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Stephanie works at the Spectator. She looks behind her at the empty desk and then grabs her phone to call Everett but it goes straight to voicemail again. Stephanie leaves a message that she’s starting to worry as she asks where he is.

In the interrogation room, Rafe and Jada question Marlena knowing why Everett acted so strangely and attacked Eric unprovoked. Marlena says she can’t give them information from their therapy sessions but just from what she gathered here since she is no longer his psychiatrist. Jada asks if she has a possible diagnosis. Marlena says it would only be based on what they saw in this room. Rafe remarks that it was like he was two very different people. Jada and Marlena agree that it was like he was Bobby and Everett, two very different people who live inside his head.

Johnny and Chanel have coffee and breakfast in the town square. Johnny talks about Chanel being over her morning sickness. Chanel talks about being excited about the baby. Johnny says he’s excited to. Chanel says screw fear, doubt, and worry as she’s deciding that she’s done living in dread over what being exposed to radiation may or may not have done to their baby. Chanel announces that she wants to tell all of their friends and family that they are expecting and she hopes they are all just as happy. Chanel asks what Johnny says to that.

Nicole sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when she gets a text from Holly, apologizing for what she said and their fight, adding that she hopes Nicole can forgive her. Nicole smiles and texts back that she loves her. EJ then enters with a tray of food and asks if Nicole is alright. Nicole responds that she’s relieved because she just got a text from Holly, saying she was sorry for what she said to her. EJ says she knew Holly would come around eventually. EJ then gets a call from Rita. EJ angrily tells her that he told her not to bother him today unless it was urgent. EJ tells Rita to set it up for Monday Morning and orders her not to call again as he hangs up. Nicole questions how EJ snapped at Rita which EJ says is nothing new. Nicole says she’s never heard him speak to her like that. EJ says she’ll be fine. Nicole is sure Rita is thrown like she was and says she can tell something is upsetting him. EJ promises he’s fine but Nicole doesn’t buy it and asks what has him so wound up.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows Jude isn’t their son biologically and that she’s still mourning the loss of their child. Sloan stops him and declares that Jude isn’t their son biologically or otherwise. Eric asks if there’s something wrong with the adoption. Sloan says no, so Eric asks what it is. Sloan says she’s trying to tell him what she did with Jude. Eric worries that she had a lot to drink last night and goes to get her some water but Sloan stops him and announces that Jude is Nicole and EJ’s baby, as their baby didn’t die but is very much alive and is right there, leaving Eric in shock. Eric calls it not possible but Sloan reveals it’s true and she lied the whole time. Eric asks why. Sloan responds that she didn’t want to lose him.

Chanel asks if Johnny doesn’t want her to tell people that she’s pregnant. Johnny says he wants to tell people eventually. Chanel guesses he wants to wait until they are sure the baby is okay and the radiation didn’t cause any issues. Chanel says she gets that but she’s sick of the what if’s when their baby could be perfectly fine. Chanel encourages focusing on the positives instead and asks if they should throw a party at the DiMera Mansion to announce they are expecting or a video on social media. Johnny suggests slowing down but Chanel wants to enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and says they can’t do that until they stop treating it like a deep, dark secret. Johnny responds that it’s not just the scare of the radiation exposure that makes him hesitant to tell people. Chanel asks what the other reason is. Johnny points out that it wasn’t so long ago that EJ and Nicole lost their baby. Chanel suggests that maybe EJ and Nicole finding out they have a grandchild on the way will be the news they need to start to heal. Chanel points out that they are going to have to tell them sometime and she’s going to start showing before long. Chanel declares that their baby is here to stay, so it’s time to start thinking about the future.

Nicole wants an explanation as to why EJ bit Rita’s head off on the phone and why he’s acting all edgy and anxious. EJ insists that it’s not a big deal. EJ guesses he was hoping that Paulina was calling to say she came to her senses and would keep him on as district attorney but that’s not going to happen as she was final in her decision. Nicole calls it Paulina’s loss since EJ was good at the job. EJ agrees and declares that when he has Paulina recalled as Mayor, she will rue the day that she crossed a DiMera. Nicole tells EJ that he will have plenty of time to figure out how to extract his non-violent revenge against Paulina, but reminds him they are supposed to be relaxing this afternoon. Nicole calls him over to massage his neck and questions why he keeps checking his watch. EJ claims there’s no reason but Nicole demands an answer as to why he’s so on edge. EJ responds that he’s expecting a delivery.

Eric questions Sloan taking another woman’s child because she was afraid to lose him. Sloan says she was grieving after the miscarriage and being told she was infertile while knowing how much it meant to Eric to be a father. Sloan thought if she couldn’t give him a child, he would leave her and she wanted to have a family with him so badly. Sloan talks about being so happy and relieved when he agreed to adopt, like they had been given a second chance. Eric complains that his head is spinning. Sloan reveals that the adoption fell through at the very last minute because the parents pulled out after they looked into her background and didn’t want a horrible person like her raising their child. Sloan cries that she was devastated to lose their second chance and then Dimitri Von Leuschner showed up at her doorstep with a baby. Eric recalls Dimitri and Leo delivering Nicole’s baby on the roadside and Dimitri was supposed to take the baby to the hospital. Sloan explains that he couldn’t because he was on the run and the hospital was swarming with cops, so when she saw the baby boy, she decided to keep him. Sloan saw it as their last chance at being parents, at happiness, and her last chance to hold onto Eric. Sloan says that’s when she made the choice to take Nicole’s baby as their baby.

