Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: Why is it I’m just hearing about those two psychopaths?

Summer: I didn’t know about Jordan and Claire until very recently, either.

Phyllis: And– and you, we– we– we had a real talk, and you failed to tell me that that– that Jordan person, she poisoned your whole family. And she stabbed you, and she escaped twice.

Nick: I just don’t know why Claire would do this. She was so happy at the party last night, like genuinely thrilled to be a part of this family. Why do it? What could she possibly gain from this?

Phyllis: The only thing that matters to me right now is that Harrison gets home safe.

Nick: Yes, of course, he is the number one priority.


Victoria: And we denied it. Adamantly.

Cole: Yeah, well, it’s because she poisoned us.

Victoria: Yeah, but even after that, when she was in jail, we still didn’t believe her.

Cole: Well, we had reason for that. We thought she had died, and we hadn’t learned the lie.

Victoria: But what if that harsh interaction left an impression on her? What if it caused a wound so deep that she couldn’t get over it?

Cole: But the minute that we got the DNA results, we were all in with helping her.

Victoria: But was it too late? I mean, in her mind, that we were rejecting her again? And prove Jordan right? That we didn’t want her to begin with?

Cole: Well, she– she might have felt that way at first. But after she did all of that work with the doctors–


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Summer: Stop, please. Just can you all stop giving cCaire an out? You let her into your lives and you let her into your home and look at what’s happened. She tricked you all again.

[ Phone ringing ]


Summer: I am so sick of you all blindly trusting Claire. And I’m furious at Kyle for leaving Harrison alone with her, knowing how I felt about her.

Victoria: She’s your cousin. She’s my daughter. Your own father has forgiven her. You would think that you’d be able to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Summer: When my child is missing?

Cole: What possible motive could she have?

Victoria: Exactly. Her sole focus has been getting stronger. She’s been overcoming all kinds of psychological and emotional abuse that she’s suffered from her aunt Jordan, who, by the way, she’s cut all ties with and tried to draw close to her true family, which includes you, by the way. Do you know she’s trying so hard to be your friend?


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 15, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Kyle: You have a good time tonight, bud?

Harrison: But they didn’t have cake.

Kyle: Well, maybe next time.

Harrison: Do you think they liked my present?

Kyle: Great-grandma and grandpa? Are you kidding? They loved it. Nikki said she put it in a place of honor, right?

Harrison: Yeah.


Kyle: Oh, you are the hero of the hour. Harrison will be so relieved to see that, thank you.

Claire: Oh, it was no big deal. I just happened to see Lucky-Bun sitting there.

Kyle: Right, yes, his new name. But you didn’t have to bring it all the way over. You could’ve called and i would’ve picked it up in the morning.

Claire: And risked the bad luck jinx?

Kyle: You got me there. Clearly, I have never had a lucky charm.

Claire: Well, they’re very important things, you know. A friend, a protector, something to count on, no matter what. I know it sounds childish, but–

Kyle: No, no, not at all. What were you about to say?

Claire: I know how important it is to Harrison and I didn’t want my new little friend to go even a single night without it. I know when I got my lucky charm taken away, I… I didn’t sleep for a week.


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Days Best Lines For The Week Of April 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to Sloan when she said getting a lawyer was a bold move)
Stefan: What can I say? I’m a DiMera. Fearless is in our DNA.

Brady: We will protect you.
Tate: From Holly the teenage vampire.
Theresa: If the fangs fit.

(to Stefan)
Sloan: Let’s discuss my retainer.
(when Stefan hesitated)
Sloan: Not so fearless, are we?

(to Sloan about EJ)
Stefan: I know my brother. There’s no way he won’t turn against me.

Nicole: EJ’s not good at apologizing/
Theresa: Oh boo hoo. Poor EJ.

Eric: Who are you blackmailing these days?
Leo: Who am I not blackmailing that’s the real question.

(when Chad and Thomas were playing a wizard game)
Chad: Calculus is easier than this.

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Days Best Lines For The Week Of April 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(when Steve brought Kayla flowers)
Kayla: Uh oh! What did you do?

Steve: I hate keeping secrets from you baby.
Kayla: Then don’t.

Ava: Unless you’re going to tell me where you are so I can slit your throat and watch you bleed out, I’m not interested.
Clyde: What’s with the hostility? Take a chill pill mama.

