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Stephanie finds Marlena at the hospital and asks if she’s heard from Everett as she’s wondering how he’s doing. Marlena responds that she was just with him. Stephanie guesses that means the intervention worked and asks how he is.

Jada sits with Kayla at the Brady Pub. Jada talks about how it was so strange to see Everett morph in to Bobby right in front of her eyes. Jada comments on never seeing D.I.D. in real life, only on TV. Kayla assures it’s a real illness and talks about how Abigail and her sister Kimberly had it. Kayla mentions Kimberly writing a book on it which Jada says she might need to read. Kayla says it’s out of print but she’s sure she has a copy that she could loan her. Jada thanks her and says she really wants to understand what Bobby is going through, admitting she still cares about him. Jada states that their marriage did end badly but they shared a lot together and he did mean a lot to her at one time, so she guesses she will find out how much she meant to him. Jada then gets a call from the police station and says she’s on her way. Jada informs Kayla that she has to go because there’s been a shooting at the Kiriakis Estate. Kayla worries because Steve is there.

As John stares at the Pawn card, Sarah calls out to John to help her elevate Steve’s legs again and asks if he heard her. Steve questions what’s going on. John responds that he was just securing his gun because he wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt..

Alex question what Xander was thinking when he could’ve shot Theresa. Xander responds that he didn’t, he hit his target, and he’s always been an excellent marksman. Brady remarks that he has the scar to prove it. Brady then brings up Xander shooting Marlena at her wedding when trying to shoot Eric. Xander complains that he has one off day and that’s all anyone remembers. Xander asks if they would’ve preferred if he let Konstantin strangle Theresa in front of them. Theresa can’t believe Xander shot him while Alex says they had it under control. Xander argues that it didn’t look that way to him, so he did what needed to be done. Xander calls Konstantin a homicidal maniac who planned to kill Maggie and steal Victor’s fortune. Xander declares that Konstantin is now out of their lives and says they can line up to say thanks anytime.

Marlena tells Stephanie that she can’t really give her any details right now. Stephanie understands and asks if she can tell him if Everett is okay or not. Marlena clarifies that she can’t tell him because she doesn’t know as she hasn’t seen Everett. Stephanie realizes that means Bobby has followed through on his threat. Marlena confirms that Bobby is the dominant one right now, so he’s stonewalling her and the doctors and won’t let Everett out. Stephanie asks if that’s because Bobby is trying to protect Everett from whatever caused his illness. Stephanie wonders how long it will take for Everett to emerge. Marlena repeats that she can’t say so Stephanie asks if she’s saying that Everett might be gone forever.

Sarah tells John that she still needs help with Steve when he’s done with that gun. John responds that he’s almost there and raises his gun towards them from behind but Steve’s phone rings which snaps John out of it. John then goes to help as Sarah answers Steve’s phone with a call from Kayla. Sarah informs Kayla that Steve was shot. Kayla asks if he will be okay. Sarah says that he will tell her everything at the hospital as the paramedics just arrived. Kayla says she’ll be on her way to meet them at the hospital and hangs up. Kayla tells Jada that Steve has been hurt but he’s stable. Jada decides she will drop Kayla off at the hospital as they hurry out of the Pub.

Theresa asks if Brady is sure that Konstantin is dead. Brady confirms he has no pulse. Alex can’t stop thinking about Konstantin’s last words. Xander brings up that he said there’s still an enemy in their midst. Alex wonders what he meant by that. Brady points out that someone helped Konstantin kidnapped Xander’s daughter. Xander wonders who it was.

