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At the hospital, Johnny talks to Chanel about it feeling almost too good to be true to have so much good news with their baby being healthy and him following his film making dream with her by his side. Chanel says she’s so excited and proud of him. Johnny talks about finding a new place to live. Chanel stops him and reminds him there is still one significant hurdle they have to face as she has to figure out how to break the news to her mom.

Paulina is at home, on the phone with Abe while on her laptop. Paulina tells Abe about finding the website for the Concerned Citizens of Salem with photoshopped pictures of her. Paulina worries that she could lose her job. Abe assures he won’t let that happen and declares he will put a stop to this insanity tonight. Paulina questions how he’s going to do that. Abe says he will tell her when he gets home and instructs her to get offline immediately. Paulina calls him a wise man as they hang up. EJ then meets Abe in the town square and asks what this is about. Abe wants to discuss the Concerned Citizens of Salem planning to recall Paulina. EJ acts surprised as Abe says they seem hellbent on ousting her. Abe adds that something interesting came up when they looked in to this so called organization. EJ asks what he found. Abe responds that it seems the primary so called concerned citizen is EJ.

Kristen comes back to the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan tells her that there’s nothing Rafe can do as he’s not willing to accept any deal with Clyde. Stefan agrees to shelve his idea to get Gabi out of prison for now, if Kristen helps him get more evidence. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but there’s been a change of plans and declares that she won’t be helping him anymore. Stefan asks what the hell she’s talking about and reminds her that if she doesn’t help him, he won’t back her as CEO of DiMera. Kristen then reveals that she won’t need his backing anymore because she already has the job.

At the police station, Chad exits the interrogation room after talking with Clyde. Chad gets a call from Julie, who says she’s been so concerned since he left for the station. Julie asks if Clyde said anything more about Abigail. Chad reveals that he actually did so Julie asks what it was. Chad informs her that Clyde told him to check out a safety deposit box at a bank in Chicago and supposedly inside is proof that Abigail is alive.

Paulina closes her laptop and complains about the internet trolls but then opens her laptop back up until Chanel comes in which surprises her. Chanel informs Paulina that she and Johnny saw the doctor today. Paulina asks about the baby. Chanel says they are still waiting on some results but things went really well and Dr. Greene said the baby’s heartbeat is really strong. Paulina is thrilled and calls that wonderful news. Chanel then informs her that she has some other news that Paulina might not think is so wonderful.

Abe asks if EJ is the one spearheading the movement to recall Paulina. EJ responds that he respects Abe so he will tell him the truth and admits that he is the one leading the charge on the issue. EJ declares that he created the Concerned Citizens of Salem to remove Paulina from office and asks if there’s anything else. Abe responds that he wants EJ to stop this nonsense now.

Stefan doesn’t understand since last he checked, EJ was still acting CEO. Kristen guesses he hasn’t checked his spam folder and informs him that the board met in private and after exchanging stock tips, they decided to offer her the job. Stefan questions that happening without his support. Kristen explains that the board felt it was time another woman was at the helm. Kristen adds that she also sent a presentation regarding her vision for the company and they were very impressed. Kristen talks about imagining her on the cover of Forbes magazine. Stefan argues that it doesn’t mean she can’t still help him with Gabi since she could now use DiMera resources to help him find new evidence. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but she can’t do that.

Johnny goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena asks how everything is. Johnny says things are better than okay which is why he wanted to thank her for her advice. Johnny confirms he spoke with Chanel about the job in LA. Johnny admits that at first she was a little upset that he kept it from her, but once she got past that, she was really supportive. Marlena calls that wonderful. Johnny then reveals that he accepted the job offer.

Chanel informs Paulina that she’s moving to Los Angeles and she knows it seems very sudden. Paulina didn’t think that’s what she meant by needing space. Chanel clarifies that Johnny was offered his dream job in California. Paulina asks about her bakery, reminding her that she has her own career to think of. Chanel informs her that she will start a Sweet Bits Bakery in LA. Paulina feels that’s easier said than done and asks if she has thought this through since it seems a little impulsive. Chanel asks who she gets that from since Paulina has a habit of acting without thinking.

EJ tells Abe that he’s sorry but he can’t do that. EJ claims it’s nothing personal and he’s just trying to do the right thing. Abe accuses EJ of attacking his wife and tarnishing her good name. Abe argues that Paulina made one impulsive decision and aside from that, she’s been an outstanding mayor. EJ disagrees and says Paulina’s judgment gives him pause. Abe thinks this is all about Paulina firing EJ as district attorney. EJ claims it has nothing to do with that. EJ admits he wasn’t happy about that at first but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since now he’s had more time to spend with Jude and he can devote more attention to his role as acting CEO at DiMera. EJ says it won’t be long before that role is officially his.

Stefan talks about Kristen getting everything she wants and suddenly losing the desire to help her brother in need. Kristen argues that she’s not the monster and she is sympathetic to he and Gabi. Kristen says she would help if she could but Mr. Shin would kick her to the curb if he found out she was helping the woman who was arrested for murdering his son. Kristen tells Stefan that she’s sorry but her hands are tied.

