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Eric picks up Jude from the Brady Pub and exits wearing sunglasses, then runs in to Marlena, who notes him being out early. Eric explains that he was just picking up Jude since Roman and Kate watched him for them last night. Marlena points out that she and John would love to do that as well any time they need. Eric says he has to get going but Marlena stops him and demands that he remove his sunglasses, so he does, revealing a black eye. Marlena questions what happened to him. Eric responds that Everett Lynch happened.

Melinda goes to Sloan’s. Sloan tells Melinda that she has to help her before Eric gets home. Sloan reveals that last night, EJ gave her 24 hours to tell Eric the truth that Jude is Nicole’s baby and he wants her to lie to Eric by saying that EJ is the father, so that Eric loses everything. Melinda is shocked and worries that Eric will have her arrested. Melinda brings up that Sloan and EJ had a deal. Sloan explains that was before EJ saw Nicole drunkenly kissing Eric last night, so he thinks it will take a baby to cement their marriage now. Melinda questions him being that insecure. Sloan says that EJ understands the bond Eric and Nicole share as much as she does. Sloan feels that there has to be a way to stop EJ. Melinda worries that Sloan has to keep her name out of this because if EJ finds out she’s involved, she will lose everything too.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ finishes a call as he heads in to the living room where Nicole is. Nicole asks how he’s doing. EJ responds that it’s her he’s concerned about and he had no idea she was up. Nicole says hangovers end eventually, but he still hasn’t told her how he’s doing. EJ responds that he’s fine and asks why she would think otherwise. Nicole then reveals the news article on Paulina relieving EJ of his duties as district attorney, effective immediately. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so sorry.

At the Spectator, Chad finishes a call saying that he put out a call to EJ for a comment but hasn’t heard back. Stephanie then arrives so Chad asks how Paulina is and thanks her for the scoop. Chad mentions that Everett is usually in by now but he hasn’t heard from him. Stephanie doubts anyone has heard from him. Chad says he’ll give him a call but Stephanie says not to bother because she knows where he is.

Everett lays in the bed of a jail cell, frustrated.

At the police station, Rafe is on the phone with Harris, questioning him needing more personal days. Rafe says he’ll call him back and hangs up as Jade reveals that the assault arrest from last night was Robert Stein.

Stephanie tells Chad about Everett punching Eric in the face, explaining the situation with Sloan and next thing they knew, Everett was in the middle of it and decked Eric. Stephanie can only assume that Everett thought Eric was a threat which Chad questions. Stephanie adds that it was chaos by the time the police showed up and she couldn’t get a statement before Everett was handcuffed and taken away. Stephanie feels bad and argues that they didn’t have to arrest Everett when he was only trying to help. Chad asks if she’s sure about that.

Eric tells Marlena about Sloan being drunk and he was trying to get her home, but Everett thought he was manhandling her and tried to help her out. Eric says Sloan is home now, waiting for him, so Marlena tells him to go ahead as they hug. Marlena asks Eric to be careful as he walks away.

Sloan questions Melinda saying she’d lose everything. Melinda explains that Paulina fired EJ and gave her back her old job as district attorney and they know EJ will be out for blood if he even has a hint that she’s involved in this. Sloan assures that she told EJ she took care of all the adoption paperwork herself. Sloan wants to think of something to get her out of this sticky corner but Melinda declares that EJ has her beat.

Nicole can’t believe EJ was fired and asks why he didn’t tell her. EJ thought it could wait, pointing out that she wasn’t in condition to process news last night which Nicole admits. EJ says that’s all behind her now as today is a new day and yesterday is a memory. Nicole flashes back to kissing Eric and then agrees with EJ. Nicole says she feels terrible for not being there for EJ while EJ feels terrible for not being there after her fight with Holly as if he was, she might not have gotten drunk and Eric wouldn’t have felt the need to play hero.