Marlena encourages Stephanie not to give up hope since they’ve only just begun working with Everett and have a lot of avenues to go down. Stephanie says she understands but she feels so guilty which Marlena questions. Stephanie explains that when she first found out about Everett’s double life, she was so angry with him but now that she knows it wasn’t his fault, she just wants to help him. Marlena encourages that she and Jada did help with the intervention but Stephanie is beginning to think they made things worse if Bobby remains in control for good. Marlena talks about when Abigail went through this and how things got bleak for her, but at one point, the personalities integrated and she was back to herself. Stephanie points out that Abigail had Chad by her side while Everett has no one. Marlena says that’s not true since he has her and Jada. John then arrives and informs them that their plan went a little sideways and that Steve was shot but encourages that no major organs were hit and Sarah was there for immediate medical attention. Stephanie then rushes to see Steve as they are bringing him in to the emergency room.

Kayla enters the hospital room to find Steve and asks if he’s alright. Steve says it’s nothing. Kayla questions who shot him. Stephanie rushes in to hug Steve as he tells her it’s okay.

Sarah remains at the Kiriakis Mansion and calls Xander and leaves a message, asking if he’s okay and if he found Theresa. Sarah thought he would’ve called by now. Sarah says that Steve’s been transferred to the hospital and John went with him. Sarah wants to hear his voice and knows Victoria will want to see him when she wakes up.

After covering Konstantin’s body, Brady says they should probably let everybody know that Theresa is alright. Xander agrees there is no reason to stay here anymore and sees that Sarah called, so she must be worried and he better go. Jada arrives and announces that she’s going to need them all to stick around. Jada then sees Konstantin’s body and asks who is going to start. Alex admits that Xander killed him. Xander thanks Alex for throwing him under the bus. Jada takes the murder weapon from Xander and asks someone to tell her everything from the beginning. Brady explains that Maggie told Konstantin that she would marry him so he could stay in the country but that was before she knew he intended to kill Maggie and he also sabotaged Victor’s plane. Jada questions saying Konstantin killed Victor. Alex adds that all the guests can attest to his confession. Brady continues that Konstantin tried to escape with Theresa as a hostage. Theresa informs her that Konstantin opened fire on their way out and shot Steve. Alex says he tracked them down and then Brady joined with John’s gun. Xander suggests they cut to the chase because Sarah is waiting for him. Xander says it was a standoff when he arrived, so he grabbed the gun from Brady and used it to shoot Konstantin after he confessed to kidnapping his child. Xander adds that when he shot Konstantin, he was trying to strangle Theresa. Brady complains that Xander showed little to no regrard for Theresa’s safety. Alex agrees that Xander was putting Theresa’s life in danger, but he said he didn’t care. Xander calls them ungrateful twits, arguing that he just saved Theresa’s life and they are trying to get him arrested. Alex says they are setting the record straight. Xander asks Theresa to tell them what really happened. Theresa admits that Konstantin was choking her but also agrees about what Xander did. Xander argues that he was all she had while Alex and Brady were being useless. Brady gets a text from John so he says he will let him know that Theresa is okay. Xander says to let him know that it’s thanks to him.

John gets Brady’s text that Theresa is safe. Marlena asks if Konstantin got away. John reveals that Konstantin is dead after Xander shot him. Marlena admits she can’t say she’s upset about that since he’s the one who brought down Victor’s plane. John adds that Maggie would’ve been the next victim if he got his way. Marlena states that at least Konstantin can’t hurt anyone anymore and declares that his reign of terror is now over, but John says not quite.

Steve informs Stephanie and Kayla that Konstantin shot him as he knew the jig was up, so he started firing wildly while trying to get away. Steve blames himself for being too slow. Kayla acknowledges that Steve always suspected he had ulterior motives. Steve reveals that Konstantin planned to kill Maggie, so he could inherit her half of Victor’s fortune. Stephanie asks if Maggie is okay. Steve says she’s physically fine. Kayla asks what all happened. Steve admits it was pretty bad and worse than any of them thought, as Konstantin was willing to kill Maggie for her money but he also confessed to sabotaging Victor’s plane in Greece, so he’s the reason that Victor is dead. Stephanie asks if Alex knows. Steve confirms that he was there when Konstantin confessed. Stephanie asks where Konstantin is now. Kayla sees a text from Jada saying not to worry because Theresa is okay. Kayla questions why she wouldn’t be and what happened to her. Steve says he was getting to that. Steve explains that Konstantin took Theresa hostage when everything blew up. Steve thought they had everything under control, but unfortunately their plan went off the rails. Kayla questions what plan that was.

