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At the hospital, Kayla tells Sarah that she’s leaving for the day. Sarah hands her glasses to her as Kayla then notices Sarah’s ring. Sarah confirms that she and Xander are engaged. Kayla says she’s so happy for her and calls it a beautiful ring. Xander arrives as they talk and guesses that Kayla thinks he’s going to screw things up between them again.

Steve packs his bag at home including his gun until Chad shows up at his door. Chad says he’s sorry to barge in but he needs to know what’s going on as he can’t stop thinking about it and there has to be something new. Steve says it’s only what he told him over the phone that Harris is making progress. Chad stops him and tells him to level with him. Chad shouts that the son of a bitch burned down his house while his kids were sleeping and he murdered his wife, which they now know was a targeted hit. Chad declares that Steve is hiding something from him, so he’s not leaving until he tells him everything.

At the Brady Pub, Roman tells Kate that he can’t believe Leo would come in after what he did. Kate doubts he ever will again. Roman complains that all Leo had to do was come forward months ago and he could’ve spared Eric all the heartbreak. Roman argues that Eric had everything he ever wanted in family and fatherhood only to have it all ripped away. Roman knows Kate can relate to it all too well with the pain of feeling helpless when your kid is suffering. Kate confirms that last time she visited Lucas at the monastery, he was so miserable and lonely. Roman asks if she’s talked to him lately. Kate admits she hasn’t as she’s trying to limit her contact with him so she doesn’t accidentally put him in danger. Roman doesn’t think one phone call will jeopardize his safety and could ease her mind. Kate agrees to one phone call to check on him and make sure he’s not getting in to any more trouble…

In Montana, Ava and Lucas have Rebecca Goldman tied up in their motel room. Ava mocks Goldman’s gluten free bread. Lucas remarks that it led them right to her. Ava declares that now she’s going to lead them right to Clyde. Lucas asks if she’s ready to give up Clyde’s location. She tries to scream for help so Lucas puts the gag back on her.

Harris captures the drug dealer Snake, questioning why he ran from him. Snake argues that he saw his badge was out of state so this isn’t his jurisdiction and he can’t arrest him. Harris informs him that this isn’t an arrest and shows his gun as he reveals that he wants information. Harris demands he tell him everything he knows about Clyde Weston. Snake claims to have never heard of Clyde. Harris says they don’t have time for games as Clyde’s whole drug operation is about to go belly up. Harris says he saw that got his attention and warns that Snake can either save himself and talk or go down with the ship. Harris asks what it’s going to be.

Ava holds her gun on Goldman and warns that the next time she pulls a stunt, the only help she’s going to need is in purgatory. Lucas informs her that the ISA has already cracked the code on Clyde’s little black book and they are rounding up his associates as they speak.

Harris asks Snake how many of Clyde’s associates are as loyal as him and guesses zero, so now it’s just going to be a race to turn in evidence to save their asses. Harris warns that if Snake wants in on the deal, he better start talking. Snake claims not to know Clyde but guesses he wouldn’t take too kindly to snitches. Snake warns that ratting on someone like that would be a death sentence so he’d have to be a fool to turn on him.

Ava warns Goldman that Clyde’s buddies won’t hesitate to give up his location to save their own skin, so there’s no point in protecting him anymore because he’s screwed. Lucas suggests she tell them where he’s hiding and maybe they can cut her a deal with the authorities. Ava guesses Montana is as good a place as any to get rid of a body. Ava declares that since Goldman isn’t talking, she sees no reason not to blow her away right now.

Kayla tells Xander that she didn’t mean to insinuate anything at all. Sarah says it’s okay but Kayla apologizes and really wishes the best for both of them, hoping it works out this time which Xander takes as a congratulations and thanks her. Xander adds that he’s learned his lesson, no more lies or get rich quick schemes. Xander only wants to be a good husband and father with Sarah’s respect.

Steve informs Chad that Ava and Harris tracked Clyde down to Ennis, Montana and are working off a very solid lead so it shouldn’t be long before they get him. Chad asks about backup. Steve assures that Harris has got this but Chad worries that they can’t let Clyde slip through their fingers again. Steve insists that they can’t and they won’t so Chad asks what they are waiting for and suggests going to Montana.

