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Melinda packs a box of EJ’s personal belongings from the district attorney’s office. Stefan arrives and says he’s surprised EJ left things there. Melinda says she was going to send them via messenger but since Stefan’s there, he can deliver them to his brother. Melinda then asks if she can help him with something. Stefan says he actually came by to congratulate her. Melinda says she can’t say that felt entirely genuine. Stefan asks why not since he helped push EJ out and is part of the reason she got the job. Melinda points out that he’s also a DiMera and says she lost the job once so she has no intention of letting it go again. Melinda warns Stefan that if he even thinks about doing to her what he did to EJ, he will find a very dangerous enemy.

Bonnie enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie hugs her and says it feels like it’s been forever as she asks where she has been. Bonnie says she’s just been lying low and talks about how it’s been at the mansion, commenting on Maggie being generous to let the Hortons move in. Maggie says it was lively. Bonnie calls it peace and quiet at last with just Maggie and Konstantin and her and Justin having the place to themselves. Alex and Theresa then arrive.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks how their baby boy is doing. Nicole calls him perfect. EJ talks about being hardly able to believe their son is alive. Nicole calls it the answer to their prayers. EJ points out that Nicole knew it all along. Nicole recalls feeling it in her heart. EJ says he will forever be sorry for not believing her and asks if she can ever forgive him. Nicole assures that she does since EJ couldn’t have known and that she had a connection just because she carried Jude inside of her. Nicole says it’s not EJ’s fault and there’s only one person to blame for what happened.

Eric and Rafe head inside to Eric’s apartment and Sloan is gone. Rafe asks if the place was like this when he left. Eric says no and goes to check the bedroom. Eric returns and notes that all her things are gone. Rafe then finds the necklace with Jude’s birthstone that Eric gave Sloan for Mother’s Day. Eric guesses that Sloan took off and can’t believe she just left. Rafe says she has to know that running will just make her situation worse. Rafe assures they will find her. Rafe then makes a call to put out an APB on Sloan Peterson.

Maggie tells Alex and Theresa that she wasn’t expecting them so soon. Alex remarks that he didn’t know they need an appointment to walk in to their home. Bonnie is surprised to learn that they are moving in. Maggie questions Alex not telling Justin. Alex says they weren’t able to connect but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Bonnie talks about how Justin has missed Alex so she’s sure he will be thrilled to be under the same roof. Alex mentions that he will be pretty busy but he’s sure they will connect soon. Maggie asks where their things are. Alex says movers are on the way so they should probably let Henderson know. Theresa thanks Maggie for her hospitality and says it means so much. Maggie tells her that she’s so happy she will be living there and hugs her.

Stefan tells Melinda that he doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot as his only interest is proving his wife is innocent of a murder she didn’t commit. Stefan says EJ had little interest in righting that wrong. Melinda says she’s just getting settled back in to the job and hasn’t looked in to any cases. Stefan just wants Melinda to follow the law. Melinda asks out of curiosity why EJ didn’t help him. Stefan responds that EJ had his own personal agenda, but he believes Melinda is an honorable public servant and it could curry favor with Rafe. Melinda points out that she does not work for Rafe. Stefan thinks it would be quite a start for her to bring justice to Li’s real killer. Melinda repeats that she hasn’t had a chance to look at the files yet. Stefan asks if she could look it over now and says he’s sure that she will find the new evidence that Rafe found is compelling and overwhelming. Melinda gives in and says she thinks she remembers seeing the file around somewhere which she then finds. Stefan asks if that means she will review it.

Rafe says on the phone to let him know when someone finds Sloan and he wants updates every 30 minutes as he hangs up. Eric argues that this doesn’t make sense since Sloan left her passport, driver’s license, and her keys. Rafe says she obviously left in a hurry which leads him to believe that she would have left a clue. Rafe assures that he has officers at the airport and bus stations. Eric declares that he just wants him to find her so this can be over with. Rafe assures that they will and asks when Eric last saw Sloan. Eric assumes she left after he took Jude to Nicole so it’s been maybe a couple of hours. Rafe assures that the Salem PD will explore every avenue they have.

