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John and Marlena walk through the town square together and show each other what they bought for Jude. They talk about meeting with Eric and Sloan and how they should’ve been there by now. Marlena decides to call Eric to check in while John goes to get their table ready.

Eric wakes up and sees the call from Marlena, but ignores it. Eric then texts Marlena that he’s sorry but he can’t make it tonight as he remains in bed in tears.

John returns to Marlena and says they have a table for four waiting but Marlena informs him that they are not going to need it because Eric just texted her that they aren’t coming. Marlena feels that something is wrong.

Steve and Jada have drinks at the Brady Pub. Steve thanks her for meeting while she thanks him for the invite and admits she’s missed the Pub food. Steve asks if she’s off duty for the night. Jada says she’s actually not, so she’ll have to leave soon and only has time for a quick dinner. Jada talks about being short handed at the police station since when Harris came back, he immediately asked for more dates off. Steve asks if he’s okay. Jada says he’s physically cleared but she doesn’t know what’s going on in his head and he likes to play things close to the vest. Steve questions Harris asking for more days off and not saying why he needed those days.

Harris and Ava arrive at a motel in Montana. Lucas then joins them as well. Lucas says they are bringing a roll away in for him while they take the bed. Ava says they are lucky they aren’t sleeping in the car. Lucas says he doesn’t want to cramp their style. Harris points out that this isn’t a romantic getaway as they are here to catch Clyde. Lucas doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Harris says he brought Lucas as a driver and to be on the lookout. Lucas assures that he appreciates that and he will do his part to make sure that Clyde ends up in the cage where he belongs, so no one else gets hurt. Harris assures that Lucas will get his release afterwards. Lucas asks what the plan is.

Steve goes over Rafe letting Harris take extra days off even though they are short handed. Jada explains that Harris wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Jada asks if Steve is worried about something. Steve responds that he always is and brings up that Ava isn’t around, so he’s assuming Harris is with her. Steve declares that where ever Ava goes, trouble is sure to follow. Jada encourages that Harris can take care of himself. Jada feels Steve is worried about something else too. Steve acknowledges that she knows him too well and admits he’s worried about his daughter.

Chad and Stephanie have coffee in the park. Chad gets a call from Marlena, who says she’s trying to reach Eric but he’s not answering his phone and asks if he’s at work today. Chad says he hasn’t seen him but that Eric did send him a text earlier that the feature he’s been working on is on hold for a few days. Chad says it could be because of what happened with Everett at the bar and maybe he’s trying to keep his distance from the Spectator. Marlena asks Chad to have Eric call her if he hears from him. Chad agrees to do so as they hang up. Marlena then informs John that Eric is not at work. John suggests trying Sloan, so Marlena calls her but finds that her number has been disconnected. John calls that strange. Marlena calls it also alarming and worries that something is going on. John decides they should find out what as they exit the town square.

John and Marlena go to Eric’s apartment. John knocks on the door asking if Eric is inside. Marlena wonders where he could be, pointing out that Eric and Sloan’s cars are both downstairs. Eric then answers the door. Marlena says they’ve been so worried about him. John guesses they had good reason. Marlena asks Eric what happened. Eric says “everything”.

Steve informs Jada that Stephanie told he and Kayla that Everett gave Eric a black eye at the Small Bar. Jada calls it a misunderstanding and says she’s sure the charges will be dropped. Steve says he can get the police report and read it himself but he feels something else is going on here and asks Jada if that’s right. Jada says given their history, she hopes he can understand if she really doesn’t want to get in to Everett’s personal life and business. Steve says he does understand but Everett is dating his daughter and Jada was once married to him, so he needs to know if Everett is a violent man. Jada explains that while they were married, Everett never raised his hand to her so she doesn’t think he will hurt Stephanie like that. Steve feels there’s still something she isn’t telling him. Jada states that Stephanie knows what she’s getting into. Jada wonders where their burgers are and comments that the Pub must be shorthanded too.

Harris brings up how they tracked Clyde to a public library in Montana. Lucas says he gets that’s why they are in the middle of nowhere, risking getting eaten by bears or mosquitoes. Harris thinks it’s worth the risk. Lucas agrees but asks why they didn’t just call the FBI if they know Clyde is there. Harris responds that he wants to deal with that son of a bitch himself. Lucas gets that it’s personal for him. Ava responds that it’s personal for all of them.

