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Stefan goes to the Bistro and is surprised to see Theresa dining there. Stefan greets her and says it’s been awhile. Stefan asks if she has everything she needs. Theresa confirms she does and compliments the staff, noting that she is having a celebratory mocktail. Stefan asks what she is celebrating, so Theresa informs him that she has just moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa talks about her and Alex practically having a whole wing to themselves after just leaving their cramped apartment a few days ago to having servants unpack for them.

Alex and Kristen lay in bed together after having sex. Kristen asks if he woke up this morning and came straight to her bed from Theresa’s. Alex asks if it would bother her if he said yes. Kristen says maybe. Alex asks if it would bother her less if he got her a present. Kristen says it might help. Alex then reveals he stopped by the jewelry store on his way over and presents her with a silver bracelet that she calls beautiful. Alex says he saw it the other day and it made him think of her, so he went back and bought it. Kristen says she loves it and wants to show him how much as they continue kissing in bed.

Ava wakes up in the motel on Montana as Harris is working on the computer. Ava notes that he’s up early and asks if something happened. Harris responds that they just got a major break on Clyde.

Marlena is in her office on the hospital, talking to Roman on the phone about how Eric is heartbroken since he loved Jude and loved being a father. Marlena is glad Roman is there for him since Eric needs him right now. Marlena says she’ll check in with him later and hangs up. Marlena sits at her desk and looks at a framed photo of Jude, calling it so heartbreaking.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ watches over Jude in the living room as he talks about Jude adjusting to his new home and family. EJ mentions not using Jude’s name and declares that they are going to give him a new name once he and Nicole settle on something more suitable because Jude DiMera doesn’t work for him.

Alex and Kristen continue kissing in bed until Alex’s phone goes off. Alex bets it’s Maggie, wondering why the hell he’s not in the office. Kristen asks why he isn’t in the office. Alex asks if it’s not obvious. Kristen says as much as she enjoys lying in bed with him all morning, if EJ thinks Titan is vulnerable, he will surely take advantage since he’s always watching. Alex remarks that EJ can’t touch Titan as long as he’s in charge. Alex’s phone goes off again so he checks it and sees that he’s late for an appointment. Kristen tells him to go then. Alex felt they were just getting started but Kristen understands he has to get to work, so Alex kisses her and then gets out of bed.

Theresa comments on Stefan also being lucky to be a DiMera. Stefan asks what her point is. Theresa questions why he’d choose to run the Bistro. Stefan says he never leaves anything to chance and his inheritance has changed hands quite a few times. Theresa guesses that explains it. Stefan admits it has been a little slow at the Bistro. Theresa points out that it’s empty while Stefan argues that it’s early. Stefan adds that they did just lose their GM and Ava had a knack for making people feel at home while he’s just the money guy. Theresa notes that it sounds like he needs a new manager then with the people skills he was talking about. Stefan agrees that maybe he does.

Harris explains to Ava that he just heard from Andrew Donovan at the ISA and they cracked the code in Clyde’s book, finding a list of dealers and their numbers so they are forming a multi force agency to take them down which Ava calls fantastic. Harris says the best part is three of the dirtbags on the list are local, so one of those guys is going to lead him to Clyde.

Stefan and Theresa talk about job searches. Stefan says he used to have DiMera marketing take care of that. Theresa says she’s been job searching since leaving Bella. Stefan talks about being a people person and putting emphasis on social connections. Stefan asks if Theresa knows anybody perfect for this job at the Bistro.

Kristen and Alex go downstairs and in to the living room to greet EJ. EJ tells them that they have great timing as breakfast is in the kitchen and then introduces them to his son. Kristen questions that while Alex says he’s running late and has to go, so he exits. Kristen thought she heard a baby crying last night but figured she just imagined it. EJ confirms there was a lot of crying as he’s still getting used to his living arrangements. Kristen questions EJ saying this is his son. EJ asks her to sit down because it’s a long story.

Ava tells Harris that she’s not staying behind as she is the one who helped him track down Clyde so she did not come all this way to sit on her ass. Harris worries about tipping Clyde off. Ava insists that she’s not an amateur. Harris worries that with them, the police, and the FBI all following the same lead, Clyde could get tipped off and get out of town. Ava argues that he will be caught off guard so he’s bound to make some mistakes. Harris says that’s true that Clyde will be running scared and that’s when he will take him down. Harris leaves and then Lucas comes out of the bathroom, questioning when the last time the place was remodeled was but admits it beats the monastery. Lucas says he doesn’t understand what Harris was thinking, dragging him all the way out here to do nothing. Ava then claims that he didn’t as she just got a text from Harris about a new lead. Lucas asks what it is. Ava explains that apparently Goldman is supposed to go to the post office today to pick up a package, so Harris wants her and Lucas to go there and stake it out in case she shows up with Clyde. Lucas finds that odd since Harris was adamant about them staying behind. Ava says that was before he got this new information and Harris can’t be in two places at once. Ava tells Lucas to get dressed because they are up.

