says after he’s booked and he can take it from here. EJ tells Stefan that he will see him in due time as he exits the station. Harris then officially arrests Stefan as Ava arrives at the police station and watches as Harris reads Stefan his rights.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows she wishes it wasn’t Nicole who was hosting the Christening party. Sloan responds that she’s actually good about everything now. Eric says if she’s good, he is good as he hugs her. Eric wants her to know that coming home to her and their son makes him happier than he ever thought possible.

Nicole walks through the town square and runs in to EJ. They kiss as Nicole asks if everything is okay and if he ever tracked down Stefan. EJ confirms that he did. Nicole guesses he must be relieved and asks what happened to him. EJ calls it all just a misunderstanding but they got it all squared away, so all is well that ends well.

Steve argues that John can’t do this. John tells Steve that what happened in the past happened because he lacked free will and others manipulated him in to doing their being. John declares that now he has free will and is going to exercise it. John tells Steve that if he cares about him, he will let him do this. Marlena says they hear him. John adds that Konstantin is never going to forgive him but Konstantin stops him and says he’s wrong as he does forgive him.

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Days Update Thursday, March 21, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe packs his things at Steve and Kayla’s. Abe thanks them for taking him in. Steve says overall, he was a great houseguest. Abe thanks them for being incredibly kind hosts. Kayla says he made it easy. Steve adds that they are happy he’s moving back in with his wonderful wife but they will miss him. Kayla says speaking of Paulina, she has to get to the hospital to discharge her. Steve tells them to go ahead and he’ll take everything over to the apartment to meet them there. Abe thanks them again and says he’ll see them at his house as he and Kayla exit.

Chanel joins Paulina in her hospital room as she waits to be released. Chanel encourages that she looks beautiful and tells her to relax and savor her second chance at life. Paulina says she’s just sorry for what she put them all through with worrying. Chanel says there’s no need to apologize as that’s all behind them now. Chanel remarks that Paulina really does have guardian angels looking out for her. Paulina respond that Abe has someone looking out for him too. Chanel questions what she isn’t telling her. Paulina says it just amazes her how the universe works sometimes since as soon as they think their existence might be over, it turns out the exact opposite is true.

At the police station, Harris asks Jada if Rafe is around. Jada reminds Harris that Rafe went to the prison to try and figure out how Clyde Weston escaped. Harris says that’s the million dollar question. Jada questions Harris not being at home recuperating and taking it slow. Harris says that with Clyde on the loose, sitting at home is driving him up a wall. Jada says she would get that but Harris hasn’t been sitting at home.

Leo paces at the Spectator office, trying to come up with what to write about in his column. Chad arrives and notes Leo being there early. Leo talks about being unable to sleep, so he came to get a head start on his latest column. Leo informs Chad that he thought about writing a story about the Governor or about the prison escape. Chad questions giving any oxygen to Clyde. Leo calls it a big story but Chad reminds him that Clyde brutally murdered his wife. Chad talks about his kids having to be taken out of school because all the kids keep talking about the bad man who escaped and now they are scared out of their minds. Leo apologizes for being insensitive as he knows this must be difficult for he and his family. Chad calls it more than difficult since he and his kids will probably always be grieving, but the image of finding his wife in bed that way will haunt him forever. Chad declares that he can only pray they catch Clyde before he kills someone else. Leo apologizes again for bringing up the prison break since he knows the mention of Clyde’s name is painful. Chad tells him it’s fine but says there is something he can do that doesn’t involve the prison break. Chad says that Everett is out on personal issues, so he was hoping Leo could do some rogue reporting which excites Leo. Chad brings up Paulina being released from the hospital. Leo points out that Paulina is not a fan of him. Chad remembers Paulina firing him. Leo calls that a million years ago and says he will cover Paulina’s release along with her miracle recovery with confidence. Leo thanks Chad for having faith in him and promises that he won’t let him down. Leo then exits the office. Chad then thinks back to visiting Abigail’s grave on the anniversary of her death. Stefan then shows up drunk. Chad questions what he’s doing here. Stefan says he was passing by and saw his car, so he decided he would come in and have a drink with his brother. Chad points out that it’s 8 AM. Stefan remarks that it’s always happy hour somewhere and asks Chad if he wants it on the rocks or straight from the bottle.