Ava says she’s kind of glad that Goldman is refusing to cooperate. Ava states that they want to get Clyde but ever since Goldman nearly killed Tripp, she’s been itching to get revenge. Ava orders Lucas to step away. Lucas argues that she can’t be serious. Ava says if he doesn’t have the stomach for it, he can wait outside. Lucas says he can’t let her do this. Ava tells him to get out but Lucas refuses. Ava asks why he cares if Goldman lives or dies. Lucas argues that he’s trying to get out of prison so if she does this, he’ll be an accessory to murder and kind of defeats the whole purpose. Lucas suggests putting the gun down and says nobody has to die today as he takes the gun.

Harris tells Snake that he’s had this conversation with many henchmen and the bandage is always hard to rip off, but it is the only way to go. Harris says if he makes the deal, Clyde goes to jail and Snake will be free, out of his reach. Snake calls it a good story but argues that he’s still a cop and his name is Snake, not Rat. Harris warns him about federal prison and declares that his time is up. Harris says he had a chance to save his ass but now guesses they are going to do this the hard way.

Chad finishes a call getting the DiMera Jet ready to go and tells Steve it’s do or die and they have to go. Steve stops him and warns that this is what he does but Chad has two young children to think about. Chad argues that’s what he’s doing this for. Chad brings up how his children could’ve died because of Clyde and they don’t have a mother because of him. Chad calls it eliminating the single greatest threat to his children’s future. Steve argues that Chad is not trained for this sort of thing. Chad states that he’s a father and asks what more he needs. Chad reminds Steve that he was with him and Harris on the ship when they rescued Kate. Chad calls it getting the band back together one last time. Steve acknowledges that Chad helped out in Greece but calls this serious business. Chad points out that he’s the one with a private jet that will get them to Montana in no time, so he’s going to be on it with or without Steve. Steve then agrees to do it. Chad apologizes for yelling as they go to exit together right as Kayla comes home and questions where they are off to.

Kate gets off the phone and reveals to Roman that the monk told her that Lucas left the monastery yesterday and that he was picked up by Harris. Kate questions what Harris is doing with Lucas now and adds that she left messages on Lucas’s burner phone and for Harris. Kate wonders where they would have disappeared to. Roman states that all Ava told him was that she and Harris were going out of town for a few days. Kate guesses they went after Clyde. Roman wishes they would just leave Clyde to the feds while Kate wishes they would leave Lucas out of it. Kate declares that if anything happens to Lucas, she will take Harris and Ava both out on her own.

Lucas sits with Goldman and talks about gluten free bread until Ava comes back in and says she searched Goldman’s car where she found her phone in the glove box. Ava says there’s bound to be something in there that will lead them to Clyde. Ava sees that she missed a bunch of texts from Clyde and he’s not very happy. Ava reads Clyde asking where she is and how they have to get out of here now. Lucas says it sounds like someone knows the walls are closing in on him, so they have to find Clyde before he bails on them. Ava reads over that Clyde wrote that their happy camper days are over which she calls an odd way to phrase something. Ava guesses they were camping somewhere together and mocks Goldman. Lucas remembers throwing up on their way here and he remembers seeing a sign that said Happy Campers Campground. Ava guesses that’s where Clyde is. Lucas says they have to get to him before he splits on them. Ava says that won’t be a problem as she uses Goldman’s phone to text Clyde that she’s on her way and not to leave without her.

Snake threatens to sue Harris if he harms him. Harris says he has something else in mind and takes Snake’s phone, which he calls an invasion of privacy. Harris checks his location history and finds several trips to the Happy Camper Campground twice a week. Harris thanks him and gives his phone back, saying he got what he needed.

