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Theresa and Brady wake up in bed together. Brady guesses this happened against his better judgment. Theresa asks if he has any regrets. Brady says surprisingly no. Theresa says she doesn’t either. Brady asks about Alex. Theresa jokes that this will show him. Brady questions if that’s what this was about. Theresa says they talked about this last night, how Alex doesn’t want to be exclusive and he’s still fooling around with Kristen. Theresa adds that they also talked about their connection and their chemistry that’s been there for a very long time. Theresa says she knows Brady feels the same. Brady responds that he feels used. Theresa tells him not to go all emo on him. Alex then knocks on the door and asks if Theresa is in there. Theresa tells him to come on in, so Alex walks in to find her in bed with Brady as he says he was wondering if they could talk.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander talks with Justin about Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding. Justin says he’s busy helping Maggie with an important favor for the wedding which Xander questions.

Maggie, Bonnie, and Sarah walk through the town square together. Bonnie tells Maggie that she will make a beautiful bride. Sarah thanks Bonnie for treating them to a day at the salon, but reminds her that this is just a marriage of convenience so Konstantin can stay in the country. Bonnie says she’s a hopeless romantic and weddings always make her cry. Maggie says they can finish wedding shopping for her and thanks them as she exits, leaving Sarah confused and Bonnie jokingly calls her a runaway bride.

Steve is at home on the phone with Ava and thanks her for the update. Steve says he’ll feel a lot better when he knows Clyde is locked up and tells Ava to keep him posted as he hangs up. Steve then gets a call from John, who is outside the Kiriakis Mansion. John informs him that he’s on his way to the wedding but Konstantin asked to meet with him first. Steve questions why. John is sure it has something to do with his next move involving the Pawn and says he’ll let Steve know when he gets the details. John hangs up and then Konstantin arrives and shows him the card to try to turn him back in to the Pawn. Konstantin congratulates John on stealing the prenup and now he has a new job for him to do.

Xander asks Justin about the favor he’s doing for Maggie. Justin reveals that Maggie asked him to officiate the wedding. Xander questions why the hell he would agree to that and argues about how they are both against this wedding. Justin talks about this being a marriage in name only and how Maggie is only doing this to keep Konstantin in the country. Xander argues that it’s a reason not to do this and complains that Konstantin is tricking Maggie into marriage. Justin brings up the prenup being ironclad and assures that Konstantin will not get a dime of Maggie’s money. Xander doesn’t think that will stop Konstantin as he’s sure he’s got a bunch more tricks up his sleeve.

Konstantin tells John that it’s an easy task and reveals that he needs him to kill Maggie as he gives him a gun.

Maggie goes to see Steve and tells him that everything is all set and she’s initiated the transfer of funds from the Titan account so the trap is set. Steve asks if she’s sure she’s up for this. Maggie confirms that she is because Konstantin has lied to her from the moment he stepped in her house and now he’s going to pay.

Alex decides this can wait and he’ll come back later but Theresa stops him and says to just give her 30 minutes, then jokes that she might need an hour. Brady decides he has somewhere to be and hurries out of the room. Theresa gets out of bed and asks what Alex wanted to talk about.

Bonnie and Sarah sit together in the town square. Bonnie knows this isn’t a fairytale wedding but says they can still enjoy it. Bonnie then points out that Sarah is next and this will be a whole new beginning for her, Xander, and Victoria. Sarah then tells Bonnie that she would love it if she came to her wedding even though she and Xander don’t have the greatest history. Bonnie assures that’s all forgotten and admits she was secretly rooting for them ever since she saw her in Chicago. Sarah remembers Bonnie trying to convince her to tell Xander that Victoria was his daughter. Bonnie says the truth came out and now her, Xander, and Victoria can be a family. Bonnie declares that she would be honored to be at her wedding which Sarah says would mean a lot to them. Bonnie asks who else is on the guest list. Sarah thinks they are just keeping it small with family which she hopes includes Xander’s mom.

Xander tells Justin that this wedding cannot happen. Justin says it’s not up to them as Maggie made up her mind. Xander urges Justin to change his mind about officiating but Justin declares that this is what Maggie wants. Brady walks in and asks for coffee. Xander questions him being there. Brady says he’s here for the wedding too and questions why everyone has to get married in the Kiriakis Mansion like it’s the Great White Chapel of Salem. Xander comments on Brady’s mood and guesses it has something to do with Theresa.

Theresa tells Alex to talk to her. Alex says maybe they should talk some other time but Theresa insists. Theresa asks if Alex is upset because he found her in bed with Brady since he was doing that with Kristen. Alex reveals he’s not seeing Kristen anymore which surprises Theresa, who asks if Kristen broke it off. Alex states that Kristen just made him see what he really wants and that’s to be with Theresa only. Theresa thinks he’s just teasing but Alex insists that he’s dead serious. Alex declares that he’s kind of crazy about her. Theresa questions why he kept pushing her away then. Alex says Kristen was asking him the same question and he doesn’t really have an answer, but maybe he does. Theresa asks him to tell her. Alex responds that he just has this feeling that she’s keeping something from him.