Rafe and Jada go over that Everett decked Eric and when arrested, told police that his name was Robert Stein but they booked him as Everett Lynch because that’s what his ID says, though he kept insisting his name was Robert Stein. Rafe says the plot thickens. Jada wonders if Marlena could help since she is his therapist. Rafe agrees that it couldn’t hurt to call, so Jada then calls Marlena. Marlena asks if everything is alright. Jada informs her that she has one of her patients in custody at the police station, so she hoped she could come see him. Marlena says she has free time now and asks who the patient is. Jada responds that it’s Everett Lynch, but he insisted he’s Robert Stein. Marlena then reveals that she’s no longer seeing him. Jada notes that Stephanie mentioned she discharged him but Marlena clarifies that Everett actually quit against her advice. Jada asks if she could come see him any way as they would appreciate any help she could give them. Marlena then agrees to come and hangs up.

Sloan tells Melinda that this is no time to give up. Melinda says she wouldn’t if she knew how to help but questions what the hell she can do when EJ is holding all the cards. Sloan cries that she can’t let EJ take Jude and she would be losing Eric forever. Melinda worries that Sloan may have no choice. Sloan insists that there has to be something they haven’t thought of. Sloan calls Eric and Jude her life, so she can’t lose them as they are all she has. Sloan pleads with Melinda to help her beat EJ.

Nicole apologizes to EJ for him not being the one to come get her, but says Eric was hardly being a hero as he was just concerned that she didn’t show up for work. EJ asks if she’s feeling better today about her fight with Holly but Nicole says not really as she keeps going over it in her head and Holly telling her that her babies were lucky to have died to not have a mother like her. Nicole calls that the worst thing she could’ve ever said to her. EJ says he’s so sorry. Nicole says trying to dull the pain in the booze worked while she was wasted, but now she feels plenty of it as EJ hugs her.

Stephanie asks if Chad thinks Everett got what’s coming to him. Chad thinks there tends to be consequences when you go around punching people in the face. Stephanie feels Everett was reacting to what he thought was physical abuse. Chad laughs it off and says he wasn’t there, so he’ll just stay out of it. Stephanie says he will be released soon because she paid his bail. Chad questions why she would pay his bail. Stephanie responds that she wanted to. Stephanie knows that Everett isn’t Chad’s favorite person, but says they have been getting along really well lately. Chad tells Stephanie that he cares about her and Everett has violent tendencies. Stephanie insists that Everett isn’t violent and what happened was just Sloan making a scene and Everett overreacting, but that wasn’t him. Chad asks who it was then, Bobby? Stephanie blames the circumstances while Chad insists that Everett used violence in a situation where it wasn’t needed and asks how she explains that.

Jada visits Everett in his cell. Everett says it’s nice to see her and that she looks really good. Everett asks if it’s a little bit nice to see him too. Jada questions what is going on with him. Rafe joins Jada as Everett says that Jada showing up here is a major upside. Rafe decides that’s enough and demands Everett shut up and turn around. Rafe then enters Everett’s cell and handcuffs him. Jada asks if that’s really necessary. Rafe says she read the report and then escorts Everett out of his cell to go see Marlena. Everett thanks Jada on his way out, leaving her confused.

Chad asks how Stephanie is feeling after all the tequila last night. Stephanie says she’s okay and had some coffee. Chad asks if that’s her hangover cure. Stephanie jokes that it works every time and asks about Chad, feeling he seems a little off. Chad calls her very perceptive. Stephanie asks if he feels like talking about it. Chad explains that the other day, Nicole found notes on a story that Abigail was working on before she died as apparently she was onto Clyde’s drug ring before anyone else was. Chad says it has his head spinning that maybe Abigail’s death wasn’t the accident they all thought it was and that her death wasn’t collateral damage. Chad feels maybe Abigail was the target all along and not Belle. Stephanie knows that Chad thinks he could’ve done something to protect her if he had known. Stephanie assures that he never could’ve predicted what happened and that Abigail wouldn’t want him to beat himself up about it. Stephanie feels Chad needs a positive distraction. Chad informs her that they did finally move back in to the Horton House with Doug and Julie. Stephanie calls that amazing. Chad says Doug and Julie are very happy. Chad adds that he went to he and Abigail’s room at the DiMera Mansion where everything happened. Stephanie asks if he got closure. Chad says maybe, but now that they are back at the Horton House, he’s more sure than ever that it’s where he’s supposed to be as it’s the only place he feels close to Abigail.

