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Maggie reveals the original prenup and guesses Konstantin was never expecting to see it again. Konstantin claims he can be explain but Maggie says she doesn’t want to hear anymore lies. Maggie questions him taking advantage of her grief over Victor and goes over how he pretended he was Victor’s friend and hoped she would fall for him. Maggie brings up Konstantin pretending to be her protector when Victoria was kidnapped. Steve accuses him of arranging that too which Konstantin calls absurd but John goes over what he did. Xander warns that he better hope the cops get there before he kills him. Maggie realizes it wasn’t Konstantin’s Greek enemies that kidnapped Victoria, but his accomplice. Maggie asks Konstantin who the hell it was. Theresa asks why it matters since he already admitted responsibility for the crime. Konstantin calls them all hypocrites and complains about Victor. Konstantin declares that he may not have gotten his revenge on them but he did on Victor. Konstantin then announces that he caused Victor’s death by sabotaging his plane and sending him to his grave. Sarah comes back in and asks what’s going on as Maggie shouts that it can’t be true. Konstantin asks if she doesn’t think he’s capable. Maggie says she knows he is and reveals that John told her that he ordered him to kill her the minute they were pronounced husband and wife, but she refuses to believe that a man like Victor could be taken away from them by someone as insubstantial and small minded as him. Konstantin points out that Victor is dead. Justin asks what the hell is wrong with him. Maggie states that Konstantin can’t hurt her anymore than she is, pointing out that she is the one who invited him in to their home. Maggie says she welcomed in her husband’s killer, betraying Victor’s memory and now she has to live with that. Maggie brings up offering to marry him so he could stay in the country, thinking she could make amends for what Victor did. Konstantin asks if that’s why she set him up for a crime he didn’t commit. Steve asks about the crimes he did commit. Konstantin argues that Maggie had no intention of marrying him. Alex shouts that she doesn’t have to defend herself to him. Maggie reveals that Konstantin is wrong as she did intend to marry him until John and Steve informed her that everything he said to her was a lie and that’s when she realized that she had to do everything she could to get him out of their lives. John and Steve declare they are taking him in to custody now. Maggie stops and says that Konstantin was the last person to see Victor alive, so she wants him to tell her everything about his final days in front of the people who loved him most. Maggie declares that they deserve the truth. Konstantin warns her to be careful what she wishes for. John orders him to make it fast. Maggie brings up that Konstantin had years to get revenge on Victor and asks why now. Konstantin responds that it wasn’t about revenge at first which Alex questions. Konstantin explains that he gave Victor one final opportunity for redemption when he thought he would be most receptive. Konstantin then flashes back to meeting Victor in the summer of 2023, where Victor agreed to include Konstantin in his revised will when he got home but Konstantin urged him to do it right then. Konstantin complains that he wasn’t going to get a second until Victor was dead, so he forced his hand. Justin questions Konstantin crashing Victor’s plane because he couldn’t wait for the money. Konstantin argues that Victor had no intention of doing so and that he scammed him by removing his name from the will before he got on the plane. Theresa remembers Konstantin finding the revised will. Konstantin talks about Victor’s plane crash which makes Maggie cry. Xander warns him. Konstantin mocks Maggie and calls Victor’s money his real love. Maggie shouts that he doesn’t know what was in Victor’s heart as she and Victor meant everything to each other. Konstantin laughs at her and calls that delusion. Steve shouts at Konstantin to shut up as Maggie begins to pass out and faints in to Justin’s arms, so they help her out of the room. Brady confronts Konstantin, questioning how he could treat Maggie like this after everything she did to help him. Konstantin responds that she just tried to frame him so this isn’t as one-sided as they all seem to think. Alex argues that Konstantin murdered his father. Konstantin remarks that he seems so sure about that. Alex says they all heard him. Steve and John threaten to have him arrested after confessing to murder, warning that he’s in trouble with the ISA and everyone.

