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Paulina and Abe have their home decorated for Chanel and Johnny’s going away party. Abe tells Paulina that she looks beautiful as always. Paulina wishes him a happy anniversary and happy Juneteenth, noting those are two of the good things they are celebrating today but questions how she’s going to say goodbye to Chanel. Abe encourages that Paulina raised Chanel to be strong and now she’s happily moving with her husband to a new adventure. Eli then arrives with his twins Jules and Carver to surprise Abe and Paulina.

Chanel closes the Bakery for the final time and walks away crying. Lani arrives in the town square and hugs her.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ questions Stefan following him from room to room like an annoying child desperate for attention. Stefan remarks that the only one around here that should be desperate is EJ. Stefan asks EJ how it went for him to get down on his knees and beg Paulina for his job back. EJ responds that he doesn’t beg and he simply made the case that it would be in her best interest to reinstate him a district attorney. EJ assures it will happen. Stefan warns that if it doesn’t, he will show everyone the DNA results that show Eric Brady is Jude’s father and they both know when that happens, Nicole will dump his ass and the three of them will live as one big happy family. Johnny then walks in and asks what’s going on here.

Chad and Julie arrive at the bank in Chicago, wondering what Clyde stashed in the safety deposit box. Chad says it could be nothing or it could be proof that Abigail is alive. Julie declares they are about to find out. The bank vice president enters and greets them. Chad appreciates him coming on a holiday. Julie says they are just going to see what’s in the box and then they will be out. He remarks that they are always happy to help the DiMera family and then reveals they will just need the combination to open the box. Chad says he’s afraid they don’t have that. He was under the impression it was his box. Chad explains that they were given permission by the owner, Clyde Weston, to access the box. He reveals that’s not the name of the owner on the box. Julie says it’s the name of the person who told them about it. He informs them that the name on the box belongs to Rebecca Goldman. Julie questions who that is, so Chad explains that she is Clyde’s girlfriend and the dirty cop. Chad states that she’s in custody right now. The bank manager tells them that is irrelevant as he’s afraid they can’t open the box without the code.

EJ tells Johnny that nothing out of the ordinary is going on and that they were just discussing DiMera business. Johnny brings up Kristen being the new CEO. Stefan claims he was just ribbing EJ about some additional developments but he wasn’t in the mood to joke about the possibility of losing something which doesn’t really belong to him, which doesn’t have to happen. Johnny questions what that even means. Stefan decides he will go say hi to Jude and get as much time with him as he can while he still has the chance. Stefan then heads upstairs. Johnny calls that weird. EJ responds that he’s getting used to Stefan rambling incoherently and jokes that it might be time for another factory reset. Johnny tells EJ that he’s sorry that Stefan was teasing him about losing the CEO job to Kristen because he knows how much that job meant to him. EJ says he’ll survive and asks how Johnny is doing since Chanel mentioned a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Johnny tells him it was great and they got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which EJ calls exciting. Johnny admits it brought them both to tears. EJ mentions that Nicole wanted to remind them that she stocked an entire shelf in the library of pregnancy books if they want to borrow any. Johnny says to thank her but he doesn’t know if they will get a chance to read them all here. EJ questions what he means. Johnny informs him that he has some news.

Abe and Paulina are thrilled by Eli and the twins surprise arrival. Eli wishes them a happy anniversary and Juneteenth. Eli asks about the decorations but Abe says he’ll tell him about it later. Abe asks about Lani. Eli informs him that she stopped by the bakery to check on her sister.

Chanel and Lani catch up. Lani tells her that Eli took the kids to see Paulina. Chanel is sure that will lift her spirits as it’s been a strange time. Lani questions why Chanel was in tears earlier. Chanel reveals that she has decided to close the Bakery which surprises Lani, who questions the decision. Chanel assures that business is good but announces that she and Johnny are leaving Salem.

Paulina questions Lani going all the way to the Bakery to talk to Chanel instead of looking for her here first. Eli explains that she figured that Chanel would be working at this time of day and she knows there is friction between them. Paulina guesses she should be glad they talked even if they talk about her behind her back. Eli assures that he and Lani know that Paulina did what she had to do to protect her daughter. Eli adds that if anything happened to Jules or Carver, Lani would do the same thing. Paulina is glad Lani understands and says that Chanel does too as they patched things up. Eli says he’s glad to hear that. Paulina says the bad news is that she’s still losing her baby.

Lani questions Chanel and Johnny leaving town. Chanel explains that Johnny received an offer he couldn’t refuse as he’s going to be first A.D. on a film with his favorite director and the film shoots in LA so they have to leave pretty much immediately. Lani is glad that she and Eli decided to come today so they could see her before she goes. Chanel says they can always come visit in LA. Lani is sure they will have a lot going on and it’s easier to get to Salem then across the country. Chanel is happy she’s here now because she needed the support. Lani knows this is a good thing but that it can also be a very stressful time which isn’t good for the baby. Lani asks for any updates on the baby. Chanel informs her that they just heard the heartbeat for the first time. Lani says she’s so happy to hear. Chanel adds that they still won’t know for a little while about the possible exposure to radiation. Chanel says she forgave Paulina and jokes that it’s hard to stay mad at someone who keeps coming at you. Chanel admits she couldn’t leave town with things not being good between them. Lani knows it will be really hard for Paulina to let her go. Chanel is sure that EJ will hate the idea of them leaving Salem.

