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Eric brings Jude over to John and Marlena’s. They talk about how much Jude is growing. Marlena asks if he’s sleeping through the night. Eric says he wakes up once or twice but he doesn’t mind. John says it’s so clear that they are connected and so close. Eric remarks that he couldn’t love Jude more if he was his own flesh and blood. John says Eric is turning in to a great father. Eric credits Marlena, Roman, and John as his role models. Marlena comments on Jude smiling like Eric did when he was that age.

Nicole goes to Holly’s room and suggests they go get some tea. Holly says she has too much studying too. Nicole insists that it’s important but Holly says it can’t wait as she has a huge test next week. Nicole argues that it’s next week so she has time. Holly complains about how far behind she is and she’s totally stressed out. Nicole encourages her to relax and balance her life. Holly just wants to be normal and not have her mother checking on her and smothering her every two seconds. Nicole guesses this isn’t just about needing to study and that Holly doesn’t want to spend time with her.

Steve runs in to Ava outside of the Brady Pub. Steve says he was hoping to run in to her. Ava mentions having a video call with Tripp and Wendy and they are doing great. Steve says he did too and that’s not what he wanted to talk about. Ava asks what it is then. Steve wants to clue her in that he knows all about Clyde’s black book and that Harris took some pictures to his Navy intel buddies to have them decrypt it. Steve bets that if Harris is involved, then Ava is too.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ, who says he is quite busy right now. Stefan knows he must have overwhelmed EJ with the new evidence in the Li Shin case. EJ says he’s not overwhelmed and calls it much ado about nothing. Stefan argues that EJ is just resistant because of his personal grudge against Gabi but if he looks at the evidence, he’ll see it points to Gil as Li’s murderer, not Gabi. Stefan says they are just asking him to reopen the case. EJ responds that he already said he will not. EJ adds that it’s highly irregular for the husband of the convicted party to be carrying around an evidence folder in her case. Stefan informs him that Rafe gave it to him, hoping that he could change EJ’s mind. EJ mocks Rafe being the brother of the convicted and having a conflict of interest so he’s not following proper protocol. Stefan says Rafe obviously has a personal stake in reopening the case but that doesn’t make him wrong. Stefan asks EJ to put his personal feelings aside and put the law and his job first. EJ responds that he has important business to attend to and exits. Stefan remarks that EJ is going to regret that.

Marlena talks about thinking Jude looks like Eric and says studies have shown that adopted children will pick up mannerisms of their adopted parents. John says he can see it too that Jude has Eric’s smile. John asks how everything is going at home with Eric and Sloan. Eric asks why he asks. John says that Marlena told him that finances might be a little tight with adoption expenses and baby stuff. Eric says that they put a budget together, so things are looking up. Marlena says she’s glad to hear that but they are here if he needs any help at all. Eric says he appreciates that but he has more money coming in so they’re good. Eric says they had to make adjustments, but that’s part of raising a kid.

Nicole asks Holly to be honest with her as she asks if she doesn’t want to spend time with her. Holly says she didn’t say that. Nicole argues that it’s in her actions. Holly shouts that she just said she has to study and tells her to stop gaslighting her. Nicole apologizes. Holly thinks it’s unfair that Nicole wants her to get good grades, go to college, and be a perfect daughter but she won’t let her do normal things like go to prom, hang out with her friends, and have a normal life. Nicole says that’s not what this is about. Holly argues that no matter how hard she tries, nothing she does will ever be good enough for her.

Steve tells Ava to level with him. Ava claims not to know what he’s talking about. Steve reminds her that she told him that she and Stefan were up to their eyeballs in Clyde’s drug operation, but when Stefan got caught, he left her name out of it. Steve thinks that’s a secret that Clyde can hold over her head and he’s sure that Clyde wants his black book back to finance his life on the run. Steve bets that Clyde has been in touch with Ava to get the book back and asks if he’s right.

Stefan goes to Paulina’s office and tells her that he’d like to file a complaint. Paulina argues that he can’t just barge in. Stefan says they don’t have time for red tape as he wants to file a complaint against EJ since he has some pretty damning information about him that he thinks she will find fascinating. Paulina tells Stefan to have a seat as she’s all ears.