Sarah and Bonnie help Maggie to her room. Maggie asks how she could’ve let Konstantin in her life. Bonnie and Sarah encourage Maggie, understanding her stress. Maggie talks about being taken in by Konstantin with his charms and his photos from the old days. Sarah says she was too since she saw Konstantin make her smile. Maggie says for her, it was all about the history with Victor that she never knew which made her willing to overlook the red flags and the warnings. Bonnie argues that she was Konstantin’s victim and encourages how brave she was to work with John and Steve to lay this trap for him which she questions not telling them about. Maggie says they decided the fewer people that knew, the better. Bonnie jokes that she’s been pretending Konstantin wasn’t a creep for months. Maggie thought she would feel more powerful after exposing Konstantin’s lies. Sarah points out that she almost lost her life today. Maggie responds that Victor did lose his and she welcomed his killer in to their home, questioning how she could’ve been so gullible and stupid. Bonnie insists that Maggie is just the kindest and most generous person she knows which is why Konstantin took advantage of her. Maggie decides she wants to go back downstairs to see Konstantin get his but she stumbles when she tries to get up. Sarah urges her to rest but Maggie assures that she’s alright. Sarah offers her a light sedative since she’s worked up. Justin comes in and assures that John and Steve have everything under control. Sarah asks Maggie to let her give her something after everything she’s been through so Maggie reluctantly accepts. Justin mention calling the police but an accident is slowing them from getting to this side of town. Justin then declares that very soon, Konstantin will officially be in custody.

Steve tries to handcuff while John holds his gun on him but Konstantin starts coughing and asks for water. Theresa tries to get him some but Konstantin grabs Theresa as a hostage as he pulls a gun. Steve promises he’s not getting out of here. Konstantin declares that he is getting out with his hostage and shots are fired.

Maggie, Sarah, and Bonnie worry hearing the shots while Justin warns them not move.

Konstantin shoots Steve and escapes with Theresa as John goes to check on Steve with Brady and Xander at his side. John encourages that Steve will be okay as Xander goes to get Sarah. John tells Brady to catch up with Alex as he went after Konstantin and Theresa. John and Steve joke that Steve used to be a lot quicker as John encourages Steve to keep breathing.

Xander goes to Maggie’s room where Sarah hugs him and asks if he’s okay. Xander explains that Steve was grazed but he will be okay. Maggie asks about Konstantin. Xander tells her not to worry about him and promises that he won’t be able to hurt them anymore. Justin asks about Steve. Xander says he needs Sarah’s help so Maggie asks how bad it is. Sarah assures that it will be fine. Bonnie says she and Justin will keep an eye on Maggie as Xander and Sarah exit the room.

Konstantin brings Theresa outside with his gun on her while she complains that she wouldn’t have gone for the big cash prize if she knew she was plotting and scheming with a murderer. Theresa calls him pure evil. Konstantin reminds her that it was her idea to alter the will, changing Victor’s heir from Xander to Alex. Theresa argues that he’s been running the show ever since. Konstantin warns that she will help him escape if she doesn’t want them to find out what she did. Alex then comes out to confront them. Alex demands he let her go and asks if she’s okay. Konstantin reminds him that he’s armed. Alex threatens to take him out in a heartbeat while Konstantin threatens to pull the trigger. Alex assures Theresa that she will be okay, unlike his father. Konstantin laughs at him and says he’s mistaken. Alex asks how since he admitted it. Konstantin confirms that Victor is still very much dead so Alex questions how he’s mistaken. Konstantin then reveals to Alex that Victor isn’t his father.

John continues to hold pressure on Steve’s wound. Steve guesses they needed a backup plan. John assures that Brady and Alex will catch up to Konstantin and he won’t get away. Steve urges John to go help them but John declares that Steve is his partner from the very beginning and this is where he’s staying. Steve thanks him while John laments that the bullet was meant for him. John encourages Steve to hold on and then looks back, seeing the Pawn card on the floor which gives him a flashback to when Konstantin first presented the card to him and took control of him.

Theresa tells Alex not to listen to Konstantin and says that just because Victor didn’t acknowledge him as his son while he was alive doesn’t make him not his father. Brady comes out with his gun raised and tells Konstantin to tell it to the cops. Konstantin threatens to shoot Theresa and remarks that Tate will grow up without a mother.

