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Johnny and Chanel sit together at the hospital. Johnny asks if she needs anything but apologizes for hovering. Chanel admits she kind of likes all the extra attention. Johnny mentions that EJ is flying in a specialist that consulted with Nicole during her pregnancy. Chanel says she’s really grateful that EJ went through all this trouble. Holly walks by, so Johnny calls her over and asks if everything is okay. Holly says she just came from therapy and asks about them. Chanel says they just came for a checkup. Holly says she’ll see them back at the house and steps away. Holly then texts Tate that she really needs to see him.

Melinda Trask goes to Paulina’s office. Paulina informs her that she just fired EJ and is going to be needing a new district attorney. Melinda responds that she appreciates Paulina thinking of her, but she’s going to have to say no.

Sloan finishes feeding Jude at home. Sloan mentions that she needs her dinner now and that Eric should’ve been home by now with takeout. Sloan wonders what is keeping him so long.

After Eric helps Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion, Nicole drunkenly grabs Eric and kisses him right as EJ comes out from the living room and sees them kissing. EJ turns and goes back in to the living room before they see him. Eric stops and tells Nicole they can’t do this. Nicole apologizes. Eric asks if she’s okay. Nicole says no and that the whole room is spinning. Eric suggests getting her to bed. EJ then comes back out and questions what’s going on here.

Chanel complains of a stomachache so Johnny give her oyster crackers which he says worked for his mom when she was pregnant. Johnny asks if there’s anything else he can do for her. Chanel asks him to distract her with stories. Johnny informs her that they’ve been talking about him getting a job in the film industry, so he finally put his resume online. Chanel asks if he’s gotten any hits yet. Johnny says he’s gotten a few offers and talks about how the film industry is mostly in LA while he wants to stay in Salem unless he could find funding to do some sort of project. The nurse then comes over and informs Chanel that the doctor will see her now. Johnny tells Chanel that they’ve got this.

Holly meets Tate in the park. Tate asks if she’s sure this is safe since they almost got caught there once by Kayla and Stephanie, so they might get caught again. Holly responds that she can’t imagine being in any more trouble with her mom. Tate says it sounds like they really went at it. Holly admits she totally lost it and said some really horrible things that she doesn’t think Nicole will ever forgive for and she doesn’t think she can forgive herself. Tate asks if she’s sure she’s not being too hard on herself. Holly then informs him that she said the babies that she lost were lucky not to have her as a mom because she was so angry, she said something to intentionally hurt her in the worst way. Holly asks why she did that as Tate hugs her.

Eric informs EJ that Nicole had another argument with Holly. EJ remarks that she must have really hurt her since it’s clear she’s going to great lengths to numb the pain. Nicole admits that she did and she drank too much. EJ says that is obvious and asks why Eric is there. Eric explains that they were supposed to meet for work. Nicole says that when she didn’t show up, Eric was worried that something happened to her so he called and she told him where she was, so he was nice enough to come get her and bring her home. EJ remarks that some guys would’ve taken advantage of a situation like that but they are all grateful that chivalry is not dead. Eric decides to say goodnight then. Nicole thanks Eric for bringing her home. EJ thanks Eric for coming to his wife’s rescue. Eric then exits the mansion. Nicole apologizes to EJ for getting drunk like this and calls it a really dumb move, but says she’s so hurt by what Holly said to her. EJ tells Nicole not to worry as he will take care of her. EJ hugs her as she cries.

Paulina recalls that Melinda was pretty bent out of shape when she relieved her of her duties. Paulina says that was then and this is now. Paulina has decided that Melinda is more pleasant than EJ could ever hope to be. Melinda questions her change of heart. Paulina insists that Melinda is easier to have around than EJ and she’s come to appreciate the value of having a strong woman in that role. Paulina adds that no one can challenge that Melinda has the experience and chops to do the job and the people of Salem would welcome a familiar face who is as tough on crime. Paulina feels she’s made her case, so she asks what more she has to say to change her no to a yes.

Tate tells Holly about a time where he was awful to his mom and he got mad at himself until Marlena told him that we tend to hurt the people we are closest to because they will love them no matter what and can work it out. Holly guesses that makes sense and mentions that she just came from talking to Marlena. Tate asks if it helped. Holly says not really as she feels a lot worse than she did before seeing her. Tate wishes he could make her feel better. Holly says maybe he can. Leo appears in the park as Holly kisses Tate. Holly tells Tate that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Leo takes pictures as Holly and Tate kiss.

Eric goes home where Sloan questions where he’s been. Eric claims there was a long line in getting takeout. Sloan asks how the story is coming. Eric says he unfortunately didn’t get the shots he needed, so he has to go back after dinner. Sloan guesses he means with Nicole but Eric clarifies that it will be just him. Eric repeats to her that he and Nicole are just friends and that’s all. Sloan says she knows. Eric acknowledges that he and Nicole have history, but Sloan and their baby is his now and forever as they hug.