Theresa tells Stefan that no one comes to mind for the Bistro manager position but she thinks he could use a PR firm to get his reputation back on track and recommends Stephanie. Stefan reveals that he knows Stephanie as he and Ava had her doing PR before. Stefan says he needs someone on site and he doesn’t think Stephanie wants that. Theresa suggests he could still ask her. Stefan says he could do, but asks if Theresa had any part in the Brady family restaurant dynasty. Theresa states that the Bradys are her family and she has spent her fair share of time at the Pub, so she asks if that makes her part of the restaurant dynasty. Stefan claims it does, so Theresa asks why he’s asking. Stefan thinks the ad was written especially for her.

Alex goes to meet Marlena in her office and apologizes being late, crediting the office reminder text. Alex notes that he got slightly distracted. Marlena says distractions happen but points out that Alex cancelled his last three appointments. Alex swears that will never happen again and says that things have been hectic at Titan so it’s been hard to find the time. Marlena asks if there was something he wanted to talk about. Alex states that he did have something on his mind. Alex says when he originally came to her, it was to put his playboy days behind him which was when he was pursuing Stephanie which didn’t work out and he thought she was the one so he had a hard time getting over her. Alex adds that then Theresa came in to his life and they’ve been on and off ever since but right now they are pretty much on. Marlena mentions that Tate told her that they moved back in to the Kiriakis Mansion and they were back together. Alex says sort of as he and Theresa are living together, but reveals that he’s also seeing Kristen DiMera.

EJ explains to Kristen that Sloan paid off a doctor to tell he and Nicole that their son was dead and then she took the baby to adopt him. Kristen calls it pure evil to steal a child. EJ says that out of the blue, Sloan confessed the truth to Eric and vanished without a trace. Kristen asks how Nicole is taking it. EJ says Nicole is over the moon about the baby and would love to throttle Sloan. Kristen asks where Nicole is. EJ says she is resting upstairs since the baby had them up all night. EJ says Kristen can meet her new nephew as soon as he wakes up. Kristen says she looks forward to it, but she’s processing what he just told her and as horrible as Sloan is, she doesn’t get it. EJ argues that she knows the whole story. Kristen doesn’t think they do. Kristen knows miracles happen since she got Rachel back when she thought she had died, so the undead baby part is not what strains believability for her. EJ asks what she’s talking about then. Kristen questions thinking Sloan did this all by herself and that it sounds fishy to her.

Marlena questions Alex seeing Kristen and Theresa which he confirms. Alex admits that he really likes it that way and says variety is the spice of life. Alex didn’t expect her to approve. Marlena says she’s more curious how it all affects him. Marlena asks if Kristen and Theresa knows. Alex says Kristen knows and doesn’t care as he thinks for her is more about being close to someone physically. Marlena guesses he means the sex which Alex confirms. Alex says with Theresa, he thinks it’s mostly about the money. Alex says he’s a decently handsome guy, charming and good for a laugh but ultimately he thinks it’s because he’s rich. Marlena asks how that feels to him. Alex admits it’s not good for the ego since they all want someone to be in to them for who they are. Alex thinks now it’s about the money for a lot of women. Marlena asks if he’s done a survey. Alex says he’s speaking from personal experience and he has learned that women are throwing himself at him a lot more than usual since he became the heir to the Kiriakis fortune. Marlena asks why Alex asked Theresa to move in with him then. Alex states that it made sense since Theresa didn’t want to live alone in the apartment and she doesn’t have a job right now, so not having to pay rent is a big help. Marlena asks if asking her to move in is a level of commitment that he doesn’t really feel. Alex admits he didn’t really think about that but he doesn’t think Theresa is expecting anything. Marlena asks if he asked her or has any idea what she might be expecting. Alex guesses he doesn’t know for sure. Marlena feels he owes it to her to find out and to also let her know where he is. Alex guesses that he does.

Theresa asks if Stefan is seriously offering her a job. Stefan confirms that he is. Theresa thanks him and says he’s truly flattered and she would’ve totally taken it a week ago, but she’s in a relationship with Alex Kiriakis now. Stefan gets that she doesn’t need to work. Theresa says not now anyway. Stefan asks how she plans on passing her time. Theresa admits she hasn’t really thought about it since just moving in with Alex. Theresa thinks maybe she’ll learn to play piano or guitar or do volunteer work or travel. Theresa jokes that maybe being rich is really boring but she just wants to keep her time free for now. Theresa adds that she’ll let Stefan know if she thinks of anyone. Stefan thanks her and says he appreciates that.

Kristen asks if EJ doesn’t find it hard to believe that Sloan pulled this all off by herself, calling it a pretty complex scheme. EJ says he’s just telling her what Sloan told him and that the police are searching everywhere for her. EJ claims that he’s using all DiMera resources to track down that horrible woman and bring her to justice. Kristen asks if those are the same resources being used to track down Clyde Weston and asks how that’s going. Kristen asks if EJ is losing his magic touch. EJ tells her to shut up.