Jada thinks she got everything she needs and the coroner is on the way. Alex asks if they can go back to the house now. Theresa wants distance from the dead body. Xander says it’s about time but Jada says she meant everybody else and tells Xander that he needs to come to the police station because he killed somebody. Xander argues that it was justified. Jada points out that he could’ve shot him in the arm or the leg. Xander claims he panicked. Jada says whatever the case, she has to take an official statement from him so she needs him to come with her. Xander thanks them for not backing him up as he leaves with Jada.

Kayla asks Stephanie to give her and Steve a moment. Stephanie asks if whatever is going on can wait. Steve admits he owes Kayla an explanation and asks Stephanie to get him a brownie from the cafeteria. Stephanie asks Kayla to go easy on Steve as she exits. Steve tells Kayla that she knew there was something he was keeping from her about Maggie. Kayla talks about not being happy about that and that Steve promised everything would work out, not that lives would be at stake. Steve says it wasn’t supposed to go down like this. Kayla questions how it was supposed to go down.

John shows Marlena the Pawn card and explains that Konstantin ordered him to shoot Steve, but it didn’t have an effect and he was able to block it. Marlena takes that to mean their deprogramming is working. John says yes and no as he tells her about the moment after when he saw the card and heard Konstantin’s words taunting him over and over. John says he ended up picking up Steve’s gun and pointed it at him while Konstantin’s voice was fighting for control but Steve’s phone ringing snapped him out of it. John worries about what if it happened. Marlena points out that he wasn’t completely blacked out so he would never hurt Steve, but they do have to work on getting him out from under Konstantin’s spell. John wonders if it’s not enough and he’s still just a ticking time bomb.

Brady takes Theresa back in to the living room and asks if she’s sure she’s okay, offering to take her to the hospital if she wants. Theresa assures that she’s fine and her neck is just a littl sore. Brady holds an ice pack to her neck. Theresa is surprised he’s being so nice to her after this morning. Brady asks if she means kicking him out of bed to make room for Alex. Theresa knows it was insensitive and says she’s sorry if she hurt him. Brady thanks her and says she’s the mother of his son, so he’s still going to care about her. Alex then comes in and tells them that Maggie is still sleeping and he told Bonnie and Justin what happened. Alex declares that now that he’s back, he can take over and tells Brady to beat it.

Jada takes Xander’s statement in the interrogation room and says she will get it typed up. Xander asks if he can go afterwards but Jada says these things take time and she still has to run it by the district attorney. Sarah arrives and says she got the message so she came as soon as she could. Jada says she’ll let them catch up and exits. Sarah asks Xander if it’s true that he shot Konstantin. Xander confirms that he’s dead so they don’t have to worry about him anymore. Sarah asks if the police are going to press charges. Xander says that remains to be seen since there’s a question of if he shot Konstantin to protect Theresa or out of revenge. Sarah asks him which one it was. Xander explains that when he arrived on the scene, there was no time to think as there was so much tension and chaos so when Konstantin started to strangle Theresa, he just reacted. Xander admits he isn’t sorry for shooting him, feeling he got what he deserved after what he did to Maggie, Victoria, and Victor. Sarah wishes he didn’t have to be the one to pull the trigger. Xander says he’ll take whatever consequences come but notes that his one regret is that Konstantin kicked the bucket before he could tell him who helped him kidnap Victoria because whoever that was needs to pay as well.