Marlena informs Rafe and Jada that she thinks Everett has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Rafe recalls Abigail having that. Marlena calls it very rare and often misdiagnosed, noting that it usually happens because of some early childhood trauma. Marlena thinks Everett may have lashed out at Eric because he was triggered by something in his own childhood which led him to turn in to Bobby. Jada says this would explain so much. Rafe thinks they should call Stephanie to warn her since she posted his bail. Jada calls Stephanie and asks if she’s seen Everett today since he’s been out on bail. Stephanie responds that she hasn’t but she’s been trying to reach him and he’s not picking up. Stephanie asks if Jada knows where he is. Jada says she doesn’t but some new information has come to light, so she asks Stephanie to come to the police station to discuss some things.

Nicole questions what kind of delivery EJ is expecting. EJ says it’s nothing Nicole needs to concern herself for now. Nicole asks about him being so cryptic. They start to kiss until Johnny and Chanel walk in and greet them. Johnny tells EJ that he hadn’t gotten to talk to him since he lost his district attorney job and he’s sorry about that. EJ says he appreciates that. Chanel says the same and that she would put in a good word for him, but her and Paulina are not on the best of terms. EJ supposes that even Chanel thinks Paulina was in the wrong for leaving isolation and subjecting her and others to radiation. Chanel confirms that she does, especially because she’s pregnant.

Eric asks Sloan if this is a horrible nightmare that isn’t true. Sloan wishes it was. Eric asks about the DNA test results that proved Nicole and EJ weren’t Jude’s parents. Sloan admits the results were tampered with by her. Sloan assures her heart is broken and that Eric’s is probably more than her. Sloan wishes she didn’t have to tell him this. Eric asks why she is telling him now then. Sloan thinks back to EJ’s warning. Sloan then tells Eric that she’s coming clean now because she had to. Eric demands to know why. Sloan claims it’s because Eric was getting closer and closer to the truth and every time she put out a fire, another would pop up. Eric asks what she’s talking about. Sloan reveals that Leo knew the truth since he delivered the baby on the side of the road which is why he felt such a bond with Jude and then Dimitri told him. Eric realizes that Leo was going to tell him at the Salem Inn that night and he said he had news to share with Nicole. Sloan admits that’s why Nicole felt such a bond with Jude as she must have just sensed it. Eric argues that Sloan shunned Nicole and accused her of kidnapping her child when she knew all along that Jude was Nicole’s child and her baby was alive. Eric complains that Sloan put Nicole and EJ through Hell by making them think their child was dead. Sloan screams that she did it because she loves Eric. Eric tells her not to tell him that she loves him or Jude because nobody would’ve done that. Eric declares that Sloan is incapable of love.

Jada tells Marlena that out of all her years as a detective, she’s never come across anyone with D.I.D. and didn’t even think it was real. Marlena says there’s a lot of myths about it but confirms it is real. Marlena talks about Abigail suffering from it and the difficulties her and Chad had with it. Marlena mentions Abigail being successfully treated for it, so she believes Everett can be as well. Rafe points out that nobody knows where Everett is now. Stephanie then arrives and assumes they are talking about her bailing out Everett which Rafe confirms. Stephanie asks why she shouldn’t have and what’s going on.

Nicole congratulates Johnny and Chanel, telling them how exciting this is. Nicole then realizes EJ already knew and questions if they didn’t tell her because they didn’t think she could handle it. Johnny explains that they weren’t telling anyone and he only told EJ in confidence. Chanel adds that as soon as they started telling people, they wanted her to be the first to know. Nicole calls that sweet and excitedly tells them that they will be great parents. EJ asks for a private father-son talk with Johnny, so they step out of the room.

Eric questions how Sloan could do this to EJ and Nicole and to him. Sloan knows it was terrible and repeats that she did it because she loves him but Eric doesn’t want to hear it. Sloan hugs Eric and cries that she did it for them. Eric yells at her to stop as she repeats that she loves him. Eric pulls away and goes to Jude to ask if he’s ready to go. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Eric declares that he’s going to take Jude back to his real parents.

Stephanie can’t believe it as she hears about Everett having D.I.D. Jada talks about how it makes sense and everything he did to hurt her was because his other personality didn’t know the other one existed, so it was because of his illness. Stephanie says now the question is what do they do to help him. Marlena responds that he first must admit he needs help. Stephanie brings up Marlena discharging Everett from her care which Marlena clarifies never happened as she urged him to stay in treatment. Stephanie realizes that Everett lied to her. Marlena confirms that Everett is resistant to getting help because he’s terribly frightened, but says that is where Stephanie comes in.

