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Maggie goes to see Julie at the newly restored Horton house. Maggie can’t believe it’s all brand new but she made it seem like the old Horton home. Julie credits the workers but Maggie says it was all her and calls it beautiful. Julie calls it a tribute to her grandparents. Maggie asks if she had any luck opening the time capsule. Julie wishes but she has no idea where the key is. Maggie suggests they brainstorm over dinner. Julie warns that it will be a challenge. Julie adds that there is something else she needs to talk to her about. Julie talks about respecting her decision to marry Konstantin but she’s given it a lot more thought and she thinks it is a terrible mistake. Julie tells Maggie not to marry that man.

Konstantin sits at the Kiriakis Mansion with a drink as he acknowledges the portrait of Victor. Theresa walks in and says she’s sorry as she didn’t know anyone was there. Konstantin says he was just having a drink and comments on Victor keeping a well stocked bar. Theresa tries to leave but Konstantin wants a word with her. Konstantin asks about her plan for Alex.

Alex goes to the DiMera Mansion where Kristen says she thought he had to work late tonight. Alex says he did but he couldn’t wait to come over and do this as he kisses Kristen. Alex talks about spending all day working on a merger at Titan but he couldn’t stop thinking about this merger. Kristen reminds him that they merged twice this morning. Alex says that was hours ago and he has a sweet tooth for her but Kristen tells him that she’s afraid this candy store is closed.

Harris urges Chad to think this through. Chad says he has for a very long time and threatens to end Clyde right here right now, so that he’ll never have the chance to put another family what Clyde put them through. Harris tells Chad no. Chad asks if Clyde is scared now and how he thinks Abigail felt. Clyde remarks that he wouldn’t know which Chad questions. Clyde then claims that he didn’t kill Abigail and that Abigail is still alive! Chad questions what he said. Clyde repeats that his dearly departed wife is alive and well. Clyde asks if Chad heard what he said and repeats that Abigail is alive, so he suggests he put the gun down. Chad accuses him of lying. Harris tells Chad not to do this and asks for the gun. Chad shouts that he wants Clyde to say that he killed Abigail in cold blood to stop her exposing his drug operation or he will end him. Clyde warns Chad that he will blow the only chance he ever had at getting the love of his life back.

Maggie appreciates Julie’s concern but reminds her that the marriage is just so Konstantin can stay in the country. Julie says she changed her mind because of the story Konstantin told about Victor sending Steve and John on a mission to Greece where his daughter was killed. Julie argues that Konstantin must have hated Victor’s guts as you don’t get over the death of your only child. Maggie agrees that Konstantin is not over his daughter’s death and never will be, but says he found it in his heart to be forgiving. Julie doesn’t believe it and thinks he showed up at Maggie’s door with an ulterior motive. Maggie question what ulterior motive he would have had. Julie responds that Maggie won’t like it but she thinks he came to Salem to get revenge on an old enemy and she’s afraid that he’s going to use Maggie to do it.

Theresa tells Konstantin to mind his own business and worry about his own wedding. Konstantin argues that her wedding is his business because once she marries Alex, she will share the Kiriakis fortune with him. Theresa regrets the deal she made with him. Konstantin reminds Theresa that it was her idea to make it look like Alex’s name was on Victor’s will instead of Xander’s while he was the one who found the forger to altering Victor’s letter. Theresa remarks on it not paying off. Konstantin urges Theresa to get married to Alex sooner than later otherwise diverting the true heir’s money was all for nothing.

Alex tells Kristen that he thought the candy store was open 24/7. Kristen remarks that she’s changing the hours. Alex asks if this is about Theresa and says she knows all about them because Marlena just got him to realize that he needed to be open and honest. Kristen says she’s not a fan of Marlena but calls that good advice which she will take herself. Alex tells her to be honest that she wants him right now. Kristen then reveals that as fun as he is, she’s just not that in to him.

Maggie sees why Julie thinks Konstantin is out for revenge but says they discussed that he and Victor made amends which Julie laughs off. Julie doesn’t understand how Maggie could fall for such a tall tale and remarks that she’s too smart to be that gullible so something must be off. Maggie asks Julie to just trust that she knows what she’s doing. Julie then guesses there’s a plan and wants Maggie to tell her all about it. Julie questions Maggie asking her to trust her but then not trusting her. Maggie thinks the less she knows, the better. Julie won’t go for that. Maggie changes the subject by asking if Chad and the kids will be joining them for dinner. Julie reveals that Chad is actually out of town. Maggie asks if he’s on business but Julie informs her that Chad is trying to track down Clyde Weston because he’s come to believe that Clyde killing Abigail was premeditated.

Clyde tells Chad that he thinks he killed Abigail, but if he didn’t, Chad would be killing an innocent man. Chad questions Clyde being innocent. Clyde says if he doesn’t believe him, he can go ahead and shoot but he doesn’t think he will. Clyde points out that last time he had the chance, he wussed out. Harris warns Clyde to shut up or he’ll shoot him himself. Harris urges Chad that Abigail would want him to be there for their kids and to not let Clyde take anything else from him. Chad then lowers the gun and declares he needs to find out how Abigail could possibly be alive and where she is. Harris states that they will take Clyde in and get him some answers.