EJ sits Nicole down in the living room and asks if she wants to tell him what happened tonight. Nicole informs EJ that Holly got angry with her, lashed out, and said things that she knew would hurt her the most. EJ asks what she said. Nicole reveals that Holly said the babies they didn’t have were lucky to be dead, to not have her as a mother. EJ is shocked and calls that harsh, all because she won’t let her go to the prom. Nicole asks EJ not to be angry with Holly because she’s been through a lot lately and just sees her as someone who is holding her back from having fun and living her life. EJ says he knows, but he’s upset on her behalf that Holly hurt her so much. Nicole adds that maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much if she didn’t think she was right. EJ tells her not to talk like that as she is a wonderful mother who is kind and caring. EJ says she’s only trying to protect Holly because she loves her and wants to keep her safe. EJ is sure in Holly’s more rational moments, she knows this. Nicole apologizes for not calling him after the fight as she just started drinking and didn’t want anyone to stop her. EJ says he knows that. Nicole adds that it’s good that Eric came when he did and he was so helpful. EJ asks if she would’ve done something she regrets if Eric wasn’t helpful. Nicole talks about not thinking straight while wasted. EJ asks if she did anything she regrets. Nicole insists that she didn’t. EJ says that’s very good because that would’ve been unfortunate…

Johnny and Chanel sit back down after meeting with the doctor. They talk about it being a lot. Johnny mentions having an envelope so they can go back and look at it. Chanel wishes they could’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat. Johnny encourages that it was just too early and they can hear it next time. Chanel says it was mostly positive in regards to hormone levels and the baby’s measurements. Johnny says it’s too bad they can’t do the prenatal tests until 11 weeks and then the big one at 18-20 weeks. They talk about it being hard to hear that the radiation exposure increases their chances of losing the baby. Johnny states that even with things looking good so far, it could be a lot of waiting, wishing, and worrying. Johnny feels he’s being selfish by telling her how he feels when it’s her body. Chanel says it’s their baby and she wants him to tell her how he’s feeling about it. Johnny just hates that they can’t control any of this. Chanel responds that she would give anything to make sure their child is okay, which is why as mad as she is at her mom for exposing their baby to radiation, part of her kind of gets why Paulina did what she did.

Paulina tells Melinda that she doesn’t give a damn what other people think as she does what she thinks is right. Melinda questions her thinking she’s the right person for the job. Paulina asks why else she would offer her the job. Paulina calls it a golden opportunity for her to get back in the game and asks why she would pass that up. Melinda clarifies that she hasn’t yet and admits she’s tempted but brings up Paulina replacing her with EJ. Paulina tells her not to worry about EJ, who was using his office to punish his enemies and get family and friends off which is why she fired his ass and he doesn’t have that power anymore. Paulina notes that Melinda looks skeptical. Melinda admits that she is because in her experience, EJ doesn’t need the office to weaponize because he has plenty of his own resources to wreak havoc. Paulina says screw his resources and tells Melinda that she has her back. Paulina adds that as long as Melinda’s hands are clean, EJ can’t touch her.

Leo continues taking photos of Holly and Tate kissing until his phone rings. Leo answers and says it’s not a good time but the ring alerts Holly and Tate who find Leo in the bushes. Tate worries that they are now so busted.

Sloan and Eric finish eating dinner. Sloan complains that the chili dogs were kind of greasy and she was hoping he’d bring something from the Bistro. Eric reminds her that they had to cut expenses. Sloan points out that they are both working now and Eric is making good money at the Spectator. Eric notes that the apartment is kind of small and asks if she’d like to put a down payment on a house which surprises and thrills Sloan, who says she loves that idea. Eric tells Sloan that he wants the whole package with her. Sloan points out that the whole package usually includes two kids and says not now but maybe eventually. Sloan admits she never wanted any of this or at least never thought she’d have any of this. Sloan thanks Eric for giving her a real family and says she’s really lucky. Eric says he’s the lucky one as they kiss.

EJ brings Nicole some water and says he’ll bring her a hangover cure tomorrow. EJ says he knows that she and Eric are close, but he really wishes she came to him when she was hurting. Nicole points out that she didn’t go to Eric and that he called her when she didn’t meet with him, so he came to her at the bar. EJ feels she still could have called him to pick her up. Nicole apologizes for not doing so and says she’s here now with him. Nicole adds that she’s still hurting. EJ says he will be there for her, always as he hugs her. Nicole says she needs to be a better mother as she knows she’s screwed up things with Holly but also so many other things. Nicole thinks losing their baby was just the world’s way of punishing her for all the pain she caused.

Sloan and Eric joke about getting Jude to sleep. Eric shows Sloan some of the photos on his camera and talks about catching every moment they can with Jude. They come across a picture of the three of them which Eric says is their beautiful family.

