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[ Cellphone chimes ] Kristina: Sam! Hi. Hi! Hi. You okay? How are you doing? I’ve been so worried about you ever since we heard about dante. Molly still is at the office, otherwise she’d be here. How’s dante? I have good news. Great, thank you. That’s great, chase. Yeah. Will you — will you let me know when forensic has got any information on that hoodie? Thank you. Good. Call me back. Commissioner devane. I heard about falconeri. How’s he doing? Yeah, he’s — he’s out of surgery, so… good. Yeah. There’s been a development. Okay. Is that… jason morgan? That image was taken tonight from the roof of selina wu’s warehouse. Now we know who was shooting at sonny. I should be at the hospital right now. I’m sure pacing here is helping dante as much as pacing there would. Thanks. Like I don’t already feel useless enough. No, I just — I meant that your good thoughts are reaching him no matter where you are.

[ Sighs heavily ] Okay, yeah. Also, I would have said anything to get you to stop. I’m sorry. I — I don’t mean to make you… as crazy as this is making me. You have every right to be worried about your brother. In the meantime, my fellow nurses are sending me regular updates. See? Well, no change. No change. No change. That’s good, right? That means that he’s — what, that he’s stable? And you didn’t even go to medical school. And if dante’s condition changes, you know, for better or, god forbid, for worse, we will get someone to watch the kids and we will head right over to gh. Yeah. I know you’re right. I just… well, I — I just feel so helpless. Sorry. No. You don’t have to apologize.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Jason: Carly.

Hey. There you are. Any news on dante? Yes! Yes, yes! The best. Our son made it through surgery. Oh.

[ Laughs ]

[ Crying ] They’re getting dante set up in his icu room, and once that’s done, he can have visitors. Okay. Well, what are you still doing here? I know you’re dying to see him. Um… so excited to see him. He’s unconscious, and I — I just feel like I need a few more minutes before I see him like that. Well, you take the time you need. And then when you’re ready, he’ll know you’re there. I’m glad you two are here. Honey, any time. Yes. Always.

[ Knocking ] Uh, I’ll get it. It’s dex and joss. It’s okay. I got it. Hi. Come on in, guys. Hi. Have you been at the hospital this entire time? Yes. We had to give commissioner devane a statement, and I took him home to change. Lucky me, no one had cleared out my apartment yet. Look, I can’t thank you two enough for what you did for dante at the scene. Willow: One of the er nurses said dante might not have made it if you two hadn’t intervened, so thank you. So, um… are you… here with an update? Not about dante. Um, he was still in surgery when we left the hospital. But we do know something about the person who shot him. That’s impossible. Oh, my god. No, if — if this is jason, he would never work for anyone who would hurt sonny. Say, okay, listen. We know he was on the roof. We know the shots came from the roof. We know that dante falconeri left the roof to pursue two people. Assuming one of them is morgan, where would he go? Well, to sonny obviously, but he’s here. Or…sam.

[ Indistinct conversation in distance ] Anyone else? Yeah. There is one other person he would run to.

[ Shakily ] Jason? It’s me. It’s you? It’s really you? It’s really me.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Crying ] Oh, you came back!

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m sorry it took so long.

[ Crying ] What — what happened? Where have you been?

[ Grunts softly ] What are you wearing? You’re bleeding. Were you shot? Yeah. How bad is it?

[ Gasps ] It’s — it’s not bad. You always say that. Oh, god. Alright. Carly… the bullet passed through. I could use a bandage. Okay? I’m gonna be okay. I…have… a first aid kit I can get. I don’t want to leave you. I’m gonna be here when you get back. Promise me. Promise me you got to be standing right here when I come back. Promise me. I promise.

[ Grunts, inhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay. Wait, wait. Uh, sam just texted me dante’s room number, so… alright. Let’s go. Yeah. I’ll see you later? Mm-hmm. I’m so happy about dante. Thank you. Thank you. Olivia. Sonny. I h– I heard what happened. Is dante okay? Yes, yes. He made it through surgery, but we’re just — we’re just going to see him in icu. Oh, thank god. I’m sure he’s gonna be fine. Yeah. Um… we’re going to see him now, so… oh, right. Y-yeah, of course. Sonny. Um, please give dante my best. Of course. Of course we will. Ava, what is going on? What the hell happened tonight? Excuse me? Maybe you could help me. I’m gonna meet you upstairs. Oh, right. Oh, wow. And I brought you a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks. Thank you. It completely slip my mind.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Um, call me the minute you need me. Both: Okay. Alright? Hey, mom. Yeah? What snacks? They’re not for you. I mean, for two. Hello there. Oh. Oh, hi. Hi. So… by any chance, have you seen sonny around? I, uh, I know he’s waiting on word. I have not seen sonny, but I did hear that dante made it through surgery and he’s in the icu. Excellent. Excellent. I take it you’re representing sonny’s associates who are in custody? I am. Yeah. Yeah, and I’ve got to update him on the situation, so I’ve got to go find him. Excuse me. Not so fast. Where do you think you’re going? When we found dante, someone had already given him first aid. They had elevated his legs, wrapped a sweatshirt around him as a pressure bandage. There was also a phone lying next to him with a line to 911. Hold on, s-so the person that — that shot dante also tried to help him? Yes, and they were also risking being recognized because dante could have seen their face. It looks that way. None of this makes any sense. Why would he shoot dante and then call 911? Maybe he didn’t want to go down for killing a cop. Wait, hold on. There’s another — another possibility here. What if… the shooter helped dante… because he knows him?

[ Monitor beeping steadily ] Dad! Hey. Hi. Hi. Oh! How are you? I’m fine. Only damage was to my coat. Because you’re — you’re lucky. You’re not bulletproof. How you doing?

[ Exhales sharply ] Frantic at first. When mom first called to tell me about dante, it was like… okay, now, isn’t this too much stress for the baby? Honestly, the way I see it, with this family, the sooner this baby learns to handle stress, the better, right? How you doing really? You know… it’s interesting how your body reacts to stress when you know it’s bad for the baby, right? And also pushing the stress down could make it worse, so… I don’t know, dad. I’m just doing a lot of breathing. I bet you are. But dante’s doing better and… seeing you helps. Right back at you. You take care of yourself, okay? Of course. How is my son? Mr. Falconeri is in critical condition, but his vitals are stable. Do you know when he’s gonna wake up? It’s too soon to say. Okay. You’re his parents. You go in first. Go ahead.

[ Sniffles ] Hey, son.

[ Crying ] We’re here.

I’ve — I’ve got to go find sonny. Not until you tell me why you’ve been avoiding me. I haven’t really been avoiding you. I just had a feeling that… perhaps you weren’t too thrilled with me right now. Did we have some sort of a knock-down drag-out fight that I’ve blocked out? ‘Cause I’ve been sober for a while now, and I think I would have known. No, no. I just know that you wanted me to represent finn in the malpractice case. And not only was I not able to do that, I was the plaintiff’s attorney, and I just feel that perhaps you’re a little… unhappy with me. What is wrong with you? It’s me you’re talking to you. I haven’t been disbarred for that long. I know how lawyers work. I know what they do, and you were doing your job. It’s not personal. I’m glad to hear it. If you were worried about this, why didn’t you talk to me? I know. And normally, I would have. Normally, I wouldn’t have thought twice about that. But this is finn we’re talking about, and I know he’s important to you. And you’re important to me as well. What I was really disappointed in was that I couldn’t represent him. Ah. And I do miss mopping the floor with you in court.

[ Laughs ] Yes, mop– mopping. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Anyway, uh, if you ever did mop the floor with me, it certainly wasn’t as often as you seem to think. Oh, I know exactly how often it was, which is why I miss it. Yes, well, I miss going toe-to-toe with you as well, but jurisprudence’s loss is journalism’s gain. Well, journalism is about to experience another devastating loss. Sonny and selina were having a perfectly harmless, perfectly legal conversation when anna burst in with the fbi, guns blazing like some kind of raid. How terrible! Yeah, tell me about it. Well, that must have been frightening. I guess it was a little. So what were you doing there? I thought I could be of some use. Honestly, ava, what were you thinking? I had to be there. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines worrying that avery might end up as collateral damage or that sonny might… …that avery might lose her father. Okay, so what was this active role that you were playing? We had to sell the idea that sonny and selina were meeting with a mediator to settle their business conflicts. And how are you, the mother of one of sonny’s children, an impartial mediator? Well, I used to be in… you know, I used to be in t-that world, you know, so… yeah. …So who better, right? Well, I guess. There’s no way to know if it would have worked anyway because the cops showed up and that was that. Well, I can sort of see why you did it, but what if — if something had gone wrong, ava? Which it kind of did. You could have gotten shot too! Or…killed! Yeah. I guess… I guess I could have been. I mean, anybody could have been. We all had to duck for cover. I’m glad you weren’t! I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh. Aww. Look, I appreciate you coming back, dex. It’s a good thing you did, because you — you might have saved dante’s life. Not alone. Joss did just as much as I did. Well, honestly, I think the only reason dante was still alive when we got there is because of the pressure bandage. And the only reason he was able to even get to the hospital is because that person dialed 911. Isn’t it possible that whoever helped dante had nothing to do with the shooting, and maybe they were a good samaritan, and they just had their own reasons for not wanting anyone to know they were there? We left the pier as soon as the paramedics took dante away, but chase and the cops were there collecting evidence, and so they have the cellphone and the sweatshirt that was used as a bandage. Maybe it’s enough to track this guy down.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I’m gonna need you to lift your shirt.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay. Yeah.

[ Groans ] Oh, I’m sorry.

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m sorry. I just — I… I’m gonna have to clean it.

[ Breathlessly ] It’s okay. Mm! I don’t want it to get infected. I just want to get it clean. Okay. Here.

[ Gasps ] I think it’s clean. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] How? How are you here? Jason?

[ Exhales sharply ] I wish I could call my mom and ask her how to help you with — no, no. Do not. Do not call bobbie. No. No. I can’T. She died.

[ Sighs heavily ] Bobbie’s dead?

[ Sobbing ] Yeah.

[ Knocking ] Anna: Police! Open the door.

[ Pounding ]

Yes, we saw him. He saw us, but we didn’t speak. He was with olivia and sam. They were all waiting outside the trauma room while dante was in surgery. Well, it was good of you to come to the house and tell sam and olivia what happened. I’m glad they got to see him. One last time? I can’t even think about it. I cannot think about rocco losing his father. I can’t think about avery and donna losing their big brother. But we all know that this could happen. And, yes, dante is a cop and he takes risks, but… we have to be honest here. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for sonny.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Well… well, I’m obviously appalled. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Thanks! You always know just what to say. Yes, I do. Now, while a publisher certainly has the right to overrule an editor in chief when it comes to hiring individual journalists, this seems like a breach of trust. Yeah. Nina is all about trust.

[ Scoffs ] Alright, so an editor in chief has the right to determine who does and does not work for the papers. Right. And if she had recommended a columnist, I could decide whether or not to hire said columnist. That would have been one thing. But that’s not what happened. No. She made a unilateral decision. There was no collaboration. So what are you going to do? I’m going to not think about this right now, and I’m going to concentrate on my daughter and helping her through this crisis. Of course. Of course. Your family always takes first priority. But just so you know, you have a right to bitch about the… boss.

[ Chuckles ] So, bro… …opening day is… right around the corner, and I know you’re not going to miss that. Especially since it’s the yankees’ year. You know, I was — I was at the pub the other day, and the game was on. This one bartender is a huge sox fan, and we were joking around back and forth for a while. And by the end of the game, I found myself rooting for them. And I thought… “man, my brother is gonna kill me.” See, since you’ve been in here,

[Voice breaking] It’s like the whole world’s upside down. I’m so worried about sonny. I know that my marriage is not in [Scoffs] The best shape right now, but I love him, ava. I love him, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. And whoever’s out to kill sonny, I am terrified that he might succeed. And I don’t — I don’t want to have to worry about you too. Oh, you don’T.

[ Chuckles ] No! Rest assured, after this little misadventure, I’m laying off any derring-do for the foreseeable future. Okay? Oh, good. This is insane, right? I mean, I know that sonny has enemies. But this? Well, for what it’s worth, I think we’re getting closer to the truth. Wait. Does sonny know who’s behind this? Do you? No. I swear. Some idea then, ava? Come on. I need to know who is trying to kill my husband.

[ Pounding ] Carly, open the door. Big house, other entrances. Let’s try one. Yeah. Hey, what’s going on? May we come inside? Uh, not until you tell me what’s going on. You’re aware that dante was shot earlier this evening? Yes. We’re pursuing a suspect. Okay. Well, what does that have to do with me? I will explain. Maybe we come inside? Yeah.

[ Door closes ] Anna: I believe you’ve met my colleague, federal agent cates? Yes. Hello, agent cates. Ms. Spencer. Okay. What’s this about a suspect? You might want to sit down, carly. Why? What’s going on? Does something happened to one of my kids? No, no. Well, not as far as I know. No, it has nothing to do with your children. Then why do you want me to sit down? Jason morgan is alive.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

you know moreabout this than you’re saying. If I had anything concrete to tell you, I would. But I’m open to hearing theories. Well… you know, theories are just as good as random guesses right now. Just when we think we have a picture, new pieces appear and the pieces don’t fit. Wait. You mean, sonny and you? And selina wu. You know, I — I can sort of understand why sonny is not telling me any of this, but I would think that you’d realize how important this is to me. Even when things were good between you and sonny, he — he kept you out of his business dealings, didn’t he? Yes, he did. But you’re not in the business anymore. Well… I was. I know how it works. I know the players. Now, I know that it wouldn’t make sense for sonny to confide in me about anything else, but in this particular circumstance, nina, I’m — I’m a resource. I know this has got to be very frustrating. It’s got to be frustrating to feel like you’re on the outside looking in. But believe me, you do not want to be on the inside of this. This isn’t just about me feeling excluded, ava. Do you understand that sonny is my husband? He needs me, whether he wants to admit that or not, and I can’t even support him through this! Oh, you’re right. He needs as many people in his corner as possible. Then tell me what’s going on, and stop playing switzerland. Come on! The last thing I am right now is neutral. Then why won’t you help me with my husband? Diane: Your guards are not under arrest, either federal or local for now. Thank you for doing that. You’re still gonna have to answer some questions, make a statement. I cannot imagine agent cates is going to give you reprieve beyond tomorrow morning. Agent cates can wait till hell freezes over. My priority is my son. How is dante? He’s pale, defenseless… but he’s a fighter, you know? Sometimes that’S… not enough. Oh, come on, sonny. Come on. After everything he’s been through, dante’s not gonna give up on this life. Thank you. How are you? You know me, diane. I just want to find out who did this… and take care of the situation. And I’m not saying that you’re wrong… but you want me to let go of my anger for the sake of the family and because it’s not doing me any good. Right? Look, what I was going to say is that sonny knows that he played a part in what happened to dante, and, josslyn, that’s got to be killing him. I know that it’s his son, michael. Okay? But I have trouble feeling sorry for him when we constantly have to see the people we love get hurt. Something I’ve really started to learn since becoming a nurse… for a lot of people, it’s more bearable to be angry than it is to be afraid. So while you have every right to be angry with sonny, maybe it’s also a way to feel less afraid for dante. Yeah. Um…

[ Sniffles ] There was a moment on the pier with dante where… his heart stopped beating and we couldn’t get a pulse. Dex was doing the chest compressions. I was doing the rescue breathing. But he was shot in the chest, and there was this voice in my head that was saying… “what if you’re doing it wrong?”

[ Voice breaking ] What we’re the people who killed him? Carly: Is this some kind of a joke? Jason died in greece. That’s what we thought, yes. However — no. Stop. You don’t get to do that, anna. You don’t get to show up my house in the middle of the night and tell me that jason’s alive. I’ve been grieving him every day for the past two years. Yes. So do you have proof? If so, I want to see it. If not, get the hell out of my house. We have proof. Can we show you? That was taken earlier this evening on the roof of a warehouse at 257 water street. We confiscated it from somebody I believe you know — damian spinelli. Are you sure? You’re 100% sure that spinelli took this tonight? Within the past four hours, yes. And it’s real? Jason’s alive? Yes, and with your permission, we’d like to search the house for him.

After everything that we’ve been through… been through a lot… we’re friends, right? No friend — and it’s true, there haven’t been many…

[ Both chuckle ] No friend has been as loyal and generous to me as you have. Then help me with sonny. Have you signed the divorce papers? No, I can’t bring myself to even look at them, much less sign them. Good. Good. Don’T. No problem on my end, but sooner or later, sonny’s gonna insist. Don’t worry about that. We’re gonna come up with a plan. And what plan would that be? I’m gonna help you save your marriage. That would be amazing. I just hope it’s not too late. Why would you think it’s too late? I’m just afraid that the longer that sonny and I are apart, his feelings for me are… gonna f-fade… that he’s gonna force himself to forget what we have together. Or worse — he’s gonna decide to… move on with someone else. Well… we just can’t let that happen.

[ Both laugh ] Hey. Hey. Any changes? No. I wish. I wish. I, um… I just felt like I needed to stretch my legs a little. I’m feeling pretty useless in there. It helps him to know that you’re here. Yeah, I know. You look beat. Thanks. Do you want me to…? I’ll stay here. You can go home, get rest. No, no, no. I’m not leaving him. Sonny, why don’t — you’ve been here all night. Why don’t – why don’t you go home and get some rest? Nah, I think I’m gonna stick around for a while.

[ Amelia crying over baby monitor ] Thank you. Oh, I’d better handle that before amelia wakes wiley. Can I come with you and give my niece a hug? Of course you can. You know, my sister’s crazy about you. The feeling’s mutual. But you’re not sure you’re gonna stay. It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s best. For who? For joss. You tried to tell me months ago, and you were right. Our lives are just too different, and… the best thing I can do for joss is to leave and stay gone. You want to search my house for jason? We do, yes. I — I just found out that he’s alive. I don’t even know if I believe you. I don’t know that spinelli gave you that footage. I don’t even know if it’s real. Well, jason is familiar with this house, right? The physical layout, the security system? Yes. So it’s possible that he slipped inside without your knowledge. You’re not searching my house! You don’t have my consent. You don’t have my permission. And if you don’t get the hell out of my house, I’m gonna call my lawyer. We asked as a courtesy, ms. Spencer. We don’t need your permission. We have a warrant.

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GH Transcript Thursday, March 7, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Laura. How’s dante? Have you heard anything? Not yet. He’s still in or. But dante is in the best possible hands here. You couldn’t ask for a better surgical team. I just spoke to anna. The search for dante’s shooter is ongoing. They found a few key pieces of evidence, and they’re following up. The fbi is also involved. It’s a joint operation.

[ Voice breaking ] Okay, good. When they find the monster that did this to my son, I want them locked up for the rest of their life. The doctors are doing everything they can for dante. I know… we both know how stubborn he is. I know… he’s going to fight this. I know, I know. We just got to keep the faith.

[ Sobs quietly ] And thank you, honey, for being there for me. I-I-I would be falling apart if it wasn’t for you. But what about you? Who’s holding you up? We all are. Hi. Hey. What are you doing here? It’s — it’s late. I told you you didn’t have to come. Dante’s my stepbrother, and I’ve known him my entire life. I would be here even if I wasn’t engaged to you, but I am. I can see you’re really worried about your partner. I’m with you, chase. When you hurt, I hurt. Hey, thanks for coming so quickly. Wow. Oh. Of course, of course. Pilar took donna home with her for a sleepover. Yeah, um… um, sorry. Um, I came right over. Yeah. Dante’s still in the or, and his family is gathered at G.H., So sam asked me to watch the boys. But have you heard from sonny? No, no, I reached out, but I-I don’t want to push him and olivia, I just don’t, you know. So is there anything I can do here? How are rocco and — danny: Rocco, what the hell? You can’t just throw things because you’re mad you lost. You cracked the screen! Bill me. Hey, dan, don’t — don’t — don’t worry about the game, man. Let me — uh… yeah, we’ll — we’ll fix it or get you another one or something. I don’t care about the stupid game. Rocco’s really hurting. He doesn’t know how to deal with this. He just wants his dad. It’s impossible… both that he’s alive and working against sonny. Spinelli, who exactly did you see on that screen? I saw a dead man walking. What are you talking about?

[ Key clacks ] Oh, my god.

[ Key clacks ] It’s him. Spinelli, it can’t — it can’t be, can it? Pixels don’t lie. It’s him, isn’t it? It’s jason. It looks like jason. Yeah. Yep, that’s what I said. But it’s a picture. Any digital footage can be manipulated. Why would i believe… …that this is him?

Well, I’m sure that olivia is relieved that leo’s away with ned right now. Yeah, ned had a business trip in australia, and leo was off school, so he took him to see the great barrier reef. Oh. Now they’re on their way back, obviously, after hearing the news about dante. So it’s just rocco and danny here with you? Yeah. I’m really worried about them, carly. I mean, rocco is an emotional kid. He wears his heart right on his sleeve. Okay, what about danny? Well, danny just pretends like he doesn’t have any feelings at all.

[ Cellphone rings ] Sam. How’s dante? Uh, he’s the same. I was just checking in to see how the boys are doing. How’s danny? Well, he’s, um… he’s doing his best. He’s — he’s trying to hang in there for rocco’s sake, you know, but it’s not easy. And rocco, how’s he doing? He needs a hug. Thank you for staying there. Help is on the way. Bye. Laura, can I talk to you for a second? Of course. Can I ask you for a favor? Anything. Can you leave? Can I get you anything? When was the last time you ate? You sound like olivia. Look, I don’t need food. I need to feel like I’m doing something. I should be out there, going after whoever shot dante. But anna thinks you’re too close to the situation, and she’s right, detective. Let her handle it. You’re right where you need to be. I just feel so helpless, pacing around, not doing anything. Like, I need to feel like I’m helpful. I’m gonna go — I’m gonna go donate some blood. If dante doesn’t need it, then somebody else will. Call me immediately if you find anything out. I will. You were in law enforcement a while. I was. Were you ever in a similar situation where a partner or someone you were close to got shot in the line of duty? More than once. And it was a nightmare every time. Jason’s alive.

[ Breathes sharply ] He didn’t die on cassadine island. Clearly, he survived the tunnel collapse. How? And if he’s alive, why hasn’t he come home? I-it makes no sense. Jason would never willingly stay away from me.

[ Pounding on door ] Man: Fbi! We have a search warrant!

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Door thumps open ] That was my first thought, too, that th-this has got to be some kind of deepfake. That’s the only thing that makes sense, ava. Mnh. Spinelli verified it. It’s live footage pulled directly from the drone camera. It hasn’t been doctored, sonny. It’s real. Well, you know what? If that’s true, not only is jason alive, he was at the warehouse tonight, working with the shooter. And you were the target. Which means you — your best friend… …is now your enemy.

I don’t know why we don’t have an update yet. What the hell is taking so long? Well, it’s a complicated surgery. Not having an update isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I know, I know. But I’m going out of my mind. Ah, sam, I just want to know what’s going on in there. You know what I was thinking about — what we were talking about earlier… yeah. And you were telling me how strong dante is…

[ Laughs ] …And how much it took for him to come out of that ptsd. Oh… you know he did that. He did that for you. He came back to you. You had a lot to do with that. Well, I’m still here…

[ Sobs ] …And dante is still here.

[ Voice breaking ] And he’s a fighter. He’s not going to give up now.

[ Sniffling ]

[ Sighs ] Chase is a cop. I mean, I’ve always known that, so I’ve always known intellectually that what he does is dangerous, that he’s taking a risk every time he goes to work, but somehow, I convinced myself that he would be safe, you know, that nothing terrible would ever happen to him. But chase has always said that dante is the best cop he’s ever known. You know, smart and — and prepared. So if something like this could happen to dante, then it… you know what? Forget it. It’s about dante. This isn’t about my paranoia. Listen, you were right when you said that chase’s job carries risks. But if you have questions about that, then you really need to talk to him. Chase in no condition to deal with that right now. He’s focused on dante, and I don’t want him to misconstrue why I’m asking, you know, think that I don’t support him being a cop. I get that. You were in the line of fire, putting your life on the line while your family was home, waiting to see when — or even if — you’d ever return, so how did you make that work? Well, you just said it. It’s work. And to be completely honest with you, my relationship to curtis failed in part because I tried to compartmentalize my job from him, and it only drove us apart. Sounds like you have some regrets about that. Yeah, it’s water under the bridge now. But my advice to you is learn from my mistakes. Let chase know that he doesn’t have to shield you from the risks of his job. But at the same time, you have to be honest with him. Don’t withhold your feelings or lie about your fears by denying what you’re feeling. It’s good to see you, laura, although it would be nice if it was under different circumstances. Yeah. Any word on how dante is doing? I wish I had some news for you guys, but, uh, when I left the hospital, he was still in surgery. Okay. Well, hopefully we’ll be getting some news soon. Yeah. Thank you for coming. I’m assuming sam filled you in. I’m aware of the situation. Okay, all right. Well, that’ll make it a little bit easier. Well, drew has been with both the boys since they found out what happened to dante, and he’s been doing great, but they’re two different boys, so they have two different needs. I-I couldn’t agree more, and I’m here to help you, so, uh, may I suggest that we divide and conquer? I will talk to my grandson, and you two can focus on danny. Okay. Great, thank you. I heard your voice, grandma. Hi, sweetheart. Is my dad okay? Uh, honey, um, he was still in surgery when I left the hospital, but he has the very best team of doctors, and they’re doing absolutely everything they can. Okay, look, look, I know you’re old enough to know the truth, right? I guess the truth is that your dad has quite a fight on his hands. Agent cates. It’s a, um… honor to finally make your acquaintance. Your reputation precedes yourself. I’ve heard about you. Damian spinelli, computer genius and known associate of sonny corinthos. I-I mean, I don’t want to say “genius.” I dabble. And you are? Uh, a friend who, uh, has no idea what’s happening. In fact, she was just leaving. She’s here, so she stays. Mr. Spinelli, we found your cameras all over the warehouse at 257 water street. They were run through a lot of proxy servers, so we couldn’t get a trace, but fortunately, we were able to identify your dna on the hardware. Should’ve worn gloves. You seem like a decent guy, and someone who’s smart enough not to ruin the rest of their life on this. I have no desire to fold you into sonny’s problems, but I’m tracking a team of gunmen, and you’re the best lead I have. So if you will kindly show me what’s on that footage… you know, I-I… as much as I would enjoy cooperating with the fbi, I-I regretfully, um… I cannot help you. If the footage is real, it doesn’t make any sense. We’ve always had each other’s back. If we had a problem with each other, he’d come face to face and tell me, not shoot me from a safe distance. I know how you feel about jason. I know that he — he was like a member of your family. And that was no secret. And a lot of people knew that, right? Maybe somebody is trying to use that to their advantage. Jason would never let himself be used against me. I understand that you want to believe that. But you said it yourself… jason was there when that shot was fired at you tonight in that warehouse. So either somebody is holding something over his head or — or what, ava? Or jason chose to be there, sonny, of his own free will. You don’t know jason like I know him.

[ Voice breaking ] We’ve been through a lot. He wouldn’t do that to me. Okay. Then I guess you got to ask yourself something… why hasn’t jason come to you to warn you when he knows that those people want you dead?

Put it back. Put what back? Whatever you deleted from the surveillance footage. I’ve deleted nothing. I-I couldn’t if I wanted to. There wasn’t time. I mean, you — you’ve been here the whole time. Have you seen me do anything?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t understand how any of this stuff works.

[ Sighs ] How’d it go? Good. I was able to donate some blood, clear my head a little. I’m glad. Uh, what did I miss? Hey. How’s dante? I’m being told that the surgery is going well, but there’s a lot of damage. How much damage? Well, he has trauma to his heart and to his lungs. He also has broken ribs and sternum. But dr. Erickson and his team are making progress, and dante’s vitals, they’re good. So he still has a chance? Hey, I gotta take this, okay? Yeah. Uh, danny, can you, uh, hold up a minute? I guess. I’m not doing anything but waiting. Why? What’s up? Just wanted to check on you, see how you’re doing. I mean, I’m sure you’re trying to stay tough for rocco’s sake, but I know you’re close with dante, so this must be pretty hard for you, too. He’s rocco’s dad. I know. But he’s a big part of your life. It’s okay to admit that you’re upset and that you care. I’m fine, but I got a lot of homework, so… anyone ever tell you you’re just like your dad? So I understand there was a little incident with a video game tonight? Danny’s a jerk for whining to you guys about it. I didn’t mean to break the stupid game. No, no, danny didn’t whine about it at all — I swear to you, he just — he’s worried about you, and so am I. I’m fine. What video game were you playing? You wouldn’t know it. Oh, you might be surprised. I know more than you think.

[ Chuckles ] I’m actually something of an expert at, uh, “super mario brothers.” You are?

[ Chuckling ] Yes. Well, you know, your uncle lucky and his cousin sly used to play it all the time when they were growing up, and so one day, I decided to just have a go at it because I wanted to know why they liked it so much. And, well, I have to say, I ended up getting a little bit addicted.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] How addicted? Well, it’s not like anybody had to do an intervention for me, but I did play a lot.

[ Both chuckle ] Yeah, I know, and then in the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing at all, of course, but I picked it up really quickly, and I’ve actually been known to do a few speed runs.

[ Chuckles ] I kinda want to see that.

[ Laughs ] Well, maybe we should play together someday. Yeah. My dad is really good at video games, too. Maybe you can play with us once he’s better. We can talk about what’s going on with your dad if you like. I’m here to listen. I don’t think I want to. Okay, sweetie.

[ Sighs ] But, you know, I just want you to know that it’s — it’s okay to be scared right now because it’s a scary situation. Danny isn’t scared. I don’t think I would say that. Um… he may not know how to show it, but I know he’s scared. I am, too. Any more bright ideas? Yeah, but it worked, didn’t it?

[ Stammers ] And you didn’t see me do anything untoward, so you’re in the clear. Just follow my lead, and everything will be fine. Let me guess. You rigged your equipment with a kill switch just in case you got caught. Wait a minute. Huh! Hm? You’re john cates, the one who used to live in port charles. I am. Why? I-I just remembered how much my stepdad used to talk about you. He really likes you. Who’s your stepdad? Mac scorpio. You’re maxie jones?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Wow! It has been a long time. I’m sorry it took me so long to recognize you. Uh, mac is out of the country. Otherwise, I’m sure he would love to see you. He respects you so much. Oh, well, the feeling’s mutual. So I’m sure you can understand — growing up with mac as a stepdad, I would never do anything to impede an ongoing police investigation. So if you could just take these off and we’ll forget this ever happened?

[ Sighs ] How about this? You give mac my best and tell him that I’m sorry that I had to arrest his daughter for obstruction of justice. If it is jason, he probably has a motive, has a good reason for doing what he’s doing. Maybe he’s counting on you believing that. If jason is involved in some plot to kill you, then you giving him the benefit of the doubt, that would give him time to set another plan in motion. Until we have more information, we’re just guessing. I got to go see dante. I’ll see you. They were lying in wait for you tonight, sonny. Not so very different from what happened in puerto rico. And you said it — it has to be somebody on the inside, somebody with an intimate knowledge of — of your property and business. And who knows your operation better than jason? Ava, you’re not judge and jury! No, I know. Believe me, I don’t want jason to be guilty here. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. Well, that’s what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t add up. No.

[ Breathes deeply ] This mystery man behind the attacks… doesn’t he go by the name “stone”? And didn’t spinelli often refer to jason as “stone cold”? Sonny, jason never hesitated to pull the trigger when it meant protecting you. What if he’s come back, and he’s ready to use those same deadly skills and knowledge… to take you out?

You know… your dad dedicated his life to helping other people. So many people’s lives are better because of what your dad does every day. Never — never forget that. You can always be really proud of him. I am. Yeah. My dad’s the best.

[ Chuckles ] But what if… honey, we don’t know what life has in store for us. You know, sometimes bad things happen, as you know. And when they do, the only thing we control is — is how we react to them. You haven’t given up hope of your mom waking up from her coma, have you? Of course not. Okay, then how can we give up on your dad? Right? He’s getting the best possible care at general hospital. So what we need to do, the best we can do, is to stay as positive as we can while we wait for the news. And I will be here for you as long as you need me to be. I love you, grandma. I love you, rocco. So much. Sometimes my mom says I do kind of remind her of my dad. Yeah. You’re more like him all the time. Especially tonight. What — what do you mean? Can you sit? Well… …it’s not that you don’t feel things, right? You just don’t want to show your feelings. And jason was like that. You know, if he let himself react, he was afraid that he might lose control and he might hurt himself or someone else, and he didn’t want to do that, so he would just shut down, you know? And — and he would just be okay. Be the one that handled everything. There’s nothing to handle. All we’re doing is waiting. Okay. A-are you good at waiting patiently? Uh, not really.

[ Chuckles ] Neither was your father. Okay, that’s not true. Everyone says he could wait for something, no matter how long it took. Yeah, but that was discipline. I mean, jason was not naturally patient. If anything, he was just the opposite. Jason’s first impulse was to run right at something. I guess that’s why we got along so well, because that’s my first impulse, too. That does kind of sound like me. Yeah? Okay, then, well… I know what it’s costing you to sit around here and wait… …but it’s where you should be. Because whether he’ll admit it or not, rocco needs you. Thank you, dr. Robinson. Of course. Look, you heard portia — dante has a chance.

[ Sighs ] Oh, I know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just out of my mind right now. It’s — it’s just — it’s surreal. You know, a couple of hours ago, we were eating cake and laughing at scout’s birthday party. Now, in the blink of an eye, my son is in there fighting for his life.

[ Sobs quietly ]

[ Sniffles ] I appreciate you insisting on staying with me, but it could be hours still. Go home. Get some sleep. I don’t want to leave. I know, it’s just — it’s just what? Talk to me, chase. This isn’t what you signed up for. I chose this life. I knew the risks of becoming a cop. You didn’t choose this. Look, I need you to know… that it’s not too late for you to say that this isn’t the life that you want. Dante is a good police officer and an even better man.

[ Sighs ] Being here like this, waiting for word on a cop who’s been shot… I just can’t help be reminded of another late night when another great cop was shot in the prime of his life… and he didn’t survive. Mm. You’re talking about nathan west. Well, I never got a chance to meet him, but everything that I heard — sounds like a remarkable man. Yeah. He was. And I hate that he never got to live his life with maxie, be a dad. Another hero cop gone too soon. But then again… everyone who puts on the badge and lives up to the motto is a hero in my eyes. Maxie had nothing to do with this. D-do whatever you want to me, but please leave her out of it. Spinelli, look. I appreciate you trying to save me, but if you’re going down, you’re not going down alone. Damian spinelli and i are a team. We are? Yeah. We are. And since you have no evidence against us — because you deleted the file? That’s only a temporary setback. We have experts, too, mr. Spinelli. And although it might take us a while, we will recover the footage that you deleted, and then we will follow it wherever and to whomever it leads. I know that it must be unbelievably painful to even think that — that jason might betray you, but there’s an awful lot of evidence here. Cir– circumstantial evidence. There’s no way that the man who I trusted more than anybody in the world would stab me in the back. Try not to be emotional about it. Just look at the facts, okay? Before jason left for cassadine island, there was a distance between you. Things had changed. They were tense even, right? We had disagreements before, yeah, but, I mean… maybe so, but all the evidence here, it — it leads to one conclusion… …somehow… jason survived that tunnel collapse… he’s come back to port charles to settle the score… …and you are playing right into his hands.

you’re right about one thing — I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I fell in love with a cop. I am scared to death every single day that the next call that comes in about an injured officer could be you fighting for your life. I understand. It’s a lot to ask of someone. It’s not an easy life. So if — if you want out… who says I want out? You just — you just said that. I said I’m scared, and I am. But… I also love you too much to try to hide this fear from you, or start our marriage by being anything other than completely honest with you, so…I’m sharing this fear with you. But if you and I are going to be husband and wife, then I want to share everything with you, including my fear of losing you, so don’t tell me to go, okay? Promise me you will never tell me that. Okay, I promise. I sometimes wish that dante would have become an executive. You know, he could have worked for drew at aurora or ned at elq.

[ Laughs ] He would hate every minute of that. Okay, well, then he could have learned a different trade. He could have been a mechanic or a plumber or something. You know, all of his uncles were mechanics. All of them. He never had the feel for it. And if you can’t figure out how to fix a car, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck fixing plumbing.

[ Chuckles ] I know, what about — what about a baseball coach? That’s perfect for him. He would love that. See?

[ Breathes deeply ] But not as much as he loves being a cop. It means everything to him. It’s everything that he believes in. You know, I swear to you, sam… when he told me that that’s what he wanted to be, I burst into tears. I begged him. Anything, anything else. A paramedic, anything. But he was so sure… and he was so excited. He was so proud. What could I do? He’s my baby, I just… I gave him a hug.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right. There is no dante the executive or dante the plumber…

[ Both laugh ] …Or dante the baseball coach.

[ Chuckles ] I think I only said those things because the other thing makes me scared sometimes. But it’s dante the cop. And I don’t think we’d have it any other way, would we?

[ Mouths words ] How’s it going in here? Oh, great. Uh, we’re just making a gaming date for when dante’s better so he can play with us, right? Yeah. We’re gonna let dad pick the game so he has the best chance to win.

[ Both laugh ] Sounds like a plan. Yeah, but it is getting late, isn’t it? Um, how about I bring rocco home, and he spends the night with kevin and me? Do I have to, grandma?

[ Chuckling ] No, of course not. Not if you don’t want to. I’d rather stay here just in case scout has a bad dream and wakes up scared. Dad would want me to take care of her. You two have given me no choice. Take mr. Spinelli and ms. Jones into custody. No, no, no. No, you can’T. Maxie has young children at home. They need her. This is out of my hands now. I could call felicia, though, and let her know what’s going on. Oh, no, no, no. No, no. Please do not call my mom. All right? I don’t want her to worry. Although, I do think my mom would be proud that we took a stand for one of our best friends. I mean, the guy in that footage saved our lives on more than one occasion. She’d be really proud we repaid the favor. One of your best friends, huh? Well, that sounds like someone who has a lot of friends, someone who’s made a name for himself. That should narrow it down quite a bit. Thank you so much.

[ Sighs ] I hope your good deed gives you solace when you’re pacing around inside your cell. I made a copy. No kidding. Spinelli, don’t say another word. I can handle whatever happens to me. Yeah, I have no doubt, but I will not let the mother of my child be incarcerated over something that I did.

[ Sighs ] There was a drone recording as it was circling the roof. The footage is in the backup drive. That wasn’t so hard, was it? I’m assuming this thing’s got a password. You think I’m an amateur? Just give it to me. Fine. M-a-x-I-m-I-s-t-A. Awww. You make a good argument, but I-I just — it doesn’t — I can’t believe that jason would be out to kill me. Well, okay. That settles it. That’s it? You’re not going to keep telling me reasons why I’m cutting my own throat? Nope. Okay. I laid out the facts as I see them, and you believe in jason’s innocence. You know him better than I do. I trust your judgment. Thank you because I needed to hear that, since it’s very hard for me to trust anybody right now. Especially with what happened with michael and — and dex, I can’t even trust my own instincts right now. You made it very clear that you trust jason. I didn’t say I trusted him 100%. You just got to promise me something. You got to promise me that you’re going to be careful. You know… …look both ways and all that. If I didn’t know any better, I-I’d think that you actually cared for me.

I can’t believe you gave up “our friend” to the feds. I have full faith that “our friend” can take care of himself. Well, obviously, but I’ve never seen you be anything but loyal to him. I had good reason for my actions tonight. Doing this keeps you out of jail. You’ll be able to live your life and be with the kids. They need you. And no matter what happens to me, I’ll be happy knowing that. Because, maxie, you’re not just the mother of my child. You’re the woman I love. Okay, well, thank you so much for coming. Thank you. Rocco definitely seems a little bit better after talking to you. Well, I tell you, I feel better after talking to him, and I actually think it’s a really good sign that — that he wants to stay here to look after scout. Sometimes the best way to help yourself is by helping somebody else. Mm. Yeah. Good night. Good night.

[ Footsteps approaching ] All right, well, I just checked on scout. She is sound asleep. Yeah, she’s probably worn out from her birthday party. That was only a few hours ago. I know, it’s crazy. All right, well, we are going to have a huge celebration — thank you — once dante gets out of the hospital, okay? Yeah. But until then — hold on… oh. …Until then, um, I need to get home and I need to just relax. It’s been a day. Hey, hey. Yes. Hey, hey. Thank you for coming. Really helped with danny a lot. Just remember that, no matter how he acts, danny feels things just as deeply as the other boys. Maybe even more. Mm. Okay. Good night. Good night.

[ Sighs ] Dante is out of surgery. They’re moving him to the icu. Oh! Oh, that’s great news. I just want to hug everyone that was in that room with him right now. Our prayers worked. They sure did. Dante is still in critical condition, but the doctors believe that they have repaired all the damage. Then there’s a good chance dante will recover? Let’s get him through the night, but this is a huge step in the right direction. You have been holding me up. What can I do for you? Anything. Just name it. Take me home. You got it.

[ Voice breaking ] You see? I told you. I told you he was a fighter. He is hanging in there just like we knew we would. Oh!

[ Sobs quietly ] What are we going to do with damian spinelli? Time will tell. We got what we wanted, and now we’re going after jason morgan. Of course I care about you. You’re avery’s father. Our little girl would be lost without you. I’d be lost without her, too. Avery. Of course. Remember when I — when I told you that you’re the only person I can trust? I remember. Wouldn’t it be funny if that were true?

[Theme mus ic]

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GH Transcript Wednesday, March 6, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Siren wailing ] Chase: I want you on dante. You take the front door. Chase. Commissioner. Where’s dante? They’re working on him now. How badly is he hurt? Multiple bullets to the chest. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. You guys all were wearing one, weren’t you? We think they were armor-piercing rounds. Gunfire exchanged on waterfront. Increased police presence. Okay. Got it. You have this under control?

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Thanks. He said he’s got it under control. Yeah. Oh, alexis, I’m glad that we caught you before you left the office. Actually, I’m on my way to meet a reporter. Oh, that can wait. I have someone I want you to meet. Yeah, I’d be happy to meet him — happy to meet you when I have the time. Make time. I know it’s late, so I’ll keep it brief. I appreciate both of you working around my schedule. Sorry about it. Yeah. The q’s really rely on me keeping a steady presence at the stables. Fine by me. I wasn’t busy tonight anyway. What about maxie, though? I mean, she might have had plans tonight. True. Yeah. Cody and i would be happy to reschedule. If you had something else, somewhere else you needed to be. Oh, my god. Stop! I know what both of you have been up to.

[ Electronic beeping ]

[ Keyboard clacking, knock on door ] Ava: Spinelli. Spinelli, open up! Sonny sent me. What can you tell me about the shooting? No, it’s — it’s fine. It’s fine. Chase? Nothing. I was at the station taking a statement from miss wu when a desk sergeant notified me that someone called 911 and a man had been shot at pier 55. That was the direction of the suspects from the warehouse shooting when dante pursued them. So I-I went to the pier a-and I found dante. Bystanders were giving him first aid. What bystanders? Th-there’s — there’s witnesses? No, no, no, there were — there were no witnesses that we know of. Uh, dex heller and josslyn jacks found him, and they were keeping him alive. Run a cmp, cbc, dic panel and initiate code massive transfusion protocol. He has a severe pericardial tamponade. He’s running v-tach. Need to perform a pericardiocentesis before he arrests. Got it.

[ Monitor beeping ] Okay, when you turn around, you’re gonna see someone.

Alexis davis, I want you to meet adrian dewitt. Hello. Hello. I apologize for the unexpected drop-in. Yes, adrian and i were having dinner, and it occurred to me that the two brightest minds working in journalism should meet. Flattering. You are also a member of the fourth estate, mr. Dewitt? Oh, please, call me adrian. Adrian. And, yes, I am a columnist. A very popular column, and adrian is looking for a new opportunity now. You wouldn’t by any chance be a gossip columnist, would you? I prefer the term “social observer.” Just what we decided

the invader needs. You mean you decided? Well, don’t keep us in suspense, maxie. I mean, what have we been up to, besides lots of work? You know, between stable handling, and spokesmodeling, we barely have time to — devise ways to put me and spinelli together? Because you always seem to have time for that. Maxie, I-I-I don’t know what to say. That would be a first. No, I mean, I like to relax, just like anyone else, you know, toss back a couple cold ones, throw some sharp objects, croon some karaoke. And if I invite sasha and you and my buddy spinelli — make him stop. Sorry, sorry. I was waiting for him to come up for air, but clearly that’s not gonna happen. Sasha, tell her. This is all perfectly — the jig’s up, cody. She knows. Okay, alright, yeah. You’re right, maxie. We totally meddled in your love life to push you and spinelli together. But I swear, we had the best intentions. It’s just so obvious that you and spinelli still have feelings for each other. Yeah, and it’s obvious that neither one of you were gonna do a damn thing about it. So we just, you know, tried to nudge you together. Well, it worked. Spinelli and i finally broke down, and we said we loved each other. Maxie, that’s awesome. Yes, it’s about damn time. And now we’ve never been further apart. I-is sonny okay? Did the gunmen get apprehended? Do I need to delete the footage? Sonny is fine. I think the gunmen got away. And absolutely not. This is — but I-I don’t understand. Why did sonny send you? He wants you to secure the footage and get it to brick before the cops know it exists. Okay, I’m already on it, but uploading and rendering 12 cameras worth of footage onto a separate server, that takes some time. Which we don’t have. How can I help?

[ Monitor beeping ] Mm. His trachea’s deviated. His lung is almost completely collapsed. Prep for a chest tube.

[ Sighs ] He’s still running v-tach. And his pressure’s dropping. Paramedics were already en route. They picked up dante, and I waited for units to secure the scene. And then I came straight here. I haven’t spoken to a doctor. I don’t even know dante’s current status. Okay, so you think it was josslyn or dex who called 911? Sonny. Where’s dante? In the trauma room. Have you seen him? Uh, no. I-I-I was with anna, and she told me he’d been shot. How was he shot? Did you have anything to do with this?

I’m so sorry, maxie. If you don’t mind my asking, what went wrong with you and spinelli? Turns out spinelli hasn’t been totally honest with me. What does “not totally honest” mean? Well, he used my circumstances to orchestrate a rescue. A-and that’s bad? Spinelli only pretended to have burst pipes so he could move into my house and pay me rent to supplement my income during a personal financial crisis. Wait. Hold on. So he conned you into letting him give you money? That bastard! Oh, you’re missing the point. Yeah, I really am, maxie, ’cause it sounds like he just did a spinelli thing, which is super nice and overly complicated. Of course you don’t get it. You’re a man. No one ever treats you like a damsel in distress or assumes that you’re helpless when you’re not. She gets it. Yeah, I really don’t, maxie. Spinelli did a good thing. Why are you mad at him? If spinelli’s pipes had actually burst, that would be one thing, but he manipulated the situation so he could give me help that I didn’t want. He was disrespecting my boundaries. Kind of like what sasha and I did. Yes and no. I know both of you meant well. But didn’t spinelli mean well, too? My mom and i already had this conversation. Okay, well, what did felicia have to say? A lot. Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate when someone wants to help me, but I don’t like feeling handled, no matter how good the intentions are. When we discussed having a gossip column in the invader, I was under the impression that the idea was up for further discussion. Well, as I recall, alexis, we were not debating the column, just who would write it. Life can really be so subjective sometimes. Well, however differently we remember that conversation, it took place before I knew that adrian was available. I mean, to have a column with adrian’s name on the byline, that’s gonna bring a lot more eyes to the newspaper, which means more money for the groundbreaking, envelope-pushing, future award-winning news, which is your expertise. Well, I’ll be sure to keep that under advisement. In the meantime, I have a reporter that’s waiting for me at a crime scene. Well, then you’re going to have to tell me why an editor in chief needs to go to the crime scene herself. But until then, I can show you around.

[ Clears throat ] I’m afraid I, too, must depart. It was a pleasure meeting you, ms. Davis. Mm. Mm-hmm. Mm. Mm. And I must say, your reluctance does not surprise me. High culture has long been disdainful of what it considers idle chatter. Yes, well, I’m very well aware of that. And society reportage, which used to be diminished disdainfully as women’s talk, is not mere escapism. It can also be an impactful and subversive tool to expose the vapidity and corruption of the oligarch class. I would love to hear more about this. I would, really. It’s just that I — and so you see, ms. Davis, an effective society column shines a light on people from all social strata and interrogates modern behavior. And it takes a brave publication and editor to recognize that. Maxie, will you be able to forgive us? Actually, I kind of already have. What about spinelli? Can you forgive him? You know, since when are you and spinelli on the same team? You guys hate each other. What? No, that — that’s not true. Spinelli doesn’t like me. Or at least he didn’t, you know, but ever since our initial difficulties, which I totally admit were my fault, I’ve gotten to know the guy, and he’s a — he’s a good dude, you know, kind of blindsides you. You think he’s this, like, nerdy tech guy, and then all of a sudden, there’s more, you know. He’s — he’s — he’s a cool guy. I’m not sure anybody has said that about spinelli before. Maxie, he’s — he’s smart. He’s protective. He’s loyal. And honestly, he thinks the world of you. How bad could he be? Sasha: At the risk of meddling again, why don’t you and spinelli just try to see if you can work things out? I mean, you both said that you love each other. Yeah, but we’ve said that before, and it didn’t work out. Maybe it won’t work out again. Well, maybe it will. You already love each other. Why not just see where it goes? Yeah. I mean, life’s short, maxie. Oh, okay. In that case, I have a question for the two of you. When are you gonna follow your own advice? Dante was shot in the line of duty pursuing two suspects. But you were there, too. Not when he was shot. Would our son have been there at all if you weren’t there first?

[ Sniffles ] That’s what I thought.

[ Monitor beeping ] O-neg’s here. He’s hypotensive. Transfusion should help. Yeah, but not enough. We need more blood. In this state, I can’t be sure if dante’s even strong enough for surgery. This might take a while. Why don’t we have a seat? I’m not done yet. This right here, this is all too familiar. Sonny! You just shot your own son! I know. Let’s go find someone that can give us an update. She blames me. I blame me.

[ Anna scoffs ] Dante was pursuing a suspect. Two — two suspects. Suspects that were shooting at me. You know, the last time I saw dante was… at the gym, and I told him to… get out of my way. Well, he knows you didn’t mean that. Can you imagine my son was still trying to protect me, even though I made him think that I didn’t want him to.

Mr. Dewitt — adrian, I’m very well aware of gossip’s historical relevance to journalism, and I’m genuinely impressed that you would frame your work in those terms. Well, to me, those are the only acceptable terms. I have no interest in penning a scandal sheet. It is my job to help readers better understand the values of our contemporary world, and I believe that’s something that interests you, as well, ms. Davis, is it not? Call me alexis. I’d be honored to. I’ll be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much. Great work.

[ Door closes ] You can say it now. “Nina, you were right.”

[ Chuckles ] I was thinking more along the lines of, “nina, you told me that I would have final approval.” Wait, a-are you telling me you don’t approve of adrian? I don’t think the problem is adrian. I rather like him. He acquitted himself nicely. His values seem to align with the invader. Well, great. Right? That depends if he was just giving me a line because he wants a job. As far as the column, even gregory thinks that it may have merit. Okay, what — what about you? I don’t not think so. Okay, so you don’t entirely hate the idea of a column, and you like the columnist — or the, um — the social observer. True and true. Fantastic.

[ Claps hands ] Then it’s settled. No, nina, it’s not. What I’m not sold on is you.

[ Sighs ] Take our own advice? Yeah, I think I already am. In what way? Working things out with spinelli. What other advice are we supposed to take?

[ Scoffs ] Tonight’s meeting is hereby postponed. You going to find spinelli? Cody. I’m sorry. Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I appreciate your efforts as matchmakers. I really do. No, you don’T. No, I don’T. You’re fired. What? Huh? Not from deception, obviously, but I am opting out of this pro bono love connection. And since you both no longer have my love life to interfere with, you can direct your collective energy elsewhere. Look inward. Wow. Oh, did you see something? No, I just got to the part where the cavalry showed up. It’s such a shame. Sonny’s plan almost worked. Okay, this is distressing. What is it? You see something? No, actually the opposite. One of my feeds cut out early. A malfunction or… unlikely. The — the equipment’s new. The most likely scenario is that the camera was discovered. Now, thankfully, whoever found the camera won’t have access to the footage. But whoever did abscond with my equipment will now be likely trying to trace it to yours truly. Well, I’m sure you covered those tracks thoroughly, right? Cherish the compliment.

[ Chuckles ] Spinelli, the shot came through the skylight, right? So did you have cameras on the roof? No, th-they’d be too easy to spot. Yeah. But I did have a silent camera drone circling. Of course you did. Right. Okay, t-there’s two men headed for the skylight. Yeah. Let me get in closer, yeah. Can you get in closer on his face there? Oh, my god.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] Moving him now. They’re ready for him in the or. Hi. Detective chase tells me that you’re the ones that found dante. Yeah, that’s right. You’ll have to give an official statement at some point. But right now, I’d just like you to tell me everything you remember about when you first saw him. Okay. Um, well, dante was alone. There was nobody else there, and he was lying down, and he had a sweatshirt tied around him, almost like a pressure bandage. So someone had administered first aid before you got there? Yeah, and, uh, they elevated his legs, bandaged him up, and called 911. I am so sorry about this. We — we still don’t know what actually happened. How was sonny involved? There was a raid on one of selina wu’s warehouses. Dante and I were with commissioner devane. Agent cates and another fbi agent were there. We got inside, and while the commissioner and agent cates were questioning ms. Wu and sonny, someone fired a high-powered rifle through the skylight. And dante was hit. No, no, no one was. We believe that sonny was the intended target, but the shot missed him. Dante and I were closest to the door, so we went on the roof to investigate. We found a sniper rifle abandoned by the skylight, and then we observed two suspects about 200 yards off moving rapidly toward the waterfront. Dante told me to secure the scene and wait for backup. And then he went — went for the suspects. So it was him against two suspects. Yeah, but dante told me to secure the scene and wait for backup. I’m — I’m sorry. Hey, chase, it’s — it’s okay. You were doing your job. Dante was doing his. This is not your fault. Dr. Robinson. How’s dante?