Brady tells Alex that he knows he’s in a committed relationship with Theresa, but she’s not his personal property. Alex responds that he’s her boyfriend and he knows how to take care of her. Brady asks if Theresa wants him to go. Theresa thinks it might be best. Brady tells her to feel better and then exits. Alex says he didn’t mean to be a jerk, but he wants Brady to know where they stand. Theresa says she’s actually glad they are alone now because she didn’t get a chance to thank him for coming to her rescue as she kisses him. Alex responds that he wouldn’t admit it to Xander but he thinks he did them all a favor by ridding the world of Konstantin and in some ways, he wishes he was the one who killed him for what he did to Theresa and to Victor. Theresa states that Konstantin was an evil man. Alex brings up Konstantin saying that Victor was never really a father to him and that he was just stating the obvious that Victor refused to claim him as his own for all these years and let him believe that Justin was his real dad. Theresa tells him that she’s so sorry. Alex says it’s okay and that he forgives Victor, pointing out that he did try to make up for it in the end by leaving him half his fortune. Alex declares that as Victor’s son, he’s going to do his very best to make him proud.

Kayla questions Steve telling her that the plan was to frame Konstantin for embezzling. Steve says no one was supposed to get hurt. Kayla says he had to know Konstantin wouldn’t go easy. Steve says the confession shocked everyone and he took advantage of that. Kayla questions he and John putting Maggie in danger. Steve argues that she was already in danger and this was her idea. Kayla wishes he let her know that he was walking in to a high risk situation instead of keeping her in the dark. Steve says he didn’t want her involved. Kayla points out that John told Marlena. Steve says that was John’s choice, but he felt it was better to keep her out of it. Kayla complains about Steve making decisions without informing her when they are supposed to be partners. Kayla declares that has to change because she can’t be tolerate being kept in the dark no matter what it is and asks if he understands her.

Marlena knows this is frustrating for John but feels with more therapy, they can free him of the residual effects of the brainwashing but he has to stop being so hard on himself. John asks how he can not feel overwhelming guilt for killing Catharina when everything that happened tonight was a direct result of that. Marlena encourages him not to look at it that way. John feels there’s no other way to look at it and declares that there’s only one thing to do and that is that he needs to leave Salem.

Theresa tells Alex that she just wants to go upstairs and take a long nap. Alex says he’ll go with her and suggests instead of her room, she can stay with him in his room now which Theresa says she wants very much, so they head upstairs together.

Jada talks with Stephanie at the hospital about Marlena saying they haven’t been able to reach Everett. Stephanie reveals that one of the doctors have decided to move him to Bayview because they haven’t made progress here. They agree that they hope he gets the help he needs. Jada talks about it being a nightmare at the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if Steve will be okay. Stephanie says physically, but jokes that she doesn’t know what type of shape he’ll be in mentally after Kayla gets through with him.

Steve agrees with Kayla that he has to try harder to be more open with her. Kayla says she’s just so tired of all the secrecy. Steve says they’ve been down this road before with both of their jobs and sometimes, things need to stay on the down low and those are just the rules. Kayla argues that they aren’t the same since Steve was almost killed. Steve points out that he wasn’t killed so he’s happy about that. Kayla says she’ll have to take his shirt off to get a closer look at his wound.

Marlena tells John that he can’t run away from his problem. John says that’s not his intention. John thinks he needs to go to Greece to try and find Catharina’s gravesite to pay his respects. Marlena wants to go with him then but John feels it’s something he needs to do alone. John knows he won’t be able to put this nightmare behind him unless he can find a way to set things right with Catharina. Marlena thinks they should do one more round of deprogramming before he goes. John agrees and says he’s so grateful for her strength, wisdom, and love. John calls her his everything as they hug. John then looks down at the Pawn card on her desk.

Xander and Sarah return to the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah calls it a relief that Melinda agreed not to press charges. Xander argues that he’s a hero which Sarah agrees with. Sarah says she’s going to check on Victoria and then Maggie. Xander says he’ll be up in a minute as Sarah exits the room. Xander looks up at the portrait of Victor and says legally, he’s in the clear but they both know why he shot Konstantin and that’s that he did it for Victor. Xander hopes now Victor can rest in peace.

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