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Leo sits in the town square with Marlena’s business card and decides to call her. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Leo says he’s not sure and begins telling her about a wild dream he had. Marlena says she gave him her card to make appointments, not to interpret his dreams. Leo thought that’s what shrinks do. Marlena says only in sessions and advises Leo to only use her number if it’s an actual emergency. Alex then enters Marlena’s office so Marlena tells Leo that she has to go and hangs up. Marlena asks if Alex is alright as he sits down and mentions that John and Brady told her about the mess with Konstantin. Alex says it was pretty intense but luckily everyone is safe, so he doesn’t really want to talk about that today. Alex isn’t sure if Brady filled her in about he and Theresa. Marlena says he hasn’t so Alex says this might take awhile.

Theresa enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and complains about the portrait of Victor looking at her. Theresa knows what she did to Brady was unfair and in a perfect world, they would be together but brings up how many times that has ended in disaster so she decided to take the safer bet and is going with Victor’s heir. Theresa remarks that she knows Alex isn’t really Victor’s son, but after what Xander did to her, he deserves to get screwed. Bonnie then walks in and asks if that’s a fact.

Sarah sits next to Maggie on her bed as she wakes up. Maggie asks what’s going on and what time it is. Sarah informs her that it’s morning. Maggie is surprised she slept all night. Sarah says the sedative she gave her really knocked her out. Maggie sits up and remembers Konstantin admitting to having Victor’s plane sabotaged. Maggie says she knew Konstantin was a liar and a con man. Maggie asks Sarah if he’s now locked in prison but Sarah reveals he’s not because Konstantin is dead which shocks Maggie, who asks what happened. Xander then walks in and declares that he happened.

Chad stands at home with his tablet, looking at an article about Clyde being in police custody. Chad calls him a son of a bitch and states that Abigail is dead and it makes no sense that she’d be alive. Julie walks in and says not everything in this world makes sense. Chad asks if she thinks it could be true. Julie knows Chad won’t give up hope until he’s sure she isn’t out there somewhere. Chad prays they get the answers they need today but Julie informs him that she’s afraid it can’t happen today.

Maggie questions Xander killing Konstantin. Xander states that he used the gun that Konstantin intended for John to use to kill her and he thinks there’s some justice in that. Maggie asks if they are sure he’s really gone. Sarah confirms Konstantin is dead and that Xander had no choice but to shoot him because Konstantin was going to kill Theresa.

Bonnie questions Theresa saying that Xander deserved to be screwed and asks if she meant screwed by the cops for shooting Konstantin. Theresa claims that she was. Bonnie argues that she can’t really want Xander to go down for murdering the man who was attempting to strangle her. Theresa says they aren’t pressing charges so she asks why it matters what she thinks. Bonnie questions her thinking it matters what Victor’s portrait thinks. Theresa says she doesn’t know and that she has to go as she rushes out of the room. Bonnie remarks to Victor that it seemed like Theresa was hiding something.

Chad questions Julie saying they can’t go, reminding her that the DiMera Jet is fueled up and ready to go. Julie reminds him that it’s Juneteenth, a federal holiday, so the banks will be closed. Chad informs her that he called ahead and the bank manager agreed to meet them there despite the branch being closed. Julie is relieved and calls him a clever DiMera, noting that she couldn’t wait another day to find out what’s in this safety deposit box. Julie says it’s been almost impossible to keep this a secret from Jennifer and Jack. Jack then makes a surprise return and asks if someone said his name. Julie is shocked to see him and hugs him, saying she’s so glad to see him. Chad hugs him and asks how he’s doing. Jack says he’s good. Julie says they weren’t expecting him. Jack says he just let himself in as he thought everyone would be at the Juneteenth celebration. Julie assures him this will always be his home. Chad mentions that Doug is getting the kids ready to go to the park. Jack questions Chad not going. Chad responds that he’s not really in a festive mood. Jack understands the anniversaries don’t get much easier. Chad asks how Jack and Jennifer are doing. Jack says they got through yesterday but last night, he couldn’t sleep so he hopped in the car and started driving because he wanted to feel closer to Abigail. Julie understands and is glad he’s here. Jack thought he’d also talk to Rafe to see what they are doing to make sure her killer stays locked up for good. Chad mentions that Clyde is facing a lot of new charges as well. Jack says he heard it was moved to murder one when Clyde confessed it was premeditated. Jack asks if Clyde said anything else. Chad says nothing important but Jack notices their look and questions them, calling it reporter’s intuition. Jack then reveals that when he walked in, he overheard them talking about a secret being impossible to keep from he and Jennifer and something about a box they can’t wait to open.

