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Melinda questions Rafe telling her that she’s arrested and tries to laugh it off but Rafe reveals that he just spoke to Eric which got her attention. Rafe argues that Melinda lied to him about kidnapping Nicole’s baby and the so called adoption when the truth is, she was in it up to her neck.

Leo tells EJ that he’s been thinking that part of the baby switch story doesn’t make sense and questions why EJ would pay him to not tell anyone that he had a kid as that doesn’t make sense and why he wouldn’t want the baby back as soon as he found out about it. EJ says he wouldn’t expect Leo to understand his reasoning. Leo insists there must be a method that he’s not quite clued in to. Leo asks EJ why he paid him all that money just to keep him from his own son.

Nicole tells Sloan that all this endless drivel about risking her freedom and she couldn’t live with herself was just another lie because she doesn’t want to live on the run and she thinks she’s stupid enough to buy her BS. Nicole adds that Sloan doesn’t have to disappear because that’s what prison is for. Sloan calls her a hypocrite. Nicole responds that she’s calling the cops. Sloan goes to run out the door, right as Eric arrives which stops her. Eric questions what the hell she’s doing there.

Stefan and Kristen sit in the town square together. Kristen complains about the food options while Stefan reminds her they are here to talk. Kristen questions why they couldn’t talk at the mansion. Stefan says they couldn’t with EJ around. Kristen then asks what is so urgent that he had to subject her to this low class eatery. Stefan informs Kristen that he went to pay a visit to Melinda Trask and since she’s back in the district attorney’s office, he thought maybe she would help reopen Gabi’s case but instead she totally screwed him.

Melinda questions Rafe saying she was up to her neck and argues that’s not grounds for an arrest. Rafe brings up that Melinda told him that she wasn’t directly involved in giving Nicole’s baby to Sloan and Eric, but Eric just told him that she was the one who handed him off to them. Rafe questions how Melinda got Jude in the first place. Melinda argues that anything she did legally for Sloan falls under attorney-client privilege. Rafe declares that he’s taking Melinda downtown to book her for kidnapping.

EJ questions Leo caring where money in his pocket came from or why it’s there. Leo says he’s heard stories about suitcases full of cash that mysteriously find their way in to EJ’s possession. Leo remarks that Lady Whistleblower knows all. EJ says he will tell Leo the truth. Leo says he’ll be the judge of that. EJ claims that he didn’t want Nicole to know there was a possibility of this being their son until he was sure and after everything she’s been through, he did not want her hopes dashed again which is why he paid Leo. EJ declares that he wanted to make sure if this baby was in Nicole’s arms, she would never have to give him up again.

Eric demands an answer as to what Sloan is doing at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole responds that she showed up out of nowhere and wanted a truce but she told her to go to Hell and that she’s calling the cops right now. Eric stops Sloan as Nicole calls Rafe, telling him that Sloan is at her house so he needs to get there right away and arrest her.

Roman is at the Brady Pub, reminiscing on meeting Jude. Kate approaches and tells Roman that she’s been calling his name for two minutes. Roman apologizes and guesses his head is elsewhere which Kate questions. Roman then informs Kate that EJ was just there picking up lunch and he had Jude with him, who was his grandson.

Leo questions EJ paying him off all for Nicole’s benefit. EJ asks if Leo is doubting his love for his wife. Leo says he’s kind of doubting his love for his son and asks why EJ didn’t just ask him to keep the truth to himself. EJ responds that Leo has a tendency to blurt, so he thought it was wise to offer him a financial incentive to keep quiet. EJ adds that he won’t ask for it back and calls it a token of good will. Leo mocks him bursting at the seems with good will. EJ then tells Leo that he’s going to take his son to see his wife.

Eric warns Sloan not to move as Nicole says she just left a message for Rafe, so he should be there as soon as he hears it. Eric tells Sloan that she’s going to pay for what she did to them. Sloan shouts that she’s already paying for what she’s done and no punishment could be worse than losing Eric or the baby that made them a family. Sloan brings up that Eric once said his faith in God was still in him and how importance forgiveness was. Sloan adds that Eric quoted a passage from the bible that said “If your brother or sister sins against you, forgive them. If they repent, forgive them.” Sloan says Eric went on to explain how forgiveness comes from the heart.

Kristen says that Stefan basically handed Melinda a smoking gun but Stefan says Melinda argued it wasn’t enough and they needed more evidence to reopen the case. Kristen questions why Melinda is fighting this, pointing out that she dated Li so she’d think she would want justice for him.

Rafe begins reading Melinda her rights. Melinda warns him not to do that. Rafe shouts that she’s a criminal, complicit in the kidnapping of a baby and she will be punished for that. Melinda asks even if it’s at his sister’s expense?

