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Eric surprises Marlena in her office at the hospital. Eric mentions checking on Steve, who is aching to get out of the hospital. Marlena says he’s doing well and mentions seeing Eric’s post in the paper that he’s getting a publication divorce. Eric explains that it was EJ’s idea and that EJ is representing him in his divorce as they have a mutual interest to stick it to Sloan. Marlena is sure EJ has no shortage of ways to stick it to people, but reminds him that EJ and Nicole are raising Jude. Marlena questions if Eric wants to spend that much time working with EJ and if it won’t be uncomfortable.

EJ tells Stefan that it went down as planned so Melinda is out and he’s back in. EJ talks about the city council was poised for a recall election and he rescinded the petition. EJ declares that he is reopening the Li Shin murder case. Stefan wants him to do a lot more and declares that Gabi gets her conviction overturned and walks out of prison or else Nicole finds out that Eric is her baby daddy.

At the hospital, Nicole thanks Dr. Mark Greene for seeing Jude even though she feels like she wasted his time by overreacting because of his temperature. Mark says she did what any parent would do. Nicole mentions also having daughter, Holly. Mark identifies Holly’s name as being in the same class as his brother, Aaron. Mark adds that Holly asked Aaron to prom but later rescinded the invitation. Nicole informs him that it’s actually her fault.

Holly goes home to the DiMera Mansion and stops outside when she gets a call from Tate, who says the countdown is on to seeing her later tonight. Holly asks if he’s sure this is going to work because she doesn’t want to think about how much longer she’ll be grounded if they get caught. Tate responds that they should be good as long as she can sneak out of her home without being seen. Tate says as soon as he gets to prom with Sophia and Aaron, he will figure out an excuse to leave. Holly asks about his parents but Tate says to forget them. Tate promises that nothing is going to stop them from having the perfect prom night.

Theresa has a dream about confessing her love to Brady and reuniting with him until Brady wakes her up on the couch in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady informs Theresa that he got her message and she said it was important, so he asks what she wants.

Holly tells Tate that it’s like their parents are in a contest to see who can do the worst job raising them. Tate comments on Theresa thinking Holly is a bad influence when she’s a hot mess herself. Holly asks where they are meeting up tonight. Tate says it will be somewhere special and he will text her the address when he’s getting ready to leave the dance. Holly says she feels sorry about Sophia because she’s so in to him. Holly adds that she hates lying to her best friend. Tate says she didn’t have a choice since Sophia tells her mom everything.

Mark questions Nicole not wanting Holly to go to prom with his brother. Nicole explains that Aaron has nothing to do with it but Holly is grounded and part of her punishment is that she can’t go to prom. Nicole asks if Aaron found another date. Mark says no but he’s going with friends. Nicole blames herself for ruining everyone’s night. Mark understands being in charge of teenagers since he is in charge of his younger siblings. Nicole tells him that she has a pretty good idea that could win them some brownie points.

EJ tells Stefan that he’s getting weary of all the threats. Stefan tells him that he has the power to end that. EJ says clearing Gabi will take some time as he has to convince the judge and file a motion, so it’s a lot. Stefan suggests EJ get to the court house. EJ informs him that the courts are closed today for Juneteenth so Stefan declares that he wants Gabi out of prison tomorrow or else he’s going to tell Nicole. Holly then walks in and asks what he’s going to tell Nicole.

Eric tells Marlena that it was hard handing Jude over to EJ, but he can’t hold anything against him since he is his father. Marlena understands and says nobody would blame him for feeling resentful or uncomfortable around EJ. Eric assures they are only working together temporarily until the divorce goes through. Marlena brings up Eric working with Nicole. Eric asks why that should be a problem. Marlena says that Eric and Nicole have a history of things happening when they work closely together, pointing out that they first fell in love while doing a photoshoot for Titan and then when she was helping him at the church and then they reunited at Basic Black. Marlena wonders if Eric being so close to Nicole now isn’t playing with fire.

Holly tells Stefan and EJ to forget it as she doesn’t care what he’s keeping from her mom since she’s overbearing, controlling, and a real nightmare sometimes. Stefan decides he will give them a moment and exits. Holly repeats to EJ that she doesn’t care. EJ asks what’s going on as he thought she was getting along better with Nicole. Holly says that’s only because Nicole has been more focused on Jude instead of her but complains that she’s been grounded for months and can’t go to prom tonight. EJ guesses that’s why she is extra cranky. Holly calls it unfair. EJ brings up that Holly overdosed and nearly died at the last party she attended. Holly argues that this is just a high school dance, not a drug filled orgy. Holly then says prom isn’t the real issue but that she’s sick of being told what she can and can’t do. Holly suggests EJ warn Nicole that she’s in a bad mood so there will be a reason her door is closed and she has an exam to study for. Nicole then comes home and tells her that she doesn’t. Nicole announces that Holly is going to prom and she’s changed her mind.