Sarah joins John and Steve in the living room. John worries that Steve has lost a lot of blood. Sarah assures that the paramedics will be there soon as she checks on Steve. Steve asks how bad it is. Sarah insists he will be fine and tells John that she will take over for now. John steps back and looks down at the Pawn card again. John then picks up the card and remembers Konstantin trying to command him to shoot Steve. John then picks up his gun off the floor.

Bonnie and Justin get Maggie in bed. Maggie asks how Steve is. Justin assures he’s going to be fine. Maggie remembers the day that they learned Victor’s body was found and they were there with her then too. Bonnie says Maggie is always there for them too. Maggie cries that she feels like she lost Victor all over again. Maggie says she really tried to do the right thing. Justin encourages that she was brave to stand up to Konstantin so Victor would be very proud of her. Maggie cries that she misses Victor so much. Justin says they all do. Bonnie encourages her to try to get some sleep. Justin comments on Konstantin trying to destroy their family. Bonnie says at least it’s all out in the open now. Justin questions if it is, pointing out that they still don’t know who Konstantin’s accomplice was and it had to be somebody on his payroll. Bonnie thinks things will be safe now if Konstantin is behind bars. Bonnie can’t imagine how difficult this has been for Justin. Justin calls it disorienting and brings up his whole world being turned upside down since the day Victor died. Justin calls it hard to absorb that Victor fathered a child with Anjelica and neither of them said a word to him. Justin says Victor wasn’t the man he thought and neither is he. Bonnie encourages that he is but Justin states that Alex is not his son, so their relationship will never be the same. Bonnie argues that Alex is Justin’s son in every way that counts. Justin says that will never change in his mind and heart, but how Alex sees him now changes their future forever.

Konstantin orders Brady to drop his gun and kick it over or he will shoot Theresa. Brady wants to take a shot but Alex says he can’t chance it. Xander then takes Brady’s gun and tells Konstantin that he’s dealing with him now. Konstantin tells him to put the gun down. Alex tells Xander to do what he says. Xander argues that Konstantin killed Victor, tried to kill Maggie, and kidnapped his child so he’s not worried about collateral damage. Xander orders Konstantin to tell them who helped him kidnap Victoria. Theresa hits Konstantin and tries to run but Konstantin grabs her and takes her down with him. Xander then shoots Konstantin on the ground.

Justin prays that Steve will be okay. Bonnie says Konstantin was determined to make sure Steve and John bit the big one. Justin adds that Konstantin planned to kill Maggie after the wedding. Bonnie can’t imagine how hurt Maggie must be. Justin is sure it will take a while for her to recover. Bonnie says they will make sure Maggie knows how much she is loved and respected. Bonnie jokes that she could set Maggie up with her dentist. Justin doesn’t think Maggie is in any condition to be fixed up and will need time to recover from all this shock. Bonnie calls it crazy how Konstantin was trying to brainwash John with that creepy card. Justin says thank God that John and Marlena figured out what he was up to, so Marlena was able to help John fight the mind control. Bonnie calls Marlena a miracle worker. Bonnie wonders what’s going on and why they haven’t heard anything on Konstantin. Justin is sure they will soon and he prays that everyone is okay. Bonnie decides they should go check on what’s happening since Maggie is sleeping. Justin agrees that Maggie will want to know so they exit the room. Maggie lays awake in bed and flashes back to Konstantin gifting her the old photo album with pictures from Victor’s younger days.

Theresa gets back to her feet and joins Alex’s side. Brady checks Konstantin and sees he still has a pulse as Xander remains standing over him with the gun. Konstantin laughs at them thinking this is over and says they are all so stupid. Konstantin declares that there is still an enemy in their midst. Xander questions who he is talking about. Konstantin then dies on the ground while Theresa is thankful it’s over.

Sarah calls for John to help her elevate Steve’s legs. Sarah looks over at John staring at the Pawn card and questions what he’s doing. John remembers Konstantin ordering him to shoot Steve and then turn the gun on himself as he turns back to look at them.

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