Eric explains to John and Marlena that Sloan took EJ and Nicole’s baby and that Jude is their son, not his. Marlena tells him that she’s so sorry as John says he can’t imagine what he’s going through right now. John questions Sloan being on the run. Eric confirms that she took off when he took Jude back to Nicole and EJ. Eric says he should’ve never left her alone. Marlena understands he was in shock while John encourages that he did the right thing in taking Jude back to his real parents. John asks what they can do for him right now. Eric responds that he just wants to be alone. Eric assures that he’s not going to drink. John asks when he last ate. Eric says he hasn’t since he found out so Marlena offers to get him some supper.

Steve apologizes to Jada for all the questions and promises he didn’t invite her to dinner to interrogate her about his daughter’s love life. Jada gets that he’s a concerned dad. Steve wants to be careful not to interfere because Stephanie really hates that. Jada calls Stephanie lucky and wishes that her dad was still here because she misses him every day. Steve responds that he misses his homeboy Marcus too and assures that he’d be so proud of Jada. Steve jokes that if she wants him to step in to that role, he can grill her about her boyfriends and give her unsolicited advice. Steve tells Jada that Rafe is a great guy. Jada agrees and notes that Rafe isn’t just her boyfriend, but also her boss, so she needs to hurry up and eat then get back to work. Steve questions Jada’s bun being gluten free. Jada admits she learned about it from Rebecca Goldman when she worked at the station and reveals that Goldman has celiac disease so it was the only bread she could eat, which Steve takes notice of.

Harris explains to Lucas how they tracked Clyde to the library and says the librarian thinks she saw Goldman in and out of the library often to use the computer, but not Clyde which is no surprise as he would be lying low. Ava adds that Rafe got a tip from his APB that Clyde was spotted here some time back. Lucas asks if the local police followed up. Harris says they said it was a false lead. Lucas wonders if Clyde has the local police in his pocket like he does everybody else. Ava says it wouldn’t surprise her but assures that they can handle this themselves without their involvement. Harris agrees since the town isn’t very big, so if Clyde and Goldman are there, they will find them.

Chad comments to Stephanie that it’s not like Eric to go AWOL and Marlena sounded really worried. Stephanie says she’s sure he’s okay. Chad asks if Stephanie is okay, noting that she keeps checking her phone and seems a little out of it, questioning if that’s why she wanted to meet in the park instead of at the Spectator which Stephanie admits is the case. Stephanie confirms she didn’t want Everett to walk in on them. Chad asks if it’s because of what happened with Eric. Stephanie responds that she’s worried about him in general as he’s just so unpredictable right now. Chad thought they made it clear that they are just friends. Stephanie says they did. Chad asks her what it is. Stephanie then reveals that Marlena thinks Everett has D.I.D. Stephanie doesn’t want to violate his privacy and it feels wrong to speculate about his mental health, but he’s acting so out of character lately like hitting Eric. Stephanie adds that Jada said he came onto her in the holding cell and insisted that he was Robert Stein, a totally different person, and then it was like somebody flipped a switch and he went right back to being Everett again. Chad wishes he would’ve seen that sooner. Stephanie says none of them did but Chad feels he should’ve since he went through it with Abigail.

John, Marlena, and Eric eat together in the town square. Eric doesn’t know why he can’t eat but he’s not hungry. Marlena encourages that he’ll feel better if he eats but Eric doubts that. Eric asks Marlena to tell the rest of the family for him which she agrees to do. John urges Eric to eat and says that he and Nicole are good friends, so he’s sure she will find a way for Eric to still be a part of Jude’s life. Eric says he can’t because Nicole and EJ are together and Jude is their son, so he needs to stay away.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry for bringing it up but Chad says it’s fine as she wasn’t here when Abigail was sick. Stephanie knows Abigail suffered from the same illness and was two other people. Chad confirms that she was Gabby and Dr. Laura. Stephanie brings up that Abigail made a full recovery. Chad says he was very proud of her. Stephanie guesses it must have been really hard on Chad too. Chad admits it was which makes him second guess his position. Chad knows Stephanie is not one to run away from trouble, but if Everett has D.I.D. it’s going to be a rough ride. Chad asks if she’s sure she is up for that.