Sarah asks Xander if he’s sure that Maggie didn’t mind babysitting Victoria now that she’s busy with her own wedding plans. Xander says that Maggie seemed thrilled for the break and adds that he managed to avoid the topic of Konstantin. Sarah is proud of his restraint and points out that it’s not a real marriage as Maggie is just doing it so Konstantin can stay in the country. Xander hates Konstantin being in the same house but agrees to table the discussion for now. Xander says he’s grateful and lucky to be marrying for love to the woman of his dreams. Sarah responds that she feels very lucky too. Sarah adds that there is something she wanted to go over him about the guest list for their wedding. Sarah is not sure how he feels about it but Maggie said she should run it by him first. Xander guesses where this is going and says he doesn’t want Rex Brady at his wedding. Sarah laughs and says she doesn’t either but then reveals that she wants to invite Xander’s mother. Xander is sure that he made it clear that he has no relationship with his mother and hasn’t talked to her in years. Sarah thought maybe it would be a good opportunity to reconnect since she has a granddaughter now and maybe would like to get to know her. Sarah knows they’ve had their issues but there had to have been good times. Xander is sure there could have been when she laid the bottle down but she never did because she was a mean drunk. Sarah knows what it’s like to be the child of an alcoholic. Xander argues that it’s not the same since his mom is no Maggie even when sober. Sarah argues that she can’t be that bad and they haven’t seen each other in years so maybe she’s changed. Xander insists that his mother is not capable of changing and has no intention of becoming sober. Sarah guesses she’s a lost cause and mocks the idea of it being unwise to give anyone with a checkered past a second chance which calls in to question some of her recent decisions. Xander calls her clever and says even if he agreed to maybe think about giving his mom a second chance, he wouldn’t know where to send the invitation because she moved around a lot or had a tendency to flee. Sarah says she’s happy to track her down but only if Xander is okay with it.

Snake tells Harris that he can’t just leave him here. Harris says he’ll have the cops check on him when they have Clyde in custody. Snake asks where he’s going. Harris says he’s going to find their happy camper.

Roman tries to tell Kate to calm down. Kate complains that her son is missing and something terrible could have happened to him. Roman argues that they don’t know if Lucas is in any danger and that he could take care of himself. Roman points out that Lucas survived two years in prison. Kate wishes he stayed in prison because his sentence would be up in a year. Roman points out that if they catch Clyde, Lucas could be out soon and walk right through the door. Kate worries that he could also come home in a bodybag.

Ava tells Lucas that she should get to the campground. Lucas feels he can’t let her go after Clyde alone. Ava says she’s just going to make sure he’s there. Lucas thinks they should call Harris. Ava claims she will call him from the car and promises not to make a move without him. Lucas thinks they’ve made enough moves without Harris. Ava says she doesn’t have time to bicker so she tells Lucas to shut up and help her as she begins removing Goldman’s jacket.

Kayla questions Steve and Chad as to what is going on here. Steve reveals that Ava and Harris are hunting Clyde in Montana so they were going to join them. Kayla asks if he was just going to leave without telling her. Steve says he was going to text her on the way. Kayla asks if he’s kidding. Chad decides they should have this conversation in private, so he’s going to make sure everything is ready for take off. Steve says he’ll meet him at the air field so Chad exits. Kayla argues that Steve does not need to do this but Steve insists that he does. Steve states that he’s responsible for breaking Clyde out of prison and he nearly killed Tripp, so he needs to make him pay for that. Kayla tells him to let Harris and Ava handle that. Steve says he thought he could but he can’t just sit on the sidelines as that’s not who he is. Kayla tells him that maybe it’s time for him to change. Steve admits plenty of things need to change about him but when it comes to protecting his family, he’ll never change. Kayla argues that they aren’t in danger so he doesn’t need to risk his life. Steve feels that as long as Clyde is out there, they’re always in danger. Kayla questions why it always has to be Steve that goes after the bad guys and puts his life on the line. Steve feels that when he sees a threat, he has to go in to action and repeats that’s who he is. Kayla loves that he’s incredibly brave and always makes his family feel safe, but there have been times when he achieved the opposite. Kayla argues that she did not feel safe when he abandoned his family in Africa when they lost all those years together. Steve insists that he protected them but Kayla questions the cost, complaining that she’s not doing it again as she cannot lose him. Steve says she won’t but Kayla argues that he can’t promise that. Steve admits that he should’ve consulted her first but repeats that he has to do this. Kayla questions why. Steve reveals that he believes that Ava intends to kill Clyde, so he has to be there. Kayla asks if he’s going to stop her or help her commit murder.