Maggie doesn’t understand why Xander needed to save Theresa from Konstantin. Sarah gets a call from the hospital and steps out to answer. Xander sits with Maggie as she asks what happened with Theresa. Xander reveals that Konstantin took Theresa hostage at gunpoint after he shot Steve. Xander assures that Theresa and Steve are fine and that Alex and Brady caught up to Konstantin outside but they couldn’t get a clean shot and then when Theresa tried to fight back, Konstantin started strangling her, so he grabbed the gun and shot him. Maggie says it sounds like he didn’t have any choice, but Xander admits that he did have a choice.

Alex tells Marlena that he took her advice and told Theresa that he was still seeing Kristen. Marlena asks how she reacted. Alex says not well and Theresa said if they weren’t going to be exclusive, she was going to try to rekindle things with Brady. Alex adds that then Kristen broke things off with him, so he told Theresa and then she pretty much dropped Brady like a hot potato. Alex states that he and Brady talked it through and Brady said it was probably for the best since he and Theresa had been pretty toxic. Alex explains that after seeing Theresa in danger, he realized how much she means to him and that he’s now fully committed. Marlena asks why he wasn’t fully committed before. Alex guesses part of him felt like he couldn’t completely trust her because of her past and his money. Marlena asks what about now.

Leo calls the hospital and finds out Marlena had a cancellation today, so he says to sign him up and hangs up. Theresa walks through the town square, so Leo approaches her and introduces himself. Theresa says she’s heard plenty about him. Leo invites her to join him and hopes he can get an exclusive interview about the news of the day. Leo asks Theresa what her special connection is with Konstantin.

Julie shows Jack the time capsule that Tom and Alice put together in 1966 and explains how they found it behind the mantle after the fire but she has had no luck getting it open as if that’s the box they were talking about. Jack says that’s hardly a secret since Jennifer told him all about it. Julie claims that Thomas and Charlotte wanted it to be a surprise and talks about how they are going to be excited to see him. Jack says not as happy as he is to see them. Chad suggests Jack go upstairs and say hi to the kids. Jack tells them it’s so great to see them and then heads upstairs. Julie worries that was close while Chad questions how they are going to explain going to Chicago since he can’t wait another day.

Theresa tells Leo that her only connection to Konstantin is that he tried to kill her. Leo argues that there has to be a reason that Konstantin chose her to take hostage and that he also heard his last words was something about an enemy in their midst. Theresa says that Konstantin is dead and that’s all that matters. Leo says that wasn’t as juicy as he hoped and asks if she’d like to change to a sexier topic in Alex Kiriakis. Leo calls Alex the most eligible bachelor in the state so he’s assuming he didn’t just fall out of the sky in to her lap. Theresa asks what he’s saying. Leo just thinks his readers would love to hear her tips on how to score a ticket to the Kiriakis fortune.

Alex tells Marlena that he and Theresa had an honest discussion about his sense that she was hiding something from him and she said she wasn’t. Marlena asks if he believes her. Alex knows Marlena has had a terrible history with Theresa and Brady has warned him about her too, so he guesses that’s been in the back of his head the whole time. Marlena states that trust is a vital component to any relationship, so if he’s thinking about getting serious with Theresa. Alex responds that they already are serious and after staring death in the face yesterday, it made him realize that it’s time for him to count his blessings and settle down with somebody that he loves. Alex thinks Theresa could be the one.

Xander tells Maggie that when Konstantin was strangling Theresa, all he saw was the man who had just confessed to bringing down Victor’s plane and murdering him. Xander says it was rage as Konstantin tried to kill Maggie and kidnapped Victoria, but he had just dropped his gun and he had Brady and Alex right there, so they could’ve taken him down and held him until police arrived. Xander admits that he didn’t have to shoot him and certainly not shoot to kill, but he did. Maggie asks if he’s feeling guilty about it. Xander declares that he’s glad the bastard is dead.

