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Johnny joins Chanel at the Bakery to make sure she had enough to eat. Johnny mentions that she can’t keep avoiding her mom forever. Chanel knows he’s worried about Paulina being upset and that it’s not good for her. Johnny says he’s not going to pressure her on it as it’s between her and Paulina. Chanel responds that she will deal with it eventually, but on her terms. Johnny reminds her about no heavy lifting but Chanel points out that the doctor said to treat it like a normal pregnancy.

Maggie joins Alex in the Titan office and says she needs approval to set aside an office at Titan for Konstantin. Alex declares there is no way in hell that he’s going to let Konstantin work at Titan.

Brady is on his laptop at the Brady Pub as Theresa arrives and joins him. Brady comments on her good mood and asks what’s going on. Theresa responds that she updated her resume, had a really great workout, and is back together with Alex. Brady says that’s great if that’s what she wanted. Theresa confirms it’s exactly what she wanted. Brady asks where exactly that leaves Alex and Kristen.

Julie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion doing a crossword puzzle. Chad joins her and comments on the traffic, then they joke about the crossword. Julie then gets a call and says it’s nice to hear from them. Julie gets excited and says that’s wonderful. Julie thanks them and hangs up as she then announces to Chad that she just got the best news she’s had in ages.

Tate and Aaron walk through the town square, talking about their school work. Aaron mentions not finishing a test which Tate questions. Aaron says he had other things on his mind and tells Tate that he had gotten donuts for Holly and planned to officially ask her to the prom even though she already asked him, but now her mom won’t even let her go. Tate encourages that he might be able to help him out.

Theresa tells Brady that there is no Alex and Kristen and never will be, calling it just a pathetic attempt to make them jealous. Brady remarks that it’s good that they didn’t fall for it. Theresa admits that she may have overreacted. Brady agrees that it was pathetic and he’s disappointed that his vacation from Kristen is over because she will do anything to get back in his life. Theresa asks if there’s any chance that she will. Brady assures there’s no chance in Hell. Theresa says that’s good and calls Kristen a psychopathic maniac, adding that Brady deserves better. Theresa tells Brady that he deserves someone very special because he is and she knows he will find her. Brady calls those kind words but he’s not so sure. Brady used to think he would find the perfect girl for him but with his track record, he doesn’t know if it’s ever going to happen so maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Maggie questions Alex not allowing an office for her future husband and argues that she doesn’t need his permission to do anything, so she’s not going to allow him to call the shots. Maggie adds that she’s not asking Alex to give Konstantin a job, just an office space because she’s establishing a trust with her portion of Victor’s estate and Konstantin has a lot of time on his hands, so he’d like to help and she figured he could distribute the funds. Alex argues that he can do that from home. Maggie disagrees and says the house is chaotic with Doug, Julie, Chad, and the kids while this work takes a quiet focus. Maggie calls the work important and declares that they will give Theresa’s old office to Konstantin. Maggie adds that Alex might think he is all powerful at Titan, but reminds him that they are splitting Victor’s estate evenly so he can’t just deny her simple request. Maggie warns Alex to work with her on this or else her next request might not be so simple. Alex says fine, whatever and warns that he will be keeping an eye on Konstantin.

Julie tells Chad that the call was from the contractor who said the building inspector came by and signed off on the occupancy permit. Chad and Julie excitedly declare they are going home. Julie says they can pack their bags but she has a million things to do as she has to tell Doug and call Maggie. Julie and Chad repeat that they are going home as they hug.

Chanel works at the Bakery as her customer with down syndrome, Felicity comes by and brings Chanel a sweet bread. Johnny joins them as Felicity encourages Chanel to try the bread but Johnny notes that she might be feeling queasy, so he decides that he will taste test it. Johnny calls it a winner so Chanel says it looks like a new menu item which excites Felicity.

Maggie tells Alex that they are all set then and she will e-mail the paperwork with the room assignment and security clearance. Maggie adds that Konstantin will have access to that office when this is all settled. Maggie then gets a call from Julie, who informs her of the news on the Horton house. Maggie sounds disappointed but says she’s so happy for Julie, Doug, Chad and the kids. Maggie says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Alex asks if there was good news. Maggie responds that the Horton house is ready for the big move in. Alex calls that good news for him too as he declares that he can now take his rightful place in the family home.

Chad tells Julie that his schedule is cleared for the day and he will be her moving helper. Julie thought she was prepared for this but realized she has so many calls to make and things to do. Julie says she’ll have to call the furniture people to see if they can make a delivery today. Chad is sure it’s just taking up space in a warehouse since she purchased it. Chad says he’s going to grab a snack before packing. Julie says she’ll order groceries online. Julie can’t believe tonight they will be sleeping under their own roof and calls it such a happy day.

