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Leo sits in the town square with his laptop, reading Everett’s article on Paulina. Leo remarks that the quality of writing at the Spectator has gone downhill but he’s going to change that today. Eric then confronts Leo.

Melinda sits in her office and answers a call from Sloan. Melinda tells Sloan that she has to stop calling as they cannot have contact, burner phone or not. Melinda mentions that Rafe came by yesterday asking questions but he’s as clueless as ever. Rafe then arrives at her office so Melinda finishes the call and hangs up. Rafe says he’s sorry to interrupt. Melinda claims that she was just saying how much she’s looking forward to working with him again. Melinda asks what she can do for him. Rafe says he’s just following up from yesterday as he still has some questions as to how Sloan ended up with Nicole’s baby.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ watches over Jude and talks about how Stefan and Kristen can go on and on. EJ suggests taking him for a walk and talk about his new name, something befitting the family he will now represent. EJ declares that biology be damned, he is his dad now, not Eric Brady, and Nicole will never know as it will be their little secret. Nicole then walks in and asks what secret.

Marlena is in her office at the hospital, on the phone with Roman talking about how she’s worried about Eric. Marlena doesn’t think Jude will be traumatized since he’s so young. Marlena tells Roman to call if he needs anything and hangs up. Stephanie then arrives and asks if she has a minute. Marlena says she does and invites her in. Stephanie mentions that she and Jada touched base about staging the intervention Marlena suggested, so she wanted to check in before talking to Everett. Marlena is glad they both agreed to it. Stephanie says split personality is so crazy. Marlena advises her not to use that word when talking to Everett. Stephanie admits she’s a bit overwhelmed. Marlena understands but says it’s important to get Everett the help that he needs. Marlena adds that Jada is on her way over.

Everett has a dream about kissing Jada in the shower until Stephanie walks in on them, but then he wakes up in a panic.

Marlena tells Stephanie that it’s normal to feel reluctant or uncomfortable if you’ve never been part of an intervention before. Stephanie admits that she is anxious. Marlena adds that with Everett being so resistant, it will take everything they have to help him go through this. Marlena mentions that she won’t be there as part of this as she thinks it’s important to have him involved with people he has a long standing relationship with, but she will be close by and can be there immediately if anything goes wrong. Stephanie thanks her and says she’s so sorry as Roman told her what happened with Jude. Stephanie can’t imagine how heartbroken Eric must be.

EJ tells Nicole that they were just having a father-son chat about what their son’s new name should be which Nicole questions. EJ points out that Eric and Sloan chose the name, so he thinks they should reserve that pleasure since they are his parents. Nicole says she kind of likes Jude and he’s used to it. EJ argues that as a baby, he’ll get used to his new name very quickly. Nicole then agrees. EJ says they were about to go for a walk as he is determined to put his unexpected free time to use by bonding with his son. EJ asks if she would like him to pick anything up on the way back. Nicole tells him to surprise her, which EJ says is his favorite thing to do. EJ kisses Nicole goodbye and then exits with the baby. Sloan then sneaks in through the side door, shocking Nicole.

Jada goes to Everett’s hotel room and asks if he’s okay. Everett says he is and mentions that he’s trying to remember a weird dream he had. Everett then asks what she’s doing there. Jada hoped they could talk. Stephanie then arrives at the door as well and pretends to be surprised to see Jada. Everett questions if he’s supposed to believe this is a coincidence. Stephanie admits there’s no point in playing games and admits they are there because Marlena suggested they both talk to him. Everett complains that Marlena just wants her to have more therapy and blames his car accident for his lapses in memory. Stephanie says Marlena doesn’t believe that’s the cause. Everett questions how much Marlena told her. Jada points out that he is not her patient anymore and it’s very clear that there’s something serious going on with him, unless throwing punches at bars is normal for him. Everett says it’s not but he had a few drinks and it was one night. Jada brings up Everett insisting he was Bobby Stein and made a pass at her the next morning. Jada knows this is really confusing for him to not be able to remember but it was like he was two very different people yesterday and that is when Marlena said she thinks he has D.I.D.