Sarah joins Bonnie in the living room. Bonnie asks how Maggie is doing. Sarah says she’s much better and she just broke the news that Konstantin is dead. Bonnie talks about being worried all this time that Konstantin was pulling the wool over Maggie’s eyes but Maggie was plotting his downfall the whole time. Sarah calls Maggie a certified badass. Bonnie talks about how now that their sham of a wedding is over, it’s time to move full speed ahead with Sarah’s wedding. Bonnie asks if she ever heard back from Xander’s mom but Sarah reveals that she never responded to her voicemail. Sarah then gets a call and it’s from Xander’s mom.

Chad tells Julie that they really need to go soon. Jack returns from upstairs. Julie asks if he’s alright. Jack responds that Thomas said that Chad told him that Abigail is alive, but he knows he meant alive in all of their hearts. Jack says that Abigail just feels so present to him right now in the house. Chad and Julie say they feel the same way. Jack decides he’s going to see Rafe and will let them know what he says. Chad thanks him as they hug and says it’s good to see him. Jack then exits. Chad tells Julie that he hates lying to Jack. Julie says she does too but declares that by the end of the day, they will know one way or another.

Marlena encourages Alex doing excellent work. Alex questions her approving of his choices. Marlena approves of him getting in touch with his feelings and communicating. Alex says he’s trying. Marlena acknowledges that he’s been expressing his thoughts, feelings, and needs. Marlena senses he’s doing the same with his partner. Alex brings up Marlena knowing Theresa for a long time and that she was her daughter-in-law. Alex then asks if Marlena thinks he should trust Theresa. Marlena responds that what she thinks isn’t really relevant and it would be inappropriate of her to say anything at all. Marlena says the important thing is that Alex has to decide whether or not he can trust her.

Theresa asks if Leo is suggesting that she made Alex fall for her. Leo says he didn’t say that and asks if she’s saying that. Theresa tells Leo that she and Alex started dating before anyone knew he was Victor’s son. Leo remarks that it’s not like he was working as a barista. Theresa says there’s a difference between rich and Kiriakis fortune rich. Leo talks about Alex being hot and says it’s no surprise that she’d want to jump his bones. Leo adds that Theresa isn’t bad on the eyes either and starts talking about how she’d look better as a brunette. Leo asks if Theresa is willing to say on the record that this thing between her and Alex is a real love connection that has nothing to do with his money. Theresa asks why that is so hard to believe, stating that love is love. Theresa brings up Leo and Dimitri being the real deal and asks if that was about money. Leo says not for him and that for him, it was true love. Theresa asks what happened then. Leo stops her and says he’s doing the interview. Theresa argues that she never agreed to be interviewed. Leo says it’s not like he’s judging her either way. Leo remarks that her feistiness and scrappiness reminds him of a friend that moved away recently, though she had a better accent and hair but the same attitude. Theresa asks if that’s a good thing. Leo says he misses Gwen terribly, so being with her is kind of comforting. Theresa wishes she could say the same. Leo then gets an alert on his phone that it’s time for his shrink appointment so he walks away.

Sarah answers the call from Xander’s mother, Fiona. Sarah says she’s so glad she called and assumes she got her voicemail. Sarah says she’s sorry to hear that and says goodbye, then hangs up. Bonnie questions what that was about and if she doesn’t want to come to her wedding or meet her granddaughter. Sarah responds that she doesn’t know because the woman who called wasn’t Xander’s mom.

Xander tells Maggie that he’s sorry as he knows she cared about Konstantin at one time. Maggie assures that she never despised someone so much and she’s glad that he’s rotting in Hell. Maggie declares that her only regret is that she’s not the one who pulled the trigger.

Leo goes to Marlena’s office and says he made an appointment so here he is. Marlena jokes about him making progress. Leo says he’s been considering what is and isn’t an emergency after they talked earlier. Leo says their last conversation made him realize that he is pathologically lonely and he hates it. Leo adds that he has a million acquaintances but he has kept everything superficial with everyone, except for the best friend he ever had but talking about her is too painful and if he told her how he betrayed her for Dimitri, he thinks she would hate him. Marlena asks if he thinks of Dimitri as his true love. Leo says that wasn’t real either since he broke up with him in a poorly written letter. Leo says maybe he deserves it. Marlena responds that no one deserves to be alone. Leo asks how to get past the feeling that no one is ever going to love the real him. Marlena encourages him to begin by loving himself as that comes first. Leo calls that the whole message of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marlena says she’s never seen the show but she does enjoy him. Leo asks if she’s saying she could help him learn to love himself a little bit.

