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Chanel questions Johnny wanting to leave Salem and asks where they would go. Johnny tells her about how he’s been sending out his resume for film jobs and he wasn’t expecting to hear anything back and certainly wasn’t expecting to be offered a job on a movie with Payton Russo, one of his favorite directors. Chanel excitedly calls it amazing but Johnny reveals the catch is that he has to give them an answer by tomorrow and the job is in LA. Chanel says they didn’t give him much time to think about it but Johnny reveals he’s actually known about it for a couple of weeks. Chanel is shocked and questions him just now telling her.

Kate joins Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman tells her about Eric agreeing to move back to the room above the Pub. Kate calls that really good since she knows he’s been worried. Roman knows she’s still worried about Lucas and asks if there’s any word. Kate doesn’t get it since Lucas contacted her, said he was with Harris, searching for Clyde, and then nothing but dead silence. Kate can’t help but feel that something terrible has happened and she might never see him again. Lucas then enters the Pub and surprises Kate.

Chad returns home to the Horton House where Julie greets him and says she’s so glad he’s back home. Julie says she just put the kids down but they have been asking about where he is non stop. Chad says he’ll go check on them. Julie asks if he found Clyde. Chad confirms the police did and he did get a chance to talk to him. Julie asks if Clyde admitted to targeting Abigail on that horrible night. Chad thinks back to Clyde telling him that Abigail is alive. Julie asks Chad what he said.

Rafe confronts Clyde in the interrogation room at the police station and says it’s been a long time. Clyde says not long enough which Rafe agrees with. Rafe says the FBI’s field office in Helena has decided that the Salem PD gets the first crack at him. Rafe informs Clyde that he’s run out of luck because there’s a whole host of new charges like drug dealing, attempted murder, and breaking out of prison. Rafe says once they figure it all out, they will send him off to solitary confinement in super max where he can finish off his already long sentence. Rafe says he first has a few questions for him, starting with what he knows about Li Shin’s murder.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan finishes a call saying he wants it done now. Kristen walks in and asks what that was all about. Stefan declares that he’s busting Gabi out of prison.

Johnny apologizes for not telling Chanel about the job right away. Chanel questions what his plan was and if he was just going to wait until he was on a flight to LA or if he was going to turn the job down and not tell her at all. Johnny admits maybe he was. Chanel asks if he thinks he knows what’s best for them. Johnny argues that there was just so much going on with the baby and with Paulina, so he didn’t want to add to her stress. Chanel calls that a load of crap.

Kate hugs Lucas and says she was so worried about him since he wasn’t answering her phone calls. Lucas says he was on a plane and a little busy trying to catch Clyde and his henchwoman, who are now in police custody. Kate says that’s great but she was picturing him dead in a ditch. Lucas explains that they had to keep everything on the DL until Clyde was in custody. Kate feels he still could’ve let her know. Roman points out that Lucas is safe now. Kate agrees to stay positive because Lucas helped Harris capture Clyde as he said, so according to the terms offered, he should now be a free man.

Clyde claims to Rafe that Li Shin is not ringing any bells. Rafe argues that Clyde knows damn well who Li is since Gabi was convicted of his murder and he knows that’s not news to him, since Clyde hired a goon to break Gabi’s leg in prison and threatened her within an inch of her life to persuade Stefan to do his bidding. Clyde calls that quite a tale and claims he heard Gabi broke her leg by slipping in the shower. Clyde remarks that he can picture her in the shower. Rafe tells him to shut up. Clyde asks why Gabi killed her ex. Rafe responds that she didn’t and had no motive, so she’s innocent. Clyde laughs at that and says innocent is the last thing Gabi is. Rafe argues that Clyde knows Gabi didn’t kill Li, but he bets that Clyde knows who did.

Kristen questions Stefan orchestrating a prison break for Gabi. Stefan reminds her that’s what he wanted her to help with in the first place, but she thought it would be easier to prove Gabi’s innocent. Kristen says it should’ve been. Stefan complains that Melinda doesn’t think the black book is enough evidence and that Rafe could string him along forever, so to hell with it. Kristen thought maybe Clyde could confirm Gil killed Li but Stefan calls that a pipe dream and questions why Clyde would lift a finger to help him. Kristen questions when this great escape is to take place. Stefan says it’s already in the works and then he and Gabi will ride off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again. Kristen is afraid she can’t let this happen.