Sloan understands that it’s impossible for Eric and Nicole to forgive her as she can’t even forgive herself. Sloan says the only thing getting her through is knowing that she did it out of love. Eric complains that she let him fall in love with a child that didn’t even belong to him. Sloan admits she hoped no one would ever find that out. Eric calls it foolish, cruel, and deluded. Sloan says he doesn’t understand because that’s not the whole story.

Kristen wonders why Melinda is playing hard ball and how they get her to reopen Gabi’s case. Stefan says it’s not just about getting Gabi out of prison but also about Kristen securing the CEO position at DiMera. Kristen says she’s thinking and then says she’s got it. Kristen says it’s not about getting more evidence which will be tricky and damn near impossible. Kristen brings up Melinda having a crush on Stefan at one time, so she suggests Stefan rekindle that attraction with her. Stefan asks what exactly Kristen is saying. Kristen tells Stefan to get Melinda to think he’s a man with needs since his wife is unavailable. Stefan questions her wanting him to seduce Melinda.

Rafe asks Melinda what stealing Nicole’s baby has to do with his sister. Melinda tells Rafe that Stefan came to see her and directed her towards some evidence pertaining to the murder of Li Shin. Rafe says he’s seen it and calls it compelling evidence which he hopes to use to clear his sister. Melinda states that it could, if he could get his hands on it.

Eric questions Sloan saying it’s not the whole story. Sloan thinks back to telling EJ that it was Nicole’s baby but not his as Eric is the biological father. Sloan then tells Eric that there’s more to it but EJ comes home and calls out to Nicole. EJ then enters the living room to find Eric and Sloan and asks what the hell. Nicole tells EJ that Sloan came to apologize and is now telling Eric that there’s more to the story. EJ notices Nicole’s hand so she admits that she punched Sloan in the jaw. EJ doesn’t want to hear Sloan’s rest of the story and he wants her out of his house and in to a prison cell. EJ declares that he is going to escort Sloan out to make sure she is taken to the authorities and instructs Eric to get some ice for Nicole’s hand. Sloan pulls away from EJ to tell Eric that she’s sorry and she loves him. Eric says bye to Sloan as EJ walks her out.

Kate tells Roman that she’s sorry as she knows how painful it had to be to see Jude. Roman says he’s mostly in pain for Eric. Kate guesses Eric is going through Hell. Roman says that Eric is trying to stay stoic but he thinks he’s channeling his grief in to the search for Sloan. Roman adds that he knew Sloan was bad news from the moment she told him she didn’t like the Brady Pub chowder. Roman hopes that Sloan and anyone else involved in hurting Eric gets what’s coming to them. Leo then enters the Pub. Leo grabs a menu and asks Roman for today’s specials. Roman offers a knuckle sandwich but Leo selects the famous Brady Pub chowder. Roman refuses Leo service which he questions. Kate informs Leo as Roman adds that Eric told them everything including Leo blackmailing Sloan to support his shopping sprees while knowing the child they were raising was Nicole’s. Roman asks how pathetic it is to profit off the misery of other people. Roman declares that is why Leo is not welcome in the Pub.

EJ takes Sloan out of the DiMera Mansion and questions her telling Eric and Nicole that there was more to the story and if she was going to blurt out the truth that Eric is the father. Sloan argues that he deserves to know. EJ reminds her that they had an ironclad deal where he would pay her a lot of money and she would leave town. EJ warns that if she opens her big mouth and tells anyone about the child’s paternity, he will make her life a living Hell. Sloan questions what good all the money is if any knock on the door could be the police. Sloan thought she could get reassurance from talking to Nicole which EJ mocks the idea of. Sloan explains that she thought Nicole would understand why she did what she had to do and maybe she would tell the cops to back off, but she punched her in the face and called the cops. EJ tells her that she’s lucky Nicole didn’t kill her with her bare hands. EJ orders Sloan to take the money and disappear forever.

Eric comments to Nicole that it was pretty intense with Sloan and apologizes. Nicole understands it can’t be easy for him either but assures that she’ll be fine when she knows Sloan paid for what she did to her. Eric says her and her friend Melinda Trask which Nicole questions. Eric explains that he ran in to Rafe, who said that Melinda tried to pass off a lie that she wasn’t involved so he set him straight on that.

Rafe questions what Melinda means by if he can get his hands on the black book when she has it. Melinda points out that she has it and no one else knows where it is. Melinda argues that she’s just trying to do what’s right for everyone involved. Rafe questions her blackmailing him and thinking that’s right. Melinda remarks that she’s just holding on to the book for safe keeping so nothing happens to it..