Brady questions what Konstantin and Theresa were just talkin about. Theresa claims that Konstantin was just telling her about Victor’s liquor inventory. Brady could swear he heard something about diverting the true heir’s money. Konstantin claims that he misspoke and that he meant divide the money among the true heirs. Theresa says they were just talking about how Victor kind of screwed everybody else out of the inheritance but now Maggie will be sharing it. Konstantin remarks that they are all so lucky to have Maggie in their lives as he exits the room. Brady and Theresa agree that they don’t like Konstantin. Brady asks if Theresa has plans with Alex tonight. Theresa says no, so Brady questions if there’s trouble in paradise. Theresa responds that Alex intends to keep seeing Kristen which means they are in an open relationship.

Alex questions Kristen about where this is coming from as he thought they had a good thing going. Kristen says they did and calls it really wonderful so Alex questions what the problem is. Kristen thought she would be happy being friends with benefits but she spoke to Stefan earlier and realized that casual sex can have serious consequences. Alex questions that, arguing that it’s been harmless since they’ve been completely honest with each other so he doesn’t see the downside of continuing their arrangement. Kristen thinks Alex is in denial over the fact that he’s in love with Theresa. Alex mocks the idea. Kristen reminds Alex that they started this in the first place to make Theresa and Brady jealous. Alex feels it became something else but Kristen says maybe not. Kristen reveals that last night, Alex was talking in his sleep about Theresa. Alex denies that and asks what he said. Kristen said it was romantic things along the lines of “I love you” and “I want you to be with me forever” which Alex questions. Kristen adds that since they are being open and honest, she thinks he needs to be honest with himself about the woman he’s whispering to in his dreams. Alex argues that they had a good thing going that was nice and fun. Kristen tells him that now it’s over because she’s in love with Brady and he only wanted her to distract himself from being sweet on Theresa.

Brady tells Theresa that he knew there was something going on with Alex and Kristen but he didn’t think it was serious at all. Theresa says she’s sure it’s just a fling. Brady argues that he knows it bothers her since she doesn’t like sharing and wants Alex all to herself. Theresa tries to deny it but admits it’s not great for her ego to feel like she’s not enough for Alex or any man. Theresa admits she doesn’t like sharing but says she has too much pride to tell Alex that as she’s not going to pressure anyone to be with her. Brady asks if she’s sure about that. Theresa knows she did that with Brady in the past but says she’s breaking her pattern now since it hasn’t served her well. Theresa declares that if Alex wants to keep seeing Kristen then she doesn’t have to feel guilty if she wants to be with another man. Brady agrees. Theresa asks why she should be exclusive if Alex doesn’t intend to be. Theresa then grabs Brady and kisses him.

Maggie questions Chad going after Clyde. Julie says he evidently couldn’t be stopped. Maggie understands Chad’s need for revenge but argues that he must know how dangerous Clyde is. Julie questions how she can say that while marrying Konstantin when he must have loathed Victor. Maggie says she already told her. Julie complains about Maggie not telling her about her plan. Julie argues her plan is to not marry Konstantin and call off the wedding before it’s too late. Konstantin then walks in and questions why she would do that.

Ava and Lucas remain in the motel until Chad returns. Ava asks what happened with Clyde and if Harris is okay. Chad assures Harris is fine and that he’s waiting for the FBI to take Clyde in to custody. Ava decides she’s going to go check on him. Chad tells her to be safe out there as Ava exits. Lucas asks Chad what’s going on and if he’s alright or if he wants to talk. Chad informs Lucas that Clyde said that Abigail is alive.

Alex thinks Kristen may be right that he’s using her as a distraction from his feelings for Theresa. Alex brings up Theresa telling him that she wanted to marry him but he pushed her away and said they needed to sleep in separate rooms. Kristen jokes that’s probably good or she would’ve heard him talking in his sleep about her. Kristen asks why Alex thinks he’s kept Theresa at arms length. Alex admits that he can’t help but feel there’s a reason that he shouldn’t trust her.

Theresa and Brady kiss until Brady stops and questions where that came from. Theresa calls it an impulse and asks why Kristen and Alex get to have all the fun. Theresa adds that Brady was kissing her back but Brady says she just caught him off guard and he needs to process this. Theresa calls it sweet, exciting, and fun. Theresa says if she’s being honest, she wants Brady and if he’s going to be honest, he’s going to admit that he wants her too.

Konstantin apologizes for intruding on their private conversation but points out that the door was open and comments on nobody locking their doors in Salem. Julie calls it a friendly town where they don’t expect unwelcome intruders. Konstantin remarks that Maggie is saving his life by marrying him and he will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Julie is having a hard time believing they will have such a rosy future since Victor was responsible for the death of Konstantin’s daughter.