Everett walks through the town square so Marlena stops him and says they’ve been looking all over for him. Everett says he’s just been walking around. Marlena asks if he’s okay. Everett claims he’ll be fine. Marlena points out that he hasn’t answered his phone despite her and Stephanie leaving several messages. Everett apologizes and claims he lost battery and didn’t have a charger. Everett asks what is so important. Marlena wants to talk to him about what happened last night.

Lucas asks if Harris thinks Clyde and Goldman are still there. Harris confirms that the librarian thinks she saw Goldman this afternoon. Lucas wonders how they will find out where they are staying. Ava notes that they are likely not in one of the motels. Harris guesses they probably have a place out in the woods somewhere. Lucas feels Clyde would be at a distinct advantage there but Harris points out that he sends his girlfriend on errands, so if they follow her, she leads them to Clyde. Lucas asks if they turn him over to the FBI after that. Ava thinks back to telling Steve that she’s looking for a permanent solution to the Clyde Weston problem. Harris tells Lucas that turning him over to the FBI is the plan.

Jada tells Steve that she has to get back to work since Rafe wants her to take a look at Harris’s case load in case something needs immediate attention while Harris is gone doing whatever he’s doing. Steve assures Jada that he pays for the meal for all his kids. Jada thanks him and says it was so great talking with him. Steve suggests they do it more often and set a date for dinner with her and Rafe. Jada agrees as they hug and she exits. Steve then opens up his laptop and declares that thanks to Jada, he might have an idea how to find Harris and Ava.

Everett tells Marlena that they’ve gone over this as he just had a few too many drinks at the bar and blacked out. Marlena brings up him not remembering punching Eric. Everett then sees Eric at the table and goes over to him to tell him that he owes him a huge apology. Everett adds that he doesn’t remember exactly what happened and might have blacked out a little bit, but he assumes that because he saw Eric and Sloan fighting, he misunderstood what was happening and thought he was trying to hurt her which doesn’t make sense because Eric is apparently a great guy, Sloan is his wife and he loves her. Everett tells Eric that he wants him to know that he’s sorry. Eric gets up and storms off, so John goes after him. Everett asks if he said something wrong. Marlena clarifies that he’s not upset with him. Everett remarks that he has every right to be. Marlena assures that John will take care of Eric, but right now she wants to talk about Everett. Marlena knows he’s concerned about losing time and that she’s not his therapist anymore, but she would like to help him with that if he’d let her.

Stephanie knows it must be very challenging dealing with someone who is mentally ill. Chad says you have no idea until you live with it. Stephanie gets it and says she has a history with Everett and she cares about him, so she can’t just turn his back on him, especially knowing she’s not well. Stephanie feels it would be more honorable to show him support and help him get the help he needs. Chad says that’s if he wants the help, since she said he decided he didn’t need Marlena’s therapy. Chad says he knows from experience that there can be a ton of a resistance with D.I.D. and that Everett might want help, but it might take a hell of a lot for Bobby Stein to admit there’s a problem. Stephanie states that Abigail was lucky that Chad was there for her. Chad feels he wasn’t there for enough since she’s not here. Stephanie says he has to stop blaming himself. Stephanie tells Chad that everyone who cares about him has said that Clyde is the only person responsible for Abigail’s death, so she hopes he rots in Hell.