Theresa tells Brady to never say never as she truly feels that when he least expects it, love will find him. Brady jokes about her greeting card sayings. Theresa jokes that could be her new job. Brady asks how the job search is going. Theresa repeats that she updated her resume. They decide she should look into greeting cards. Theresa thinks when she’s ready, something will just come to her. Brady mentions getting an e-mail from Tate’s school who were low on prom chaperones, so he signed up to do it. Theresa then reveals that she did too. They joke that this means they are going to prom together.

Johnny gets a call and steps away from the Bakery to answer it. Tate and Aaron then approach so Chanel goes to get Aaron’s prom donuts. Aaron then introduces Tate to Felicity, who is Aaron’s sister and a freshman in high school. Felicity talks about how she’s already a baker and how she wants to work here at Sweet Bits. Chanel comes back with the donuts for Aaron that have “Will you go to prom with me?” written on them. Chanel says she hopes that she says yes. Aaron then reveals that she already did, but then her mom said no.

Julie finishes a phone call and informs Chad that everything is going to be delivered on time. Chad suspects Tom and Alice had something to do with that. Julie says Abigail too and reveals that she had a dream about Abigail last night. Julie stops and worries that she shouldn’t have told Chad about it but Chad says he’s glad she did. Chad thanks her but says he can’t believe Abigail was working on a story about Clyde for so long and he didn’t know about it. Chad keeps replaying it in his head and thinks if he would’ve known, he could’ve done something to save her. Julie tells Chad that they have very little control over most of what happens in life. Julie assures that Abigail wouldn’t want him to suffer like this. Julie encourages Chad to move on for his children and himself and to focus on the future. Julie knows Chad won’t forget Abigail and they won’t either, but insists that it’s time for Chad to live a full life with purpose that will honor Abigail’s memory forever. Julie calls it the only way.

Maggie questions Alex moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex calls it rather logical and says it’s where he belongs. Alex questions why he’d stay in an apartment when he has a mansion available with a full staff. Maggie assumed that Alex would be purchasing his own home now that he’s rich. Alex states that the Kiriakis Mansion was Victor’s home and he is Victor’s son, so that is his birth right and it fits his lifestyle. Alex reminds Maggie to look out for his new race horse. Maggie brings up that Konstantin will be occupying the office soon and says she will keep him in the loop as she exits the office. Alex then pulls out his phone and calls Kristen. Alex says he’s going to have to cancel tonight because he’s really busy and he’s moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion so he will be packing and unpacking. Alex promises Kristen that he will make it up to her very soon.

Brady and Theresa talk about going to prom and say it could actually be fun, noting that both did not go to their own prom. Brady recalls chaperoning a dance when Philip was in high school and it was crazy. Theresa jokes that whatever happens, they will make their son’s life miserable but he’ll get over it. Theresa says she has to go and tells Brady that she’s really looking forward to going to prom with him.

Johnny talks on the phone and says he realizes the production office is in LA but he doesn’t think it would be a problem for him to be based in the Midwest. Johnny says he understands but Salem is his home with his family and his wife’s thriving business. Johnny acknowledges that relocating is baked in to the deal and says he’s very excited about this but he will need a little more time to think things over. Johnny says he’ll be in touch and hangs up. Chanel tells Aaron that she’s sorry about his date. Felicity says she’ll go to prom next year. Aaron remarks that at least someone in the family is dating. Tate then takes the donuts and asks Aaron to go with he and Sophia to the prom, joking that they can go as a throuple. Aaron says he doesn’t feel like being a third wheel. Tate assures that he already talked to Sophia and she thinks it will be fun. Aaron then gives in and accepts. Felicity says at least he’s going to prom now. Aaron says they have to get to school so he and Tate walk off while Felicity heads in to the Bakery with Chanel. Tate and Aaron walk past the Brady Pub where Tate calls to stop for a donut break. They sit down on the bench and then Theresa comes out from the Pub, questioning Tate not being in school. Tate says that the bell doesn’t ring for another hour. Aaron gives Theresa a donut. Theresa accepts it and advises them not to be late as she walks away. Aaron asks Tate if he’s sure about prom. Tate insists it will be fun while Aaron complains about being the third wheel. Tate assures he won’t have to worry about that which Aaron questions. Tate tells Aaron that it has to stay between them, but he’s planning on ghosting them right after dinner so that Aaron and Sophia can have some alone time. Aaron questions why. Tate says he knows Aaron likes Sophia. Aaron says he’s not going to move in on his girl. Tate tells him it’s cool, clarifying that Sophia is cool but not his girl and not who he really wants to take to prom.