Ava goes to the campgrounds dressed in Goldman’s clothes with her back turned as Clyde arrives, questioning what took her so long as they have to get out of here since he’s not going back to prison. Ava then turns around with her gun raised and says he’s got that right because he’s going straight to Hell, shocking Clyde.

Lucas remains in the motel with Goldman’s phone and tells her that Clyde is getting testy that she’s not back yet so he will stall. Lucas then asks Goldman how she and Clyde hooked up in the first place, asking if they started their love affair when Clyde went to prison or if they were pen pals. Lucas brings up that his mom dated Clyde but he wasn’t even the worst of her exes as that was her first husband. Lucas then sees a bunch of missed calls from Kate and questions her texts. Lucas remarks that this isn’t going to be pleasant.

Sarah tells Xander that if he’s really against inviting his mom, then she understands and will drop it, but she thinks it might be nice for Victoria to get to know her paternal grandmother. Xander states that he will do anything for their daughter, so he agrees but only for Victoria’s sake. Sarah excitedly thanks him and thinks this will be good for all of them, not just Victoria. Xander advises her to lower her expectations. Sarah asks if he has any suggestions on where she should start tracking her down. Xander says the last time his mom screamed at him, she was living somewhere outside of Scotland. Xander doubts her last number still works but says he will text it to her. Xander adds that he’s not convinced this is the best idea, but he appreciates the gesture as he knows her heart is in the right place. Sarah thanks him for understanding. Xander notes that he reserves the right that if this turns out to be an enormous disaster, to say he told her so. Sarah saves the number as Xander wishes her luck in hunting. Sarah hopes she can track her down before their wedding since after Maggie and Konstantin, they are up next. Xander says he can’t wait and kisses her goodbye as he then exits the hospital.

Steve admits to Kayla that he’s been thinking maybe he should just let Ava wipe Clyde off the face of the planet, because if anyone deserves to die, it’s him. Kayla argues that isn’t how justice works. Steve is ashamed to admit that maybe sometimes he doesn’t want justice. Kayla questions what he’s saying. Steve tells Kayla to just let him go. Kayla refuses if he intends to kill Clyde and begs Steve to stay here for her. Steve tearfully agrees to stay so Kayla hugs him. Steve guesses he’ll just have to see how it plays out and apologizes. Steve then gets a text from Chad, who reveals that he couldn’t wait and left without him.

Kate complains to Roman that she’s left Lucas a ton of messages and hasn’t heard a thing. Lucas then calls her back. Kate answers and questions where the hell he is. Lucas claims that he’s at the monastery and that he went to see a movie with the monks. Kate tells him to save it as she knows he’s with Harris. Lucas reveals that Harris was hot on Clyde’s heels. Kate argues that he’s supposed to be in hiding and working on his release. Lucas says if it makes her feel better, he thinks they are close to finding Clyde. Kate complains that Clyde is the danger and now he’s closer to him. Lucas insists that everything is going according to plan and everything will be fine. Lucas tells Kate to trust him.

Clyde questions how Ava found him and asks where Rebecca is. Ava responds that she’s tied up at the moment. Ava orders Clyde to put his bag down slowly and kick it away, so he does. Clyde guesses Ava is the reason everything’s going to Hell and guesses she sold him out to the feds with Harris. Ava warns that he shouldn’t have messed with her family as that was a big mistake and now he’s going to pay. Clyde responds that Ava is the one who is going to pay since even from behind bars, he can reach out and touch her and her family with no problem, so she’ll never be safe again. Ava responds that she’ll be safe when he’s in Hell and says to give her best to the Devil. Clyde warns that if she kills him now, she’s going straight to prison. Ava responds that it’s not her first rodeo and the gun is untraceable, so if she wants, no one will ever be able to find what’s left of his body. Clyde asks to talk about this. Ava says she has nothing to say since he tried to kill her son, so now she’s going to kill him, end of story. Harris then arrives and stops Ava, questioning what the hell she’s doing.

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