Lucas jokes that the small cot beats prison or the monastery. Lucas suggests getting something to eat while waiting for Clyde. Ava thinks their options will be limited. Lucas reveals he got elk jerky from the airport that they can share. Harris says he’ll hold off and he thinks he saw a convenient store on the corner. Ava tells them to go ahead while she stays to hold down the fort. Harris tells her to be careful. Ava jokes for them to watch out for bears. Harris says they’ll be fast as he and Lucas exit the room. The motel room phone then rings so Ava answers and it’s Steve. Ava questions how he found her. Steve reminds her that what he does for a living is find people who don’t want to be found. Steve tells Ava that service at the Pub has slacked off since she took a few days off and coincidentally, Harris took the same time off and asks what that is. Ava responds that it’s personal business. Steve reveals that he knows they are both in Montana looking for Clyde Weston, so he’s coming out there to join them. Ava appreciates his offer to help, but says she and Harris have got this. Steve is not so sure and repeats that he’s pretty good at finding people who don’t want to be found. Ava says Harris is too. Steve thinks Harris would appreciate the help. Ava feels Steve doesn’t trust her. Steve brings up that Ava just lied to he and John when she enlisted them to break Clyde out of prison. Ava says she did what she needed to do to save her son. Steve tells Ava that she’s not going to talk him out of this, so he’s coming out there. Ava warns that it’s a small town and Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere and could have the local police in his pocket. Ava worries that if Steve and John show up, it could tip Clyde off that they are on his trail. Ava knows that Steve doesn’t trust her but insists that he can trust Harris because he’s just like him and always does the right thing. Steve says he has no problem trusting Harris, but worries that Ava has a tendency to get people to do things that they wouldn’t have otherwise done. Ava asks Steve to let her do this for Tripp, Wendy, Abigail, and all the people Clyde has hurt. Steve gives in and agrees, but says she has to keep him in the loop starting now. Ava admits someone saw Goldman in town today. Steve says that’s good and if they find her, she’ll lead them straight to Clyde. Ava says that’s the plan. Steve thinks he can help with that as he reveals that he found out Goldman only eats one brand of gluten free bread. Ava notes that she’ll have a hard time finding anything like that in a small town like this. Steve says that’s what he thought but he found out that company ships all over the world and they have a weekly shipment to a PO box in Ennis, Montana and the first shipment went out to a “Faith Silvers” a week after Clyde broke out of prison. Ava questions why he waited so long to tell her and when the next shipment is scheduled. Steve tells her it’s tomorrow so Ava agrees to let Harris know. Steve advises Ava to be careful as he doesn’t want Tripp to be heartbroken or for her to come back in a bodybag. Ava tells Steve not to worry since she can take care of herself as she pulls a gun from her purse. Steve reminds her to keep him in the loop which Ava promises to do. Ava then hangs up and declares the only person coming home from Montana in a bodybag is Clyde. Ava then puts her gun back in the purse as Harris and Lucas return with snacks from the convenient store.

John sits with Eric in the town square. Eric says he’s sorry about that but the last thing he wants is an apology from Everett. Eric says he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Jude is Nicole’s baby. John brings up when he had to give Eric and Sami back to Roman, so he sort of knows what he’s going through since he had them for years. John notes that still staying in his life and loving him even though he wasn’t his helped make the pain go away over the years. Eric is glad John made that choice back then because he’s lucky to have him now. John encourages that Eric can make that choice with Jude now but Eric isn’t sure. John asks if he thinks EJ won’t allow it. Eric says that’s most of it as the last thing he wants to do is make Nicole’s life any harder.

Everett tells Marlena that he appreciates her looking out for him but he’s made himself clear that he does not want her help. Marlena says that they are worried about him and he hasn’t even called Stephanie since she paid his bail. Everett repeats that his phone died but Marlena says they both know that’s not true and that something is not right with him. Marlena thinks he’s afraid to talk to anyone who might confirm that. Everett declares the conversation over and asks Marlena to stay away from him as he storms off.

Jada sits in Rafe’s office at the police station and gets a call from Marlena, who says she just ran in to Everett in the town square. Jada asks if he said where he’d been. Marlena says no but it’s pretty clear he’s been avoiding people and just went in to the Salem Inn. Jada asks how he seemed. Marlena says that he did apologize to Eric but when she said how worried they were about him, he got agitated. Marlena wants to get with Jada and Stephanie to see if they can create an intervention. Jada agrees to whatever she thinks they can do to help Everett.

Chad tells Stephanie that Everett is lucky to have her in his corner since he knows he doesn’t have much of a support system. Chad feels bad for being a jerk to him in the beginning and not taking the high road. Stephanie points out that Chad apologized for that and Everett forgave him. Chad declares that if Stephanie is going to be there for Everett, then he will be there for her. Stephanie thanks him. Stephanie then gets a text from Jada that Everett is okay which Chad calls good news. Stephanie adds that Jada also texted that Marlena wants to stage an intervention. Chad tells Stephanie to let him know if she needs any help. Stephanie says she will and thanks Chad for listening and caring as she then walks away. Chad then gets a call from Steve and asks if there’s any leads on where Clyde is. Steve says he can’t tell him anything yet except that Harris is on the case and he’s confident that he will bring Clyde back. Chad asks if he means dead or alive. Steve doesn’t think he has to tell him which one he would prefer.

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