Melinda warns Paulina that taking from EJ is dangerous. Paulina is not worried and says that EJ isn’t going to come after the district attorney because that would be an invitation to dig in to his family’s business. Melinda agrees that maybe she would be safer in the job so if EJ comes after her, she’ll go after him. Melinda then accepts the job and shakes hands with Paulina. Paulina assures that she won’t be sorry and that it’s a win-win situation. Paulina says now that they are on the same team, she has no problem sharing that she needed this to happen. Melinda mentions seeing her bad press in the Spectator and that it was pretty scathing. Paulina responds that she did what she needed to do to save her little girl. Melinda says she doesn’t have to explain herself as she would’ve done the same thing if it was her daughter. Melinda adds that she’d do anything to have her daughter Haley still alive. Paulina mentions knowing that Melinda gave her daughter up when she was born to protect her, like she did with Lani. Melinda remarks that being a good mother sometimes means doing whatever it takes, even if your kid ends up hating you for it..

Johnny tells Chanel that they don’t have to read any of the information in their envelope. Chanel says she just wants to look at it one more time. They talk about the baby growing inside of her right now. Johnny mentions her due date is Christmas, which Chanel says would be quite the gift for them. Chanel wants to pick out a name. Johnny says they don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl yet. Chanel says they have unisex names and she wants to call her child something. Chanel suggests Noel, feeling it’s perfect for a Christmas baby. Johnny agrees as they hug.

Tate pleads with Leo not to show the picture to anyone. Holly adds that if their parents find out they are sneaking around, they’ll never let them see each other again. Leo says he’d hate to see that happen as he is all about romance. Leo calls them adorable and obviously crazy about each other. Tate asks if that means he won’t write about them in his column. Leo talks about it being so hot with them being star-crossed lovers and compares it to Romeo & Juliet. Holly argues that they aren’t lovers but Leo says they are definitely heading in that direction. Leo brings up recently being dumped by the love of his life so they are making him feel choked up. Tate offers to pay Leo to keep quiet about this. Leo says he doesn’t want his money. Holly offers to add some cash too but Leo says he doesn’t want her money either. Tate and Holly ask if that means he will kill the story. Leo complains that this is the hottest thing he’s had in months but agrees not to blow their whistle. Holly asks why not. Leo asks if she’s disappointed. Tate says they just don’t trust him. Leo jokes about reading self help books. Leo repeats that he’s nursing his own heartbreak and he’s a sucker for love. Leo states that he won’t rat them out to their parents and then deletes the photos from his phone. Leo declares the secret of their forbidden love is now safe with him.

Johnny talks on the phone with a friend running a studio. Johnny thanks them for even thinking of him for this project and says he’ll talk it over with his wife and get back to them. Chanel comes back over, so Johnny claims it was a telemarketer on the phone. Chanel offers to block it but Johnny says they can do that later because he wants to take her out on a dinner date which she accepts, so they exit the hospital together.

Paulina tells Melina how it wasn’t just Chanel’s life at risk but Johnny’s as well because his life would’ve been ruined if they didn’t find Chanel. Melinda encourages that Paulina did what she had to do. Paulina thinks they are going to work well together this time and offers to take her out for dinner and drinks which Melinda accepts.

Eric gets ready to go back to work and tells Sloan that she and Jude don’t need to stay up. Sloan says she might but Jude will definitely go back down. Eric texts to Nicole that he’s going back to take photos and hopes she’s okay and that he’ll see her tomorrow. Sloan tells Eric to be careful as they kiss and Eric then exits.

EJ gets Nicole in bed. Nicole says she wants to put this day behind her, get a good night’s sleep, and hopes things will look different in the morning. EJ then sees Nicole’s phone go off with the text from Eric saying he’ll see her tomorrow. Nicole asks EJ if he’s coming to bed soon. EJ responds that he has to step out for a moment and he won’t be long but to call him if she needs. Nicole thanks EJ for understanding and taking care of her as he then exits the room.

Holly and Tate thank Leo for keeping this to himself. Leo gives them his blessing to go behind their parents’ back. Leo jokes about surprising himself by becoming soft since becoming Jude’s Godfather. Leo tells them that if they need anything, he will be there for them, comparing them to Romeo & Juliet again. Leo says he’s rooting for them and walks away. Tate kisses Holly and they hug.

Paulina and Melinda go to the Bistro for dinner. Chanel and Johnny then arrive. Paulina waves but Chanel decides she’s actually in the mood for the Brady Pub, so she and Johnny exit, leaving Paulina disappointed.

Nicole dreams about kissing Eric and confessing her love to him.

EJ goes to Sloan’s. She questions what he’s doing here. EJ responds that there’s been a change of plans. Sloan asks what he’s talking about. EJ declares that he’s here to take the baby, so he and Nicole can raise him as their own.

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