Holly: How’s school? What’s your favorite subject?
Rachel: Lunch.

Tripp: Is there any chance you could be pregnant?
Paulina: Are you going to card me for alcohol too?

(to Everett)
Leo: Since you are clearly singing the blues today, I will steer clear.

(to Everett)
Jada: Are you as stubborn as you are psychotic?

Nicole: Rachel is nothing but an entitled little brat.
Kristen: Rachel is not a brat.
Nicole: Yes, she is. She needs to come with a warning label just like her mother.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashley: Don’t try to act like I’m supposed to just think this is, like, normal. When was the last time you were locked in your house, Billy? When was the last time you were held against your free will?

Billy: Ashley, I’m not–

Ashley: Don’t talk to me! You’re not listening to me, I’m not going to listen to you.

Ash: We have to stop her.

Ashley: No one’s listening to me! What I say doesn’t matter. You are all so vile and so cruel, and I don’t know what I did to you to make you treat me this way..


Ash: I did it! I beat you at your own game. And I won!

Ms. Abbott: You– you have no idea what you’ve done. Auntie, you can’t put that right in the dishwasher.


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashley: Boy, this is embarrassing. Well, not for me. For you. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight and get on with my life, but all of you have to live with how you’ve treated me. And you should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Jack: We just wanna get you through this.

Ashley: There’s nothing to get through.

Traci: That’s not true. Ashley, you’ve told me yourself.

Billy: Ashley, what tucker just said, is– is that true? Did all of those things happen?

Ashley: Would you please not treat me like I’m some kind of wounded bird? It’s insulting.


Ashley: Come on, guys, bring it. Let’s see how you stand up to all this scrutiny you’ve been putting me under.

Diane: Ashley, please stop.

Ashley: Hey, Diane, what was that name you went under when you were in Los Angeles? Wasn’t it Taylor? Taylor, the friendly neighborhood realtor. You wanna talk about my sanity? Didn’t you have a mental breakdown? You faked your own death, bitch. And then you left your only son to grieve alone.

Diane: Okay, Ashley, I did have a breakdown. And then I got help. And those years in therapy saved me. I have nothing to be ashamed of. There is no shame in getting help.

Ashley: Right, well, if this is the result of all of that therapy, I think I’m gonna pass. By the way, you are never, ever gonna be a real member of this family after what you did to Kyle.

Jack: That’s enough.


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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 5, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: “If there is a problem?” There is no “if” here, Chelsea. There is a problem. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in genoa city, and our son is all alone in Baltimore. Probably scared to death and confused, surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Chelsea: Stop, Adam. Stop it. Enough. We’re both very stressed. We’re both trying to process this. Don’t make me the enemy. I didn’t send him there to make him miserable. I hate this, too.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay, you’re right. That was not helpful. When I get home, I’ll go online, and I will set up Connor’s petty cash fund.

Chelsea: Thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he’ll find something in their commissary he likes to eat. Or isn’t afraid to eat.

Adam: And don’t forget to send his lucky jersey, number 7, in case he wants to play again.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was nice of them to let us tour the sports facilities.


Sally: How can they blame you and Chelsea for Connor’s OCD and diagnose that so quickly?

Adam: Well, they didn’t declare it an official diagnosis. But, I mean, even if they had, who cares? I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Billy: Did the therapist explain why they think that you might be a possible trigger for Connor?

Chelsea: Because that’s what Connor told them. Apparently, my psychotic breakdown caused him all of this trauma and all of this guilt, and his OCD, um, has convinced him that my suicide attempt was his fault.

Adam: Somehow the doctors, after spending a minute and a half with Connor, by the way, have determined that he sees himself as a bad son, and he blames himself for all of his parents’ problems


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: That’s very astute of you. And I agree. Adam is the biggest hurdle in all of this.

Chance: Hey, I get it. You know, once upon a time, we were close, so I know firsthand how he can be.

Billy: That’s what I’m concerned about. In my opinion, he’s not handling this very well. But as a father, I will say I sympathize. It’s not an easy situation. But I care about chelsea. And if he could rein it in, even just a little bit, I think it’d be more helpful for everyone.