EJ argues that Johnny isn’t thinking straight and questions why he would make this decision when he knows it’s a catastrophic decision. Johnny argues that it’s none of EJ’s business. EJ complains that it was when he flew in the specialist from Switzerland. Johnny argues that EJ only did that to try and control their decision. EJ disagrees and says he was trying to be helpful. Johnny tells EJ to be helpful then, pointing out that Chanel is excited and happy about the baby as she has chosen to be optimistic and to believe the baby will be a blessing no matter what. EJ asks if Johnny has also chosen to believe that. Johnny responds that he has and he’s trying to be happy and excited. EJ argues that he knows Johnny is having serious misgivings about this. Johnny admits he’s a little worried as he doesn’t know if going through with the pregnancy is the right thing but he doesn’t know if it’s his place to say so, since Chanel is carrying the child and she is his wife so he won’t just overrule her. EJ repeats that he thinks he’s making a terrible mistake. Johnny says he’s entitled to his opinion but declares that if it makes his wife happy, it’s never a mistake to him.

Nicole gives Chanel a baby book that she got at her baby shower. Nicole thought she gave away all the gifts she got but came across this. Chanel tells her that she’s really grateful and calls it their first baby gift. Chanel knows it must be really hard for Nicole. Nicole admits it is but it’s because seeing how excited Chanel is reminds her of how excited she was to raise another child. Nicole assures that she’s very happy for her. Chanel thanks her as they hug.

Eric begins packing a bag. Sloan starts to cry over Jude but Eric tells her to stay away from him. Sloan wants to say goodbye to Jude but Eric says she doesn’t get to do that and orders her not to say another word.

Nicole apologizes to Chanel for falling apart when they have such wonderful news. EJ and Johnny come back in. EJ asks what’s wrong. Nicole explains that she just got emotional which Chanel says is understandable. Nicole says she should be focusing on the positive and their baby will bring so much joy to their lives. Johnny suggests they head upstairs. Chanel thanks Nicole for her kindness and says she’ll see them later as she and Johnny exit. EJ wishes he could take Nicole’s pain away. Nicole responds that no one can, but she does seem to move forward since she has a daughter, a husband, and a new job, but she has to accept the fact that the pain is always going to be there and will never go away. EJ hugs her and checks his watch again.

Eric tearfully says goodbye to Jude and talks about how much he will miss him, but it’s time to meet his real parents. Eric picks up Jude and tells Sloan not to think about leaving because he will be back and she will pay for what she has done. Eric then exits with Jude, leaving Sloan in tears.

Stephanie says she wants to help Everett in any way she can but questions what she can do. Marlena responds that the most effective treatment for D.I.D. is intense psychotherapy. Jada adds that is if Everett or Bobby is open to being helped. Stephanie guesses Marlena hopes that she can convince him to get back in to treatment. Marlena thinks she is the best shot they have since they are friends and he trusts her. Stephanie agrees to do whatever she can. Marlena calls it the first step. Stephanie asks if there’s any particular strategy to persuade Everett that he has to get help. Marlena thinks the best strategy is to proceed carefully since if he senses she’s forcing him, he will become defiant and resistant. Stephanie says she understands. Marlena warns that they have to proceed very carefully. Rafe points out that first, they have to find him.

Johnny and Chanel go to their bedroom. Johnny asks how it felt to finally tell people about the pregnancy. Chanel notes that EJ and Nicole are family, so it felt right. Chanel asks what EJ had to talk to him about in private. Johnny says since EJ hired the specialist, he knows about all the dangers and risks of the radiation. Chanel asks what EJ said, so Johnny claims that EJ just told him they don’t have to worry about the bills and he’ll have it all covered. Chanel is surprised and calls that really kind of him. Johnny asks about Chanel’s talk with Nicole. Chanel says it was so sad. Chanel shows Johnny the baby book that Nicole gave her from her baby shower as she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it. Johnny says it was sweet of Nicole to give it to her. Chanel worries that Nicole is still in such terrible pain and grieving the baby boy that she and EJ lost. Chanel feels them having a baby is going to make it harder for Nicole to heal as it will be a constant reminder of her loss. Johnny says there is no avoiding that but Chanel suggests they could move out and get their own place.

Sloan picks up Jude’s stuffed bear that was left behind and holds it as she cries.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. EJ says he hopes she’s feeling better. Nicole says she is and thanks him for taking such good care of her. EJ says that’s what he loves to do. The doorbell rings so EJ says he’ll get it. Nicole says maybe it’s the delivery he’s expecting. EJ says they will see and goes to answer the door to see Eric with Jude. Nicole joins EJ at the door as EJ asks what brings Eric by. Nicole greets Eric and asks what he’s doing here. Eric remains silent so Nicole asks what’s going on. Eric reveals to Nicole that her son didn’t die and announces that Jude is her son. Eric hands Jude over to Nicole. Nicole is shocked as EJ smiles while Eric looks on in tears.

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