Nicole complains to EJ that they will never get back the time that Sloan took from them and she knows holding Jude will make things better, but she can’t stop thinking about what they lost and how they suffered. EJ encourages that Jude will heal them and it will just take time. Nicole says she can’t stop thinking about all the questions she has about the details of that night. EJ calls it confusing to say the least. Nicole says after the accident, she trusted Dimitri to take her baby to the hospital because saving him was all that mattered but they got there and no one knew what was going on. EJ thinks they were all just in shock and recalls the doctor telling them that their baby had died and been accidentally cremated so they couldn’t even say goodbye. Nicole says that was awful and she thought she lost everything. Nicole never thought her life would be whole again but EJ encourages that it is now. EJ says as far as how it all went down, Eric and Rafe will make sure that Sloan faces the consequences. Nicole asks what about the doctor and Dimitri since they owe them answers too. Nicole declares that she doesn’t think Sloan pulled this off by herself as she had to have had help.

Melinda looks over the file and calls it interesting reading as this has twists, turns, and a cliffhanger. Stefan assures her that every piece of evidence in the folder has been investigated and the bloody fingerprint on the black book was ran by Rafe himself. Melinda points out that Rafe is the brother of the accused and says she can’t take anything as fact until her office runs it’s own investigation. Stefan argues that she has to admit the evidence is in Gabi’s favor which Melinda questions. Melinda tells Stefan that Gabi was found guilty of a crime by a jury of her peers and as much as Stefan and Rafe want to paint her as innocent, that doesn’t make it true. Stefan questions if she’s going to review the case or if he needs to go over her head.

Alex informs Maggie that their plan is to move in to the East wing now that the Hortons are gone. Maggie says that Henderson is cleaning it out now. Alex says he’ll alert him to set up their rooms. Theresa questions him as she thought they were sharing a room. Alex calls it a massive space and says they’ll have their own rooms and share a room since there’s no more cramped apartment living and Theresa can have the giant walk-in closet she always dreamed of. Alex calls Theresa someone with the Kiriakis heir which Theresa questions. Alex points out that they haven’t really defined themselves and aren’t in to labels these days. Theresa thanks Maggie again as she and Alex exit together. Bonnie and Maggie question what that was all about.

EJ tells Nicole that there are so many lingering questions about that night and perhaps there always will be, but when he looks in to Jude’s eyes, nothing else matters. EJ says they need to count their blessings and focus on being the best parents they can be. Nicole says she knows and she’s trying, but every time she thinks of Sloan, she wants to wrap her hands around her neck. Nicole agrees that she can’t let her anger take away this moment. Nicole and EJ watch over Jude. Nicole talks about Jude needing a mom and how they’ve wasted enough time. Eric and Rafe then arrive and say they are sorry to interrupt. EJ asks if they’ve brought in Sloan but Rafe says no because she’s gone without a trace.

Bonnie tells Maggie that she just got off the phone with Justin, who was surprised to hear that Alex was moving back in. Bonnie says Justin will be happy to spend more time with Alex but voiced concerns about the corrosive nature of the Kiriakis fortune. Maggie shares that concern and is counting on Justin to be a good influence on Alex. Alex and Theresa return. Theresa talks about everything being right and never having a personal maid unpack her things. Alex says they will be joining them for dinner. Alex says he’s going to check out the stable and suggests to Theresa they can go for a swim later. Alex exits as Theresa remarks that she could really get used to this.

Melinda tells Stefan that she is not EJ or some toady from DiMera Enterprises, she is the district attorney and won’t be pushed around. Stefan argues that he wasn’t doing that and was attempting to apply pressure. Stefan says he is very anxious to bring his wife home. Melinda understands it must be terrible having her locked up away from him and her daughter. Stefan says they can right that wrong together. Stefan knows their past hasn’t always been pleasant but he needs her to know that he holds her and the office in the utmost respect. Melinda says she appreciates that. Stefan brings up Melinda saying she’s committed to making Salem a safer place which would include getting innocent women out of prison and killers off the street. Melinda explains that she has no personal issue with reopening the case as long as the facts check out, but they both know that only a judge can make that decision. Stefan asks if she’s willing to take it to court. Melinda points out that the court is awfully backed up at the moment. Stefan asks Melinda to just do her best and he will wait as long as it takes. Melinda responds that he might be waiting forever.