Dante is in critical condition. He’s been shot twice in the chest. And they’re prepping him for surgery as we speak. Is he gonna live? We’re doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that he does.

[ Gurney rattling ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Spinelli, is it possible that someone could have tampered with the footage between the shooting and now? Do you mean could someone have altered the image? Yeah. It’s impossible. There’s no time and no access. So this is real. But how? Has the drone footage been downloaded to the tablet? We have to show sonny. I-it has, but I-I —

[ Knock on door ] Maxie? Spinelli! Let me in. I need to talk to you. Uh, this is not a good time. A-ava, wait. Hold on, hold on. What was ava doing here? Spinelli, what’s going on? You’re still not convinced that I have the experience or vision to help you take the invader to the next level? I’m worried that the paper will turn into something that I’m not comfortable with. Well, alexis, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Like I did with crimson, I see opportunity at the invader. Okay, if you believe that I’m going to take the paper in the wrong direction, I want you to compare my first edition of crimson with my last one. Nina. I am not comparing

crimson to this in terms of your success rate. You’ve done very well. I’m not questioning your intuition. I’m not questioning your creativity. I know why julian hired you. Well, julian hired me to run crimson into the ground. And you made it soar. I am not disputing the figures of your circulation. Then what’s the problem? The problem is, you have a history with people that I know well, actually, drew and sonny being two of them. And that history — not so good. So what I need to know is, how can I be sure of your motivation here? You can’T. I’m afraid you’ll just have to trust me. You think you can do that?

[ Sighs ] Bless me, father, for I have sinned. You know my sins. You know what I’ve done. I will pay for it all. Please don’t take my son. Please, lord, let him live.

Um, I guess sinceour meeting has been postponed, I’m gonna go home and finish my book. Oh, what you reading? “Pride and prejudice.” Oh, wow. Yeah. Uh, didn’t they make that into a movie? Yeah, uh, a few. Oh, cool. I guess I’ll — I’ll head home, too. To the stables? No, I’m probably gonna head to the manse first, you know, heat up some of mama q’s cooking, maybe watch a movie. What movie? Don’t know. Maybe “pride and prejudice.” Which version? Whatever’s shortest. Isn’t there a zombie one, I think? Sounds like a plan. Okay. Do you need a ride home or — I really hope that — I really hope that maxie and spinelli work through this. Yeah, yeah, it’d be a shame if they didn’T. I mean, they’re obviously meant for each other. Right? Yeah. Alright, well, um… good night. Night. I-I did really want to help maxie and spinelli. I know. But this was also an opportunity to spend time with you. And it was an opportunity for me to spend time with you. Without trust, this working relationship, it’s a nonstarter. If that’s the case, which one of us goes first?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey. Yeah. I was just on my way. Is that confirmed? Thanks. Alexis, what is it? Thank you both for everything. We’re glad we could help him as much as we did. Dante is — he’s strong. He was really fighting in there. That’s dante. I just wish there was more I could do to help. I-I guess we all wish that, though. It’s the waiting. It’s the worst part of it all. It’s like time, it stops. I’ve spent a lot of time in this hospital, mostly waiting on people that I love. And it never gets any easier. The surgery’s gonna take a while, but I will keep checking in with the team, and I’ll make sure to update you and olivia. Okay. Well, um, we would appreciate that. Thank you again.

[ Sighs ] That’s a lonely place to be, right? Really doesn’t get easier, does it? No, no, it doesn’T. Alright, so I’d like you to tell us everything that happened exactly as it happened, everything you remember. Okay. Uh, joss and I were driving back to port charles. Yes, and I have an app on my phone, and it said that police scanners were reporting gunfire out on the waterfront. We assumed that that meant sonny, so we went straight to the pier. You work for sonny, correct? Not anymore. He fired me two weeks ago. Yet you still felt compelled to check on him? I did. Okay, continue. So, what did you see when you found dante? Uh, well, we already told you. Yeah, I know. I’d like you to tell me again, ’cause sometimes you remember things that you forget the first time. Okay, yeah, of course. Um, we got there. Dante was lying there. The second we got to him, it became clear that somebody had given him first aid, because he had that sweatshirt wrapped around him and his legs were elevated. How were his legs elevated, exactly? Uh, someone folded up a bulletproof vest and stuck it under his legs. Anything else? Yes, yes. There was a phone next to dante on a call with 911, and I picked it up and I spoke to the operator. You handled the phone? Yeah. Was I not supposed to? I mean, he was lying there bleeding and gasping for air. I’m just trying to figure out what happened, josslyn. It’s clear the two of you demonstrated extraordinary presence of mind. You’re doing great. So, you pick up the phone. The line is open to 911. Yeah, um, and the operator said that she had spoken to somebody else but that they had left and that the paramedics were almost there. And then we started hearing the sirens, and chase showed up. I found dex and josslyn giving first aid. Shortly after I arrived, dante’s heart stopped. I performed chest compressions. Joss did rescue breathing, and we got his heart started right before the paramedics got there. And then they took over. Thank you. Uh… not only is dante one of our finest officers, he’s also a friend. And it’s clear you saved his life. And the pcpd and I personally owe you a great debt. Thank you. I apologize. I was, uh — I was afraid. I was so afraid that we were really gonna lose dante for good. I, uh — I shouldn’t have called you out like that. You’re not wrong. Someone was gunning for me, and our son dante got caught in the crossfire again. ‘Cause dante was doing his duty. Yeah, yeah. As a cop, he knows what that means. Even if I forget it sometimes. He was protecting me. Because he is a damn good cop. And an even better son. He’s one of the only people I can count on right now, you know?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh… sorry. I’m sorry. Probably ned. I think… he’s getting all my messages at once. I got to — no, no, go, go, go. It’s fine. Hey. Yeah, no, um, I’m in the chapel right now, and, uh, I don’t want to talk on the phone while I’m in… god’s house.

[ Door closes ] You’re here. I am. You and spinelli find something useful in the footage? Well, we haven’t looked through everything yet. Well, we got to find something. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. It’s okay. I’m so sorry about dante. You must be going out of your mind.

[ Exhales sharply ] Why are you here? Spinelli and I found something important. Something you need to see right away. Uh, ava was here following up on a job that I was doing for sonny, and we… saw something that was completely confounding. Something you do not want to talk about? No, no, no, n-not — not yet. Not until we can understand it. But you know what? You’re — you’re here now. To what — to what do I owe the pleasure? Okay, well, um, I’ve been thinking about things, and I think we should talk about how we left everything. I couldn’t agree more. Okay, I’ll go first. I-I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m up to the task just — just yet. Spinelli, um, what — what is really going on? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I have.

Cody, you know better than anyone what I’ve been dealing with the past few years. Yeah, I know. I haven’t felt ready to move on and be involved with anybody. And I’m not sure that I’m ready yet. Sasha, I’m gonna say this as many times as you need to hear it. I just like spending time with you. So if this happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, hell, I’m really not that much of a catch anyways. You probably dodged a bullet. Well, I hope that we can finally agree on one thing. What’s that? We don’t need to find excuses to spend more time together. Curtis. No, no, no. Nothing’s wrong. I just needed to hear your voice again. Copy that. Who’s running the crime scene? Pcpd. No sign of fbi yet. That’s interesting. Thought agent cates would be all over it. Maybe he’s busy with something else. Yeah, just as well. Try to keep it in house as long as we can. I checked with the units on the scene. Forensics is gathering evidence. They have the phone and — and dante’s vest. My guess is the phone was a burner, and josslyn handled it, so it’s doubtful that we’ll get anything useful off that. However, 911 will have a recording of that call, so I’ll have tech coordinate with them. We need a copy of that. I want to know who placed that call, who was trying to help dante, and why. I just spoke to dr. Park. Yeah, what’d he say? Well, it’s a little too early for an update on the surgery, but he said that even though, uh, dante is unconscious, he’s still showing a really strong will to live. He’s in there fighting for every breath. You know dante’s stubborn to a fault.

[ Laughs ] He’s the worst. Actually the best. Ah. The reporter that I was supposed to meet on the waterfront just informed me that an officer is down. Oh. Oh, that’s terrible. Well, that definitely qualifies for breaking news. I’ll — I’ll leave you to your job. Nina. The officer that was shot is dante. Right here, there’s a clear angle of one of the gunmen. Alright, we’ll get that to brick. He’ll — he’ll get a name real fast. Actually, sonny, that won’t be necessary. Spinelli and I were able to identify him. You identified him? Who is it? You saw a ghost? W-where did you see it? He was — he was right there. He was — he was there. He was…sentient. He was breathing. Breathing? You’re gonna need to give me a little more to work with here. No, I-it’s — but it’s impossible. It simply cannot be. Spinelli, just tell me. What is impossible? If you know who it is, spit it out. Some things need to be seen to be believed. No, it’s — it’s impossible both that he’s alive and — and working against sonny. Spinelli, who exactly did you see on the screen? It’s him, isn’t it? It’s jason. Well, well, well, dr ew.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Short Recap Monday, March 4, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Cyrus visits Laura (at her request). She quizzes him about his questioning O’Neill last week at Pentonville. He was afraid of some guy named Stone that everyone thinks is dead. Laura presses him for more info, but he gets offended that she doesn’t trust him. She seems shocked that he is so angry about that. Ace cries, so she goes to him. They take Ace to GH because he has a fever.

Elizabeth and Portia tend to Heather Webber, who is a patient at GH for hip pain. She wants them to take off the cuffs, but they’re wise to her tricks. When Heather is wheeled in (on her way to get an MRI), she starts yelling at Cyrus and Laura. They quickly leave with the baby. Cyrus asks Portia how Curtis is doing, but she tells him off again. He is frustrated that she still holds his past against him. Later, Laura and Cyrus wait for Ace’s tests and share a close moment. She breaks down crying about the deaths of Esme and Spencer, so he holds her hand. Meanwhile, back in her room, Heather gets out a paper clip to pick the lock on her cuffs.

Brook Lynn and Tracy have a chat at the Quartermaine mansion about Deception. Brook Lynn confesses to Tracy that she had plotted to get rid of her at Deception and give Maxie and Sasha back their shares. Tracy is proud of her and tries to convince Brook Lynn to stay at Deception. Brook Lynn still just wants to work in music, not cosmetics. Tracy convinces her to stay and manage artists on the side. If Brook Lynn doesn’t enjoy running Deception, Tracy will sell her shares back to them. After Tracy says a bunch of nice things to her, Brook Lynn is touched to learn that Tracy enjoys hanging out with her and agrees to her terms. Brook Lynn asks Tracy about her relationship with Gregory, but she thinks he’s more interested in Alexis. She thinks Tracy should let him know how she feels.

Sonny meets with Selina in her warehouse. Ava is also there, and a few guards. Selina wants to have the poker game again, but Sonny says that she can’t do it at The Savoy. Just then, FBI, Dante and Anna burst in to investigate them all for RICO and racketeering violations. Wu, Sonny and Ava claim they’re just discussing setting up a legal Poker game. Anna and Sonny argue. A rooftop sniper shoots at them, so everyone hides behind something. Dante and Chase go to check out sniper. Ava wonders why Sonny is being cautious, but he says he’s not worried about himself. She thinks he means her, so she’s touched. Dante goes in pursuit of the suspects.

Jason and the sniper are on roof – both dressed in black; the sniper props the skylight open and gets his rifle ready to shoot. He aims at Sonny. Jason looks uncomfortable and then hits the sniper’s so he misses; then they run away. Dante stops them at the docks. Jason puts his arms up and then turns slowly as directed. Dante is shocked to see him. The sniper shoots Dante. Jason runs to Dante to help him. Snipe calls Jason “Jacobs” and says to leave him. Jason shoots the guy. He tells Dante that he’ll be allright and that he’s got him.

Jagger orders his men around. Anna thinks the sniper rifle was one stolen from WSB. Jagger thinks Sonny was the target, and Ava notices that Sonny has a bullet hole in his sleeve. Anna tells Chase to take Selina and her guards to the PCPD. She then yells at Sonny for trying to set up a trap for the shooter without them. Jagger tries to threaten Ava, but she points out that he should be protecting Sonny, the target. The all argue. Anna warns Sonny he’s in danger and should let them help him – he should share information. Chase returns, telling them that there’s no word yet on Dante.


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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 5, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I cannot wait to tell youand show you the progress I’ve been makingat physical therapy. Yeah, I’m getting some of my moves back.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, okay. Me too, honey. See you soon. Is trina here?

[ Sighs ] No. No, pop. She went out. I know you’re worried about her, son, but you give trina some time. She’s been through a lot, but it is true what they say — time does heal all wounds. Says the man who oughta know. Did you tell him? Tell me what?

[ Clears throat ] Oh. Sorry. No. Were you praying? Just thinking. How’s my little nephew? We are waiting for the test results. Yeah. Um, but kevin was here with a patient, so, um, he’s with him now. Ace has been so brave. He takes after his grandma. You know something? You can actually be sweet when you want to be.

[ Laughs ] I know your surprise is justified by my behavior, but it still stings just a little. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for the people I love, and there’s no limit to what I will do to anyone who tries to hurt them. Copy that. I’ll be returning to pentonville with the prisoner immediately.

[ Engine revving ] Dex, we’re not gonna get there any faster if you get pulled over for speeding. I’ll keep it to 10 over. Hey. I want to get there just as badly as you do. From what michael said, all hell is about to break loose and he does not exaggerate. It has to be connected to whoever was trying to take sonny out in puerto rico. Yeah, and that means whoever’s around him is in danger. Let’s try this again, sonny. Why are you here tonight? Please don’t say it was because you were setting up a card game with selina wu. Am I under arrest? Is — is ava under arrest? No. Not at this time. Okay. Then we are under no obligation to stay. John: This is a federal investigation, which means I can hold the two of you up to 48 hours without charging you. In fact, I don’t have to hold you at the pcpd. I can have you transported to an fbi facility. Sonny, I know you’ve been to one recently. How about you, ms. Jerome? You might benefit from the experience. You okay with this, anna? He’s threatening to take ava into federal custody. On what grounds? ‘Cause she’s standing next to me? Agent cates has the authority to investigate this case however he sees fit. This has nothing to do with any case! Tell them what it has to do with, jagger. It has to do with karen wexler.

[ Coughs ]

[ Groans and coughs ]

[ Breathing shakily ] Jason — no, no. Don’t talk, don’t talk.

[ Groans ] I’m gonna help you. Yeah, I’m on pier 55. A man’s been shot twice in the chest. Dante. Hey, dante. He just passed out. Get the paramedics here now.

Drew just tucked scout in her bed, and she fell asleep right away.

[ Laughs ] She was exhausted, but she kept saying how she was so excited that she had this birthday party. Well, you can always tell the success of a party by how much cake you find all over the house hours later. Oh, no, no, no. She was telling him that the cake — she loved it, the gifts. And she loved most of all that her dad threw her the party. Aw, after all the time he spent away from her, I bet drew enjoyed the party more than the scout did, right? Oh, he fell asleep reading her “the ugly duckling” for, like, the millionth time, and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. You know, I — actually, I remember that — that was dante’s favorite book, too. You know, I swear to god, I read that book to him so many times, it was like I could recite the thing by heart. I was always trying to skip over the pages to get to the end quicker, and you know what? He always caught me, every single time. Mm!

[ Laughs ] His first little detective work.

[ Laughs ] I love it. Dante’s so brave and solid. I just — I can’t picture in my head. I-I think I always forget that he was a little boy, too, once. Ah, he’s been through a lot, but he’s still that same sweet little kid that used to bring me flowers home from school. I mean, turns out they were mr. Coletti’s prize roses, but I digress.

[ Both laugh ] I love seeing my son happy. I’m so glad he found you. I am so glad that we found each other.

[ Chuckles ] I’m gonna call brick and see if he knows where sonny is. You really think brick’s gonna give you any information about sonny? Well, I’ll try. I’ll explain, and hopefully he’ll understand. Hey, brick, it’s joss. Do you know where sonny is? I — wait. Are you su– yeah. Okay. What is it? I’m looking right now. A police scanner in port charles is reporting gunfire on the waterfront. Authorities are looking to lock down the whole area. It’s gotta be sonny. What are you doing? You’re getting off at the next exit.

[ Scoffs ] Call a rideshare and go home. I’ll call you when I know more. Okay, forget it. I am not leaving you. I’d feel a lot better if I knew you were safe. But we don’t have time to argue about this. Good. Then we’ll stick to the plan, and we’ll go into port charles together. We are investigating attempts on your life and a possible connection to a larger conspiracy. Maybe that’s why the fbi sent you. But that’s not why

you’re here, jagger. Why — why are you calling him that? Oh, back in the day, his name was john. And then it was too ordinary, so he — he needed a cooler name, so he named himself jagger. And he had a girlfriend named karen wexler. I told you to keep her name out of your mouth! Thank you for proving my point. See, he hates me for what he thinks I did to — oh, I don’t think. I know. I had a front-row seat. So why don’t you tell ’em, sonny? You tell them what you did. No, jagger,

you tell ’em. I never claimed to be a saint. Far from it. You know that better than anyone, laura. But I do hope you know that my attempts to change are genuine. You do seem to be trying. Being a part of a family, of — of your family, has filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know existed. And I know I haven’t been trustworthy in the past, but I hope you believe me when I say that spending time with you has made me a better man. I know that there’s goodness in you. I’ve always known it, no matter how deeply you tried to bury it, but… words are not enough, even words quoted from the good book. Then tell me how I can prove myself to you. I can’t do the work for you. You need to figure that out yourself. Okay. But I will say this — I am very grateful to you for tonight, for helping me to get ace to the hospital quickly. Oh, I am so glad that I was there. Me too. I just hope you can keep him away from his other grandmother. Heather webber will be going back to pentonville, so she will not be able to get close to ace ever again. Look s like the warden’s out of patience.

[ Groans ] Time for you to go home. Your cell is waiting for you. Well, but wait. I-I-I’m still in so much pain! Doesn’t the doctor have to okay my release? I don’t know. That’s above my pay grade. I’m just following orders. Oh, but honey, the pain in my hip is really unbearable.

[ Gasps ] You don’t like to see an old woman suffer, do you?

[ Whimpers ] Honey, I am so parched. The — the nurse just left my water right out of reach. Could you pl– please? Right there. Okay, okay, okay, fine. And then we’re out of here. Ah! Come on!

[ Grunts ]

You’ll be fine. Oh! [ Chuckles ] I am seriously out of shape. I need more yard time. Okay. I don’t know why people are so nervous around cyrus renault. I think his radio show is very inspiring. That’s because you don’t know his history in port charles. That man is bad news. I just hope that lightning doesn’t strike the chapel while cyrus is in there praying for that adorable little nephew of his.

[ Scoffs ] Start praying for yourself, cyrus. So, are you saying that portia was on the right track when she suggested that you were misdiagnosed all those years ago? Son, your wife — she is an excellent physician and a very perceptive woman. Your father’s been off his meds for an entire year at this point without any symptoms. It seems obvious that he never suffered from schizophrenia at all. Hmm. Uh, that’s great news. Pop, um, you’ve had this information for a while now. How come you didn’t tell me when you first found out? You had some other things going on in your life, son. And, truthfully, I… I felt like a fool. I ran out on my wife and family, left you and tommy with no father, and all for nothing. I should have handled it all so, so differently. Well, pop, the past is the past. And you did what you thought was right at the time. But you’re here now. Now, I know it doesn’t make up for all those lost years, but at least you don’t have a schizophrenia diagnosis hanging over your head. It feels like I’ve traded one sword for another, since I still don’t actually know what was wrong with me. Well, uh, you want some? I know how much you wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I have been requesting old records and putting together a list of the revolving door of doctors who treated you for schizophrenia. Did you find anything? Actually, I did. I was able to find the signature of the so-called specialist that signed off on your father’s diagnosis. After all these years? Mm-hmm. This is great. Pop, this is great. So now we just — we track down that doctor and we get the answers we need. Pop, I know there’s something you want to tell aunt stella? Thanks. But no thanks. Yes. Yeah. He’s still breathing. Wh– what’s the eta on the paramedics? Okay, well, he can live if they get here in time.

[ Sighs ] Come on, dante, just hold on. You can make it.

[ Siren wailing ] Okay, good. They’re coming. Hey, you can make it. Karen was my high school girlfriend. She was smart. And she was ambitious. And she was beautiful. She was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

[ Sighs ] She repressed the memories, but it… it messed with her emotionally. Enter sonny. See, he owned a strip club called paradise lounge, and he convinced karen that she could empower herself, that she could take charge of her life… by stripping. Did I mention she was underage? Did you know that, sonny? Yeah, I did. Now, I will admit, sonny didn’t force her. He persuaded her. And when she got nervous about getting out there on that stage, he gave her drugs. And then in the end… …you slept with her. That’s the man you’re standing next to, ms. Jerome. And that’s the man you’ve been defending, anna.

30 years ago, I did own a nightclub called the paradise lounge. And it’s true, I befriended karen. She — she was curious about dancing, and I encouraged her, and — and I regret it 150%. And if I — if I had to do it all over again, I would do it totally different. Karen… was abused. And she was hurt and she was acting out. That’s how she made her way to me, because she needed somewhere to go. And I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I was there to help her. By sleeping with her? By giving her drugs? No, by listening to her, by understanding what it’s like to be a young kid, powerless, and you — you can’t stop somebody from hurting you! There’s a lot you don’t know about karen. And that’s the real reason you hate me, jagger. You are like the pied piperfrom hell, sonny. You find these damaged kids and you pretend to save them, when really you’re just exploiting them. That’s what you did to karen! And you did it to stone.

[ Siren wailing ] Dante? Hey, hey. Okay. It’s joss. It’s joss. We’re gonna help you. Someone did a field dressing. Well, we have to do something else. It’s a chest wound. From the way he’s breathing, the lung is collapsed. We need to plug these holes so the lung doesn’t collapse more. Okay, okay. Come on, come on, come on. Wait. Someone’s on the phone. Operator? Hello? Yeah, I’m on pier 55. A man has been shot. No, there’s nobody else here. He’s alone. Yeah, I can hear the sirens. How long until the paramedics get here? They need to hurry. Hey, honey, thanks for sticking around to help me clean up. Yeah, of course. It was the least I could do. After all, you helped throw scout’s party. Aw. The smile on her little face was thanks enough.

[ Laughs ] That and the gigantic chunk of cake I got stashed in the fridge for later. Um, I’m actually — I’m gonna go. Okay. And if scout wakes up, have drew handle her. Uh-huh. I, um… I don’t want to impose on their time together. Well, has that been a thing? I mean, are you — you guys are getting along, aren’t you? You know what? You know what? Ah! Olivia, shut your mouth. Just mind your own business. Just tell me to butt out. No, no, no. It’s okay, it’s okay. Um… no one ever said co-parenting was gonna be easy. Aw. Drew and I had our first disagreement over what’s best for scout. Right. Well, honey, that’s very normal. That’s gonna happen. You know, the stories that I could tell you about me and ned — I mean, two big personalities, and we butt heads all the time about what’s best for leo. But then at the end of the day, you know, talk it out, kiss and make up. Not that — I’m not telling you to kiss drew, but I’m just — no, I know.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I totally understand what you’re saying. I-I don’t want you to think that there’s friction between me and drew, because there isn’T. It’s not like that. Okay. The truth is, ever since drew came out of pentonville, something happened in there that changed everything about him. Well, I wish I could say that i don’t have experience with that, but unfortunately I do. You know, when — when dante came back with the ptsd, it was like he was a different person. You know, after the torture and the brainwashing, it was like — it was like the boy that I raised was just out of reach. I guess we’re really lucky that dante was strong and brave enough to come back to us. Luck had nothing to do with it, all right? My boy went through hell, and I didn’t think there was any way he was ever coming back. And then you came along.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It’s elizabeth. Cyrus: Good news, I hope? Uh, yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

[ Laughs ] Ace has a really nasty ear infection. He’s going to need a strong antibiotic, but after that, he’s gonna be fine. Oh, then my prayers have been answered. Does this mean you get to take him home tonight? Uh, yeah. I just want to fill this prescription while they’re getting him ready to be discharged. Is he old enough for lollipops? Because he probably deserves at least a couple for being so brave, don’t you think?

[ Laughs ] Well, I mean, if not a lollipop, I-I would say that he does deserve some sort of a treat. Ah. You kn ow, I-I really likehow you are when you’re thinking about what’s best for ace. Really, it’s like — like you are — you’re really learning how to be part of a family. Ah. That really means a lot coming from you. Uh, just please, uh, keep me informed how the little guy is doing, okay? I will. Thanks. Ah. Thank you, god.

[ Door opens ] Forget something? Never!

What are you doing here? Uh, what does anybody come to a place like this for? You’re a man of god now. You should know. I’m here to pray. And what do you pray for? An answer. Ah. Well, the lord is always willing to enlighten us. What’s your question? I want to know why a old, lying, bankrupt weasel like yourself gets to go on living while my sweet esme is dead. Does that seem fair to you? Don’t even try it! Oh, poof!

[ Laughs ] Isn’t she a beauty? It’s amazing what you can find in a hospital, the tools they have to fix people.

[ Laughs ] And then… the other things that you could do with them. Ha! Ah. Whoo! I want you to suffer, old man, the way my esme suffered! Stone was my brother. No! Stone was my brother. He was a street kid you took in to run your errands, and when everything blew up with karen, when you were busted for underage talent, stone became your ticket to respectability. You couldn’t be more wrong, jagger. You were lower than dirt in port charles before stone redeemed you. And suddenly you were sonny corinthos, mobster with a heart of gold, philanthropist. Who cares about his criminal record? All anybody could talk about was how good you were to my brother. I loved your brother, and you know that! Maybe you did. Maybe every moment you spent with stone was sincere, but it still worked to your benefit. You’re a shrewd investor, sonny, and this paid off for you in spades, especially with stone’s girlfriend. Robin treated you like a benefactor. She practically canonized you to the city of port charles, and to her mother. That’s the real reason you defend sonny. Because she loves him. Because he was there when stone died. And you weren’T. Are you quite finished, agent cates? So let me get this straight, pop. You don’t want to find the doctor that misdiagnosed you? That mistake cost you your family, your future. It won’t change anything, son. It can’t give me back the years, not the time I lost with irene and you and tommy. There’s no getting that back. My focus needs to be on the life I have now. I thought I made that clear. You did. And I heard every word. But that was your pain talking, the regrets you feel. And I don’t want to add to that. It’s just the opposite, actually. You have been suffering as a prisoner of someone else’s mistake for 40 years! This is your chance to set yourself free. Aunt stella’s right, pop. I know you’re scared, but I will tell you words that you told me when I found myself in this chair. You’re not alone. I miss mom. I miss tommy. But you got me. This is right up my alley. Use my skills. We can pick up the thread aunt stella started, and we could follow it anywhere it takes us, and we can finally put the past where it belongs — in the past. Your son is a smart man. Listen to him, marshall. Pop, let me do this with you, okay? Let me help you — let me help you get these answers. Paramedics are on their way. I can hear the sirens. Just hold on. Who would bandage him up and then leave him? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. Dante! How bad is he? From the amount of blood, it looks like multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. But we haven’t removed the pressure bandage, so we can’t be sure. I can’t find any other injuries. Okay. Uh, paramedics are on their way. I’m not getting a pulse.

[ Sirens wailing ]

Oh, no, I’m still not getting a pulse. Oh, my god. Paramedics have to be close. Okay, chase, take over for dex with putting pressure on the wound. I will do rescue breathing after you do chest compressions. Okay? Come on, dante, stay with us. We need you, man. Come on, dante. We’re almost there. We’re almost there. I cannot take credit for dante’s recovery. Oh, not all of it, no. I mean, he had to do the hard part himself, but… but you were a big part of that, sam. I mean, after everything he went through with the wsb, I’ll tell you, seeing him talk about you — and you guys weren’t even a couple then, by the way — it was the first time I ever saw that spark back in his eye, you know, the old dante. It was the first time I allowed myself to hope that everything might be okay. You never told me that. No, well, I’m telling you now, ’cause I know how happy you make my son. I am so grateful for you. I’m so grateful for your place in his life. I actually feel like the lucky one.

[ Laughs ] Because dante was a bigger man and he was brave and he was able to fight those demons. Yeah. And he got that strength from you. My son was at the lowest point in his life, and he needed something to live for. And falling in love with you

[Chuckles] Was a big part of that. Hmm. So, long overdue — thank you, sam. Thank you for giving me my son back. Come on, dante. Hang in there. The paramedics are almost here. Where the hell are they?

[ Vehicle doors slamming ] Hey, we’re back here! I got a pulse. Oh, my god! Hurry! My partner’s been shot. He’s got multiple bullet wounds to the chest that we know of. We lost his pulse, but we did chest compressions and rescue breathing.

[ Indistinct radio chatter ] The two of you may have just saved his life. Yeah, I hope so. Were you the ones who bandaged him?No, we found him like that. His legs were elevated, and the sweatshirt was tied around him like a pressure bandage. And whoever it was called 911. The operator was still on the phone when we got here. I am here for a job, but the job is not to take sonny down. That’s your job, commissioner devane, and I look forward to seeing you do it. If I find sonny or anyone else conducting a criminal enterprise, then I will use every legal means at my disposal to bring them to justice. Wonderful. Now that you both have declared your mission statements, you can get back to your investigation…[ Cellphone beeps ] …And sonny and I will get out of your way. One second. I have to go see one of the csi personnel. Ms. Jerome, mr. Corinthos, I’m gonna have to ask the two of you to stick around a little longer. How long are you gonna let him drag this out? I’m not letting him do anything. He has a case to work, and he has the authority to work it. After the show he just put on? Cates can’t be objective. He shouldn’t be anywhere near this case.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Excuse me. Oh, I-I have to take this. For what it’s worth, I believe you. What do you mean? About karen. I believe you, that you were trying to help her. Thank you. But cates never will, and an fbi agent with a grudge is a bad enemy to have. We’re in a place of god, heather.

[ Laughs ] Please, just put the saw down. Yeah. I-I don’t think so. I want you to listen to me! And I want you to admit what you’ve done. This little baby — it’s gonna help me make sure that that just happens. My esme came to you desperate and alone, and all she wanted was for you to help her. It — it would have been so easy for you to do that, but you didn’t! Instead, you betrayed her. I know that’s how it looks to you, but I was only trying to prevent — to prevent something bad from happening. Yeah, so you said. But you didn’t! You didn’t! And my little girl died all alone, fighting for her last breath! Just imagine the terror she felt, the sheer panic as she fought to keep afloat as that current pulled her under! I didn’t want that. Nobody did. Oh, how convenient that you say that now that my little girl is dead! But I will avenge her. I’ll avenge her, and I will become the mother to her son that she never got the chance to be. And, unfortunately, you will not be alive to see it. Aaah!

[ Thud ] Oh.

[ Panting ] Oh.

[ Gasps ]

There’s another problem. Just one? Spinelli planted surveillance cameras all over the warehouse, and if the fbi finds them, they’re gonna trace it to spinelli, and they’re gonna confiscate all the footage that happened tonight. Including shooters on the roof. Right. I can’t let jagger see that footage before I do. So they’re gonna detain me here probably like 48 hours. They’re not gonna detain you. You need to get a hold of dean, have him take you to spinelli’s, and get that footage. You’re trusting me?

[ Door opens ] Well, I don’t –[ Footsteps approaching ] Sonny? Yeah. I have a squad car waiting to take us to the hospital. Okay.

[ Door closes ] Dante’s en route to E.R. He’s been shot. He’s in critical condition. You’d do that for me? I’d do anything to help you, pop. But I have to admit, I’d be doing it for all of us. The whole family was affected by your diagnosis for decades. And now, thanks to aunt stella, we got a signature and a starting point. And with your son’s expertise, you should be able to find that doctor and finally know the truth. Mm-hmm. I see. It’s two against one. Talk about stacking the deck. So, um, is that a yes?

[ Laughs ] With my son by my side, I cannot lose. Hitting me over the head was a little extreme, don’t you think?

[ Chuckles ] You could have killed me, laura. You mean, before you killed me? Minor detail. You left me no choice, heather. But I’m glad you’re okay. Now there’s the laura webber that I remember. You were so sweet back in the day. It’s laura collins now. You can take her away. Just make sure they check her out for a concussion. Oh, wait. Oh! She doesn’t look well. I did hit her pretty hard. Do you think something’s really wrong with her? I doubt it. She’s probably trying to escape again. I wouldn’t believe anything that woman says or does.

[ Heather gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Wait! Hold on. I-I-I can’t —

[ Gasps ] I can’t breathe.

[ Gasping and wheezing ] So, can I be a little bit nosy here? And please, please, please tell me just to mind my own business and butt out if it’s too much. But, uh, you know, since you and dante seem to be so happy together, spending so much time together, I don’t know, any chance you’re thinking of making it official? Things are going great between dante and I, but I think we like things the way they are right now. Okay, okay. Fair enough. You can’t blame a mother for trying, though, right? True.

[ Laughs ]

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Hi.Oh, you’re a little late for the party, I think. What’s going on? Um, we just came from the pier. Dante’s been shot. Tell csi to tear this place apart. We need to know if there’s any others like this here. These cameras are state-of-the-art. The surveillance was obviously part of sonny and selina’s plan. I need to know what network these cameras are running on, what’s on that footage, and most importantly, who’s got it.

[ Panting ]

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GH Transcript Monday, March 4, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


cyrus. Thank you for coming. How could I not? This is the first time you’ve invited me to your home. Well, you usually take it upon yourself to just show up, don’t you? Well… uh, do I actually get to come inside, or is the invitation only good for the doorway? Please come in. Thank you. And what precipitated this step forward in our relationship? Well, uh, kevin is with a patient tonight at the hospital, and, uh, ace is sick with a cold, so I couldn’t leave him alone. Any problems? None so far. Alright. Let’s get this over with. Daughter-in-law! Good to see you again! And so soon. So this is where you’ve been hiding. I’m not hiding. I just didn’t want to get coerced into pinning a tail on a donkey. Coerced by a 10-year-old. Losing your edge. Didn’t want you to miss out. Thank you. And, uh, what else do you want? You certainly didn’t seek me out because of our shared love of buttercream. Something happened with lucy. What’d she do now? She asked me to work against you so she can regain control of deception. And why would she think you’d go along with that? Because lucy knows something you don’T. Our arrangements can continue as before. I conduct my operations discreetly, abiding by the agreed-upon boundaries and under your protection… in exchange for which you’ll receive a 10% cut of all profits. The savoy is off limits. If I can get a separate accommodation from curtis ashford… the savoy is off limits. I didn’t realize this negotiation would be so realistic. Alright. You know what? Since we’re here, let’s get down to business. -Nobody move! -Hands in the air! Fbi! Federal agents! Nobody move! Hands where we can see ’em. Looks like we’re late to the party. Man: We missed our window. Ah… I can still get the shot.

I haven’t been completely honest with you. Not liking the sound of this, but go on. I went to maxie and proposed a way to get you out of deception. Do tell. The idea was to convince you that I loved running deception so much that eventually you would take a step back and give me control of deception, including your voting shares, and then I would turn around and give those shares back to maxie.

Brava. That is a scheme worthy of a quartermaine. Treachery. Deceit. Betrayal. You have surpassed my expectations. You might live up to your potential yet. Well, I learn from the best. Look, you only got control of deception because you blackmailed me into bringing you the — the development notes of the deceptor. Lucy stole blair cramer’s idea. She committed intellectual property theft. She brought this on herself. Who cares what lucy did?! You, my own grandmother, forced me to betray my friends! And I hate the fact that I did what you wanted, especially to maxie. Oh, you were just gritting your teeth. You were enduring the time you spent with me. You were pretending to want to learn from me. And dr. Robinson! Boy, I must rate if I get the co-chief of staff to do my examination. I’m honored. There are some things that I would rather do myself than impose on my staff. Oh, I’m sorry if I’m imposing with my injuries. I’ll be outside if you need me. Oh, no. Don’t go! I could really use a friendly face right now, honey. Please stay. Only if it’ll help. Okay. I see that you’re here for an mri and you’re experiencing some hip pain? Ohh! That is correct. I-I am in absolute agony. And I have been, ever since I was attacked and brutalized by those pentonville guards. Are you kidding me? They were trying to calm you down. If anything, it was your resistance that caused your injury. Wait. I was confronting a man that was responsible for my daughter’s death. It was — okay. We need to examine this patient. Do you mind just go ahead and waiting outside for us? Thank you. Sure. I’ll be right outside. Really appreciate that, doctor. It is really nice to be treated like a human being for a change. Okay. Tell us what’s going on. You said that you’re, um — you’re having some hip pain that’s bothering you? Well, it’s just that every time I put weight on my right hip, there’s terrible pain. I went over your scans from the infirmary, and it shows nothing. But I do see you had a hip replacement, what, 20 years ago? Well, yeah. Skiing accident. I was young, fit, wild and free. I had a little run-in with a mogul. And you’re also complaining of a rash that you have on your lower back. Now, how long have you had that? Well, it actually comes and goes. The sheets in pentonville are so rough, and I-I have really delicate skin. Like, these cuffs are really chafing my wrist right now, and it’s putting me in a very strange position, which hurts my hip. Hm. So you think maybe that we could just take the cuff off, you know, for now? Come sit down. Please. I just wanted to talk to you about, uh, what happened at pentonville a few days ago. Mm. I mean, of course, anna has briefed me already on the conversation that you had with the gun dealer, o’neill. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And first of all, I want you to know that I’m very grateful to you that you were willing to go through with our plan. Well, I did it for you. Uh, but as you no doubt heard, we were interrupted before I was able to get any significant information. I can tell you the guy is terrified of some figure he knows only as “stone.” Why? Did he say? Well, this guy has managed to convince the world that he’s dead. Uh-huh. I understand your microphone “malfunctions” in — in the conversation with o’neill. Yes. I was attacked by heather webber. She’s got it in her head that I’m somehow responsible for her daughter esme’s death. Uh-huh. And so that’s how the microphone got damaged in the struggle? How else? You know, I don’t know. I’m just very frustrated that we were not able to get your complete conversation with o’neill on record. So, I mean, would you mind terribly just taking me through it step by step? Do you think I left something out? You tell me. What’s the problem, agent cates? We’re investigating allegations of racketeering and rico violations. This is my warehouse. You’ll find nothing amiss. Well, then I’ll take that as permission to conduct a search. While we wait for a team to arrive, you want to tell me the nature of your meeting tonight? Mr. Corinthos and I are avid gamblers. We’re planning a poker game. Strictly legal, of course. You a poker fan, ava? Texas hold ’em. Play whenever I can. Seems kind of unusual to bring a cadre of bodyguards to a warehouse for a card game. Detectives storm my private residence without any provocation.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

I actually enjoy working with you. It’s surprisingly fun. You’re too kind. Grandmother, I am being completely sincere. You are incredibly smart and freakishly shrewd. Oh. Don’t stop now. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. I am learning so much. And w-while I don’t believe that lucy has committed intellectual property theft, I do agree that lucy’s unprofessional whims have hurt the company. Deception deserves better. And what would that look like? Would it be me? You? Us? I’m not gonna lie. Music is my passion. Why can’t you just accept that? Oh, please. You cling to music like it’s some tatty security blanket. Why will you not allow yourself to do other things? What, like running a cosmetics company? You just said that you enjoy, you’re having fun at deception, and you happen to have the quartermaine head for business. You are not listening to me. This isn’t my dream job! I just can’t picture myself running deception in the long term. Things need to change. Alright. I have a proposition for you. You’re still suspicious of me, after I went against my better judgment and did what you asked. I appreciate the effort you made. Truly. I do. But the fact that your microphone was compromised at that crucial point — that gave everyone pause. Do you think I planned for that lunatic heather webber to attack me? Ugh! I swear on my mother’s life that I accurately and completely relayed everything that gun dealer said. You said you wanted to believe me. That meant everything to me. Why won’t you let yourself?

[ Ace crying ] I’ve got to get the baby.

[ Sighs ] God. I’m gonna check your vitals, ms. Webber. But — but my cuffs. It’s standard procedure for a prisoner to be in handcuffs at all times when they’re at the hospital. My hip is in so much pain. I can’t even walk! I couldn’t possibly escape. Elizabeth: You’ll be going for your mri soon. When you get back, we’ll ask the guard if he can help you get into a more comfortable position.

[ Groans ]

[ Beeping ] Well, you do have a low-grade fever. 99.5. See? I’m sick! And I’m still in major pain. I’m gonna call radiology right now and have them get you in right away.

[ Groans ]

[ Door closes ] Excuse me. That woman was not mistreated by the guards. If her hip is bad, she did it to herself. We’re well aware of heather’s duplicity. We weren’t taken by her bid for sympathy. This whole trip was a waste of time. Everyone is entitled to proper medical care, and so now that ms. Webber is a patient of this hospital, that’s exactly what she’s gonna get. Excuse me. Yes, this is dr. Robinson. I’m sending over a patient. She’s a transfer from pentonville. Can I get an mri of the pelvic region with contrast, please? Mm-hmm. Heather webber. And I need her seen and evaluated A.S.A.P. Thank you. The sooner we get heather to pentonville, the better for everyone. You got a casino in puerto rico, don’t you, sonny? You can fly down there any time you want. Why would you waste your time in this grubby warehouse? I object to your characterization of my property. I’m sure the commissioner’s not trying to be rude. She’s just embarrassed. Am I? Sonny: This raid was jagger’s idea, and he talked you into kicking those doors down, guns blazing. And what did you find? Absolutely nothing!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Indistinct shouting ] -Cover! -Quick! Get under! -Above! -Skylight on the roof. Man: On the roof! You ruined my shot! Let’s go. He’s pinned down. I can still get him. They know the shot came from the roof. Cover’s blown. No, no. Just leave it. Let’s go. Anybody hit? -No casualties here. -All clear on our side. Selina: I’m unharmed. Sonny? We’re good. Okay. They could still be up there. Chase and i will check it out. No, no. Everyone shelter in place. Anna? Sniper rifle. Looks like the position is up in the skylight. They could be waiting for one of us to break cover. No. You know what, anna? We can make it. Shooter can’t see us. Go. Proposition. What do you have in mind? You and I continue at deception. We build it into a cosmetics empire. Wow. Shocker. I’m not done. You’re a creative, right? Ceos are creative. They create a vision for their company, and they organize all the moving parts to see that vision come to life. It’s a different kind of art. Sorry, grandmother. It’s not the kind of art that inspires me. How do you know that unless you try? I want you to experience the thrill of seeing your vision succeed. And when you do… if you still want out, you may leave with my blessing, and I will sell my stock back to maxie and sasha. Lucy gets nothing. Well, I agree with you there. After the way lucy treated you, she does not deserve control of deception. Just another example of how you and I see eye to eye. I’ll sweeten the deal. You can still produce artists on the side, although I think you’re gonna be too busy and too invested and having fun. Do we have a deal? I don’t get it. Why is it so important to you that I run deception? Because it’s something we can do together. You’re a very smart woman. You can do anything you put your mind to. You remind me of myself. And believe it or not, I-I like to have fun. And, brook lynn quartermaine, you are exasperatingly fun. And you’re the future of this family. They’re ready for heather in radiology. Okay.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Ace crying ] Oh, elizabeth! Thank god you’re here. Is everything okay? I’m not sure. Ace is running a temperature of 104. Hey. I mean, he’s had a cold for the past few days. He was just coughing and sneezing. But tonight all of his symptoms got a lot worse and he got really fretful. And as you can see, he’s just burning up. Yeah. Yes. Did you feel him? What is he doing here? I-I was visiting my sister, dr. Robinson. I came out of concern for my great-nephew. Yeah, anyway, um, I know babies can spike a very high temperature, but I just thought it was best to bring him in anyway. Um, is there any way that you could take a look at him? Or would you rather that I just go to E.R.? No, no, no. I-I can see him. Will you be okay with the other patient? Oh, absolutely. Okay. Is that ace?! You! You get away from my grandson! Yeah. Single shot. High-powered rifle. Okay. I want — I want units to cordon off a six-block area around the warehouse… law enforcement’s on the scene. …At 257 water street. No, there’s no casualties. Yeah. I need a csi team here to collect evidence. I’m guessing it’s safe now, huh? Well, we just gotta wait for the all-clear. When did you become so cautious? I’m not worried about myself. All clear. Where’s dante? While on the roof, we observed two suspects approximately 200 yards away, heading toward the waterfront. Detective falconeri told me to secure the scene and call for backup. He’s in pursuit of the suspects. Police! Freeze! Freeze! Do not move! Do not move. Slowly put your hands behind your head. Put your hands behind your head! Do it now! Turn around. I said turn around. Slowly.

What the hell? Jacobs. Leave him. You killed my daughter! I don’t want you anywhere near her child! Guard: Hey! Oh, god! Heather, heather. Calm down, please. You’re scaring the baby. And he’s sick. He needs to be examined. What? He’s sick? You better take care of him, laura! That’s why I’m here, heather. Wait. Is this what you wanted all along? To have ace all to yourself?! Heather, please calm down. I will sedate you. That is ridiculous. Is it?! Then why didn’t you take care of his mother like I begged you to?! Laura, I trusted you! I told you esme’s plans so that you would keep her safe! But you didn’t! And now my baby is dead! Heather, I tried to find esme. I tried, and I just — I couldn’t do it. But do you think I wanted this to happen? I lost my grandson, too. Well, at least there’s some justice. Let’s get out of here. And keep that man away from my grandson! Heather, heather. Calm down. Can you take her straight to radiology, please? And no stops, no matter what she says. Man: Yeah. Now you’re talking, doc. Let’s go. Dr. Robinson… the waiting room is right over there, and you can wait for laura and ace there. I-I’m sorry. I just wanted to inquire after your husband. How is curtis doing? Why are you staring at me? Because you like me. You just said you want to keep working with me. You just said it yourself! I meant absolutely everything I said about you. And, yes… I do like working with you, mostly. Well, we don’t have to work at deception to hang out. Oh, please. Every time we’re together, we talk about work. That can’t be true. We also talk about planning my wedding. Yes, we do. And guess what. You’re getting married. And once you are, we’re back to only having deception in common. We won’t let that happen. Really? Yes. How? Are you gonna take me up on my proposal? ‘Cause I’ve been really generous. I don’t think you can refuse. Alright. I’ll stay. Whoo! For…now. But…my terms are that we make an effort to get to know each other better. Ooh. You drive a hard bargain.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, in the effort of getting to know each other better, what is going on between you and my future father-in-law? Did you ask gregory to the wedding? Chase: There’s an abandoned rifle near the skylight. I could only do a quick search, but I couldn’t find any shell casings. Go up to the roof and wait for csi. Let them be the ones to retrieve the rifle. These guys took out of here in a hurry. Maybe they left something traceable behind. Care to lay odds that the rifle used was one stolen from the cache of the wsb? Fits the pattern. It also means the intended target is almost certainly — sonny! Yeah? Look at your coat! Is that — sonny, that’s a bullet hole. As I was saying, it means the intended target was almost certainly sonny. Looks like your trap worked. Just not the way you thought.

Mr. Renault… I’ve had a very, very long day and I am tired. I don’t wish to have small talk with you about anything, much less my husband. I-I merely wondered — what part of “stay away from me or I’ll get a restraining order” do you not understand? I’m trying to figure this out. Okay. It was five months ago. And since that time, I’ve been living my life as a respectable citizen. I guess I was hoping your feelings might have changed. I’m really trying here. I’m trying to be professional. But you really think that I’m gonna forget that you terrorized me and my daughter in our home? The gunfire. The standoff. And it certainly wasn’t five months ago when you went to ava’s gallery and you approached trina. That was an accident. I didn’t know she’d be there. I was looking for artwork. Well, what did you do when you saw her? Wh– did you leave? No, you didn’T. You stayed. And you actually tried to talk to her? Mm. Yeah. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with heather webber. I — stay away from my child! Don’t ever, ever go near trina again! Do you understand me? I will call the cops so fast, your head is gonna spin. I am truly sorry I’ve caused you this much grief and anger. I-I hope you can find some way to let go of it. You can really drop the charade. Laura’s not here. She’s not here to see this act. ‘Cause I’m not buying it. Okay. Got it. And maybe you’re right. Maybe what I did is unforgivable, but I can’t go back and change it. I — I just hope that one day you can see that I’m sincere. I… I am no longer the wretch who terrorized your family. God has changed me. And my life today is about trying to help others. You want to help? You really, really want to help? I do. Stay the hell away from my family. I think it’s safe to go back. They must have pinned the tail on that damn donkey by now. Oh, no, you don’T. We have a deal in place. And I want the tea. Not just the one in your cup. So spill. What is up with you and gregory? Gregory is taking alexis davis to your wedding. Huh. They do work together. Did you even ask him? I was planning to. I went to the invader to extend the invitation, which is when I found out that he was taking alexis. I mean, they are colleagues. They’re not a couple. Gregory said they’re friends. “Good” friends. Okay. “Friends.” Means there’s still a chance. I am not throwing myself at gregory. Well, according to chase, you don’t have to. What did chase say? Just that you joined him and finn and gregory at dinner and that he noticed that gregory was more relaxed with you than he is with most people, especially now that his als is more noticeable. He also said that he was impressed with the way that you helped gregory without making a big deal out of it. That really meant a lot. It’s not a big deal. People’s bodies change. Sometimes you can’t do things you used to be able to do, so you adapt. And you and gregory obviously have chemistry. Chase said that? Oh, please. Men are oblivious to that sort of thing, which is why you need to be direct with him! Chase? Gregory! You need to tell him that you are interested in seeing him. Put it out there, plain and simple. Okay. Units are en route. Okay. See that ms. Wu, her bodyguard, and sonny’s are taken to the station. You hold them as persons of interest. Got it. Ms. Wu, if you’ll come with me, please. It’s my policy to always cooperate with law enforcement.

[ Selina speaks mandarin ] Hey, cates. What do you got against a friendly poker game? Oh, you’re not helping anyone by stonewalling, sonny, least of all yourself. There have been multiple attempts on your life and at least one on ms. Wu’S. So, you agreed to meet here tonight in order to lure your enemy into making another attempt. So that what — so you could identify them and presumably stop them? That is not your job, sonny! That is the job of law enforcement. So far, your record has been less than stellar. What are you doing here, miss jerome? Well, I’m looking for a card game, like I said. At one point, you were the co-head of the jerome crime family, but that was almost a decade ago. You haven’t been involved in organized crime since. That we know of. Well, the fbi knows quite a bit. It’s unlikely miss jerome’s been targeted. But you have a daughter with mr. Corinthos, don’t you? And you’re currently living with him, correct? Should I call my lawyer, agent cates? Well, you can if you want, but your presence here when the shots were fired puts it completely within our purview to bring you in for an interview. Back off. Ava has nothing to do with this. She does now. Thanks to you. You said yourself sonny was the intended target here tonight, which makes him the victim. You should not be harassing sonny. You should be protecting him! We’re gonna miss the extraction.

[ Dante groans ] Just go to the pick-up spot. I’ll find another way out. Your call.

[ Gun cocks ] Watch your six.

[ Grunts ]

Hm! Thank you so much for changing ms. Webber’s position. She seems a lot more comfortable now. How was everything in radiology? She give you any trouble? No. Just back to her charming self. Well, let me know if anything changes. I’ve still got that sedative.

[ Both chuckle ] Are they keeping ace? No. No, they’re not. The, um, pediatrician on call wants to get an x-ray of his lungs so he can rule out pneumonia, but, um… elizabeth told me I should come sit here for a while because my emotional state was upsetting ace. Oh. Sit, laura. Yeah. Anyway, she’s, um… she’s holding him, and he is — he’s falling asleep in her arms. Hm. Probably reminds him of esme, right? Yeah. How are you? I’m really sorry that heather lashed out like that. I’ve certainly survived worse slings and arrows. I can brush off anything heather webber has to say about me. Ah. Yeah. Well, she is a mother who lost her child… yeah. …So she’s entitled to her grief. She might want to work on how she expresses it. Yes, of course. But, uh, I do sympathize with her loss. Yeah. [ Grunts ] Oh, dear. It’S… are you alright? Yeah. It’s just a twinge. It’S…

[ Breathes deeply ] Is that because of what sonny did? That certainly didn’t help. But, uh, t-the years have left their mark. You know, when I was a kid, I didn’t really care about risking my life or how much damage I sustained. I-I had this idea I was going to get rich and powerful on my own terms… or die trying. Because, really, what kid that age can even conceive of — of their own death, except maybe as a ultimate act of rebellion or the final scene in their own movie? Maybe that’s what happened to esme. Maybe she was so desperate to get her son back, she convinced herself that she was willing to do anything, that she was… that she was willing to die trying. Yeah. And then she did.

[Crying] And she took my spencer with her. I appreciate the compliment and the faith in my abilities. I will take what you said under consideration. Do I still remind you of someone? Oh, that. Maybe.

[ Chuckles ] But you wear your heart on your sleeve much more than I do. That’s dangerous. Well, detective harrison chase has my heart now, so it’s perfectly safe. You surprise me, miss jerome. You’re a change from sonny’s usual defenders. Well, I am simply pointing out that a crime was committed here tonight. An unknown person took a shot at sonny. And instead of trying to apprehend that shooter, you and commissioner devane here are — are questioning him like he’s done something wrong! And I could make the argument that sonny’s obstructing justice by refusing to cooperate in a criminal investigation. All I’ve done is cooperate. You’re the one who broke in here. I didn’t resist. I didn’t try to run away. All I did was listen to your stupid questions. And guess what. I got shot at! Okay. Alright. I understand that you have a history with agent cates. -That’s an understatement. -Fine. There’s no love lost. But I hope you know me well enough to believe that I bear you no ill will. Unless I were to find out that you committed something criminal. Then I would investigate you to the full extent of the law. But I’m not out to get you. In fact, far from it. I don’t want you to die. Well, we agree on one thing, then. Okay. Somebody out there is trying to kill you. And you have to have an angel on your shoulder because I have no idea how that sniper missed you from this range. But do not bet that they will miss you the next time. So why don’t you let us help you and tell us what you know?