Chance: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like something he can pull off.

Billy: Yeah. I wish I could go back east and be with Chelsea, make sure that she feels she’s got the support that she needs, but the truth is, that is only gonna complicate matters worse, and, of course, defeat the purpose


Audra: You know, you say it feels right to you. But I’m just not there.

Tucker: Fair enough.

[ Tucker laughs ] Maybe I’ll just… propose all over again tomorrow. I should have gotten one of those skywriting planes. “Marry me, Audra, heart, tucker.”

Audra: That’s not necessary.

Tucker: I don’t suppose because you just suddenly changed your mind.

Audra: I just can’t. Are you sure you’re not trying to prove something to Ashley or Devon, or perhaps the rest of the world? Or are you maybe just out to prove something to yourself?


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashley: Could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch?

Audra: You know what?

Tucker: Hold on, wait a minute. Stop it. Ashley, that’s enough. Go. Now.


Tucker: Hey, Lily. Welcome home.

Lily: Hi, Tucker.

Tucker: I assume this means your daughter is doing better?

Lily: Sorry, how do you know about Mattie’s situation?

Tucker: Small town.

Lily: Oh. Okay, well, I’m sure Devon didn’t tell you, since he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. Unless that’s changed.

Tucker: No, no. Sadly, it has not.

Lily: Okay, well then, I guess we don’t have much to say to each other.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: Oh. Hey. Slow down. Bartender’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Just, it’s been a day.

Billy: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I’ve had a few of those myself lately. What do you say? You want to belly up and commiserate?

Phyllis: Oh, not tonight.

Billy: Really? Old friends? Solve the world’s problems?

Phyllis: Wouldn’t that be something?

Billy: Yeah. Come on, I’m buying.

Phyllis: Maybe another time.

Billy: Just be careful, okay? Because I see you gearing up for a heck of a headache tomorrow morning, so let me do this. Let me get one of your famous hangover concoctions. I’ll get it sent up to your room. At least it’ll be there bright and early, just in case you need it. Hm? No?


Phyllis: You used to be better at reading the room, Billy.

Billy: No, I’m not an idiot. No, I get it. I know you don’t want me here, but I was just thinking maybe our snarky little back and forth could pull you out of your funk.

Phyllis: Who says I’m in a funk?

Billy: Your face does.

Phyllis: What about your funk?

Billy: Mine?

Phyllis: Yeah. Last time I talked to you, you were locked in some power struggle with the winters family. You know? That can’t be fun.

Billy: Look at us, huh? We’re having a conversation now.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, you are outnumbered by them. You really are. Just you against the winters family. You’re just trying to get a little credit, right? Trying to get some respect and some love. Not having any success at any turn. And then, you’re labeled difficult. Yeah. Difficult. And that’s how people see you from there on out, just difficult.

Billy: Oh, I get it. We’re not talking about me anymore, are we?


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 1, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: I just can’t believe this. Have a seat, son. What brings you by? Anything at Newman I need to address?

Adam: No, it’s– it’s nothing like that. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I’m heading to the east coast tonight with Chelsea and Connor. But don’t worry, my work will get taken care of.

Victor: Kind of short notice, isn’t it?

Adam: It’s Connor.

Victor: What’s going on with our boy?

Adam: Connor has OCD and we’re doing everything we can to get him through it


Victor: Obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’ve heard that term pertaining to adults, but rarely to children.

Adam: I didn’t know that either.

Victor: Ah.

Adam: You know, when Connor first started having issues at school, we thought it was a learning difference, an academic issue. But then we found a doctor who made the diagnosis.

Victor: So, what’s the cure?

Adam: There is no cure. But there are tools that he can learn to manage the diagnosis. He needs something called exposure and response prevention therapy, erp. Chelsea found the best residential program in the country, and we’re lucky enough to get the last spot. So, that’s why we have to leave immediately.

Victor: Take my jet. I mean, I’ll make the arrangements.

Adam: Well, nick already made the offer. So, it’s nice to know that we have your blessing, too.

Victor: My boy, just know that whatever you and chelsea and connor need, you just come to me, all right?

Adam: That means more than you know.

Victor: Yeah, well, I know what it is like to have a child that suffers. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Adam: You know, we have to do this. It is the right move to make, but I don’t want to let him out of my sight. Connor says that he hates himself. What do I do with that? I mean, how do I– how do I help him?