Harris asks if Jada was checking on him. Jada confirms that she got off the late shift and decided to pop in to see if he was okay as a colleague and friend. Harris thanks her but says he’s good. Jada questions Harris checking himself out of the hospital early. Harris asks what her plan was. Jada says she knocked on his door and he didn’t answer, so she kept picturing him being passed out on the floor and she let Roman and Kate know what was going on. Harris questions Roman letting her in to his room. Jada notes that Roman said he hadn’t seen him around the Pub either, so he wanted to check on him too. Jada admits she was stoked when she saw Harris wasn’t dead on the floor, but calls it weird because it looked like he hadn’t been there at all.

Steve brings Abe’s boxes to his apartment where Johnny answers the door. Steve brings up that Kayla said Paulina’s miraculous recovery blew all the doctors away as they’ve never seen anything like that. Johnny talks about Abe’s amnesia being gone too. Johnny doesn’t know how or why but he’s just happy they are back to their old selves. Steve agrees and asks Johnny to help him get the rest of Abe’s boxes so they head back out.

Abe and Kayla go to Paulina’s hospital room. Kayla reminds Paulina that it’s hospital policy to leave in a wheelchair. Paulina agrees to whatever it takes to get out. Abe comments on the chief of staff delivering her wheelchair. Paulina jokes about reminding them that she is the Mayor. Kayla calls her a great friend as well. Paulina is grateful for all the wonderful care but says she can’t wait to get out. Paulina tells Abe to take her home.

Chad tells Stefan that he’s not going to drink with him and he’s not going to enable whatever he’s doing himself. Chad asks Stefan what’s really going on. Stefan asks if Chad ever had any regrets. Chad says of course as they all do. Stefan says he means deep regrets that chew at your soul. Chad asks if that’s why he’s here to talk about deep regrets. Stefan decides maybe he is.

Steve and Johnny bring the last of Abe’s boxes into the apartment. Johnny comments on Steve and John finding Tripp and Wendy. Steve says they are just thankful they found them in time. Johnny asks if Clyde was behind the kidnapping and then just escaped from prison which Steve confirms. Johnny asks if he thinks he had help. Steve says it stands to reason. Johnny remarks that there’s a warm place in Hell for whoever helped Clyde. Steve changes the subject by reminding Johnny that they have to get everything set up for Abe and Paulina’s arrival.

Abe wheels Paulina out of her hospital room alongside Kayla and Chanel as Leo and several reporters are waiting at the hospital. One reporter approaches and asks Paulina if it’s true that she flatlined and was then resuscitated by her husband. Kayla asks for space. Leo brings up even the medical team not knowing how Paulina was brought back from the brink of death. Abe says that all the questions will be answered in time but right now they are going home. Leo asks Abe if it’s true that he was there and says that inquiring minds want to know what brought their Mayor back. Leo asks how Paulina responds to medical professionals calling her recovery a miracle. Another reporter asks Kayla for comment but Kayla says she doesn’t comment on her patients but they are thrilled with her recovery. Leo tries to ask but Kayla says no more questions. The other reporter asks Paulina about all the chaos including a prison break and a kidnapping. Paulina responds that the deputy mayor and police commissioner have done a great job handling that and she would like to express gratitude for all the prayers they received which greatly contributed to her healing. Paulina declares that’s her statement so they are done and going home. The reporter says it’s over and they are done so he walks away. Leo stops and declares it’s not for him because a promise is a promise.

Jada asks Harris where he’s been. Harris thinks back to kissing Ava. Harris then asks Jada what she thinks she knows. Jada knows he hasn’t been back to his place since leaving the hospital. Jada argues that he shouldn’t be walking the streets by himself alone but guesses he hasn’t been alone. Harris tells Jada to go ahead and take a guess as to where he’s been. Jada guesses he was with Ava. Harris says it’s none of her business but admits that she was right and that he didn’t think he should be alone. Jada says he could’ve hired a nurse but Harris says not on a cop’s salary. Harris explains that Ava offered her place so he took her up on it and she’s been taking good care of him. Harris asks if Jada has a problem with that. Jada responds that he knows she does, with Ava and with Harris.

