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Eric returns to Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and says he looked everywhere but he couldn’t find Sloan. Nicole then gets a call back from Rafe, who apologizes for missing her call and asks what’s going. Nicole informs him that Sloan was there and EJ was going to take her out but then she hit him over the head with a flower pot and took off. Rafe can’t believe it and asks if she’s okay. Nicole confirms that she is and she’s with Jude. Rafe asks where EJ is. Nicole responds that he’s at the hospital getting checked out.

EJ barges in to Melinda’s office. Melinda questions what he’s doing here. EJ says they need to talk. Melinda asks if it’s about her taking his job. EJ tells her that it’s about Sloan Peterson.

Rafe asks Nicole how Sloan managed to get the better of EJ. Nicole says she’s been asking herself the same question but the point is Sloan is still in town though probably not for long. Rafe says he’s on it and hangs up. Rafe then makes a call, reminding of the APB out on Sloan and demands they find her.

Lucas is on the phone with Kate, saying he knows he’s still an outlaw but insists that he’s perfectly safe.

Ava warns that Clyde shouldn’t have messed with her family as that was a big mistake and now he’s going to pay. Clyde responds that Ava is the one who is going to pay since even from behind bars, he can reach out and touch her and her family with no problem, so she’ll never be safe again. Ava responds that she’ll be safe when he’s in Hell and says to give her best to the Devil. Clyde warns that if she kills him now, she’s going straight to prison. Ava responds that it’s not her first rodeo and the gun is untraceable, so if she wants, no one will ever be able to find what’s left of his body. Clyde asks to talk about this. Ava says she has nothing to say since he tried to kill her son, so now she’s going to kill him, end of story. Harris then arrives and stops Ava, questioning what the hell she’s doing. Harris tells Ava to put the gun down and let him handle this. Ava declares that she will handle this and put them all out of Clyde’s misery once and for all.

Nicole tells Eric that this is so surreal as she can’t believe Sloan walked in to her house after taking her child and having her believe he was dead for six months, just to disappear all over again. Nicole worries about Sloan getting away with this. Eric assures that she won’t and points out that Sloan has lost everything that ever mattered to her. Nicole refuses to feel sorry for her and brings up Melinda being complicit in this, so they know she will pay for this. Eric asks if Rafe arrested Melinda. Nicole assumes that Rafe was heading to her office as she can’t imagine that Melinda is walking around free.

EJ informs Melinda that Sloan is gone again and Nicole is believe that he is at the hospital being treated for a possible concussion. Melinda doesn’t understand why EJ is here and what it has to do with her. EJ repeats that Sloan is gone for good this time, which makes Melinda the only other person on the planet who knows that Jude is Eric’s biological son and not his.

Harris thought Ava agreed to stay back at the motel but Ava says she refused to wait for a miracle. Ava declares that as long as Clyde is alive, she and her son will never be safe. Harris disagrees and says they will be safe as soon as they drag Clyde’s ass back to prison. Harris urges Ava to put the gun down. Clyde tells Ava to listen to Harris. Ava remarks that she’s known plenty of men like Clyde and points out that he’s been locked up before but remained a major threat. Harris asks Ava to do what he says and if she trusts him. Ava responds that she does so Harris tells her to put the gun down. Ava then places her gun down while Harris raises his gun towards Clyde.

Rafe talks on the phone about wanting extra officers at the airports, bus, and train stations. Rafe says to keep him posted and hangs up. Stefan approaches and asks if he’s got a minute. Rafe says he’s in the middle of something but Stefan says it’s about Gabi. Stefan informs Rafe that he paid a visit to Melinda and thought she’d be receptive to his ideas, but she shut him down in an arrogant way which made him want to wring her neck. Rafe tells him to join the club.