EJ talks on the phone to his assistant Rita, telling her to buy another thousand shares of Titan stock. EJ says he wants all his ducks in a row before the vote tomorrow as he will soon be the permanent CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

John asks Eric how things are going at the Spectator. Eric says he’s enjoying it and is glad to have a steady gig. Marlena says they are lucky to have him. Eric hopes his pictures can make a difference. Eric tells them about Nicole doing a piece on the homeless and he’s doing the photos. Marlena says it sounds important. Eric hopes it can bring awareness across the country. Marlena asks if he and Nicole are working well together which Eric confirms. John asks how Sloan took the news about Eric working with Nicole as he can’t imagine she’d be too happy about that. Eric admits she wasn’t at first, but she understood he needed the job. Marlena asks if it’s not difficult for him to work that closely with Nicole. Eric says not at all as they will always have a connection, but they are friends and that’s all.

Nicole asks Holly how she can say that she’s not proud of her and insists that she is. Nicole says she’s just worried that Holly is pushing herself too hard. Holly says she does that because she didn’t want to be any trouble or the reason that the next guy walks out the door on Nicole. Nicole is sorry to hear that and she’s sad that Holly worried about that. Nicole tells Holly that she is her pride and joy and her relationships failing had nothing to do with her. Nicole thinks Holly could drop a couple of classes and pick them up in the summer. Holly asks if she wants to take her summer away too. Nicole says she just wants her to have options, pointing out that she didn’t even go to college. Holly says to look at her now and remarks that maybe that’s why she pushes herself so hard, so she doesn’t end up like Nicole.

Ava tells Steve that’s enough and that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Steve says he knows that Stefan found Clyde’s book and took it to the police. Ava warns Steve to stay the hell out of it. Steve wishes he could, but thanks to Ava, he can’t, because he and John busted Clyde out of prison so if Clyde gets caught, he’s selling them down the river and they’ll all go to prison. Ava tells him that’s not going to happen. Steve questions how she knows that. Ava responds that prison bars won’t stop Clyde from ruining or taking lives and she knows Harris wants him captured, but she’s looking for a more permanent solution.

Stefan understands Paulina is in a bit of political trouble and that EJ is not helping her cause. Paulina confirms that she and EJ are at odds. Stefan asks if she’d like to wipe him off the face of the planet. Paulina repeats that they are at odds. Stefan explains that he and EJ are at odds because EJ is refusing to reopen a murder case where new evidence has come to light that would exonerate the convicted killer and free her from a lifetime sentence. Stefan complains that EJ is doing this because he hates the person convicted of the crime, so he’s using his office and power to perpetuate a grudge which is immoral and reprehensible. Paulina agrees. Stefan admits the person who would be exonerated is Gabi. Paulina says she would have to see all of this new evidence, so Stefan presents her with the folder.

Nicole tells Holly that was a very hurtful thing to say. Holly says she was just being honest that the way Nicole has lived her life is not how she wants to live her life as she wants her own path. Nicole says she wants that too and maybe that’s why she’s been so strict and she hovers because she knows she would’ve had a different life if her childhood wasn’t so screwed up. Nicole talks about her mother being caring with a good heart but she was abused by her father just like she was, so everything was about survival for them. Nicole just wants Holly to understand that nobody was there for her in the way she needed. Holly says that’s really sad but her trying to control her life is not the same as being there for her. Nicole argues that she just wants her to be safe after what happened on New Year’s. Holly questions how many times she’s going to bring that up to justify ruining her life because that’s what this feels like. Nicole admits she’s made some bad choices in her life and those choices hurt them both which she regrets. Nicole knows she hasn’t been consistent in her parenting but the one thing she has been consistent with is how much she loves her. Nicole declares the one thing she wants is for Holly to be happy, safe, and to have a good life. Holly says that’s all she wants too. Nicole says they finally agree on something then. Nicole asks what she can do to make things better. Holly tells her that the one thing is to trust her more and trust her judgment. Holly says getting good grades is important to her but it’s not enough as she wants to have the whole high school experience. Holly tells her that it would make her so happy to go to prom and she just said she wants her to be happy. Holly swears that she won’t get in any trouble. Nicole refuses and says it’s not an option. Holly points out what they just talked about. Nicole repeats that Holly almost died and she loves her, so it pains her to say this but she hasn’t earned that kind of trust back with her. Holly complains that Nicole loves her so much that she’s keeping her prisoner in the house. Holly then remarks that she’d rather be dead. Nicole tells her not to say that. Holly then rips in to Nicole and yells at her that all the babies she lost were lucky that they didn’t have to have her as a mother. Holly shouts at Nicole that maybe motherhood isn’t for her because she isn’t good at it. Nicole tries to hug her but Holly turns away. Nicole then exits the room in tears.