Stefan tells Chad that he’s been doing a lot of thinking about what went down between he and Abigail. Stefan can’t remember if he ever apologized to Chad for that or if he apologized enough, so he needs to tell Chad that he didn’t deserve that and neither did Abigail. Stefan calls Abigail a beautiful soul who was so kind and smart with a heart of gold. Stefan admits that he was a selfish, arrogant bastard. Chad tells him that he and Abigail made it through all that together because they loved each other and were meant for each other. Stefan states that now the son of a bitch who took her life is on the streets and he can’t imagine how that makes Chad feel. Stefan needs him to know that he had nothing to do with Clyde escaping at all. Chad questions why he would think he had anything to do with it. Chad demands an answer from Stefan. Stefan tells Chad that he doesn’t know who is responsible for Clyde escaping but he can’t imagine how Chad must feel knowing that he’s on the streets. Stefan knows things haven’t always been great between them but tells Chad that he loves him. Chad suggests they finish this conversation another time and tells Stefan to go sober up. Stefan insists that he is sobering up as they speak. Stefan declares that he has to face the music which Chad questions. Stefan says he has to figure out all the right chess moves.

Johnny and Steve finish decorating for Paulina and Abe’s homecoming. Johnny thinks it came together well and asks Steve for his thoughts. Steve was distracted but praises Johnny for his work. Abe and Paulina then come home with Chanel and Kayla. Paulina thanks them for the wonderful welcome. Abe says he’s really grateful to finally be home. Kayla tells Johnny and Steve that they did a great job. Steve credits Johnny for going the extra mile. Paulina calls it lovely to have so much to be thankful for.

Jada and Harris go in to the interrogation room. Jada says she doesn’t want to have this discussion in front of the rest of the crew but she’s not just his colleague, she’s his friend. Jada doesn’t want to stand around while Harris throws away his career for a woman. Jada brings up Ava’s history of multiple crimes. Harris argues that none of their pasts are clean. Jada says she’s coming at him from a true place of concern for his health and his career. Harris assures that he knows what he’s getting in to and he’s ready for any challenges because he knows that Ava is a good and decent woman. Jada points out that Ava is a suspect in the drug operation and argues that this whole affair flies in the face of the code of conduct. Harris then remarks that if anyone knows about breaking the code of conduct, it’s Jada. Jada complains that he’s flipping the script again. Harris thinks it’s hypocritical for her to be going after him for code of conduct. Jada argues that she arrested her own sister and the closest she came to bending the rules was not arresting Theresa when she was high. Jada states that she bent the rules but Harris is breaking them. Harris says she made her point. Jada questions if she has. Jada asks Harris not to sacrifice himself and all the hard work he’s put in. Jada thinks maybe it’s time for Ava to finally pay her dues and for Harris to stop protecting her.

Kayla notes Steve being distracted and looking like he just lost his best friend. Steve claims it’s just fatigue as rescuing Tripp and Wendy took a lot out of him. Kayla feels there is something else but Steve insists there’s nothing else. Leo arrives, delivering flowers to Paulina. Leo tells Paulina that he just needs a quick interview as it’s for a feature article on the front page of the Spectator. Leo praises her until she gives in and agrees to ten minutes. Paulina admits that Leo is a heck of a writer even if he was a lousy assistant. Paulina compliments Leo’s article on the Horton house and on MLK day. Leo thanks her. Paulina tells him to start the interview. Leo talks about her miraculous recovery and says he was elated because she is a treasure and they are so lucky to have her inspire them to do more. Leo quotes John Quincy Adams and talks about his battle against slavery. Leo tells Paulina that he stands in awe of her brilliance. Paulina tells him to take it down a notch.

Chad questions what chess moves Stefan is talking about. Stefan calls it a metaphor for life when things don’t go your way and there are unforeseen challenges so you need an alternate strategy. Stefan takes another drink and thanks Chad for listening. Chad asks if he’s good. Stefan says that talking to him gave him some clarity so he thanks him. Chad doesn’t think he did anything but he’s glad he helped. Stefan remarks that Chad makes him proud as the good DiMera and says watching him inspires him to be a better man. Chad thinks he’s giving him too much credit but says he’s okay with inspiring someone to be better. Stefan tells Chad to take care as they shake hands and hug. Chad asks if he’s sure he’s good to drive. Stefan claims he’s sobered up and as clear-headed as he can be. Stefan says he walked anyway but thanks Chad for being there for him. Stefan then exits the office, leaving Chad confused.