Rafe and Jada bring Everett to the interrogation room. Rafe starts by asking him his name. Everett says he went over all of this with the cops last night and responds that his name is Robert Stein. Rafe questions why he insists on them calling him Robert Stein. He responds that that’s his name. Rafe brings up that he’s been going by Everett. Marlena then arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Everett questions what she’s doing there and then asks why he’s here. Everett questions what is going on.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s sorry that she is hurting, but he knows in time that she and Holly will work things out. Nicole remains unsure. EJ insists that Holly is a teenager and strong-willed like her mother, so she lashed out. EJ encourages that Nicole has showered Holly with love. Nicole talks about keeping Holly away from the guy she loves. EJ feels that Holly will one day realize that being kept from Tate is in her best interest. EJ calls Nicole the most amazing woman he’s ever known and says her battles have made her a strong, independent woman that Holly will come to appreciate. EJ adds that any child would be lucky to call Nicole their mother. Nicole thanks him. EJ promises that she will prove that again.

Melinda asks Sloan to promise not to go on the run with Jude, insisting that she can’t do that. Sloan knows she couldn’t outrun EJ. Sloan says if she does what EJ says and admits that Jude is Nicole’s and make Eric believe the lie that EJ is the father, then EJ will help her disappear. Melinda points out that Sloan would be safe. Sloan acknowledges that Eric would never know the truth that he is Jude’s father. Sloan then argues that she could just say to Hell with EJ since Eric deserves to know the truth. Melinda questions her double crossing EJ and tells her to use her head because screwing over EJ would be screwing herself. Melinda advises Sloan that she needs to start over very far away or else Eric knows he’s a dad and her life is essentially over which is the choice she has to make.

Marlena sits with Everett in the interrogation room and asks how he’s feeling. Everett responds that he’s confused, saying last night is a blur and he has a massive headache. Everett asks if they can just get this done quickly so he can get out of here and start on his hangover cure. Everett questions again why he’s here. Marlena asks what she should call him. He responds that his name is Everett Lynch. Marlena asks if he remembers going by Bobby or by Robert Stein. Everett says he doesn’t and asks why she is asking him this now. Marlena says what’s more important to her is to ask him why he attacked her son Eric.

Sloan shows Melinda a framed photo of her and Eric, pointing out how Eric was completely content because he has all he ever wanted and it finally all came together for him. Sloan says when that was threatened, she paid good money to Leo to keep it that way. Melinda says she knows all of that. Sloan questions if that’s where she went wrong by getting involved in the blackmailing. Melinda understands Sloan was cornered. Sloan states that she loved Eric more than she’s loved anyone in her whole life and she doesn’t want to lose him. Eric then comes home with Jude. Eric is surprised that Sloan is up while Melinda says she was in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist coming to visit Jude. Eric says it might not be the best time so Melinda says she’ll call first next time and get out of their hair. Melinda then exits. Eric guesses it goes without saying that they need to talk, which Sloan agrees with.