Marlena tells Eric that she’s so glad he and Holly still have their connection since it’s important to her and she looks up to him. Eric says he tries to be there for her without stepping on Nicole and EJ’s toes, but they are working on it. Eric mentions needing to get Jude home and meet Nicole about their story. Marlena says she has a client to see and John says he has cases to go over. John tells Eric that he’ll see him around and to drop in more often. Marlena reminds Eric that they are there any time he needs help watching the baby. Eric then exits with Jude. Marlena tells John that she’ll see him for supper tonight. Marlena adds that she’s so glad that he and Steve are back on good terms which John says is all thanks to her. John says he loves her and they kiss goodbye as Marlena then exits.

Paulina goes over the evidence and tells Stefan that he’s right that it’s compelling but it hardly proves anything as it’s all circumstantial. Stefan points out that even Rafe wants the case reopened. Paulina points out that Gabi is Rafe’s sister and Stefan’s wife. Stefan insists that Gabi is innocent and admits he knows the case is not a slam dunk but that it’s enough to cast reasonable doubt on that conviction, so it needs to be investigated. Paulina asks if EJ is refusing to even consider it. Stefan calls EJ stubborn and very ambitious, so he thinks he’s afraid of the truth coming out. Paulina is aware of EJ’s axe to grind with Gabi but asks why he would be scared of the truth and what Gabi’s exoneration has to do with EJ’s ambition. Stefan argues that it’s obvious to him that EJ is scared that if Gabi is exonerated, she will come back for the CEO position at DiMera Enterprises, possibly booting EJ out of his highly coveted seat yet again. Paulina asks what he means by again. Stefan guesses she didn’t hear because she was recovering from illness, but EJ temporarily appointed himself as CEO of DiMera while he was dealing with his circumstances and booted out of the job. Paulina says she knew that and says so what to EJ being acting CEO. Stefan says he wouldn’t think it was a big deal either if EJ wasn’t trying to become permanent CEO while still serving as Salem’s district attorney which shocks Paulina. Paulina argues that EJ knows the city’s laws don’t allow that and he didn’t think to clear it with her. Paulina grabs her phone and calls EJ. Paulina orders EJ to drop whatever he’s doing and get to her office right now, then hangs up.

Steve asks what exactly Ava is insinuating. Ava responds that she’s not insinuating anything, she’s telling him that she agrees that if Clyde gets captured, he will sell them all out, so they need a way for that not to happen like a permanent solution to the Clyde situation. Stefan approaches and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava claims they were just talking about Tripp. Steve says he’s happy they are doing so well and he has to get going, so he walks away. Stefan tells Ava that he’s glad he ran in to her because they need to talk. Ava asks if Gabi got a new trial date but Stefan says EJ was not receptive to reopening the case which Ava says is no surprise. Stefan then states that EJ’s control over the situation may come to an abrupt halt.

EJ goes to Paulina’s office. She remarks that it took him long enough. EJ responds that he’s a very busy man and he dislikes being summoned. Paulina reminds EJ that he works for her. EJ says she’s reminded him many times and asks what was so urgent. Paulina questions why EJ is dismissing the new evidence in the Li Shin murder case. EJ says he should’ve known Stefan got to her. EJ tells Paulina that there was simply not enough evidence. Paulina stops him and says she’s tired of him using his office to further his private vendettas and aspirations, so that’s going to stop now and he’s going to do as she instructs him to. EJ asks or else what?

Holly goes to Marlena’s office in tears and asks if it’s a bad time. Marlena says not at all as she’s on a break. Marlena asks Holly what has happened. Holly responds that she’s a terrible person as she just said some horrible things to her mom and now she hates herself. Marlena hugs her as she cries.

Eric waits in the town square then pulls out his phone to call Nicole, who is drinking at the bar. Eric asks if she’s okay as he’s been waiting for her. Nicole says she lost track of time. Eric ask where she is. Nicole admits she’s at the small bar. Eric tells her not to go anywhere as he’s coming to get her.