Chanel gets drinks for everyone while Leo asks Kayla for comment. Kayla states that Paulina’s recovery is something they’ve never seen before. Leo asks if it’s fair to call it miraculous. Paulina calls it definitely a miracle. Paulina declares that she got a second chance and she plans to make the most of it. Paulina says she got a victory because of this mysterious miracle. Paulina believes that with love and faith, they can overcome anything. Johnny, Chanel, Abe, Steve, and Kayla toast to Paulina. Leo gets emotional and tells Paulina that it was an honor to be in her presence for this important occasion. Leo knows he’s usually the comic relief but calls her a gem of a human being. Chanel calls Leo kind of a sweet guy when he puts the comedy on the backburner. Leo thanks her and calls Paulina a hero. Abe agrees and calls Paulina their light.

Chad sits down at his desk and looks at a photo of he and Abigail with the kids. Chad says he misses her, then decides he has to get back to work. Chad opens his laptop and reads about Clyde’s escape from prison so he shuts it back down. Chad remarks that he worked so hard to purge Clyde from his brain and he hopes that Clyde rots in Hell.

Jada asks Harris to think about what she said. Harris suggests they get back to work and says he’s got to make a call. Stefan arrives. Harris is surprised as he thought Stefan skipped town. Stefan announces that he’s there to turn himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering as Clyde Weston made him push drugs through the Bistro and then launder his blood money which was $100,000 worth. Jada asks if Stefan means Clyde made he and Ava push drugs through the Bistro. Stefan says no and claims that he acted alone and that when Ava found out, he ordered her to keep quiet or consequences would be dire. Jada questions Stefan saying that Ava had no part in any of this. Stefan claims she had none whatsoever with the illegal stuff. Stefan asks if they want to get EJ on the phone because he’s ready to cut a deal.

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Days Update Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric meets Theresa in the town square. Theresa comments on Jude reminding her of when Tate was that little. Eric knows it can be rough raising a teenager. Theresa tells him to wait until he hears the latest.

Maggie takes care of Victoria at the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin comes in and talks about when his daughter Catharina was that age. Maggie asks if he has any suggestions to get Victoria to stop crying. Konstantin offers to take her and sing to her.

Xander wakes up to Sarah having cooked breakfast. They say good morning and kiss as Xander talks about how last night was perfect compared to being in jail. Xander suggests they go back to bed which Sarah agrees to.

Johnny and Chanel wake up in bed together and kiss.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ calls Stefan and leaves a message, questioning where the hell he is as the car is leaving in an hour. EJ warns him about screwing this up and demands that Stefan get there now as Nicole walks in and questions what is going on with his brother now. EJ responds that Stefan is being infuriatingly elusive and not responding to his calls or texts. Nicole suggests it’s early so maybe he’s asleep. EJ argues that Stefan knows it’s urgent family business overseas so he should’ve set his damn alarm. Nicole asks if there’s anything she can do. EJ tells her that her just being there is all he ever needs. They kiss until Holly walks in and tells them to get a room. Nicole feels it’s kind of early for her to be up. Holly blames EJ for her being unable to sleep and asks why EJ had to be so cruel and have Tate arrested.

Eric and Theresa sit together in the town square. Theresa tells him about Tate being back at the halfway house with a restraining order against him so he can’t go anywhere near Holly. Theresa thinks it’s for the best since maybe Holly and Tate aren’t good for each other like how she and Brady were back in the day. Eric points out that they had a lot of love in the beginning. Theresa admits they did make a really good kid together even if he does make poor choices. Jude wakes up crying so Eric says he has to go. Eric tells Theresa that he knows things are stressful now but he thinks Tate will come out of this stronger and wiser. Theresa says she hopes so. Eric says they will talk soon as he walks off with Jude. Theresa thinks back to visiting Tate at the halfway house.

Konstantin sings to Victoria to get her to sleep. Maggie comments that he must have the magic touch. Maggie is impressed by how he is with Victoria, noting he is kind and gentle. Konstantin responds that he adores Victoria and Maggie.

Xander and Sarah finish their breakfast and clean up. Sarah says it feels really nice for them to be doing simple things together. Xander says the only thing that will make it better is having their daughter home. Sarah admits she misses her too and decides they will go get her from Maggie.

Johnny and Chanel have room service for breakfast. They talk about this being their first breakfast as husband and wife this time around and this time is forever. Johnny decides he’s not really hungry for breakfast as they start kissing. Afterwards, they go back to their breakfast. Chanel talks about how lucky she is to have him as her husband and how he was always there for her and Paulina at the hospital. They talk about Paulina and Abe’s miracles. Chanel guesses it was the power of love. Johnny points out that Paulina never gave up on Abe. Chanel says that’s just like them despite their very dramatic breakup and seeing other people. Chanel declares that Johnny was always in her heart and dreams. Johnny recalls dreaming of her. Chanel assures him that it’s so very real now as they hold hands.