Chad goes home where Julie tells him that she’s going with him to Chicago tomorrow morning. Chad doesn’t want her involved since it could be dangerous. Julie tells Chad that she’s faced similar situations in the past and talks about Alice helping Bo and Hope escape criminals years ago. Chad points out that Clyde could just be playing mind games. Julie feels they still have to go. Chad agrees even if there’s a one in a million chance that Abigail is alive, they have to take the shot. Chad’s son Thomas then walks in and says he couldn’t sleep. Thomas says he heard his voice so he wanted to come see him. Chad says he’s glad he did as he missed him. Thomas asks about Chad’s trip. Chad promises to tell them about it in the morning and tells him to go back to bed. Thomas then stops and asks why Chad said Abigail is alive.

Marlena hugs Johnny and tells him that she’s so proud of him. Marlena asks about the movie. Johnny says he can’t say too much but promises it has nothing to do with devil possession. Marlena says she will miss him teasing her. Marlena admits that as happy as she is for he and Chanel, she will miss having him here in Salem. Johnny doesn’t think Paulina will like it either or handle the news as well as Marlena has.

Paulina apologizes as she didn’t mean to question Chanel’s judgment but she’s so sad to see her leave. Chanel says she’ll only be a plane ride away and they’ve lived apart before. Paulina worries that Chanel might not miss her as much as in the past. Chanel asks why she would say that. Paulina says they got close again but all that has changed because of what she did. Paulina worries that she’s ruined everything.

Abe tells EJ that he has a lot on his plate and suggests dropping this recall business. EJ says it’s too late for that as the petition is already in the hands of city council. EJ tells Abe that the people of Salem have spoken so he can’t let them down over a personal disagreement. Abe argues that EJ doesn’t give a damn about the people of Salem and is only interested in stroking his ego. EJ thinks that’s a terribly unfair assessment but Abe thinks it’s right on the money. Abe brings up EJ’s sister Lexie and says she may be gone, but they are still family. Abe then asks EJ on a personal level to stop this attack on Paulina.

Stefan asks Kristen what the hell he’s supposed to do now. Kristen says maybe he doesn’t have to do anything. Stefan mocks that idea. Kristen clarifies that maybe Clyde will give up some information that proves that Gil murdered Li. Stefan complains that Clyde won’t do that without getting something major in return and Rafe has already made it clear that he won’t make a deal with Clyde. Kristen brings up the Melinda angle but Stefan refuses to sleep with Melinda, insisting nothing is more important in his life than Gabi. Kristen tells Stefan that she’s sorry he’s going through this but this is the best she’s got. Stefan declares that the only other choice is to go back to busting Gabi out of prison. Kristen calls that a terrible idea and says she’s spent more of her life on the run than she cares to imagine and it’s no way to live. Stefan argues that his wife is locked in prison for a crime that she didn’t commit while thinking they will spend the rest of their lives apart and that’s no way to live. Stefan states that he needs his wife to be free and he will do anything he can to make sure that happens, even if that means being a fugitive for the rest of his life. Kristen guesses all she can do is offer her guidance. Stefan calls that somewhere between thoughts and prayers and liking a post on Facebook. Kristen tells Stefan to quit bitching and listen to her. Kristen brings up Stefan saying he had someone working on getting Gabi out and says now he needs to focus on what happens after. Stefan asks what that even means. Kristen reveals she has a grab and go kit in the safe in case of emergency with a lot of money that is his for the taking. Kristen adds that there’s an envelope with a contact sheet of people who will help Stefan and Gabi disappear without a trace. Kristen calls it a parting gift for them. Stefan is surprised and thanks her, saying it means the world to him as they hug.

Johnny tells Marlena that he wanted to go with Chanel to provide moral support but she wanted to talk to Paulina alone. Marlena asks if things are still strained between them. Johnny confirms they are. Johnny explains that he and Chanel understand that Paulina was just trying to save her daughter but also that it was a completely reckless decision to leave the hospital, knowing her condition could put others in danger. Marlena understands as a mother, the desire to protect your child. Johnny points out that Paulina put her daughter at risk as well as her unborn grandchild. Marlena calls it very sad and hopes they find their way back together.

Chanel tells Paulina that she didn’t ruin everything. Paulina feels she did and hates the idea of Chanel leaving while things are unresolved. Paulina worries that the distance will drive them further apart. Chanel assures that won’t happen but Paulina argues that she doesn’t know that. Paulina tells Chanel how sorry she is for putting lives in jeopardy and wishes she could go back in time to make a different choice. Chanel points out that if Paulina didn’t come to her rescue then maybe she would’ve been found and saved but maybe not and she could be dead now. Paulina supposes that makes some sense. Chanel suggests looking at it from that angle. Chanel calls it possible that maybe Paulina made the right choice after all. Paulina asks if she really means that. Chanel notes that the doctor did say at this stage, her baby is looking healthy and it’s too early to know for sure that nothing is wrong but she has a really good feeling. Chanel thinks it’s time for Paulina to stop beating herself up and time for her to forgive her. Paulina is thrilled and hugs Chanel.