Theresa tells Brady that they need to talk about the prom and that they are on the same page about Tate. Theresa declares that she does not want Tate near Holly tonight. Brady doesn’t think she has anything to worry about since Tate has been distancing himself from Holly. Theresa tells him that he has a lot to catch up on since she caught them in this room yesterday. Brady is sure she let them know how she felt about it. Theresa confirms that she did and they came up with excuses that it was a coincidence but she wasn’t buying it. Theresa declares that they need to watch Tate like a hawk tonight.

Aaron meets Tate at the Brady Pub. Aaron talks about spending hours decorating for prom and Tate not helping him. Tate says he got caught up about his night with Holly. Tate asks if Aaron is still comfortable staying with Sophia as he sneaks out to see Holly. Aaron talks about being thrilled to hang out with Sophia and hoping she notices him. Tate encourages him and says he never would’ve said yes to Sophia when she asked him to the dance if his parents didn’t forbid him from seeing Holly. Sophia enters the Brady Pub and overhears them. Aaron adds that Tate also hit Sophia in the face with a football so he owes her which Tate says he still feels bad about. Sophia continues listening from the doorway as Tate talks about how they had the perfect plan for him to take Sophia and Aaron to take Holly, so that way Tate and Holly could still spend some time together. Tate complains about Nicole not letting Holly go and then his parents deciding to chaperone. Aaron can’t believe his parents still won’t come around on Holly. Tate mentions having another huge fight with his mom about Holly but declares that won’t let him stop him from seeing Holly later. Sophia rolls her eyes but then approaches them and greets them as her two dates. Sophia asks about still meeting later. Tate decides he should go get changed and he will see them there.

Brady tells Theresa to lighten up and says he hears Tate is taking Sophia to the prom, so he’s moving on from Holly. Theresa argues that Holly is probably making her big move tonight. Brady mentions hearing that Holly is grounded and not going. Theresa bets that Holly is begging Nicole to go and that Nicole might cave. Theresa sees the time and tells Brady to get dressed and she’ll see him there. Brady says he had plenty of time until she called him over to complain about Holly. Brady tells her that in the future, they can do this over a phone call as he exits the mansion. Theresa then asks herself what she was thinking and tells herself that telling Brady how she feels is too much of a risk and she has too much to lose.

Eric tells Marlena that history won’t repeat itself because Nicole doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. Marlena asks about his feelings. Eric says that’s irrelevant, pointing out that Nicole and EJ are married and a family now. Marlena points out that he didn’t answer her question. Eric asks her to stop with the questions. Marlena apologizes for upsetting him. Eric apologizes and says it’s okay. Marlena invites him to come over tonight for dinner since John is out of town and Brady is chaperoning Tate’s prom, so they could have some time to themselves. Eric agrees on the condition that she does not bring up Nicole which Marlena agrees to as they hug.

Nicole says she knows she told Holly that she couldn’t go to prom but she’s been feeling bad about it for awhile now. Holly remarks that she’s hidden that well. Nicole brings up being worried since Holly’s overdose. EJ jokingly brings up Holly’s comment earlier that it’s a dance, not a drug-filled orgy, then apologizes. Nicole sarcastically thanks him and says she knows that which is why she wants Holly to go. Holly thanks her and says she appreciates it but she thinks she’s just going to stay in and study tonight. Nicole questions why she would do that. Holly points out that she doesn’t have a prom dress. Nicole is sure she can find something in her closet. Holly adds that she doesn’t have a date. Nicole brings up Aaron Greene. Holly is sure she has another date by now but Nicole reveals that her brother Mark told her that he does not. Nicole mentions Jude having a slight fever earlier. EJ questions him just hearing about this for the first time. Nicole assures that Jude is fine and tells Holly that there’s still time, revealing that Mark gave her Aaron’s number so they could call him now.

Aaron thanks Sophia for letting him tag along with her and Tate. Sophia says it’s fine. Aaron talks about setting up the prom and how everyone would think he’s a loser for not having a date, so he thanks her. Sophia blows it off. Aaron then gets a call and doesn’t recognize the number, so he answers the call and it’s Nicole, mentioning that she got his number from his brother Mark. Nicole states that Holly had a question for him and hands her the phone. Sophia listens angrily as Holly tells Aaron that it turns out she can go to prom after all if he still wants to go with her. Aaron says sure and they agree to meet soon. Holly hangs up and tells Nicole that he said yes. Nicole is so glad it worked out and excitedly tells Holly that she’s going to have so much fun tonight as she hugs her.

Sophia thought Holly was grounded, so she questions her asking Aaron if she can’t go. Aaron guesses Nicole changed her mind. Sophia says he must be excited since now they can have a proper date. Aaron clarifies that they are just friends but says the four of them should definitely still hang out. Sophia sarcastically says she’s glad Holly can go and remarks that it’s going to be a night to remember.

Holly exits the living room and frantically calls Tate. Holly tells Tate that the universe hates them since Nicole suddenly decided that she can go to prom and made her call Aaron to ask him to be her date. Holly says it was awkward since Nicole was standing there so she had no choice. Tate says they’ll just go back to the original plan of the four of them. Holly asks about his parents chaperoning and watching them so they won’t even be able to dance together. Tate tells Holly that he’ll figure something out and he’ll see her at the dance as he hangs up. Brady then walks in and questions who was on the phone.