[ Footsteps approach ] Okay. Ms. Wu, her bodyguard, and the two corinthos guards are all en route to the station. What are the charges? I’m detaining them. Persons of interest. What about your detective? And do you have an update on his pursuit of the suspects? Nothing yet. Dante hasn’t called. Alright. That’s good. You’re doing good, dante. Just keep breathing. Okay?

[Weakly] Jason… you’re gonna be okay.

[ Groans ] I got you.

[ Wheezing ]

[Theme music]

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GH Transcript Friday, March 1, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


okay, I got all the balloons set up in the foyer. Great. Wow. When you throw a party, you go all-out, don’t you? What? Do you think it’s too much? No. Scout’s gonna love it. Well, I don’t mean just the balloons. I mean, you know, all of it. It’s not like you have a 100-foot bouncy house outside with ponies walking around. Well, we do have two horses and an alpaca. Because they live here in the stable where they belong. And, hey, you want scout to feel at home on her birthday, and this is your home. Okay, great. I guess I just missed out on so much time with her, I — any chance I get, holidays, birthdays… tuesdays. [ Laughs ] …I just want to hold on with both hands and never let go. Great. You should do that. You should hold onto that. You should stay present with your daughter. You can’t do that if you’re focused on revenge, you know? I didn’t even mention nina’s name. You didn’t have to. I could hear you thinking about it. Okay. All right. Well, hey, thank you for snapping me out of it, making me focus on what’s important.

[ Sam laughs ] Dad, I can’t believe it. There are so many balloons by the front door. They’re all for you! Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Hey, mom. Thank you for coming by on zero notice. I have a ton of work to do for deception tonight. Well, you know that I would move heaven and earth to spend time with my grandchildren. But as thrilled as I am to be here, I have to ask, why isn’t spinelli available? Because I sent him packing. Chase. Hey, what do you got? I just talked to the officer on duty. Assault and battery. The victim was brought here for treatment. I tried to question him just to see what was going on, but the guy’s not talking. No I.D., Didn’t even give us his name.

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Well, I know who that is. That’s selina wu’s bodyguard. Everything ready? All right, keep me posted. Thanks. Something you want to ask me? Go ahead. Really? You haven’t exactly been forthcoming of late. You didn’t say anything to me yesterday after your talk with nina. Well, I’m sure nina’s going to tell you all about it. But if you want to ask me directly…? Agent cates, please come in. What can I do for you? I want sonny corinthos out of my life. For good. And you’re going to help me.

Where’s the guest of honor? I’m right here, grandma. Hello, cookie. Happy birthday. Are all those presents for me? And there’s more in the car. Thank you, grandma. You’re welcome. I can’t take all the credit, though, ’cause some of them are from tj and molly. Where are aunt molly and uncle tj? They both have very mean bosses that wouldn’t let them off of work. Hey, danny, jake, why don’t you get the rest of the presents out of the car, will you? You want to grab that? I’ll take these. Thank you. Want that one? Cool. Come on, danny. Danny: On it. Okay. And then, yeah, I’ll put these with the rest of the presents. Alexis: Let’s go. Yeah. Come on.Carly: Hi. So, where’s dante? Oh, um, he couldn’t get off of work yet, but I think he’s going to try and make it by later. Okay. Anyway, since — since it’s just you and me now… mm? I wanted to let you know — I don’t know, but it seems like drew’s a little bit more relaxed. You think so? Yeah. Mm. Yeah, I mean, we talked before. He had a really hard time coming out of pentonville after everything that happened there. But, yeah, I-I really think he’s, um, slowly but definitely moving past it. That’s good. Dante: What’s he saying? All right. Someone called 911 to report a disturbance on the pier. When the officers arrived at the scene, they interrupted a fight between two guys. One, mr. Li, had been badly beaten, and the attacker appeared to be going in for the kill when the officers identified themselves as the police. The attacker then fled on foot. Luckily, they apprehended him, and he’s in lockup now. Oh, so they I.D.’D the attacker? Well, that’s where things get interesting. Li’s assailant is another one of selina wu’s guys. Goes by morris. Wow. Then this wasn’t random. Infighting in selina wu’s organization. What does that mean? I think it means everything’s about to get much more dangerous. Anna: Agent cates, I wonder if you would like to take a look around. And you might notice, then, that this is the office of the port charles commissioner of police. Okay — and then you might come to the conclusion that the individual occupying said office is, in fact, the port charles police commissioner. And you would be right. And who doesn’t love to be right? Obviously, the port charles commissioner of police likes it a lot. Oh, she likes it a lot. In fact, it’s one of her favorite pastimes. So, do we need to have a discussion about the meaning of jurisdiction, like, over a nice cup of tea or something? Or is there some other way that I might assist you? I apologize. I accept. I had a bear of a day, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. But you did. And it does seem to be a bit of a pattern. It is? Yeah. You barged in on my operation at pentonville and tried to shut it down. I had a legitimate reason to request you leave my witness alone. You didn’t request. That was a demand. And you accused me of obstructing my own investigation. Oh, I-I shouldn’t have questioned your integrity. I’m sorry. Uh, I was not expecting you to apologize. Like ever. I didn’t expect you to apologize. So it’s a banner day for both of us. Look. You’ve always been good friends with robin, and I respect that friendship. So there’s really no reason for us to be at odds with each other like this. Oh, I can think of one reason. But our difference of opinion over sonny aside, I do respect you. And I — oh. [ Chuckles ] I want to say thank you. For what? For talking me down when I barged in here acting like I owned the place, and for at least trying to defuse the tension between us. I want us to be able to work together. I want that, too. Why don’t we make it happen? What goes on between you and nina is your business. I just want you to know that my friendship with her doesn’t mean that I’m choosing sides, you know? I’m — I’m staying out of it. Wise decision.

[ Knock on door ] ‘Cause you know nothing’s more important right now than dante. Not nina. All right, well, I’ll be sure to tell her that. Come on in, spinelli. Oh, thank you. When, uh — when you summon me, I, uh… I assume you must be finally taking me up on my offer to instruct you in the ways of dungeons and dragons. No, you can talk — you can talk in front of ava. As you wish. All systems are go for tonight. “All systems,” huh? What’s happening tonight? Tonight, I am bringing my enemy down to his knees. I mean, can you believe spinelli? He knows everything that happened with austin and peter, and yet he still lied to me so easily. Uh, it sounds like his heart was in the right place — oh, his heart had nothing to do with it. This? This was his savior complex. Can you imagine anything more insulting? Uh, yeah — yes, okay, for sure. But he still lied. And I know I’ve told my fair share of fibs in the past, but I just — I can’t believe spinelli would manipulate me this way! That’s not what happened. What’s not what happened? It wasn’t spinelli’s idea to move in with you and help you with your finances. It was mine.

Willow: Hey. Hey. Wait, weren’t there more children at this party? Where’s my daughter? Uh, scout wanted to see the horses and the alpacas. So wiley and leo are, in leo’s words, co-hosting a tour of the stables. Okay, but cody’s there, right? Yeah. Okay. Perfect. And you and jake finished bringing in your grandmother’s presents? Turns out it was a one-man job, so anything else I can do? No, I think everything else is under control. Just go have fun. Cool. I, uh, left my coat down in the stables. I’ll be back. He leaves that coat everywhere. Hi, auntie. Hi! H-hi. I — h-hello. Hi, danny. You remembered my name. Of course I did.

[ Both chuckle ] Sam: Krissy! Kristina: Hi, sis. Hi. Mwah. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hello. So, I think most of you know blaze. My girlfriend. Yes. Of course. Blaze. It’s good to see you again. Oh. Great to see you. Willow. I think we met, though, at rice plaza. I remember. Nice to meet you again. Okay. Oh, good. I am glad that we have some time alone, because I want to talk to you about something. Great. What’s up? I understand this is a touchy subject, but I — I’m sure you heard that nina is now the publisher of the invader. I did hear that. How’s that going? Yeah, I have reservations. Many. She said that she was fired from crimson for personal reasons. Is that true? If you’re asking if this has anything to do with nina turning carly and me in to the sec — that’s exactly what I’m asking. Well, then the answer is yes. She was not acting as a concerned citizen trying to right a wrong. Her motivation was strictly vindictive. And if she can exploit federal law to her own ends, then should she really be running a major magazine? And as the owner of aurora, I just… felt like I couldn’t trust her judgment anymore. That sounds like something you’d say in a press release or in a court of law. Tell me what you really think. You and me, one on one? Mm-hmm. Someone as reckless and as self-absorbed as nina is capable of anything. If I were you, alexis, I would watch my back. Hmm. So it was your idea. All right. Explain. I knew that you were in financial trouble and that you wouldn’t take my help, even though you clearly needed it, and I had the means. Except you don’T. You kept dipping into your savings. Those were the means. But I couldn’t pay you back, because I’m a bad investment. That’s why I called spinelli. I knew you wouldn’t accept charity from anybody, so I had to get creative. Spinelli was helping me help you. Mom, you should have respected my boundaries. It was important to me that I be the one to fix my finances. I-I understand that, but I’m your mother. And I couldn’t just sit back and watch while you were struggling, maxie. Okay. Okay? Okay? What? Okay, I get that. I absolutely do not approve of your methods, but if I could see that my kids needed help, I am capable of doing much crazier things whether they would want me to or not. Yeah, no, I wouldn’t care. I would just do it. Then you forgive me? Absolutely. And spinelli. No way. What? Why? I mean, not that I’m complaining, but why are you so much angrier with spinelli than you are with me? Especially since it was my idea. Because, mom, spinelli is not my parent, and he doesn’t have the right to conspire with my mother to fix my finances. M-maybe not, but — no, no “maybe” about it. No, no, no, spinelli is family. He is the father of your oldest daughter and my oldest grandchild. And you know he would do anything for you. Except respect my autonomy. Because I told him to! Listen, maxie, you know you would do the same thing if the positions were reversed. That is precisely the problem. What, that you each care enough about each other to do anything for each other? No, that is not the problem. It’s because — because I — what? Because I fell in love with him again, mom! Spending all this time with him? Having him live in my house? It was — it was all under false pretenses. You and spinelli didn’t just meddle with my finances. You meddled with my heart. So whoever is targeting mr. Corinthos, sir — ow — uh, is expecting him to be holding a summit, building bridges, as it were, leaving them with an opportunity to take out both parties at once. Meanwhile, I’ll be monitoring the situation with cameras set up throughout the warehouse. Are you sure that’s selina’s guy, he did as you asked? Because li has betrayed her before. Yeah, uh, we made sure that li’s carrying out the orders. Good. Question. Go ahead. Isn’t it highly unlikely that this enemy is going to show up there himself? I mean, won’t he, too, be monitoring from a safe distance, letting his hired guns do the job for him? I’m counting on it. This assault on li sounds like a botched execution attempt, which means it relates to the fbi’s investigation that cates is running. Yeah, but only li can confirm that. Well, then let’s hope he’s able. And willing.

So, the presents are arranged. The kids are back from the stables. They’re mad at me — oh. H-hi. Hi. Uh, you’re, uh — jake, this is blaze, my girlfriend. Blaze, this is danny’s brother. Ah. Nice meeting you. Nice meeting you, too. Um, I-I’m, uh — jake. Could you track down danny and, uh, let him know it’s time for cake? He said he left his coat outside somewhere. Okay. Yeah. I, uh — yeah. 3, 2, 1.

[ Quiet chuckling ]

[ Carly laughing ]

[ Chuckles ] Drew. Hey. I was going to send out a search party for you. Oh. I was just making sure everything, uh, was — yeah. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, I thought I-I misplaced the pin the tail on the donkey, but I, uh — oh. I got them. There you go. Crisis averted. Yep. Hey, um, I was going to ask if you could do a favor for me. You can ask me anything. Always. I hope you know that. Well, nowadays, I’m not — I’m not sure about that. I mean, you’ve been having a pretty rough time ever since — yeah, it hasn’t exactly been, um, sunshine and rainbows. Is it ever? But I’m trying to focus more on the silver lining than the clouds, so… good. I’m glad to hear that. So, what did you want to ask me? Danny. He’s been having… uh, a really tough time lately. And I know it’s more than just, um, teenage boy stuff. It’s stuff — more than that? Yeah. And I guess what I wanted to say was, is there any way that you could talk to him? He trusts you, and I know he would confide in you. And I don’t think he would talk to me about anything like that. Y– I would be happy to. Are you kidding me? I’ll spend some time with him. Maybe I’ll — maybe I’ll take him to a game or something.

[ Sighs ] Okay. That sounds good. But are you sure you’re up for it? I-I don’t want to put too much on your plate. No. Look, I’m learning that it — it really helps focusing on somebody that means more to me than myself. So I’d be really happy to do that. You can count on me. Thank you. Okay. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Danny? Danny, you here? They’re going to cut the cake. Find your jacket? Yeah, I-I put in the car. It’s fine. You okay? Yeah, it’s — it’s just, it’s a kid’s party. Yeah, well, it’s cake time, so it’s, um —

[ Sniffs ] You smell something? Mm, no. It’s probably just the lake. Come on. No, no, it’s not that. It’s, um —

[ Sniffs ] It’s really, uh — it’s really sweet.

[ Sighs ] Despite our differences of opinion, I do understand your feelings toward sonny. With all due respect, I don’t think you do. Sonny corinthos is now the head of one of the most powerful organized crime syndicates on the east coast, so forgive me if I don’t buy into the narrative that underneath it all, he’s a really good guy. I wouldn’t say that he’s one of the good guys. I wouldn’t say that. But I also don’t think that you’ve taken his full measure. Meaning? Well, meaning that he’s not a saint, but he’s not a sadist who wants to destroy and torment people for sport. I just had a conversation with him that would suggest otherwise. Oh, is that why you came barging in here, demanding I get him out of your life? You’re good. Anybody ever tell you you should be a cop? Too often. All I’m saying is that perhaps you have issue with the man sonny used to be, rather than the man he is now. Mr. Li, I’m detective falconeri. This is detective chase. Can you tell us what happened to you tonight? Someone tried to kill me. Not just someone. One of your colleagues from selina wu’s organization.

[ Monitor beeping ] So I’m guessing, uh, this wasn’t the result of an argument gone bad? Right? Mr. Morris, we have in custody. He was following orders, right? I don’t talk to cops. Okay. Mr. Li, your boss wants you dead. Yeah. I mean, you walk out of here, you probably got days — hell, man, even hours to live, I’d say. Death comes to us all. Yeah, I-it does, but judging by how you look, I’m guessing you fought like hell to stay alive. So I’m not really buying your zen on dying thing you’re trying to sell us. How about this? We put in a call to the D.A. We make sure you’re protected.

[ Chuckles ] How comforting.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right. Talking to us is probably just going to buy you some time. A day, maybe another, maybe another after that, I don’t know. But keeping your mouth shut? I’m willing to bet you end up in an unmarked grave by the morning. So you tell me. What’s it gonna be? Sonny: I wish whoever’s targeting me would get in my face, but I know they’re too scared. So what’s the end game here? Somebody will be sent to eliminate me and selina. We’re going to grab them, and we’re going to, uh, let them take us to whoever’s behind the shooting, and this thing is going to end. When do we leave? We’re not going anywhere. Yes, we are. Spinelli? Hmm? Can you do me a favor? I think we’re done. I’ll keep you posted. Eagerly await your communication.

[ Door opens, shuts ] Okay, I appreciate what you’re doing. But you’re not part of this. Ava: On the contrary. If this plan of yours is going to work… …you need me.

Oh, maxie, I am so sorry. It — it never occurred to me that this would happen this way. I never thought spinelli would lie to me like this. It — it isn’t really like that. It’s not like we set out to deceive you. Hmm. Were spinelli’s pipes actually broken? Uh, yes, so we did set out to deceive you. But if we offered you the money, you would have just said no again. At least it would have been my decision. Yes, and it would have been a bad one. Mom! The point is, spinelli and i were in a lose-lose situation. And since there was no good decision to make, we made the least bad decision to help you. Deceiving you like that… helping you with your finances while providing free babysitting was all an act of love, on both our parts. I know that. And — and I know that spinelli would never lie to me out of malice. That is not my main problem. Then what is? The thing that’s bugging me the most is… I couldn’t tell spinelli was keeping something from me. Well, I can understand why that would be troubling for you. But it’s not like what happened with peter. Way to sugarcoat it, mom. But — well, no, I’m just saying that spinelli never lied to you about his mafia connections. No, I’ve always known about those. Well, he never tried to steal your baby or isolate you in a forest cabin in europe — okay, I get where you’re going with this, but that is a very low bar to clear. It’s just, aside from you and mac, spinelli… he’s always been the person that I can count on the most. Doesn’t this prove that he still is? Maybe it proves that acting on my feelings for spinelli was a huge mistake. This yours? No, what is it? It’s garbage now. So you’re just gonna throw it out? Can’t leave it lying around. O-okay, fine. It’s — it’s mine. You’re vaping? What do you even care? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want my brother to get popcorn lungs. Will you calm down? It’s not like I’m really smoking. We can have this conversation later. Or not. Right now, we’re going back to the house and celebrate your sister’s birthday with your whole family there. Or are you trying to get caught? Why? You gonna rat me out? You know, recently, I-I’ve got to know sonny as a person. And he’s always been a very good friend to my daughter robin.

[ Sighs ] Anna, come on. Just the same way that he was a very good friend to your brother stone. A lot of good peoplesee the best in bad people. He’s done a lot of positive things for this community. Are you talking about the hospital wing that he bought in my brother’s memory? You do know that crime lords use philanthropy as a way of laundering money. My point is… while I wouldn’t hesitate to arrest him if I had evidence of a crime, I still don’t believe he should be reduced to just that. Because if you hope to take him down one day, you can’t just focus on his crimes and flaws, which admittedly are many. You have to take into account the good things, as well. ‘Cause if you just let yourself be blinded by prejudice, you will miss the opportunity to apprehend him when it finally presents itself. If you’re going to sell this mediation, you’re going to need a third party to arbitrate. I mean, that’s the play, isn’t it? Which means you need a rep from a third family. What are you going to do, sonny? You going to call what’s left of the novaks? The buscemas? You can’t trust them. I happen to be a former memberof the jerome family. My presence could help sell this thing. You’re not wrong. You and selina are the bait, but I could be what convinces your enemy that this meeting is legit and draws them out. Plus, if we’re being honest…

[ Chuckles ] I can’t wait to hear this one. Your circle of trust has gotten pretty small, sonny. It’s so small that I’m in the center of it. You don’t have to do this alone. Don’t do this alone. Let me help you.

Spinelli and I have been down this road before, and it did not work out. A long time ago. Yeah, but don’t you think that proves that it maybe never will? How? Mom [Chuckles] Spinelli and i literally admitted to each other how we felt, and then instantly, everything fell apart. Okay, sweetheart, I want you to listen to me and really take this to heart, okay? I’ll try. You may think that when spinelli moved in, that was what caused you to fall in love with him. But the truth is, you’ve always had a connection. Not just as friends, not just as co-parents. But you’ve always been a little in love with each other, even when you were with other people. How do you know that for sure? I have seen the bond between you and spinelli. Really? Everybody’s seen it. Nathan saw it. Ellie saw it. Mac is still annoyed by it. And spinelli, now he sees it. The only person that says they haven’t seen it is you. I think it’s time for you to get honest about what you’re afraid of. I don’t know what I would do if spinelli and i tried to be together, and I lost him for good. I can understand why you would be afraid of that, given all the loss that you’ve had to endure. Putting our hearts on the line is really scary. It’s not just my heart, though. Georgie would be devastated if spinelli and i didn’t work out. And bailey lou and james, they’re both crazy about spinelli. You’re right. There is a lot at stake here. I can’t tell you what decision to make. Since when? I can tell you that you’re a survivor. You have endured so much and come out of it stronger each time. I’m just… tired. How many growth experiences should one person have? Yeah. Well, what you have to know is if things don’t work out with spinelli, then you’ll survive that, too. Or you could get back together again, older and wiser than the two of you have ever been, and stumble into some happiness that you never dreamed that was possible. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk. Okay?

[ Chuckles ] Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone. This is your business. Thanks. What the hell? Give it back. Yeah, not gonna happen. I may not be a snitch, but I’m not going to let you do this. I’m not messing around, jake. Give it back. Or what? Or I’ll take it from you. Really? This is that important to you that you’d try to forcibly take it from me? Oh, I wouldn’t just try. Who the hell are you to try to tell me what to do anyway? Give it back! Get off me, danny! You crazy?! Willow: Jake? Danny? I thought I heard shouting. What’s going on?

[ Both panting ] We were just messing around. Pretty much. We’re taking a family photo. Come on.

[ Quietly ] My vape? Hey, mom. Yeah. I wanted to tell you this sooner, but I didn’t — I didn’t have a chance. What? Something wrong? So, I talked to dante, and he told me that he thinks there’s a link between whosever targeting dad and olivia jerome’s death. Yeah, I know. You know how? Because I had a conversation with special agent john cates of the fbi. Do you know him? Uh, coincidentally, we, uh, just met. You just met? Okay. Is there more to that story? No, just — just that I’m worried about dad, that’s all. I know. Me, too. I don’t know what to do about it. Do you have any ideas? So, I told josslyn to bring dex back to town. What? Why would you do that? Why would you do that to dex? He’s a grown man. He can decide whether or not he wants to come back. Michael, if something happens to dex, your sister is going to be devastated. Look, I-I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I don’t — I don’t — mom, I don’t think it will. Really? No. How do you think sonny is going to react? He was furious when he found out you hired dex to spy on him. Now you’re going behind his back again. If he’s angry, he’s angry. I’m going to help my father whether he likes it or not. What’s going on with dad? Why does he need help? So o’neill says we’re looking for a dead man, at least someone who’s dead on paper. Mm, according to cyrus, but his trustworthiness is questionable at best. Plus, the mic dropped out right as he acquired that piece of intel. Maybe there’s a way to corroborate his story. Any ideas?

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Come in. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. It’s important. Is this is about my case? You mean our case? Yeah, it is. What have you got? Sonny and selina wu are making moves.

[ Door opens ] Everything is in place at our end for tonight? Yes. And mr. Corinthos’ associate assured me it’s all taken care of. But… but what? The associate. He seems…odd. Mr. Spinelli is certainly unique, but very good at what he does. Mm?

[ Door opens ] Mr. Corinthos. Ms. Jerome, what a surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. Ms. Wu. I hope you don’t mind me joining you at the last minute. Actually, I do. This wasn’t part of our plan. Plans change. We can trust ava.

[ Phone line ringing ]

[ Beep ] Spinelli: Greetings. You’ve

reached damian spinelli.

Please leave a message,

and I will return

your call posthaste. Hey. It’s me. Call me.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Uh, no, just — just that I-I haven’t — I haven’t talked to dad in a while. Have you? Not a whole lot, no. I’ve been, uh, busy. Why? What’s going on? Is there something happening I should know about? We’re just wondering how things are going with you and blaze. Uh, things are good. Yeah. It’s still new, so… anyway, I’ve been asked to summon you guys for cake and photos. Oh, yeah, I got to get in there. All right. Hey, um, are you sure everything’s okay with dad? Yeah, yeah, hey, he’ll be fine. Okay. Yeah. I’ll make sure of it. Sonny and selina coerced her bodyguard li to leak to his source that they were meeting up tonight. Presenting a prime opportunity for li’s boss to take wu and corinthos out. Okay, so they’re setting up a trap to smoke out our assassin. Which is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. I knew if we let corinthos in on what was going on, he would go vigilante and take our suspect out. Okay, we can’t allow him to take the law into his own hands. Whatever corinthos and wu are planning, we got to stop them. Well, let’s go. I congratulate you on the trust you’ve established with ms. Jerome, who is, let’s not forget, the mother of one of your children. What does that mean? Well, you have incentive to trust her. I don’T. Ava acting as a mediator makes the meeting look more legit. Her presence further destabilizes an already volatile situation. That’s not a risk I want to take. It’s already in motion. Let it play out. At the risk of all of our lives? We’re all targets at this point. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to let our enemies come get us.

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GH Transcript Thursday, February 29, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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so this is it, huh? This is how it has to be? You can go ahead and leave, because anybody who’s done what you’ve done would have already been gone. Dad, I know that you’re angry, but — no, you have no idea how I feel, michael. My own son set me up. Yes, and then I tried to protect you. P-protect me? From who? You? Yes. Okay. Why don’t you, uh, take a walk? Give us a minute here. Today he’s sorry and remorseful. Tomorrow, I make him mad, he’s calling the feds. Okay. Look. You know, that’s not who he really is, right? No, it’s not. I mean, he came very close to handing me over to the feds with a bow on. I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t either. But it’s a good thing he didn’t go through with it, right? Well, damage is done. You know what? I can’t trust him now. My own son. So I don’t — that’s — that — you know. Where do we go from there? He loves you, dad. He just wants to know that you’re okay. Judas does not have the right to know anything about me or my life. Okay, dad, this is not the way — dante. Whose side are you on? I’m sorry. Okay? I wish I could go back to port charles with you, but I have to keep moving and find some way to disappear. Don’t ask me to pretend to be okay with that. What do you want me to say? Sonny gave me one option that left me breathing. Look, I hate this, but I have grown to accept the things that I can’t change. Really, dex? Because it still feels like you’re taking sonny’s orders. If not for your mom, then I would be dead. Sonny was gonna have me killed just like we always knew he would if he found out the truth. That you’ve been protecting him?! That I started out spying on him. Sonny only gave me the option to leave because your mom wouldn’t back down. The least I owe her is to go. Just tell me the truth, dex. Would you have rather I never found you? Chase: What is this? I was just coming to find you to explain. The part about a “termination event” — not exactly a confidence builder. Chase, it’s not like that. Okay. Anybody who isn’t brook lynn and chase needs to get out of here. Let’s give them their privacy. Let them make their own decisions — for a change. The quartermaine lawyers sent chase a pre-nup as an e-mail attachment without any warning? That is so wrong! Yeah, my dad’s convinced it had to be a mix-up. Well, your dad is a very kind and forgiving person who probably doesn’t know the quartermaines well enough yet. With that family, anything’s possible. Yeah, we should have expected a few curveballs. However, to be fair, planning a wedding is unpredictable, no matter who the bride and groom are. There’s unpredictable, and then there’s the quartermaines. Odds were it was never gonna be dull.

[ Gasps ] Speaking of never being dull… hm? …Did you get yourself one of these? No. What is it? An invitation. To violet’s wedding. I swear on my life, I had no idea the lawyers were drawing up a pre-nup. I certainly didn’t ask for it. And it’s perfectly understandable if you did. It just would have been nice to have a little heads-up. For all of us. We both know who is behind the pre-nup e-mail. My grandmother’s not one for advanced warnings. Tracy already raised the subject. When we told her that we were getting engaged, the first thing she said was that we should sign a pre-nup. Okay. I expected the family lawyers to bring it up eventually, but I thought that they would have the decency to talk to me about it first before just attaching it to an e-mail and pressing “send”! Alright. Forget about the lawyers. Forget about the e-mails and the attachments and your grandmother. If only. Do you, brook lynn, want me to sign that agreement? How could you… sic your squad of lawyers on poor chase? I didn’T. There was a miscommunication between our attorneys. But any thinking person would know that there would be a prenuptial agreement in the offing. Well, it — it didn’t seem like brook lynn or chase were waiting for it. But you know what? This isn’t even about the pre-nup. It’s about how you are insinuating yourself into everything. When are you going to stop interfering in brook lynn’s life?

I hate how the simple fact that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you has turned into something so…complicated. Does it have to be?

[ Sighs ] It’s just… we’re about to make a huge commitment to each other. And you’re the only person I care about, but not exactly my grandmother’s number-one priority. Well, that’s fair. Tracy’s not my priority, either. Look. She’s just trying to protect the quartermaines. But it makes me furious because tracy should see that you’re about to become one of us. She should be welcoming you to the family with open arms. You know, maybe tracy has a point. As much as I want to marry you, and — and I do, there are parts of your world that I do not understand. Those are the parts that are in the fine print, and I don’t understand them, either. And that’s why you have all the lawyers. Listen. When I got that pre-nup, I flipped out a little. But then I calmed down. I thought about it rationally, and I had to admit… there is a chance that we might not make it. When you left ned and settled back into the outer boroughs, clearly you forgot what it is to be a quartermaine.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, it means paying for a bunch of lawyers’ summer houses and referring to bensonhurst as the hinterlands. But I am not referring to your precious company or your trust funds. I’m talking about my baby girl, your granddaughter, and all she wants to do is marry the love of her life. I’m not stopping her. No, no! You’re just running in front of her, setting up all these hurdles! This is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. But instead of you supporting and encouraging that happiness, so far, you’ve managed to extort her into betraying maxie, browbeat her into taking a job she doesn’t want to do, and then running her ragged in said job! And now — now you’re trying to control her wedding a-and write the fine print of her marriage? I’m a grandmother trying to protect my grandchild. Lila was ned’s grandmother, and she couldn’t have been kinder or more loving to me. Instead of ambushing me with a — with a pre-nup, she made my wedding possible. I almost called the whole thing off if she hadn’t offered me her wedding dress. And on top of that, she gave us a beautiful cruise around manhattan. Granted, that went a little sideways when we all almost drowned in dead horse bay, but my point is, lila wanted me to have the most beautiful wedding possible, and she did everything in her power to make it happen. I’m not my mother, and I am well aware that I will never measure up. But what I can offer, this family needs, and so does your daughter. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a contract, and one interloper can do a hell of a lot of damage.

[ Lois clearing throat ] “Interloper.” What an interesting way to refer to my son. Seeing you again is a gift. It killed me to leave port charles without saying goodbye to you. Well, you didn’t have a choice. Sonny forced you to leave. But nobody is stopping you from coming back to port charles. You’re free. You don’t work for him anymore. You know better. What, you think sonny will still have you killed? I know too much about his organization. I’m a liability. Sonny can’t touch you — for the same reason he couldn’t kill you in the pine barrens. My mom won’t let him. Michael won’t let him. Dante. Too many people know about you! If — if anything happens to you, sonny knows it’s just gonna come right back and bite him, alright? And he’s not gonna take that chance. We can beat him. We just have to call his bluff. If I come back and sonny does nothing, it makes him look weak. And that puts your whole family at risk. I’m not gonna do that to the people you love, and I sure as hell won’t do it to you. Dante: I’m on your side. But so is michael. Yeah, he wanted to get evidence he could use to incriminate you, and he probably got it. But he didn’t do anything with it. So you could say that you’re standing here a free man right now because of him. So y-you’re saying I should be grateful? No, I’m not at all. I say you should be hurt and pissed off. And I don’t blame you for any of it. But michael is family. So, like it or not, you’re gonna have to be civil one day. I have to be civil, dante? What’s — what’s the alternative? Are you gonna walk out of every room he walks into? This was — it wasn’t my doing! I’m headed out. Just please be careful. You do not get to say that to me. Dad, whether you believe it or not doesn’t change the fact that I care about you. And I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret just because of me. Anthony: This making you uncomfortable?Good.

I feel like this particular conversation is a private family matter, and I should be on my way. Tracy: Gregory, wait! I’M… I’m so sorry for my choice of words. I-I should have said… outsider? Infiltrator? Newcomer. Better. I’m hoping, after the wedding, “family” will be the term you choose to go with. Look… I’ve seen too much to be anything but a realist. I sincerely hope that my granddaughter and your son have a long and happy marriage. But not all marriages last. And it’s not something that you want to think about when you’re ordering flowers and french champagne, but somebody has to. Would it surprise you to hear that I agree? I know that tracy is just trying to do something nice for her granddaughter. That is a generous interpretation of this pre-nup. And I applaud the mental gymnastics that allowed you to stick that landing. Thank you very much. But I think there’s something brook lynn wants from tracy that is not an uninvited pre-nup or love-based bullying. Usually, brook lynn is really good at asking for what she wants. Yeah, I don’t know if she knows how to ask for this. Okay, maxie. Spill it. I think brook lynn wants to wear lila’s dress. Don’t say we might not work out. Don’t even think it! I’m just being practical. Sometimes things don’t work out, and we should be prepared. I wasn’t when I married willow, and it nearly crushed me. I thought I’d worked through the failure of my first marriage, but then I got this pre-nup, and it got me thinking. Thank you, tracy. Look. This is nothing like your wedding to willow. Chase, you have to see that. The rational side of me does. But in that moment, I thought I saw the whole picture when I married willow. How could you? You and sasha. Michael and willow. You were just good people pretending to be in relationships so you could help each other. You had no idea that willow had stopped pretending and actually fell in love with michael. If your feelings changed for me, you — you wouldn’t spare me, though, right? You’d — you’d tell me the truth, even if it hurt me. I will always tell you the truth. And I trust that you’ll forgive me for it. Thank you. Look, chase. The point is, by the time willow was ready to tell you that she actually loved michael, you were on your deathbed. She thought that marrying you was the right thing to do. And at that point, you were so sick that whatever vows you guys said to each other, what you were really saying was goodbye. Yeah. I have to admit — I-I don’t remember a lot from that moment in my life. Look. If you did, then you would know that there is no comparison between me and you now and you and willow then. Willow felt obligated to you. What we have is real. It is messy and imperfect and real. Look at me. I have never loved a man the way that I love you. I cannot wait to marry you. I am so excited for every single day of our future. But if you’re anxious or having second thoughts… no. Not a — not a second thought. Not with you. But if the wedding is too much, you’d — I cannot wait to celebrate. I cannot wait to see this brilliant, amazing, beautiful girl walk down the aisle and stand with me at the altar. I can’t wait to say our vows in front of our friends and family. I can’t wait to dance with you at the reception. I want that, too. And, yeah, maybe I’m a little nervous because, you know, I can’t see into the future. But I do know this. I love you so much. And even through all our ups and downs, we have always wanted the best for each other. That’ll never change. I just want to make you happy. Chase. No, no, no! Wait! Violet’s getting married?! She’s seven!

[ Chuckles ] We live — we live in the same house! How come I don’t know about any of this?! Do you want a paper bag to breathe into? It’s not funny. It’s a little funny. I mean, it’s early. She’s not even registered yet. I don’t think you’re helping. Okay. Alright. I’m sorry. I’m sure it must be a little bit of a shock at first. What do you mean, “at first”? Finn, this is a totally normal phase. Cameron had like a thousand crushes before he hit first grade. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Did he ever make wedding invitations for any of them? Well, no, but he wasn’t as… industrious as violet is. Well, lucky you. He did have a crush on a cartoon character once. That was weird. Anyway, kids violet’s age, they like to look at the lives around them and model adult behavior. Well, we have been talking a lot about brook lynn and chase’s wedding around here. Yes. Yes. So she wanted to have one of her own to better understand it. I don’t think you have to worry about meeting the in-laws any time soon.

[ Chuckles ] Good. Good. I — I know I have a few years before violet dating is a reality, but I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna be ready. You have time to prepare yourself. Thank god. I am… I’m having enough trouble helping chase with his wedding. Just be there for him. Listen. Ask questions. It’s pretty much what you already do. It’s not that complicated. It’s the first time in history a wedding’s ever been described as “uncomplicated.” You want to talk about that? Why? If it’s so uncomplicated… well, maybe weddings are uncomplicated. But what about

our future? I’m just here to work out, sonny. That’s it. You call this keeping your distance? You’re the one that walked over here. You — you call hanging out with my ex-wife and my children keeping your distance? I call it lunch. I like the burgers at bobbie’S. You know why you walked in to bobbie’S. Because you wanted to get information out of carly. I’m gonna stop you right there. As much as we both hate this, and we both do, I’m trying to keep you alive. So, yeah, I talked to carly, and I will talk to your children. And I will talk to your bodyguards and your housekeepers and your barista and your doorman and your priest. I will talk to whomever I want, whenever I want. And until you get jurisdiction over the fbi or simply die of shame, there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Lynn, I told you.I don’t care about the money. I never thought you did, but did you even read this agreement? Not every word, but I skimmed it. I love you, but if you are going to be my husband, you have to swear to never sign an agreement that you haven’t read. And never take the first offer. Okay? What would I do without you? Look, I really do think that we should discuss a pre-nup, but not now, not like this, with all of these stressful circumstances. Our families are in the next room. We have a rack of dresses bearing down on us. I hope you didn’t fall in love with this dress. Not that you don’t look gorgeous in it, but, uh, I don’t want to risk the bad luck, and I’ve already seen it, so… this is definitely not my dress. I don’t even think any of those are. Did you ever see my mother’s wedding gown? No. I heard about it, though. It was regal and — and classic and a true one-of-a-kind. But the most important thing about the dress was that it was my great-grandmother lila’S. She let my mother borrow it. A-and the women in my family, they imbued it with their love and strength. Well, wouldn’t your mother let you wear the dress? In a heartbeat. But it’s not hers to offer. It’s tracy’S. And I’m not holding my breath. Of course, brook lynn wants to wear lila’s dress. It’s so beautiful. I want to wear that dress again. It — it really is occasion-specific, though. Yeah, but I got to make this happen for brook lynn. So — so you tell me, honestly, do you think it will help or hurt if I talk to tracy? Okay, that’s a tough one because tracy was very sensitive when the topic of the dress came up, and I-I don’t know if brook lynn would want you to get involved. Mnh. Tracy also might just say no because I’m the one asking. On the other hand, tracy does love brook lynn. Well, now that I know, I can’t just sit back. I gotta — I gotta — I gotta find a way to make it happen! Gregory: I have grown to appreciate the time-saving benefits of direct conversation over the past couple of years, which is not to say that I’m on board with your approach in this particular case. Once again, to be clear, the lawyers made the error. Yes. Noted. But I do think we should acknowledge the difficulties and uncertainties of marriage. A wedding is a joyous event. There’s no need to pretend that the road ahead will be nothing but unbridled bliss. If marriage was easy, it wouldn’t be cause for celebration, would it? Oh! Gregory! So glad you’re still here. We would really like for you to stay. And we promise we’ll behave ourselves. Don’t stop whatever you’re doing on my account, please. Can I take your coat? Thank you. Lois: Shall we? Gregory: Yeah. So, who are you gonna have on your arm at the wedding? Alexis davis. Oh! It’s always nice to have a friend at these events. A friend? Yes. A-a good friend. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Who’s lucky enough to be your escort? Oh. Well… as a matter of fact, I… well, she hasn’t decided yet. She’s still fighting ’em all off, aren’t you, tracy? I have no doubt. Things between us have been going so well. It’s not like we’ve had much of a, um, you know, state of the union. I’ve been thinking the same thing. But I didn’t want to bring it up because then you might think that, you know something was wrong. Yeah. Understandable. But, like, right now might be a good time because, you know, we’re both happy. I’m assuming… we’re both happy…I hope… I’ve never been happier. Okay. [ Chuckles ] Okay. You had me worried there for a second. You have nothing to worry about. Neither do you. But watching chase and brook lynn get ready for their wedding, as happy as I am for them… it’s hard not to think about your own relationship. Exactly. Right. I’ll be the one to ask. Is marriage something that you think about it? Is that something that you want? Think about it, joss. If you could find me, so could someone else. I found you with spinelli’s help. That’s like getting help from the cia. Not just anybody is gonna be able to find you. I can’t take that chance. I need you to promise me that you won’t come looking for me again. I just don’t get it, dex. Because the last time we were together, we were working together to find a solution. And we still could. This is the solution. We just don’t like it. I’m sorry that I dragged you into this mess. I’m not some helpless victim here. I knew who you were pretty early on, and I chose to be with you over and over again. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. And that’s why I’m not gonna drag you down with me. Don’t do that. Don’t talk like this is over. You may want to give up, but I never will. Isn’t carrie’s birthday around now? Karen. You don’t get to call her cute, little pet names. Not in front of me, anyway. You know what? Listen. Okay. Okay. It is her birthday. I remember. Because, um, stone bought her this beautiful cake.

[ Scoffs ] And she was really touched. Save it for someone who can stand the sound of your voice. Relax, agent cates. Just seeing you again brings back so many memories, especially of your brother stone, who was a great kid. Funny, generous, incredibly brave. But you wouldn’t know nothing about that because you took off… when he needed you most. What is dad doing? Sonny: You know what? I take that back because you did visit him once. Stone was dying of aids, and you managed to take some time out of your busy schedule. And I guess you visited him for, like, one hour. You know nothing about me and my brother. What I do know is you didn’t take care of him! You didn’t take care of your brother! And you hate the air I breathe! And it didn’t matter to you that I sat by him, holding his hand, listening to his fears while you took off with karen living your best life! Then you cheated on her! She divorced you. You’re not only a bad husband. You’re a bad brother!

[ Grunts ] Whoa! Whoa! Back up! You wanna do that again? You wanna hit me?!

[ Shouts ] Stop. Stop.

Dante: What the hell are you thinking? What do you mean, what am I thinking? I didn’t raise my hand. He’s the one who lost his cool. Yeah, because you’re baiting the guy, okay? He’s trying to help you. Help me? What do you mean, he’s trying to help me? Don’t worry about it. He’s trying to help you. So am I. No, I just think you’re getting in the way right now. You just — stand — stand down, agent cates. You’re michael corinthos. Yeah. That’s right. Well, in case you haven’t noticed it, michael, your dad is losing it. He’s sloppy and out of control. Okay. The only punches I saw were coming from you. Well, if that’s all you saw, then you need to open your eyes. Sonny always brings out the best in people, doesn’t he? A-aren’t federal agents required to follow a code of behavior regardless of who they’re dealing with? Tell your dad to be careful. His luck is running out. Man, I’m lucky I’m a guy. No one cares what I’m wearing.

Almost no one. Look, if I have my dad and my brother there, and you’re standing by my side at the altar, it is gonna be the greatest moment of my life. You know what? You’re right. There are so many more important things about this wedding than whatever dress I decide to wear. No, I-I didn’t mean it like that, brook lynn. Let’s be honest. It’s gonna be your day, and you should be happy with every single part of it. Just another reason why I adore you.

[ Sighs ] My grandma loved her mother, lila. Everyone did. But let’s be honest. My grandmother can be prickly. Yeah, a little bit.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. But lila loved her. Unconditionally. She was never afraid to tell her when she behaved badly. And she always believed in the best in her, you know? I think my grandmother really misses her, still grieves her. And I’m afraid that bringing up the dress will just bring up pain for her, a-and that’s the last thing I want to do. Tracy’s lucky to have a granddaughter who understands her as well as you do. Well, my grandmother and I, we speak the same language. We deserve each other — most of the time, as much as it pains me to admit it. Look, if you don’t run the risk of asking her for the wedding dress, you definitely won’t get it. And who knows — maybe she’ll — she’ll be open to the opportunity to give it to you. Maybe, but that’s a little dream that I am willing to let go of because a much bigger dream of mine is coming true. Are you sure? Should we tell them that the wedding’s still on? No. I think we should make ’em sweat a little while longer.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, tracy. Let’s make peace. Peace is not synonymous with unconditional surrender. I will make my terms very clear. We will come back to your terms. Um — sorry. Look, brook lynn and chase are independent people, but I know from experience that everyone needs help planning a wedding. People who didn’t rsvp will show up with guests. Those guests will most likely be exhausted children under the age of 5. Family members will think an open bar is a challenge. And people who weren’t asked will give speeches. It’s true. We got to be prepared for things to go sideways. That’s why we got to put our differences aside and be on the same page so that we can plan the perfect wedding for the perfect couple, just like lila did for me. I couldn’t agree more. That’s what I was trying to do. We know you were trying to do right by brook lynn. Um, and while legal advice is helpful, it’s neither borrowed nor blue. She’S…borrowing the company plane. And that is extremely generous. But I was talking about something maybe extremely meaningful, something that… maybe isn’t as easy for you to give. You can all exhale. Chase and I have sorted everything out, and we are going to discuss the agreement… with our lawyers. Look. I want to thank you. I know that all you want to do is protect your family. And that’s what I want, too. We’re so excited to welcome you into the family. Thank you. Well, should we get going, dad? You ready? Uh, indeed, I am. I am so looking forward to this wedding.

[ Lois chuckles ] Bye. Bye. Be sure to save a dance for me. Ooh! Hoo-hoo-hoo! Alright. Let’s go find you a dress.

I’m getting in the way? Of what? You getting beat up? Jagger should not be working this case. We go way back. Things that you don’t understand. Bad blood. I was trying to get him to hit me so they would send him back to washington and he would be away from me and this case. Okay. Look. Bad blood or not, this guy is trying to protect you, okay? And the fbi, they have better resources. The fbi doesn’t want to protect me! Yes, they do. No, they don’t! And jagger sure as hell doesn’t, either. He’s trying to pay me back for things that were settled years ago. Look, I’m telling you right now, okay? He’s either gonna get me shot and he’s gonna stand there and watch… or he’s gonna set me up for something worse. I don’t trust him at all! And neither should you! You think I don’t hate this? You don’t think this is tearing me up, too?! Nothing in my life prepared me for you. I don’t feel like I made a choice to love you. I just do. And I already know that I always will. It is because I love you that I’m doing this. Okay. Maybe you’re right. And maybe it’s too early for you to come back to port charles. But what if you came back in six months, a year? I’m not gonna ask you to wait around for a time that will never come. You have your whole life ahead of you. You’re gonna finish school, become an amazing doctor, and save lives — just like you did mine. None of that matters if you’re not there. You know I’m right. You can have a good life. But you have to let me go. Marriage? Hmm. You know, wedding, dancing, cake, lifetime commitment, all that stuff. I do like cake. I like cake.

[ Chuckles ] Anything else? I like our relationship… just the way it is. We have the luxury of time. I would kind of like to enjoy what we have right now. Why rush it? I feel the same way.

[ Exhales sharply ] What a relief. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I mean — I’m sorry. Please — please don’t take that the wrong way. I just — I’m — I’m pretty sure I have bad luck with weddings. You know, um, chase asked me to be his best man, and my response was… less than enthusiastic. I think I let him down.

[ Door opens ] All’s well that ends well. Seems there was a slight miscommunication. Brook lynn and i are good. Hey, that’s — that’s good news, right? Yeah. Hey, listen, bro, there’s something I wanted to say to you about — hold on. Uh, I’d like to go first. What? I’m sorry that I pressured you to be my best man. I-I can ask someone else. It’s not a big deal. Lois: To new beginnings. And to bows, lace, and ruffles — in moderation.

[ Laughter ] Brook lynn: Okay. Let’s do this. Okay. Ah. This one might be more exciting off the hanger. Brook lynn, um… I was — I was evasive with you earlier when we were talking about my mother’s dress. I miss my mother every single day.

[Voice breaking] And I regret… I so regret not wearing that dress when she offered it to me. So…I have come to understand that that dress… was never meant for me to wear. It was meant for me to share.

Oh. Is that…

[ Exhales sharply ] Make any alterations you like. The dress is yours. Brook lynn: How…

[ Exhales sharply ] You have no idea what this means to me. Thank you so much for the dress, for this incredible moment. Chase: So, for violet’s wedding, does my suit have to be as colorful as the invitation or can I squeak by with a black one? Hey, look, what I meant to say earlier, what I should have said earlier is… I’d be honored to be your best man. And I appreciate you letting me off the hook. But there’s no way I’m letting anyone else take my place. Oh. Okay. Don’t — don’t get emotional.

[ Cellphone rings ] Michael. Hi. Um, listen. Now’s not a good time. I can’t talk. No, no. This can’t wait. Look. I need you to do something for me. Michael. If you find dex, I need you to bring him back to port charles. And don’t take “no” for an answer. Look, history or no history, you are playing with fire, messing around with a federal agent like that. That’s alright. I can handle myself. Okay. I’m glad he walked away. Good to know. Yeah. You know what? I’m not gonna apologize to you for stopping a fight, okay? Okay. You know what? What’s gonna happen is gonna happen. Sooner or later, you’re gonna know the truth about jagger cates. Josslyn: Well, that was michael, and he said that I need to bring you back to port charles and not to take “no” for an answer. Why? I think sonny’s in trouble. And he needs you.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, February 28, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for this! A private wedding dress viewing? I feel like a celebrity. Well, you’re the bride, so you basically are.

[ Laughs ] Mom! Are you crying? She hasn’t even tried anything on yet. Oh, no! I can’t help it. I mean — aww. My baby girl is getting married. You are standing in front of me, this beautiful, accomplished woman. But when I look at you… I see a toddler with jam all over her, you know? I see — I see a 9-year-old little girl playing bride with one of my scarves on her head. And I see that 12-year-old girl who came home from school crying because all the girls were mean to her. And I see you at your high-school graduation. You know, I mean, they’re all mental snapshots that I have in my head. And this — this is — this is just gonna be another one of them, you know? Brook lynn trying on wedding dresses. I mean, it is going to be an image that I hold in my heart for the rest of my life. Well, no pressure or anything. Oh, honey, you’re gonna be beautiful no matter what dress you choose. And we will find the dress. Don’t worry. It’s not cinderella, guys. The dress doesn’t have to be magical or legendary. It just has to look good. What?! No! It has to look more than good. The dress has to make you feel as beautiful as you are. Ma, it’s really not that big of a deal. Hey. Okay, mr. Mysterious, what’s the drop-in all about? I need to ask you something, and I wanted to do it in person. Sure. As long as it’s not a best man request, knock yourself out. Happy birthday, karen. Is it okay if I join you? Jagger? Scott. It’s been a while.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Michael. Hi. Hey, joss. Just, uh, checking in. See how you’re doing since, uh… since sonny drove dex out of town? Yeah. Look, I’m — I’m sorry, joss. Don’t be. Because I’m gonna find dex and I’m gonna bring him home. Wait, what?

You heard me. I’m not gonna lose dex, not like this. Josslyn, that — that is not a good idea. If sonny finds out — I have to go. Joss. Hey. Hey. What’s going on? Thanks for coming. I wasn’t sure you would. Why? Look, what? ‘Cause of you and dad? No. That’s your business. So, uh, we’re good? Yeah. Yeah, we’re good. Okay. Glad to hear it ’cause… I need a favor. Alright, are you ready to tackle this playground? Think I can climb to the top? I don’t know, it sure is tricky. If anybody can, donna can. Daddy! Hey, how’s my girl? Good. How are you? Better now.

Well, I mean, I-I did — I did actually come over here to, uh… to ask me to be your best man? And I am seriously reconsidering that decision right now. Chase. I was kidding. You were? Yeah. Of course I’ll stand up for you at your wedding. ‘Cause I don’t want to force you into anything. You’re not. You’re not. I just — I do want to warn you, alright? I — I may not be great at the whole best man business. I mean, bachelor parties — I’m usually the guy sitting in the corner at those things. Nobody puts my brother in the corner.

[ Laughs ] Well, then… come on, you know I don’t care about that stuff. I just want my brother to be by my side when I marry brook lynn. Then you got me.

[ Sighs ] Phew. I mean, you scared me there for a minute. Yeah, you were kind of tripping all over yourself. Kind of makes me wonder. What? If you’re this worked up about the best man thing, I… how you feeling about the wedding in general? We should get started. Brook lynn quartermaine, if I didn’t know you any better, I’d think you were implying you do not care about your own wedding dress. I care. It’s just not the be-all-end-all for me. Come on, ma. Not everyone gets a dress like you. Oh, I loved my mother’s wedding dress. Really? Which one? Grandmother, how many times did you get married? Six? Seven? Each time, you wore something different. So you are in no position to judge. Well, it was a spanish-style dress with a mantilla, all made of lace. Oh, I saw pictures. It was gorgeous. And I will never forget robin coming back for your wedding. She went on and on about your dress, said it was straight out of “gone with the wind.” Oh, that is so sweet and so accurate. I loved that dress — that big, full skirt. It made me feel like I was floating on air, you know? And it was surprisingly sturdy. I had to run 17 blocks in that dress. It actually held up really, really well. And that beautiful cream-colored satin. One other small detail about that dress. It wasn’t yours. The dress you’re raving about belonged to my mother. Who was gracious enough to let me borrow it. Kindest woman alive, lila quartermaine.

[ Chuckles ] If only others could emulate her. Cerullos have been coming out of the woodwork for years begging for that dress. Oh, remember? Cousin francie wanted to turn it into a jumpsuit.

[ Laughing ] Oh, can you imagine? Ah, that gown is something else. Ah. I know. And I wish I could pass it on to you. Unfortunately, it’s — it’s not my dress to give. Good to see you. What are you doing back in town? I’m with the fbi now. A case brought me here. Jagger cates, fbi. John. Oh, yeah. Okay. I would have reached out, but… you should have. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if you’d want to see me, you know, after the divorce and everything. I was disappointed when you and karen broke up. But I respected you back then, and I respect you now. You pulled yourself up from nothing. That means a lot, scott. So did karen. Both of you. I mean, you never were looking for things to be handed to you. I mean, you struggled. That’s what I call true grit.

[ Chuckles ] We were so young. I often wonder what would have happened if we’d met later in life. People grow up. And then… they just grow apart. But the love that started it all — that was real. But things change. Everything changes. So… have you seen corinthos? I have. Well, tell me that’s why you’re here. To take that criminal down. Want to watch me climb? Of course I do, but before you go, here you go, right here. Love you, girl. Love you, too! Be careful. How’s josslyn? Devastated. Heartbroken. Desperate to have dex back. I’m sorry. You know, I — my back was against the wall and I had no choice. I know you’re not here just for donna. What’s going on? Excuse me. Hi. Sorry to bother you. Um, I was wondering if you could help me. I’m looking for somebody. Have you seen this man? No. Okay. Can you look again? Maybe he had a beard or was wearing a hat or something. Sorry. Okay. Um, do you know where, uh, someone new to town would look for work?

[ Laughs ] Good luck with that. There’s not enough jobs for the people who live here now. My bet is your friend moved on.