Victor: That breaks my heart, you know? You just continue doing what you and Chelsea are planning to do. I mean, it’s the right move. Just trust yourself.


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The Young and The Restless Best Lines 2023

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Adam, Connor and Chelsea

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The Young and the Restless Best Lines 2021

Our Favorite Funny Y&R Quotes!

Adam, Connor and Chelsea

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Dylan and Paul

Days Best Lines For The Week Of April 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to Holly)
EJ: Since you’re finally being honest, I trust you’ll tell us the whole story.

(about Holly)
Tate: She’s not a bad person.
Theresa: Oh yeah! Tell that to your ankle monitor.

Ava: Is there anything you can’ t do?
Harris: If there is I haven’t found it yet.

Theresa: What kid wants to stay home with their parents and eat cake?
Brady: I don’t know. I think that chocolate cake is a pretty good reason to hang around.

Paulina: Buckle up Marlena because you’re going to think I’m crazy.
Marlena: That word is not in my vocabulary.

(to Marlena)
Paulina: Answering a question with a question? Is that what they taught you in shrink school?

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Best Lines For The Week Of March 25, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen: Didn’t your mother ever teach you never to keep a girl waiting?
Alex: Six whole minutes?

(about Theresa living with Brady)
Kristen: Does your pea brain grasp how counterproductive that is?
Alex: Look Cruella. I’m not one of your little puppy catchers, so if you want my help with this you better not talk down to me.

(to Sarah about Victoria)
Xander: My daughter’s not going to go anywhere with boys until she’s 27. Even then I’m going to be there with her.

(to Theresa about Kristen being crazy)
Alex: Maybe I like a little crazy in my life. I mean I was with you.

(when Theresa came in the DiMera mansion)
Theresa: Harold let me in. I’m guessing you were too lazy to get up.
Kristen: Well that’s what servants are for.

(to Kristen)
Theresa: This is not 1955. Parents can co-parent kids without being together.

(to Harris about who could have framed Xander for shooting him)
Xander: Unfortunately, Salem is filled with a number of people who would want to do him in. EJ DiMera being at the top of the list.

Priest: Are you here for a confession?
Leo: How much time do you have?

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Friday, March 29, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Hey, Jack. You got a minute?

Jack: For you, no.

Tucker: Ah, wait. It’s important. Please.

Jack: You know, I’ve been coming to this club my whole life. I love this place. What I don’t like is the increasing likelihood I’m gonna run into you. Why are you still here?

Tucker: Well, I live here.

Jack: I meant in genoa city. Isn’t glissade your new life’s work in Paris?

Tucker: You know, there’s this really neat new invention. Um… what’s it called? The internet. And, uh, you can be in one place and do work in another. Unbelievable. You should check it out.

Jack: Maybe you could use it to get yourself a one-way ticket to France. There is nothing like face-to-face time with your employees, especially when you had to hire a whole new staff and board. Or are you staying away so they don’t get to know the real tucker McCall?

Tucker: Has it ever occurred to you I might move glissade here


Cole: Can I talk with you and Claire in private?

Claire: Well, if whatever you have to say is about Jordan, you can speak freely. I told Kyle the whole ugly truth, just so you know.

Kyle: Um, this sounds like a family matter, and I should– I should probably get back to Harrison anyway.

Claire: There it is. That’s the reaction I was waiting for. Better run.

Kyle: I’m impressed. Not many people could bounce back after what you’ve been through. And for the record, I’m not running. I’m just giving you all some privacy.

Claire: Thank you.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Thursday, March 28, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: This is novel. A stress-free day with no surprises in store. Feels like it’s been forever.

Claire: I think maybe it has been forever for me. Being free of Jordan, not being worried about her next plan or when she might pop in again and try to ruin our lives. My whole life I’ve been on edge because of her.

Victoria: You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’re free to go out and do things without looking over our shoulder constantly. In fact, I think that’s exactly what we should do. We should do something incredibly normal. Like, go for a long walk or a drive or a mother-daughter shopping spree. Or we could go see a movie. I think that we deserve that, don’t you?

Claire: Maybe we start by just going to lunch? Without security guards


Victoria: Wow, look at us. Out and about.