EJ runs in to Marlena outside the Brady Pub. Marlena sees the baby and says she’s sorry as she’s used to him being her grandson. EJ responds that he’s the one who is sorry.

Melinda tells Rafe that she explained it to him yesterday. Rafe responds that the more he thought about it, the less her explanation made sense. Rafe says that Melinda was the attorney in charge of the adoption, so he questions her not knowing it never went through. Melinda insists that Sloan was determined to keep her in the dark. Rafe questions the adoption agency never getting in touch with her and never being involved. Melinda thinks back to leaving Jude with Eric and Sloan, but then tells Rafe that the agency had no reason to contact her after Sloan took over the paperwork which meant one less thing on her plate. Melinda then asks Rafe if they are done.

Eric sits with Leo and tells him it’s about time they had another chat. Eric then reveals that Sloan told him everything about Jude and that Leo knew all along he was EJ and Nicole’s son which he used to blackmail her. Leo questions her telling him all that. Eric confirms that she did, right before she skipped town. Eric questions if Leo helped her or knows where she went. Leo responds that he has no idea where Sloan went.

Nicole calls Sloan sick and disgusting, adding that she was told she fled Salem. Nicole questions if Sloan was waiting for EJ to leave. Sloan says she’s not worried about EJ. Nicole says she should be and warns Sloan that if she comes within 10 feet of her baby, she will kill her. Sloan responds that she didn’t come to see Jude but to see Nicole because therie something she has to hear.

Everett questions Marlena thinking he has multiple personality disorder. Jada explains that Marlena thinks he may have developed it as a coping mechanism as a child because of the abuse he suffered. Everett laughs it off and argues that it doesn’t make any sense. Stephanie asks why Jada only remembers him as Bobby when she only knows him as Everett. Jada adds that he doesn’t remember cheating on her with Stephanie because he wasn’t even conscious of it while Stephanie points out that he doesn’t remember his childhood because he did everything in his power to bury those memories. Everett suggests there’s another explanation that makes actual sense. Jada insists that this does make sense that he has an alter ego that exists to protect him. Everett mocks her diagnosis and says he doesn’t need any protection. Stephanie gets that this can feel scary and overwhelming, but he’s keeping his past buried. Everett yells at her to shut up and then remarks that Everett doesn’t need to know any of that, so he’s going to make sure he never does.

Marlena tells EJ that he doesn’t have to apologize to her as they are all victims here and she knows how much they both suffered, so she’s glad his family has reunited with his son. EJ thanks her. Marlena assures EJ that the baby had an enormous amount of love for the first six months of his life. EJ says he doesn’t doubt that for a moment. Marlena acknowledges that EJ is good to his children which gives her comfort. Marlena adds that she knows EJ and Nicole will be amazing and loving parents. Marlena says goodbye to Jude and cries that she will always love him. EJ thanks Marlena for being very gracious about all of this. Marlena sends her best to Nicole and then walks away.

Rafe asks why Melinda is in such a hurry to get rid of him. Melinda mocks the idea that she has nothing else better to do. Melinda reminds Rafe that he said they have to be on the same side and she agrees, but remarks that it’s no wonder that his case closing rate is so low because he doesn’t start with motive first. Melinda asks what she would have to gain from giving EJ and Nicole’s baby to Sloan, bringing up what it would do to her reputation and her career along with upsetting the DiMeras which she calls madness. Melinda adds that Rafe has known her for a long time and asks if she seems mad to him. Rafe guesses the detective in him just needed to tie the loose strings in a bow. Rafe decides he will let her get back to work and exits the office. Melinda breathes a sigh of relief and remarks that she is good.

Leo asks Eric if Sloan has Jude. Eric responds that Jude is where he belongs as when he learned the truth, he took him right to Nicole and EJ. Leo calls that incredibly honorable of him. Eric adds that when he got back to his place, Sloan was nowhere to be found. Leo swears if he knew, he would tell him. Leo knows that Eric thinks he’s a horrible amoral creep but insists that he tried to do the right thing. Leo admits he can be a coward sometimes but swears that he’s been trying to be brave, noble, and honest. Eric grabs him over the table and threatens him, talking about how Leo sat on this story. Eric guesses the money’s all dried out and Sloan is gone, so he’s going to have to start dealing with him now.