Maggie talks to Konstantin about how fast a child can grow and change. Konstantin relates to his daughter Catharina. Sarah walks in and greets them. Maggie tells her that they just got Victoria to sleep. Xander then arrives, exciting Maggie who runs up to hug him and asks when he got released. Xander says it was just last night and he then takes Victoria from Konstantin. Xander tells Victoria how he’s missed her. Konstantin decides he has some errands to run so he will get on with his day and tells them to enjoy their family time. Maggie thanks Konstantin for helping with Victoria as he exits. Maggie calls this a surprise which Xander agrees with.

EJ tells Holly they can talk. Holly says she already knows what he’s going to say. EJ admits he had Tate arrested but reveals that he decided not to press charges which shocks Holly. EJ informs her that he’s back at the halfway house. Holly is relieved as she was thinking about Tate being alone in a jail cell. EJ assures that he’s in a protective environment but then reveals that part of the conditions were that Tate must wear an ankle monitor and has a restraining order against him so he can’t come within 100 feet of the DiMera Mansion or Holly. Holly gets upset and says she can’t believe this, arguing that Tate didn’t do anything wrong. Nicole says it’s for the best. Holly questions how and asks why things can’t just go back to normal as she just wants to see her friend. Holly says if they only knew how sad this makes her for Tate because he doesn’t deserve this.

Maggie tells Xander that Victoria missed her so much. Sarah thanks Maggie for watching her. Maggie says this morning, she couldn’t get Victoria calmed down until Konstantin sang her a Greek lullaby. Xander informs Maggie that he and Sarah would be more comfortable if Victoria was just with her when she babysits. Maggie calls that unfair because Konstantin has been very sweet, kind, and gentle with her. Maggie informs Xander that Konstantin raised a child himself, who died tragically when she was young. Sarah is surprised, admitting they didn’t know that. Maggie says Konstantin opened up to her about that loss and his tenderness with Victoria is touching because of that, insisting that he has a wonderful way with her.

Chanel texts Lani to let her know that Paulina is getting released from the hospital today. Johnny calls it still so hard to believe. Chanel suggests they throw Paulina a welcome home bash. Johnny questions if they have enough time to pull it off. Chanel tells him of everything they can do, so Johnny tells her to just give him a list and it’s done. Johnny says he’ll call Abe to find out when they are going to release her. Chanel says it should be soon. Chanel declares that all is well in the world.

Nicole tells Holly that they know Tate is her friend but he broke in to their home. Holly complains that they think Tate is a delinquent just because he came to see if she was okay. Holly decides she’s going for a walk. Nicole reminds her that they still have a lot to do for Jude’s Christening reception tomorrow. Nicole then offers to go walk with Holly but she says she needs to go by herself and she’s just going to the park. Nicole asks Holly to text her when she gets there which she agrees to. EJ stops Holly and says he knows she resents the restraining order, but warns that there will be consequences if it’s violated. EJ asks Holly not to contact Tate as it will just make things worse for everyone. Holly says she’s got it and exits the mansion.

Theresa remains in the town square as she finishes a work call about an upcoming meeting. Theresa hangs up and declares that today is going to be a good day. Konstantin then shows up and sits at her table. Theresa says she’s in no mood for this and has a meeting to get to. Konstantin informs her that they have to have a meeting too since it’s been a while since they discussed their venture. Konstantin asks Theresa how things are going with their plan to acquire Alex’s fortune. Theresa tells him this is not the time or place and she has to get to work. Konstantin comments on Theresa trying to screw the owner of Titan out of his family’s fortune and asks how it’s going. Theresa says if he really must know, she was this close to having it all and he even bought her an engagement ring but he chickened out of proposing so she pushed back and moved out of his apartment. Konstantin asks if he’s seen the error of his ways. Theresa says she’s focused on her son, so she doesn’t see much of Alex. Konstantin calls that unacceptable and says they must do something about it.

Maggie tells Xander how wonderful it is to have him home and credits Justin working so hard on his case. Xander points out that he hasn’t been exonerated yet but bail has been posted, so he’s here with his three favorite girls. Maggie asks what changed and how he finally made bail. Xander says that Harris couldn’t identify him as his shooter. Sarah has faith that the real shooter will be revealed eventually. Maggie says once that chapter is closed, Xander can move on with his life which Sarah says is the plan.