Nicole questions not knowing where Sloan went. Eric explains that she took off while he was bringing Jude over and feels he should’ve called the police first. Nicole encourages that Eric did the right thing. EJ agrees that Jude is their priority. EJ says they all hope that Sloan faces the consequences but that’s out of their hands. Rafe says they have put out an APB but so far, she has eluded them. Rafe doesn’t know what Sloan was thinking. Nicole thinks she didn’t want to face the consequences, so she ran like a coward. EJ questions why Rafe is here wasting valuable time when he could be out finding Sloan and bringing her in. Rafe reveals he actually has questions for EJ. EJ is not sure how he could be of assistance. Nicole asks how EJ would know anything about where Sloan is. Rafe points out that Sloan took off without her passport, driver’s license, even her credit cards and her car is still there, so she left with nothing. Nicole suggests maybe she plans to go in to hiding and chang her identity as she’s changed her name before. Rafe points out that no one was looking for her before and questions thinking she has the resources to stay in hiding. EJ admits he wouldn’t suppose so. EJ then flashes back to giving Sloan everything she needs to start a new life including a driver’s license, social security number, passport, and a flight ticket along with the details of an offshore account, funded to last her a lifetime. EJ reminded Sloan that she would never want for anything as long as she promised never to return to Salem or tell anyone that Eric is Jude’s biological father. Rafe then tells EJ that he tends to agree that Sloan was resourceful but not exactly flushed with cash. Eric doesn’t even know how she got that far. Rafe notes that Sloan’s resources are so limited but EJ’s are not.

Stefan asks Melinda why he’d have to wait forever for his wife’s case to be reopened when Melinda is sitting on evidence that an innocent woman is sitting in prison and asks if she wants justice. Melinda assures that she wants justice for Li Shin but admits that she believes he already got it. Stefan argues that his wife is not a killer which Melinda calls debatable. Melinda brings up the motive as everyone knows Gabi hated Li for blackmailing her for months. Melinda adds that Gil didn’t even know Li. Stefan calls him a known criminal which Melinda says Gabi is too. Stefan tells Melinda that she is wrong about this. Melinda supposes it’s possible and she’s open that things might change but what he has is not enough to reopen the case or free Gabi. Melinda says goodbye to Stefan and asks him to close the door on his way out.

Maggie tells Theresa to let her know if she needs anything as she wants her to feel at home. Theresa thanks her for being so kind and she’s so grateful that she can be somewhere where she doesn’t have to worry about rent. Maggie is glad to help and says she knows about her struggles and about Brady, Tate, and her career. Maggie hopes Theresa takes this time to figure out what she wants to do next. Bonnie remarks that Alex seems to know exactly what he wants to do next. Theresa calls him so confident while Bonnie points out that he’s also so rich. Maggie advises Theresa to be careful because money has a way of changing people. Maggie adds that she will speak with Alex about a family matter that needs to be addressed, so she exits. Bonnie tells Theresa that she reminds her of herself since when she first walked in, she had her eyes on the Kiriakis cash too and tried to marry Victor to get it, but it’s different with Justin. Theresa asks if she’s accusing her of being a gold digger. Bonnie remarks that there’s nothing wrong with marrying a man and his money as long as you’re not conning someone like Konstantin, who she advises Theresa to stay away from. Bonnie adds that as far as she’s concerned, as long as Theresa loves Alex as much as she loves his money then she should go for it.

EJ questions what his resources have to do with Sloan’s escape. Nicole questions what Rafe is asking. Rafe explains that he’s just saying the DiMeras have access to more funds than Sloan or even the police department could reach. Eric guesses Rafe is thinking someone DiMera-like helped Sloan disappear. Nicole still doesn’t understand. Rafe suggests that if they want Sloan found, EJ should reach out to his contacts who might have knowledge on her disappearance. EJ asks if Rafe wants their help in case it goes beyond the scope of the law. Rafe says he didn’t say that but would like some answers. Nicole says whatever he needs while EJ agrees to make some calls. Rafe says he needs to get back to the station and offers Eric a ride. Nicole stops Eric and asks if he wants to say hi to Jude but Eric doesn’t want to wake him up. Eric then exits with Rafe. Rafe asks if Eric is alright. Eric says yeah but then admits he’s not. Rafe knows it’s hard. Eric responds that Jude is where he’s supposed to be. Rafe tells Eric that he felt that pain when he had to turn David over after raising him for months. Eric says it doesn’t feel real as Jude feels like his son. Rafe says it will feel that way for awhile. Rafe encourages that he’s been through it and he wants Eric to know he’s here for whatever he needs. Eric says he appreciates that. Rafe adds that he hated being told this all the time, but it’s true that it will get better over time.

Nicole tells EJ that he’s right that she cannot give any more of this energy to Sloan and she will get what she deserves while they need to focus on Jude. EJ is glad to hear her say that because they have a lot of work to do, starting with rebuilding the nursery. Nicole thanks EJ. EJ says anything to make Jude’s transition as smooth as possible. EJ then brings up that they do need to talk about her job. Nicole admits she hasn’t really thought about it. EJ urges Nicole to be honest with herself about what she wants. Nicole admits she can’t really see herself leaving Jude right now which EJ had a feeling she would say. Nicole agrees to talk to Chad about maternity leave. EJ says he knows Nicole loves her job, but she needs to take advantage of this happy time. Nicole says she will and she feels so lucky but also a little guilty because now she has everything and Eric lost everything when he’s wanted to be a father for so long and has had so many disappointments while now this child has been ripped away from him. EJ states that he feels for Eric, but this is their son while Eric was misled and duped. EJ says the happiness they are experiencing now should have been theirs all along.