Sloan tells Nicole that she thought she could just turn her back and walk away but she realized she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t face her. Nicole comments on all the unforgivable things she’s done. Sloan asks Nicole to let her try to explain but Nicole argues that Sloan stole her baby and made her believe that he was dead. Nicole tells Sloan that if she wants to be accountable, she can talk to Rafe. Nicole then pulls out her phone to call Rafe but Sloan stops her and says she’s so sorry. Sloan says she regrets all the pain Nicole has suffered but she needs to hear and know that she didn’t plan it. Nicole mocks it being an impulse decision and knee jerk reaction. Sloan explains that Dimitri showed up with her son and she had just had a miscarriage while the adoption she was counting on had fallen through, so she had hit bottom. Sloan cries that suddenly a baby showed up in her home and it felt like it was fate. Nicole says she’ll show her fate and then punches Sloan in the face.

Leo tells Eric that the day he figured out Nicole’s baby was still alive, he went right to Nicole and EJ but they wouldn’t listen to him. Eric questions him going to Sloan instead and taking the money to keep his mouth shut. Leo tries to explain that he just lost Dimitri and was desperate. Eric calls him selfish and grabs him but Leo sees Rafe coming through the town square and calls out for help. Rafe approaches and asks what’s going on. Eric tells Leo to get out of his sight, so he runs off. Eric tells Rafe that he’s sorry for losing control but he thought Leo might lead him to Sloan and he turned out worthless. Rafe says he’s sorry that they haven’t come up with anything yet but insists they are not giving up on finding her. Eric says he knows but remarks that he also knows finding Sloan won’t change anything because it won’t make him a father again.

Sloan tells Nicole that she deserved that. Nicole argues that she deserves more than that. Nicole brings up when they were pregnant at the same time and she didn’t know who the father was, she thought it would be a very interesting journey and then Sloan miscarried and her heart went out to her because she knows that pain so well. Nicole cries that she lost two babies before Jude and when he was born, it was a miracle and then it became a nightmare because of Sloan. Nicole complains about the doctor telling her that her son was cremated before she could hold him one last night. Nicole screams at Sloan that she missed six months of her son’s life and she’s not the only one who suffered. Nicole talks about Eric wanting a child his entire life and when he finally got his wish, the child that he thought was his was ripped from his hands. Sloan argues that he was ripped from her hands too as she loved him with all her heart. Nicole tells Sloan that the child doesn’t want or need her anymore and she’s never going to see him ever again. Nicole states that when she thought Jude was her son, Sloan made her out to be a lunatic and when she stole him from the town square, Sloan made her grovel for forgiveness. Nicole asks what kind of person stoops that low. Sloan responds that maybe a person like Nicole, asking if she didn’t do the exact same thing which causes Nicole to scream at her.

Everett turns in to Bobby and tells Jada that he’s so glad she stopped by which she questions. Bobby acknowledges Jada as his wife. Jada tells him they are divorced but Bobby says they aren’t. Jada reminds him that he signed the papers but Bobby says that was Everett and he’s pretty sure that makes them invalid. Jada asks why he would want to be married to her. Bobby says she knows the answer to that and says they were so good together. Jada argues that their marriage fell apart and then he bought a ring for Stephanie. Bobby says that was Everett and tells Stephanie that the spoiled princess thing is not his vibe. Bobby tells Jada that what they had was special and real. Jada asks if he’s serious and if he’s even real. Jada calls him just a part of someone’s psyche. Bobby says he’s standing right in front of her and calls this conversation pointless. Stephanie tries to get through to him but Bobby shouts that Everett is not here. Bobby then screams at them to get out.