EJ questions Johnny moving to Los Angeles. Johnny says he will be working with one of his all time favorite directors, who has directed amazing independent films before moving in to the mainstream movie and he’s about to release his second superhero movie. Johnny knows EJ never really approved of his idea of becoming a film maker so he’s not expecting his blessing. EJ gives Johnny his blessing and says they both know at a time, EJ wanted him to follow his footsteps at DiMera but Johnny made it clear that wasn’t his path. Johnny jokes that he can’t blame him after how EJ has been treated there. EJ admires and respects that Johnny stood up and followed his own dreams which Johnny says he did not see coming. EJ tells Johnny that he just wants him to be happy. EJ encourages Johnny that the time you spend with the people you love is very precious so he should make sure every second with them counts or be prepared to live with the regret.

Julie explains to the bank manager that they came all the way from Salem and asks if he can find a way to open the safety deposit box even without the combination. He calls it a rule he cannot make exceptions to and reveals he doesn’t have the combination as that would have to come from the box’s owner. Chad asks them for a minute, so he exits. Julie asks Chad what they are going to do. Chad says they have to get the combination and decides to call Rafe since Goldman is in jail. Chad tells Rafe that he needs his help.

Jada exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Stefan. Jada says she’s glad she ran in to him as she understands that he and Rafe were hoping Clyde would clear Gabi’s name by admitting Gil was Li’s killer. Stefan understands that Clyde refused but Jada explains that Clyde didn’t refuse, he just wanted his charges lessened in return. Jada informs Stefan that she may have a way to get Clyde to tell them what he knows, but she needs Stefan’s help to do it. Stefan asks what kind of help. Jada brings up that Stefan is really good at negotiating deals. Stefan says he’s flattered but he’s not sure what kind of deal she thinks he could make with Clyde since he’s not a cop or a judge. Jada says that wasn’t what she was talking about and reveals that since Stefan shut down Clyde’s drug operation, she wants him to convince Clyde that he wants to start it up again.

Chad gets the combination from Rafe and thanks him, saying he has no idea how much this means to him. Chad hangs up and tells Julie that Rafe convinced his former officer to talk which Julie says is wonderful as the bank manager returns. Chad then presents him with the code, so he leaves them with the safety deposit box to give them some privacy. Chad puts in the code and opens the box, revealing a flash drive inside.

Stefan tells Jada that he doesn’t think this is a good idea. Jada asks why not. Stefan questions why a cop is asking him to engage in illegal activity with a murderer. Jada explains that he could get that murderer on his side and release his wife. Stefan questions thinking Clyde would really trust him. Jada thinks he could convince him that he needs the money. Stefan doesn’t think Clyde is stupid enough to run the same play again. Jada talks about Clyde being greedy and that he would need someone up to speed if he wants to run things on the outside. Stefan questions what Rafe thinks about this. Jada admits he doesn’t know yet but she doesn’t think he would have a problem with it. Stefan says maybe not but he does have a problem with it. Stefan says he wants Gabi out more than anything, especially since finding out she was moved to solitary confinement after getting in a fight with another inmate, but he also wants her alive. Stefan points out that even in super max, Clyde still found a way to hurt Gabi so if he turns on him again, there’s no telling what he would do and he’s not willing to take that risk. Jada asks what if this is Stefan’s only chance but Stefan suggests it’s not so Jada questions what else he has in mind.

Eli questions Chanel and Johnny leaving Salem. Paulina complains that they are moving 2000 miles away in Los Angeles, asking why the director couldn’t shoot his movie in Chicago. Abe remarks that Chicago is not exactly Hollywood. Lani and Chanel then arrive. Lani hugs Paulina and Abe, saying she’s missed them so much. Chanel says she missed Eli and Lani. Eli adds that the twins are sleeping in the back but they will be excited to see her when they wake up. Lani wishes Abe and Paulina a happy anniversary. Abe thanks them for coming. Paulina talks about being thrilled to see them. Lani brings up being worried over Paulina receiving trouble from the Concerned Citizens of Salem. Paulina mentions the petition to have her recalled as Mayor. Abe suggests not talking about politics as today is about family. Johnny arrives and wishes them a happy anniversary and happy Juneteenth. Johnny hugs Lani and Eli, saying he’s so happy to see them. Lani congratulates him on the job. Johnny asks about the twins and Eli tells him they are taking a nap. Paulina comments on Johnny moving Chanel and their baby halfway around the world. Abe points out that it’s not far away. Johnny assures they will have a hell of a guest room and thanks them for the party. Paulina calls it a day to celebrate family and she’s grateful to have her family all under one roof even if it’s just for one day. Johnny hopes that means she won’t mind if he invited someone from his family to join them. Johnny explains he talked to EJ earlier about their move and told him that he was coming here to the party, so EJ asked if he could come. Paulina understands he couldn’t tell him no. EJ then arrives and asks Paulina if there’s any room for him at her table.