Dex: Joss. Oh, my god. Dex. What are you doing here? I had to find you. Someone could see us. We need to go. I feel great about the wedding. You know, bro, it’s okay to have cold feet. My feet are perfectly warm. So, they’re kind of sweaty? You got sweaty feet? No. Warm. Not sweaty. Well, if they’re warm, one might also assume they’re sweaty. Oh, my gosh, you are impossible. What’s all the fuss about in here? Chase has got sweaty feet. Ignore him. He also asked me to be his best man, and I accepted. In one of the most roundabout ways, but yeah. My sons supporting each other. I love to see it. Well, I might need a little help with the toast. Happy to help. So, what’s this about sweaty feet? Well, there’s a slight smell, but I’m also detecting a little nervousness out of my brother. About the wedding? I’d be worried if you weren’t feeling anxious. I’m not anxious. But thank you for that. I’m there for you. You’re welcome. Weddings can be joyous occasions, but they can also be very stressful with all the planning. Not to mention you’re about to make the biggest commitment of your life. Huge. A commitment that I can’t wait for. Okay, fine. There was a little anxiety in the run-up to the proposal. It was hard for me to get past the fact that brook lynn was keeping things from me. But we are in a great place now. A phenomenal place, actually. And I couldn’t be happier for you both. So, how did you end up with lila’s dress? Oh, well, I was planning on wearing my own mother’s dress. But it got eaten by squirrels. No way!

[ Laughing ] No. Hand to god. Gloria’s going up to the attic to get it down so she can have it cleaned before we get it altered. It was a squirrel’s nest. Nothing but scraps of fabric left. Only in brooklyn.

[ Laughter ] Oh, by the way, if you ever talk to gloria, don’t ever say a word because, to this day, it’s still pains her, the loss of that dress. Another thing I would never tell grandma gloria is, as much as she loved that dress, I think those squirrels did you a favor. You definitely traded up getting to wear lila’s dress. Ain’t that the truth? But I didn’t know that at the time. I mean, there I was, about to walk down the aisle with nothing to wear. I mean, I was this close to calling off the wedding. And then your mother came to my rescue. An angel sent from heaven. Inside that box is the dress that I wore when I married edward. I’d hoped that tracy would wear it, but it wasn’t, um, outré enough for her. So it became my desire to pass it on to my granddaughter. And that’s you, my darling. Y– you want me to wear your wedding dress? If you like it. Go ahead. Take a peek. I love that story. Oh, me too. Why didn’t you wear great-grandmother’s dress? Oh, um… well, the dress was definitely of that period. It was the late ’30s, early ’40s. And when I got married the first time, it was way out of style. But my mother asked me to try it on, which I did. But the, um — the color and those big puffy sleeves, I just — I felt like I was wearing a costume. You didn’t say that to lila, did you? No, no, no, no, I didn’T. I didn’T. But my mother was perceptive, and she knew the dress wasn’t for me. So she said it was my wedding and I should have the dress that I wanted. And that dress went back in the box until she lent it to you. Where’s the dress now? Um… in storage, I assume, somewhere. Uh, are we gonna keep discussing weddings in the past, when we should be looking for dresses for brook lynn to wear for her wedding to come? If this is gonna be about that, I just — I don’t want to get involved. Look, dante, I want to make things right with him. I know, and I want to help you, but he’s pretty pissed off right now. I know. If it makes you feel any better, I did try and get him to forgive you. Alright, let me guess. He wasn’t having it. No, it’s too soon. You got to give him some space. Yeah, in an ideal world, I would, but who does he have left? Because I’m not the only one he pushed away. No, but you’re the one who hired dex to be a spy. What do you expect? At first I did, but, dante, I didn’t go through with it. Look, whatever dex did or didn’t find to incriminate dad, I didn’t use it. Instead, I changed his assignment, alright? He was there to protect dad, to let me know if dad got in over his head. Well, there you go. Then you hurt his pride. Yeah, exactly. See? That’s the exact reason why dad is lashing out — because mom and I thought that he was vulnerable and we dared to try and protect him. But you know that my mom and me, we were right. I mean, dex is gone. And he already shut me and my mom out. I mean, who does he have? Brick is great, sure, but he’s not based in port charles. And nina’s a liar and their marriage is practically over. I mean, who’s left? Ava? Would you take her advice on anything? Listen, I get that you think that dad’s allies are dwindling, but, uh, guess what. He’s got me.

[ Sighs ] What? Look, I’m grateful that you’re willing to look out for him. Uh, yeah, of course I am. I’m his son. But you’re also a cop. And you and I both know dad will never let you in, not fully. And that makes him vulnerable. I know things aren’t great between us. That’s an understatement. Something’s wrong. I can tell.

[ Sighs ] I used to believe under any circumstance that you would understand and have my back, but that was before you and michael paid off dex to spy on me. Oh, my god. I told you why we did it that night at the pine barrens. I didn’t quite buy it then, and I’m not, you know — I mean, it just feels like betrayal. Are you kidding me? I have had many, many opportunities to betray you over the years, the latest being when nina turned me in to the sec. Hell, I could have made a deal and given them information, but I would never, ever do that to you. But this is — this is family, you know? It’s like you violated my trust. After everything we’ve been through, like I said, it just — I just never thought you would do that. That’s all. Whatever. You’re — you’re gonna believe whatever you believe.

[ Sighs ] Look at her on that thing. She’s fearless. Just like you. Okay, don’t do that. Do what? When you say fearless, you mean a risk taker? She gets that from both of us. Maybe.

[ Sighs ] I’m worried about you. Contrary to popular belief, I can take care of myself. Well, olivia jerome is dead. And I don’t want to think about who’s next.

this is where you’ve been staying? Yeah. I got to keep a low profile. Gabe made it very clear when he dropped me off that I’m not out of the woods yet. Why? He said sonny still might change his mind? So I just need to lay low and try to not make myself a target. Oh, my god. You must be so lonely. Got some books. They help pass the time. Joss, how did you find me? I traced gabe’s number. I saw that he was in rockland for a couple of hours, so I figured this is where he brought you. And you thought it’d be a good idea to come look for me, flashing my picture around, asking questions? What else was I supposed to do? Stay away. You were supposed to let me go. Sonny: So, what have you heard? I heard that the attempts made on your life were part of a larger conspiracy. I know you can’t tell me everything, but I’m worried. You shouldn’t be. Really? Are you sure about that? Because we share children, sonny. You know I do the best I can to protect my kids. I always do. I know the fbi is involved because I now have a regular at bobbie’S. And you know him very well. He’s now a fed.

[ Scoffs ] So you’ve met agent cates. Yeah. Son of a bitch. Last time you were here, corinthos — he was a small-town hood. I remember. Couple of seedy businesses. He lived over his own strip club. Now he’s living in a penthouse and he walks around like he’s the mayor. So why haven’t you done something about it? Weren’t you the D.A. For a while? Yeah. I was. And I tried many times. But he’s very slippery. He’s convinced people that he’s a good guy instead of who he really is. Karen was so smart. Smarter than me. Yeah, she was. That’s why it’s always driven me crazy that sonny was able to get to her the way he was. You and me both. He made her believe that she needed him, like without him, she’s cease to exist. And he… putting her to work as a stripper, convincing her that it was something she chose. Sonny figured out where karen was vulnerable, and he exploited her. He did. So, you know what? Make him pay! Take him out! Okay, brook lynn, we are so ready! I am so excited. Me too. Lois: [ Gasps ] So, what do you think? Oh! Oh, baby! I mean, you should try on all the other dresses, but, you know, sometimes lightning strikes and you just knock it right out of the park on the very first try. Oh, you like it that much? Out of the park?

[ Chuckles ] I mean, well, yeah, I like it, but, you know, I’m not the one getting married. I mean, come on. Can you see yourself walking down the aisle in this dress, saying your vows to chase and dancing with your father at the wedding? Well, it depends on what kind of dance. Is it a waltz or a polka or — what was that?

Y-m-c-a all three, of course, and maybe a little line dancing, too. Oh. Can you line-dance in that? Possibly. Probably.

[ Laughter ] Maxie, you are the wedding planner. So, what is your professional assessment? No, no, no. Wedding planning 101 — never give your opinion on a prospective wedding dress. But your mom is right. You need to feel beautiful. So, do you? I do. I like it. It’s definitely a maybe. Brook lynn, do you love chase? Of course I love chase. What kind of question is that? Do you intend to be with him until death do you part? Of course I intend to be. How did this go from trying on wedding dresses to you questioning my commitment to chase? No, no, no, I’m not questioning your commitment to chase. I am simply trying to point out the fact that, if everything goes according to plan, this is going to be your one and only wedding and your one and only wedding dress. Unless, of course, when you have your 25th-anniversary vow renewal. Then we’ll find something else. Oh, good grief! Could we just get her married first and let her 25th anniversary — we’ll take care of it then? But lois is right. This isn’t like picking a dress for the nurses’ ball. One year, you pick something good enough. The next year, you end up in something spectacular. This is like going to the academy awards. You’re not just taking pictures on the step and repeat. This is the equivalent of holding the gold statue. You are gonna see photos of yourself in this dress for the rest of your life. You have to feel beautiful in whatever you choose. Not all of us can have perfection handed to them, okay? Some of us just have to accept what’s available and move on. All joking aside, bro, what you and brook lynn have is truly aspirational, and no one deserves it more. Thank you. Quite the winding road to get here, wasn’t it? But worth every step. I found a true partner in brook lynn. It shows. She just — she gets me. She knows how I’m gonna feel about something before I do. And, god, does she make me laugh. Oh, that’s perhaps the most important ingredient in a marriage — laughter. You’re pretty doomed without it. I don’t know how else to describe it. We’re safe with each other. We — we’re in step together. We don’t have to wait for the other shoe to drop because I know it’s not gonna. Brook lynn is my best friend.

[ Cellphone pings ] And I trust her more than anybody. Speak of the devil? I think you mean angel. Far more apt description. Right. What’s with the long face? It’s the quartermaine lawyers. Brook lynn wants me to sign a prenup.

[ Sighs ] I didn’t mean to upset brook lynn. You didn’T. I did. My academy award metaphor was a huge fail. You think? No, I’m the one who put her on the spot. I just wanted her to understand how important her wedding dress is. Well, I can understand why brook lynn is frazzled. She’s been putting in a lot of hours at deception, and things have been crazy. That’s why they call it work. Stop running brook lynn ragged! If anything is running brook lynn ragged, it’s this, trying to pull together a wedding so quickly. I definitely understand why, but I think she’s smart to be realistic about her wedding dress. She doesn’t have time for perfect. She needs to content herself with good enough. “Good enough” on her wedding day?! Yes. Oh, you know what? This is so sad. Trying on wedding dresses is supposed to be a happy occasion. It is. Or it will be. How? Well, I haven’t figured that out yet. Baby, listen. I am so sorry. I did not mean to put any pressure — it’s my turn to talk, okay? It’s time I was honest about my feelings about the dress? About the wedding itself. How long is this thing? I’d take a look, but I couldn’t read it on there. Is your phone connected to my printer? Yeah. Print it out. I’ll go get it for you. I can’t believe this is happening. Hey, don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not jumping to anything, dad. It’s right here in black and white, literally. Prenuptial agreements are very common these days, especially when both parties bring assets to the marriage. Yeah, brook lynn’s just bringing a few more than I do. Still, I’m sure the document’s meant to protect you both. It says something here about a termination event. That’s code for divorce, right? Or annulment!

[ Sighs ] This is just great. Right when we’re preparing for our wedding, brook lynn’s already planning a way out. You’re right. Dad’s circle of trust is shrinking. But whether or not you think that he’s gonna let me in or not, I’m still gonna do my best to protect him. Dante, you know that’s not gonna be enough. And that’s no reflection on you. It isn’T. But you’re bound by the pcpd’s code, and whoever’s out there targeting dad is playing by a completely different rule book. And, again, that makes him vulnerable. Dex made him less so, but he’s gone now. Okay. So, dex is gone. What’s done is done. You’re gonna have to trust me, alright? Okay. Any progress in the case? A little bit. Starting to make some headway on the olivia jerome killing. Wait. Olivia jerome? How is her death connected to dad? John came into bobbie’s a couple times, but I didn’t know who it was. But he would talk to you. Yeah. Yeah, he was friendly. What’d he say? Just what I told you. That the attempts to kill you were part of a larger conspiracy and also related to the killing of olivia jerome. Did agent cates tell you that he and i have a history together? Yeah. And he also thinks you belong behind bars. I can’t believe he has the nerve to even talk to you. He’s a punk with a badge who has an ax to grind, who thinks that he’s, you know, doing his job. Which is? To protect me. So you don’t trust him? I don’t trust anybody at this point, carly. But let me tell you something. I do know the truth about agent cates. No one wan ts to go aftersonny corinthos more than I do. I can’T. Why not? Because I have been tasked with saving his life. Wait a minute. You’re telling me you’re here to protect him? I can’t share the details ’cause it has to do with the case I’m working on, but, bottom line, sonny’s in danger and I am supposed to find the person who’s after him. So you’re gonna forgive him for what he did to karen. I will never forgive. But I have a duty to uphold. Ah! Come on. Just look the other way. Let nature run its course. Sonny is gonna go bye-bye. It’s inevitable, so why not let this be the time now? Because I am not that kind of agent. Or man. I see. So you don’t think sonny should get what he deserves? I went to your apartment, and you were gone. But sonny was there, and he gave me your letter. I almost threw it in his face, but it was too precious. I hate him. I hate the way he treated you. He forced you to leave, and he expects me to be grateful that you’re still breathing. And I didn’t even get to say goodbye to you. I hated leaving you. I missed you so much. I missed you, too. You have no idea. Then show me. Mmm.

I’ve missed this.

[ Sighs ] So have I. So much. I must think about you every five minutes, who you’re with, what you’re doing. Well, I’ve been looking for you. I finally found you. It’s gonna get complicated. What is? Going back to port charles. But sonny’s just gonna have to accept that there’s no keeping us apart. The truth about john cates? What does that mean? I’d love to be able to tell you the truth, but because of what went down with dex, I’m not gonna… you know what I mean. Yeah. So, if john comes by the restaurant again, I’ll let you know. Thank you. I doubt he will, though, because I made it clear where my loyalties lie. Alright. Well? You wanna say goodbye to donna? She’s just having too much fun. Just tell her that I love her. Okay. Bye. Bye. You know, it could be brook lynn’s family is pressuring her. You know, brook lynn could want nothing to do with a prenup. Maybe. Hasn’t brook lynn been spending a lot of time with tracy at deception? Yeah. Yeah. No, a prenup would be very on brand for tracy. Not out of malice, but just a desire to protect her family. You know, now that I think about it, when brook lynn and I told tracy that we were engaged, one of the first things that she said was we should sign a prenup. But brook lynn wasn’t having it then. Maybe tracy changed her mind. Why speculate? Call your fiancéE. No, I need to talk to her face-to-face. Okay. Let’s go. Brook lynn’s trying on wedding dresses this afternoon. Yeah, no, I don’t think brook lynn wants you to stew on this. No, no, she’d want it out in the open. Yeah. Okay. You’re right. Yeah. Good luck. Good luck. Well, violet’s gonna be home any minute now, and I need to be here for her. Okay. Let’s go sort this out. Go. Go. Sweetie, talk to us. Planning a wedding can be stressful. Nobody knows that better than I do, and it is okay to have big feelings about it. Yeah. We just want you to be happy. Your mother’s right. I can’t believe I just said that. I am happy. Really? ‘Cause you don’t seem like it right now. I can’t wait to marry chase. To be his wife is literally my dream come true. But..? But sometimes I can’t help but wish that we could just run away and elope. Oh. God forbid. Oh, she’s kidding. No, I’m not. If brook lynn and chase want to elope, they’re gonna elope. Is that what you want? No. I didn’t think so. I can’t wait to say our vows to each other in front of both of our families, you know, for gregory to officiate and — and violet to be our flower girl and to dance with my father at our wedding reception, including the ymca. I just — I don’t want to agonize over the dress and all the other wedding details.

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You reviewing my prenup to chase? Wouldn’t I be the one to review it if I even wanted one, which I don’t? Please don’t be naive about this. You can just butt out, tracy. I beg your pardon? You heard me. Whether brook lynn and chase do or do not want a prenup is completely up to them. You said you were throwing this wedding for brook lynn, which means that your only job is to smile and sign the checks and not run around trying to control things that are none of your business. Brook lynn is my granddaughter. Safeguarding her future is my business. That said, it was sent to chase prematurely, and I’m sure when you explain that to him, he’ll understand. Understand what? That I think he’s after my money? Get me out of this stupid dress. I need to go find him. You’re not gonna have to look very far. I will do my job, but don’t lose the hope that sonny will pay for his crimes. I learned a thing or two since I left port charles. Like what? Well, you said it yourself. For people like sonny… it only ends one way. Hey! There she is. So, you having fun? Yes! Where’s daddy?

[ Exhales heavily ] I should have realized that olivia jerome’s death could be connected to the attempts on dad. Look, michael, we’re gonna catch the killer. Will you, though? Yeah, what the hell is that supposed to mean? I just — look. I just doubt there’s gonna be much urgency from the pcpd to protect a known gangster. And the worst part is, dad — he probably knows that. And that anger, that isolation will cause him to lash out. And when that happens, what if he crosses paths with the wrong person? I thought you understood. Understood what? I’m not coming back to port charles, and I’ll be leaving rockland as soon as possible. You’re disappearing again? This is the last time we can be together. This is goodbye… for good.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, February 27, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


let’s not waste each other’s time standing around. You got something to say to me? Just go ahead and say it, nina. Sorry. I’m just startled because I’ve heard you use that tone of voice with other people, but I never dreamed that you would with me. I don’t know what y-you’re expecting. I just — I want a conversation. I-I don’t want to waste any more time. We’ve wasted enough time being apart. Okay. This is your chance. Stop stalling. Get to where you need to get. I miss you. And I’m done missing you. Kristina and I are more than friends. What does that — what does that even mean? “More than friends”? You know what it means. Please don’t pretend you don’T. No, I don’t have to pretend. You’ve said barely anything since I got here, and I’m completely lost. I’m saying… kristina didn’t stay over because we had some girls’ night that went late. Kristina isn’t a friend. She’s my girlfriend.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s an auspicious day that begins when two co-parents such as ourselves share a house… and then share a kiss. Oh, it was a first for me. Yeah. I have no precedent, either. So…what now? Well — well, we could just pretend it never happened. Was the kiss not to your liking? Oh, no. I thought it was fine. “Fine”? I mean, “fine” is akin to “nice,” linguistically speaking, and neither connote a rave review. No. Okay. Uh, I-it was better than fine. It was better than nice. It was — it was definitely a good kiss. Okay, because, I mean, it was — it was very good for — for me, as well. Great. Okay. Okay? Well, now that we’ve got that worked out, let’s just go back to the way things were. What — what — you want to — you want to put the genie back in the bottle? Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Well, because I’m afraid that would be impossible. Why is that? And, please, no lectures on the metaphysical properties of genies and when they can and can’t be put back in the bottles because, yes, I’m sure there are laws that govern the “genie-verse,” but they don’t apply to us. “Us.” Did you just say “us”? “Us” as in us, just standing here. I mean, I-it’s only a word! No. It means more. Since when? Since… I think I’m falling back in love with you, maxie. So how was your day? The heavy bag and I spent some quality time together. How was your day? Not so great. I hate the way this feels between us, carly. But I’m at a loss. Can we find our way forward or… or is this the end for us?

It’s a good thing you kept your day job, now that you’ve printed your first and last issue of crimson. I may have said some things that I didn’t mean at the office, you know. I know i did. I missed you last night. I missed you, too. I’ve been missing you for a while now. I’m not the same since prison. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. But if you’re looking for the man that I used to be, he’s gone…for good. If I wasn’t willing to listen, I’d have walked out by now. It’s ironic because I came here to ask ava to orchestrate some way for us to be alone together. And lo and behold, you show up, so no orchestration needed. You and ava talking about me? Well, of course we do. Because we’re friends, sonny. Right. And she’s currently staying with you, though she doesn’t tell me a whole lot. But she did tell me that you were almost killed in puerto rico. I can’t stand the thought of you being struck down by some unknown assassin. Alright. So if you talk to ava, you know that nobody got hurt. As you can see, I’m fine. But do you know who’s responsible for this? And where was dex? I mean, he shouldn’t let something like that happen to you. He should be protecting you. Nina, that’s not your concern. You are my concern. Everything about you is my concern. You know I’m not gonna stop worrying and caring about you, sonny, because you served me with divorce papers, okay? No legal document is gonna… your — your ring. What? Your wedding ring. Where is it?

Mami, did you hear what I said? I did. My hearing’s just fine. Thank you. You need to pick up after yourself. Unbelievable. I guess you think that now that your career is taking off, you can just have people just do all this for you, right? But no matter how big you get, you need to pick up after you. Discipline, self-respect, courtesy, hard work. These are all really good habits that matter. Good habits matter because they serve you your whole life. And you don’t just let them slide like this. I guess what they say is true. A mother’s work is never done. It’s clearly more than just finances.

Mami. Please stop. I don’t need you to clean up after me. I need you to look at me. There are a million reasons why I didn’t tell you the truth. But now I have one big reason to tell you everything. And the fact is, kristina and I — there is no “kristina and I”! There is you, and there is her. And there is some story, some fantasy that this young lady has been whispering in your ear. No. Kristina hasn’t done anything like that. Look. I don’t — I don’t know you, okay? But I know my daughter, and I know that she doesn’t have these kinds of ridiculous ideas. You only know parts of your daughter, okay? The parts I let you see and the parts you let yourself see. Right now I’m trying to get you to see more. Do you think I don’t see you, baby? I brought you into this world. There’s no one who knows you better than I do. I have always been there for you. But I’m not that child anymore. I’m an adult who’s been fending for herself in a very tough industry for years. Honey, I’ve always helped you. I’ve always been there. I know. And I’m grateful. But I also know who I am. And now I need you to know, too. You think you’re in love with me. Oh. Okay. Well, when you’re sure, shoot me an e-mail and let me know. Okay. No, there’s no need to involve the internet. Okay. Let me rewind. Maxie, maxie. I am in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you. Let’s not rewrite history here, okay? I mean, there were long periods of time — I’m talking, like, years — where you were not in love with me. Okay. I may not — I may not have always expressed it. So why are you expressing it now? Okay. I wish I was more articulate for both of our sakes. I really do. But, please, just — just bear with me. Hear me out, okay? Okay. It’s true. For years, I-I sublimated my feelings. But they’ve returned. And they are — they’re stronger than ever. I’ve been trying to fight this since — since last christmas. You’ve had these feelings this entire time? Being in this house, living together, but separately together, if you know what — I — I can’t explain it, but my feelings, they’ve overwhelmed me, and it just kind of happened. One day, we were co-parents. And the next… you know. Don’t you? Last night, I-I-I said it using someone else’s words, someone else’s lyrics in a song, but I’m saying it again… as me…right now. Do you have anything to say in return?

I don’t have a firm grasp on the old drew or the man that I am now, for that matter. Drew cain is… good and kind. And funny and sweet. And so decent. He’s the man I fell for. He sounds interesting. I could spend the rest of my life getting to know him and never scratch the surface and love every minute. Because I love you. And I’m not the only one. Scout adores you because you’re such an amazing father. And you risked everything, including your life, to save willow. And, my god, when we were both facing the possibility of going to prison, you stood up and you took the blame for everything. And it cost you so much. There was no other choice. Yes, there was! Lesser men make easy, self-serving choices every day. But not you. Not ever. I feel like there’s a “but” coming. It must be so hard… to be such a good man and move through the world the way you do. And I love you so much. But… I want you to put pentonville and the past behind you. Why are you so surprised? That ring means something. It’s a symbol of love, fidelity, and trust. And when they’re gone — it’s only gone when we say that it’s gone. And it has to be with the same conviction and passion we felt when we put these rings on our fingers, sonny. Look. I still have mine. It’s right here. I’ve never taken it off. But that’s your choice, nina. Not that it’s gonna change anything once we’ve signed the papers. Do you really think we can put everything that we are on some pieces of paper? The paper is gonna make things easier. It’s gonna make the ending easier. This is hard on you, too. Okay, then forget about the damn papers! Forget about the rings! Even forget about the vows that we made to each other. The only thing that truly matters, sonny, is that I love you. And I know that you still love me. That’s not the only thing that matters. I know. It’s not the only thing that matters. Okay, you can blame me all you want for throwing carly and drew under the bus. I reported them to the sec. Yes, I did that. But you cannot tell me that you don’t understand why I did that. On some level, deep down, you understand. And you know why? Why? Because we both live by this golden rule. Do unto others before they can do unto you. In my case, it’s business. In your case, it’s jealousy. Jealousy almost put donna’s mother in prison. What about wiley? What about amelia? Carly is as much their grandmother as you are. Yeah, and I’m reminded of that over and over again. I made a rash decision. You don’t want carly happy, plain and simple! It didn’t matter who went to prison — drew or carly. As long as carly’s miserable, it’s a win-win situation for you. You blame me for taking drew away from carly, right? But do you ever blame carly for taking my daughters away from me? Daughters. Plural. Sonny. Nelle and willow! It seems like I’m the only one ever outraged by that. You can come up with a million excuses why you did what you did. And, yeah, I can be ruthless when I have to be. But you’re reckless! And petty! And that’s unforgivable. Forget about sonny. I mean, n-not forget — forget him? He’s a tough man to forget. I mean, the man’s a legend. But… I think I’m in love with you, too. Just digressions aside — wait. What, what, what? I said I think — no, I’m almost positive I — you love me?! Did you hear that, world?! She loves me! No? Is that enough? I’m gonna go. I think you and your mom should talk. No. Please stay. You’re a part of my life, and my mother needs to hear it. No, no, no. I don’t need to hear any more about this. We have more important things to talk about, like your finances. No, at the moment, the most important thing is kristina and I, and the sooner you accept that — what more do I need to accept? When you first came to me and you said you wanted to earn a living trying to sing, I was nervous, but I said, “okay.” And then you said you wanted to go around the world singing. And what did I do? I jumped in, I took care of the books, and I made sure that all you had to think about was your music. You manage my money and my investments. You do not manage my career. No, that is brook lynn quartermaine. And to be honest, I think she’s awfully distracted lately. As are you, if I’m being honest. My focus has never been better. Really? Then where is the new song that you’ve been promising? Because all I’ve heard about is your friend. Do you think maybe she has been distracting you? Kristina has inspired me more than I ever have been. Where’s the proof of this inspiration? Will you stop looking for a song and look at what’s standing right in front of you?! Me! I’m being more of my true self with you than ever before! Okay. I can see that you are clearly not in a mood to listen, so I think that might be good because we really can’t discuss any kind of business in front of your friend. And we can just — just talk about it later. Mami, please don’t shut me out. This is hard enough — no, I’ve had more than enough. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

[ Door slams ]

are you okay? My mom’s right. I really am a mess sometimes. Ali. Hey. You’re allowed to be messy, but you are not a mess. I’m so sorry that she can’t see you for who you are because she is missing out on an incredible person. I wish I could have said I was surprised by what had happened. She did seem surprised when she came in. Yeah. And one minute later, her head was back in the sand. So it seems like maybe you guys have been here before? Sort of. I’ve tried to talk to her, but she just bobs and weaves and dodges the subject every time. She could have given muhammad ali a run for his money. Her denial did seem practiced. You would have thought that the woman in my bed would have made it a little harder for her to avoid the subject this time. Happy to help. And the confusing part is so many of her friends and colleagues are gay. Really? Yes. And she doesn’t have any issue with them. None. But when it comes to me, her own daughter, I — yes, but maybe it’s because you are her daughter. She cares about you, and she worries about you more than she would for someone that was just a friend. Yeah, I wish we could talk about it like normal people. This is hard enough — you know, climbing over the walls she puts up. My family means everything to me, and I’ve always tried to be a good daughter, the kind of person my mom would be proud of, and now she won’t even look at me, even though I’m exactly the same person I always have been! It should not be this hard. There are actual problems in the world. I guess for my mom… …I’m one of them. I must confess, maxie, I’m confounded. How can true love not be enough? True love is everything! Well, it — it sounds great when you say it, spinelli, but we both know that true love didn’t keep us together before. And it’s so easy to look into the past and think the sky was bluer, the grass was greener, there was no problem we couldn’t solve. That scenario only exists in video games — and not very interesting ones, at that. No, I’m talking about us. No. We’re talking about nostalgia. And that’s exactly what I told sasha when — okay. Wait, wait. I’m sorry. You discussed us with sasha? Cody didn’t mention that. You talked about this with cody? It may have come up. And…? He urged me to, and I quote, “go for it.”

[ Chuckles ] What did sasha say? She pretty much said the same thing. Well, then, I fail to see the problem. Look, everyone can see it. Maxie, we were meant to be together. Maybe you’re right. I mean, fate did have a hand in this when the pipes in your apartment burst and you had to come live with us. So who am I to argue with fate? Fate had nothing to do with my pipes. What did you say? M-my pipes are fine. I moved in to help you. Believe me, I want to put pentonville behind me, too. I just don’t know how that’s even possible because I can’t ignore what nina did to me. You have every right to hate nina. I hate her, too! But I don’t have the bandwidth to care about her. She’s not worth it. But you are. And I care so much about you. And I care about us. I care about us, too. But I — I told you before, I don’t see how this relationship works if you can’t let go. Have you? I mean, really. Because I don’t remember twisting your arm to get you to take over for nina at crimson. What are you talking about? I only took that job because you asked me to. I did it for you. Yeah, but admit it. You enjoyed seeing nina lose something that she loved. Oh, my god. I freely admit it. I loved taking over something that nina had and making it better. But it didn’t stop there for you. You kept finding ways to get back at nina, and that’s when I knew I couldn’t stay at crimson. I mean, this place — this place was named in honor of a woman who gave as good as she got. She knew not to chase revenge. My mom never gave in to her worst impulses. She rose above them. And that’s what I’m trying so hard to do. Underneath all the wrongs that nina has piled on top of you… I know that drew cain is in here. I know that he is. And I see it. And I need you to see it, and I need you to own it. Or else…

[ Sighs ] Or else what? Or else nina wins. Petty and reckless? Well, I’ve been called worse. Never claimed that I was a saint, sonny. When our paths crossed in nixon falls, I did try to call carly, but she didn’t want to hear anything from me, but I suppose I could have called her back and told her that you were — but you didn’t because you hated her so much, right? That’s true. At first. But then something changed. Something that I never expected. I fell in love with you. You are so certain that I am motivated by jealousy and envy. I only know what I see, nina. But you’re not seeing the whole picture, sonny! Because I’m motivated by something a hell of a lot stronger than jealousy and hate. I’m motivated by the same thing that you felt when you forgave me after we got back from nixon falls and you realized that I knew who “mike” was all along. And that motivation is love. Our love. I’m not gonna deny that. No, you can’t deny it. Because it’s true. You felt the kind of love that you’ve never had before. You never had this with carly or with anybody else.

I’ve never had that kind of love. So in spite of everything that’s happened, sonny, I dare you to tell me right now… that you don’t still love me.

My mom and I got to a better place. And I think, in time, you and your mom can also, eventually. I’m not holding my breath. You’ve already had your coming-out. It’s not fair to ask you to come along for my ride. Is that it? Or… are you sorry you called me your girlfriend? I haven’t stopped loving you. Not for a second. That’s why it felt like a knife in my back when you betrayed me. Because I forgave you in nixon falls, and then you lied to me again. What happened in nixon falls, it was terrible. I never should have kept you from your family. But what I am saying is, sometimes something beautiful can come out of even the worst mistakes. Without that bad, horrible decision, we never would have found that path to getting married, to building a life together. I’m not gonna play the “what if” games. I’m not asking you to play the “what if” games. I just want you to consider this — that maybe something beautiful can come out of this mistake. What I did to carly and drew, that was wrong. And lying to you, that was wrong. But we can make all those things right again, sonny! As long as we’re together. The only way that nina wins is if she splits us up. And she almost did when I got sent to pentonville. But she didn’T. Because you’re right here. We’re together. And these moments belong to us. No one else. I-I-I wish that I could be as enlightened as you. Oh, my god. Don’t let my desire to move on fool you. I-I’m not being noble. It’s self-preservation. My life is far better when it’s not chained to hating nina, I mean, or trying to get back at nina. And your life will be better, too! Look, you survived that attack in pentonville. Those animals are still there behind bars. But you’re here. You’re free. Sometimes I-I feel like I’m still there, like I’m on the inside. I’m just far away from you and from scout and from everything that I love. Drew, the only prison is the one in your head. Yeah, but it doesn’t make it feel any less real. You’re gonna have to make the choice… to let it go. You have to take the first step. I’ll admit — a little bird may have told me you were having financial issues. Did this little bird look like my mother? Okay. But — so I wanted to help. So I-I offered to rent a room here in your home. Who told you, spinelli? I’m pretty sure you and i didn’t discuss it. Okay. Who — who remembers? I mean, let– what matters is — is true love, right? Let’s get back to that.

[Chuckling] Let me see — let me see if I have this right. Your response to my momentary financial setback was to hatch a plan with my mom to bail me out of my own problem behind my back because you don’t think I can take care of myself and my kids. True love has nothing to do with this. To 50 years with my best friend and my soulmate.[Clanking]

[Gasping] Nooo…

hing I did, I-I wasmotivated by my love for you. Oh, wow. Okay. That’s exactly what peter used to say to me. And austin. They would use their love for me as a reason to justify lying. But I don’t really care what the reason is, spinelli. Lying has nothing to do with love — at least not the kind of love that i want. My falsehoods are hardly of the same degree. I mean, I-I didn’t mean to… and even if you hadn’t just compared yourself to that murderous psycho… I did not, and I would not ever compare myself to him. Maxie, during your whole lamentable time with that man, I-I begged you, I-I-I fought with you. I did everything I could in my power to try to warn you away from him. You’re right. You did. And I didn’t listen! So, what, now — now I’m not capable of solving my own problems? No. Of course, you’re capable. But you lied to me, spinelli! You moved in with me under false pretenses! You, of all people, should know there are no degrees to trust. And I have to be able to fully trust the person that I give my heart to. No. I-I-I do know that. But you should also know that my heart hurts to see you in distress. I only wanted to help. But I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re sorry. But things came out okay, right? I mean, living here together, watching the kids, rolling our eyes at them behind their backs. I mean, we experienced the old familiar feeling, right? The old familiar feeling? As in the — the “wild and crazy” maxie you constantly had to bail out? Spinelli. [Scoffs] That wild and crazy maxie grew up. And I-I know how to take care of myself and my kids. But you still see me as someone so irresponsible you have to bail them out. Yes! Ohh! No! No, no. I mean — I mean, no. Maxie! You are still as exciting a-and unpredictable as ever, but living here has afforded me the opportunity to see… the new and improved maximista, and she is even more attractive, more alluring, and — helpless? Is this because I haven’t been on the top of my game at deception? Because I gotta tell you, that’s about to change. And you know what? You can go tell my mother that I don’t need your help with any of my financial issues. In fact, better yet,

I’m gonna tell her. Maxie, I swear to the old gods and the new that I do not see you as helpless. I-I just wanted to make your life a little bit better. And I’d still like to do that if you’ll give me the chance. You want to help make my life better? I-I have something that you can do. Name it. Pack your bags and get out. I would do anything to get rid of this rage that I feel for nina. I would rip it out of my body if I could. Because I know you’re right. I know that I should be content with taking crimson away from her. And if that isn’t enough, I know that she threw away any chance that she has of being happy when she lied to sonny about what she did to us. Was that so hard? It’s one thing to say it and another thing to live it. Like, it’s still in me. I’m not done. I tossed nina out at crimson only to watch her land on her feet as the invader’s new publisher. Imagine how alexis feels.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know… I don’t know how you do this. I don’t know how you turn the other cheek and how you move on with life. I don’t know how you make it look so easy. Who says any of this has been easy? If you believe there’s even the smallest chance of us being together, sonny, I will do anything to make that happen. I almost believe you mean that. Well, you should. It’s true. You know the magic we found in nixon falls, falling in love there? It doesn’t have to be a distant memory. We can find that again. We can repair all that damage. We can renew our vows and put that ring back on your finger. We can be mr. And mrs. Sonny corinthos. Mr. And mrs. Sonny corinthos. Does that mean that you forgive me?

There’s nothing easy about dealing with nina. Are you kidding me? Every time I hear her name, I can’t stand it. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. See? On a basic human-survival level, you know — you know that nina just means trouble. Yes, but she’s never gonna be anything different. But i can be. I am done letting nina rule my life! And since losing my mom, I-I… life is short. And I am not gonna waste any more time settling scores. I won’T. I won’t take one second of our time together for granted. I’ll never do that. You are not alone in your hatred of nina. I will never forget what she did to me and my family. I will never believe a word that comes out of her mouth. If she walked in here and said, “good morning,” I would be looking for the meteor to hit. Well, thank you for saying that because I did think that I was alone in realizing how dangerous she really is. You’re not alone! But just remember that nina is her own worst enemy. She does shoot herself in the foot a lot. Every single time. But you and I… as long as we’re together, that’s all that matters. I like the sound of that. Any idea… how we can make up? I — yeah. I have a few ideas. We can’t do it here. Just like that? You want — you want me to pack up and vacate the premises? You said you wanted to help me, and this is what you could do. So don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You don’t mean that literally. As literal as a busted pipe.

[Chuckling] Where should I go? How about your own home? Since your pipes aren’t actually busted. And if you’re feeling lonely, hit up your good friend cody. You know, maybe there’s an empty stall at the quartermaines’. Maxie, I-I understand you’re upset, but, please, you have to know that my intentions were pure. I-I only wanted to help you without you feeling indebted to me. Well, I’m feeling furious… and played. But not indebted. So job well done. Please elaborate. Who says I couldn’t have solved my own problems? Who says I couldn’t have done it without you? No one. You can do anything. I know that! I know that. You and your little bird seem to have forgotten. You know what? Forget the packing. Okay? I-I will forward your things to whatever address you end up at. You just need to go. Maxie, I never meant — look, spinelli, you can see georgie whenever you want, but as far as you and i are concerned, we’re — we’re over. Before we even started. Spinelli! I will never be sorry that I called you my girlfriend. From the first time we kissed, I knew what I felt for you was real and strong. And I wondered how I’d find the courage to tell my mother. But when the time came, the words just came out. And for the first time in forever… I feel free. And I hope you never lose that. I’m not gonna let someone take it from me, that’s for sure. I think we’ve been honest about everything so far, and we just have to continue to be honest about everything with your mom. She may never come around. My past experience with her is reason enough for me to believe that she won’T. She just has to see how important this is to you. To us. Even then, there’s no guarantee she’ll understand. Well, there’s no guarantee anyway. We didn’t get into this because there was a guaranteed happy ending, did we? So you just have to talk to her and try. Don’t worry. I will. Good. I have to get going to my meeting for the foundation. This isn’t an ending, but… I already feel happier with you.

[ Door closes ] I believe in forgiveness. I’ve asked for it myself quite a bit in my life. So, yeah, you know, I can forgive you. But I can never forget. What you did in nixon falls kept the truth from carly and my family. That was hard to accept. I told myself you weren’t getting back at carly. You were doing it because you were in love with me. That’s true. But this is — this is different, okay? It’s more difficult because… …you deliberately set out… to punish carly. Drew wasn’t the target. He was just collateral damage. But you lashed out without caring about the consequences. Well, now… you’re gonna have to deal with the consequences, nina. Oh — sonny. Th– this isn’t the end of our story! Sonny! You may be willing to walk out on our marriage!

[ Door closes ] But I never will.

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GH Transcript Monday, February 26, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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[ Sighs ] No. You are not watching me sleep.

[ Laughs ] Sorry. Is that creepy? I mean… well, I blame you. You’re just so beautiful when you sleep that I got lost in thought. Yeah? And what were you thinking? How lucky I am to have you in my bed… and in my life. Mm. Maxie? Children? Oh! Spinelli. You’re up. Yeah. Where is everybody? Uh, the kids are in the car. But school doesn’t start for an hour. Why so early? Yeah, I know. My mom has bailey. Uh, we’re meeting them at james’s school to help his teacher set up for the arts and crafts fair. Oh. I thought I mentioned it. No, you didn’t, but, uh, it’s a relief to know that the early start’s not ’cause you’re avoiding me. There you go. Enjoy.

[ Chuckles ] Hello! Hi, there. Sit anywhere you like. You own this place. You shouldn’t be serving tables. Oh, well, one of my waitresses is running late, so here I am. And I don’t mind serving you. Can I get you some coffee? Yeah. Okay, so, the last time we met, you didn’t tell me — why are you in town? Work. What do you do? I’m with the fbi. Agent john cates.

[ Exhaling sharply ] Wow. Drew, drew, hello. Man. Curtis!

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t hear you come in. How long you been here? Uh, long enough to know that, uh, I don’t want to be on your bad side.

[ Breathing heavily ] Hey. Are you in the middle of something important? Well, that was framed like a question, but it sounded more like a demand. What’s going on? I’m about to lose sonny for good. You know, I do have an appointment in — in just a little bit, but — but — but I have some time later this afternoon. Nina, maybe we — well, you just let me know if you can fit me in. No, no, no. Hold — hold on. Last I heard, you and sonny were in a holding pattern. Has something changed? Yeah. Sonny had me served. He wants a divorce, ava. Well… can’t say that I’m surprised. Why would I be avoiding you? Spinelli, my life was falling apart. You were always there for me. I know I can count on you. Always. You’re one of my closest friends. You know, I actually… …consider you more than a friend. How so? Because of what happened last night?

[ Exhales sharply ] Um…

[ Knock on door ] Sonny: Hello? Damian spinelli. You are a hard man to find.

honey, are you hungry? For food?

[ Laughs ] Tempting. But there’s somebody else to consider here. You heard my stomach growling. This baby is not subtle. Thank you for… helping me process everything last night and sort through my feelings. You made me feel really seen. Figured it was time I return the favor. Still, thank you for being there for me. And for this little one. Always. And what would the little one like for breakfast? We would like… eggs benedict and home fries. Coming right up.

[ Both laugh ] Either you got real beef with that bag or something else is bothering you. Sometimes you just got to show that you mean business, right? Hey, I’m honored that you wanted me in the gym your first workout after your surgery. That means a lot. Let’s get to it. Where do you want to start? I’d love to start with what’s bothering you.

[ Exhales heavily ] It’s just carly, man. It’s just carly. She’s just worried about me. She’s worried. She thinks that I’ve changed after my time in pentonville, that’s all. Oh, okay. Well, prison can change a man. But the drew I know, you’re still fundamentally the same guy. So what’s got carly concerned? She just thinks that I’m, um — I’m holding on to everything that’s happened. Oh. You mean the whole nina situation? I know she’s a friend of yours. Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that I’m okay with her turning you in to the sec. Like, I’m not cool with that, you know? You’re my friend, too, and it’s okay if you’re mad ’cause I would be mad, too. Carly doesn’t understand that? Well, she’s not trying to tell me how to feel. It’s not like that. It’s just that she’s more concerned with my behavior. She thinks I’m more focused on payback instead of getting through this and moving on. And you are, aren’t you? Cates. Any relation to michael “stone” cates? My little brother. I never knew him, but my ex was close to him. And you obviously know that because you and sonny share a history. And they’re not great memories. And now you’re an fbi agent. So now I know what you’re doing back in my restaurant. Can’t I just like the coffee? No. You’re here because you want information on sonny. Well, that’s a cynical outlook. Because it’s not my first rodeo. Feds making small talk with me, it’s never a coincidence. So let me know when you want to put in an order. Believe it or not, I didn’t know you were sonny’s ex the first time I stopped by. Look, I know you’re here to make a case against sonny, and I’m telling you right now you’re wasting your time. I am not currently building a case against your ex-husband. However, if I had my way, sonny would be in jail where he belongs. Maxie, I hope it’s okay that I stopped by. Oh, always. I was surprised to see that spinelli moved in here. Uh, temporarily. He’s got a plumbing emergency at his place. Is that so? Uh, came on s– oh! Came on suddenly. Got it! I’ll see you guys later! Sorry. The kids are in the car. I gotta get them to school! Oh, okay. What were you looking for? Oh. Georgie’S. Right.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] Second time this week.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh. Um, apologies for my attire. Yeah. It’s early. She’s something else, isn’t she? Ah. Force of nature. Um, you didn’t say what brought you, uh, in search of me. I have a job for you. You expected sonny to end our marriage without so much as a word? No, of course not. Nor do I approve of him doing so. It — it tracks, though. I think sonny’s been reexamining his whole life. Yeah. He’s taken some hits lately. I am not giving up on him. I love him. And I just hate that he’s had to face these challenges alone. Well, I’m not the one you have to convince, nina. You have to convince sonny. Well, I wish I could. He’s not taking any of my calls or texts. I think he’s blocked me? He barred me from the penthouse. Right. I get it. That — that must hurt. Yeah, it’s a nightmare. If I could only just have a conversation with him, just look him in the eyes, remind him what we are together, what we’ve come to mean to each other. Maybe you’re right. I am right. Ava, I’m right. And that’s where you come in.

I’m gonna grab a quick shower. Breakfast should be here shortly. Mm! Okay. I should get up. Oh, no, you don’T. We’re having breakfast in bed.

[ Chuckles ] It’s been some time since you’ve availed yourself of my skills. May I ask — why now since, I mean, you have qualified personnel “in house,” as it were? Let’s just say, out of an abundance of caution, I’m outsourcing this one. I see. Should I find another guy, spinelli? Mr. Corinthos, I have the utmost respect for you. But, um… since the passing of our — of our dear friend jason, I haven’t worked for anyone in your “field.” Arguments over my previous hazardous exploits led to the demise of my relationship with ellie. I’m not twisting your arm, spinelli. The task is relatively low-risk. You were my first choice. While I’m gratified, I’m also somewhat baffled. I mean, to put it bluntly, you found me pretty annoying. Yeah, I did, and I used to complain to jason all the time. But he always said that you were the smartest person in the room and he would trust you with his life. So… you know, that’s good enough for me. If you could somehow get sonny and me in the same place alone together. You mean like lock the two of you in the back room or something? No. Just — maybe you can get him here and he’ll have to hear me out. No! Nina, I can’t — ava — I can’t do it. Ava, why can’t you do it? You are my closest friend. You have access to sonny. You really are not gonna help me? I want to help you. I just don’t think sonny would take very kindly to me interfering in his personal life. He knows we’re good friends, you know. So I’m walking a delicate tightrope as it is. And I understand that I’m putting you in a very awkward position. I do. I understand that. But I am running out of options because his family has closed ranks against me. I can barely get a civil word out of any of them. And — [ Stammers ] Oh, I’m so sorry that I’m interrupting your very busy day. I hope I’m not overstaying my welcome. No, no, no, no. I’m not —

[ Sighs ] I’m not trying to brush you off, nina. It’s just, no good can come of me involving myself in this, at least not while I’m still under sonny’s roof. Meddling in your marriage like that — that could really harm my relationship with sonny. Oh. You and sonny have a relationship now?

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Keypad beeps ]

[ Door handle rattling ] Alison!

Mami’s here!

By “relationship,” I mean co-parenting. I have avery to think about, nina. And sonny still has primary custody. That factors into every single thing that I do. She’s my first priority. I’m not — I’m not gonna apologize for that. No. I understand. I understand. I just got thrown when you said that you and sonny had a relationship. I mean, really, what else would you call it? Going along to get along. You know, we are coexisting very well at the moment, and I don’t want to jeopardize that. I get it. I do. I get it. I — ava jerome? Yes? I have a registered delivery. Oh. I’ll need you to sign for it. Mm-hmm. And I have to scan your driver’s license. Oh. Sure. Hi. Mrs. Roger-ramirez. I am kristina. It’s — it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s ramirez. Ms. And I have not heard anything about you. Is the food here? I mean, the sooner we eat, the sooner we can — uh, look who came early!

Mami. What are you doing here? Well, I have the same question for the young lady I just found in your bed. I’m focused on sending the message that I’m nobody’s victim. Oh, not a victim, not a victim. Definitely a survivor. Bro, you went through hell and back. Yeah. Held captive for years. Got out only to be put in prison. Got attacked, sent into the hospital. Yeah, I’d say that kind of qualifies, right? Yeah, I hear you. That’s a lot to process.

[ Grunts ] But the goal is — the goal is to get through this and to move on to the good stuff. Mm. Yep. But that anger — that anger won’t let go, huh? I know what that feels like. You know, drew, when I was shot and I was laying there in that bed, knowing that I might be paralyzed… man, I felt everything from rage to despair to self-pity, but mostly rage. You know why? Because I don’t like being vulnerable. I don’t like being a victim. So I was mad at the world. I was mad at god. Any of that sound familiar? Yeah. Yeah, very. I mean, it’S… it’s taken me a while to — to access these feelings. You know, all the feelings — it’s not one of my strengths. But I just wish carly would understand that what I’m going through is just that — what I’m going through, my process, at my speed, even though it may not be the way that she wants me to. Okay. So, this thing with carly — is this a minor disagreement or something more? Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see. But you didn’t come here for a therapy session. You know? Like, it’s just — it’s really good to see you. You’re amazing. You look incredible. Well, thank you. That procedure was a godsend. And, uh, because of it, portia and I reconnected.

[ Laughs ] I’m happy for you, man. I’m happy for both of you. Thank you, man. All the challenges that we had been through, man, I just… man, I never thought we’d be that close again. Well, you did it. You did it. You got through. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. But, uh, I’m just glad we never gave up. Escrow papers. As of today, wyndemere and spoon island are now somebody else’s problem. The sale went through? Yes. Just this morning. The money was deposited into my account. Not nearly enough to make up for all my — my pain and suffering, but a nice little nest egg nonetheless. I can’t believe you found a buyer for that place. Well, credit to lucy. It took a while, but she was finally able to find a developer who was willing to buy the house and the land instead of separating them into separate lots. Gee, I wonder what they’re planning to build out there.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Maybe they’re gonna turn the house into condominiums. Maybe they’ll tear it down.

[ Chuckles ] That would be my vote. But it doesn’t matter, really. That awful place and all the awful things that happened there, they are a part of a past that will not be revisited. You know, the only person that had an emotional connection to that place was spencer. And now that he’s gone and little ace is living with laura and kevin, nobody needs that place, least of all me. No, my — my focus is on the future. I’m honored by jason’s faith and that he spoke so highly of me to you. He was a kind and gracious friend. And he also had zero patience for fools. And the fact that he put up with you and also found you as a collaborator and an associate, um… look, if he recommended you, that works for me. I know he trusted you. I trust his judgment. But listen. You have to make a decision right now. Right. This job — it can’t put anyone in this house in danger. I would never ask you to put your children or maxie in danger. I know how much she means to you. I’m sure you do. You know from your own experience that, while a romance may end, one who becomes family is family forever. You want to continue this conversation, you can call my lawyer. Her name is diane miller. And you can look up her number online. Ms. Spencer, I am not here to question you, and I am not in port charles to investigate your ex-husband. So you claim, but you just said you thought sonny belonged in prison. He does. Really? After everything he did for your brother?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t deny sonny was good to stone. “Good to stone”? He bought a penthouse so stone had a place to live. He paid for the best care that was available at the time, and he nursed stone until the day he died. There’s an entire wing at the hospital dedicated in your brother’s memory, endowed by a gift from sonny worth millions. Do you know that? And you think that buys sonny redemption? Like I said, I didn’t know your brother, but I heard a lot about him. My son morgan — his middle name was stone. My son’s name is also stone. Wow. Well, isn’t that ironic, that you and sonny, who hate each other, both love stone so much that you named your sons after him?

[ Scoffs ] Wow. You’re saying I should back off sonny for stone’s sake? What I’m saying — if I were in your position, I would be grateful that a person took care of someone I loved. And what about a person who hurts someone you loved, exploited their vulnerabilities to turn a profit? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’d come out swinging and not stop until they paid. What makes you say that? Professional assessment. Mm. There are people who freeze when they or someone close to them feel threatened. Others will negotiate or placate. And then there are those who fight. You’re a fighter, ms. Spencer. I’d stake my badge on it. Well, what are you and your badge doing in town, agent cates, if not to take sonny down? I am here to help sonny. The attempts on his life are part of a bigger conspiracy. So far, sonny has been lucky, but he can’t end this without the help of law enforcement. Sonny never told you about this, did he?

Well, I know that you struggled when you found out that trina might be yours and even when you found out that she was yours. And I get it. I know what it feels like to lose years and years of time with your daughter. Mm. Yeah. I know you know about that. And I, you know, did my fair share of blaming portia. But recently I’ve had to admit that I withheld the truth, um, about something that could affect my family. And I told myself it was for the right reasons. But that was just an excuse. I got to be honest, man. It hurt. It hurt both of us. Injustice is just hard to swallow. I hear that. But you made it through. Thankfully. But I sure didn’t make it easy.

[ Scoffs ] Drew, when I first got shot, man, I acted up. I acted out. I pushed away everyone who loved me, especially portia. Again. Finally, I had to accept, brother, that if I don’t want to live my life miserable, then I need to take a long look at myself in the mirror and be real. And get out of my own way. Because the ability to change my outlook and my life starts and ends with me and me alone. So now portia and i are back on track. We’re happy. And we are excited about moving forward together. Curtis… mm-hmm? …You’re a lot of things, man, but you’re not slick.

[ Laughs ] We’re just having a conversation. I know what you’re doing! I hear you dropping these pearls of wisdom, trying to give me advice like that. Not very stealthily, I might add. Oh, I don’t know. I beg to disagree. But… I hear you. And it’s exactly what I needed to hear. And lesson learned. Because I haven’t really — I mean really been playing fair myself. Carly didn’t want me to go to prison to protect her, but I did it anyway. And in one heat-of-the moment slip of the tongue, I made it seem like I resented her for that. Do you? No. What? No, no. I’m the one who made the deal with the D.A., Right? Even though I knew that she wouldn’t want me to. And I know that she feels responsible for what happened to me in pentonville, even though since I’ve been released, all she’s been doing is, like, supporting me and been there for me, even when it’s meant compromising what matters to her. And I want you to know that I really do understand and truly, truly appreciate your sacrifice. I know you do. But I can’t move on with my life unless nina is behind me. I don’t want to think about her anymore, I don’t want to argue with her anymore, and I don’t want to try and hurt her anymore because it always comes back to bite me. Nina suffers, but I suffer. And I don’t want to do that to myself anymore. And you know what, curtis? Maybe it’s time I did the same thing for her. John: I’m sorry. I thought you knew about the larger conspiracy. I just assumed sonny would keep you in the loop. Well, you brought me into the loop. How much danger is my family in? The families haven’t been the focus so far. Okay. Who’s the focus? Three former or current heads of major crime families. No. Now there’s four. Olivia jerome being the fourth. I’m waiting for an explanation. Uh, uh… we were having a girls’ night last night, and it was super late, so, um, alison, just let me crash here. Oh! Well…

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Okay. Well, alison is so generous like that.