Julie finishes packing boxes and says it’s amazing what can be accomplished when highly motivated. Maggie comes home and can’t believe it, questioning how she did all this. Julie tells her that Chad spoke to Henderson, who spoke to the staff and they were incredible. Maggie says she’s impressed. Julie says she can’t thank her enough for taking her and the family in. Maggie is glad she gets to go home but admits she’s going to miss her terribly. Julie promises she will still see her. Maggie starts to cry and apologizes for getting emotional. Julie tells Maggie that she loves her. Maggie assures that her home is always open to her. Julie adds that the Horton House is Maggie’s second home and tells her to visit often as they hug.

Theresa goes home and Alex arrives right after. Theresa notes that he’s home early. Alex calls it a perk of being the boss. Alex says he had something major come up, so he had to leave work early and come home to pack because he’s moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex says that the Horton clan is finally leaving so it’s time to move back in to his father’s home as head of the family. Alex adds that he knows she wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon and that she doesn’t like the idea of living here alone. Theresa points out that it’s not just that, but that they just got back together and now it’s like he’s bailing. Alex says he’ll just be across town. Theresa argues that’s a lot farther than across the bed. Alex then asks if Theresa wants to move in with him.

Doug, Julie, and Chad return to the Horton House. Chad and Julie bring in boxes as Doug declares it feels like home and he can’t believe it looks like it did before the fire. Doug calls it a miracle. Julie knows Tom and Alice would be pleased and tells Chad that she can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they come through the front door. Chad says they are going to love it but Julie asks what’s the matter. Chad says this whole thing never should’ve happened and blames himself. Julie thought they’ve been through this. Chad feels the whole war with Clyde is his and before that it was Abigail’s and it cost Abigail her life.

Chanel encourages Felicity about working at the Bakery. Johnny asks Felicity about her favorite recipe. Felicity mentions caramel chocolate chip cookies and then heads on to school.

Aaron asks Tate why he feels like he’s missing part of the story. Tate explains that he asked Sophia to the prom because he felt horrible about hitting her in the face with a football. Tate adds that this is has to stay a secret, but he reveals that he and Holly are still together which shocks Aaron. Tate explains that their parents are trying to keep them apart. Aaron calls that crazy and says they are doing the whole Romeo & Juliet thing. Tate assures that it’s real. Tate knows it didn’t end well but says this will. Aaron asks why after everything Holly did to him. Tate says he’s not asking him to understand his relationship, but to respect it and keep it to himself. Aaron tells Tate that he can count on him. Tate adds that Sophia doesn’t know, so he can’t tell her because she would tell her mom who would tell his parents. Aaron assures that he’s got it. Tate thanks him and says he could really use his help because he really wants to surprise her on prom night. Brady then comes out from the Pub and asks who he’s surprising. Tate claims they were talking about his date Sophia as he wants to surprise her with a nice corsage or dinner. Aaron asks Brady about his prom date but Brady informs him that he didn’t go to prom. Brady then informs Tate that he will actually be going to his prom with Theresa. Tate laughs at that but Brady reveals he’s not kidding because the school needed chaperones, so he and Theresa signed up.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s not just going to invite herself to live in his big mansion. Alex points out that he asked her to live with him twice. Theresa says that was platonic. Alex says that Theresa said she wanted to keep things that way before, but Theresa says things are different now. Alex then asks if Theresa wants to move in to the Kiriakis Mansion with him. Theresa exclaims that she does as they hug.

Johnny comments to Chanel on the busy morning and asks if she needs a break. Chanel assures that she actually feels great. Chanel knows they can’t know what’s going to happen with their baby but she already knows that she loves the baby. Chanel declares that she wants to have the baby, but only if she has Johnny by her side, so she needs him to tell her how he’s feeling about this. Johnny assures that he is always by her side as he hugs her.

Julie insists to Chad that what happened to Abigail was not his fault, but Clyde’s fault and that Abigail was just fighting the good fight like she always did and now Chad is doing that. Julie adds that Abigail would be so proud that Chad is continuing the fight. Doug declares that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Julie encourages that Abigail was trying to do the right thing and now Chad is. Julie declares that they will all stand up together against Clyde Weston, doing the right thing until Clyde is behind bars for the rest of his life because the Hortons do not back down. Chad thanks Julie and Doug, admitting that he needed that. Julie says that’s what families do. Julie thinks they should have a massive family reunion now which Doug calls a great idea. Julie suggests maybe then they will get Alice and Tom’s time capsule open. Julie talks about imagining all the family coming home again. Julie places a framed photo of Tom and Alice on the mantle and says welcome home.

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