Melinda pretends to be shocked to learn that Eric is Jude’s biological father but EJ tells her not to dare pretend that she didn’t know that. EJ talks about Melinda and Sloan arranging the kidnapping of the child so there’s no way she doesn’t know the truth about the parents. Melinda can’t believe Sloan told him and calls her a traitor as she swore to keep her name out of it. EJ says it doesn’t matter how he found out but he knows she was up to her neck in that evil plot. EJ doesn’t understand why Melinda would risk her job, her law license, and her freedom. Melinda argues that’s because he’s cold and unfeeling while she has a heart which may be a foreign concept to him. Melinda states that Sloan is her friend and had just gone through a miscarriage which crushed her and then her adoption fell through at the last minute. Melinda adds that Jude fell in to their laps. EJ accuses her of stealing and kidnapping him. Melinda argues that she wanted to help her friend and it probably wasn’t the right thing to do but she knew Jude wasn’t EJ’s, so it felt less hurtful because she knew he would be raised by his biological father. Melinda admits that she probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to screw over EJ if the baby was his. EJ points out that she did screw over his wife and calls it pathetic that she’s trying to absolve herself of this crime. EJ declares that no circumstance or rationale could make their scheme any less egregious. EJ laughs at Melinda saying she has a heart and questions where her heart was when she knew that Nicole was going through Hell because of her lies. EJ talks about Nicole having her child ripped from her arms and says she did not deserve that. Melinda asks if Eric did.

Nicole tells Eric that she’s trying to understand why Melinda would risk everything for Sloan. Nicole can’t imagine what Melinda was getting out of it. Eric doesn’t understand any of it either. Nicole knows she’s not the only victim in Sloan’s extraordinary cruelty, but says that when Eric brought Jude to her and she absorbed what Sloan had done, she fantasized what she would say to her if she had the chance. Nicole admits it felt extremely satisfying in that moment. Nicole acknowledges that her feelings towards Sloan are not as complicated as Eric’s since he loved her. Eric calls that hard to believe now that any of it was real and guesses it wasn’t and never was.

Harris handcuffs Clyde and tells Ava to go back to the motel as she’s done enough. Ava tells Clyde that she’ll see him in Hell as she walks away. Harris begins to read Clyde his rights but Chad arrives and picks up the gun that Ava had put down. Chad declares that he and Clyde are going to talk now. Harris knows Chad wants Clyde to pay and he wants that too which is why he needs to back off and let him handle this. Chad says that’s only scratching the surface of what he wants. Chad states that Clyde confessed to killing his wife but he has reason to believe that he lied about the motive and why. Chad calls this his once chance to find out. Clyde asks what it matters to him since the result is the same, dead is dead. Chad argues that Abigail was his wife and he deserves to know the truth. Chad adds that his children are going to want to know why and he owes it to them to tell them. Clyde responds that he doesn’t owe him anything. Chad brings up that Clyde said Abigail was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but that’s not true. Chad asks Clyde if it was premeditated and if he showed up at his house, intending to kill his wife.

Rafe tells Stefan that he talked to Melinda too. Stefan guesses she told him the same thing. Rafe confirms that she said Clyde’s black book wasn’t enough to reopen Gabi’s case. Stefan argues against it and asks why Melinda would want Gabi to do the time if she didn’t kill Li. Rafe talks about Gil being dead so Melinda can’t prosecute him and make a name for herself. Rafe thinks Melinda was doing it for leverage which she now has because she has the black book and put it somewhere for safekeeping. Rafe doesn’t know if that means it’s in her office or her bedroom, but she’s not going to use it to help Gabi unless he helps her with her own legal troubles.

Melinda mocks EJ being holier than thou by claiming she’s in the wrong like a heartless villain when EJ is the one keeping Eric’s own son away from him. Melinda remarks that at least she didn’t have motives for doing so when she was just helping her friend. EJ argues that he did what he did out of love. Melinda disagrees and says that EJ is just afraid of losing his wife to the man she truly loves. EJ remarks that if what Nicole and Eric had was true love, they’d still be together but they are not because Eric is a sanctimonious pretender who made Nicole never feel like enough while with him, Nicole is more than enough. EJ says that he and Nicole understand each other after everything they have been through. Melinda calls it Eric’s child but EJ insists he is their child. EJ declares that the baby has cemented he and Nicole as they were forged in the fire and they are a family. Melinda asks what the hell he’s so worried about then. Melinda brings up that EJ was going to let Sloan continue living her lie until he saw Nicole and Eric share one drunken kiss, then he got so nervous that he had to run Sloan out of town and make sure that she lost her kid and her husband. Melinda argues that EJ ruined Sloan’s life which he says she deserved. Melinda points out that Jude didn’t deserve to be taken out of his life and dropped in with people he barely knows but EJ never thought about him. EJ responds that children are very resilient. Melinda remarks that they are also very receptive. Melinda talks about giving her daughter up for what she thought was a better life for her but she had to live with her lie and deep down, part of her always knew. Melinda doesn’t think EJ has considered himself and asks if he’s thought about the fact that Jude is the son of a man who he despises and a man who Nicole cheated on him with. Melinda tells EJ to get real that Jude is bound to inherit some of Eric’s traits and as he gets older, he will look more like his real dad with maybe the same eyes and smile. Melinda asks how EJ will handle that and how it will feel to raise Eric Brady’s child.