John questions Konstantin wanting him to kill his wife. Konstantin explains that he wants him to do it after the wedding as soon as they are pronounced husband and wife, then John is to lead her outside to kill her. Konstantin remarks that he’ll be a groom and a widower in the same day and will only have Maggie’s millions to console him. John tells Konstantin that he is clear on what he is to do.

Bonnie questions Xander having a mom and asks what he says she’s like. Sarah says not much other than that she’s an alcoholic, a very difficult woman, and they don’t get along at all. Bonnie questions Xander wanting her at their wedding. Sarah clarifies that he doesn’t as it was her idea so he reluctantly agreed to it but she thinks it would be nice to have her in their lives and for Victoria to know her other Grandmother. Sarah suggests maybe Maggie could help her with her addictions. Bonnie jokes that it sounds like she had to twist Xander’s arm. Sarah admits he needed a little persuading but he wants to do what’s best for their daughter, so he gave her his mom’s phone number. Bonnie asks what she said when she called. Sarah admits she hasn’t called yet as she’s kind of nervous about it and asks what she says since she’s engaged to her son and the mother of her grandchild. Sarah worries about Xander’s mom being cold and distant or possibly blowing up at her. Bonnie decides she’s not scared, takes Sarah’s phone and calls Xander’s mom.

Xander tells Brady not to keep them in suspense and asks what Theresa did this time. Brady responds that he’s going to get ready for the wedding and walks out of the room. Justin encourages Xander to be a bit positive about this. Xander questions being positive about Maggie falling for Konstantin’s manipulations when she deserves so much better. Konstantin then walks in and greets them, asking if they have seen Maggie. Xander complains that he’s been conning Maggie since day one. Konstantin says that he and Maggie are very excited for the wedding. Xander accuses Konstantin of brainwashing Maggie in to thinking he cares about her while everyone else sees right through him. Konstantin argues that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him. Xander calls him a big step down from Victor. Konstantin remarks that Xander doesn’t realize how in the dark he is.

John joins Steve and Maggie. Steve tells him that he’s just in time for their toast to exposing Konstantin for the fraud that he is. John agrees to drink to that and assumes they have news. Maggie confirms that they have Konstantin right where they want him. Steve declares that they can expose him and have him arrested before the wedding takes place. John is glad to hear that because Konstantin just summoned him and ordered The Pawn to kill Maggie as soon as she became his bride. John says he’s sorry but knows it doesn’t come as a shock. Maggie admits part of her hoped Konstantin wasn’t capable of doing something so awful. John says he taped their conversation but doesn’t know if there’s enough to use against him, so he thinks they should continue with their plan. John assures that Maggie will be safe and that Marlena has successfully deprogrammed him. John declares that they won’t let Maggie near Konstantin while Steve states that Konstantin will never see it ocming.

Theresa asks Alex why she would be keeping something from him. Alex says it’s just a feeling he has. Theresa asks if he means people talking around town, telling him that she’s a liar and a schemer. Alex says he doesn’t think of her like that and isn’t influenced by what anyone else thinks of her. Alex apologizes if it sounds like he doesn’t trust her. Theresa swears she’s not keeping anything from him. Alex decides that he believes her then. Alex then asks what about Brady since something obviously just went down. Alex questions if she’s going to keep seeing Brady. Theresa thinks back to Konstantin reminding her of their deal to share Victor’s fortune and changing Xander’s name to Alex on Victor’s will. Theresa then assures Alex that she won’t keep seeing Brady and that she was just doing that to upset Alex and to get back at him for what he was doing with Kristen. Alex admits that it worked and it upset him to see them together like that. Theresa apologizes. Alex says he was an idiot for getting involved with Kristen and he understands why she would try to get back at him. Theresa thanks him and says she’s really glad that he understands. Theresa then asks if he’s ready for more honesty. Alex says definitely. Theresa tells Alex that she wants to be with him and only him. Alex suggests they make a commitment to each other then which Theresa agrees with. Alex then asks Theresa to be his date to Maggie’s wedding. Theresa says she would love that. Alex says he’ll see her downstairs and exits. Theresa lays back on the bed in frustration and declares that if she wants to be the Kiriakis heiress, this is what she has to do. Brady returns and says he figured it’d be okay to come in after seeing Alex leave. Brady asks if Alex was upset to find out that Theresa doesn’t want to be exclusive with him. Theresa then reveals that she actually does want that. Brady calls that one hell of a 180. Theresa says she thought about it a bit more and open relationships are not her thing and she’s not really good at sharing so she hopes Brady understands. Brady asks about Alex seeing Kristen. Theresa tells him that’s over. Brady calls that quick and predictable. Theresa remarks that they weren’t a match made in Heaven. Brady guesses that means he and Theresa are over, not that it even began. Brady says they weren’t thinking clearly and it shouldn’t have happened. Brady blames himself for succumbing to her charms. Theresa admits both of them did. Theresa thinks it’s best that they just keep things simple for Tate’s sake. Brady recalls saying that and says they are cool now that she used him to get what she wanted. Brady repeats that he blames himself for doing what he swore he’d never do again. Brady apologizes and tells her that he will see her at the wedding as he walks out. Theresa tells herself that it’s okay and to just keep her eye on the prize as she had no choice but to let Brady go.