Alex goes back in to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains to Maggie that the stables looked horrible and are in need of renovation, questioning when she last had someone inspect out there. Maggie admits she can’t say for sure. Alex informs her that he has an architect to come up with a whole new plan and build it from scratch. Alex adds that he can get a Titan construction crew to get started right away. Maggie tells him that there will be no construction on the grounds until after the weddings. Alex questions that being plural. Maggie informs him that Sarah and Xander are engaged and calls it wonderful. Alex hopes he and Theresa will be invited to the wedding since they are family and they know Victor would want everyone to get along.

Rafe goes to Melinda’s office. Melinda asks if Rafe is here to talk about his sister. Rafe says not yet but promises they will have that conversation very soon. Rafe informs Melinda that he’s here to talk about the disappearance of Sloan Peterson.

Maggie tells Alex that they are family and she thinks they can find a way to co-exist in the house because that’s what family does, but she wants to be clear about their boundaries. Maggie tells Alex that she’s not going to roll over for his every wish because he’s the Kiriakis heir. Maggie promises that Victor wouldn’t want Alex disrespecting her or anyone he cared about. Alex asks if that’s a warning. Maggie says no and that she just has limits. Alex responds that he has ideas about the house and the staff, declaring that he is the future of the family and is going to take it in to the modern world. Alex warns that he’s not going to hold back just because it might hurt her feelings. Maggie asks if he thinks this is all about her feelings. Alex asks what else it would be. Maggie talks about Alex loving being a Kiriakis with the power and admits she got caught up in it before too, but there’s more to it than a name. Alex asks if she’s saying she doesn’t think he understands what it means to be Victor’s son. Maggie thinks he’s going to find a great deal of sacrifice comes along with it and unless he’s ready, he’s just playing at being an heir as she walks away.

Melinda questions Rafe saying Sloan disappeared. Rafe reveals that Sloan left her apartment, took nothing with her, and vanished. Melinda thinks back to arguing with Sloan that she couldn’t go on the run with Jude and that EJ would help her disappear. Melinda then asks Rafe why she would do that. Rafe responds that she got caught. Melinda questions what he means and asks if she took Jude. Rafe says it’s interesting that she mentions Jude since he’s the reason she took off. Melinda claims she doesn’t understand. Rafe questions Melinda saying she knows nothing about the baby switch. Melinda pretends to be oblivious. Rafe explains that Sloan confessed to Eric about the adoption falling through but instead of telling Eric the truth, Sloan faked the death of Nicole and EJ’s baby so she could take him and raise him as their own. Melinda argues that there’s no way Sloan would do that. Rafe points out that Melinda helped arrange the adoption and questions her expecting him to believe that she knew nothing about this. Melinda claims not to and asks if Sloan said that she did. Rafe responds that Eric didn’t say Sloan mentioned her, but he has so many questions about this whole thing. Melinda says she hopes he finds Sloan soon. Rafe says he does too and hopes that he can trust Melinda to see this through, since as district attorney, they need to be on the same side. Melinda responds that she is on the side of justice for all who deserve it.

Stefan storms in to the DiMera Mansion. EJ and Nicole ask him not to slam the door. Stefan complains about EJ not reopening Gabi’s case when he asked him to, then notices Jude and questions if they are babysitting. Nicole then reveals to Stefan that this is their son which he questions. EJ repeats that Jude is their son. Stefan doesn’t understand. EJ explains that Sloan stole their baby and tried to play him off as her and Eric’s adopted child. Stefan asks how the hell she did that. Nicole calls that a good question. Stefan asks if Sloan just decided to bring him back. Nicole explains that Eric learned the truth and brought Jude to them. Stefan says he can’t believe it but he’s so happy for them. EJ and Nicole thank him. Stefan talks about seeing how badly they suffered when they thought they lost their child. Stefan remarks that no one has the right to break a family apart. EJ declares that sometimes, the universe just makes things right and shows them that miracles do happen.

Eric returns home to an empty apartment and picks up some of Jude’s old things. Eric sits down with his phone and looks at an old photo of Jude with tears in his eyes.

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