Mami, how did you even get in here? I booked the room on your s-corp, and my name’s on the paperwork, so I just asked them for a key. But I would never have come so early, honey, had I known you were having plans with a friend. Well, now that you have sold wyndemere, are you gonna have lucy help you and avery find a place? Yeah. Eventually. Assuming that sonny is willing to let us leave. Well, that’s just temporary, right? I mean, he’s not thinking about having you and avery stay there permanently, is he? I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s thinking. And I don’t know what his next move is. And I’m not gonna pressure him. You know, like I’ve said, he and I are in a good place right now, and I know from personal experience that — that he lashes out most when he’s — when he’s hurt. Well, you don’t have to tell me that. I lived it. I mean, I can’t believe he slammed the door in my face like I wasn’t even there. Yeah. Oh, but, you know, the fact that he’s hurt means that he still has a lot of feelings for you, right? So I think you just got to give him time. I have been giving him time. I’ve given him space. And you’re right to do so. He’s going through a tough time lately. It was a big blow when he lost spencer. Yeah, and now dex is gone and — wait, dex? What — what happened to dex?

[ Stammers ] It — [ Sighs ] It doesn’t matter. Really. No, ava. It matters to me. Hey! I am not budging here until you tell me everything that happened. So, I need a decision. What’s it gonna be? I’ll do the job. Alright. I appreciate that. And I’m gonna do something for you in return.

[ Sighs ] What’s that problem that you’re having at your apartment with the plumbing? Oh, it’s been since christmas eve, but — oh, that’s unacceptable. I’m gonna have my contractor go over there and he’ll fix it by the end of the week. Yeah, that’s not necessary, but thanks just the same. You see, the — look, the way I feel, if there’s a — a leak, you got to deal with it. That’s a wise course of action. Um, but in this case, there is no leak. Uh… I staged the whole thing to give myself an excuse to move in here to help maxie with the financial situation. Well, I mean, that’s one way to show someone you care. And the other way would be, why don’t you just tell her? I’ll take that under advisement.

[ Chuckles ] Alright. Alright. Uh, mr. Corinthos? I miss stone cold, too. I’m sorry. Have I spoken out of turn? I’ll keep in touch.

Kristina, the food we ordered arrived. Oh, uh… I bet your mom’s hungry from traveling, so I will let you two enjoy. No, there’s more than enough to share. You should stay. I’ve got a full day, so I’m just gonna get going. You know, kristina is starting a youth center, and she also manages a restaurant. Look what I brought back from puerto rico. Aren’t these adorable? Look. Okay, yes, but are they vegan? Really, honey? Does that matter? Yes, it does. It has for a while.

[ Scoffs ] Enjoy your stay in port charles, ms. Ramirez. Thank you. Oh, all of alison’s friends call me natalia. Okay. Look. Wait, wait, wait. Look what I managed to smuggle back from your abuela — her homemade tembleque. Look, I appreciate you going through the trouble, but I’ve told you before, I don’t really like coconut pudding. When have you told me that before? I’ve told you multiple times. You just don’t listen to me.

Mami! But you like coconut. It’s — it’s the texture. She’s the same way about avocado and flan. I think I know my daughter. Of course. Do you know me, mami? You didn’t know I lied to you earlier. And it isn’t the first time that I’ve kept something from you.

[ Breathing heavily ] Wow. That’s impressive. Good work. Mm. So good to see you, man. Yeah. So happy everything’s working out for you. Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on. Must be important ’cause you look like you’re in a hurry. I am. I can neither confirm nor deny that the death of olivia jerome is connected to the case I’m working. So now you’re clamming up? You were super talkative a minute ago. Look, this much I’ll say. I’m making headway on this case. And I promise you, I will nail whoever’s behind this. Before or after sonny’s dead? Play this right, and it saves you the hassle of building a case against sonny and putting him away, huh? Sonny is a potential victim, and I will do everything in my power to make sure he’s safe.

If, when this case is closed, it becomes my business to investigate sonny on allegations of racketeering, I will do everything in my power to secure a legal conviction against him. I don’t cut corners, ms. Spencer. It does no good to stop criminals by becoming one myself. Wow. You sure do pride yourself on your integrity, don’t you? And you know what’s funny? The most honorable man I knew you’d consider a criminal. And you don’t? No. He was my friend. Oh, and by the way, you’re drinking corinthos coffee. Sonny really doesn’t share much with me. Well, it doesn’t seem that way to me. I think you know more about my husband than I do these days. A function of proximity, nothing more. Ava, I’m not asking for a lot. I’m just asking for the opportunity to have a conversation with my husband. He evicted me from our home. He’s kept me at bay. He’s hid behind his lawyer when he served me divorce papers. If he wants to end our marriage, the least he can do is have the decency to say it to my face. Here I am.

You know, sonny, I’ve been waiting. Sonny. You’re here. Can I have a word with you? You ready to go? Yeah. Just about. Your appointment was with sonny? While ava grabs her things, can we just talk? You know, sonny, I’ve been waiting. I’ve been biding my time, hoping that you would realize what we mean to each other. Not now, nina. Then when, sonny? After I’ve given you a divorce? We made vows. You swore that you would love me until death, and now you can’t even spare me an hour? You lied? About what? Don’t go. Please. I need you here for this.

[ Scoffs ] You don’t know me as well as you think, mami. And it’s partially my fault. Partially? When kristina said that I let her crash here, it wasn’t the truth. She was covering for me. Why would she need to cover for you? What have you done? Are you — are you sick?

[ Scoffs ] I’m great, actually. I lied to you, mami. Kristina and I are more than just friends. Whew! I feel like I’ve had a full day already, and I haven’t even gotten into the office yet. But the craft fair looks great! Oh, I’m sure it does, with your help and creativity. So, uh…sonny’s gone? Yeah. He left a while ago. Oh. Well, the kids are having so much fun at the craft fair. I really hated to leave. Bailey’s really enjoying playing with the clay, and james is making something special for you, but I’m not allowed to say what it is, so… you kissed me last night. I did. And you kissed me back. I-I did. So, what happens next? Okay.

[ Sighs heavily ] Let’s see. I’m sorry. I thought you knew about the larger conspiracy. I just assumed sonny would keep you in the loop. Well, you brought me into the loop. How much danger is my family in?

[ Sighs ] When we talked about me taking the job at crimson, my condition was that it would end your war with nina. And you agreed. So consider this my first and last issue. You’re not the only reason I’m upset. I’m so sick of not being considered.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Ava, go ahead of me. Send the car back. I’ll try to make it to the school. If I can’t make it, I’ll talk to you tonight at home. Okay. Sounds good. Good luck.

[ Sighs ] The floor is yours. What do you got to say?

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GH Transcript Friday, February 23, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Elizabeth? Hi. Thank you so much for arranging for danny to volunteer here at G.H. Oh, of course. We could always use the extra hands. Yeah, I thought it would be something good for him to do while he’s grounded, instead of being holed up at home. How are you doing with everything? Oh, you mean my teenage son sneaking out and getting drunk in the park? Yeah, that. I can’t believe this is happening already. Well, if it makes you feel any better, we tend to grow out of it.

[ Chuckles ] “We”? Former wild child, at your service. Oh, I know. Um, and you’re right. I just… [ Sighs ] What, are you worried there’s something deeper going on? Yeah. Um, I just really hope that I’m wrong. Fancy meeting you here.

[ Chuckles ] Hello. You picking up takeout? No, having dinner with my sons. Oh, how nice. And you? Hot date? Hardly. I actually, um, just had a meeting with a deception shareholder, and I’m about to go home. Join us. Oh, no. No, please. I — I don’t want to impose. Don’t be silly. We’ll be family soon enough. Dr. Navarro: Everything looks good. Really? You’re not just saying that? Doctors don’t just say that, moll. Growth measurements are right on target. All signs point to a healthy baby. Yay. We’re through the first trimester. That’s a major milestone. 80% of miscarriages happen before the 12th week of pregnancy, and you’re already at week 14. How are we feeling about knowing the sex? Do you want to find out? Yes.

[ Glass shatters ] You’re going over my head? I don’t want to, but I will if you keep obstructing my investigation. I mean, it’s almost as if you don’t want o’neill to tell us who’s been buying those guns. And now you’re questioning my integrity. Pcpd tech: Commissioner? Yeah? You’ll want to hear this. Put it on speaker. O’neill: Even in protective custody,

I’m vulnerable. Nowhere’s safe. Why so fearful? The feds don’t know who they’re up against. Cyrus: God will protect you if you have faith. At least allow me to share your burden. Who is this man whose threats are worse than a lifetime in prison?

Has danny been acting out in other ways? Maybe. I don’t — I don’t know, I don’t know what acting out normally or — or, like, what is normal teenage behavior? Hey, how’d it go? Fine. Fine? He was great when I asked him to help the other volunteers. Buddy, I’m proud of you. I was mostly in the mailroom. Can we go home now? Ye– uh, yeah. Where’s your coat? It’s probably on the fourth-floor lounge. Whatever. I’ll just get it tomorrow. No, not “whatever.” We’re just going from our car to the building. Danny, go get your coat. Thank you. Totally normal teenage behavior. For sure. So how’s it all going, living under the same roof? It’s great. Says the guy who doesn’t live there. Excuse me. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. It is great. It’s really great. Um, violet is over the moon having her grandpa there all the time. And the feeling is mutual. We built a pillow fort the other day. Oh, there better be evidence. But of course.

[ Chuckles ] Wow, that is impressive. We thought so. How many pillows do you have? Oh, more than I was aware of, apparently. Alright, let me see that. Yeah. You got a little fort envy? Wow. Maybe. When I was violet’s age, my thoughts tended to deteriorate into a pile of pillows. But, uh, this actually has some structure. You know, violet could maybe be an architect or an engineer one day — after her singing, dancing, and, uh, does she still want to be a circus performer? Is it a girl? It’s a girl, right? I heard that gender can affect the way that you carry. I think that’s just an old wives’ tale. Is it? Um, look, krissy. What? Something wrong? No. Um, well, tj and i discussed it, and we decided we don’t want to find out. We want the baby’s sex to be a surprise. Oh. Yes. Oh, no, of course. I’m — yeah, sorry, I just — I was caught up in the moment. That should 100% be — that should be your choice. It’s possible we’ll change our minds. Yes, yeah, um… but for now… yeah. The secret’s safe with me. Thank you. We would, however, love to hear the heartbeat. You got it. Okay.

[ Heart beating ]

[ Gasps ] Whoa. Oh, wow. It sounds like a horse galloping.

[ Chuckles ] Nice and strong. Just the way we like it. That’s our baby.

[ Chuckles ] Did you get anything out of selina’s guy? You were listening? Yeah. Clearly. You and selina left to talk to her guard, who I gather has some kind of loyalty problem. He gave up selina’s location in exchange for a quick payoff. And so she was ambushed like we were. So what did this traitor have to say for himself?

[ Sighs ] He didn’t say anything at first. Right. Let me guess. You found a way to convince him. He claims the guy coming after me calls himself stone. Cyrus: As a man of god, I can help. As a former inmate and sinner, I can understand. Better than talking to law enforcement. Yeah. Protective custody is going to be hell. They’ll be the only people I see. Well, take advantage of this moment while you have it. Tell me your story. This is it. Almost a year ago, I was contacted by a guy who told me — heather: Renault. You charlatan. Who you scamming now? Oh, damn it. Who’s that? Do not let this man fool you. Cyrus is not a man of god. He’s a good-for-nothing liar.

Coney island? Yeah. Coney island? You’re — you’re flying everyone in the wedding to coney island the night before? Yes, because that’s typically when the rehearsal dinner happens, the night before the wedding. Coney island? What’s wrong with it? Ask me at the reception when violet’s in the throes of a sugar crash. Oh, I think someone’s projecting here. I don’t think that someone is me. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. Because if memory serves, I took you to a state fair when you were 8 years old, where he discovered the magic of cotton candy. He had it everywhere. Your fingers, your hair, your eyebrows, even. Maybe that is me. That’s adorable. Yeah, it’s adorable. I’m so adorable. That is what people say about you. Yeah, alright, that’s enough. Alright, alright. Coney island.

[ Laughs ] Danny’s never been grounded before, but I’m thinking maybe that’s just because he’s never been caught. You think he’s sneaking out often? I don’t know. I have no idea. Maybe it’s just that danny’s gotten so quiet lately. And I know that happens with teenagers his age, but I don’t know. What if something’s actually wrong? Well, jason was a man of few words. Like father, like son? Danny reminds me more and more of jason every day. No, seriously, like, the way he frowns when he’s concentrating or something, and, like, the way he considers himself scout’s biggest protector. Oh, yeah, that’s very jason-like. It’s crazy. So, yeah, when danny says less than, like, 10 words to me in a day, I have to remind myself that jason wasn’t a big talker, either. But danny being quiet is just different somehow. Because he’s a kid. I knew if it was important enough, jason would eventually tell me. I just don’t think danny knows better. And while I want to hold him accountable for all the screw-ups, I don’t want danny to look at me like one of his enemies. Parenthood is quite the ride isn’t it? [ Chuckles ] What does dante say? Dante? Dante is wonderful and amazing and supportive. But you know how that goes. In the end, it’s my kid, my way. Yeah. Just… …I wish there were a rule book…

[ Chuckles ] …Or just someone to tell me what to do. You and me both. If you do decide you want to know the sex of the baby… you better hold on to this.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t trust yourself? Not even a little.

[ Both chuckle ] Thank you, dr. Navarro, for accommodating my schedule and seeing us tonight. No problem. Everything looks great with the pregnancy. Next appointment in four weeks? Yes. I’ll call your office. Good night. Good night, dr. Navarro. Thank you, too, for — for coming to the hospital this late. Yeah, tj really wanted to be here for the appointment. Of course. Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fantastic. Didn’t you hear dr. Navarro? Baby’s a rock star. And so is our surrogate.

[ Chuckles ] We were going to grab dinner if you want to join us. Yeah. No. Uh, I have plans, but thank you. Plans with blaze? I’m going to — I’ll call you tomorrow. Okay. Is it me, or… was that weird? It’s not you. A few cleansing breaths might help.

[ Chuckles ] Cleanse this. He told you that he leads a flock, right? Well, he led my little daughter to her death. That is not true, heather. The hell it isn’t! By the way, what are you doing here, renault, anyway? I thought that your sister, the mayor, got you out of here. Laura had nothing to do with my release. Yeah, right. Laura collins is your sister? Yeah, you might as well be talking to the mayor herself. She and her big brother keep no secrets. You don’t know anything about my relationship with laura. I know that my little girl came to you for help, and not only did you deny her, but you shared her every word with your sister. And now my little girl is dead. My daughter died because of you. What the hell happened?

[ Static ] Find out what happened to that audio.

honey, the teenage years are rough on everyone — us, them. Well, especially them. I just — I wish I knew what to do, but, elizabeth, you have three boys. Help.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, god. Um, honestly, I just — I try to meet each of them where they’re at. You know, the way I parent cameron is not how I operate with jake or aiden. A hard lesson learned, by the way. It’s like they all have their own language, and you — I just — I don’t know, you need to find a way to translate. That sounds simple. Yeah, I know. Sometimes a shared experience is a good way in, like, doing something you love or they love. Or if you can possibly find something the two of you love doing together, I find that it helps them open up. Thank you. That’s really good advice. Easier said than practiced, yeah. Right? Hey, you ready to go? Thanks for your help today. Same time tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Time to go back to lockup. Danny, our home is not a prison. Could’ve fooled me. Want to go somewhere else? You coming? Stone? As in stone cates memorial aids wing? I think someone’s trying to use stone’s memory to rattle me. Well, that is despicable. I never knew you cared so much. Well, happened to me. Do you remember? Esme and ryan. Esme used kiki’s memory to hurt me, to torture me on ryan’s orders. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that son of a bitch is dead. That makes two of us. You think, though, that maybe it would give me just a little — a little closure, right? Just a little piece. Nothing can give you that. Nothing. Thank you for everything you’re doing, tracy. To have you involved in the wedding planning, it means a lot to brook lynn and me. Tracy’s dedication is unparalleled. Even collecting rsvps personally. What? Uh, I dropped by, uh, invader to, um — lois wants a final headcount asap. But we just got the invitations back from the printer yesterday. I know, but you know lois. She’s — patience is not one of her virtues.

[ Chuckles ] Right. Well, don’t leave me in suspense. Are you coming to the wedding?

[ Chuckling ] Since I’m officiating, I thought it might be prudent to show up. And alexis has agreed to be my plus-one. Nice. That’s great, dad. Yeah, it is great. What about you, tracy? Who are you bringing to the wedding? It felt strange, didn’t it, kristina answering when dr. Navarro asked us if we wanted to find out the sex? Krissy knows that we are the ones making all of the decisions about the baby. I think she just blurted it out. You know, kristina being kristina. She’s all in with everything she does, and this pregnancy is no exception. I guess. Plus, she seemed totally cool when we said we didn’t want to find out. Yeah, but it’s like you don’t get to be cool. This has nothing to do with her. I know. And she knows. Or she’ll get there. Plus, I mean, it actually has a lot to do with her. I mean, let’s not forget, our baby is dependent on my sister for the next six months. Of course she’s invested in the life inside her. And isn’t that what we want? Hi. Hi. You had an O.B. Appointment tonight, right? Did everything go okay? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was good. Uh, the baby is growing appropriately, strong heartbeat — all good. Thank god. The look on your face made me think something had happened. All good. Then what is it? I mean, obviously, something’s wrong. I wouldn’t say “wrong.” Then pick another word? More like… …strange. Wait. If you go in there, you will blow cyrus’ cover. What cover? This operation has been cursed from the start. No saving it now. Anna, anna, that man is a false prophet. He’s a total fraud. Anna: Just stop. My daughter went to him for help, and he turned her away. Would you calm down? My daughter died because he wouldn’t help her. Don’t hurt her. Heather is a lost soul with a troubled mind. You’ll pay for betraying esme. Do you hear me? No. My daughter will not have died in vain. Enough. Guard, take o’neill back to his cell. Ow,you’re hurting me. No, no. Don’t — don’t hurt her. Please, just get her out of here. Don’t believe him. I know, I know. Out. Go in peace, my friend. You, out of here. No. Ow! You’re hurting my — ow, my hand! Ah! What the hell was that?

You should’ve heard it. I mean, when that heartbeat filled the room, it was like — magic. Yes. Magic. And it was so real. It was more real than anything has felt so far. I mean, there’s — there’s a baby in there. Yes, kristina. That’s what happens when you become pregnant. No, I know, of course. And, obviously, the pregnancy test was proof, and morning sickness was definitely proof, but… …seeing and hearing that little blob — I get it. Or I think I do. I just can’t wait to see who this little person becomes. So what’s the issue? What do you mean? Well, everything you’re saying sounds so positive, but you said that things felt strange. At the appointment, uh, dr. Navarro asked if we wanted to know the sex, and I just immediately, without hesitation, said yes, and I wasn’t even thinking about it. Just came out of my mouth. And molly and tj said no. Being them, they had discussedit ahead of time, of course, and as they should, right? They’re the parents. It’s just… strange. It’s just… I feel bad saying this, but, like, in that moment I felt like the baby was mine. And I know that it’s not. I know that it’s 100% tj and molly’S. Kristina. I get that. Right now, today, that baby is a part of your body. Of course you would think of it as yours. Yeah. Tj: You’re right. Of course, we want krissy to care about our baby. And, remember, that’s her little niece or nephew in there. I’m sure if I were the one pregnant, she’d still be at every appointment demanding to find out the sex. Good point. Good point. Yeah. This is new for all of us. And, you know, like they say, three can be a crowd. Don’t you mean four? Four. We’ll find a way through this — together. Any second thoughts? Second? Try third, fourth, fifth. I am resisting every type a urge not to know and plan everything accordingly, but, you know, we’re not really the “pink or blue” type of people anyway. Yeah, our son or daughter is going to be whoever they want to be. But the “ours” part — that’s nonnegotiable. Dad used to come here. Yeah, it was his place to think. Makes sense. Yeah. Quiet. No traffic, no people. And that’s why he liked it. That’s why I like it, too. Yeah. It’s cool. Mom… …why’d you bring me here? Well, because I feel closer to your dad here, and I thought that maybe you would feel closer to him here, too. You know , your dad was goingto teach you how to ride.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I remember. 16 isn’t that far away. But it’s not the same as learning from your dad. No, it’s not. You’d think, after all these years, I’d have a better handle on my grief. And normally I do, I guess, but losing spencer just brought it all back up to the surface. You’ve been thinking a lot about kiki? Constantly. I understand. I mean, this — this — spencer’s death just blew everything up. You know what I mean? For all of us. And now I got this — this faceless enemy who’s using stone’s name. It’s just — it’s just… stone was very important to you, wasn’t he? Well, you know what? He represents all the people… …who I couldn’t save. Sonny, you can’t be responsible for everybody. It’s not possible. That’s not how I feel. My mother, lily, courtney, morgan. I couldn’t do anything for any of them. You really blame yourself? How could I not? What do you mean, “what was that?” Weren’t you listening? You mic went out after heather showed up. Aw, it — it must’ve got knocked loose during our struggle. Heather really doesn’t like you, does she? You must be agent cates. This whole thing is a colossal waste of time. On the contrary. Why? What do you mean? My talk with mr. O’neill was very enlightening.

Wow. Was it something you said? Finn is checking in with violet, and chase is in the restroom. You know, it wasn’t lost on me, what you did there. What I did where? Getting up to powder your nose when finn inquired as to your date for the wedding. I used the restroom. Can I ask you something? As long as it has nothing to do with my plus-one. Did you really stop by

the invader to confirm my rsvp? Lois wasn’t sure if you were bringing somebody to the wedding. Shouldn’t be surprised. You have experienced her…enthusiasm firsthand. I know. I-I just [Sighs] Got the feeling that you were there to say something else. If I was, it slipped my mind. Okay. Guess it wasn’t important, then. Guess not. Danny, you can talk to me about your dad at any time. You know that, right? Feels…weird sometimes. Why? Because of dante? Okay, listen to me. Yes, dante loves you, but in no way would he ever try to replace jason, nor would he want you to avoid the subject of your dad. I’ve been missing dad a lot lately. More than usual. You want to tell me about it? You know my friend wyatt? Yeah. His dad came home last month after serving two years overseas. Wow. Wyatt must be really happy. He is, and I’m happy for him. We used to talk about our dads all the time. And how you miss them. And now wyatt’s dad’s back. And is it terrible I kind of wish he wasn’t? No. No, danny, not at all. I-I think it’s normal that you would have somebody to relate to and that’s comforting, and not having that can be sad. But, hey, you can talk to me. I’m — I’m — danny. Mom, I’m good. Want to do everything I can to find out whoever’s threatening my family. And selina wu is willing to work with you. We’re going to use her guard, uh, to lay a trap to who — you know, whoever’s gunning for me. He’s going to tell stone’s guy that we’re setting up this secret meeting. You and selina. Right. In some — in some isolated location, where it’s easy to ambush. Re ally, though, it’s a trapfor stone’s gunmen. I’m going to find the leak in my organization… …and I’m going to destroy it. And then I’m going to go after stone. You’ve suffered some betrayal recently, haven’t you? Yes, I have. Yeah, yeah. Carly. Michael. Nina. Michael? I thought that you and michael reconciled. I thought so, too, but it was all lie. Mm. Well, maybe… maybe, in their own way… they thought they were helping you. By going behind my back? Unh-unh. I can’t trust them. I can’t trust anyone. Well, what you can’t do is go through life alone. So if you really think that you don’t have anybody else, then… …you have me. You? Yeah. Me. Who would’ve guessed?

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. For what? For letting me process all my feelings without judging me. This is all really confusing. But one thing I know with absolute certainty — this baby is tj and molly’s, and that’s what matters. You’re amazing. I’m really not. Yes, you are. Being a surrogate is an act of love, and you love that little baby inside you, nurturing him or her for your sister and tj. Yeah, but that’s exactly it. That is exactly the thing. I love this baby for them. No, no, no, for all of you. It’s your family, too, kristina. Yeah. It’s my niece or nephew. Look at me. Everything you’re feeling… …is not only normal but healthy.

[ Breathes deeply ] You always know what to say.

[ Chuckles ] For some reason, it comes easy with you. I see you, kristina… …and what I see takes my breath away. You got useful information out of o’neill?

[ Sighs ] How? The woman busted in, and all hell broke loose. True. But after the guards pulled her off, heather conveniently kept them occupied, giving o’neill and me a chance to continue our conversation. Why would he tell you anything? Especially after he found out the mayor’s your sister? Well, that was a setback, to be sure, but, ultimately, the — the man wants to unburden his soul. You threatened him? I appealed to his better self. Enough with the semantics. Did o’neill tell you who’s behind the mob hits or not?

Stay with me. Don’t go. I could spend every morning laying right here next to you I fell without warning now there’s nothing I can do I dream about you and the times that we’ll have and I just wanted you to know that I think it might be love and I’ll never get enough I can’t imagine going on without you so don’t ever leave my side it might be love and I’ll never get enough I can’t imagine going on without you so don’t ever leave my side it might be love and I just can’t get enough it’s so right, it might be love good night, you guys. Good night. First trimester’s over. Mm-hmm. Our baby is healthy. You know what this means? We don’t have to keep it a secret anymore. We can tell the whole world we’re going to be parents. Should I announce it over the P.A. System? Should I? Tj ashford, don’t you dare. Just a quick, little update. We are — fine, fine, fine. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Thank you. You have given me everything I’ve ever wanted. I love you so much. Not even close to how much I love you. Thank you so much for dinner. You did not have to do that. Yes, I did. I invited you as my guest. Yeah. Thanks, dad. Uh, is yuri driving you home? Uh, actually not. It’s his night off. I’m taking a rideshare. No, I’ll drop you on my way home.

[ Chuckles ] I am not on your way home, but thank you. I’m capable of taking care of it myself. Just because you are doesn’t mean you must. And brook lynn would kill me if I didn’t get you home safe. Okay. Thank you. Wow, thought that was going to end in an arm wrestle. Next time.[ Chuckles ] Thank you. This, uh… this really was fun. It really was. O’neill was much too terrified to give up a name… well, that’s too bad. I told you. No, no no, wait. Don’t go. …But he said something quite provocative. O’neill is terrified of the man who, pardon the pun, is gunning for the mobsters. He’s convinced this person can get to him in here, despite the protective custody. That’s typical snitch behavior. He said that this man is untouchable because he’s a ghost, literally. Explain that. According to o’neill, the person you’re so desperate to find does not exist because he’s dead. I know we haven’t talked about your dad too much, so it might seem a little strange to start now. Yeah, it’s not that. Then what is it? You and uncle drew were so sad when dad died, and I didn’t want to add to that. I-I wanted to be strong for you. Danny, there is no burden too big that I will not help you carry, no matter how tall you get, and you can talk to me about your father any time. Okay. What do you say we go? Does this mean I can get my phone back?

[ Laughs ] No, not a chance. Tough life, I know, kid. You know, if you look up the word “brooding” in a dictionary, this is the picture you’d see. Everything changes. That’s a fact. Just when you think you’re getting close to someone, you’re not. The only person you can really trust… …is yourself. Not avery. She has us. Always. You got me there. Good night, sonny. Good night.

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GH Transcript Thursday, February 22, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Carly: Why did you threaten to blackball writers and photographers if they worked with nina on her new magazine? Nina tried to ruin both of our lives. The least I could do is return the favor. But we’ve already gotten our revenge. You fired nina, and you hired me as editor in chief of crimson magazine. You know it’s killing her to see me take her place! Yeah, until she bounced back as the editor of a new magazine. I had to shut her down. Why?! Why take the bait?! What is the benefit of one-upping nina? We already have everything that we want. Our happiness and our success is the best revenge. Why can’t you just ignore nina? Cody. What are you doing here? I thought you had to work at the quartermaines’ tonight. Ah, yeah, my plans changed. I mean, I would have let you know, but you said that you were staying in to watch a movie. Yeah, well, maxie and i had to blow off some steam after the day we had at work. A latte at the haven bistro wasn’t cutting it, so we decided to come here for a drink or two. Well, it looks like we had the same idea. What a fortuitous happenstance. Maxie: My mom took the kids for dinner and ice cream, so I thought I would take advantage of the free night and let loose a little bit. Well, this is perfect timing. You guys should join us. Uh, we would, but spinelli was just about to bail on me. What?! No! We just got here! Hey. Stay a little bit. We all had so much fun together at the hatchet range. I feel like we should keep that going. Maxie and I could both really use it. Definitely. Please stay. Slumber can wait. Good! Alright. Now that we’re all on the same page, ladies, you two need drinks. Sasha, would you mind helping me? Sure. Alright. Okay. I got maxie here like you asked. What tricks do you have up your sleeve? Dante: Alright, while we’re getting you mic’d up, why don’t we, uh, go over the plan one more time? Alright. So, you’re at pentonville to preach a sermon as a volunteer chaplain, okay? So, the arms dealer that we’re interested in, phillip o’neill, he is in protective custody, but we’ve made a deal with his guards to attend the sermon. So you’re gonna strike up a conversation with him. Wait, wait. I-I thought time was of the essence here. I’ve already agreed to your plan. Why are you talking to me like I’m an idiot? Eh, I don’t know. I think that it’s because you like to exploit loopholes, and I don’t want you to weasel out of what we’ve already agreed to. So while I may have made a deal with the devil, cyrus, I refuse to be damned. Sonny: I thought I was supposed to come here and question your guard who betrayed you, not take a scenic tour around the property. With everything that’s gone on recently, I prefer to be surrounded by security. And that’s easier on my estate. But don’t worry. Your patience is about to be rewarded. How so? I don’t imagine you care about my gardening. But I do all my best work here.

Even a day after we agreedto not engage with nina, she tried to sabotage your first issue as crimson’s editor in chief. Am I supposed to let her get away with that?! No. You’re supposed to have faith in me. Because I handled it. That magazine made it to the printer on time, despite nina’s dirty trick. That’s a testament to how good you are already at your job. It doesn’t excuse her from her behavior like… you want her out of our lives, but nina has made it very clear that she is not gonna disappear, no matter how badly we want that. So what?! Let her play her games! The only thing nina wants is a reaction from us. And the best way to fight her is to not give her that reaction. You don’t really believe that, do you, carly? I mean, she was in your office right here. She was gloating about her next strategy, how to take us down. I — doesn’t that infuriate you?! Yes, it infuriates me! It took everything in me not to smack her. But I know — and I have learned — that every time I stoop to nina’s level, it only causes more conflict. And come on. Sonny’s dumped her. Michael and willow don’t want her anywhere near them or their children. Nina is almost disconnected from everyone in my life — except you, apparently. She’s got a near-bottomless bank account. She’s got nothing else to lose. That is a dangerous combination. I did what I did to try to get her out of our lives quicker and to minimize the damage that she can cause in the meantime. You just want to humiliate her. That, too. Well, at least let me reassure you that I know what I’m doing today. After my sermon, mr. O’neill’s guards will delay returning him to his cell, allowing me the opportunity to enlighten him as to the healing power of confession and how it frees the soul. Okay. That’s a good start. But the goal is to get him to give up the name of whoever it is that he sold the wsb stolen cache of guns to. Y-you do realize that you’re asking me to betray my values and my sacred duties as a man of the cloth. Alright. You might want to dial it back just a little bit. I mean, you’re not even ordained yet, right? You know, there are people here at pentonville who actually see me as a chaplain, with all the responsibilities that that entails. Alright, so you believe that we all get closer to god by admitting our sins, right? I do. Okay. So that’s exactly what you’re doing for o’neill. You know, regardless of the motives, you are giving him an opportunity to change and to become a better person. That’s right. Look. O’neill isn’t talking to us. He’s not getting a plea deal or anything like that. He’s going away for a long time. We got him dead to rights on illegal weapons trafficking charges, okay? So nothing that we do today, the information that we will be getting, will not cause any more trouble for him. And this may help others. Oh, yeah. So much. Oh! 100%. I mean, he’s gonna be putting less people in harm’s way — innocent people like curtis ashford, who may never walk again because of the guns that o’neill sold. I mean, this will help a lot of innocent people, this confession we’re gonna get. The lord does work in mysterious ways. Mm-hmm. He does. Yeah. Okay. Uh, it’s time. You ready? I am. I just hope that my lord and my police commissioner remember my sacrifice. Curtis ashford’s warning that I might be targeted for assassination came just in the nick of time. How so?Between curtis’ information and the failed attack on me, I realized that I’m in greater danger than I thought. Well, that’s been made clear to us already. I immediately started asking questions and — wouldn’t you know — discovered that li here had just bought a new car, a luxury vehicle. I dug a little deeper and learned that he’d recently come into quite a large and unexplained sum of money. After some convincing…

[ Grunts ] …Li admitted that he’d made a deal to share my whereabouts, putting me in a very vulnerable position. My loyal men also recovered a gun that was in li’s possession. You don’t say. My people examined it closely. No serial number. But there was a marking on it. Let me guess. It’s another one of the missing guns that was stolen from the wsb. I will take that as a “yes”! You’ve been working for the people who took a shot at me… twice!

Okay, so, spinelli used to sing karaoke to maxie back when they were dating, so I figure what better way for them to remember their history than for him to serenade her again? Alright. That makes sense! Yep. You want to remind them of all the good times they had together as a couple. Smart. I’m impressed. Tracy is out of control. She’s trying to make all the decisions at deception. She thinks she knows better than me or brook lynn or anyone else who works there. You know she even suggested that I quit and go back to crimson? Not that I would ever do that. I’m completely committed to deception. Also, I just — I can’t give tracy that satisfaction. That’s — that’s egregious! I mean, without you, deception would crumble faster than if thanos snapped it out of existence. Thank you. You know, I-I am working really hard to make deception successful so we all benefit. Tracy’s just not making it easy. Here you go. Remember to put your song choices in early. Thank you. They have karaoke here now? Evidently, kristina just started it. Karaoke can’t help but remind me of our non-wedding.

[ Laughs ] Remember? How could I forget? I hope getting maxie and spinelli together here tonight works… without betraying girl code or telling you anything we’ve talked about. Yeah, yeah. No. I-I would never disclose the conversations spinelli and I have had, either. Right. No, no. We’re keeping our friends’ confidences. Yes. But we can have eyes. We do have eyes. Ah, I just keep my fingers crossed that a night of karaoke with spinelli will give maxie the clarity she needs on her feelings for him. Once the music starts, who knows what’ll happen.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to fight with you. I really don’T. But I’m not gonna apologize for wanting justice for what nina did to me. And I thought you would actually back me up on this. I mean, you normally are the first person to want to get even with somebody that wrongs you. You’re right. Payback has been my go-to reaction for most of my life. If someone hurt me, I was gonna hurt ’em back twice as bad. But most of the time, that reaction has caused more conflict. And, drew… life is short. I mean, losing my mom so unexpectedly, I mean, that just brings it home all over again. And I am happy now. I’m so happy with you. We have such a great life. Isn’t that enough? I thought it would be. And it would have been… if I didn’t find out who turned us in to the sec. But I know. And I can’t pretend like it doesn’t affect me.

[ Sighs ] I-I just came back from pentonville… with so much rage. I mean, do you have any idea what that feels like to be — to be beaten within an inch of your life? I was lying on the floor of that shower, and I was in so much pain, I wished I was dead, but I was praying for somebody to come and save me. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. It was horrible. And then I was freed, and I had nothing to do with that anger. I had nowhere to direct it. I didn’t have anybody to blame… until I found out who sent me there. Oh, god. Seeing nina. It must be so hard every time. And every time I do, I feel the rage boiling inside of me. I think about how much time I lost with scout when I was in prison. I think about getting beaten and the pain and the recovery. So, yeah, sometimes I do feel like I’d like her to feel a little bit of that humiliation as payback. That’s true. Okay. I’m not asking you to forgive nina. I would never ask you to forgive her. But this anger, drew… it scares me. I-I mean, you — you haven’t been the same since you went to prison. I went to prison for… you can finish that sentence. You went to prison for me. I’m done playing games here. Tell me who hired you! Unfortunately, li seems to be quite loyal to his other employer. We haven’t been able to get a name out of him yet. Perhaps you can get him to be a little more forthcoming. Sonny can be

very persuasive. You’re working for people who are trying to have me killed. People who have put my family and people I care about in the crossfire of an assassin’s bullet. Whoever did this is gonna pay.

[ Grunts ] Hey! I usually have people that do this sort of business, but since your friends took a shot at me while my little girl was nearby… I need a more personal touch. Whoever did this is gonna suffer, I promise you that. And whoever’s helping them… is gonna suffer. Unless you give me a compelling reason… to spare you!

you’re gonna sing yet? Uh, no, no, no. Not me. Spinelli is the singer. Spinelli: Oh. Oh. I disagree. Um, I got to grab something. I got to check something out. I’ll be right back. Okay? Well, look, if you’re not gonna grace us with the dulcet tones of your voice, then I’m not gonna sing, either. What?! You can’t sit out just because of me. I know how much you love karaoke. I do. Okay, everyone. We’re gonna get started! So drink some liquid courage if you need it. And get ready for some great tunes. Your first singers tonight are cody bell and sasha gilmore! Whoo!

[ Applause ] Get up there, sasha! Don’t let me down. I hope you know what you’re doing. You trust me. Come on. I — you have never heard my less-than-stellar singing voice. You’ve never heard mine.

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

When I’m feeling down together:  Or when I’m feeling blue I know that I can call I can count on you

[ Laughs ]

Be so strange and unpredictable through thick and thin forever we’ll be friends ’cause you oh, you give me strength to push on through it’s true so true I will always stand by you stand by you alright. You… you, you stand by you you, ooh, ooh, you, ooh, ooh stand by you I know we haven’t seen each other in a while no distance can keep us apart you’ve been so loyal from the start only you can say the words that make me laugh until I cry there’s not a thing that I would change I love just how we are ’cause you oh, you give me strength to push on through it’s true so true I will always stand by you stand by you, ooh, ooh you, ooh, ooh stand by you you, ooh, ooh, you, ooh, ooh stand by you ooh you, ooh stand by you, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh stand by you

[ Cheers and applause ]

Thanks… cyrus: When we confess our sins, we’re not punished, but rather rewarded for having the courage to bare our souls. With penance and absolution, our conscience is freed, and we’re able to step forward with a clear heart. I don’t see your lips moving… so I guess you’ve made your choice. What do you want? A description of the man who hired you to betray selina… and his name. He didn’t give me his name. Said it was better I didn’t know. Then I guess you’re out of luck. No! Listen to me. That man doesn’t matter anyway. He was just a go-between, working for who’s really in charge. That’s convenient, isn’t it? Hm! And you’re telling us you never met his boss? No. Never. Really? So let me guess. He never gave you his boss’s name. He didn’t trust me enough. Come on! But I overheard one of his phone calls. His boss goes by the name “stone.”

I can’t believe I justsang in front of people! I know. You really got into it. I know! I never thought I would like doing anything like that in front of a crowd, but it was so much fun performing with cody. I’m not surprised you had such a great time. You two make a good team. Looks like you’re having fun. Aren’t you glad you stayed? The night has been illuminating. Uh-huh. It seems like maxie’s enjoying herself, too. Maybe you can convince her to sing a duet with you after all. I know what you’re doing. Having a fun night out with my friends? Trying to get maximista and i to spend as much time together in the hopes that it will lead to something, but I’ve already told you I have no intention of pursuing my… unrequited feelings for her. Okay, well, what if it isn’t unrequited? What if she feels exactly the same way you do? What is wrong with you? Please stop. Let this go. I — alright. I-I’m just trying to help out. I didn’t ask for your help. A-and this is none of your business. Why do you care so much anyway? I just want you to be happy, man. Okay. Alright. Maybe I feel bad about how I treated you when I first came to town, too. Oh, when you were blackmailing me? I know. I know. I’m trying to be a better person. I feel like I owe you one. Well, then I release you from that debt. Okay, but that’s not the only reason. I mean, I care about maxie and her family. They mean a lot to me. And I see how much she likes you. I just want her to be happy. Yeah, that’s a touching tale, but you’re not that altruistic. You know what I think? I think you realize the longer you spend playing cupid with maxie and I, the more time you can spend with sasha. I mean, look, sasha is smart and fun. I’m not gonna deny that I like spending time with her, but… that’s not the reason I want you and maxie to get together. Tell yourself whatever you want. Just butt out of my love life. Fine. Okay, well, now that we have that settled… um, you know, I think I’m gonna actually head out. No, no, no, no, no. Wait. Wait a second. Where do you think you’re going? You’re not gonna sneak out before you sing, are you? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I don’t feel like I went to prison for you. You did. You paid for my crime… by losing time with your family. And you almost died. And my life, basically, I don’t know, stay the same. I made a choice to cop a plea to protect you, yeah. I don’t regret that for a second. I would do the same thing in a heartbeat because I love you. I love you, too. That’s all that matters. Is it? I’m not so sure anymore. What does that mean? I understand… your desire for revenge against nina. I mean, if I had to go to pentonville and I found out it was because of her, I would feel the same way. I would want to kill her. Oh, nice to hear you acknowledge that. And I know that my situation was very different. I didn’t have it as bad. I lost some money and a business. And I want you to know that I really do understand and truly, truly appreciate your sacrifice. I know you do. But I can’t move on with my life unless nina is behind me. I don’t want to think about her anymore, I don’t want to argue with her anymore, and I don’t want to try and hurt her anymore because it always comes back to bite me. Nina suffers, but I suffer. And I don’t want to do that to myself anymore. I don’t want you to do that anymore. But I can’t make you feel the way I feel. It’s obvious that we’re not on the same page about nina. But we can just keep talking. We c-can figure things out as we move forward, how to deal with her. Drew! I want nina out of my life completely. And I don’t know if you can do that. I don’t know if you want to do that. I understand. And I want you to know that I — that I hear where you’re coming from. But I’m not just a passenger along for the ride in your life. I’m in this relationship just as much as you are and I get just as much say in how to handle nina as you do. Hello. I’m cyrus, the honorary chaplain here at pentonville. Phillip o’neill. I hadn’t seen you at any of our services. Wanted to introduce myself and, uh, see if there was anything I could do for you. I appreciate that. I think I’m good. I just only recently become incarcerated here. Well, I’m sorry you find yourself behind bars. As a former inmate, I know how disconcerting that can be. I didn’t realize a former felon could be a chaplain. Well, my journey has been an enlightening one. I, uh, spent years making all the wrong choices, and finally I allowed myself to listen to what god had been trying to tell me all along — that I was not beyond saving… if only I would trust in him to guide me. And now that I’ve been given a chance at redemption myself, I try to pay it forward by helping other lost souls. That’s quite a transformation. Yeah. Thank you for sharing. Well, it turns out this is my calling, helping others find a way forward when all seems lost. I can see something’s troubling you, brother. Maybe I can help. From your reaction, I gather that name means something to you. Yeah. Uh, it was somebody that I knew a long time ago. Very important to me. He’s gone now. Then it can’t be the same person who’s targeting us. But that name is also very important to somebody else that just arrived in port charles. I’m disappointed in you, anna. I thought we’d come to an understanding. Yeah. So did I. I don’t think I’m violating that in any way. If you will excuse me, my detective and i are in the middle of an operation. One that was never cleared by me. Imagine my surprise when I’m informed that phillip o’neill is not available for questioning tonight because he’s at a religious service. On your orders. Yes. Well, I stand by my decision. And may I remind you that this is my jurisdiction and o’neill is a possible witness. So I am at liberty to conduct my investigation any way I choose! You are not at liberty to keep the fbi in the dark, which is why I’m shutting this operation down!

to stop the attackson these mob figures. Yeah, I get that we all have a vested interest in solving this case, but it’s your methods I have a problem with. You’re trying to get my witness under a wire and extract information without looping me in. I can’t allow that. Oh, so you want to tank the entire investigation because your pride’s hurt? I have been working on this case for months. I have put everything into it. So I am not going to allow you to blow the whole thing because you got a bias toward sonny corinthos. O-kay! And there it is. That’s it, right? This whole vendetta you have against my father? Okay. Sonny has been targeted twice. It’s not a bias to try to find out who’s responsible. It’s literally our job. And o’neill is the best lead that both of our cases has. And the federal prosecutor couldn’t convince him to talk, so I have taken matters into my own hands. By acting without authority and going behind my back? Okay, but this could work! Why are you so ready to shut it down?! Stone was a kid I took in back in the ’90s. He was very, very important to me. He had a brother named john. After stone died, john had a son, named him stone in memory of his brother. John is a fed. I see. We never got along. I mean, matter of fact, he hated my guts. The only thing we had in common was stone. And after stone died, I… I hadn’t seen john in years until recently. And he still has it in for me. John is the agent investigating all the attacks on organized-crime figures. That seems like suspiciously convenient timing. Yeah. I feel the same way. So if whoever’s coming after us is named stone, that can’t just be a coincidence. It does raise a lot of pressing questions. And I want to get the answers. Damian spinelli, you are up! Go for it, buddy. Now’s your time to shine! Maxie: What are you waiting for? Get up there! You can do it, spinelli! We believe in you! Spinelli! Whoo!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Soft ballad plays ] There’s something in the air tonight makes me want to run there’s something in the smiles tonight makes me feel alone just when I start to come undone they way I often do all of the lights just fade away and it all comes down to you it all comes down to you sometimes the world’s too much for me I think I’m gonna drown but you make me come alive whenever you’re around just when I start to come undone the way I often do all of the lights just fade away and it all comes down to you it all comes down to you it all comes down to you

[ Song ends ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Whistles ]

[ Applause ] Should we? Yeah, definitely. Hey. It’s so hot in here. We’re gonna go get some fresh air. I don’t mean to make you feel that it’s my way or no way. You’re completely justified in wanting nina to pay for what she did to you. But not if it’s turning you into someone that the people you love don’t recognize. If nina accomplishes that, then she wins. Mnh. That’s the last thing that I want. I know. And I hate that this is where we are. When we talked about me taking the job at crimson, my condition was that it would end your war with nina. And you agreed. So consider this my first and last issue.

[ Door closes ] That was a beautiful song. Maybe should have gone with more of an up-tempo, you know, more of a crowd-pleaser. No, no. The slow song was perfect. It, uh, reminded me of how you’ve been singing “lullaby and good night” to bailey lu every night for the last two months. Two months. Wow. Time flies when you’re crashing in someone else’s abode.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not getting tired of that bedtime song? No. No. Never. I love hearing you sing to her. Almost as much as I love having you at the house and seeing you with the kids every day. They adore you. And we’re happy to have you. You’re the one who’s not been able to be in your own space for so long. Yeah. Repairs have progressed slower than expected.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t mind. If it didn’t mean your apartment would look like a scene from “avatar: The way of water,” I would say you should never leave. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to — no, no, no, no. Don’t take it back. I feel the same way. Living together the last couple months just — just felt so right. For me, too. You know there’s nothing I-I wouldn’t do for you. I’m here for what– whatever you need. Spinelli… when my life was falling apart, you were always there for me. I know I can count on you. Always. I mean, you’re — you’re one of my closest friends. You know, I actually… …consider you more than a friend. How so? This was fun. I’m really glad we did this. Me too. And I have to admit, as much as you always say that you regret your past, it’s really fun watching you scheme for a good cause. You’re very good at it. Well, it’s easy when you have a great accomplice. I have to go. Oh! Hey! I’ll see you at work tomorrow. We have to go! Okay. Bye. I told you everything you wanted to know! It’s not enough! But it’s all I have! You know everything I do! I swear! Please. Then you got one shot… to save your life. I’ll do anything. Anything? So, tell me what’s weighing you down, my son, that we might pray on it together and find you some peace. I’m worried about my safety. I haven’t slept in days, and I feel like there’s so many people in here out to get me. I just… after all the things I’ve done and… people I’m mixed up with… well, your past doesn’t need to define you. You can move forward in your life. It begins by telling the truth. So give yourself a chance, man. Tell me everything. I am lead agent on this case. I don’t have to explain my actions to you. I answer to a higher authority. I want us to work together. I am not the enemy here. My daughter thinks the world of you, and that is worth something to me. Personally, I don’t have a problem with you. Professionally? That’s a different story. You are standing in the way of me tracking down a large shipment of stolen guns and possibly stopping whoever’s murdering mob bosses from consolidating their power! This ends now, anna! Yeah, something just doesn’t feel right about this. I mean, it almost feels like y-you’re having a personal issue with anna or something. That’s a big accusation with no proof. I’ve got proof! We’ve come this far. I can’t believe you want to stop us from questioning this witness. Neither can I. Something else is going on here. You know, if you force me to shut down this operation, then my hands are tied. I’m gonna go to your supervisor and tell them that you’re not fit to investigate this case. So what’s it gonna be? It’s your choice.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, February 21, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Maxie: Oh, my god. This is fantastic. Wow. Is it just me, or is it — even more gorgeous than the mock-up? Website traffic and social media mentions are spiking. If this continues, we’re in for one hell of a quarter. I got to say, brook lynn, congratulations. Well, thank you to all of us. No, I mean to you and all the work you did with carly to make this happen. Well, that’s why I’m here. Not to make this weird, but seeing you so invested in deception again, I have to wonder, are you reconsidering your plan to hand the company over to me? Absolutely not. The first moment it is possible, deception will be yours again, just as it should be.

[ Voice breaking ] Okay, I know it’s hard to tell because our waterproof mascara and eyeliner is just that fantastic, but I’m literally tearing up right now.

[ Chuckles ] So, what’s going on here? It’s like ever since I saw spencer go into the water, I’ve been, like, walking through a fog. And it’s like the world doesn’t have meaning anymore. And… everything that was important to me has lost its value. I hear you. But not everything has lost its value. I mean, what about art? What about your family and your friends? I mean, I-I love you all, but it’s more like something I remember feeling, you know? Yeah. I do know. I think I felt pretty similar after oscar passed. That is how I know you will get through this. Well, what makes you so sure? Because you’re you. And because I say so.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] We’re both going through it when it comes to spencer. I just can’t believe that he’s gone. Well, he’s not the only one. What about dex? I just want to thank you again, spinelli, for going through this entire ruse, moving in with maxie and paying rent to help keep her afloat so she can sort out her finances. It’s meant a lot. I was only too happy to help.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m sure giving up your personal space has been a huge sacrifice. Which is why I am happy to report, fingers crossed, that your pipes might soon be fixed. My — my pipes were never broken. That was all part of the — oh. Oh, you’re — you’re saying that — I-I see. Yes.

[ Both chuckle ] Maxie’s almost back on her feet. So I was thinking that it might be time to put an end to our little “deception.” As it were. So you can finally pick up stakes and move back home. Won’t that be great? Yeah. Great. Lucy: Look at you two. Mm, thick as thieves. You know, it forces me to wonder, maxie, what inspired you to get so, so cozy with the resident rat? It’s nothing, lucy. We were just excited about the spread. Oh, okay. Well, I’m — I’m actually excited. I love it. It’s excellent, and it’s better than I imagined. And, you know, I do have a very vivid imagination. Clearly. Uh –sasha: I have to give it up for our team. The copy, the placement… this entire ad campaign looks fantastic! Well, you know what they say about appearances. We all have been deceived, and someone is going to be held accountable. The social media reports came in, and the online engagement about our coverage has been on a steady rise. So hopefully those numbers will impress our new management.

[ Gregory chuckles ] Nina: Me? Satisfied? Never. Look what you did! She’s a beauty, just like her editor. What’s the matter? Don’t you want to celebrate your first issue of crimson? Carly: I wish I could. But right now, I can only think about one thing.

[ Door opens ] Sonny. Hi. I did not think you’d be here. I’m just going to pick up something for the gallery. I’ll stay out of your hair. Sonny: Ava? You can’t avoid me forever. Well, I can try.

[ Chuckles ] Ava… we need to talk about your sister.

[ Alarm ringing ]

Let’s do this. Believe me, I am so proud of that magazine. I mean, I’ve never done anything like that before. And I know that I should be out there thanking my staff for all their hard work, but, um… …this happened. Olivia jerome is dead. The woman who planted the car bomb that killed morgan. I mean, seeing this headline, you know, it just opened a door that I’d been keeping closed really tight. So now all I can think about is my son and how he was taken from me.When I heard about her death, I thought about morgan, too. And in fact, I was — I was on my way to talk to you about it, to see how you were doing. But then I saw this, and I just thought — I just — I was so proud of you that you were able to focus on this, considering. But I should have — no. No, why? I mean, it should be a happy thing, right? It is. I wish I could feel that instead of all these feelings that are coming back to me. Carly, he was your son. His death was so sudden and senseless, drew. I know, I know. He was so young. He had so much life left to live. Ugh! You know, I should just be, um — you know, I should have processed this already, and I should be able to bounce back right away. I shouldn’t — right? I should just be able to bounce back. Why? There is no “should,” not when it comes to losing a child. You’re right. I have been avoiding you, but can you blame me? I’m sure I’m not… a person that you want to see right now. I didn’t ask you to steer clear, ava. No, I know, and I-I know that you’re not one to mince words. I also know that — that you wouldn’t tell me to leave. For avery’s sake. If you’re in my home, it’s ’cause I want you to stay. I don’t mind. I don’t mind, you know, if — if avery stays and I find someplace else. You know that’s not an option. And staying here is? Doesn’t my being here bring up an awful lot of memories, sonny? Carly changed the layout. In bad faith, I might add. We were promised a interview and a full-page spread in the first 20 pages. Maxie: We were. And then carly called us personally and told us there was a spacing issue. She got the change approved by brook lynn and by me. And she gave us an additional half page worth of ad space as compensation. Which means we got better placement and more space, all thanks to your granddaughter’s exceptional negotiation skills. But it wasn’t what we agreed upon. And we could have squeezed more out of carly. But clearly, you’re too close to her or maybe just too trusting to realize it. Tracy, why don’t you take another look at the issue yourself? I think if you keep an open mind… what little mind she has left. …You’ll see how fantastic this ad campaign is. Thanks to maxie’s guidance. It’s vital. It’s fresh. You can really see how much passion that went into it. Well, maybe if maxie loves what carly is doing so much, she should sell her shares of deception and go back to crimson.