Bonnie’s call to Xander’s mom goes to voicemail so she leaves a message, introducing herself. Sarah takes the phone and takes over the message, admitting she was nervous to call and introducs herself as Sarah Horton, mentioning being engaged to her son and the mother of her grandchild. Sarah adds that she would love for her to meet Victoria here in Salem. Sarah says that she and Xander are getting married soon, so they would really love it if she came to the wedding and then hangs up. Bonnie encourages her to breathe.

Xander questions Konstantin saying he’s in the dark and asks what he thinks he doesn’t know. Konstantin claims that Victor detested him and treated him like dirt. Xander tells him to shut the hell up. Konstantin argues that Victor thought of Xander as a glorified gardener. Xander says that’s not true so Konstantin asks why Victor didn’t leave him a single penny in his will then. Steve and John join Brady in the living room where Maggie awaits. Bonnie goes over to Xander and comments on him being deep in thought. Xander asks where Sarah is since they were together. Bonnie says they were on their way but Sarah got called in to the hospital, but she assured that she’ll be there as soon as she can. Bonnie doesn’t think Sarah would mind her telling him but they called his mother. Xander asks if they spoke to her. Bonnie says they had no such luck and explains that she called since Sarah didn’t have the nerve, but it went to voicemail. Bonnie adds that Sarah left the sweetest voicemail about hoping she will attend their wedding. Bonnie adds that Sarah also mentioned that he and his mother don’t exactly get along. Bonnie knows it’s none of her business but agrees with Sarah that their daughter deserves to spend some time with her other Grandmother. Xander says they’ll see if she actually calls back. Bonnie guesses he’s hoping she doesn’t. Xander says that Sarah thinks it’s very important, so he’s not standing in the way but if it were up to him, he’d be fine if he never saw his mother again. Alex and Theresa enter the living room. Justin calls for everyone to take a seat so they can get started. Steve asks John if he thinks Konstantin is ready for what they have planned. John brings up that he showed him the Pawn card but has no idea they’ve already stacked the deck against him. Justin thanks everyone for coming and begins the ceremony. Justin asks if Maggie takes Konstantin to be her husband and she says “I do.” Justin then asks if Konstantin takes Maggie to be his wife. Brady and Theresa exchange looks. Konstantin says “I do.” Justin asks for the rings but his phone goes off and guesses he forgot to silent it. Maggie asks if everything is okay. Konstantin suggests he finish after he marries them. Justin reveals that he just received an alert from one of Titan’s accountants that a large sum of money is missing from Victor’s charitable trust. Maggie asks how that is possible. Justin explains that several withdrawals were made in the past few days. Maggie asks Konstantin about it but he says he doesn’t know anything. Justin points out that Konstantin has to authorize it so Maggie argues that he had to know but Konstantin insists that he didn’t. Xander stands up and accuses Konstantin of stealing Victor’s money. Justin asks if Maggie is sure no one else could’ve authorized these withdrawals. Maggie says she’s sure so she doesn’t understand. Justin says he will call the police to try and get some answers. Konstantin swears he had nothing to do with it and claims he’s being framed by Xander. Xander says he doesn’t work at Titan anymore so he couldn’t have done it. Konstantin then points his finger at Steve. Steve questions blaming him now. Konstantin argues that Steve and John killed his daughter. Konstantin tells Maggie that she has to believe that he did not do this and she knows what kind of man he is. Maggie responds that she was apparently wrong because the evidence is clear that he embezzled funds from her family’s company and he’s going to prison for it. Konstantin questions Maggie being in on this too and accuses Justin as well. Konstantin guesses they were all conspiring against him and declares that they will all pay for it. Konstantin turns to John with the card and commands The Pawn to take out his weapon. John stands and pulls out the gun. Konstantin orders John to shoot Steve and then turn the gun on himself, saying they deserve it for killing his daughter. Konstantin shouts for John to shoot and kill them all. John responds that he’s not his Pawn anymore and the only person he’s going to kill is him if he does anything stupid. John adds that if he killed Maggie like he ordered him too, he still would’ve ended up with nothing. Maggie then reveals the original prenup and guesses Konstantin was never expecting to see it again. Konstantin claims he can be explain but Maggie says she doesn’t want to hear anymore lies. Maggie questions him taking advantage of her grief over Victor and goes over how he pretended he was Victor’s friend and hoped she would fall for him. Maggie brings up Konstantin pretending to be her protector when Victoria was kidnapped. Steve accuses him of arranging that too which Konstantin calls absurd but John goes over what he did. Xander warns that he better hope the cops get there before he kills him. Maggie realizes it wasn’t Konstantin’s Greek enemies that kidnapped Victoria, but his accomplice. Maggie asks Konstantin who the hell it was. Theresa asks why it matters since he already admitted responsibility for the crime. Konstantin calls them all hypocrites and complains about Victor. Konstantin declares that he may not have gotten his revenge on them but he did on Victor. Konstantin then announces that he caused Victor’s death by sabotaging his plane and sending him to his grave.

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