Stefan questions Kristen thinking he can just get Melinda in bed and then the black book becomes enough evidence after all. Kristen repeats that Melinda did have a thing for him and Stefan will be highly motivated to make her happy. Stefan asks if she’s forgotten that he’s doing this to get Gabi out of prison. Kristen then points out that all that passion for his wife didn’t stop him from sleeping with Ava. Kristen comments that he looks a bit shocked. Stefan calls that a crazy accusation. Kristen argues that he knows it’s the truth and says it’s not crazy since Ava is a very attractive woman and they were in such close proximity for awhile. Stefan questions how she knew. Kristen responds that she knows all. Stefan asks again how she knew. Kristen remarks that he’s more discreet but Ava is not so much. Kristen says in Ava’s defense, she literally just spilled out when she spoke to her about Li’s murder and hoping she could help clear Gabi. Kristen laughs about and comments on him looking racked with guilt. Stefan says he is. Kristen states that he’s human. Stefan warns her about ever telling anyone about it. Kristen asks who she’s going to tell and says he should be worried about Ava telling somebody else. Kristen guesses if Gabi finds out, there will be Hell to pay.

Rafe questions Melinda expecting him to let her off the hook in this horrifying kidnapping scheme in exchange for protecting evidence that could free Gabi. Melinda doesn’t see the problem since Sloan is the actual perpetrator of the crime. Rafe argues that she didn’t act alone. Melinda remarks that if she was involved, all he could do is charge her as an accessory. Melinda adds that it all ended well anyways since Nicole’s baby is back in her arms. Melinda declares that if Rafe wants Gabi to have a chance at freedom with the help of the black book, he will tell everyone that she was never anywhere near that baby.

Nicole and Eric look over the baby as Eric recalls the naps he used to take. Eric admits this is hard for him and decides he should go check up with EJ to make sure Sloan is taken care of. Eric tells Nicole that she needs to make up for lost time with her son. Eric then exits the room.

Leo complains of Roman’s serious accusation to suggest he would stoop to blackmailing someone for his own personal gain. Roman says that’s usually how blackmail works. Leo claims to be opposed to blackmail. Leo decides he will leave then. Roman warns that he’s guilty so he will not get away with this. Leo argues that he had nothing to do with the baby being taken from his parents or returned to them but that’s a happy ending. Leo adds that according to his research, 28,000 babies are switched a year. Leo then asks how he heard that he was blackmailing Sloan. Roman informs him that he heard it from Eric, who heard it from Sloan. Leo argues that Sloan would probably say he stole the baby himself if she could get away with it. Kate then asks if Leo did steal the baby. Leo thinks back to arguing with Sloan. Leo then says he did not kidnap the baby and asks what he would do with the baby. Leo argues that they can’t believe a word Sloan says because she would do anything to protect herself.

Eric exits the DiMera Mansion and finds EJ unconscious on the ground.

Stefan tells Kristen that he loves his wife and his only concern is getting her out of prison. Stefan declares that they are never going to talk about what happened with Ava again as he calls it a mistake that he will never do again with anyone. Stefan states that Gabi is his wife and soulmate and he loves her with his whole heart. Stefan promises that he will never betray her again. Kristen guesses he won’t sleep with Melinda then. Stefan confirms he will not and says they will have to come up with another way to get Gabi out of prison.

Melinda tells Rafe not to look so glum since he’ll be getting everything he wants as he hates Gabi being stuck in prison. Rafe tells her to stop talking about his sister but points out that he never said he wasn’t arresting her. Melinda tells him to go ahead then and she’ll go quietly, but remarks that she hopes Gabi doesn’t mind that he’s so concerned with bringing her to justice that he couldn’t get any for her. Rafe tells her to give him the evidence when he needs it. Melinda agrees if she gets immunity for herself. Rafe warns that she better keep her word because if Gabi continues to serve time for a murder she didn’t commit, he will find a way to lock Melinda up in jail and throw away the key.

Leo argues that they both know Sloan would think nothing of sullying his good name and with no one to corroborate her claims, it’s just a rumor. Roman complains that Leo doesn’t generally make much sense so not responding to his BS is his default. Kate warns that he better hope they don’t find Sloan because she will definitely drag him down with her. Leo declares that he won’t be dragged down by Sloan or anyone else. Leo complains further and then exits the Pub.

Nicole watches over her son and talks about dreaming of him every night. Nicole talks about having a sense that he wasn’t gone. Nicole thinks back to when she stole Jude from the town square. Nicole states that he was very much alive in her heart and soul. Nicole cries that she’s so glad to have him back. Nicole then declares that she will make sure that Sloan pays for taking him away from her.

Eric checks on EJ, who claims that Sloan hit him over the head and he thinks she got away. Eric says maybe he can still catch her and runs off. Sloan then returns from around the corner and thanks EJ. EJ tells her to just get the hell out of here and to never darken his doorstep again, so she then exits.

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