Julie asks Chad what Clyde said. Chad explains that he accused him of going to the mansion with the sole purpose of killing Abigail and he didn’t deny it. Julie says now they know but Chad says there is more. Chad states that Clyde may have gone to the mansion that night to kill Abigail, but then in the end, he claimed that Abigail is still alive.

Chanel tells Johnny that they are supposed to be a team and questions him thinking about turning down his dream job without talking to her first. Johnny laments that he’s an idiot and apologizes for not telling her sooner, noting that Marlena told him the same thing. Chanel questions him telling Marlena before her and who else knows. Johnny apologizes repeatedly and says he didn’t expect to get a job offer that would require them to move 2000 miles away. Johnny says at first, he couldn’t believe it but then he panicked because Salem is their home, where Chanel’s bakery is and where their families are. Johnny declares that they built their lives in Salem and they are happy here. Johnny just wants to make her happy and calls that his most important job. Chanel calls that really sweet but feels if he wanted to turn the job down, he would’ve done it already. Johnny states that part of him does want to turn it down but part of him doesn’t, so he’s obviously conflicted. Johnny then declares that Chanel needs to make this decision.

Roman says he has stuff to take care of in the office and that he’ll be back. Lucas tells Kate that he feels Roman wouldn’t be happy if his sentence was shortened. Kate questions that being an if and if Harris is flaking on him. Lucas responds that he doesn’t know where he stands because Harris is busy processing Clyde and they haven’t talked since. Lucas reveals that Chad had to fly him home. Kate questions what Chad was doing there. Lucas calls it a long story. Lucas admits he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with him but the longer it goes, the worse he feels about it. Kate questions why the hell she ever trusted Harris. Lucas reminds her to keep it down as he’s technically still a fugitive. Kate agrees that they should get him right back in to hiding.

Julie questions Clyde saying Abigail is still alive. Chad points out that he had a gun to his head, so he may have been saying anything and that it’s probably a lie, but a small part of him hopes that it’s true as Julie hugs him.

Clyde tells Rafe that he didn’t even know Li so he questions why he should know who killed him. Rafe points out that Li’s blood was found on Clyde’s little black book. Clyde points out that he was in prison. Rafe brings up Clyde’s associate Gil and how his bloody fingerprint was also found on the black book, which was hidden at the Bistro where Clyde ran his drug operation. Clyde points out that Ava killed Gil. Rafe says he’s well aware but since he can’t talk to Gil, he figured he’d go right to the boss. Rafe asks Clyde what Gil told him about the night Li was murdered and if there’s any chance Clyde could corroborate with Gil. Clyde asks what’s in it for him if he could.

Stefan tells Kristen that Gabi is his wife, so he doesn’t need her permission to get her out of prison. Kristen reminds him of their agreement that she helps him with Gabi and he helps her become CEO of DiMera. Stefan assures that he is still backing her. Kristen questions if Stefan is going to continue as a fugitive from the law. Stefan says he’s been planting seeds for months so it’s practically a done deal. Kristen argues that Stefan has waited this long to free Gabi and asks what’s a few more weeks. Stefan worries that if Clyde is captured, he’ll go back to making Gabi’s life a living Hell and now that he’s turned on him, he can’t take that risk. Kristen tells Stefan that he might just have to because after everything she’s done for Gabi, she can’t risk him not coming through for her. Kristen declares they are at a stalemate but Stefan says that’s now how he sees it. Kristen warns that if Stefan goes through with this idiotic jailbreak plan, then she will tell Gabi that he slept with Ava.

Chanel questions Johnny wanting her to make the decision on his job offer, pointing out that she just told him they are a team. Johnny feels he would be uprooting her from her life for his dream. Johnny asks what if she ends up miserable because of him. Chanel asks if she’s supposed to crush his dreams and asks what if he’s miserable because of her. Chanel points out that she can bake cookies anywhere and that Sweet Bits LA sounds kind of nice. Chanel adds that getting a little further away from Paulina might not be such a bad thing. Chanel declares that if Johnny wants the job, she thinks he should take it. Johnny says the problem is he doesn’t know if he wants to take it for reasons he can’t quite articulate. Chanel encourages him to try. Johnny says for his whole life, he wanted to be the next Fellini. Johnny recalls when he tried to put together a movie as an adult, the whole project went to Hell. Chanel asks how many directors can say the actual Devil interfered in their production. Johnny took it as a sign that he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Johnny asks what if he can’t cut it since Hollywood is cut throat. Chanel questions where all this self doubt is coming from. Johnny says a lot has happened so fast and asks what if he’s not ready, pointing out that now he has Chanel and the baby to think about. Johnny states that failing on his own is one thing but he cannot drag her across the country and fail all three of them.