Claire: You do this with Nikki, right? Mother-daughter lunches?

Victoria: Absolutely. All the time. Now it’s our turn.

Claire: It’s still weird, the difference between researching you and actually knowing you.

Victoria: Oh, well, I don’t think I want to know what they say about me in the press or on social media.

[ Claire laughing ]

Claire: The press doesn’t know how silly you can be or how sweet or that you’re not the best baker?

Victoria: Oh, well, I’m sure that Johnny and Katie are gonna tell you all about that. In the meantime, there’s just so much that I want to know.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Heather: Oh, right. Okay, just, uh, for the sake of argument, let’s say you met this guy.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Heather: And you just– you can’t stand him.

Daniel: Okay.

Heather: But he asked Lucy to the prom, and she’s over the moon, thrilled to go. You’re not actually gonna tell Lucy she can’t go, are you?

Daniel: Yeah, maybe I am.

Heather: Okay, that’s pretty funny to me, because you’re the biggest pushover I’ve ever seen when it comes to Lucy.

Daniel: That’s– no, that’s not true. I have said no to her plenty of times. Like, once when she was three, and she asked me if i would teach her how to drive.

Heather: Hm. Lucy’s always made good choices when it comes to people she’s hung out with, so I don’t see why this boy that she has a crush on will be any different.

Daniel: Sure. Let’s just hope that he’s not like me when I was his age.


Devon: We haven’t gotten that far yet, no, but when we do, we will welcome your input.

Billy: Oh, I’m sure you will. You won’t even tell me the reason behind it. I mean, come on, it’s gotta be pretty serious. You’re gonna fire the person you’re in a relationship with, lily. So, you’re not in a relationship with him anymore. Is that what’s behind this?

Devon: Can you drop this, Billy?

Billy: Oh, I get it now.

Devon: Can you please drop this?

Billy: So something happened between heather and Daniel, and now you want to fire them both.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Monday, March 25, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Christine: Danny Romalotti singing me a beautiful voicemail. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet.

Danny: I know exactly who the luckiest person is at this table, and it is definitely not you.


Heather: Lily, welcome home.

Lily: You already said that, heather. Remember? I went to Daniel’s apartment and walked in on your warm, little, fuzzy family moment?

Heather: Yes, yeah, yeah, of– of– of course.

Lily: Right.

Heather: Um, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that Mattie is doing better, and– and it must have been so nice.

Lily: Okay, heather, I’m– I’m– I’m not– I’m not doing this with you. Okay? I don’t wanna hear your “what do you mean?” Act. All right? I left town, you got what you wanted, so good for you. Congratulations. I have nothing to say to you.

Heather: Lily, I swear to you, there was– there was absolutely nothing, and by nothing, I mean zero premeditated about what happened between Daniel and I, and I– I never, ever intended to hurt you.

Lily: I know you never intended to hurt me, heather. Do you wanna know why? Because you didn’t think about me at all. I was not a consideration to you.

Heather: But that’s not true.

Lily: And do you really expect me to believe it wasn’t premeditated? I know that your feelings for daniel came back before I even left. You saw that he was the man that you wanted him to be. You saw that, and you wanted him back.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Claire: Yeah, it’s, um, still strange to me. Meeting all these relatives who I’ve read so much about all these years, but getting to know them as people, not just news stories. Newmans for what they had, but at the same time, I wanted it all. things, but I like to imagine the family and the love. She only wanted me to see the ugly stuff. The fights and the crimes, the divorces. Anything messy or sordid. That’s what I was supposed to pay attention to, but… there’s so much more to you. To all of you


Claire: How long was I asleep for?

Victor: Too long. So, why don’t you get up? I guess the whole family is waiting for you.

Claire: The whole family?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: Why? Why would they be waiting for me?

Victor: Well, do you even have to ask? I mean, you’ve done this hundreds of times, sweetheart.

Claire: Hundreds?

Victor: Yeah. Remember? We used to all have breakfast together and we put you in a little baby seat. There was a pancake on your plate. One little pancake.

Claire: Baby seat?

Victor: I have to go to the office. Stop by before I join you at breakfast, so I’ll see you later. All right, eve?

Claire: Eve?