Rafe tells Eric that he’s sorry as he knows nothing will bring Jude back to him but he does thing bringing Sloan in will help. Eric is sure leads are hard to come by. Rafe talks about questioning Melinda which was a dead end but says it’s crazy to him that Melinda swears she wasn’t involved in the hand off of the baby but he doesn’t see any motive there. Eric questions what Rafe just said. Rafe repeats that Melinda swears she wasn’t involved in the hand off of the baby but Eric says that is not even close to true. Eric reveals that Melinda is the one who handed Jude off at the door which shocks Rafe. Eric asks why he didn’t see this sooner and says he was overwhelmed. Rafe tells Eric that this is it and this means that Melinda knew all along that Jude was Nicole’s baby.

Leo storms in to Melinda’s office and tells her that he just ran in to Eric, who told him that Sloan told him everything. Melinda says she already heard all about it from Rafe asking questions. Leo worries that Rafe is going to have questions for him too since everybody knows he blackmailed Sloan. Melinda says that’s his problem but Leo argues that she’s the district attorney, so when they come for him, he needs to know that she’s going to have his back. Melinda tells Leo that she just got Rafe to go pursue elsewhere. Melinda tells Leo to calm down because the only person that can prove he blackmailed Sloan is Sloan and she is long gone.

Sloan asks Nicole if she doesn’t think she’s up to speed on her Salem history. Nicole tells her to get out. Sloan tells Nicole that Eric told her all the gory details of what she did to Sami and that she was obviously as desperate as she was. Sloan says maybe Nicole could extend the same grace that she was once extended. Nicole tells Sloan that she will never let her get away with this.

Stephanie tells Bobby that she and Jada are not going anywhere as they are here for him. Bobby repeats that he does not want them there and screams at them to get out. Bobby opens the door and is surprised to see Marlena arrive. Bobby mocks her coming and tells her to join the circus. Bobby guesses she’s here to scoop him up and deposit him in the loony bin. Marlena argues that he has an illness that needs treatment and he can be helped. Bobby insists that he’s fine. Marlena argues that Everett is not fine. Bobby shouts that he will make sure that Everett is fine. Bobby states that there are ugly things from Everett’s past that the three of them could not understand and that he does not need to face again. Bobby tells them to get it through their heads that Everett doesn’t want or need their help because he has him. Jada and Stephanie question Bobby keeping things from Everett. Bobby repeats that he wants them to leave. Stephanie tries to get through to Everett and says she believes he wants to face his past so he can move forward and that’s why he went to Marlena in the first place. Jada says he knows she’s right. Stephanie adds that she’ll be there for him every step of the way. Bobby repeats for Everett to not listen to her but then starts suffering from a headache. Marlena lays him down and says he will be alright. Bobby argues that he knows what she wants to do to him but they will never see Everett again. Marlena warns him about his blood pressure and says he needs treatment, urging him to do it for Everett. Stephanie says she will get him some water. Jada asks if she’s okay. Stephanie worries about what if she never sees the real Everett again.

Rafe returns to Melinda’s office and tells her that she lied to him because he’s got proof. Rafe says she told him to go catch criminals, so that’s exactly what he’s doing. Rafe then announces Melinda is under arrest and orders her to stand up and put her hands above her head.

Leo runs in to EJ and the baby outside the Brady Pub and greets them. EJ tells him to keep his voice down because the baby is napping and adds that they are changing his name from Jude which Leo questions. Leo says he’s so glad the baby is back where he belongs and that he’s so glad he ran in to them. Leo wants to clarify the terms of the agreement since he doesn’t have to keep his mouth shut about what he knows anymore and asks about keeping the money. EJ wants to end this conversation. Leo warns that what he has to say might change his attitude and might even have EJ sucking up to him. EJ questions what he’s talking about. Leo responds that he’s been thinking that part of the baby switch story doesn’t make sense and questions why EJ would pay him to not tell anyone that he had a kid as that doesn’t make sense and why he wouldn’t want the baby back as soon as he found out about it.

Nicole tells Sloan that all this endless drivel about risking her freedom and she couldn’t live with herself was just a big lie because she doesn’t want to live on the run and she thinks she’s stupid enough to buy her BS. Nicole adds that Sloan doesn’t have to disappear because that’s what prison is for. Sloan calls her a hypocrite. Nicole responds that she’s calling the cops. Sloan goes to run out the door, right as Eric arrives which stops her.

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