Lucas tells Kate that he’s not going back to the monastery. Lucas adds that Clyde will be going to super max so Statesville will be safe for him to go back to if he has to. Kate argues that at least the monastery isn’t prison but Lucas feels it’s pretty much the same thing, complaining that he can’t stand that place. Kate points out that there’s less murderers in the monastery. Lucas states that he has one year left on his sentence so he might as well go back, do his time, and pay full price for what he did to Sami.

Chad tells Julie that Abigail came back to him once before and brings up how Stefan’s heart is beating in Julie’s chest while he’s alive and well. Julie asks if it’s possible that Dr. Rolf saved Abigail. Chad says he doesn’t know but he can’t sit around and wonder what if as it will drive him crazy. Chad decides he needs to go to the police station to talk to Clyde to find out if there’s more which Julie encourages him to do. Chad asks Julie not to bring this up to Jack or Jennifer so he doesn’t get their hopes up. Julie agrees not to say anything as Chad then exits.

Kristen reminds Stefan that he cheated on his wife. Stefan calls it one time where he was very drunk. Kristen mocks that Gabi will be very forgiving then. Stefan argues that she said she would keep his secret. Kristen says that was then and this is now. Stefan asks if she’s declaring war with him. Kristen says of course not as she’s at war with EJ, so Stefan needs to decide which side he’s on. Kristen warns that if Gabi does find out what happened between he and Ava, she’s sure Gabi would prefer a prison cot to their bed, so she really thinks he needs to rethink his plan.

Rafe tells Clyde that he can’t make charges like these just go away after everything he’s done. Clyde asks why he should help him then. Rafe takes that to mean he does know something. Clyde says he didn’t say that but questions why the bloody fingerprint on the book isn’t enough to overturn Gabi’s conviction. Rafe says that’s a good question. Clyde calls it a damn shame. Clyde says if Gil did tell him something, there would have to be something in it for him in order for him to testify to that. Clyde adds that he would graciously accept anything Rafe could do for him, even outside the confines of the law. Rafe calls him a piece of work. Clyde brings up Rafe covering up Stefano’s murder for Hope and questions if he wouldn’t do the same thing for his own flesh and blood, asking what kind of brother he is. Rafe tells him to hang tight and he’ll be back. Clyde tells Rafe to think about what he said as Rafe exits the room.

Chanel encourages that Johnny is not going to fail but Johnny argues that they don’t know that. Chanel compares it to Johnny thinking she’s a good baker and praises his work. Chanel says if things don’t work out, at least he gave it his best shot and they can always come back to Salem. Chanel declares that whatever he decides, she’s with him. Chanel mentions Chris Pratt being in the movie that he’d be working on, pointing out all there is to love about LA. Chanel tells Johnny that she will follow him to the ends of the earth because his dreams are their dreams now.

Kristen asks Stefan if he’s going to rethink his master plan or if she has to give Gabi the bad news. Rafe then walks in and asks what about Gabi. Stefan claims that they were just discussing how to tell Gabi that they hit a dead end on trying to prove her innocence. Rafe reveals he’s here because he has some news on that front.

Roman returns to Kate and asks where Lucas is. Kate informs him that Lucas went to say goodbye to Julie since he hasn’t heard from Harris, so he’s assuming he will be going back to prison to serve the rest of his sentence. Roman says he’s sorry to hear that which Kate questions.

Lucas goes to see Julie, who says he’s been in her prayers every single day. Lucas thanks her and says he appreciates that. Julie asks what has happened and if he’s free and clear now. Lucas says he’s not too sure about that. Julie points out the risk in coming to see her. Lucas declares that there was no way he was going back to prison without saying goodbye to her first.

Chad confronts Clyde in the interrogation room. Clyde asks if Rafe sent him to have a little chat with him. Chad moves the table and sits across from Clyde, pointing out that they never finished their conversation so he needs to start talking. Clyde asks or else what?

Johnny thanks Chanel for believing in him. Chanel assures that she and the baby are there for him no matter what. Chanel apologizes for getting salty before. Johnny says it’s okay as she was right to be upset at him for not telling her about the job offer sooner. Chanel asks what he’s thinking now.