Bonnie asks Sarah who was on the phone then. Sarah says she didn’t say and just that she’s had the phone number for years. Bonnie wonders how long it’s been then since Xander talked to his mom. Sarah admits it’s been a long time. Bonnie questions any other way of contacting her. Sarah says that Xander said he doesn’t know where his mom is or what she’s been up to. Bonnie and Sarah guess that Xander’s mom isn’t coming to the wedding then.

Maggie says God help her for what she just said. Xander would be more worried if she didn’t feel that way about Konstantin after what he did. Maggie hopes Xander won’t face any charges. Xander confirms that Melinda understood he was defending Theresa’s life, so he got away with it. Maggie notes that none of them got away unscathed. Xander comments that Victor is still gone. Maggie acknowledges Xander’s devotion to Victor even though Victor didn’t always treat him kindly. Maggie doesn’t think Victor would’ve been as hard on Xander if he didn’t remind him so much of himself. Xander asks if she really thinks so. Maggie talks about Victor not having the opportunity to raise Bo and being ill for most of Philip’s childhood, so he decided to make up for lost years with Alex by making him his heir, but Xander is the one that never left and he knew that. Maggie declares that in many ways, Xander was closer to Victor than his own sons.

Alex joins Theresa in the town square. Theresa asks how seeing Marlena was. Alex says he may have mentioned her or their relationship once or twice. Theresa guesses Marlena got the negative spin from Brady but Alex says Brady is fine as they talked last night and Brady says things worked out for the best since he and Theresa had never been good for each other. Theresa says of course he would say that. Theresa asks what Marlena had to say and if she warned him to stay away from her, given that she almost killed her husband. Alex says Marlena actually told him to be honest with himself about how he feels and to say what is. Alex then tells Theresa that he loves her which surprises her. Theresa asks if he really means that. Alex assures that he does and that they aren’t just sleeping together or living together as they’ve been through a lot together. Theresa brings up that he was just with Kristen and she knows the appropriate response would be to just say it back. Alex assures there’s no pressure and he knows she was just with Brady. Theresa insists that she wants to say it and tells Alex that she loves him too.

Xander joins Sarah in the living room. Sarah asks how Maggie is. Xander says she’s getting dressed and will be down soon. Sarah asks how she seemed. Xander calls Maggie remarkably strong and says he’s just glad this nightmare is over for all of them. Xander asks if something is wrong. Sarah informs him that the number that he gave her for his mom belonged to someone else. Xander says he had mixed feelings about seeing her again anyway so maybe this is for the best. Xander declares that as long as he’s marrying her, the day will be perfect. Xander adds that Maggie has always been more of a mother to him than his mom ever was.

Maggie gets out of bed and puts on her robe while holding back tears. She picks up a framed photo of Victor and states that Konstantin is dead, so Victor can finally rest in peace.

Marlena tells Leo that she can definitely help him but he has to be willing to put in consistent work over time. Leo assures that he definitely will and asks how much time they are talking. Marlena says there no guarantees or timelines. Marlena reminds Leo that his mother spent his entire life telling him that he was unlovable, so they have to stop hearing her voice and undo those words to make him understand and believe that he is lovable. Leo jokes that he wants to say that to his mother’s face and thanks Marlena. Leo asks when he can see her again. Marlena realizes her secretary has her schedule so she leaves the office to go retrieve it. Leo then stands up and makes a phone call to visit his mother in prison, asking for the visiting hours.

Jack goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Bonnie, who says she didn’t know he was in town. Jack says it’s so good to see her as they hug. Bonnie mentions hearing they captured Clyde and how that must be a relief. Bonnie hopes he never gets out again. Jack confirms that Rafe said Clyde will be in solitary for the rest of his life, so he’ll never have the opportunity to take another life like he did to Abigail.

Chad and Julie arrive at the bank in Chicago, wondering what Clyde stashed in the safety deposit box. Chad says it could be nothing or it could be proof that Abigail is alive. Julie declares they are about to find out.

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