I didn’t realize thatwe had a meeting this morning. Oh, we didn’t, but, um, I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t sit on my hands after reading your olivia jerome coverage.

[ Chuckles ]You know, we’re all very proud of our work on that piece. Not only did the invader get the scoop on ms. Jerome’s murder, but we also provided valuable context and insight into her life, as well as her death. It was so good. I loved it. I love it. That’s why I want to promote your work. I want to find you, alexis, your peabody, your pulitzer.

[ Chuckles ] I think that what you’re suggesting is a little ambitious. Of course it is. By that, I meant a little too ambitious. Nina, I know that you’re used to running a glamour magazine, but this is a daily newspaper. So the — the pacing and the style, it’s different. I get it. And I trust your instincts on journalistic integrity. But? But what I bring with me from crimson is more than a little expertise on circulation. And, you know, the invader, while good, it leveled off. Again, with respect, the landscape of journalism is a daily struggle. So what I would suggest is that you spend some time learning about the business, and then you make a big change if you wish. Oh, what a great idea. That’s a great idea. That’s why I want you to focus in on the important issues like quality journalism. Great. Thank you — and let me worry about the numbers. Right. What does that mean?

[ Lucy giggles ]What’s so funny? Um, oh, um…

[ Clears throat ] It’s just that I am so pleased to know that you haven’t lost your famous people skills. Okay, excuse me. Let’s all just take a minute to recognize that there is no deception without maxie. Have y’all even taken a minute to look at social media? Our campaign is doing great.

Crimson readers are going straight to the website, all thanks to maxie. Well, thank you, brook lynn, but you deserve just as much credit. Clicks and likes do not translate to sales. They literally do. People who go directly to the website end up buying usually more than one product, making up for those who are just browsing. And likes keep us trending, which mean more clicks, so… excuse me, where are you escaping to? Oh, uh, this is so boring. You know, all she does, that tracy, is complain, and I’m tired of hearing it. I’m sure you are, too. So I gotta go. Got a lot more important things to do with my time. Any — any number of — of bad things could happen to maxie. There could be a downturn in the market. Deception could have a downturn. The — the debt ceiling could be a socioeconomic trash compactor. Breathe, breathe, spinelli. Maxie’s financial advisor is confident that she’ll be fine. Do we trust this advisor? What are their credentials? Are they even a fiduciary? They could be an itinerant gambler, embezzler, or, god forbid, clandestinely involved in the performing arts. Well, I don’t really think that’s the case, but you never know, right? Your attempt at humor is no solace to me. I’m getting a very strong impression that nothing would be. Level with me, spinelli. Why don’t you want to move out? Talking about your sister, olivia? You brought her up. Yes, I did. I know that I probably don’t have to say this, but I think it does bear repeating. She and I were not close. I barely knew her. I mean, she — she did hold me hostage. I remember. And so whoever killed my dearly departed sister, I’m grateful. Well, I don’t know how grateful you’re gonna be when I tell you who did it. Okay, well? You gonna keep me in suspense? It was the people who tried to, uh, kill me at the metro court and in puerto rico. Ah. Well, I can’t say that I’m a fan of all their work, but I will give them credit for doing the one good deed of wiping olivia jerome off the planet. But where does this leave us, sonny? You know, there’s a lot of history under this roof right now, and… I don’t know how long we can sustain it. Well, you know what? I don’t even want to think of the past, ’cause there’s so much trouble going on in the here and the now. Can we agree on that?

[ Knock on door ] I’ll check on avery. What is it? Bodyguard: Boss, you have a visitor. I don’t — I don’t want to be disturbed. I’ll send her away.Selina: You’ll do no such thing. Sonny corinthos. You never write. You never call.

No, no, no, j-just hear me out. Fine, but only ’cause I have to. Okay, this is what you do. You take your two top op-ed writers, and you publish them on alternate days, so the invader will have space for a syndicated gossip columnist. When valentin told me that he bought this paper and hired you to be publisher, I told him in no uncertain terms that I would let this paper be turned back into a seedy tabloid. Not on my watch. Listen, listen, I promise you, you will be able to provide quality journalism for your readers. Great. Then we’re done here? But in order to fund and expand that work… apparently not. …We just — we need to increase revenue. And the only way to do that is by readership growth. See, one thing that I did learn from crimson — it pays to give the readers what they want. You’ve already hired someone, haven’t you? See, I like to work with people who, you know, are open-minded and who are unafraid of change. And I know that’s you, alexis, whether you know that or not. Help!

[ Sighs ] Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to convince her that there’s going to be no gossip column here, or — or we’re going to just hightail it out of here with our integrity intact. Will you say something? Don’t hate me… but I think nina might be onto something. It’s not that I don’t want to move out, it — it’s just that I’ve gotten used to spending time with — with georgie and james and bailey lu. And it would be a shame to abruptly end their tutelage of fantasy role-playing games at such a crucial juncture. Bailey plays fantasy games? We work as a team. She’s got a deft touch with the dice.

[ Chuckles ] Well, if it isn’t two of my very favorite people. Mm. Hello, cody. Hi, felicia. How’s mac doing? He’s still away. We talk a little bit every day, if we can. He sends his regards. Oh. Um, well, please send him mine, as well. Um, listen, I-I couldn’t help but overhear you two. So, spinelli, why not tell felicia the truth? Look, there’s things that I can’t tell you about why dex left. And I just want you to know that that has nothing to do with our friendship. I’m here for you, okay? So tell me what you can. What have you figured out so far? Spinelli wants to keep spending time with the kids. You know, wouldn’t it be jarring if he suddenly left, especially after they’ve gotten used to having him there so much? And I bet spinelli would miss them, too. Isn’t that right, buddy? That’s exactly right. Uh, well, I suppose we could work out some kind of arrangement to wean you out of the house. Talk to maxie. Lucy: Felicia. Excuse me. You, with me, now. Oh. Okay. Now. Um, excuse us, fellas. Mm-hmm. Excuse us. Come on! Come on, come on, come on! Oh. Uh, excuse me. It’s good to see you. Come on, come on, come on. Alright. Hurry. Hurry up. Okay. You do know felicia’s right, don’t you? Tracy: Thank god she left. We can finally get some work done. Before we do that, grandmother, I’d like to have a word. Maxie, can we please use your office for a second? Oh, yes. By all means. Maybe you can get tracy to see what a triumph we’ve made. Sasha, get out while you can. Finally. It’s just you and me. How do you want to manage this crisis? We don’T. Because there isn’t a crisis. Have you learned nothing? What I’ve learned is that there’s obviously something that’s upsetting you, and you’re taking it out on everyone else. And I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with deception. Selina, you just happened to be in the neighborhood? First of all, I wanted to congratulate you. Why? What did I win? The woman who was responsible for the death of your youngest son is finally dead. Yeah, well, too little, too late. You know how that goes. Uh, anything else you need? Why did I have to hear from curtis ashford that I might be the target of a shooter going after…certain independent business owners? It’s okay. Ava knows everything. Even so. Care to answer the question? Yeah, well, I thought that you could, you know, handle it yourself. I appreciate the vote of confidence. But why should i believe you? I don’t really care if you believe me or not. Before all this happened, we were managing to peacefully coexist in port charles. But now, with all this secrecy, I’m thinking maybe that should change. Perhaps now is the time to bring our alliance to an end.

You want to end our alliance, that’s up to you. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Why not?Why don’t I leave you to it? No, no, don’t leave, ’cause I might need your input. Really? And why? Did we not forget that she was in the business? But not for quite some time now. Well, she knows the business from the inside and the outside, and she may even, you know, give you some insight. Unlikely, but one never knows. So tell me, why should you and i not dissolve our partnership? You never represented a threat to me or my business, and we both know you don’t want to, as a matter of scale. Then why not tell me the truth, that I have a target on my back? I was going to. That’s the actual truth. But then you changed your mind? Like I said, there was — there were other factors. Such as? Alright. If I tell you this, you need to give me your word that it doesn’t go out of this room. You have my solemn oath. There’s a leak in my organization. I see. Do you know who it was? I thought I did, but turned out to be a dead end. And I didn’t want to say anything to you until I was positive. I see the wisdom in that. As it turns out, you’re not the only one with a traitor in their midst. I always thought that if olivia jerome ever got what was coming to her, that I would feel some kind of, um… relief. Yeah. And then it happens, and… I feel anger and s-sadness. Hey. Why don’t you take the day off, okay? This is a lot to process. People will understand. No, no, I can’T. I can’t, because everyone worked so hard to put this issue together. I mean, everyone showed up, and they — they taught me the ropes, and they deserve some recognition. They do. So, how do I look? Do I look okay? You look amazing. I’m not upset about anything. Where’d you get that idea? I saw the way you reacted to lucy. She’s an airhead. Look. Ever since you lost luke, you’ve been a little… rudderless. Maybe even a little lonely, dare I say, though I know you’d never admit it. But, look, it doesn’t have to be that way. I know it must be scary opening your heart up after losing the man you love. But I also know you must want to. This is not appropriate workplace conversation. I’m right. It’s obvious that there’s someone you’d like to bring to the wedding, but — but you just haven’t asked them yet. You are not right, so how can it be obvious? Why else would you have pitched a fit for not getting a plus-one? Oh, come on! Okay, you know what? You’re right. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Thank you. Because if I did, then that would mean that you’re too afraid to ask. But you are tracy angelica quartermaine. You’re not afraid of anything, are you? The mock-ups are exactly the same. They’re just spaced out a little more, which means we have more ad space. They look less crowded, which is a win for us. I don’t even know what tracy’s talking about. Okay, maxie, stop. Sorry, sorry. I’m rambling. It’s just, tracy, she drives me so crazy sometimes. She drives all of us crazy, maxie. But you can’t take her too seriously. Besides, brook lynn knows how to handle her. You’re right. You’re right. I know that. And normally, I wouldn’t let something like this bother me. I would just dive straight into work. But this time… maxie? Are you okay? Yeah. Why? You just stopped talking. Oh, I could see how that would be a cause for concern. Is something else on your mind? My accountant. She said I’m close to being financially solvent again. Oh, that’s great. You must be so relieved. Yep, yep, I am. Are you sure? Because by the look on your face, it doesn’t seem like good news. Is something else going on? I know what you’re going to say, that you and maxie are just friends or co-parents or whatever, but I — as much as I’m loath to admit it… you’re right. My feelings for maxie extend beyond the platonic into the romantic. Again. Way to go! Look at you, buddy. I’m really proud of you. You said it out loud. Doesn’t it feel good? Yes, but… only because I know nothing will come of it. Uh, maxie will ask me to move out, which I will, and then everything will go back to normal. Or maybe now is the perfect time to tell her how you feel. And risk our friendship? No, I — how could I possibly throw that away just because of some fleeting infatuation? Has maxie said anything, I-I mean, about things — you know, things at deception? Other than working night and day on a new ad campaign? No! No, no, not — not about work. I’m — I’m talking about brook lynn. That viper. Brook lynn, not — not maxie. I mean, you know, she did help tracy steal deception from me and her — maxie, not brook lynn. Yeah, I got that. Okay, good. Well, see, I just — I can’t figure out, why is maxie trying to make brook lynn look so good? So, if sonny sent dex away, would he trust him to go? Or — or would he make his guards make sure that he stays away? Oh, my god. Trina, you’re a genius. I have most of sonny’s guards’ numbers, um, because of donna and avery. Can you trace them or something?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Well, I can’t, but I think I know someone who can.

I need to make sure that this office still meets your high standards. We’re satisfied with the repairs. Thanks. You know, carly, I have to say, you’re much more understanding than that boyfriend of yours. How so? Well, drew, he was so upset when the repairs were being done that he made a few choice phone calls to some very important people, and he crushed my dreams of starting my own magazine. But fortunately, I am resilient. I adapt, so I’m no longer in fashion. I am now in news media instead. Oh. Cable access? Oh. Oh, wait, you haven’t heard. Valentin bought the invader, and now I’m publisher. So I guess the moral of the story is everything always works out in the end. So thank you, drew. You freed me from the insular world of fashion, allowing me to broaden my horizons with the invader. So from now on, I’m on to far bigger, far better things. Nina wants a money maker that relies on subscribers rather than advertisers. Gossip columns began as populist journalism that was written by and for the elite. You know why the society page died? Because no one gives a crap anymore about debutantes and divorcees. I know you think it’s soft and unworthy of inches in your newspaper, but it also reveals what’s going on behind the closed doors of influential people. Columns about who wore what where don’t interest me. Well, you’re not your only subscriber. And don’t forget, not every newspaper’s dropped off at a doorstep anymore. Most of our readers prefer to come to us, and we want them to keep coming, do we not? Of course we do. So if we want them to eat their vegetables, I.E., The good stuff that we offer them, then maybe we need to entice them with a little dessert. I don’t like it. You don’t have to like it. What, so we just have to do it? Unless you can come up with a high-brow alternative that’s just as popular and profitable. I have a better idea. Why don’t you come up with a high-brow alternative as — whatever you said? Earn your paycheck.

[ Chuckles ] Alright. I’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime, I hope you won’t hold my falling in line behind nina against me, because… I have a favor to ask. Depends. What’s the favor? Of course I’m not afraid. Brook lynn: Then why not ask? It’s not your business. Yeah. Well, if I hadn’t inherited your relentlessness and insistence on meddling, then I’d let it go, but, alas. Fine. There is someone. I knew it.But I’m not going to ask him. Why not? Because it’s not necessary. Why not? Is he already going to be at the —

[ Gasps ] It’s gregory. Good guess.

[ Laughs ] So now you see there’s no point. But wouldn’t it be great to show up on gregory’s arm, as opposed to just happening to be at the same place? They must be almost done with the repairs in spinelli’s apartment. And that means he’ll be moving out soon. That’s too bad. You really seem to enjoy having him at your house. Oh, we drive each other crazy. We always have. But in a good way, right? Sometimes. I guess I missed seeing spinelli every day, because now that I do… I don’t know, I just — I love telling spinelli about my day, and I love explaining the business to him and listening to him talk about chemical compounds and situational ethics for product testing and hearing about his day, most of which the details are completely incomprehensible. It’s like listening to r2-d2. Who doesn’t love r2-d2? Right? But he loves what he does, and I love hearing him talk about what he loves. For somebody who uses 500 words when 5 will do… I can’t imagine what that must be like. …He’s a great listener. Spinelli always helps me put my day into perspective and remember what matters the most. If things are going so well, why don’t you ask him to stay? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Why not? No. Because, sasha, I have already asked so much of him. How could I ask him for anything else? Go find dex. And when you do, never let go of him. I don’t know what’s going on with maxie and brook lynn. I mean, all I know is they have a very strong bond. You don’t care for the same child without developing a deep trust and understanding. Friendship, though, is one thing. Business is quite another. I-I don’t know why maxie is being so generous with brook lynn, or why brook lynn is so suddenly invested in deception. They’re probably just working out their differences, and it’s as simple as that. I wish I could be more of help to you, but — but I can’T. Mm-hmm. I gotta go. Do you know I used to woo maxie with karaoke?

[ Laughs ] Oh, those were the days, my friend. That’s an expression. We’re acquaintances at best. Yeah, I’m well aware. Hi, spinelli. Oh, hey. Josslyn. Um, my condolences about spencer. Oh. Thank you. Um… can I talk to you? Any idea who the leak is? With all due respect… I to– you can trust her. It’s heartwarming that one of us does. It’s okay. I was just about to fix myself a drink. Cheers, ms. Jerome. I take it you heard about the attack on me and my men? Yeah, I heard something about that. I-I don’t know the details. Anything else I should know? Between us, I was quite taken aback… to find that I’d left myself in so vulnerable a position. I know the feeling. After the attack, I discovered that one of my most trusted guards had been accepting bribes. He’d tipped off my location. I need to talk to this guy. That can be arranged. But I’ll need something from you in return.

Can  you find the locationof a cellphone off the number? It’s possible, but it does depend on a variety of factors. It might help if I knew who you were looking for. Trust me. The less you know, the better. Do you and maxie have any plans tonight? Not that I know of. You do now. Uh, yeah. Bring her down to charlie’s, okay? Spinelli will be waiting. Do not take no for an answer. We’ll be there. Now that is a favor I am more than happy to grant, so let me check my schedule. Hang on. Tracy: Excuse me, alexis.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Gregory, your assistant said I’d find you here. I-I don’t really have an assistant, but — oh, well, somebody knew where you were. It’s always lovely to see you, tracy. What brings you by? Uh, I actually had something personal I-I wanted to talk to you about. Uh, by the way, I just wanted to let you know that my schedule is free, and I am available to be your plus-one. Plus-one for what? Uh, brook lynn and chase’s wedding. Oh. Did you want to go somewhere and discuss — no, no, actually, um, lois has been harassing me about nailing down the rsvps, but now I can just tell her that we spoke. And, alexis, it’s so great that you will be joining us on the — on the big da– big day. I’m so excited about my new venture that I just had to share. You know, being publisher of the invader is allowing me to tell these new stories. I’m especially interested in exposing how those at the top are willing to do anything to stay there. So don’t you dare cancel your subscription. You won’t want to miss a beat. God! Can you believe that woman? Yeah, she’s hateful. We knew that. So why go out of your way to antagonize her? Lucy: Brook lynn. Lucy. Brook lynn, you and maxie are up to something. And you are going to tell me exactly what that is. Just trying to run deception, that’s all. Really? Hmm. Okay. So if I were to go to tracy and suggest that maybe her true-blue granddaughter isn’t all she’s pretending to be, would you stick to the same story? I mean, really. Think about it. If I were just to suggest to your dearly beloved granny tracy, what do you think she’d think if she knew that you and maxie are conspiring against her express wishes for deception? You don’t need to upset her that way. So tell me. What do you want to make sure that doesn’t happen? Easy. I want in. What do you need? I want to resume my poker games. They were rather profitable, and their absence has sparked a demand for their return. And in exchange, you give me access to your guard. Access? Is that all? And free rein to get whatever answers I need, by whatever means necessary.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, February 20, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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 sonny, I have at least four people on standby that can do this. You don’t need me. I — listen, I need you to handle this directly. I need somebody I can trust. Will you do this for me or not? I live to serve. Your son to see you, boss. Which one? What do you mean, which one? Does it matter? I have so many ideas for the invader. Hey, are you sure that you can’t sit and brainstorm with me? I’m sorry, nina. I’m booked. Hello, laura. Hello. Robert. Have a seat. Well, since we all know why we’re here, we can get on with it. We’re here to discuss the consequences of… charlotte’s actions when stalking anna. We’re closed. Anna: Even for me? I got some tea and cookies for you guys. Oh, thank you. You didn’t need to go to any trouble. It’s no trouble at all. Now I will leave so you two can talk. Well, honey, why don’t you stay? I’m sure that whatever jordan has to say you can hear, right? Technically, you’re not allowed to hear what I’m about to say. What can I do for you, dante? You okay? Yeah. Why? Uh, diane seemed a little pissed off. And this isn’t the warmest welcome I’ve ever received from you, so, I mean, I can come back if you’re busy. No, no. I’ve just got a lot on my mind. What, like the olivia jerome killing? I read about that. I’m not gonna shed any tears. But I had nothing to do with that, if that’s what you’re implying. Actually, we think that the same people who killed olivia jerome are the same people who’ve been trying to kill you.

Well, as you know, laura, the da’s office must avoid all appearance of bias. Meaning what, exactly? Meaning that any familial ties to the mayor, minor age, injury incurred during the course of the crime negate the fact that there was a crime committed at all. Several, actually. She wasn’t in her right mind. You know that. I do appreciate the difficult position you’re in. So please just tell us what your office has decided. My office will not pursue any charges… at this time, provided that charlotte work with a court-ordered therapist, a thousand hours of community service, and three years of probation. We good? Sorry, commissioner, but the grill won’t open for another hour. I’m happy to leave word with the matre d’ if you’re looking for a table. Just let me know the number of people in your party and what time. I’m not here to dine. I’m here to offer you an opportunity to save lives. Possibly including your own. And why would you want to save me? I assure you that whatever you have to say will be kept in the strictest confidence. Nothing you say will ever leave this room. Well, I can’t provide all of the details, but there have been some developments in the investigation into the metro court pool shooting. Has the shooter been captured? No. Found? No. But we’re closer now that we know the shooter’s agenda. And we have a definitive answer to who the target was. Well, I already know the target wasn’t curtis. So who was it? Anna? Sonny? Babe. The shooter was aiming at sonny. And that’s a definitive? Well, we are as sure as we can be without a statement from the shooter. Unfortunately, sonny wasn’t the only target. Dad, we think the same person or people that took out olivia jerome are the same people that tried to take you out at the metro court pool and in puerto rico. We also think they’re responsible for the deaths of various other organized crime figures across the country. So olivia was next on the list. That’s right. We were operating under the assumption that it was a lone gunman, but they’re clearly not working alone, because olivia’s guards were ambushed by two men, part of a bigger group or an organization. Well, that tracks with what jagger cates told me. And he also advised me to watch my back. So you telling me there’s a possibility that somebody’s infiltrating my organization? Yeah, this is serious, dad. We got to find this traitor. You say that like there’s only one. Nina. Good afternoon. Hi, diane. The bartender should be back momentarily. Oh, not to worry. I’m not here to see him. I’m here to see you. You’ve been served. These are divorce papers.

The fbi and the pcpd are working together. We have reason to believe that the shooting is related to a series of attacks on organized crime figures across the eastern U.S. Look, I’m relieved to know that curtis wasn’t the target. But I’m still furious that he became collateral damage because somebody had a vendetta that had absolutely nothing to do with him. I understand the feeling. Jordan, I appreciate the update. Actually, I’d begun to look into things myself. Really? What’d you come up with? Well, I didn’t get too far. I, um, had to pause ’cause I underwent surgery. Understandable. He’s been focused on his treatment. How is the recovery coming? There’s definitely progress. I’m glad to hear that. I told you that I would keep you in the loop, so that’s why I shared this information. I know that staying on the sidelines isn’t how you operate, but now that you’ve mentioned you’re working on the case, maybe it’s time I speak to anna about making you a more active part of the investigation. I can’t imagine why I’d be in danger. Clearly, I’m not the man I once was. Oh, yeah. You consider yourself reformed, mr. Renault. But I’m not sure that everyone else feels the same way. Your former life does put you at risk. In fact, who’s to say you’re not the next target? Then I shall rely on god to be my protector, not the, uh, pcpd. Okay. And what about all the other would-be targets or collateral victims? Will your conscience — will it be at peace with their deaths, knowing that you didn’t do everything in your power to stop this violence? God helps those who help themselves, ms. Devane. And I am not in the business of saving lives. That’s your job. I’m just trying to save a few souls. Oh, really? That’s a very lofty goal. It’s all I got. So, I happen to know that you’ve maintained contact with your religious acolytes at pentonville. I go there twice a week. The new warden has seen the wisdom of allowing me to continue my ministry. I want to make a proposition to you. That this is a win-win situation, because you are perfectly placed to use your influence at the prison. Let’s just speak plainly, commissioner, okay? Because you’re not concerned about my ministry or about the men who turn to me in search of a pathway to salvation. You’re asking me to exploit the very people who look to me for guidance. Am I right? 1,000 hours of community service and three years probation? I think maybe charlotte should go to court. I think a judge would give her a more lenient sentence, certainly more reasonable. But we are very grateful that charlotte isn’t going to face detention of any sort, really. I want you to know, though, she is already in therapy. I’m aware. That was factored into the decision. When it comes to juveniles, my office likes to pursue a direction of reformation over punishment. Victor manipulated charlotte. Victor was her grandfather and an adult. She was a kid. She didn’t know any better. But you, on the other hand… uh, you know, I think it’s time for me to get to my next appointment. Um, by the way, thank you very much for your fairness and your consideration in this matter. I’m really grateful, but I should be going. I really should be going. Hey, you know what? Why don’t you, uh, walk out with me? No, you go on ahead. I’ve got more business. I’ll be in touch, laura. I look forward to it. Okay, you’ve done your professional duty. Now’s your chance to get personal. The terms are very simple. It’s a 50/50 split of all assets accrued during the marriage. Other than that, both parties keep the toys they came with. So much time has gone by. Nothing from sonny. No contact. I thought he was cooling off, that after he did that, we might try again. But he had these papers drawn up? No word to me? Nothing? I always advise clients that communication should be kept to a minimum during a separation. And he listens to my counsel. Oh, nice try, diane, but sonny does what he wants. I doubt that he would listen to your counsel more than his own heart.

[ Laughs ] That’s true. Of course, sonny listening to his heart over his head is what got us here in the first place. Are you saying you t hink you have more than one mole in your organization? I take nothing and no one for granted. Nor should you. So let me help you. H-how are you gonna do that? Well, for starters, we figure out where your key players were during the attack on olivia jerome. Right.So brick was out of town. Frank, he was with you? Yeah, yeah. What about dex? Dex is not the guy. Alright, look, I know you trust him and everything. That’s not what I said. I said dex is not the guy. Okay, how do you know? I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but you know what? I got it going. Okay. Sure. So, look, if we pinpoint where your people were, then we can figure out who wasn’t where they were supposed to be. You know what I mean? You think I don’t know how to run my organization? Whoa, whoa. I think I’m actually trying to help you right now. I’ve heard that before.

thatyou might be on edge with everything that’s going on, but this feels like something else, something you’re not telling me. Why don’t you talk to me? It’s my problem. Well… [ Sighs ] What affects you affects me, okay? I haven’t figured out the id of the shooter. But I did sniff out a rat. I got rid of dex. Dex? Why? What — he wasn’t working for me. He was working for your brother… my son. What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Michael hired dex, planted him in my organization to get evidence against me… so he can send me to prison. You never liked me.

[ Chuckles ] None of this is personal, nina. Oh, please. I turned in your friend carly in to the sec… lied to your boss. You’re probably doing everything you can not to gloat right now. I’ve had many triumphs in my long career, nina. Your failed marriage to sonny doesn’t even rate. You know, it’s really sad, diane, that when you consider your accomplishments, it’s only in the context of your career. A profession is not a life. Ohh. You’re concerned about me. That’s so sweet, nina. You want to play? I have a few minutes. We can play. You know nothing about me, nina. However, I know boatloads about you. I know, for instance, that you’re an heiress and you have benefited your entire life from the sort of soft landings that kind of money provides. So when you committed — oh, we’ll just pick a random case from our files — assault and kidnapping, you did a three-month stint in a luxury mental facility and then walked out free as a bird. Let’s fast-forward to nixon falls, where sonny is living and has no idea who he is, but you know. And you took advantage, just as you took advantage of the strain between sonny and carly after sonny came back to port charles to break them up. Catch sonny on the rebound. You set yourself up as the embodiment of sweetness and light, but thank god — finally, sonny has come to his senses. But don’t worry. You still have all that inheritance money. You’ll have a soft landing — again. So you’re coming after me. That’s what this is. I think I’ll keep you guessing. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have lunch with a female friend of mine. Robert. I’m trying to be as optimistic as laura was when I say I hope you’re not taking your loathing of me out on my daughter. I think the word you’re looking for is “gracious.” I have so much sympathy for charlotte and everything she’s been through. She shouldn’t be behind bars. You, on the other hand… should. I hated giving up on my own investigation. Stakes are high on this one, and I did not like the idea of you out there digging on your own. I’m glad to hear the fbi’s involved now and that you haven’t gotten hurt in the process. Well, there was a sticky situation in a motel room with a dealer who sold the sniper rifle, but I had anna as backup. This all sounds incredibly dangerous. Why don’t you just let the fbi handle this? Especially since neither of you are in law enforcement anymore. One of the perks of my current office is that I get to liaise with the pcpd. We all agree that what matters is stopping this guy. Right. And if you’d like, I can get the ball rolling on bringing you in as a consultant. With laura and me singing your praises, I don’t anticipate much pushback on that. Thanks, jordan. Uh… I’m gonna sit this one out. I have work to do, commissioner. Please respect that. And me. I’m not trying to strong-arm you at all. I’m asking you to use your powers of persuasion and influence to gain the confidence of a certain person at pentonville who has valuable information that could just stop this killing spree. Gain their confidence by deception. I — that’s not my way. People come to me who are scared and vulnerable. Yeah, you know who else is scared and vulnerable, is the next person who believes that they’re a target. And you may not like them. I may not like them. But I don’t think either one of us are in a position to judge whether they should live or die! They need our help. A-and I’m not talking about an offering of thoughts and prayers from “searching with cyrus.” So you, uh — you’ve heard my radio broadcast. I have. You have a unique way of communicating. I might go so far as to say… you’re quite gifted in your ability to persuade and instruct. You could be a real asset to us in trying to gain this intel. I…am sorry, commissioner, but aside from everything else, I don’t work with cops. Even for a good cause? I have only your word for that. What about my word?

Jordan, I appreciate the opportunity, but right now I am focused on my family and my recovery. I understand, and I respect your decision. You would have been an asset to the investigation. Did you turn up anything on your own? Sonny: Pikeman is in bed with the wsb. Former wsb agents work for pikeman, and then pikeman personnel work for the bureau. Another connection to anna. Pikeman has made overtures to me. I take it you didn’t accept those overtures. Let’s just say it did not live up to pikeman’s satisfaction. So pikeman may have a reason to come gunning for you. Anything’s possible. Uh, nothing comes to mind. Like I said, jordan, uh, my priority is, um, getting back on my feet so I can be fully present for my family. I’m certain you will. You’ve got this, curtis. And thanks for the tea, portia. Of course! And take care of yourself, jordan. You know, you and anna make a pretty formidable pair. You be careful out there, ash. Anna and I are working on a tactic. Even if it is a little dicey. How so? It…requires help from cyrus renault. Calling in the big guns, huh, commissioner? Hello, sister. Why would you balk at stopping more killing? If you can excuse me, I-I have some calls to make. Laura: Mm-hmm. Anna thought you might need a little more encouragement. I have to say, I’m really disappointed that she was right. Oh, come on, sister. Y-you know how I feel about law enforcement. And how law enforcement feels about you? You know, this isn’t about personal or professional animus. This is about stopping an assassin who’s working an agenda we haven’t even uncovered yet. This is important. This person must be stopped. And you’re really this wound up about saving mob bosses? You know, you claim that the most important thing in your life right now is helping your fellow man. What if it is another mob boss? You used to be one not that long ago, right? You tell me that you’ve turned over a new leaf now. I really want to believe that. Here’s your chance to prove it to me. Dex was working for michael the whole time? Are you kidding me? It started out that way. Then carly got involved and changed course. But no one decided to notify me. So, here’s what happened, dante. Carly and michael hired dex to protect me.

[ Chuckles ] Like I’m a child. And then he reports back to them if he thinks I’m in trouble.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I get now why you’re pissed off. You relied on dex. And trust michael. I’m not gonna make that mistake again. Okay, but you’re saying that michael had a change of heart, and then he hired dex to look out for you. Too little, too late. Is it? My son… tried to take me down from the inside. He didn’t just say he was gonna do it. He was actually trying to do it! So just because michael changes his mind, I’m supposed to forgive and forget? No, but I do remember back then michael felt betrayed by you. Right?

[ Scoffs ] And he came around and opted to protect you. Do you really want to write off your son who, in the end, was looking out for you? You need people, dad, people close to you, who care about you. And it doesn’t really matter how they got there. You know what? That’s what — that’s what michael said. But hey. Look. I ca– there’s no room in my life for anybody I can’t trust. You wouldn’t be so callous, diane, if you could at all relate to what I stand to lose.

[ Scoffs ] I shall await word from your attorney. Perfect timing. Shall we? No. What’s up? Sorry. Can we get out of here? Happily. Diane miller just hand-delivered divorce papers from sonny. He’s a greater fool than I thought he was. Diane and robert are infuriating, aren’t they? Reveling in the misery of others. It’s bad karma. May they have a lot of it. I’ll toast to that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. Just was about to call you. Any word? Yeah. None of it good. Damn it. That’s what I was afraid of. Are you, uh, having second thoughts about joining the investigation? No, I am clear on my role. I’m a husband and father first. I’m so glad. I know how much all of this means to you, so for you to make that sacrifice… anna and jordan, they’re gonna, you know, figure out who’s responsible for these shootings, and they’re gonna wrap it up and they’re gonna catch them so no one else has to endure what we’ve had to endure. Or worse. Yeah. I hope so. Yeah. I have to make a call. Oh. Sure. Um, I’ll start dinner.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, portia. Honey, can I just say that, um… I’ve never felt closer to you than I have these past few days. Babe, I feel the same way. So that’s why I feel like I have to be completely honest with you. Okay. I have to warn someone who may be the shooter’s next target. Warn who? Selina wu. Why would you need to warn her? I’d do it as a courtesy. Because… because we used to be in business together.

I’m sorry. How you feeling? Miserable. I’ve waited patiently for months and months. I gave sonny a lot of space. And the first conversation that I’ve had, real conversation about my marriage, was with sonny’s lawyer telling me it was over. You know, I don’t want to talk about it anymore, okay? Tell me what happened with charlotte. What did robert scorpio have to say? Well, he’s not pressing for jail time, but he wants her to serve a thousand hours of community service. A thousand hours. And three years of probation. That’s absurd! Right? Lucky laura was there. Kept me from blowing up. Would have made things worse. Tell charlotte I love her. I-I’ll call her. And she’s gonna be okay. She has you. She has me. And I will be there for her. She just has to call, whenever. I’m so grateful that she still has you in her life. And for what it’s worth, I’m, um — I’m sorry you’re being treated so poorly. I mean, sonny serving you with the divorce papers without any warning — that’s a new low. Well, he probably has a lot going on right now. Maybe he just needs a little reminding. Don’t make excuses for that guy! I think it’s high time that you came to terms with the fact that your soon-to-be ex-husband is not the man that you fell in love with. -Bye. -Okay, okay, okay, okay. It’s your life. Hey! You want sonny to change his mind? How you gonna do that? I have to get his attention first. I get that this isn’t easy. First you lose nina. Then spencer. And now it’s dex and michael. That — that’s a lot of loss you’ve had. D-different situation for all of them. Yeah, but it’s the same in the sense that these people were all close to you. Obviously not that close. Where’s dex now? He’s not a problem. Okay, well, I can’t obviously just leave that at that, can I? He’s alive. But we both agreed that… that it’s best for him to leave town. I’m telling you the truth. You don’t trust me? I trust you. You trust me? If anyone can get through to cyrus, it’s laura. Yeah, but she has her work cut out for her. He’s being very resistant. Well, not to pile on any more bad news, but curtis opted not to consult in the investigation. He wants to make a fresh start. Portia: Wow.

[ Scoffs ] For a little while there, I received a cut of selina wu’s profits from the poker games in the savoy’s back room. Is that why that woman came over here, to our home, with a basket of fruit? That’s why she wanted to buy the club, right? Did marshall know about this, too? Yeah. He figured it out. Dad’s no fool with these kind of things. No. No, no, no. He’s not a fool. But, clearly, I’m the fool. Honey, I wanted to keep the family safe, okay? Now, selina wu respected that until she showed up here. And she crossed the line. You think? That’s what these people do!

[ Sighs ] You have every right to be angry at me. I should have never. I should have just told you about my business with selina. No, no, no. I’m not angry. This isn’t about anger. Curtis, I’m terrified. Diane: Of course, this is precisely why I told sonny that I don’t want to serve the papers. I don’t need this aggravation. I have a room-service menu here somewhere. And — and then for nina to imply that I am some sort of soulless, cold-hearted automaton with no personal life who only gets my blood up for a fight in court! Well, they do call you “killer miller.” Hey. There is nothing wrong with being good at your job. Well, there’s no argument there. I’m good at other things, too. Yeah? Not cold, either.

[ Chuckles ] Look. If it’s any consolation… oh. …Valentin accused me today of personal animus in the professional handling of his daughter. You want to do it? You want me to do it? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Look. Valentin is a pompous ass. Mm-hmm. You are the soul of integrity. You’re the consummate professional, but… you’re also quite the softie. See? Every guy likes to hear that. Mm-hmm. You’re very tough when it counts, but you’re also soft when it counts. Let me tell you where it doesn’t count. Where? It doesn’t count what nina and valentin think about us. Wholeheartedly agree. You know what does count? Hm? What i think of you, D.A. Scorpio. Do enlighten. Okay.

Mm. I think I now know the secret of your success. Jedi mind tricks? Apart from other things.

[ Laughs ] You take rational human beings… mm-hmm. …And you make them forget themselves. Hm! See? I almost forgot the lunch. There. Wha– I am gonna call downstairs and have them send up another menu. Hm. I am famished. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Well, me too. I have quite the appetite. Mm. Mm. Well… hm? Enlighten me.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Um… look, dad, I know I ought to be the last person you trust, but… I feel like I’ve proven myself over the years. Of course. I trust you. And I know that agent cates didn’t show up in my office the other day because he was concerned about my well-being. He was encouraged. By you or anna. Yeah, because we got your back. You’re in the minority. You have more allies than you think you have. Okay? Misguided actions don’t necessarily mean bad intentions. Alright? Lies and loyalty don’t mix. I’m not gonna tell you who to trust, dad. I don’t know who you should or shouldn’t trust, really. But… these are dangerous times. Okay? And I want you to consider that help can come… from some pretty unexpected corners. Oh, good. You’re still here. Yeah. I’m not leaving until you hear me out. I’m trying to save lives here. You know something? I listened to your whole radio show the other day. And you almost had me believing you.

[ Chuckles ] Everything I said in that broadcast was the gospel truth. You value the lives of others. As our lord commands. And what about the lives of your former rivals — like sonny corinthos? You’re asking too much of me. I’m sorry to interrupt. I think it was a mistake to come to my brother. I’m just supposed to forget that he beat me to a pulp, put me in the hospital?! Where’s the concern for me?! I was concerned. I was very concerned, as a matter of fact. But that was at that time when — when ace disappeared and we didn’t know where esme went. Oh, come — and then the — spencer — I — I’m s– I-I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I… the good book tells us that, uh, not even sparrows are forgotten by god. So if our heavenly father can protect those that he overlooks, I… so can I. I-I will try to live up to your faith in me, sister. Thank you. What do you need me to do, commissioner devane? Okay. Let’s sit down. Alright? Cyrus? So, this all starts with your ministry at pentonville. We want you to reach out to a certain inmate there. Ther e are no more card gamesin the back room at the savoy. Okay? My business with selina wu is over. Why do you feel so compelled to warn her? Seems like the right thing to do. Why? I-I don’t get this. Why are you so intent on helping her?! She tried to steal your club from you! She tried to take the savoy away from you! She wasn’t trying to help you! She was trying to swoop in when you were most vulnerable. I know what she was trying to do, but she didn’t, did she? Because dad and sonny fended her off. I even managed to part ways with selina wu amicably, and I intend to keep it that way. Well, right now I’m a little less worried about selina wu, and I’m more worried about the shooter who is targeting her. Maybe now — maybe now they’re targeting you. Me? Mine was an accident. An assassin was trying to kill a mob boss, and now you’re just telling me that you’re in league with another mob boss. Yeah, you just told me that sonny is the one who helped you with selina wu. That’s a lot of organized crime going on. I-I don’t get it. Babe. Honey. You don’t have to worry. I’m out. I’m out. Worry? Yeah, I’m worried. A-and I — and I honestly can’t believe that you’re not. Curtis, all we’ve been doing here is fighting, right? We’ve been fighting for our marriage — again. We’ve been fighting for this perfect life together, and we say that we’re gonna make everything work and be stronger than ever, right? How are we gonna do that if you’re collateral damage again? How do we even know that you’re not already one of the names on the hitman’s list? Before you go about getting sonny’s attention, let’s set some ground rules because you’re too classy to grovel. Grovel? You should know me better than that. Well, I thought I did, but then you went and fell in love with a gangster. Oh, well, it was a very confusing time when I fell in love with sonny — mike or whatever. It’s the only thing that made sense. Sometimes I think we would have been better off if we just stayed in nixon falls. Maybe we’d still be together. Well, nixon falls isn’t reality. Mike wasn’t reality. Sonny — that’s reality. Have you come to terms with that? I know who I married, valentin. Okay. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this. You want to stay married? This is how you stay married. What do you mean? Sometimes the best way to get what you want is by not giving someone what they want. The only thing sonny wants from me right now is a quick divorce. So don’t give it to him. That’ll get his attention. Give what I said some thought. Okay? Please? Appreciate your input, but I’m gonna handle this myself. Yeah, I’m — I’m — I’m sure you’ve got something you’re cooking up. You know how much I love to cook. Uh… here’s the thing. There’s a — there’s a special place in hell for those people who put my family in danger. And I’m gonna send them there.

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GH Transcript Monday, February 19, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Dex, it’s carly. Are you there? I’m looking for josslyn.

[ Sighs ] Dex! The deception feature is huge! And it looks terrific. Would you say that we got maximum exposure at a bargain rate? I would, grandmother, say just that. Your negotiating skills were awe-inspiring. Thank you.

[ Laughs ] So, you got credit, carly had a great first issue, deception had huge exposure. I-I mean, everybody wins. E-except nina. Did I tell you that we would be able to run this company with or without maxie? Let’s not even go there, okay? Ladies, have I got a surprise for you.

[ Sighs ] Hey.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Well, hello there, stranger. So nice to see — marshall, are you in there? Oh, stella, I’m so sorry. Ah. I got kind of caught up in my head there for a minute. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m, uh, perfectly fine. Physically. I just came from my psychiatrist. Oh. How did it go? I was prepared for bad news. I know how to deal with bad news. But… but what? I got good news. And I have no idea how to handle it. Gregory: “Notorious criminal is shot while being transferred from pentonville.” “Notorious” doesn’t even scratch the surface of who olivia jerome was. Mm. But it is technically correct. The headline does lean in the direction of the more lurid, but it doesn’t tip over into it. Thanks. It says she didn’t see her death coming. That’s unfortunate. It’s a mercy she didn’t deserve. Wow. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I think. If I can get readers who need some sort of sparkling headline to actually read this article, they’re gonna read something that really matters, right? About gun control, about rising violence, about prison reform. Yes? Well, from what I read, you’ve got the catalyst you’re looking for. She usually does. There’s no one better at turning a headline into a cause than my cousin. Come on, dex! Open the door! He’s gone.

[ Door closes ] Trina. Hey. How was physical therapy? Was everyone blown away by you? It was okay. Well, you’re improving every single session. Everyone can see that. Mom and I are amazed by how far you’ve come. Thanks for the encouragement. So we’re gonna throw you the biggest party this zip code has ever seen once you’re up on your feet.

[ Chuckles ] Walking over to you and your mom for a hug will be all the celebration I need. There’s no need to worry about a party. Well, okay. I guess I should go cancel the caterers then. Trina. You don’t have to hide from me. And you don’t have to run away from what you feel. People don’t usually need my help in dealing with good news, so I don’t have much experience in that area, but let’s give it a shot anyway. You know, my psychiatrist has been weaning me off my meds. Yeah, for a few months now, right? That’s right. And in all this time, there’s been no episodes, no — no seeing things, no hearing voices. No I-indications of schizophrenia? It confirms what portia first suspected and all this testing and observation seem to bear out. Back in the day, you were misdiagnosed. Yes, ma’am.

[ Sighs ] Well, I guess there’s no sense in railing at the past. It’s not gonna hear us anyway. It’s not like I can track the doctor down and, what, what, beat him up? Sue? I’m not sure it would do any good if you could. Look, so, instead, why don’t we just thank the good lord that that sword that’s been hanging over your head for 40 years is finally gone. You, marshall ashford, are finally free! That’s the thing. I don’t feel free. When I got here, uh, it was too late. Too late how? Dex was already gone. But, uh, sonny was here, and he gave me this as a consolation prize.

[ Dog tags clatter ] So, dex left on his own? Well, it’s not like he had much of a choice. But sonny didn’t hurt him. Not according to sonny. What did dex’s letter say?

[ Voice breaking ] It said that he left because it was safer for everybody and that he loved me and he was grateful for the time that we had together. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. No. Dex was right. He said this was gonna happen. I mean, sonny had to send him away. He was too much of a liability. Whether it was the cops or sonny’s enemies, they were gonna come for him. He knew — he knows way too much about the organization. He does, josslyn. He’s right. So, what am I supposed to do? I’m supposed to be grateful that sonny sent him away instead of having him killed? Assuming that’s what happened, assuming sonny didn’t make him write this letter, then kill him anyway. Now, come on. Sonny wouldn’t do that. Are you sure? ‘Cause I didn’t think sonny would leave you. I didn’t think he would turn on michael. I didn’t think that he would treat someone who saved his life like a traitor. But he did all that. He did all of that and more. So before you sit here and tell me that dex is somewhere safe, please ask yourself, would you bet your life on it? Because dex just did. I’m sorry. I’m — I’m interrupting? Of course you are, but I’m always happy to have you interrupt me. It actually got me off my soapbox, too, so… I thought you were just hitting your stride. She was, and, in fact, we were just in the middle of — running a newspaper. Yeah, I understand. By the way, you two should be taking a victory lap for the invader’s restraint, telling a story that, in lesser hands, would have become a sensationalistic tale of a vicious criminal brought down in a manner even more grisly than she herself employed. Well, thank you for saying that. And I don’t think that’s why you dropped by. Well, no, not entirely. I’m guessing that shawn butler has not talked to you yet. I just — I just got an e-mail from him, but I haven’t had time to respond to it yet. How’d you know he was trying to reach me? Well, he and i have just completed a rather substantial business arrangement, and he was supposed to tell you. Oh. What kind of business? I bought the invader.

I’m not hiding anything. I’m fine. Okay. Okay. I’ll have to take you at your word, but I just want you to know if there’s ever a time that you’re not fine, you don’t have to pretend that you are. Do you think that’s true? Deep down true? What do you mean?

[ Sighs ] Sometimes people ask you if you’re okay, and you can see that — that they’re desperately hoping that you’ll say, “I’m okay.” That way they can say that they checked in and saw how you were doing. But god forbid you tell them the truth or — or give them a hint that things are not so great, and, boy, do they get uncomfortable. Yeah, I know. Then they start glancing at their watch or checking their phone and, what do you know? They got a message, and then all of a sudden they got to go somewhere, anywhere. Yeah. Right? And not too long ago, you know, you were laughing, having drinks, putting something on the grill, no problem. And now it’s like they don’t know what to say or how to handle you. Yeah. I know a little bit of what that’s like. But, honey, that’s not how it goes here. And not with me. I do know that. But I’m afraid to let everything I’m feeling come out. Now, why is that? Because I feel like if I do, I’ll fall apart. And I’ll never be able to put myself back together again. You’re joking, right? I mean, you’ve never expressed any interest in the invader, let alone buying it. Uh, I know that this comes as a bit of a shock, given my lack of experience with publishing or the media, but you stepped out of the law and became an editor. Look how well that turned out. Are you okay, alexis? I will be once I call shawn. Alexis, I know that you have a long history with shawn. You should make that call. But just so you know, I did make a substantial offer above market for the invader, and he took it. Shawn doesn’t chase money. That’s not his thing. His thing is political and social issues. And his nonprofit organization, which not only funds the invader, but underwrites various media outlets around the world. And with this infusion of cash, it will bolster his nonprofit and expand its reach. And you’re doing this out of the goodness of your heart? No, not entirely. My heart’s not that good. But the invader’s business possibilities are. I didn’t get into this to print money. If I had, we’d still be telling stories about ufos and celebrity diets. I know that, and i respect your incorruptibility. Well, if you’ve come here to take away my editorial control or put a corporate slant on things, I can save you the trouble for making a really difficult call because I quit. “It is with great joy that, together with their families, brook lynn quartermaine –” that’s you, sweetie — “and harrison chase invite you and a guest to the celebration of their wedding.” Doesn’t that just get you right where you live? They’re just perfect, ma. Aren’t they, granny? Mm-hmm. Chase and brook lynn, they are my business. And their wedding needs to be perfect, tracy. So no more petty fighting with lois and olivia about the reception. No more arguing with ned about anything, really. All that matters is that those two beautiful souls belong together and we all do everything we can to help make that happen. Do we understand each other? We do. Brook lynn: They’re just perfect. Far from it. I know who sonny is and I know what he’s capable of. And he just doesn’t want to admit the fact that he was vulnerable and the fact that he actually owes dex. I do not believe that sonny had dex killed. He let him live, and he did that for you. Sonny doesn’t get to play god with our lives just because the rest of you let him do it with yours. I will not let him keep me and dex apart. I won’t do it. I have been here all night looking for something, just looking for an address, a phone number, something from dex’s life before he came to port charles, something that will help me find him. He did two tours in afghanistan, and he came back. So he can’t be gone now.

That fear — I get it. You feel like if you give it an inch, it’ll take all of you. But, honey, that pain you’re feeling, that hurt — it can’t be contained forever. I mean, you can — you can try to hide it, you can lock it deep inside you, but it’s still there. And it ain’t getting any smaller. What it will do, it’ll turn toxic. And — and — and all that toxic grief will seep out, honey. And eventually, it’ll get to your heart. And it’ll make it harder. And that magical light inside you will dim. And that’s not gonna happen. Not to you, trina. But I just don’t know what to do with everything that I’m feeling. Share it. Let it out. I did, and it broke me to pieces.

[ Sighs ] But I was surrounded by family. My family fixed me. Your mom, aunt stella, my dad, tj, you. You all put me back together. When I had no strength, you all gave me yours. And you, too, trina. You are surrounded by family and love. So let it out. Fall apart if you have to. That’s it. No matter what, honey, we will catch you every single time. I’m not sure I understand. It’s this misdiagnosis. Ever since portia told me my test results didn’t show the genetic markers for schizophrenia, I-I-I’ve been wrestling with this in my head. And now that I’ve been weaned off my meds and there hasn’t been any reoccurrence of symptoms, it’s no longer a question mark in the back of my mind. It’s a fact. It’s real. I was misdiagnosed. But I hope you’re not blaming yourself for believing what that doctor said all those years ago. It’s hard not to. Stella, I got — I got one diagnosis, and I didn’t question it! Nobody did! Doctors were gods back then. What they said was the final word. I got one question. One question. If what I was experiencing wasn’t schizophrenia, then what the hell was it? And what if it happens again? I have to stop because every second I spend crying puts more miles between me and dex. Josslyn, I know you’re hurt. And I know you’re angry with sonny. But dex is alive, and it could have gone differently. Well, the only reason they didn’t is because of you. So I have you to thank, not sonny. Well, it’s least that I owed dex. But he was working for me. So some of your anger should be aimed at me. Well, I also know that dex was always gonna protect sonny. No matter how many times I warned him otherwise, he still believed in sonny. Just like you. How? Why, when he’s been so awful? Don’t say “because of donna.” But it is about donna. Because donna loves her father every bit as much as you love yours. It’s a really, um, difficult question to answer, and you’re probably not gonna understand. And that’s okay. Sonny and i have a history. And I know that he’s flawed. I know him better than anyone. And, yeah, he’s hurt me and he’s disappointed me. But I have hurt him and I have disappointed him. It’s not the same. Let me tell you something. There have been people in my life who wouldn’t quit on me, no matter how bad I messed up, so I don’t quit on sonny, even when I don’t agree with him and even when he’s wrong. Well, sonny doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Or dex’S. Alexis, I admire your journalistic integrity. And of course I want to make money because the invader is a business, it’s not a hobby. But you have been solidly in the black since taking over, so I see no reason to change your approach. It’s highly unusual for a new owner to want to just leave things as is. Typically, they want to tinker or, you know, fine-tune. Alexis, maybe you should hear the man out before you make any decisions, journalistically or otherwise. Fine. Please continue. You are the editor. I have no interest or desire to interfere or tinker with your work. That’s a relief. The invader is your baby, and I intend to keep it that way. Good. And maybe we can even work together sometime. Within those parameters. See? That’s great. That’s the spirit. But, uh, with shawn gone, you’re gonna need a publisher, someone with vision, someone with prior experience. Of course. Of course. Do you have somebody in mind? I hope I’m not late.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I can almost guarantee that I am not. Oh, wait. Let me see. “It is with great joy that, together with their families, brook lynn quartermaine –” you — “and harrison chase invite you to the celebration of their wedding.” Oh. Exactly. Mm-hmm. Even yuri rates a plus one. Well, what is that supposed to mean, “even yuri”? I happen to find yuri very handsome and charming. And that accent is to die for. Yeah, and he is — he is free to attend the wedding with the companion of his choice. Which I would be if there was an “and a guest,” which there is not. And I can only assume that it’s your subtle way of implying that I am not going to be able to find someone to take to the wedding. Oh, okay, alright. Well, I had nothing to do with that. But if I did have something to say about your love life or the dating apps that you should be on, I wouldn’t be that subtle. I think we can all agree on that. Mm. There is nothing subtle about removing “and a guest” from my invitation. And do not try to tell me that this is just a coincidence because years ago I thought that you were not good enough for my son. And now, all these years later, you don’t think I’m good enough for anybody. Good enough? Sure. Nice enough? Well, that depends upon the day you’re having. Well, rest assured, there are plenty of people all over the globe that would be thrilled to be my guest. And I would warmly welcome any one of those lucky winners that you want to bring. Sure, you say that now.