EJ is so glad that Nicole had a change of heart, feeling that Holly has made such an effort to show she can be responsible and she’s earned their trust. Nicole thinks so too but she’s a little surprised that Holly wasn’t more excited. EJ assures that Holly wants nothing more than to be at the dance and he’s very proud of her for letting her go. EJ and Nicole kiss until Stefan walks back in and asks if they are celebrating EJ’s new job, remarking that suddenly what’s old is new again. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. Stefan questions EJ not telling her. EJ says he was about to and then informs Nicole that he is once again district attorney. Nicole asks if he’s serious as she thought he wanted to run for Mayor. EJ says he was going to but Paulina had a change of heart once the conflict of interest with DiMera Enterprises vanished. Nicole guesses Melinda can’t be happy about that. Stefan says that he’s ecstatic. Nicole calls it nice of him to support EJ. Stefan then adds that EJ has agreed to reopen Gabi’s case. Stefan guesses everyone around here is having a change of heart.

Tate claims to Brady that Aaron was on the phone, telling him that Nicole is letting Holly go to the dance so he’s taking her and he and Sophia are meeting them there. Brady reminds Tate that he’s not supposed to be seeing Holly. Tate tells Brady that Holly and Sophia are friends so they are going to want to party together and asks him to be cool about this. Brady says he is but brings up Theresa. Brady then adds that they will be watching him like a hawk. Tate says he needs to finish getting ready and thanks him as he heads back to his room. Brady declares this is going to make Theresa’s head explode. Marlena and Eric come home. Marlena tells Brady that she’s glad they got there as she promised John pictures for prom. Theresa then arrives and joins Brady. Brady puts Theresa’s corsage on her as they joke together. Theresa asks where Tate is. Brady says he’s getting dressed but he needs to warn her as he doesn’t want her to freak out but it seems Theresa predicted the future as Nicole decided to let Holly go to the prom.

Mark and Aaron go to the DiMera Mansion and meet EJ. Mark mentions meeting Johnny and Chanel. Nicole says even though it’s last minute, she’s glad Aaron could go and it’s good that she ran in to his brother. Holly then comes in and says it’s the best she could do on short notice. Nicole encourages that she looks beautiful and hugs her.

Sophia goes to John and Marlena’s. Theresa praises Sophia’s dress and Sophia praises Theresa’s. Theresa says she approves of her, calling her leagues above the other girls that Tate has dated. Tate then comes in. Theresa and Marlena tell him he looks so handsome. Tate tells Sophia that she looks amazing. Sophia thanks him and asks if Aaron told him the news about Holly. Tate confirms he called and is pretty stoked. Sophia remarks that Aaron and Holly get to spend prom together after all and calls it such a surprise. Sophia sarcastically comments that she’s so happy for them.

Holly tells Aaron that he could’ve come up with an excuse while Aaron says he was confused and thought it was part of their plan. Holly says at least she doesn’t have to find a reason to sneak out of her house. Nicole asks if they are ready to take pictures which they go along with.

Theresa apologizes to Tate for going off about Holly last night and she really hopes he can forgive her. Tate says it’s fine as they hug. Theresa says she’s so happy to experience this prom moment with him, commenting that he and Sophia make such a cute couple. Tate tells her not to get ahead of herself, so Theresa apologizes. Marlena declares it’s picture time and asks Eric to do the honors. Eric then takes photos of Tate and Sophia.

Stefan takes photos of Holly and Aaron at the DiMera Mansion.

Eric finishes taking photos so Brady says it’s time to get going. Sophia approaches Theresa and asks if she can talk to her for a minute. Theresa asks if everything is alright. Sophia responds that there’s something she should know. After they leave for prom, Marlena sits with Eric and calls it funny that Tate is smiling in all the pictures but she can tell in his eyes that it’s not what’s in his heart. Eric asks if she thinks he’s still hung up on Holly. Marlena guesses Tate’s love life is not her business, like Eric’s.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. Nicole hopes this is a new beginning for her and Holly. EJ encourages that it will be. Stefan comes back in and says he just forwarded Nicole and EJ the pictures from earlier. Nicole says they are great while EJ looks at his phone and sees a warning to clear Gabi tomorrow or else. Nicole tells Stefan that he’s the best and asks if that’s everything. Stefan remarks that if he comes across anything she should see, he’ll send it right to her…

Tate and Sophia arrive at the prom. Sophia comments that Aaron did a great job. Tate talks about Aaron being a great guy. Sophia hopes Holly knos that and then stops to take a selfie with Tate. Aaron and Holly then arrive as well. Tate tells Holly that he heard the good news and he’s really glad she could make it. Sophia claims she’s glad too and hugs Holly. Brady and Theresa come over and asks what they are all doing out here instead of in the gym. Theresa suggests Tate get Sophia some punch. Tate says he’ll see them in there as they head inside. Theresa tells Holly and Aaron that she hopes they have fun tonight. Holly thanks her. Theresa then warns Holly to keep her distance from Tate or she will eject her from the prom as Holly and Aaron then head inside. Brady asks if that was really necessary. Theresa responds that it was because Tate and Holly are up to something.

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