Steve goes to see John, who thanks him for stopping by. Steve mentions just having lunch with Kayla at the Pub and she is as perceptive as ever since she knows something is going on with Maggie and Konstantin. Steve says he only told her that he’d let her in when the time is right which she didn’t like but she accepted. John says that’s good. Steve adds that he has some really good news as he may have a lead on Clyde Weston. Steve tells John about Jada telling them that the police have gotten Clyde’s black book which could have all of his drug trade contacts. John says that could be huge. Steve notes that the only thing is it’s in code and no one’s been able to decipher it. John asks if they can get their hands on a copy. Steve says he mentioned to Jada about talking to Rafe to try to get their hands on one. Steve adds that if the ISA got a hold of it, they could crack it. John says they have to stay on top of this. Steve decides he’ll give Rafe a call himself to see if he’s down to give them a copy. Steve then informs John that he also ran in to Ava outside the Pub and he thinks she knows a lot more about Clyde and his whereabouts than she’s letting on.

Holly tells Marlena that she told Nicole that she was a terrible mom and that the babies she lost were lucky to not have to deal with her as a mom. Marlena guesses she must have been pretty angry. Holly argues that’s no excuse since it’s the worst thing anyone’s ever said to their mom. Marlena suggests some perspective. Holly doesn’t understand why she says nasty and awful things to Nicole that she really doesn’t mean and feels so guilty afterwards. Marlena says sometimes we lash out at the people we’re closest to and they do the same because they know each other so well. Holly worries that this was really bad and she doesn’t know what to do as she wants to apologize but Nicole won’t answer her phone. Marlena says Nicole is upset and suggests giving her some time. Marlena advises Holly to write her a letter to express everything she’s going through and dealing with. Holly asks if that’s not weird to pull out a letter while apologizing. Marlena says it might feel odd in the moment, but she can explain that she wanted to talk to her while feeling calm and rational, not when emotions were taking over the conversation. Marlena adds that she’s been involved in a number of those mother-daughter conversations, so she has a little sense of what Nicole is going through and she thinks that she’s terrified of losing her.

Nicole continues drinking at the bar, remarking that it’s exactly what a terrible mother should do. Eric arrives and says she can tell him all about it in the car. Eric says he will call EJ to let him know but Nicole says not to because he’s busy putting out fires. Eric helps Nicole up and carries her out of the bar.

EJ asks Paulina if he’s fired if he doesn’t do as she’s instructed. Paulina responds that ship has sailed as he’s already fired. EJ argues that she can’t do that. Paulina says she can and she just did because he can’t keep his job as district attorney while moonlighting as the CEO of DiMera in the long haul as that won’t fly. Paulina orders EJ to clear out his desk right now and she’ll have security escort him out.

John asks Steve what the hell Ava could know and if he thinks Clyde might be in touch with her. Steve says she wouldn’t say but he thinks it’s a good bet. John says either way, having the black book is a great start so he’s all for the ISA cracking that code. Steve points out that if they can and Clyde is caught, he’s going to give them up for breaking him out of prison. John responds that they will just have to prepare themselves for that consequence.

Stefan tells Ava that he pulled one over on EJ by going over his head and straight to the mayor. Ava says she’s impressed as Stefan talks about how it was almost too easy and says Paulina is probably firing EJ as they speak. Ava remarks that it couldn’t happen to a more arrogant son of a bitch. Stefan asks if Harris had any luck setting the trap for Clyde. Ava says not yet, but he wants that black book. They agree they’ll be shouting “hallelujah” when Clyde is caught.

EJ goes home and grabs a drink, angrily declaring that Paulina will pay for this.

Eric brings Nicole home. Nicole apologizes as they were supposed to work. Eric says they can work tomorrow and goes to help her inside.

Holly tells Marlena that it makes sense that Nicole tries to control her because she’s afraid of losing her like she lost her baby brothers. Marlena says Nicole is afraid of what happened on New Year’s Eve and Holly is going to have to work really hard to regain her trust. Holly says she gets that now. Marlena encourages that they both can do it because they love each other so much.

Eric helps Nicole in to the DiMera Mansion. Nicole thanks him for taking such good care of her and calls him the best person in the world. Eric tries to quiet her down and suggests getting her upstairs. Nicole calls Eric like her knight in shining armor so she wants to give him a goodnight kiss. Eric tries to argue but Nicole grabs him and kisses him right as EJ comes out from the living room and sees them kissing.

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