Ava and Lucas go out to the post office. Ava wears a hat and sunglasses while Lucas dresses in his monk robe from the monastery. Lucas feels it’s ridiculous and that they look conspicuous. Lucas jokes that a cowboy hat would have made him blend in instead of the stupid robe. Ava feels that it makes Lucas look non-threatening and they are going to have to ask people for help so people will be more likely to talk to a man of the cloth than a cowboy. Ava says she’s going in to the post office to see if the clerk knows anything about Clyde and Goldman. Lucas hopes someone has seen them. Ava instructs him to stay outside and keep an eye out for Goldman and text her if he sees anything. Ava adds that Goldman is probably armed and dangerous. Lucas assures he’s not looking to confront her since last time she almost shot him. Ava then heads in to the post office.

Harris tracks down a dealer in an alley and asks if he has an extra cigarette. He turns him down, pointing out how expensive they are. Harris identifies the man as “Snake”. He asks who the hell is asking.

Alex thanks Marlena for the help. Marlena wishes him luck and tells him to say hello to Maggie for her. Alex mentions that he and Maggie aren’t speaking too much these days and he doesn’t think she’s thrilled about him moving in. Marlena hopes they work things out. Alex jokes that stranger things have happened. Alex adds that it’s not just that he and Maggie aren’t getting along but Maggie being involved with Konstantin is just making things more awkward. Marlena understands how he feels. Alex doesn’t get why Maggie is letting Konstantin stay there and why she’s so devoted to him. Alex gets that Maggie is lonely but complains that everything Konstantin does exudes phoniness and every word is total BS. Marlena admits she can’t say she’s a fan. Alex thinks Maggie is Konstantin’s only fan. Marlena asks Alex to keep an eye on Maggie which he agrees to do. Alex tells Marlena that he’ll see her soon as he’d like to make an appointment for next week. Alex thanks her and then exits.

Kristen comments on the week EJ has had. EJ calls it eventful. Kristen points out that at least he got the baby back so that’s a happy thing. Kristen then tells EJ that she’s really sorry about his job. EJ admits that he was blindsided by Paulina’s decision but warns that she will soon regret making an enemy out of him. Kristen brings up hearing rumblings about a recall election and assumes that’s EJ’s handy work which he confirms. Kristen asks if EJ is thinking of becoming Mayor. EJ says you never know. Kristen questions thinking being Mayor and DiMera CEO won’t be as much of a conflict of interest as being district attorney was. EJ responds that it’s simple because the Mayor makes the rules and he loves making rules.

Rebecca Goldman runs in to Lucas outside the Post Office. They recognize each other and she reaches for her gun.

Marlena calls Roman to check in and asks how Eric seemed to him. Marlena says she’s glad Roman was there and bets that helped a lot. Marlena agrees that Eric will need his family more than ever now that he’s lost his son.

Stefan returns to the living room and sees that EJ is still there with Kristen. EJ asks where else he would be now that he longer has to be in his place of employment. Kristen talks about meeting their family’s new addition. Kristen tells EJ that she hopes his baby miracle takes some of the sting off of getting fired. EJ says it does and he feels blessed to have his son back where he belongs. Kristen suggests they let EJ have time to bond with the baby. EJ says that’s hard to do now that he’s sleeping. Kristen is sure he’ll wake up soon and it will give her and Stefan time to get some air, so they exit together.

Alex walks to the town square and runs in to Theresa, who questions where he was coming from since he was up and out early this morning. Alex mentions having a session with Marlena and asks how her breakfast was. Theresa says it was interesting. Alex says his was too since after speaking with Marlena, he realized some things and he needs to be upfront with everyone including her and Kristen. Theresa asks what about Kristen. Alex reveals that he’s been seeing Kristen which Theresa questions. Theresa thought that was over and just an act to make her and Brady jealous. Alex admits it was at the beginning. Theresa stops him and says not to explain it because she doesn’t need to hear it. Theresa asks Alex where that leaves them. Alex responds that he really does like living with her, but he needs her to understand that he’s not in a position to be pulling out a ring anytime soon if she was expecting that. Theresa claims she wasn’t expecting that and says they have a good thing having fun. Alex agrees and says he’s glad but after the first engagement ring debacle, he doesn’t want to hurt her. Alex says he needs her to understand that just because he’s asking her to move in doesn’t mean he’s ready for a big commitment. Theresa repeats that she didn’t think it meant that and says it’s cool for her because she doesn’t have to follow the rules of a commitment. Theresa declares that they are in an open relationship since he’s obviously still involved with Kristen. Alex confirms she understands correctly. Theresa remarks that she’s really glad they cleared that up then as she walks away.

Ava comes out of the post office, shocked to see that Lucas has captured Goldman and tied her up. Lucas reveals that he subdued her with the bear spray he got at the convenience store. Lucas credits the monk robe as being where he hid the bear spray. Ava says she didn’t find anything on Clyde inside while Lucas says they got what they needed in Goldman. Ava tells Goldman that she’s going to lead them to Clyde as they take her away.

Harris reveals to Snake that he’s police. Snake says he could spot that a mile away. Harris says he just wants to talk and asks him to drop the attitude. Snake tells Harris to get out of his face and runs away, so Harris chases after him.

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