Stefan tells Jada that if he had a plan to get Gabi out of prison, he wouldn’t be here talking to her about her plan. Stefan says he’s not willing to do what Jada is asking as he has no interest in getting involved with Clyde Weston again. Jada doesn’t understand since Melinda is holding Gil’s black book hostage and without that, they need something. Stefan says he gets that but repeats that he’s not willing to get involved with Clyde again. Jada knows how desperate he is to get Gabi out of prison which makes her think that he does have something planned and just doesn’t want to tell her about it.

EJ talks to Abe and Paulina about Johnny and Chanel making a great team. EJ acknowledges Chanel giving up a lot to help Johnny chase his dreams. EJ calls it lovely that they can put aside their differences to help send them off. Paulina asks if he means her pending recall. EJ jokes that the concerned citizens are getting restless. Abe points out that the citizens only became concerned after EJ lost his job. Paulina asks if they would be just as concerned if a disgraced district attorney returned to his position. EJ argues that he was hardly disgraced as she fired him over a conflict of interest which no longer exists since he’s not CEO of DiMera anymore now that the board put Kristen in charge, so she has a perfectly legitimate reason to reinstate him. Paulina accuses him of blackmail. EJ calls it quid pro quo which upsets Abe and Paulina, so Eli comes over to ask if everything is okay.

Chad and Julie insert the flash drive in to a laptop to see what it is. They see footage of an empty room but then they see a woman walk in to the footage. Julie wonders if that could be Abigail but they can’t see her face.

Stefan asks Jada what other way he would have of getting Gabi out since without the black book that Melinda is holding, there’s no way of getting Gabi out of prison. Jada points out there is no legal way but she doesn’t think Stefan will let the law stop him. Jada guesses that Stefan is going to bust Gabi out of prison. Stefan admits the thought crossed his mind but he decided against it. Jada is glad to hear that but feels he still has something planned. Stefan says if he did, the less she knows the better. Jada questions him not wanting to help the cops. Stefan says the last time he got help from the cops, his wife ended up in prison for a crime she didn’t commit so he says thanks but no thanks.

EJ tells Eli that Abe and Paulina were just giving him a hard time about Johnny taking Chanel to California, but says that Johnny is chasing his dreams, Chanel supports that, and so does he. EJ adds that the DiMera Jet will be at their disposal to fly to Los Angeles any time they wish. Eli calls that very generous of him. EJ says they are family now. Eli says he didn’t mean to intrude but wanted to say goodbye. Abe says they just got there. Eli explains that Lani will stay but he is going to take the kids to see Julie because they know what would happen if he didn’t stop by. EJ tells Paulina and Abe that he thinks it’s best to put this behind them. EJ asks if Paulina will call Melinda to give her walking papers to her or if he will have to use tough love to get his way.

Eli goes to see Julie at the Horton house. They hug and talk about missing each other. Eli is surprised to see the family photos after the fire. Julie explains that Jack had scanned them digitally and asks what brought Eli to town. Eli says they came to celebrate Juneteenth and Paulina and Abe’s anniversary. Julie asks about the kids. Eli says they are in the kitchen with Doug. Eli tells Julie that he heard she was in Chicago. Julie guesses Doug told him which Eli confirms. Julie states that she had some serious issues to deal with. Eli hopes she dealt with it successfully. Julie responds that she honestly has no idea.

Chad goes to the police station where Jada asks what she can do for him. Chad says he needs to see Clyde right now. Jada reveals that he just missed him as prison transport just picked him up 30 minutes ago and it’s a super max prison so he won’t be allowed any visitors.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion where Stefan threatens to call Nicole to tell her the truth that Eric is her baby daddy. EJ responds that won’t be necessary and announces he has been reinstated as Salem’s district attorney. Stefan congratulates him. EJ declares his first order of business will be to reopen Gabi’s case so that justice may be done.

Paulina calls Melinda and tells her that she’s very sorry but she serves at her pleasure. Paulina knows she talked Melinda in to the position but there is no way she can talk her in to taking it back as her decision is final. Paulina says she can find another place for her at the city hall and suggests head of sanitation but Melinda hangs up on her. Paulina then joins Abe, Lani, Chanel, and Johnny to blow out candles on their cakes. Paulina sees they have three cakes, for their anniversary, for Juneteenth, and for Johnny and Chanel’s bon voyage. Chanel calls it her last chance to bake for them so she got carried away. Paulina calls it a bit untraditional so Lani suggests making a new tradition. Abe thinks they should do something else to honor the day and brings up a poem that is perfect for the occasion. Lani identifies it as “We Rose” which Abe then reads. They then blow out their candles on the cakes.

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