Nicole tells EJ that he takes such good care of her. EJ assures that she is always his priority. Nicole feels she’s making a scene when EJ just lost his job that meant a lot to him. EJ says he’ll survive. Nicole asks him not to hide his feelings for her sake. Nicole adds that the article didn’t say why Paulina fired him and she’s been unpredictable these days. Nicole offers to talk to Abe but EJ doesn’t want her fighting his battles for him. EJ acknowledges that she has hit on something in Paulina’s unpredictability which is coming from her health issues and her ill-advised stunt on Smith Island. EJ says he’s heard rumblings about the questionable Salem leadership and he feels this latest act could be the final straw to spark real change. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. EJ declares that he’s going to petition to start a new election, which he would win to become Mayor. Nicole worries that he was busy as district attorney and this will double his work load. EJ says he will delegate and see himself more as the face of the city. EJ decides he will call his assistant Rita to get the ball rolling. Nicole feels it’s so fast and abrupt. EJ asks why procrastinate when you know what you want. EJ declares that acting fast is the best way to get the outcome you desire. EJ then leaves the room as Nicole looks back at her tablet. EJ makes a call to his contact, who informs him that Melinda just left so now it’s just Sloan, Eric, and the baby. EJ says the next person they see leaving should be Sloan on her way to him. EJ orders his contact to stay put and let him know when that happens.

Marlena questions Everett not remembering hitting Eric which he confirms. Everett says the last thing he remembers is downing a shot right as Eric walked in to the bar and he was trying to get through to his wife, who was drinking quite a lot. Everett recalls that Eric kept pressing but Sloan ignored him and they were yelling and then everything goes blank. Rafe and Jada watch through the window. Everett apologizes and wishes he could tell her more. Marlena says they have a few pieces of information so they will start putting those together. Rafe and Jada return to the room as Rafe announces Everett’s bail has been posted. Everett asks for the handcuffs to be removed then as he’d like to go home.

Stephanie tells Chad that bail has been posted so she should be hearing from Everett soon, unless he shows up here at the office. Chad questions her thinking that he’d come straight here after spending the night in jail. Stephanie responds that Everett is a pro and knows he has a job to do, just like he knows that he owes Eric a serious apology especially if they are going to be working together. Chad informs her that he just got off the phone with Julie and he has to go pick up Thomas from soccer practice. Stephanie agrees to keep an eye on the place until Everett arrives. Chad tells her to have Everett call him when he gets in. Chad thanks her and exits.

EJ returns to Nicole and says he thinks Rita is secretly excited about working for the future Mayor, though she is concerned about the extra workload. Nicole says she’s going to go to the office as he starts working on his new endeavor. EJ questions her leaving. Nicole says she didn’t get much done yesterday and she could use the distraction but EJ tells her not to, so Nicole asks why not.

Eric tells Sloan that he wants to talk as one of the most important things in a marriage is communication. Eric asks if it’s him that did something to upset her. Sloan assures that he did not. Sloan then declares that it’s time she tells him the truth about Jude. Eric asks what about their son. Sloan then reveals Jude is not their son.

Marlena asks if Everett wants to go to her office and finish their conversation. Everett thanks her but says it’s been a long day as he then exits. Jada asks Marlena what Everett told her and if he remembered hitting Eric. Marlena says that all he remembers is Eric trying to get Sloan to go home but after that, it’s all blank. Rafe asks if he could’ve been so drunk that he blacked it all out. Marlena doesn’t think drinking had anything to do with what happened last night, but she has a pretty good idea of what’s going on with him.

Nicole knows EJ is worried about her but thinks she’ll go stir crazy sitting around with nothing to do. EJ says it’s not really nothing when they are doing it together. EJ points out that they both had a rough night and suggests they have a relaxing day here with no plans. Nicole questions doing nothing. EJ feels it must sound tempting. Nicole agrees as they hug. EJ tells Nicole that he loves taking care of her. Nicole says she loves being taken care of. EJ repeats that he wishes he was the one who tracked her down and found her drowning her sorrows to bring her back instead of Eric. EJ declares that it’s the two of them now.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows Jude isn’t their son biologically and that she’s still mourning the loss of their child. Sloan stops him and declares that Jude isn’t their son biologically or otherwise. Eric asks if there’s something wrong with the adoption. Sloan says no, so Eric asks what it is. Sloan says she’s trying to tell him what she did with Jude. Eric worries that she had a lot to drink last night and goes to get her some water but Sloan stops him and announces that Jude is Nicole and EJ’s baby, as their baby didn’t die but is very much alive and is right there, leaving Eric in shock.

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