Chad tells Thomas that he didn’t say Abigail was alive but Thomas says he heard him. Julie tells Thomas that Chad meant Abigail is in Heaven and part of their lives every day because her memory is alive in their hearts. Chad goes along with it and says that’s what he said which Thomas accepts. Chad then takes Thomas to go back to bed. Chad returns from putting Thomas to sleep. Julie comments on Thomas being inquisitive. Chad can’t believe it’s the two year anniversary of Abigail’s death. Chad talks about missing her so much every day. Chad admits the little spark of hope that she might be alive has grown in to a giant flame, so he doesn’t know what he’s going to do if it turns out not to be true.

Stefan tells Kristen that he is eternally grateful to her. Kristen jokes that he should be and declares that she’s off to the office to start kicking ass and taking names. Stefan guesses this is goodbye. Kristen admits she will miss having an ally in the house. Stefan points out that they haven’t always been allies. Kristen recalls when they first met and how Stefan still took her in because they were family. Stefan admits he still sold her out. Kristen jokes that backstabbing is the DiMera way and says it’s nice to have Stefan on her side again. Stefan remarks that she can thank EJ for that. Kristen talks about how EJ is going to lose his mind when he finds out she is CEO. Stefan is sorry he will miss that. Kristen says EJ will be dreadful and vindictive but in the end, she think he will get that it was all for the best.

EJ tells Abe that he wouldn’t characterize this as an attack on Paulina as he sees it as the tax paying citizens of Salem holding a public servant accountable. EJ tells Abe that he’s sorry but he cannot honor his request. Abe says he should’ve known that appealing to EJ’s sense of family wouldn’t work. Abe says for EJ to try to get rid of an outstanding mayor and human being out of spite shows exactly what kind of man he is. Abe then walks away.

Johnny tells Marlena about Dr. Greene reassuring them about their baby. Marlena says she’s so happy for everybody. Johnny admits that when they first found out there might be problems with their baby being born with abnormalities, he wasn’t sure if they should go through with the pregnancy but after today, he knows they made the right decision. Marlena is so glad to hear that and is so excited to have a new grandbaby. Johnny says they will be lucky to have the best great grandma anyone could ask for. Marlena thanks him and says she will be here for him, Chanel, and the baby. Johnny thanks her. Marlena says she loves him so much as they hug.

Paulina tells Chanel how much it means to her that she doesn’t hate her anymore. Chanel says she could never hate her and she was just upset, but she knows what she did was done out of love. Paulina jokes that she hasn’t been this emotional since an Aretha Franklin concert. Paulina guesses her forgiveness doesn’t affect her decision to move. Chanel assures that she was never moving because of her. Paulina encourages her to have her own life, but asks to let her throw them a going away party before they go so they will always remember where home is. Chanel assures that she could never forget because part of her heart will always be right here with her as they hug.

Julie tells Chad that she will throttle Clyde for what he’s put Chad through emotionally, calling it so cruel. Chad declares it will all be over soon as tomorrow, they will go to Chicago, walk in to the bank and open the safety deposit box to know without a shadow of a doubt if Abigail is still alive.

Johnny meets Chanel at the Brady Pub. Johnny tells her that he broke the news to Roman and Marlena and they both handled it really well. Johnny says they aren’t happy to see them leaving but they were supportive. Johnny asks how things went with Paulina. Chanel says it went way better than she imagined and that they are in a good place now. Chanel adds that Paulina is sad they are leaving but she understands it’s what’s best for them as they hug.

Abe goes home to Paulina and sees she’s been crying so he asks if something is wrong. Paulina informs Abe that Chanel came by and they had an amazing talk where they made a breakthrough and Chanel forgave her. Abe calls that wonderful and says he’s so happy for her. Paulina adds that’s not all as Chanel told her that she and Johnny are moving to Los Angeles which surprises Abe. Paulina explains that Johnny got a great job offer to work on a movie. Abe says they could always go there to visit and he’s sure they will be back here. Paulina declares the important thing is that Chanel doesn’t hate her anymore and they are back to being close again. Paulina asks if Abe wants to tell her what he was up to tonight. Abe admits he was trying to get EJ to back off and they talked for awhile but EJ refused to stop the recall. Paulina declares that karma is going to bite EJ.

Kristen approaches EJ in the town square and says she knows he must be upset that things didn’t go his way, so she hopes there’s no hard feelings since they are family and should support one another. EJ questions what she’s going on about. Kristen asks if Mr. Shin didn’t call him which EJ questions. Kristen guesses she’s going to break the news then. Kristen then announces that EJ is going to need to update his resumé.

Stefan opens the safe at the DiMera Mansion and removes the stacks of cash and the envelope that Kristen mentioned. Stefan opens the envelope and finds that the papers are not contacts, but the DNA results revealing that EJ is not Jude’s father.

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