Lucas questions how Abigail being alive could be possible. Chad says he was in shock and didn’t have time for details. Chad says he probably said it just because he had a gun to his head and he would say anything to have him spare his life. Chad questions what if Clyde wasn’t lying and what if Abigail really is still alive.

Kristen asks Alex what it is about Theresa that he feels he can’t trust. Alex doesn’t know why he has all these doubts but he can’t help feeling that she’s not being straight with him. Alex feels there’s been so many times where she was on the verge of telling him something that would upset him, like she was about to confess but every time she started, she would just change her mind and shut down. Alex adds that he’d start to catch her in a white lie and she would start to explain it but not make sense which makes him think there may be a bigger lie that she’s keeping from him. Kristen says if Alex really loves Theresa, then he owes it to himself to find out what she’s apparently afraid to tell him. Kristen adds that maybe it could take them to a whole other level. Alex thanks Kristen for listening and helping him figure this whole thing out as a friend. Kristen says they were friends with benefits but just focused on the benefits part so she figured she owed him. They agree that they had a lot of fun. Kristen hopes this works out for Alex and calls him a sweet guy even if he doesn’t want people to know it. Alex says he’s also seen a sweet side of Kristen and he knows what she feels for Brady is real, so he hopes he turns around. Kristen assures that he will as Alex then exits the mansion.

Brady tells Theresa that they’ve never been good with boundaries so this is a bad idea. Theresa asks why, arguing that it’s obvious they still have a connection. Brady says their only connection should be their son and talks about how they’ve been getting along so well lately. Brady thinks they shouldn’t risk blowing it out of respect for their son, so Tate doesn’t have to deal with their drama like in the past. Theresa argues that this time there is no drama. Theresa says they are Tate’s parents but talks about how they used to be so much more. Theresa brings up how their kiss felt and offers to swear there will be no more drama and that she will behave with dignity and respect so there will be no clinging, pressure, or demands and they can just celebrate their connection. Brady says she’s really aiming high. Theresa asks why not since Brady isn’t seeing anyone. Theresa bets that Brady is lonely and would like some companionship and affection as they get close.

Ava joins Harris back at the campgrounds at the now taped off crime scene. Ava sees that he’s okay and asks where Clyde is. Harris responds that he handed Clyde over to the FBI and was just interviewing the manager of the campgrounds. Ava asks if Clyde is going back to Statesville then and guesses that Harris is still upset with her. Ava knows Harris is unhappy that she was going to kill Clyde and says she’s not saying it was right but she won’t apologize for doing what she needed to do to keep her son safe. Ava adds that Clyde has been threatening Tripp and holding it over her head for months, so it finally got to her. Ava admits she went too far but she didn’t shoot him and Harris caught him, so she wants to put this behind them. Ava asks Harris to try and understand why she did what she did so they can get past this.

Maggie tells Julie that her personal relationship is none of her concern. Konstantin tells her not to be so hard on her friend as he understands her desire to protect her. Konstantin calls it a fair question as he explained to Maggie that he and Victor made amends. Konstantin claims he realized it was wrong of him to blame Victor for his daughter’s death as he has come to understand that it was a horrendous mistake. Konstantin calls his daughter one of the kindest people he’s ever known and she would never want him to fill his heart with hardness. Maggie adds that she’s lost a daughter and a son, so she knows about that pain. Konstantin calls that another thing that bonds them. Konstantin says he’s so grateful that Maggie proposed to him and that on that note, he has some news. Konstantin announces that his VISA is expiring, so if he is to stay in the country, they have no choice but to get married tomorrow. Maggie questions that while Julie urges her to think this through. Konstantin knows Maggie wanted to plan something special but feels that’s not really necessary since it’s just to get his VISA, so all they have to do is be pronounced husband and wife by this time tomorrow.

Kristen remains in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and picks up the bracelet that Alex got for her. Kristen then picks up her phone and looks at an old photo of her and Brady. Kristen declares that she will do whatever it takes to win Brady back and this time, she’s not going to let him go.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and calls out to Theresa as he enters the living room. Alex says that’s funny since Henderson said she was there.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing in to the bedroom and onto the bed.

Harris gets that Ava did what she felt she had to do, but he has to get back to the FBI. Ava offers to go with him but Harris says they won’t want any civilians there and he just wants to make sure Clyde is processed so that he never hurts anyone again. Harris guesses they will talk more about this when they get back to Salem as he then walks away.

Lucas knows Chad wants to believe that there is still hope that Abigail is alive but he has to consider the source. Lucas feels Clyde is just messing with Chad’s head, pushing his buttons, and making him suffer. Chad agrees since Clyde said if he killed him, he’d spend the rest of his life wondering if he was telling the truth. Lucas questions why Clyde didn’t say anything earlier if he was telling the truth. Chad screams that he doesn’t know and he gets that it doesn’t make sense. Lucas reminds Chad that he was the one who found Abigail and saw what Clyde did to her. Lucas cries that he loved Abigail too and they don’t want to admit it. Lucas hugs Chad and says he’s sorry.

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