Johnny finishes a call with Steve, inviting him to Paulina’s homecoming party. Johnny tells Chanel that Steve is in and that Kayla is planning on going home from the hospital with Abe and Paulina. Chanel says that’s perfect and that the flowers and bakery orders are being put together as they speak. Johnny hugs her as she calls it the calm before the storm.

EJ sends a text message to Stefan, demanding he get back to him. Nicole asks if everything is okay. EJ claims he was just seeing if they heard from Holly. Nicole points out that Holly will text her, not him. EJ hopes he’s not alone in worrying about Holly’s friendship with Tate. Nicole says whatever happened between them ended up with Holly in a coma and Tate in a halfway house. EJ calls it tragic and he’s thankful that they have Holly back, but he thinks it’s best if they keep them apart.

Holly runs in to Eric with Jude in the park and greets them. Eric mentions running in to Theresa, who told him what happened with Tate. Holly says it’s really bad and wishes she could take back New Year’s Eve. Eric thinks back to talking to Brady about thinking Holly was hiding something. Eric asks if she means take back being drugged. Holly claims to still not know how that happened but she knows Tate is being blamed for pushing drugs on her and it’s so wrong. Holly adds that now she can’t see or talk to Tate because of the restraining order. Eric knows EJ and Nicole are just trying to keep her safe. Holly argues that she doesn’t need to be kept safe from Tate and promises that he’s a really good guy. Holly adds that everything EJ and Nicole are saying about Tate is not true. Eric asks her what is true then and what she remembers. Holly thinks back to Tate trying to talk her out of the drugs on New Year’s Eve.

EJ tells Nicole that with everything going on, he thought it might be best to postpone the Christening celebration. Nicole disagrees and says with everything going on, they need something positive to celebrate. Nicole adds that the Christening is tomorrow and the invitations already went out, so it would be incredibly rude to cancel now. Nicole also thinks the gesture will show Sloan that she’s trying to get along with her. EJ says only if she’s sure. Nicole believes this will help heal her from the loss of their baby and that having Jude there will be somehow comforting to her. EJ says he understands and hugs her.

Johnny tells Chanel that they are definitely taking Sarah up on her offer of using the Horton Cabin for their private honeymoon. Chanel says later on, they can plan a more exciting and exotic honeymoon after Paulina is done with cancer treatments, but she thinks the Horton Cabin will be good for them for now. They decide they make one hell of a team as they kiss.

Konstantin argues that Theresa conned Alex before, so she can do it again if she wants to be rich. Konstantin tells her to get her head back in the game, asking if she understands the stakes. Theresa understands that she has to marry Alex ASAP while Konstantin snags Maggie’s inheritance. Konstantin says he has made himself indispensable to Maggie. Theresa warns that Maggie is really tough and clever, so when she gets a whiff of the con artist that he is, she will throw him out on his ass. Konstantin disagrees, insisting that Maggie is smitten with him and trusts him. Konstantin tells Theresa that if she fulfills her end of the bargain, they will be set for life.

Maggie tells Xander that they don’t agree about Konstantin but she urges him to understand that he has been very kind and supportive. Maggie decides she will go get dressed and start her day. Sarah thanks her again for watching Victoria. Maggie tells Xander that she knows he’ll be exonerated and she prays it’s very soon. Xander thanks her as she exits. Sarah brings up Maggie going on about how great Konstantin is and asks if that didn’t change Xander’s mind about him. Xander says it only reinforces his conviction that Konstantin has Maggie completely conned. Xander insists that he doesn’t have him conned and that he despises Konstantin.

Holly tells Eric that all she knows is that Tate’s a good guy and she’s just worried about him. Eric says if she ever wants to talk about anything, he’s always there for her with no judgment. Holly thanks him and says she has to go help Nicole with Jude’s Christening party so she leaves the park.

EJ tells Nicole that he understands the Christening party is something she has to do, so he’s behind her 100%. Nicole says she has to get going because there is still so much to do, so she exits. EJ then pulls his phone back out and calls Gregory, who informs him that Stefan has not shown up to the airfield. EJ tells him to stay put until he contacts him. EJ hangs up and calls Stefan again, leaving another message asking where the hell he is and what kind of game he is playing.

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