[ Scoffs ] No one is trying to slight you, grandmother. It was a misprint. What? The “and a guest” was accidentally dropped from your invitation. Look, see for yourself. This is the master list we sent to the printer. See? So bring whoever you want, tracy. Fire the printer. I’m not firing anyone. It was an honest mistake, okay? And listen, you know, you can bring someone. You can bring a boatload of someones, whatever. Just let me know so I can make sure that there are enough chairs. But just between us girls — and you know you can tell me — who’s the lucky guy? Come on. Nina: Did you tell her? I was just about to, but your entrance kind of speaks for itself. You okay? Hell no. Gregory, you know nina reeves, the former editor of crimson magazine. Yeah, nina may have been editor — it’s okay, valentin. Alexis, if you’re thinking that I accepted valentin’s offer with the intention of pushing you out as editor in chief and taking over, then — did you? I like that. Getting straight to the point. Thank you for not beating around the bush for a half an hour. Did you? I was surprised as anyone when valentin proposed that I become publisher of the invader, and once the surprise wore off, I got really excited because I have watched what you have done here. You’ve taken this common tabloid newspaper and you turned it into a vehicle for serious journalism. Well, that was the point. That was what shawn butler and i agreed upon from the beginning. And I am so honored to be part of this team, and I will do anything that I can to help you hone your vision. I appreciate that very much. What I would like to know is why the person that I am now taking orders from got fired from her last job. I don’t think this feeling is ever going away. I hate it, but I don’t know how to make it stop. It’s like…

[ Sighs heavily ] It’s like, without spencer… all the color in the world is gone. It’s just gray. And I feel like I’m a zombie barely going through the motions and everything that I thought was important, like art or — or good grades or the sorbonne… I look at that now, and it’s like… none of that is important. And it’s not even that I don’t care. It’s like I-I don’t care that I don’t care. I hear you. Do you think that’ll go away with time? I’m not thinking anything. Just listening. And it’s —

[ Sighs ] I keep getting e-mails from pcu asking me to confirm if I’m coming back for the fall semester, and I don’t — I-I just — I don’t know if I can do that. So don’T. Don’t do it. But what if I never can? You don’t need to remind me that sonny often hurts the people he cares about and then rationalize it by saying he’s following some code. I know, josslyn. I’ve watched him do it for years. Hell, I’ve watched him do it to me. But I knew what I was getting into when I chose to be a part of sonny’s world, and so did dex. So, this “code” just justifies everything that sonny’s done? No, honey. It explains it. It’s his world. It’s how he operates. It’s what he’s done for years. Hell, by now, it’s a part of his dna. Is loyalty a part of this code? Seriously, mom. Why is it that everybody, dex included, has to be blindly loyal to sonny, but he doesn’t have to be loyal to them? Dex is not stupid or naive. He’s ex-military. Adapting to situations is what he does. He’s lucky that he was dealing with sonny, and he’s even luckier that he had you. No. I’m a part of the reason why he’s in this mess. You’re not. You —

[ Sighs ] You are the only reason that he’s probably still alive, okay? You and the fact that sonny loves you. Oh, don’t! He does. Or dex wouldn’t have gotten the option to leave. Well, I don’t want sonny’s kind of love. I just want dex back. So can you please help me find him? Port charles is the only true home he’s ever known. Okay [Sighs] Josslyn, before you take off and blow up your life trying to find dex, you need to ask yourself a very important question. What, what if I don’t find him? What if you do?

I can’t imagine going back to campus in the fall a-and doing things that normal people do in college, not after losing spencer. And I’d just be pretending. And I don’t even have enough energy to pull that off. I don’t even bother trying. Well, it’s clearly one of those times where “fake it till you make it” doesn’t apply. If you’re not feeling college, then don’t go. Okay, well, try telling that to mom. Yeah, that’s gonna take some time, but she’ll get there. Look, no matter how old, how independent or self-sufficient you become, you’re always going to be your mother’s child. And your mom wants what every parent in the world wants, and that’s for you to be happy. I don’t think I can ever be happy again. Well, do you have an idea about what it would take for you to be happy again? A miracle. Barring that? I just need… I just need to find a way to keep spencer present in my life ’cause I feel like I’m losing a little bit of him every day. And what if one day the only thing left I have of him… …is this? I wasted half my life because some doctor thought he knew what was wrong with me. But doctors know more today than they knew back then. But I may never know what happened to me. And I have a hard time letting go of that one.

[ Sighs ] I think you can be forgiven for that. What happened to you back then was a mystery, and people need a mystery solved. And as much as I want answers, I’m not sure I can afford to spend the limited time I have on this here earth trying to find them. Is it fair to my family? Is it fair to the people I care about? Only you can answer that. Oh, I know exactly what I’m gonna say to dex when I find him. I’m gonna say, “to hell with sonny. You’re coming back home with me.” Okay, I don’t doubt that you have what it takes to find dex. But dex isn’t in sonny’s world anymore. He’s not under his thumb. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Let dex start a new life. Hey, nina’s exit from

crimson had nothing — it’s okay, valentin. Alexis asked a very valid question, and she deserves a response. I try to keep my personal and professional worlds apart. Drew chose to merge the two. He put carly in place as editor in chief solely to get back at me. So if anyone put crimson and its staff at risk, you should be looking in carly and drew’s direction, not mine. Mm. Well, thank you for being so forthright. And I’ll always be like that. Any more questions? Not at the moment. I know my exit from crimson — it was a little dramatic, right? And the whole drama between me and carly and drew — it’s a little scandalous, but a little scandal does not need to get in the way of serious journalism. Ask woodward and bernstein. I know it might not be my place to point this out, but woodward and bernstein investigated and reported on a scandal. They weren’t a part of the scandal itself. I know that I have not run a daily before, but I have years of experience in publishing — perhaps a little bit more than you, alexis. That’s true. And I know how this industry works. I can get things done, and I am prepared to make this work. Are you?

[ Sighs ]

Well, I wish I had something different to say, honey, but my advice is the same. If you want to keep spencer present, then share your memories of him. Tell your mom. Tell josslyn. Tell me. But even you’ll get tired of that. Try me. And you can start with that figurine. Why is it so special? You brought your turtle dove with you? Well, yeah. There might be weekends where you’re gonna be back home and I’ll be here and… it’ll be like if we’re still together. That’s what this thing is for, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, it sure is. That’s pretty cute. Aww, you have yours with you. Yeah, I, um — I take this with me everywhere I go. It’s — it’s a turtle dove. There’s two of them — like in the christmas carol.

Two turtle doves um…spencer… spencer originally wanted to give this to me for christmas, but so much happened, and, um, he gave it to me months later. But I didn’t care about the delay. I loved them. Like I loved him.

[ Sighs ] I guess I’m just gonna have to learn to live with the fact that I — I may never know what was wrong with me. Better than the alternative.

[ Both laugh ] How you doing now? Better. Better than I have in years. The symptoms haven’t shown any signs of returning and the stress of — of waiting for it to happen again — I didn’t know how much it was weighing on me until… it’s gone. You have been carrying a heavy burden for a long time. Are you ready to put it down? The past is the past. Let’s focus on today the way that I’ve been focused on yesterday. Besides, I hear today is where the good stuff is anyway. Are you sure about this? What other choice is there? How can somebody take a look at me and diagnose a condition I had 40 years ago that hasn’t reared its ugly head since? I got to let it go. You can’t stop a man with a plan. Skiddlee-dee-bop, sha-bop, sha-bam.

[ Both laugh ] Not this man, not this plan. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you listening to me. I appreciate you more than you know. It’s what I do. It’s a lot more than that. Thank you. Felicia. I-it’s — it’s stella, yes. I was wondering if I could trouble you with something. At the moment, there is no one in particular that I want to take to the wedding. Do you want me to introduce you to someone? Oh! Or I can help you set up your dating profile for the apps. I really don’T. I, uh — I’m actually quite content being single. I’m talking about someone pleasant for the wedding. You know, someone who’ll open the door for you or take your coat for you or give you a little dip on the dance floor in the middle of the reception. Pass. But thank you, though. “Tracy quartermaine and a guest.” Better? Much.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Come here. I can see it in your eyes. You’re worried about your grandmother. Don’t be. Tracy doesn’t need anyone but tracy. I’m not so sure about that, ma. For all granny’s bravado, there’s a loneliness inside her. It’s been there ever since she lost luke. I don’t know. Maybe this wedding will be a way for her to be a little less lonely. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] I knew you’d make the right decision. It’s for the best of the invader. Well, it’s what we all want. Yes. Well, we are going to take off because you have a lot of work to do. Yes, I have plenty of work to do, familiarizing myself with the operation. Well, you know I’m just a phone call away, and I will do everything I can to make this arrangement work. Well, that makes it unanimous.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Okay.

[ Door closes ] I know what you’re thinking, so just go ahead and say it.

[ Sighs ] I’m thinking that you’re taking a risk, but you already know that. Of course I know that. I can see what’s going on. I’m not ready to leave the invader, and I want to see what those two are planning. Thank you for having my back. Yeah, of course. But make no mistake. I’m expecting great things from you and alexis. That is, if you meant what you were saying in there. Oh, I meant every word. I mean, the invader can be a bit self-righteous, but alexis does a great job. She does a great job. But the newspaper could use a little… sexing up. How do you intend to do that? Oh, that’s simple. You just focus on the stories that the readers are hungry for. Such as? Such as… carly and drew. I can’t let dex go. I’m sorry. He just means too much to me. So…I’m gonna find him. And if he doesn’t want to come back to port charles, then we’ll go somewhere else together.

[ Door closes ]

[Theme music]

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Interview with Jon Lindstrom

TV Interview!


Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

Interview with Jon Lindstrom of “General Hospital” on ABC by Suzanne 2/15/24

It was great to interview veteran actor Jon Lindstrom, who has his first novel, “Hollywood Hustle” out for only 10 days, and it’s already a best seller on USA Today’s Booklist! He’s most known for playing Kevin Collins, and his evil twin Ryan Chamberlain, on “General Hospital” since 1992 (off and on). He was on the soap “Santa Barbara” before that, and of course he also played Craig on “As The World Turns” (where he met his wife, Cady, who played Rosanna) and reprised his roles of Kevin and Ryan on “Port Charles,” the GH spinoff. He’s also been in quite a few films, and many primetime series, most notably “Bosch” on Prime Video and “True Detective” on HBO.

There are many more questions I could have asked him, but we were already on Zoom for a half an hour – I didn’t want to keep him longer. I felt that he was generous enough to speak to me as long as he did. I would have liked to have heard more about his working with Genie Francis (Laura); about playing Ryan; about working with Alley Mills (Heather); about those pitches he mentioned; about Cady; and more.  Buy his book here!  If you love detective novels, you should enjoy this one.  Of course, you can also watch him on “General Hospital” on ABC and HULU.


Suzanne: So, thanks for being here today.

Jon: It’s my pleasure to be here. Thanks for asking.

Suzanne: Are you feeling okay? I saw you had a cold….

Jon: Well, you can kind of hear it in my voice. I’m a little froggy, but I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday.

Suzanne: So, when did you, start writing your book and how long did it take you to finish it?

Jon: Oh boy, that’s kind of a loaded question. all in all, it took about four years, but I, I have to qualify that because I had written for about a year and was making good progress. And then all of a sudden the show I’m on being general hospital decided to bring back a dead twin. And suddenly I was working so hard I didn’t have time to write.

I was up every day at 530 to go to the studio and pull off double duty as Kevin and Ryan on GH. So I had to put it down for about a year. And then COVID hit and I was able to pick it up again for about six months. And then of course, the first shows to go back into production during COVID were soap operas.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: I guess means we’re just a little bit expendable.

Suzanne: You did have strict COVID protocols and vaccine requirements, so..JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Jon: We had very strict COVID protocols. Yeah, we, we were a lot of masks. Daily testing, a lot of swabs in the nose. but. We picked up right where we left off. So I had to put the book down again, and that was probably another six months.

And then it took me another year or so through several drafts, working with editors and getting it into shape to actually submit. So all in all, the writing process took about two years, but the entire span was about four.

Suzanne: Okay. And did you have any difficulties getting it published?

Jon: Amazingly, no. I mean, I look at my experience, and my experience really was much easier than I think most people.

Now, of course, I do have a little bit of a platform, in terms of followers and, at Insta and Twitter, and I, I just can’t seem to call it but, excuse me, I, I, I did go to at the behest of an author who I had narrated because I have this little side hustle narrating audio books, which is great for me because I just, I love books. JOHN LINDSTROM GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

But one of those authors was the great Alex Finlay he’s one of the best thriller writers, I’ve ever read. I wrote to him to thank him for. The inspiration to get me over that hump and start actually writing a book. And he wrote me right back within five minutes and we’ve since become good friends. but he told me flat out, John, if you’re serious about this, you have to go to the book conferences.

And being that you’re a crime writer, which falls under Thriller Mysteries, you need to go to Thriller Fest. Which is in New York every June. And it’s, it’s huge. Takes over the entire hotel, the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. And, so I went. And that’s where I actually pitched agents. About 12 of them.

Cause there’s a thing they’re called pitch fest. And I recommend anybody do this because there’s just something about sitting down in front of someone. And not only do they get a sense of you, you get a sense of who they are. And I met my agent there. I sat down with a woman named Liza Fleissig from the Liza Royce Agency.

And as soon as I sat down, I liked her. And I think she liked me because we sat and we talked for a few minutes before we even got to my pitch. And that’s who I eventually went with. And she was able to get a deal within a few months. And we had a few offers. Settled with Crooked Lane Books because they just Kind of totally got the book.

Suzanne: So it sounds more like what you do to pitch a series or a movie nowadays than the old time where you just sent in your manuscript.

Jon: Yeah, I, that’s where I had a bit of an advantage because I have pitched movies and TV show ideas and things. So I knew, I knew the basics of how to pitch. When they say five minutes, that means get it down to three because you need a couple of minutes for them to ask questions if they’re interested.

Suzanne: Sure.

Jon: I got my pitch down to one minute, 45 , . I, pardon me, I really wanted to be succinct and straightforward and really nail it. And, and fortunately that worked for me. I had, I pitched 12 agents. I had 12 or requests for the manuscript. So what made you wanna write a detective novel? Is that your favorite genre?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s just, one of my favorite writers was, was Elmore Leonard. I used to read his stuff all the time. and I, and I love the, the OGs of the genre, the Raymond Chandler’s, Dashiell Hammett’s, James Cain, those guys just invented something that’s very specific to Los Angeles.

About that darkness that that lurks underneath the sun and the palm trees and it’s a it’s a really to me. It’s just a really layered fascinating kind of. Setting for stories. So I’ve always loved it. So I just kind of, and right. But, I’ve been living most of my adult life here, except for a few years in New York.

I’ve been here in Los Angeles since I was 20.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And so I, I know it pretty well.

Suzanne: Oh, by the way, congratulations on getting on the USA Today bestseller list.

Jon: Thank you.

Suzanne: And also congratulations for being on General Hospital over 30 years. That’s amazing.

Jon: Going on 32…

Suzanne: Off and on, but still.

Jon: Yeah, Yeah. I, I go and I come back, but you know what, as long as they keep asking Right. , why not?

Suzanne: That’s right. Well, I, I been watching off and on since 84, mostly on, and so I remember when you started on the show, .

Jon: Wow. 84.

Suzanne: Yeah. I was in college.

Jon: So that’s when people get home.

Yeah. Yeah. If you don’t have grandma or mom watching, it’s college that doesn’t, it’s either college or I watched you with my grandma.

Suzanne: So, what are some other, favorite authors or influences on your writing that you haven’t mentioned yet?

Jon: Well, film noir, definitely. my, my favorite Saturday night now is to stay home and watch TCM. because it, You know, Eddie Muller and Noir Alley comes on every Saturday night. and he digs into a very deep library of, of film noir in that canon that, that was really unlike anything else that was ever made before or since.

You know, it was post war malaise. They were lower budget, so they often had to shoot at night when the rest of the studio was asleep. Wow. There was a lot of night shooting and a lot of use of light and shadow and, beautiful, uh Cinematography. So I, I just, I don’t know. There’s something about that genre where your main character is, is faced with a choice of Do it or don’t do it.

If I do it, whether it’s for love or lust or greed or whatever, even altruism. If I do this as a very good chance, it will end me.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: And he does it anyway. So I, there’s something about having to make a choice like that, that I find very interesting.

Suzanne: And, you were in Bosch, one of my favorite shows. what about Michael Connolly? Did you read a lot of him?

Jon: Oh yeah, I was a big fan. I got turned on to Harry Bosch back in the 1980s, when he started writing them. And, so yeah, to get a season of Bosch as one of his bad guys, was, was, was a bit of a dream come true. And he’s a lovely man. He, he was on set all the time.

So sorry for this cold, but, he, he’s a, he’s a big guy, now I’m 6’1 and he’s, I gotta look up at him, he, but he was the crime writer for the L. A. Times for many years, and he, he’s another one who really gets this city, and really understands how to accurately portray crime here.

And how it gets just kind of somebody asked me the other night. We have our launch event at Book Soup up on Sunset Boulevard, and there was a woman there who I didn’t know, but she asked a really good question. She said, what’s the difference between L. A crime and New York crime? And I thought, wow, that’s, I never thought of that.

But when I, once I did, I remember being down in Soho and I lived in New York and I came out of a restaurant or something right across the street was an armored car that was waiting for the guys to come out and deliver the money. And I see him come out and this crowded street and the guy, has his hand on the handle of his sidearm.

And he looks both ways and looks all around and then signals the guy to come out and they quickly got into that car, that armored car and took off. and I thought that’s the difference. It’s like New York, it’s going to be in your face. If you’re going to hit that place, you’re going to hit it right in the middle of Soho on a Tuesday afternoon.

And it’s, it’s like crime in your face. Whereas here. It’s all it’s easier to kind of hide it under so it’s all spread out. It’s so spread out here that it can happen. And it’s like, if, if a crime falls in the forest, it’s anyone here,

Suzanne: I imagine it’s harder for them to find the culprit too, because if they’re staying in the area, because they have so much more land to cover. Whereas in New York, if they’re going to be in that area, it’s a lot easier.

Jon: And everybody knows you in New York.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s true.

Jon: Here, again, there’s another layer of this kind of hidden world. You know, I mean, fortunately, I know my neighbors. We all look after each other. But, that’s not always been the case in most places I’ve lived in LA.

Suzanne: No, in California, the whole thing is like that. I grew up there. I’m from San Diego. So we almost never knew my neighbors. Yeah, now that we’ve lived strange phenomenon and it’s, it’s, it was funny because to me that’s normal because that’s how I grew up. But we’ve lived in the South. I’m in Arkansas right now.

We, I know, and my husband just thinks it’s weird because California, but it is nice to know, especially during the pandemic when we were out walking the dog and. Everyone was like, oh, hi, because they were so happy to see, to see anybody, anybody, anybody, but their kids and their family. But, yeah, so that’s awesome.

I understand that completely. and we’re actually moving to New York in June. we, we lived there a long time ago, when I got into GH actually, when I was in college.

Jon: So, are you moving to the city?

Suzanne: No, but we’re going to be about half an hour from there.

Jon: I understand.

Suzanne: We don’t actually know what town we’re moving to yet. We have to find a place, but he’s going to work at SUNY Old Westbury. Oh, great. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be in a city again, in a small town here. I won’t know my neighbors.

I read some of the book. I haven’t had time to finish it, but, to me, the description of when sounds a lot like Steve Burton, at least physically.

Jon: Steve was– no, no, no. Steve was not an inspiration at all. There was a Steve, but it was Steve McQueen.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. Well, then they have a lot in common [physically].

Jon: It’s not Steve Burton. Steve, Steve’s way too muscled for Win, Winston green. Now, my inspirations for Wynn were, were Steve McQueen, Kevin Costner, in terms of physicality. and I, I do describe him in there that a director that Winston had worked with described Winston Green as a landmine that’s been stepped on and you’re just waiting for you to step off before he blows, he’s wired tight.

There’s a, there’s an edge to him. but sadly, the other inspiration was, was really Tom Sizemore and some of the other people in my business who have, who came to town with just brilliant talent. I mean, just, you would take Tom Sizemore, just look at his work and Saving Private Ryan and Heat and, he was working with the very best of the best because they wanted him and, and his demons got him.

And, and it really sidelined his career and, yeah, it was very sad, but it’s, that’s, I’ve known a lot of guys like that, just their lives and careers have taken a hard left due to. Due to substance abuse and some made it and some didn’t. Yeah, well, I’d like to see Winston as somebody who made it and got himself together.

but he’s just hanging on. All he’s doing, he’s just hanging on to just trying to keep some stability. So now I hit, I’ll, I’ll let Steve. No, sorry, Steve.

Suzanne: Well, I think if I recall, it was the blue eyes and the buzz cut and I don’t remember what else, but it just sounded like him.

Jon: So I thought more of Steve McQueen in “Bullit.”

Suzanne: No, I can see that. Now that you say that. Just to touch on, you’re talking about sad things, the GH family set, whatever you want to call it, has had a lot of loss in the last year. has that really changed, how things run there or?

Jon: Well, no, it hasn’t changed how we run anything. It’s just, I think we’re all just really aware of how fragile and, and, How quickly something can end.

it’s too bad that people have to pass away before you’re reminded of these things. But yeah, we’ve taken some real hits this year behind the camera and in front of the camera and. You know, we miss them all. So, we just try to appreciate each other when we’re there, I noticed nobody, nobody raises their voice, nobody’s, popping off out of anger.

I noticed a lot, right?

Suzanne: Yeah. There’s a, the fans are very sad too.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. There was a, there was a huge outpouring from, from people and, and we really, we all heard it and saw it and felt it, very of that. Yeah, I, I know .Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Suzanne: All right. so that wasn’t on my list, but I just had to mention that.

So as a first time author, would you say that you’re still learning?

Jon: Oh, definitely, definitely. Yeah. I’m, I’m struggling with book two.

Suzanne: I just, yeah, if you’re gonna, that was my next question. Are you planning to write more?

Jon: Yeah, I, I, book two and book three, I mean, I pitched this really as. a series, maybe all of which would have the word Hollywood in the title.

They’re all crime novels. But, and I tried to keep everything grounded the way Elmore Leonard did, that’s like, this is a real world, that you find these people walking through. but yeah, I, I’m, I’m hoping to, I, suddenly being a bestseller and seeing four stars from everywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble, gives you a nice kick of confidence.

So I’m looking back to, I’m getting ready to get back into it.

Suzanne: I bought two of them. I bought the–

Jon: Oh thank you

Suzanne: Kindle version and the, audio version.

Jon: Oh, alright. Which I recorded in my basement.

Suzanne: I know… Oh, in your basement?

Jon: In my basement. Yeah. I have a little collapsible frame with these acoustic blankets.

Suzanne: Wow.

Jon: It’s not a whisper room, which is like silent, but it is fine. But I still have to, I have to suffer helicopters and dogs and leaf blowers. Yeah. , things like that.

Suzanne: I’m torn between… I’m not a big books on tape, what they call, I don’t know what they call them now, audios, fan, because I read really fast, but I wanted to hear your voice and, and hear it that way while, while I was, doing other things.

Jon: So I, I keep going back and forth, but I really liked the accents that you do and the voices.

Oh, great. Thank you. Thanks.

Suzanne: You have a lot of practice from all the voiceovers.

Jon: Yeah, I had a little bit of a, an easy runway to get on that airfield.

Suzanne: I have a tough question. So you can feel free not to answer it. If you don’t like it. I’ve read many good reviews and a few bad ones. Some criticize you for being overly descriptive. Is that writing style or do you plan to cut back on some of the description in your future novels?

Jon: You know, I would say what’s the matter? You never read Stephen King because, if there’s anybody who knows how to, how to, describe a place and place is very important, listen, you got to take, you got to take the bad with the good and you’re not going to make everybody happy.

  There was one guy who, who took issue with my, my description of. Of firearms.

Suzanne: Oh, I saw that one.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. and you know what? He’s fair enough. He can have his opinion, but I grew up around guns and his point was technically correct. Right? There are automatic weapons. But those are divided into semi automatic and fully automatic.

But when you discern between an automatic weapon or a revolver as in a single or double action revolver, you don’t need those descriptions. Everybody knows what you’re talking about. So, it’s funny. He knocked me off half a star for that, but you know what, Hey, listen, the guy’s got his opinion and that’s what he’d like to read.<br />
and that’s fine. That’s totally fine. the point is he, he still liked the book and the story, so, I say thank you , are you, you can’t, you can’t get bogged down in this, you know?

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: This thing of, I mean, that’s one guy, and, and he’s entitled to that opinion as is anybody who says, he overwrites the description.

Well, it is about la it’s also about Hollywood, so you don’t, you can gloss over.

Suzanne: You’re right.

Jon: Don’t have. You don’t have to get mired in it, it says you have to do that too. Yeah, that’s, it, they’re different writing styles and you can’t say one different styles and different tastes and that’s, that’s fine.

I mean, somebody who really knows LA, I can see why they would go, Oh man, this is really overwritten. You know, but somebody who doesn’t, and I hear this more than I hear the opposite there, they really appreciate the, the description of characters and backstory and setting and, and all that stuff. <br />
So, like I said, you can’t, you can’t please everybody.

Suzanne: And as an actor, as an actor, you’re used to people criticizing you and rejecting you and. Giving you bad reviews, all that stuff. So yeah, it’s over the average writer.

It just, yeah, it just comes with the, it just comes with the territory.

Suzanne: Now, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan?

JOHN LINDSTROM, GENIE FRANCIS GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18 (ABC/Craig Sjodin)Suzanne: NNow, talking about GH for a minute, do you, still enjoy playing Kevin even without Ryan? Jon: Yeah, well, I like Kevin very much. I think Kevin’s a really good guy. I think that there’s, there’s been kind of a, we, we’ve kind of lost a little bit of Kevin along the way, remember when Kevin was, was first around and we had first gotten rid of. Of Ryan. Kevin was an artist. He was a psychiatrist, but he was an artist who lived in a, in a lighthouse and painted all the time to paint out a demon and, and we’ve kind of, we’ve kind of veered away from that. And, we have some new writers coming in now. So I think that I, I think we’re going to have some, um. I think there’s going to be some changes, in how Kevin, but I mean, that’s a long answer, but to answer your question, I love playing Kevin. I love, I love playing Kevin. I love playing Ryan. I love, I love working with Genie. I love working with Lynn Herring and, and Ken Shriner and everybody that, that goes along in Kevin’s world. You know, he’s, to me, it’s just fun.

Suzanne: There’s so many great, stories that Kevin has had over the years. Although my favorite, I have to say, is on Port Charles. I believe it was the Miracles Happen, book, they called it, when he and Lucy got remarried and the little girl came, showed up. Yeah, but even though later, I think they took the little girl away and he got divorced and all that stuff, but that was my favorite because it was so Christmassy and so happy and, and like, we rarely get enough of those moments.

Jon: Yeah, that’s true. You know, I, I love doing, I love doing Port Charles. It was like, it was like the little half hour that could, and I’m, I know that there was somebody at the network paying attention, but it never felt like that. It always felt like we could. It was like our secret corner of daytime TV where we could do whatever we wanted.

I saw the, the executive producer the other day, Julie Hayden Carruthers, and she, she said the same thing. It goes, I, I know there was somebody at the network, but every time we said we’d like to do this, they just said, okay. You know, that’s great, and we got the vampires and we got the six week books that tell a novella style and really fun things. <br />
Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I’m such a huge fan of that show. but I just, I just occurred to me, didn’t Kevin write a novel, “General Homicide?” And it foretold your future.

Jon: There you go.

Suzanne: Let’s hope nobody gets killed in a way.

Jon: I, I, I wanted to, and it’s, they would never go for it. But, but I had this idea that Kevin could walk into the room and, and Laura is, is reading Hollywood hustle.

I said, Oh, what’s your reading? Oh, it’s Hollywood hustle. I said, Oh, how is it? Oh, it’s good. Oh yeah. Is it better than general homicide? And have her say, better.

Suzanne: That’s funny.

Jon: Kevin will take a double take.

Suzanne: Yeah, I guess the thing that most annoys me about it is that Kevin has a daughter out there that they never mention, Livvie. I mean, she might be dead. Vampire or something.

Jon: She looks just like Kelly Monaco.

Suzanne: II know. She could do a twin role, you know. You’re good.

Jon: Yeah. But it’s just. Yeah, there’s a lot of things that we left on the, on the floor. You know, with the. Yeah. With, General, General Homicide slash Port Charles.

Suzanne: So, how different is it now on GH as opposed to when you started over 30 years ago?

Jon: Well, the main thing that’s changed is the structure of production because, the, budgets everywhere have just been constricted to the point of not being choked. But, and this is true, I mean, virtually on every show that I work on because I do a lot of work outside of General Hospital.

Suzanne: Mm hmm.

Jon: You know, everything is just so damn expensive now that sometimes it can feel like if you cut 10 off the budget, you wouldn’t be able to make the week, but somehow they managed to do it. I think Frank Valentini is a terrific producer. You know, the, the shows themselves, the airtime has been cut down from, I think, 49 minutes and change the rest of being advertising during the hour down to about 36 minutes and change.

So, And yet, ABC keeps pumping money into it. You know, it was right before the pandemic. I think I went up to the editing bay and they were putting in a brand new Abbott system. So the, the network is still investing money into that show. They feel it’s, it’s viable for the future. So. You know, the main thing is, you have to show up with your track shoes on. You don’t get to kind of feel your way through scenes and rehearsals anymore. You need to, you need to show up and do your job quickly and efficiently.

Suzanne: And, so now that you’re a writer, is it, is it harder for you to say other writers lines?

Jon: No.

Suzanne: Oh, you don’t say, Oh, I wish they would have written it this way, or…?

Jon: No, but I mean, we have a lot of permission to just transpose or paraphrase things as long as you get the thought across because the writers in daytime are very good and they know the rule. If it doesn’t move the story forward or expose character, get rid of it.

And they’re pretty good at trimming things down to those two rules. So. There’s really not much you have to change. And if you were to change it, you might be messing up something that’s gonna happen tomorrow, so.

Suzanne: Right, right. And so you posted that you’re playing the president in a new movie. Can you tell us about the new movie?

Jon: Oh, it was a, what is, it’s called a Proof of concept Short.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. So it’s not yet a movie.

Jon: Yeah, I was asked to come down to, to Dallas and play the president for a day while they put together, um. A, essentially a proof of concept real that would show that this movie could work. On a as a film. So I spent the day. It was something. That’s why I have a cold right now because I pushed myself a little too hard over the last week or two. yeah, so I spent the day working with Jesse Metcalf. Who’s a lovely guy. I had worked with him on something before, 8 or 9 years ago. And, and, and then I had to deliver a page and a half monologue as the president and I did it in one take.

Suzanne: Wow, that’s great.

Jon: Well, that’s that. So daytime comes in handy.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah. I was going to mention when we were talking about Bosch…. They have a lot of former daytime stars on there.

Jon: Oh, sure. Yeah, they, that’s what was beautiful about Bosch. They, they didn’t there’s other places that will say, oh, they were on daytime. We don’t want to Bosch doesn’t care. Yeah, you’re either right for the part or you weren’t. And if you were right for it, they didn’t mind what your background was. As long as, as long as you could walk and talk and not trip over the furniture, they were happy. They wanted people who knew what they were doing.

Suzanne: II mean, it’s such a silly, prejudice to have because you guys usually are better actors and better prepared and know everything and can do so much than.

Jon: Yeah. I, listen, I liken it to, to people who knock country music usually don’t even listen to country music. And the same people would go, Oh, well they’re on soap opera.

They don’t, what do they know? They don’t know anything.

Suzanne: Or the people who say, Oh, rap.

Jon: Yeah, I think. Yeah, exactly. You know, the fact is you can dance to rap, may not be able to dance to a death metal, but you can dance to rap.

Suzanne: There’s a lot of people my age who are prejudiced against it because we didn’t grow up with it. And this new thing came along and took over the radio.

Jon: That’s it. Our parents hated the Beatles too.

Suzanne: Exactly. I think my mom loved the Beatles, but that was, I think she’s an outlier. So, is there anything else that you’d like to tell us about your book or GH or any other upcoming work that you have?

Jon: You know, I’m a, I’m a busy guy. I, I try to put everything up online. If you’re curious about what I’m doing, what book signings I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing one, actually. I don’t know when this goes up, but I’ve got one on the 17th of February in Glendale with Michael Easton. who is a terrific, in his own right. Yeah, and Michael’s just such a talented guy, but we’re going to sit down and talk at the Barnes and Noble over there.

Suzanne: Right.

Jon: Two o’clock, Saturday, February 17th. The Americana at Brand. Then I’m going to be flying to New York for the 27th, at the Mysterious Bookshop. I’ll be in Portland. Actually, technically, Beaverton at Powell’s bookstore, because it’s the Beaverton place they do their mystery and thriller events. And, and then we’re looking at, Petaluma, St. Louis, Raleigh, North Carolina, Phoenix.

Suzanne: Wow. You’re not home much.

Jon: I’m not home much. I, I’m a busy guy.

Suzanne: But I know your wife is not home much, either. She’s always flying somewhere.

Jon: she’s always flying somewhere. And I, I have to show the new cover. And the publisher sent that to me there where it says USA Today bestseller.

Suzanne: Oh, great. That’s great.

Jon: Was that backwards to you? Does it look?

Suzanne: No, it looks fine to me.

Jon: Oh, okay. It looks backward on my side, but that’s.

Suzanne: Technical stuff.

Jon: Oh, I’m very excited. I meant to mention that. yeah, I just happened.

Suzanne: I’m behind on about a little less than a month, but I happen to see that Kevin and Laura are going to, adopt ace.

Jon: Yes, yes.

Suzanne: Kevin got put in the hospital by aces by aces mother.

Jon: Yeah. You know, I do wish we had a little more Kevin as may time work out their stuff. But, cause I, and I love working with Avery Pohl. I think she’s just a. but yeah, I, I like that they decided to do that and based on what I’ve seen online, boy, there’s a lot of grandparents out there who are taking on their grandchildren to raise.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Jon: So if we’re going to do it, I hope we do it in a, in a real way. Where it’s, it’s a, it’s a huge undertaking for anybody to be a parent and, I’d like to see it. So, but, like I say, we’ve got new writers coming in. They’ve already started. So we’ll see what, yeah, see what they decide to do. You know, we’re all pretty excited.

Suzanne: II just don’t want the, Laura and Kevin to be stuck in the grandparent mode and not doing anything else.

Jon: No, we’ll try and avoid that.

Suzanne: Yeah, I hope so. All right. Well, thank you so much for talking to me. I really enjoyed it.

Jon Lindstrom taking a fan photo with the author, Suzanne, at the 1998 Port Charles Party.
Jon: My pleasure. Thanks. Thanks so much for having me today.

Suzanne: I’ll send you a

Jon: again, sorry about this froggy voice.

Suzanne: Oh, it doesn’t sound that bad, honestly.

Jon: okay.

Suzanne: II have to send you a picture. I have, that I took, years ago, like 99. I went to GH convention that they have the, fan club events and I have a picture with you, so…

Jon: Oh, great. Send that to me.

Suzanne: I’ll love to. Alright. I’m gonna try to get this out as soon as possible. I’ll let you know.

Jon: Okay. All thanks. Thank you so much.

Jon Lindstrom and Michael Easton event 2/17/24 in L.A.


Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024 by Jon Lindstrom (Author) book cover

Hollywood Hustle: A Thriller Hardcover – February 6, 2024


From 4-time Emmy-nominated actor Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital, Bosch, and True Detective fame, comes a gripping debut thriller.

Set in the dark underbelly of the LA film industry, Hollywood Hustle is the perfect read for fans of Alex Finlay and Jeffery Deaver.

Winston Greene, a has-been film star, wakes one morning to find his six-year-old granddaughter at his bedside—traumatized, unattended, and gripping onto a thumb drive. She comes bearing video proof that her mother, Win’s troubled adult daughter, has been kidnapped by a murderous gang demanding all his “movie money” for her safe return. But what they don’t know is…his movie money is long gone.

Unable to go to the police for fear the kidnappers will make good on their promise to kill his daughter, Winston turns to two close friends—a legendary Hollywood stuntman and a disgraced former LAPD detective.

There’s no easy way out for Winston or his daughter—the gang is violent and willing to do anything to get the money they’re after, and Winston begins to realize that to get his daughter back, he’ll have to beat the kidnappers at their own game.

This propulsive and tense thriller will transport readers to the seedier side of LA, depicted in bold prose by a Hollywood insider.

Jon Lindstrom has portrayed both Kevin and Ryan on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles" on ABC.

Jon Robert Lindstrom is an American actor, writer, director, producer, and musician. He is well known for his roles of Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles.

Please visit Jon’s site or social to see his next book signing or other events!

Jon Lindstrom’s Web Site Instagram Twitter/X Facebook Cameo

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Fan pages: Joan’s Port Charles Archive Unofficial Jon Lindstrom Page

Fans of Jon Lindstrom

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, “General Hospital” continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that has depicted the ongoing lives of the diverse and evolving citizens of the fictional town of Port Charles set in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind-blowing plot twists abound on “GH” with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

JON LINDSTROM. GENERAL HOSPITAL – “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling” – ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” will celebrate its milestone 60th anniversary with a primetime special, “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling,” airing THURSDAY, JAN. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/Christine Bartolucci)


Jon Lindstrom, who plays Kevin on "General Hospital" on ABC (photo from his Instagram).

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GH Transcript Friday, February 16, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I just got off the phone with martin. Oh, did his office get the paperwork? They did, and I’ve been officialto the adoption petition, which means everything is on track for us both to become ace’s parents. Music to my ears.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Hello, sister. All right. Thanks for that. What do we got? Pentonville confirmed that they were relocating olivia jerome. Csi says that the, uh, transport van was sabotaged. The two guards were restrained, but unharmed. This is all just an overview. We’ll know more when we get the crime scene report. Okay. So far, sounds like a prison break gone wrong. Yeah, but with olivia jerome, nothing’s ever that simple. You didn’t have to come over. Well, you seemed a little frazzled when you bailed on lunch, not to mention vague. So I thought, why not meddle? You okay? Yeah. I’m just keeping an extra eye on danny. Danny. Why? Okay, I’m gonna tell you, and then you’re gonna tell me that I’m worried over nothing and nothing serious is going on with my kid. Sonny isn’t here. But you’re more than welcome to come in and wait for him. Okay. Uh, well, can you call him? Because he’s not picking up for me, so… I’m sure he’s just busy. Yes, but you’re avery’s mom, so he might not be

as busy for you. Maybe I can help. Why — why don’t you tell me what’s going on? No, no, ava, it’s really sonny that I need to speak to, and it’s very important. Okay. Well, like I said, y-you’re more than welcome to wait. Okay, well, do you know when he’ll be back?

[ Chuckles ] No, no. Not precisely, no. Okay, well, then I’m gonna go look for him. Thank you. Josslyn, wait. Don’t do that. You didn’t run. Haven’t even started packing. No point. You have at least one guard stationed nearby. You know where, ’cause you know how I operate. That’s why you’re carrying. You also know your only way out is through me. What are you gonna do, dex? You gonna take a shot? I

Nedto the ground rules? You’re supposed to call me before you come over. I know, but I was in the neighborhood, and I just wanted to say hello to my sister and, uh, my grand-nephew. Well, now’s not a good time. We’ve just put him down for his nap. Well, I promise this will just be a quick visit. I have another engagement immediately after. And yet he found time to stop by. One should always find time for family, don’t you think? Come in. Thank you.

[ Baby crying ] Uh, could I just have a glimpse of him? I’m afraid even a glimpse is out of the question. Naps are just so important at his age. It seems ace isn’t the only one in need of a nap. Yeah, well, don’t let us keep you from your next appointment. Uh, before I go, uh, have you been in touch with nikolas since he left for pentonville? I have. I-I know how hard this must be for you and ace. Thank you. And how have you taken to being ace’s temporary guardians? Yeah, well, I-I guess there’s no reason that I shouldn’t tell you. We are, uh — kevin and I have decided to legally adopt ace.

[ Laughs ] Oh, my god! That’s wonderful news. Congratulations. Well, thank you. I’m — I’m pleased that you’re so pleased, although I am a little bit surprised. B-but why would my happiness at your good fortune surprise you? Yeah, I suppose it shouldn’T. I can’t think of two better people to shepherd our little angel through this world. Oh, okay. I think there’s something we need to get clear right now. Ace’s adoption does not guarantee you a bigger role in his life, as a matter of fact, or any role. Why don’t I want to go look for sonny? You know where he is, don’t you? Sonny doesn’t apprise me of his movements. But you know what he’s doing. What I know is that it’s a waste of time to scour the city looking for him when the one place we know he’ll show up is here. And if what you have to say is so important, then stay. Can you just call me when he gets back here, please? Josslyn. You’re obviously very upset, and — and you can tell me. Has something happened?

[ Scoffs ] It’s personal. I see. So this must be about dex. Or michael. I don’t want to hurt you, sonny. But I’m not going down without a fight. If I wanted you dead, you’d be rotting in the ground right now, no matter what carly said. But you’re right about one thing. What’s that? You joined my organization under false pretenses, working for michael the whole time. My job was to protect you, and I did. You know too much about my business and about me. And all I know about you is I can’t trust you. So if you were in my position, dex, how would you handle this? I’ve got the crime scene report. Hmm? What do we know? Transport van, uh, hit a spike strip, blew out the tires. They pulled the van over. Then they were ambushed by two masked men. They tied up the guards and took olivia jerome. And shortly thereafter, they heard a gunshot. They freed themselves. One of them called for help. The other went into the woods in the direction of the gunshot and found… olivia’s body. Wow. That’s grim. Did we pick up the gunman’s trail yet? Not yet. I need to see the body.

Danny was drinking? Yeah.

Danny? I know. Would you be less surprised if it were rocco or scout? I couldn’t be more surprised. Wow. Danny? Mm-hmm. I never in a million years. I know. But here we are. Did you flip out? I would have flipped out. I have flipped out. Trouble kristina used to get into took years off my life. Actually, no. Really? I mean, I was angry, but I didn’t, like,

really raise my voice or give him a long lecture or anything. A short one? We just — we had, like, a good conversation about it. Good. It was actually quite mature — of me, not him. Did you ground him? Hell, yes, I grounded him. How long? Until he learns responsibility. So I guess you didn’t want to tie yourself down to a specific timeline? Well, I didn’t think of it that way, but I like the way you think. Let me see. Ah. I think somewhere between one month and forever sounds good. That’s reasonable. But we did. We got to a good place, mom. Okay. You ready for me to be honest with you? I don’t know. Is it something I’m gonna want to hear? I think so. I think what you did was very normal parenting. You do? Actually, it sounds like excellent parenting.

[ Sighs ] But you’re still bothered. Uh, well, taking the whole, “you’re grounded, but if this ever happens again and you find yourself in this position, you can call me or dante, and we’ll come get you, no questions asked” route is…normal course of action, right? Last time I checked. But danny is jason’s son, and he’s getting more and more like him every day. And jason was drawn to danger. What if danny is, too? Of course I will respect your wishes as ace’s adoptive mother. Good idea. But I must ask… you know, that was fast. …Why would you want to deprive him of family after he’s already lost so much? It’s because of how much he’s lost that I want you to keep your distance. I want him to have some kind of stability in his young life. But I would only bring stability. I would be a constant presence — well, as constant as you deem appropriate. No more, but certainly no less. Look, I-I appreciate your good intentions, I really do, but you just have to rest assured that ace has a lot of family who really love him. Yeah, I-I know that. And it gives me comfort. But it’s a family I dearly long to be part of. I-it’s one reason I stopped by today — to offer you whatever comfort I could after losing spencer and — and seeing nikolas go to prison. I-I care about you. Yes, I know. You keep telling me that. And you keep doubting. How long are you going to distrust me? God, I think I’ve proven by now that I-I’ve turned over a new leaf. Yeah. Look, cyrus, it just wasn’t that long ago that when you expressed your sympathy for somebody else’s misfortune, what you were really doing was rubbing their nose in it. You don’t deny that, do you? I do not. I own my misdeeds and carry the shame of them. Okay, okay. Well, the rest of us remember it. Okay. Okay? So if you would like us all to believe that you’ve turned over a new leaf, then it may take more than just your word. You know? You — you may have to forgive us our trespasses if we need more time — more time to forgive yours. Yeah, I understand. Okay. Which is why I asked you about nikolas. Not to rub your nose in it, but because I want you to know that I’ve arranged for nikolas to be protected in pentonville so that you can have the peace that comes from knowing he’ll be safe. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Really? How can you expect me to believe that you’ve turned over a new leaf when you’re offering to pull strings in prison? What makes you think this is about michael? Michael came by. And he confessed to sonny. I happened to overhear. Shocker. Now, come on. This can’t be the first you’re hearing of this. What did michael confess? He didn’t mention it. And I don’t think it occurred to sonny that you and dex are — you’re much too crazy about each other to keep secrets. Especially big secrets. Like the fact that michael hired dax first to spy on sonny and then to protect him. Fine. Yes, I knew.

[ Sighs ] That’s a heavy burden to carry. I empathize. If you’d like somebody to talk to… thank you, but I think I’ll just talk to my mom. Yeah, of course, but it looks like you need somebody to talk to right now. And since I’m here right now… ava, [Chuckles] Why do you care so much? I expected you to handle it the way you almost did. And in your opinion, what should I do now? If it were my call? Yeah. Start over. All the cards are on the table. I’m fresh out of secrets. And you know what? It feels good. Yes, if it were up to me, I would keep working for you. But I know that’s not possible. I’ve become a liability that you can’t afford. Perceptive, as usual. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t just learn about your business. I learned about you and the man you are. When michael hired me, this was just a job. But then I got to know you and your family. And I realized that you have a code and principles that guide you. I know you have no reason to believe me, but I wasn’t lying when I told you how much I admire you. Even now. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Yeah. That’s olivia. Shot point blank in the back of the head. Olivia jerome was executed.

I have long since cut ties with the criminal element, those who kept me trapped in the dark, far from the lord’s love. Okay, then, if it’s not your henchmen who’d be looking after my son in jail, then who are you talking about? Oh, I found a-another group of men in prison, lost souls seeking redemption, just like me. Well-intentioned men living with the consequences of their mistakes. My mission is to provide them an example to live by, to offer counsel, to guide them through their sentences, and hope that they can turn their lives around in prison and out. Right. But they’re more inmates, criminals. You haven’t said they’re not dangerous. Well, of course they’re dangerous, laura. They wouldn’t very well be able to provide protection if they were meek little lambs. Yeah. Okay. Well, I guess I was just hoping that maybe — I don’t know — that maybe you’d bribed a few guards or something. With what? I have no riches to bribe anyone. Maybe with those hidden riches that you use to bribe people secretly.

[ Laughs ] If only I were half as colorful as I am in your imagination. Then you’d be wearing half an orange jumpsuit.

[ Laughs ] Oh, you are so funny. Look, all you need to know is that after my release, I never abandoned my flock, nor have I abandoned my cause. Uh-huh. What is your cause, cyrus? With the lord’s blessing, my flock is about to get bigger. This afternoon is the inaugural broadcast of my radio show. Soon — very soon, in fact — I will be spreading god’s word to everyone in port charles. It was valentine’s day. Dante and I decided to have a date night here at the house. He cooked for me. We thought all of the kids were in their rooms. And then there was a knock at the door just as we were about to get romantic, and dante opened the door and there was a cop with danny. Perspective. Danny is not the first teenager to sneak out of the house with his friends and wind up drinking. Mom, sneaking out is one thing, but sneaking out via a fire escape that’s suspended from the side of the building on — on a penthouse floor? Clearly, danny doesn’t have any fear of heights.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Gee, I-I wonder who he takes after? I mean, what if danny hadn’t gotten caught and he would have tried to sneak back in the same way — up the building, mom? What if he slipped or lost his balance? Okay, you are right to be asking all these questions, and you are right to be extra vigilant. However, one incident is not a pattern necessarily. Okay. So this is normal teenage stuff? All I know is what kristina did to me.

[ Chuckles ] Kristina’s an angel right now compared to those things. Honey, I never raised a boy, so I have no idea what’s normal for boys. I get that all teenagers take chances. But what if danny’s hardwired to take bigger chances? And if so, how do I keep him safe? Because if he’s anything like his father, the more I try to control him, the harder he’s gonna fight to be free. All right. I debriefed the detectives who were on the scene. They found this nearby. Oh, yeah. Can I have a look? Oh, yeah. Find something? Yeah, see that marking right there? Mm-hmm. Wsb put it on all the guns they seize. That means whoever tried to kill sonny is also behind olivia jerome’s murder. You had a lot of potential, more than I’ve seen anyone have in a long time. You proved your abilities to me. But you reminded me that being capable and trustworthy don’t really go hand-in-hand. I wish I could just let you go, forget you ever existed. But you’re too big of a liability. I understand there’s a risk that your enemies might use me to get to you. But I was willing to take a bullet rather than give up carly and michael. You know I can hold up under pressure. I have kids to consider. You said yourself, I’m not gonna, you know, take chances when it comes to protecting my family. So what now? The only way I see it, you’re gonna have to disappear. I know I’m not your favorite person, but you still went out of your way to get spinelli and dex to find me when mason took me. Well, of course. And, you know, I did that for avery. You still did it. I owe you my life for that. So if there’s anything that I can ever do for you, no matter what it is, all you have to do is ask. You really mean that? Absolutely. Then please help me find sonny. Oh, josslyn, I told you, I don’t know where he is. Then call him or get the guards to summon him home. I really think it’s best if you just come — ava! Sonny is gonna kill dex, all right? You know that, and I know that. I need to speak to him before he does something drastic, okay? I might have helped, but dex is the one who rescued you. Okay? Twice. Once at the quartermaines’ when heather webber attacked you, and once in pautuck. You owe him your life twice over. Please help me protect him.

you expect me to let you kill me? I expect you to leave town. Leave? I’m gonna have frank take you to one of my safe houses until brick sets you up with a new identity — passport, driver’s license. And then once you’re gone, we’re gonna cover your tracks and set you up with money. What about josslyn? No. The way this works, brick and I are the only ones that have to know what’s going on. We bring josslyn into this, she’s gonna drive my enemies to you. But we know how to be careful. Okay. I know josslyn loves you. She loves her family, too. But we involve josslyn, it’s all for nothing! Then shoot me! It’s not worth it. Okay? Joss made my life worth living. Without her, you might as well finish me off now. I would absolutely help if I could. But you won’T. So everything you just said — if I ever need anything — that’s all crap. I-I meant every word. And I am aware of how unsparing sonny can be with those who cross him. But he didn’t cross him, ava. Literally the opposite. How many times did dex almost give sonny his life? And that counts for nothing. I know it seems unfair, but you know as well as I do that sonny can’t risk fairness when it comes to his family’s safety. So you’re saying there’s nothing I can do? Yes. You have a radio show? Who would put you on the air? Someone who sees the value in my message? No. Unh-unh. Something’s off here. Something is deeply off here. It saddens me that you still doubt my intentions. Ugh! Fortunately, the lord provides me strength to continue proving I’ve changed. I know I can never erase the terrible things I’ve done. But I can at least counteract them by putting some good in the world. That’s my purpose. Mm. But what is your motive? Dear sister, I can only hope one day you will believe the change I’m showing the world and accept the man I have become. I must take my leave. My debut is about 15 minutes away on kzpc-radio. I do hope you’ll tune in. It’s a miracle, but ace is still down. Then again, maybe he was trying to avoid our company. Laura? What did cyrus want? The same thing he always wants. My trust. I tried to shield scout and danny from jason’s life, and when I realized I couldn’t, I broke up with him. Sam, you — you seem to give your kids stability, despite all that. Mom, what if it wasn’t enough? Danny always wanted more time with his father. Jason was in and out of his life, and then all of a sudden it wasn’t enough. Danny took jason’s death really hard. And what if a way to feel close to his father, danny is trying to take the sort of chances that jason used to take? And if so, how long has this been building up in him, and why haven’t I seen it before? Listen to me. I understand how you feel. At some point, every parent does, one way or the other, but you did not cause this. Do you understand that? Yeah. Do you believe me? I want to. Whatever danny is going through, you will get him through this, because you are a wonderful mother. Olivia jerome’s long history with the mob certainly tracks with our gunman’s pattern — e leadS. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so forensics needs to confirm that the bullet that killed jerome matches that gun. Yeah. Let’s see if they can put a rush on it. Oh, yeah. We need to act fast, because as soon as the feds are apprised of this development, then agent cates is gonna want to take over, and we all know how thrilled he was that we didn’t back off in the first place. Oh, whatever. It’s not like he could be any less cooperative. It’s not like he could.

[ Sighs ] You know, it’s common knowledge that there won’t be any tears shed over olivia. But those guards, — they could have been injured or worse. And curtis already got caught in the crossfire. Agent cates needs to understand we have to put a stop to this before any more innocent bystanders are hurt.

Thank you for the encouragement, mom, because I don’t feel like a good mom, much less a wonderful one. You know who thinks they’re wonderful moms? Terrible moms, that’s who.

[ Laughs ] So it’s good to doubt. Yeah, it’s like if you think you’re going crazy, the fact that you’ve asked that question means you’re way ahead of the game. That’s good to know.

[ Sighs ] In the meantime, just take it one step at a time, okay? This is just one incident. I know, but what if it was just the first? Then you will know if you see it escalate and you will do something about it. You will take care of him, just like you always have. And you’re not gonna have to do it alone, ’cause you got me, and you can always count on me. And together we will figure it out. Is that a deal? It’s a deal.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay. That’s my phone.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Oh. It’s one of my reporters. Hey. What’s up? Mom? Is everything okay? Our best lead is the gun dealer philip o’neill. His lawyers want a deal, but the fbi isn’t biting. What, he’s still not talking? Dante: Yeah, which doesn’t make any sense. And then, like, this guy’s got a target on his back, don’t you think? I mean, he can id who he sold the guns to. Yeah, that is concerning. But interestingly, whoever it is that’s after organized crime figures, they waited until olivia was out of prison before they made their move. Right. Well, that just makes me think that whoever this is doesn’t have access to anyone on the inside. Okay, so then I think I’m gonna talk to agent cates and try to persuade him to keep o’neill at pentonville rather than moving him out of our reach. Do you think we can get something out of o’neill? You know, just because he’s not talking to law enforcement doesn’t mean he won’t talk to anyone. Well, I should have known better. Thank you, ava. This conversation was a big help. Josslyn, I-I didn’t mean to upset you. I just need someone to help me, ava. I love dex. I love him. Do you understand? I cannot and I will not give up on the people I love. I won’t do it. If I pull this trigger because you asked me to, I won’t be breaking josslyn’s heart. You will. I love her, and I never thought — I thought it would be beaten out of me and that it would never happen for me. But then it did then. Okay — and now — you know it’s the best thing for josslyn to leave town. My enemies are gonna be tracking you down for the rest of your life. You want to put her in danger? You want her to be the target? I can’t lose her, sonny. Okay, here’s the deal. You want to keep your life? You’re never gonna come back here again. You’re not gonna have any contact with anyone again. It’s up to you.