Eric talks to Nicole about it being unusual for Jude to still be asleep. Nicole appreciates any intel Eric has to make the transition easier. Eric says he will get her his official birth certificate so they can change his name. Nicole isn’t sure they are going to do that and says she likes Jude, it’s been his name, and she feels it suits him. Eric knows he doesn’t have a vote but admits he would kind of love if he kept his name. Eric adds that Nicole is the reason that he chose the name. Nicole doesn’t understand what Jude’s name has to do with her. Eric talks about St. Jude being a symbol of faith. Nicole thought Eric chose the name because he was thinking of the baby that he and Sloan lost. Eric says he was but on a much deeper level, he was thinking of Nicole.

EJ tells Melinda that the baby is not Eric Brady’s son, he is a DiMera who will want for nothing. Melinda argues that he’ll want the truth about who he really is and that he will be deprived of the love of his real father. EJ disagrees while Melinda argues that EJ will be pretending to be his father while being a cold-hearted swine who kept him from his real dad. EJ says it boggles his mind that Melinda continues to berate him for this while she’s the one who conspired with Sloan to take a newborn baby from it’s mother and make that mother think her baby was dead. EJ says that’s in the past and they can’t do anything about that. EJ advises Melinda that if she keeps her mouth shut, he’ll do the same and they will both come out as winners. EJ asks if they understand each other.

Rafe and Stefan sit together in the town square. Stefan questions what kind of legal trouble Melinda is in. Rafe thinks it’s best they don’t talk about it. Stefan asks if there is a plan B or C. Rafe thinks the best thing they can do is find additional evidence which he’s been trying to do. Stefan suggests skipping Melinda and going straight to the mayor. Rafe says he’s thought about that and he will take it to Paulina, but she has a lot on her plate right now so he doesn’t know how receptive she will be. Stefan asks about skipping the mayor and going straight to the Governor. Stefan admits that the DiMeras and the Governor haven’t always had the best relationship but he’s not too proud to beg or bribe. Stefan admits that he did draw the line at Kristen suggesting he seduce Melinda. Rafe says that’s good and he appreciates Stefan standing by Gabi for all this time. Rafe adds that he hates that Stefan got mixed up with Clyde but acknowledges that he did everything he could to keep Gabi safe. Stefan calls Gabi the most important person in the world to him. Rafe assures that Gabi feels the same way about him. Rafe wants Stefan to know that his faithfulness to Gabi, their marriage, and his love for her is the only thing getting her through right now. Stefan thinks back to being with Ava. Stefan then states that Gabi is the love of his life.

Ava returns to the motel and asks Lucas where Goldman is. Lucas informs her that the feds showed up and dragged her away. Lucas asks what happened to Clyde. Ava informs him that Harris showed up, arrested Clyde and sent her back here. Lucas asks if Ava saw Chad DiMera which she questions. Lucas explains that Chad showed up after they took Goldman and said he needed to get answers from Clyde about his wife, Abigail. Lucas hopes Chad can get the information he needs to give him some peace.

Chad asks if Clyde’s just going to stand there and stare at him. Harris argues to let him take Clyde in to custody and they can do this there. Chad argues that Harris can’t force him to talk, but he can. Chad doesn’t think Clyde is going anywhere unless he decides to put a bullet in his head because he’s not talking. Chad questions if Clyde didn’t go to the DiMera Mansion that night looking for Belle. Clyde insists that he wanted to shut Belle up. Chad guesses that he came for Abigail because she stumbled across some information about a narcotics company that he was getting off the ground. Chad adds that Abigail didn’t even know Clyde was behind it but he was so scared that she was going to shut him down. Chad states that Clyde waited for him to leave that night and then plunged a knife in to his wife’s stomach over and over and over again. Chad tells Clyde that Abigail was still alive when he got there, so if only he showed up a few minutes earlier. Clyde points out that he didn’t. Chad admits he wasn’t able to protect his wife, but he can avenge her.

Melinda questions EJ asking if they understand each other. Melinda asks if there’s a payday or if that’s only for Leo Stark. Melinda then tells EJ that he can keep his money as she will keep her mouth shut for now but brings up if she needs a favor in the future which EJ says he will happily oblige. EJ adds that he’s relieved that they are on the same page in regards to he and Nicole’s son, hoping that he has a wonderful life as a DiMera.