Victor: See you soon.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Connor, we talked about this, right? The “crazy” word? That is just the ocd talking. Because you, connor Newman, you are the greatest kid ever.

Connor: Who’s crazy.

Adam: Buddy–

Connor: Call it what you want. It’s still what it is.

Adam: We’re gonna fix this, okay? And everything is gonna be okay. Can we get back to the room change for a second? Was somebody being a jerk to you? Was someone bullying you, Connor?

Connor: No, that’s not it.

Connor: My room was 23. Two

Adam: Excuse me?

Connor: You like to gamble.


Jordan: I wish you could’ve shared that joy with your poor sponsor, seth. He’s dead because of you.

Nikki: He’s dead because of you! Because you are a serial killer.

Victoria: It’s over. You’ve lost. You can never hurt us again.

Jordan: What a pr

Nikki: I hope that pretty picture torments you for the r because the three of us are bound in love, in strength, something that you could never have any comprehension of. But at least you’ll have plenty of time to think about it, because you will be in prison forever.

Jordan: Oh. Oh, so victor’s not gonna keep me here and feed me spoiled food and the occasional rat?

Nikki: Lady, if I had my way, you’d never leave this hellhole, which quite literally was of your own making. So, I guess the next best thing is to know that you will slowly, oh, so slowly, rot away in your cell


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Friday, March 15, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Kyle: Thanks for coming. It was nice to meet you. We’ll be in touch. Well, I guess we can cross nanny contender number five off our list.

Summer: Honestly, I feel really bad for her. She was nice. She was well-qualified. Lovely with harrison.

Kyle: Even when he just sat there pouting and scowling at her.

Summer: When he bothered looking at her at all. I wish we knew when Linda was gonna come back. She and Harrison are such great buddies.

Kyle: Yeah, from what she’d said about her mother’s surgery, it doesn’t sound like we can expect her back anytime soon.

Summer: So, what do we do? Just keep having the agency send us potential new nannies for harrison to be grumpy about? I mean, we both know what the actual problem is, since he keeps on saying the same thing after every interview.

Kyle: Why can’t mommy just come home?

******************* ********

Adam: Sally spectra and Audra Charles alone together at the same table. Wow, this is a little, uh…

Sally: Surprising?

Adam: I was gonna say scary, but okay, surprising’s fine. I, uh, didn’t even know the two of you knew each other.

Sally: We’ve met, but we’ve never really had a conversation.

Audra: Yeah, until now. And it turns out it was long overdue.

Adam: Yeah? Why is that?

Sally: Well, you wouldn’t believe how much Audra and i have in common


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Lucy: You know, prom is still months away, but I was just asked to be on the decorating committee, which is really cool because technically I’m still the new girl. But I can’t be on the decorating committee and show up to prom without a date. And what if no one asks me? Speaking of asking, you know waylon marrs? He’s the kid with the really great hair and he’s really smart. I mean, I wonder who he’s going to take, because I would be a pretty good date.

Daniel: Whoa!

Lucy: What?

Daniel: Hold on there. Waylon Marrs? Who’s that?

Heather: You know Waylon, babe, the one with the, uh, really good hair.

Daniel: Mm. And are you dating this one with really good hair?

Lucy: Dad, if we were dating, then I would already have a date to prom, which I don’t.

Heather: She did mention that.

Daniel: Hmm. Well, you know… I am going to expect to meet this child before you go anywhere with him.


Devon: Actually, you know what? If I’m being honest, it was kind of peaceful here with you gone.

Billy: Yeah? Is that right?

Devon: Yeah. No one was trying to change the name of the company. Or exert their power inappropriately. It was great.

Billy: Oh, that’s funny. What about aunt Mamie?

Devon: What about aunt Mamie?

Billy: Amanda informed Jill of Mamie’s latest proposition. How she would like to split the company in two and keep it merged together in name only. I mean, if that’s not an attempt at exerting inappropriate power, devon, I don’t know what is.

Devon: I think that was just a suggestion though, right?

Billy: Right. A suggestion. Like I suggested we add “Abbott” to the company name. Except with you, devon, there’s always this accusation that I’m trying to orchestrate some sort of power grab. Which I’m not. But I think it’s very clear that Mamie would love nothing more than to split this company into two.


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