Roman asks Kate why she would ask if he’s really sorry that Lucas is going back to prison when he’s his stepson and wants what’s best for him. Roman adds that he supported Lucas throughout this whole damn thing. Kate says she’s grateful to him for that but she believes that Roman wants Lucas to serve his term for what he did to Sami. Roman argues that they’ve been through this and he thinks Lucas has learned his lesson and won’t make those mistakes again. Roman brings up that Harris promised results and Lucas delivered, so he thinks it would be wrong for Harris to leave Lucas hanging.

Julie tells Lucas that Chad implied he had something to do with helping find Clyde. Lucas feels he probably shouldn’t say too much. Julie understands and asks what Lucas thinks about Clyde saying Abigail is alive. Julie says she won’t say anything to anyone but him. Julie asks if Lucas said he didn’t think it’s possible so he wouldn’t get Chad’s hopes up. Julie asks if Lucas thinks it could be true that Abigail is alive. Lucas wishes it was true but doesn’t know how it could be possible.

Stefan tells Rafe that it’s no shock that Clyde isn’t speaking. Kristen gets a call and exits the room. Rafe encourages Stefan not to give up hope since they have Clyde in custody and he’s convinced that Clyde knows something. Stefan feels whatever Clyde wants has to be worth getting Gabi back home.

Clyde mocks Chad as reminding him of a yapping dog running circles around a predator. Chad asks how it could be possible that his wife is still alive because that night, he found her in their bed bleeding out and barely able to whisper his name. Chad says when he closes his eyes, he can see her and he can feel her slipping away. Chad recalls being covered in her blood at the hospital but he was still hopeful until Kayla told him that his wife was dead and there was nothing anyone could do. Chad adds that Kayla took him to see her body and he held her, touched her, kissed her, and said goodbye to the love of his life and mother of his children. Chad states that now Clyde drops a bomb on him. Chad grabs Clyde and asks how it’s possible for Abigail to be alive.

Johnny calls the director Payton Russo back to accept the job and says he’s very excited. Johnny says he can’t wait and he’ll see him soon as he hangs up. Chanel excitedly hugs him and calls it amazing, saying she’s so proud of him. Chanel jokes that they just had their first major fight as a married couple, so now they have to make up as they kiss.

Julie talks on the phone about being so worried about Maggie and how she told her not to trust Konstantin. Julie says the family could use some good news. Julie talks about not figuring out Tom and Alice’s time capsule, but she is determined to find out if it’s the last thing she does.

Lucas returns to the Pub and tells Kate that she said goodbye to Julie. Lucas asks if he has a place to stay away while he waits for Harris. Roman reveals that he pulled some strings with his ISA pals to track Harris down. Roman announces that Harris just finalized the terms of Lucas’s deal, so for being part of the capture of Clyde Weston, the remainder of Lucas’s sentence is officially completed. Roman officially declares Lucas a free man which thrills him and Kate.

Rafe tells Stefan that he’s sorry but his hands are tied. Stefan questions Rafe just packing it in and not moving Heaven and Earth to help his sister. Rafe says he can’t give in to Clyde and sacrifice the safety of the town. Rafe then says maybe if Stefan had an idea which he questions. Rafe asks if Stefan has an idea of how he could move Heaven and Earth. Stefan asks if he’s saying if he chose to go the DiMera route, he’d be willing to look the other way. Rafe responds that he has to get back to the police station and exits the mansion. Kristen comes back. Stefan tells her that there’s nothing Rafe can do as he’s not willing to accept any deal with Clyde. Stefan agrees to shelve his idea to get Gabi out of prison for now, if Kristen helps him get more evidence. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but there’s been a change of plans and declares that she won’t be helping him anymore.

Clyde tells Chad that him being sad takes all the fun out of it. Chad asks for an answer. Clyde says before he does, Chad has to show that he can do something for him to better his current situation. Chad asks how he’s supposed to do that. Clyde points out that Chad’s a DiMera, so he’ll figure something out. Chad refuses to when he can’t trust a word he says. Clyde asks why he’s here then. Chad questions why Clyde would go down for Abigail’s murder if she’s still alive. Clyde remarks that only a fool goes for the quick return while the wise man plays the long game with an ace up his sleeve, knowing the exact time to play it. Chad declares now is the time then to show his cards. Clyde tells Chad to listen up then because he’s about to give him something big.

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