Nicole declares that when Eric put Jude in her arms, he gave her hope again but she’s sorry that hope was taken away from him at the same time. Nicole may have lost six months with Jude but Eric has lost a lifetime which isn’t fair. Eric points out that he’s not even his son. Nicole argues that he loves him and insists that Eric can spend as much time as he wants with him. Eric appreciates that but thinks that would just make it harder for Jude and doesn’t think EJ would stand for it. Eric guesses he should probably go but Nicole stops him.

Stefan tells Rafe that they are really close and Gabi is going to get out eventually, but he thinks short of Gil rising from the grave, it’s iffy to depend on new evidence at this point. Rafe brings up some breaks in the Clyde case since the ISA have cracked the code to the black book. Rafe adds that he’d be on that hunt too if it wasn’t out of his jurisdiction. Stefan calls that great news but asks what that has to do with Gabi. Rafe explains that it’s likely that Clyde knows what Gil had to do with the murder of Li Shin. Stefan questions under what circumstances does Clyde Weston start talking.

Lucas hopes Clyde doesn’t take advantage of Chad showing up. Ava assures that Harris had it all under control when she left, so he’s probably booking him right now. Lucas hopes Clyde doesn’t go back to Statesville prison and worries about getting the cell next to him. Ava insists that Harris will keep his promise to Lucas as he is a man of his word. Lucas remarks that’s unlike him but Ava says she meant unlike her since Harris wasn’t very happy that she wanted to take care of Clyde on her own. Lucas says Harris cares about her. Ava talks about telling Harris so many lies along the way, some he knows and some he doesn’t, so in the end, she’s not sure how much he will be willing to forgive.

Clyde tells Chad to change his perspective and that Abigail wasn’t killed over some dirty drug money but way more than that. Chad questions what that means. Clyde remarks that Abigail got what she deserved and so did Chad. Chad regrets hesitating putting a bullet in Clyde that night at the cemetery. Clyde mocks Chad as weak. Harris tells Chad not to do it while Clyde yells at Chad to be a man and pull the trigger.

Rafe tells Stefan that if Clyde gets a nice plea deal or a whiff of something that can help him, he’ll take it as he will do anything it takes to survive. Stefan says if Clyde is caught and roughed up in the interrogation room, then he finally says Gabi is innocent. Stefan asks if that will be enough. Rafe says if not, they will keep fighting. Rafe points out that he’s the police commissioner and Stefan is a DiMera while the one thing they share is a love for Gabi and a belief in her innocence. Rafe tells Stefan that he has to get back to the police station, so he will let him know the second he hears anything.

Melinda puts her feet up on her desk and declares it’s good to be back.

Nicole wants Eric to know that she is his friend and she will always be here for him. Eric says he knows. EJ then returns home, so Nicole asks if he got checked out. EJ says he’s fine and claims just a rather severe headache. EJ asks if there’s any word on Sloan. Nicole says not yet but the cops are on it which EJ takes as they’ll never see her again. EJ is surprised Eric is still there and mentions that he and Nicole were planning a family lunch before things took a nasty turn. Eric agrees to be on his way and says goodbye. Nicole tells Eric to take care of himself as he exits the mansion. EJ tells Nicole that he has no concussion as they kiss. EJ calls himself a very lucky man. Nicole calls herself a very lucky woman as they hug.

Lucas sits with Ava and asks if the lies she told Harris were big lies. Ava says you could say that but Harris forgave her. Lucas talks about learning things at the monastery so he advises her not to go to the worst place. Lucas says he can tell that Harris cares about Ava. Ava jokes about taking advice from Lucas, bringing up that he kidnapped his ex-wife. Lucas admits he let the doubts creep in and if he didn’t do that, he and Sami would still be together and he wouldn’t be here in Montana. Ava hopes neither of them are here much longer. Ava admits she’s getting worried that they haven’t heard from Harris.

Harris urges Chad to think this through. Chad says he has for a very long time and threatens to end Clyde right here right now, so that no one will ever feel the type of pain that Clyde put them through. Harris tells Chad no. Chad asks if Clyde is scared now and how he thinks Abigail felt. Clyde remarks that he wouldn’t know which Chad questions. Clyde then claims that he didn’t kill Abigail and that Abigail is alive!

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