[ Cellphone rings ] I need an answer… now.

O’neill won’t talk to us, but he might talk to someone in pentonville. Plant an informant in his cell. Mm-hmm. Could work. I don’t know. It seems like a long shot, doesn’t it? I mean, given this guy’s line of work, you’d gotta think he’d be pretty tight-lipped, no matter who he’s talking to. Exactly. Right now, he’s probably even more surprised than we are that he’s still alive. There might be something he wants to get off his chest, just in case.We’d have to find someone who was good at extracting that kind of information, and also someone that robert would be willing to offer a deal to. So a lesser sentence in exchange for some information — I mean, that would be pretty good incentive. Yeah, but no one who poses a significant risk to the general public on release. Right. On top of finding this person and making a deal with the da’s office, the informant also has to establish some kind of trust with o’neill in order to make this work. That’s all gonna take time. Yeah, that’s time we don’t have. Yeah, well, until we think of something faster.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Something wrong? It’s from laura. What is it?

[ Static ] Cyrus: This is kzpc-radio. And welcome to “searching with cyrus.” You’re probably asking, what could I have in common with you? After all, I’m an ex-convict who was serving hard time in pentonville. But one thing I learned there is we are all prisoners. But if we give our burden to the lord, he will set us free. That’s why I’m here — to help you share that burden and give voice to your troubles so that you may live a life of peace. [ Baby crying ] I was once the most lost… I’ll get ace. I’ve heard enough of this that I can stand, anyway. …That god never gives up on any of us… why don’t you just turn that off? [ Sighs ] Oh, no. I’m going to listen to every word. I need to understand what cyrus is really saying. …Someone who knows what it is to… good luck with that. If I can find my way to a better place, so can you.

Where’s dex? I’m sorry, josslyn. He’s gone. No, I definitely intend to run it in the morning. I just want to be able to check it first before it goes to press. Mm-hmm. But I’m gonna have to call you back because there’s something I have to do first. Hi.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, alexis, hi. Are you looking for sonny? Actually, I’m here to see you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Do you need to get that? Um, [Chuckles] Pentonville. I’m sure it’s your darling nephew calling collect. Oh, I don’t think that it is. May I come in? Yeah, please. So is this a-a social call, or are we on the record here? I heard from one of my reporters, and I think julian would want you to hear it from someone that you know. Conjuring my late brother’s name. This can’t be good. Julian would want me to hear what? Your sister olivia is dead. Is that so? Huh. Well, then, I’m sorry for your loss. Are you really? ‘Cause after what she did to you, I think that you’re probably wondering what circle of hell she’s roasting in. I want to see him. That’s not possible. Where is he? What did you do to him? Dex is alive, but he’s not coming back to port charles. You’re a liar. He would never leave me. Dex did what he had to do, what was best for everyone.

[ Crying ] Not for me. Especially for you. He wanted me to give you this. I hate you! You’re a criminal and a liar, and I will never forgive you for this! I know.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sobbing ] Emily, tell everybody who’s on the show to day.

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GH Transcript Thursday, February 15, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Oh, good. You’re here. It’s where I live. Somewhere else I should be? Of course not. It’s just you weren’t here late last night when I went to bed, and… with everything going on, I — I was just worried that maybe something happened. Where were you? Out.

[ Grunts ] Huh. The guards were pretty quiet about where you were. Please tell me dex was with you, at least. I don’t want to hear that name.

[ Knock on door ] Josslyn: Dex, are you in there? Oh, my god. I have been so worried. I haven’t been able to reach you. Where were you last night? You haven’t talked to your mom today? No, I’ve been busy. I haven’t been able to call her back. Why? What happened last night? I am so, so sorry. I-I woke up not feeling great, and then I fell back asleep, and I totally forgot that we had plans. It’s fine. Don’t worry about me. You do look a little green around the gills. How are you doing? Uh, well, morning sickness is, uh, no joke. I kind of thought it would be no big deal and I’d be able to handle it and fine, but, oh, my god, it’s like my — my head will not stop pounding, and — and the room is spinning, and it feels like the ground is actually, like, moving underneath my feet. That sounds awful. You should lay down. I can make some tea. Oh, that would be great. Oh, wait. Before you go, uh, I have something really important that I need to tell you. Whatever you need to tell me can wait. For now, just let me take care of you. Hi, kira. I got here a little bit early, so I got us a spot in the alcove, and I was wondering, do you want me to order you a coffee, or…? Oh. No, of course I understand that. That’s fine, but we should reschedule soon because I have an opportunity that’s going to be great for — hello? Kira? Hello? Stood up again? Hi, I’m on my way into the station soon. Okay, but jordan’s coming in because she wants an update on the investigation into the stolen wsb weapons. Right, and I think we have to move on that asap, because I think there’s urgency to that situation. Oh, let me guess, the fbi is cool with the pcpd investigating until they’re not, basically? Exactly. I don’t know when they’re gonna pull the agreement. Okay. Anna. Anna, you still there? Yeah. Sorry. I-I have to go. I’ll — I’ll see you soon. Hi. It’s been a while. And from the look on your face, it hasn’t been long enough. I have to make a work call. I’ll be in my room if you need me. Hey, I’m fine. Hey… thank you.

[ Knock on door ] There’s someone here to see you. Let him in. Hello, judas.

Good morning, detective. Morning. I’m here to get an update on the metro court shooting investigation for the mayor’s office. Have there been any new developments? Uh, yeah. Anna’s gonna be here shortly, but I don’t think she’ll mind me telling you that there is nothing new from the fbi. Why doesn’t that surprise me? They may say we’re working together, but they’re not gonna give up any of their info unless it helps them. No, uh, they’re keeping their cards pretty close to the chest. But, look, we know sonny was the target. We know the only person who can identify the shooter is o’neill because he’s the one who sold the shooter the illegal weapon. And he is in pentonville, at least for now. What does that mean? Is o’neill going somewhere? No, not that I know of, but it wouldn’t surprise me if agent cates wanted to have him transferred out of our jurisdiction so the feds could have sole control over him. As disappointing as that would be, there is an argument for o’neill to be in protective custody to keep him safe. Well, that’s pretty convenient for cates. Yeah, well, it’s pretty obvious agent cates isn’t too happy to have to work with the pcpd on this. Look, according to o’neill’s lawyer, he’s refusing to cooperate with us on his gun trafficking, but I still feel like there’s a deal to be made there. I mean, this guy’s facing some pretty serious charges. Maybe his, uh, self-preservation instincts will kick in. We need to offer him something in return. Which, as of now, the fbi won’t authorize. Which is too bad, because, given o’neill’s line of work, he could be a pretty valuable witness against a lot of criminals. Criminals who are in prison right now who might know that he’s talking to us, and I don’t know that he’d want to take that chance going in there. And if something happens to o’neill… there goes our only lead. I hadn’t expected to see you here. I live here now — again — till I can find somewhere more permanent. I just had breakfast. Guess that makes sense. I don’t know whether you heard, but I got reinstated as police commissioner. I had heard that, yeah. Congratulations. Must be nice to have a badge back. Yes, it is. Anyway, I wanted you to hear it from me. Why? Because of what happened to charlotte? Yes. Do you want an update on charlotte? Is that why we struck up this conversation? One of my contacts have canceled a meeting. No big deal. It happens all the time. Contacts? Don’t you mean friends? Trusted writers, editors, and photographers — people you’ve been working with for years? People who would always jump at a call from you before. Have you been able to get any of them on the phone recently? What did you do? It was simple, really. All I did is I put the word out… that they’re absolutely free to work with you on your new endeavor, but if they do, they’re never gonna be working with aurora ever again. So you forced them not to work with me. Forced? No. I just…gave them a choice. And judging by the fact that you’re sitting alone at this table, I think it’s pretty clear that they are not as inclined to play with fire as you are. Well, you must not have a lot of faith in carly running crimson and beating me fair and square. Are you really that threatened by a little competition?

[ Chuckles ] What competition? And speaking of carly, all she wants right now is for you to be out of our lives completely, so… if I can make that happen and I can make you pay at the same time, all the better. Here we go. Ginger tea should help soothe your stomach. Thank you. Wow, that actually smells amazing. Which is a really good start, because it’s not making me nauseous, and everything has been making me nauseous, so it’s a step in the right direction. Just give it a second to cool down. In the meantime, hold out your arm. Why? Just trust me. Okay. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] The pressure okay? Yeah, that is really relaxing. Good. Okay, let me try another place. How’s that? I think that’s actually — that actually made the room stop spinning.

[ Chuckles ] Where did you learn how to do this? On the road. Oh. Traveled with a lot of pregnant women, did you? Ha, ha. Hardly. But a ton of hungover musicians. Mm. It’s all lights and glory onstage, and then there’s hell to pay the morning after. Well, I am genuinely glad you learned how to do that, because I feel so much better, and that was really fast. So, thank you, miracle worker. Okay, let’s not get carried away. But now that the room isn’t spinning anymore, what did you want to talk to me about? Oh, uh, it’s about molly. Is everything okay? You guys didn’t get into a disagreement about your pregnancy, did you? No, no. Nothing like that. Um… molly knows about us. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t get ahold of you last night. This is — is exactly what I have always been afraid of since I learned you were working with michael. Are you okay? Did he hurt you? No, not really. His men roughed me up a little bit, but it could have been a lot worse. I thought I was never gonna see you again. If your mom hadn’t shown up when she did — well, thank god she figured it out. She saved your life. I’ve never been so happy to see anyone. Not that sonny made it easy. He tried to get his men to take her to her car, but she flat out refused to go. Look, I’m really sorry. I know that you believed in him, but this is who he is and this is what he does. He uses people, and he thinks that everyone else should forgive him over and over again, but the second he thinks someone’s betrayed him, he will turn on them. No, I get it, okay? Sonny knew I had been paid off. He just wasn’t sure by who. Pointed a loaded gun at me and tried to get me to talk. The only reason I was still breathing when your mom got there is ’cause he wanted that information before he killed me. Did my mom tell sonny that you were originally working with michael? No, he figured it out. He knew your mom didn’t have the money to pay me the bonuses that michael had. All your mom did was confirm it. Well, sonny’s never gonna trust you again. No, he won’T. Which means… you’re free. Dad, I’m not — I’m not gonna make excuses. Well, there’s no excuse for what you did, michael. Okay, I, uh… I hired dex… right. …From a security firm. And I paid him to infiltrate your organization and — and gather incriminating evidence against you and give it to me. I… I wanted to be the one to send you to prison. Because you wanted me to suffer, I get it. But why? Because mom risked her life and her freedom to run your organization when you were in nixon falls. I had amnesia in nixon falls. Why does everyone forget that? I know, but when you came back, you cheated on her with nina. And not — and not only that, you sided with nina when she was suing me and — and willow for visitation with wiley. Y-y-you… I didn’t recognize you anymore. I didn’t — I didn’t see my father, I just… I-I convinced myself that you needed to pay. You didn’t go through with it. No. In the end, I couldn’T. I couldn’t do it.

[ Sighs ] Because, dad… sending you to prison, it would tear the family apart, and I couldn’t do that to my siblings, and I couldn’t do that to you. In the end, my — my loyalty to the family was — was stronger than my need for revenge. What do you know about loyalty, michael?! Stabbing your father in the back!

I know that you and carly wish that I would just vanish into thin air, but how exactly are you going to manage that? Because I’m not leaving port charles anytime soon. Of course you’re not, because that would be the decent thing to do, just to kind of slink out of town in shame, never come back. You know, drew, port charles is my home. You might have caused a little setback to my plans to start my own magazine, but this hotel is mine, so I don’t want to hear any more threats from you, idle as they may be. You misunderstand me, nina. I’m not threatening you. I’m offering to buy your share of the metro court. Dad, I know you feel betrayed, and you have every right to… …but I was in a position to get the revenge that I wanted, and I didn’t — I didn’t go through with it. So you want — you want credit now for change of heart? You still tried to take me down, michael. I know, and I’m admitting to it. Then why didn’t you come to me as soon as you called it off? Own up to it, instead of bringing your mom into the equation. I hadn’t planned that. She just figured it out. And I already decided I wasn’t gonna turn you in, so mom came up with a plan for us to work together to keep you protected and safe. That’s what we wanted. That’s what we all wanted. Dex, too. What about last night, michael? What kind of man sends his mother in to clean up the mess? I-I — [ Scoffs ] I didn’t send mom, okay? And I had no idea you were closing in on dex. I was — I don’t — I don’t want to hear any more. You had every chance to come tell me the truth. You were in my office, you were — you were — we were hugging. You said, you know, you hate the distance. But it wasn’t about the distance. You were out to get me. I wasn’t out to get you. I was — I was working to protect you, dad. What about your sisters? Donna and avery? How do you think they would feel growing up without a father? They’re your sisters. I know. I-I did — I did think about them, dad. And at the time, I thought that they would be better off if you were behind bars. It’s not your call to make, michael. What about wiley and amelia? How do you think they would feel without you in their lives anymore? I don’t know what I would’ve done if something had happened to you. Watching trina go through this with spencer, it’s terrible. She’s not even herself. I couldn’t do it. I can’t lose you. I love you. Last night, I had a pit in my stomach when I couldn’t find you, and to know that I was right to feel that way… all I want for you is to be safe. Not just today and tomorrow, but always. I wish it were easy to make that happen. My mom had to have told sonny that you were protecting him, you were not betraying him. She did, but it doesn’t matter. Look, in sonny’s eyes, I still lied. And now I know way too much about him and his organization. How can I make a clean break when sonny will never let me walk away knowing everything I know?

This isn’t easy for me. I’m really trying to respect your privacy and — and to be patient, but… hiding how we feel about each other whenever other people are around, it’s just — it’s not really a way to build a relationship. Is that what we are? A relationship? Oh, did you think that I would just let anyone see me like this?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I think it’s safe to say we’re in a relationship. Just think about it, nina. I mean, you want to start your own magazine, right? That’s gonna take some capital — the kind of capital you would get if you sold half of a hotel. And, look, this offer isn’t coming out of nowhere. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that you offered to sell your shares to carly. Oh, but that was before you and carly took crimson away from me and I found out how vindictive you two are. Well, you did all that to yourself, nina. You gotta take responsibility for your choices. Oh, good. Another lecture. I will pay you fair market value for your half of the metro court. Not a chance. Now, if you want to buy something nice for your girlfriend, besides a magazine that she has no earthly idea how to run, I suggest jewelry. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not comfortable giving you all the details. Just know that she’s home and she’s settling in nicely, and I promise I’ll keep you informed. Thank you.

[ Nina and drew arguing indistinctly ] Uh, will you excuse me? Yes, of course. Calm down. Nina, there’s no reason to get so worked up. Don’t you dare tell me how to behave. Nina, everything all right? No! Drew thinks that he can take my share of the hotel from me. There has to be another way to gain access to o’neill and keep him in port charles under our custody. Yeah, I don’t see that happening. The feds want us to stand down as it is. On the gun charges, yes, so we need to come at it from a different angle. Okay. Like what? Maybe we get him on charges unrelated to the shooting, something that doesn’t involve the feds and would be solidly in our jurisdiction. What, like some unpaid parking tickets or something? Preferably a felony. What is the likelihood that an arms dealer has been involved in another crime here in port charles? I’d say the likelihood is pretty high. You don’t go from upstanding citizen to gun runner overnight. Exactly. So we need to go over every case in the last six months involving firearms, track all the weapons, and see if it leads back to our friend in pentonville. Yeah, we’ve been there, done that. Nothing. Okay, then go back even longer, a year or more. Do whatever you have to do. Because even if o’neill is placed in protective custody, he still has a target on his back.

[ Cellphone rings ] Falconeri. Wait, what? All I can say is, again, I changed course. Dex was already inside. So mom and I, we just — we made sure that — that dex was — was keeping you safe. That little rat lied to me. You can hate that I paid dex to keep you safe all you want, but you have to admit that if it wasn’t for him, you might be dead right now. I don’t have to admit anything, michael. You came to rely and trust dex. If… for me to — to say something, tell you the truth, it — it would’ve accomplished nothing, but it would’ve ruined everything. Stop trying to make yourself look good. You didn’t just lie because you were worried about me. You lied to protect yourself. Okay. Plain and simple. Admit it. Dad, I — yes, I — I came to — to really like that our relationship was — was — was good again. I didn’t — I didn’t want to lose that. Yeah, well, you lost it the day you hired dex to destroy me. I get that you’re angry… and I-I hope, eventually, you’ll be able to see why I did what I did and you’ll be able to forgive me, dad, but this isn’t just about our relationship. What is it about, mike? It’s about you and how you’re pushing everybody away, because… dad, without dex, without me, and especially without mom, who do you have? Do you… do you want to end up alone? Dex: There are no good options for me here. Sonny will never trust me again, so my time in his organization is over. Exactly. So maybe this is the clean break that we’ve been waiting for. It’s not that simple, joss. You think sony’s just gonna forget about what I did to him? Sonny hates a lot of people. I can live with that if you can. It’s not about what we can live with. Sooner or later, one of sonny’s rivals is gonna figure out that he’s cut me loose and try to take advantage. All of these guys talk, so when they try to use me to get to him and I refuse, they’re gonna have it out for me, too. I hadn’t considered that. And if it’s not the mob, the da or the feds could find an excuse to bring me in and try to get me to flip on sonny. The only way he can guarantee that I won’t talk is to eliminate me. Well, if that’s true, then why did he let you go last night? I don’t know. Maybe he’s just telling your mom what she wants to hear. He knows she won’t let anything happen to me because of us. Regardless, he wouldn’t want to involve her in a crime. Maybe sonny decided to walk away last night… finish the job later, without any witnesses. You’d do anything for me, right? Yes. Then run.

I hate to ruin the mood here, but I think this is all about to get much harder. That sounds ominous. My mother has been wanting to visit me here in port charles, and I’ve been putting her off, but I finally ran out of excuses. She’ll be here next week. That’s fine. Uh, yeah. Don’t worry about, uh, us seeing each other while your mom is here. Uh, a lot of stuff to get done at the pub, and, uh, I certainly could use the time to get caught up on stuff with the center, too, um… so we’ll just take a little break, and then, uh, we can pick up right where we left off when your mom is back on the plane heading home. I hate this. You’re being so understanding, and, somehow, it’s just making this worse. I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide. Well, I’m not the one hiding. Yeah, well, good luck getting your magazine up off the ground, ’cause I love rooting for the underdog. So much for mr. Nice guy. He really thinks he has you wrapped around his finger. You don’t have to sell him the metro court. You know that, right? Well, who knows? I mean, he basically crushed my idea to start my own magazine, and he barely had to try. Hey. Hey. I saw you sitting over here. I just wanted to say congratulations on being named the new police commissioner. Thank you, yes. Actually, I’m just on my way to the station. I’m not gonna hold you up. I just wanted to say that, um… I’m happy for you that things are going well. Yeah. And you? I’m making progress. What kind? And at what cost? Go. Today. Right now. Get a head start before anybody even realizes you’ve gone. You can hide without sonny finding you, right? I am not leaving. I can’t lose you. You’re not gonna lose me. I’m coming with you. No, absolutely not. No, we talked about this last year. Okay, you would be giving up your family, your friends, your future as a doctor. I won’t let that happen. Your whole world is here. It’s my life, so it’s my choice. I cannot lose you. Not after everything we’ve gone through. Joss… …you are everything to me. But you would be giving up your life here for nothing if I run… with or without you. This is insane. You were just trying to protect sonny, and now he wants to kill you for it. Somebody tried to kill you twice now, and whoever gave that shooter inside information on your security, it was not dex, okay? He’s not the traitor. It’s someone else inside your organization. Why should I hear anything you have to say, michael? D-dad, don’t put yourself in any more danger just to get back at me, okay? Or isolate yourself so you have no one to confide in. You need somebody around you you can trust. That’s not your concern. You’re my father. Am I? Okay. All right. You know what? Yeah. You can push me away, you can push all of us away, but you — you’re gonna need someone to talk to. You can’t go through this alone. Catch all that? Unfortunately, I did. I’m sorry, sonny. It must hurt a lot, what michael did. Well, I — you know, I can go if you want, and we can pretend I was never here. Wait, wait. Can you stay?

I’m sorry, I didn’t — I didn’t mean that. I just — I’m not judging you, and I don’t even know your family. They’re great, actually. They’re just religious and old-fashioned. They were raised a certain kind of way to never talk about these kinds of things, so there’s a part of me that still feels like I have to protect them. I get that. I… I actually think a lot of people are in your position. I just hate that you feel like you have to protect them from the fact that you’re gay. Because I, personally, am thrilled that you’re gay, and I know a lot of other people would be, too.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you? What I mean is, I’m happy for you that you’re living your authentic life and being your true self, and if that happens to include you being gay, then all the better. Because I happen to think who you are is pretty damn wonderful. I feel the same way about you. I-I do want to respect, though, that coming out is your personal choice, and I can’t pressure you or anyone into making that decision. That’s your own to make whenever you’re ready. But that’s no way to build a relationship. No, it’s not. Then I know what I have to do. I’m gonna tell my mom about you and me. It’s time my family knows the truth. I can’t believe I let drew get to me, even that little bit. You know, that’s what he wanted. I just couldn’t help myself. He can really push your buttons, huh? You know what? It’s just not that he offered to buy my share of the hotel. It isn’T. It’s just slowly dawning on me, valentin, that I am never going to get a magazine to rival crimson off the ground. It’s just not gonna happen. It’s too much. Even if drew hadn’t scared everyone away from working with me, it’s just too huge of an undertaking. I’m just going to have to swallow my pride… and, as much as it hurts, accept defeat. I can’t believe you’re giving up this easy. On the magazine? On evening the score with drew and carly. ‘Cause I’ve been thinking… there may be another way. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s none of my business. But you clearly have an opinion on me. I value your opinion, so please let me hear it. I don’t have an opinion. It’S… I just was going back to the last conversation that we had, where you — you said you had regrets and that you wanted to get toxicity out of your life and move forward. Which is exactly why I offered to buy nina’s half of the metro court — to get her out of our lives completely. She seemed pretty upset by your approach. Well, that’s just part of getting the best deal possible. It’s the cost of doing business. Is it worth it? She’s a big girl. She can take it. I’m not talking about her. Well, I’m just gonna say this. You seem harsher to me than you once were. And — and you have every right. It’s understandable, especially where nina is concerned. But making her pay isn’t gonna bring you back what you’ve already lost. So I’ve been told. And… …you’re not the first person to tell me that I have changed recently. Okay.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Just — I have to take this. Will you just think about what I said? And maybe we can pick up this conversation later. Okay. Okay. Hey, there’s been a development. I can’t get into it over the phone, but it concerns a prisoner at pentonville. I’m on my way, okay? Oh, god. Let’s try this again, shall we? How you doing? Well, you know, I knew michael would come here. I even knew what he was gonna say and all his excuses. It just… it still hurts, you know, those words coming out of his mouth. Why did he even dare show his face here? He insists that dex did nothing wrong, that, uh… I still need dex’s protection. Well, he might have a point there. I mean, dex did save us in puerto rico. Without him, I don’t know that either one of us would’ve gotten off that island alive. And we still don’t know who the shooter was, so… you’re still vulnerable. You think I should still have dex in my organization after he betrayed me the way he did? It’s your call, of course. I’m just wondering, though… where dex would go if you cut him loose. I imagine he has seen a lot of things, heard a lot of things, things that could hurt you if they got out. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to get that information that’s rattling around in dex’s head. I know I have a problem. There’s a leak in my ship. You’re far from shore. How much water can you take on? Before we all go down? No, no, we’re not just gonna wait around until sonny decides to punish you for a betrayal that didn’t even happen. There has to be another way. Not that I can think of. I’ll talk to sonny. I’ll make him understand. He’s already made up his mind, joss. I don’t care. I have to talk to him. I have to try, okay? I’ll go right now. Let me do this for you, for us. I know better than to try to stop you once your mind is made up, so go ahead. But if it goes badly, just get out of there. I don’t want sonny getting angry at you, too. I can handle sonny. I’m gonna fix it. Just watch. If anyone can, it’s you. Stay right here, and I will be back as soon as I can.

[ Gun cocks ]

Despite what you obviously believe, I made my offer to buy the metro court in good faith. So you say. What I want to know is, why do you and carly insist on underestimating me? Do we? Over and over and over again, and I am sick of it, so listen to me carefully. Not only am i refusing your deal, but you’re going to regret that you ever messed with me in the first place. This is valentin cassadine. I have a proposal for you. Ali, no, no, no, wait. It was never my intention to — to pressure you into coming out to your mom or force you in any way — kristina, stop. You didn’t pressure me. If anything, you being so patient with me is what helped me make this decision. Okay, good. I’m grateful… for your support. I mean, for someone whose family was accepting of her for exactly who she is, you understand my situation far more than I would’ve expected. Well, I’m just trying to think about how I would want to be treated if I were in your position. And I appreciate that. But this isn’t only about my feelings for you, and it can’t be about living a lie to keep the peace in my family anymore, either. What you said today… made me realize I’m happy. Really and truly happy. And that’s nothing to hide. Hi. Hey. Okay, I got here as soon as I could. What’s going on at pentonville? A prison transport was attacked today, and a prisoner is dead. Who? Olivia jerome. Josslyn: I will get dante up here, and sonny will not like it, okay? This is an emergency, and I need to speak to sonny. Hey, josslyn. Hi. Is there something I can do for you? Hi. I need to talk to sonny right now. Well, I’m sorry, you just missed him.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]


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GH Transcript Wednesday, February 14, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Okay. I don’t want to sound like leo in the car, but are we there yet? Almost. Ugh, it’s freezing out here. Your honor, I would like to state for the record, I told the defendant to wear boots. The defendant? What, now i committed a crime? What’d I do? You have been accused of looking too gorgeous tonight. Oh, well, guilty as charged. And fyi, your honor, I am wearing boots. Yes, designer and impractical ones. Well, yeah. Alright, step. Oh. There you go. Okay. We’re here. Okay. Ta-da. Chase… why’d you do all this? Happy valentine’s day. Lucy? Lucy! What? Oh, sorry. Hi. You know, we can’t cheer you up if you won’t even try to have a good time. Well, how can I have a good time when it’s valentine’s day and martin’s not even returning not one, not any of my calls? Okay, let’s focus on the positive. Excellent idea. A night out with people who care about you. Kicked off by a toast. Mm. Okay. But if you toast to love, then the contents of this drink will end up in both your faces. That’s the spirit. To friendship. To friendship. To friendship. Cody: Ready to have a good time? Oh, as ready as any single man with zero romantic attachments can be. Who knows? Tonight, maybe I’ll find the woman of my dreams. You could. And you just might.

Hanging on every word you say

is this love? I got you something. No. I did. No, dante. We said no gifts. Yeah, I know. But I lied. It’s nothing big. Dante. What?

[ Gasps ] What? [ Laughs ] You know, you said you wanted to get back into riding, so I thought, you know, options are a good thing to have. I love it. Thank you. You’re welcome. And options are good when it comes to jackets. But when it comes to boyfriends… mm-hmm? …I only have eyes for one.

[ Knock on door ] Mm. I knew that was going to happen. You knew what was going to happen? I knew one day my cheesy lines were going to rub off on you.

[ Both chuckle ] Daniels, what’s up, man? Daniels: I have a delivery. So, um, how were the kids tonight? Uh, great. I mean, typical nighttime antics from wiley, but he eventually settled down. Oh, speaking of, do you need me — oh, no, no, no. No, no, I already — already checked on him. The lights were on, but he was passed out next to his open book. Oh. Why are kids so cute when they’re sleeping? Well, because they’re sleeping.

[ Chuckles ] Touché. Did you tell the kids that this wasn’t a one-time thing, that you’re home for good? Well, I thought that’s something we could, you know, do together. They’ll be so happy. Well, I know I am. Are you? Yes. Are you — are you sure? Michael, you moving back in was my idea. No, I know, I just, I don’t — I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us, you know, or half-truths or — or feelings swept under the rug. I just, I want to — I want to put it all out there. Funny you should say that, because before we do this, there is something I need to get off my chest. Curtis: You know, honey, I do apologize for having P.T. On valentine’s day. No, I’m just glad you could fit it in. Yeah. Me, too. You know, every time I go, I get stronger than I was the session before. Mm, that’s my baby. Stronger and stronger every day.

[ Laughs ] Ah, okay. I’m going to change real quick, and then we can head out. Sounds like a plan — curtis.

[ Laughing ] Oh. Oh, my goodness. Hey, don’t look at me. I had nothing to do with that.

[ Sighs ] “Took trina to the nicholas brothers retrospective at the forum. Won’t be back until late. Dinner will be delivered at 8:15.”

[ Chuckles ] Happy anniversary to us.

[ Chuckles ] Make this easier on yourself, dex. Tell me the person who you sold me out to. I’m not taking anyone else down with me. Wrong answer.

This is what you were up to earlier. I heard you and leo talking about a comet passing over new york tonight. Yeah. Leo is very excited. He thinks there’s some sort of valentine’s day magic. I’m with leo. What could be more magical than stargazing with a little champagne. And heat lamps. And heat lamps. Yeah. Just the two of us, cuddled up to see a once-in-100-year event. Well, when you put it that way… right? I wanted to do something special for our first valentine’s day together. Well, as long as you keep me warm. You have my word. I’d prefer a kiss. Sam: Danny. What happened? I’m fine. Hey, fine? Fine and… drunk apparently. I caught a bunch of them with booze at the park. Hey, I thought you were in your room. You didn’t even ask if you could go out tonight. Would you have said yes? No. Exactly. Did you hear him leave? No. Snuck out the fire escape. What? Are you insane? You could have gotten hurt, or worse. I recognized him from seeing you guys around town. Decided since it’s his first offense, I’d let him off with a warning. Alright. Uh, thanks, daniels. Appreciate it. Yeah. Thank you. Have a good night. You, too. Thank god that’s over. I’m going to bed. Not until we talk about this, you’re not.

J’accuse! Jack-a-what? You orchestrated this “meet-cute,” as they say. I-I orchestrated nothing. Oh, fibber. Spinelli, look, dude, I-I swear I’m not lying. I had no idea that maxie and sasha were going to be here. Lucy: You know, I don’t — I don’t begrudge couples celebrating valentine’s day. That’s great, but I just, I wonder… but since they are, be rude not to say hello. No, wait, wait, where are —

[ Growls ] Uh, good evening. Ooh. So formal. Yes, yes. Hi, spinelli. Uh, gracious greetings to all and to no one in particular. I — do you guys want to join us? No! No, no. A-absolutely not. This is a ladies’ night. No boys allowed. Uh, understood. We — we’ll just head — to the bar. We’re gonna head to the bar. So, um, enjoy your night. Uh, it’s not just a night. Like I said, it’s a ladies’ — ladies’ night. Copy that. To the bar. What is wrong with you? You are breaking the girls’ code. It was just a suggestion. Geez. Well, besides, I just thought maybe you might need a break from spinelli, you know, now that you two have moved in together. He hasn’t moved in. Are you or are you not living together in the same house? Okay, temporarily, while the pipes in his apartment are getting fixed. Mm. He’s even paying rent. How long until his apartment is livable again? I’m not sure. But whatever. Georgie loves having both of her parents under one roof. Seems like you don’t mind it much, either. Portia: Mm. This was so lovely of marshall to do! Yes, it was. Honey, I hope you’re not disappointed that we’re not going out. Are you kidding? A romantic dinner at home that I wasn’t required to cook?

[ Laughs ] Look at you. You living the dream, huh? I am. You know it.

[ Laughs ]

[ Both sigh ] It’s really nice. I can only think of one thing nicer. Let’s celebrate our anniversary properly.

[ Car door closes ] Go with frank to check that out. I hope you’ll make it look like I took off. I’d rather joss hate me than mourn me — money is more important to you than josslyn. That’s not true. Stop lying. Sonny?! Sonny? Carly. Oh, no, no. What are you doing here? I’m stopping you from killing an innocent man.

overreacted about you keepingthe nina thing from me. No, you didn’T. Yes, I did. Which was hugely hypocritical given I hid that I had cancer from you for months. You swallowed that betrayal and moved forward, and I didn’t afford you the same grace. And I have been struggling to figure out why.

[ Sighs ] Any luck? You’re my person, michael. You’re the safe, stable place where I put my trust. And with my history of being lied to and manipulated, if that trust gets broken, it — it cuts deep. Uh, I’m not trying to make excuses. No, I know you’re — I know you’re not. But you not being honest, it just shook the foundation for me. And I know that you were doing it from a place of love and that you were trying to protect me, but I need to know that, going forward, if something terrible happens, we will figure out what to do together. Yeah, no, I-I will never go rogue again. I’m serious. No, I know, I know. So am I. Willow, look. We are a team, okay? And I-I am so sorry that I made you feel like we weren’T. You know, I think the most prudent course of action is — is to exit. Why? Didn’t you say you were single and ready to mingle? I would never say it in such base terms, but…yes, that is the general idea. So what? Are you worried that maxie’s gonna see you talking to other women? How many times must I tell you? Maximista is a — is a non-issue. Okay, then I don’t see the problem. Okay, so let’s take this opportunity to come up with some ideas for the new faces of deception campaign. Are we — are we at the office? I could have sworn we were at the savoy to have some fun. Lucy, no more work talk. Uh, well, unfortunately, we cannot afford to take the night off. No, ma’ams, because tracy is out to decimate us. Honestly, I think tracy wants deception to succeed. Aha! Then she has you exactly where she wants you. So much for girls’ night.

[ Metal banging ] Any luck? I’m sorry, brook lynn. Don’t be sorry.

[ Shivers ] What are the odds that both space heaters are on the fritz? Pretty good, considering they’re usually used at the same time, so the propane probably runs out at the same time, too. Yeah, I probably should have checked that. Oh, stop. Look, we’ve got blankets and body heat. Come under so you don’t freeze. Okay, but first, paE. Ooh. There we go. Here, get under. For the most beautiful woman in the world. You are the sweetest. Thank you. Is this better? Much. I promise this will be a valentine’s day to remember, one we’ll tell our grandchildren about. The night granny got frostbite. What was that? Nothing.

[ Shivers ]

[ Chuckling ] Do you know how lucky you are that dante is on the force? If you would have been brought in for processing, you would have a record right now, one that would follow you when you apply to colleges. Colleges? Mom, I’m 14. Yes, exactly. Way too young to be drinking or — or sneaking out or lying to us in general. Danny, you could have been hurt.But I didn’t — that’s not the point. Mom, you’re making way too big a deal out of this!You are too young to be drinking period, let alone in the park! Fine. Lesson learned, okay? No, I’ll be the judge of that. You’re grounded. What? Give me your phone. Mom. Phone. Now. How long? I don’t know, maybe until you learn enough responsibility to get it back. That is so unfair. Oh, well. And so hypocritical. What’s that supposed to mean? Like you didn’t have a drink at my age. Sonny, dex is not the traitor in your organization. Ms. Spencer, it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. Carly, I know you want to protect dex for josslyn’s sake, but I have proof. He admitted he’s working for somebody else. But he refuses to tell me who it is. Listen to me. Brick believed me enough to tell me you were here, okay? You can’t do this. He’s working for the bastard who wants to take me down, carly. What do you want me to do? No, he’s not. He’s not, sonny. Okay. Please, take her out of here now. Wait, no. No, no, no!

[ Stammers ] You — no! Damn it, sonny. Dex is not working for some other mob organization. He’s working for me.

So, is there an etafor this comet or what? I’m sorry. We can go back into the house if you want. I just — I wanted to show you how special you are to me, make this the best valentine’s day ever. Can I be straight with you? You better be. I don’t really even care about valentine’s day. It’s just a commercial money grab to make single people feel like crap.

[ Laughs ] Why are you laughing? Because I feel the same way.

[ Laughs ] As a matter of fact, I wasn’t drinking when I was 14. I don’t feel too good. That’s understandable. I’m going to the bathroom. Do you need help? I got it. Danny. You know that if you’re ever in trouble or need a ride, you can just call me or dante, no questions asked. Well, I mean, there will be questions, you know, eventually, but not off the top. We just want to keep you safe, that’s all.

[ Groans ] “Have kids,” they say. “It’ll be wonderful and fulfilling,” they say. Ah, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. No, I wouldn’T. But, dante, I wasn’t prepared for this. Danny is going to be a handful. Okay, maybe not. Maybe he learns from his mistake. This wasn’t just some mistake. I mean, forget about him putting himself in physical danger. My son lied to me. Yeah, okay. I mean, more of, like, a lie of omission, though. Whose side are you on? Yours. Yours, always. Just you. My son lied to me. And my response was to lie right back. Hi. It’s me for the gazillionth time. Could you please, please just call me back, okay? I — I really miss you.

And now I know the way I’ve always known I’m so glad that spinelli staying with you is working out. I wasn’t really worried about it. He’s my best friend. What was it like… before? When we were together? It was…great. It just didn’t work out. Have you ever thought about trying again? Once or twice.

Show me you with no defenses draw me closer unto the shore if it’s darker like the ocean I will mend it the way it was before ’cause I’m happy in our harbor we forget about the world oh, it’s such a good place yeah, it’s such a safe place and I’m happy in our harbor it’s a haven we call home a haven we call home hold on to him. I hired dex to keep an eye on you. Why would you do that, carly? For you. For me? For our children. Okay. I need some privacy. Can you check and see if she was followed? You were getting in deep with pikeman, and you didn’t have anyone to watch your back. I don’t believe you. Look, I — I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you. I wasn’t going to let donna lose her father. Somebody deposited a large amount of cash into dex’s secret bank account this past year. Couldn’t have been you because you lost all your money when the merger fell through. I found a way. You found a way? You’re going to do anything, you know, for your daughter’s boyfriend. Sonny, dex has saved your life multiple times. Hell, he saved ava. Why would he do that if he was working for someone else? To be more convincing. I know when the deposits happened. After dex was shot protecting you at the warehouse, and after the attack on the island. How would I know that if I wasn’t the one paying him? You’re covering for someone. No. I’m not. And the only people you would be protecting would be your family. It’s michael.

[ Chuckling ] It’s michael, isn’t it?

I didn’t realize that you were interested in spinelli that way. I’m not. But then sometimes I am. I — it’s really confusing. I’m familiar. Spinelli is… he’s a gem. His giant heart, his quirky sense of humor. You would learn a new vocabulary word every day.

[ Both chuckle ] Any woman would be lucky to be with spinelli. So why can’t that woman be you? I was definitely no angel when I was a kid. No way. Get out of town. Yeah. I mean, I was drinking when I was 14. Worse. Okay. So, see, what danny’s doing is kind of what every teenager’s done. And what parent hasn’t whitewashed their past? I just don’t like not being honest with him. But you are being honest with him, virtually about everything except for this one thing, and so he doesn’t take it the wrong way and use it as permission to get drunk. Yeah, I know. It’s not that I think he’s going to be an alcoholic or anything like that. It’s a little more than that. He’s jason’s son. And he reminds me more and more of him every day. Yeah, I can see that. So let’s be real. Jason was an adrenaline junkie. He took insane chances, and he was drawn to danger. And in the end, it killed him. That’s not going to happen to danny. I’m no stranger to adrenaline chasing, either, for different reasons than jason, but… dante, I was wild. Okay. Listen. Look at me. The fact that you’re thinking about all this, the fact that it’s on your radar, makes you one of the good parents, okay? Danny’s gonna be alright, not because of what his parents did, but because of who they are. And I’m gonna be right there to help you out whenever you need it. Alright? Capiche? Capiche. I was supposed to be apologizing to you. No, I — look, I heard everything you said, and I’m grateful, but that doesn’t make it okay that I lied to you. Look, I just — willow, I didn’t — I didn’t want you to be disappointed yet again, knowing how hard it was for you to try yet again, to give nina an opening yet again and to share your children with her — yet again. And, look, there’s another layer to it. What? It’s just, the relationship that you have with nina is the exact opposite of the relationship that I have with my mom. I mean, my mom, she understands me, and she’s — she’s by my side. Even when she’s mad, she’s — she’s still with me, you know? It’s like, it’s — it’s unconditional. Yeah. So me going to my dad first, that was about me, because I knew that it would — it would hurt less to disappoint him than it would be to disappoint you. So if I’m understanding this correctly, you hid something from me because you love me so much. Yeah. And I overreacted because I love you so much. If the underlying factor here is love, what are we doing? I don’t know. I know our life won’t always be perfect, and I know it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll never fight again. We will. But this marriage, this family, it —

[ Sighs ] It means everything to me. And I want us back to the way we were. Are you ready for bed? If you don’t care about valentine’s day, why’d you go to all this trouble? Because I care about you. I wanted to make tonight special. And I figured since you’re such a romantic — you think I’m a romantic? Of course. You wouldn’t be able to write the songs that you write. You’ve got such a big heart. You’re one to talk, mr. Literal knight in shining armor. Ever since the moment I met you. When you clocked me in the head with a beer bottle?

[ Chuckles ] You have shown me how much you care about me every day. I hope I do the same. And then some. So we don’t need to, like, make today more special just because of a stupid date. Great. Okay. Let’s go home.

[ Laughs ] Yes. Here. Whew! You good? Whoa, whoa, brook lynn, look.

[ Gasps ] Wow. Maybe there’s such a thing as valentine’s day magic after all. Maybe there is. Am I right? Michael initially hired dex, yes. To take me down? That’s how it started, but things changed. What things changed? Michael couldn’t go through with it. He said it would cause too much pain, especially for donna and avery. But you stayed? Because I asked him to. To spy on me? No! You have to remember how things were then, sonny! You chose nina over your family. And things were way off with pikeman. We needed dex in there in case things went south. You continued to let this happen because you thought I couldn’t run my own business? You thought I wasn’t strong enough to take care of myself?

I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine loving anyone the way I loved nathan, you know? I’m sure you feel the same way about brando. I did. Until I realized that I won’t love someone the same way. It will be different. It has to be. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be great. I’ve put spinelli through the wringer more times than I can count. I can’t do that again. Then don’T. Uh, yes, well, keep me apprised, and I can come home if need be. Everything alright?

[ Sighs ] James isn’t sleeping. He keeps making excuses to get out of bed. Uh-huh. Well, you — you know you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t called, right? But now that you are apprised, uh, why don’t you maybe fill maxie in? You think? Well, yeah, it is her son. That’s true. It’s only appropriate that she’s in the loop, right? That is a valid point. And now’s your chance. The “girls’ night only” police have left the table. Feel better? The room stopped spinning. That’s progress. Are you still mad? No, but you and I will have a conversation about this in the morning, and we’ll set some ground rules, okay? Okay. Still no phone? No phone. Hey. Saved me a trip. I was going to bring this up to you. Have like 18 of those, you’ll feel better.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. Yeah. Good night. Good night. Good night. Danny. I love you. Love you, too, mom. Hello. Ah, hello. All good? Maxie is explaining that james has a crush on the babysitter, and that’s why he keeps getting up. I’ve been there. Haven’t we all? Who was your first crush? Mr. Ryder, my fourth-grade science teacher. He was completely oblivious. Mm, was he, though? God, I would hope so. At least teachers and babysitters are unattainable. It’s different when your crush could actually like you back. Like maxie and spinelli. What? What? You just — wait — okay, it’s obvious that spinelli has feelings for maxie, but the way that you just said that, that’s — no, no, I-I said nothing… you — …because I would never betray a friend’s confidence like that. Okey-dokey. Alright. Subject of maxie is closed. Now, my friend spinelli, however, I know that you would never just stand by and let him put his heart on the line if he didn’t have a chance. You would discourage him, however subtly, from risking their friendship. Right? Sounds like something I would do. My favorite part was when james told her his tongue was itchy. So, is there anything you feel the need to tell mr. Spinelli? Nope. Not a thing. You and michael went behind my back ’cause you thought I was weak? No. Sonny, you know better than anyone you can’t survive in this business alone. I’ve been surviving for 30 years! Plus, I had brick. You didn’t have brick! And the only one around you was nina, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to trust her. So you were helping me by lying to me? I-I was trying to protect you! Okay. We have not seen eye to eye about nina, right? Right, yes. And I accepted all that. But I never in my life would think that you would betray me like this. I was trying to help you. I was not trying to betray you. And if you can’t see that, then you’re further gone than I thought! Don’t try to justify it, because you can’T. Sonny? Sonny!

I should beat a hasty retreat before, uh, lucy accuses me of sabotaging girls’ night.

[ Chuckles ] Truth? I’m having way more fun hanging out with you. Well, that makes two of us. Anyone who sees maxie and spinelli together can tell that they’re a good match. But it’s hard when you’ve tried before, and you couldn’t make it work. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time, you know? Maybe somebody’s missing out on something great. And by somebody, I mean maxie and spinelli. Yeah. Of course.

[ Chuckles ] Obviously. Mm. You know, I kind of wish I knew you as a kid.

[ Chuckles ] No, you don’T. Yeah, I do. I told you. I was wild. I would’ve eaten you for breakfast. Is that so? Yeah. Wild. But lucky for you, I’m reformed now. Well, I don’t know how lucky that is. Uh, reformed’s good, but a little wild is — is good for everybody, too. Wild? Yeah. How wild? I don’t know. Why don’t we go upstairs and you can show me what you got?

[ Grunts ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? Are you? Yeah. Sonny would have killed me if you hadn’t shown up. I can’t believe you did. Home or the office, boss? Just — just keep driving. Michael: Dad, no matter who you’re with, you’ll always have a place in wiley and amelia’s lives. You know, I love those kids. And I hated being estranged all those months. It’ll never happen again. And I-I hope that you’ll — you’ll choose to — be a part of my life, too. Are you still cold? Starting to warm up. Hold on to what we thought we knew I’m holding onto you when I’m haunted and seeing your ghost fall asleep next to me I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to you I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to your love I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to you I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to your love ooh happy anniversary, baby. Happy valentine’s day. Happy everything.

[ Laughs ] I have… wanted to do that for so long. Mm-hmm, me, too. Was it worth the wait? Mm-hmm. When I think about… everything that we had to overcome to get here, all the challenges, the heartbreaks… and look at us. We’re still stronger than ever. It tells me that we’re built to last and that together, we can get through anything. Anything.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, February 13, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Hey, dad. I’m not sure what’s in this box, so I’m just going to put it in your room, okay? Thank you. I wish you’d let me help. I’m the one moving in, and I’m just standing here watching the two of you do all the work. That’s the way it should be, dad. Just sit down and relax. Yeah, I agree with finn on this one. Don’t worry, grandpa. We’ve got you covered. How are you feeling? Any morning sickness? Knock on wood, I feel totally normal, except for the incredible fact that I have a human life growing inside of me. It’s pretty amazing that I got pregnant on the first try. Was like it was meant to be, you know? Like… maybe my purpose was to bring molly and tj’s baby into this world. Well, one thing’s for sure. You’re absolutely glowing. Well, I think that might have something to do with you. I was just so glad when you called. You know, spending time with you, it’s just what I needed today. And I just put ace down for a nap, so we have plenty of time to chat. How is that baby doing? Uh, he seems okay. I’m — I’m worried about the long-term effects of losing his mother and spencer, of course, and then, the long separation from nikolas. But for right now, he seems to be settling in just fine. Good. Glad to hear it. Yeah. Yeah. I know he lived here before, and so you probably have everything you need, but you can never have too many diapers.

[ Chuckles ] No, you really can’t, can you? That’s so thoughtful. Thank you. I’m really glad he has you and kevin to take care of him while nikolas is in prison. You know, losing spencer and nikolas turning himself in has just — everything has been so hard, and… having ace here, you know, it — it really has helped me. Honey, this is about more than dropping off diapers, isn’t it? What’s on your mind? Is it that obvious? Yes. I’m worried about nikolas. Carly: Yeah, just — just let me know if there’s a problem. Okay. Thanks. Bye. Hi, ava. Ava: Hi. Are you looking for me? Yeah. Um, I’ll just be a minute. Thanks. Your assistant told me that you’d be in here. Why are you working in michael’s office? Nina. She made up a story about pipes bursting, and so crimson offices is an off-limit construction zone. She’s trying to make me miss my first deadline as editor in chief, and that’s not going to happen. Ah. That sounds complicated. Nothing I can’t handle. So, what do you want to talk about? Um, it’s about the sleepover that donna and avery have planned for this weekend. Yeah, donna’s super excited about it. I told her we could all make chocolate chip cookies. Aww, that sounds like so much fun. But, um, I’m afraid I have to cancel. Why? It’s not safe for avery to stay over. Where are we going? The pine barrens. I have some business I have to take care of.

[ Knock on door ]Oh, that must be my sister molly, early for our dinner, as usual. Okay. Hi. Hi. I know I’m early, but what can I say? I’m used to it in court. Now it’s just my default setting. Right. Yeah, no, it’s not like you’re at least 15 minutes early to everything in your entire life anyway.

[ Laughs ] Come in. Blaze, hi! It’s so nice to see you. Are you joining us for dinner? No, I’m sorry. I just didn’t realize the time. I actually have to get going. Oh, yeah? Well, I mean, you could stay if you want. Yes, please stay. The more the merrier. Sure. I’d love to. Great. We can talk about what an amazing singer you are. Tj and i are both such fans. Are you performing live anytime soon? We’re dying to see you. Gosh, that’s so nice. Uh, but no, I’m actually in the recording studio right now working on some new material. Okay. Well, I cannot wait to hear new music from you, but please tell us when you’re performing next. Wouldn’t that be so fun, krissy? Yes. Yeah, that would be so fun. You should definitely do that. I know it was part of my plea agreement that I would testify to everything I witnessed nikolas do while he was holding esme hostage, but I am so afraid of testifying against him. Honey, honey, did nikolas’ lawyer contact you? No. Why? Well, because nikolas chose to plead guilty, so there won’t be a trial. This is the first I’m hearing of this. Yeah, I know, yeah. I’m actually really proud of him. As hard as it is, I — I think that it’s great that my son is finally facing his crimes and he’s accepting the consequences for it. So you don’t need to worry, sweetie. You don’T. Your life is not going to be upended by a constant rehash of all the stuff that happened at wyndemere. Well, I really hope his cooperation helps him at sentencing. Yeah. Okay, selfishly, I’m super relieved. Yes. It’s okay. I am, too. I am, too. I feel like this is really what’s best for everyone. Yeah. Why don’t we come sit? Okay. Oh, I didn’t clean the sofa up. I was so busy earlier. I’m so sorry. Here, let me just move some of this stuff out of the way. Wow, I — I did get the tea made, however. Can I pour for you, dear? I almost forgot — yes, please. I forgot how much stuff a baby needs. I’m really proud of the men my boys are becoming, but I — aw, I miss them being this little. Yeah. Babies have a way of making you smile, don’t they? Uh, and speaking of babies and smiles, kevin and I have decided to legally adopt ace. What? I know. Laura, this is huge news! It is. It’s absolutely huge. I-I mean, obviously, it’s not something that we ever expected to have happen, but, you know, with spencer being gone and we don’t know how many years nikolas will be in prison, we just felt like this was the best solution. Oh, my god. I am so happy for you. Thanks. I know how much you love that little boy. I do. And having legal custody of ace is only going to help protect him. Although it does worry me a little bit with this adoption. It’ll lead to heather becoming even more fixated on kevin. What do you mean? Well, she visited esme’s grave recently. Yeah, kevin told me that you both ran into her there, but he didn’t say anything else. Why? What happened? Well, okay. A-as crazy as she is, she was surprisingly very warm to me because of franco. But she did direct all of her grief and anger at kevin. She blames him for esme’s death. Sonny and i barely got behind cover. We could hear the bullets hitting everywhere. It was really terrifying. I’m just glad that avery was in her room. She missed the whole thing. Uh, not a half hour, an hour before, though, she had been right there on the patio. I told her the noise was fireworks, but she’s smart, you know? And I’m — I’m worried that she can sense that something’s wrong. Okay. I understand. I really do. I know exactly how you feel, but I promise you, avery is safe at my house. No, I know. I think I know. Y-your house is like a fortress, right? It’s — it is. And I-I just really want to keep things normal for avery, because donna loves having her big sister over for sleepovers. Yeah, avery loves it, too. I-I think maybe that I’m overreacting, right? I’m just — I’m worried after everything that happened in puerto rico, so… then why are you out and about? Why don’t you stay home at sonny’s under guard? Yeah. It’s just, it’s hard to stay cooped up at sonny’s penthouse, just me and avery, you know? And he’s got the guard that follows me everywhere when I leave, so I — sounds like you’re as safe as sonny can make you. I think that sonny is hiding it well in front of avery, but… I can tell that he is really on edge. Of course he is. Someone took a shot at him in his own home. Does sonny have any idea who’s behind the attack? Dex: I don’t want to overstep, boss, but did something happen that I don’t know about? Brick brought me some crucial information. A lead on the shooter in puerto rico? Not a lead, a suspect. Are we going to bring him in? Already done.

[ Engine starts ] My rat problem will be over soon.

Whoa, grandpa. How many books do you have? One can never have too much literature, honey. Unless one moves into an apartment that doesn’t have a library, or a study, even. There may not be enough room in here for all those. You can put some of your books in my room if you want. That’s very generous, sweetheart. Although I think your stuffed animal collection might have something to say about that. I can move them. I’m just so happy grandpa’s going to be here all the time. We should have a tea party to celebrate. Come on. Okay.

[ Grunts ] What’s wrong, grandpa? Oh, uh, I just stood up a little too quickly, honey. There’s nothing to worry about. I just need to rest for a minute. But you were just sitting.

[ Chuckles softly ] Grandpa rests a lot. Is he okay? You know what? Let’s give grandpa a minute. I’ll — I’ll help you get everything set up. Violet: Okay. We can’t put it off any longer. We have to let violet know that I’m sick. I haven’t been ice skating in so long. We went to check out that new rink that just opened. It was so fun. But seriously, I forgot how hard ice skating is. Kristina’s just being modest. She was so much better at it than I was. I’m still sore from all the falls I took. Well, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, though. We did. Don’t listen to allie. She’s always way too hard on herself. Allie? Blaze is a stage name. My real name is allison. Wow. I cannot imagine having to change my name for work. I don’t mind it, actually. I feel like a different person when I’m onstage, so it helps me get into the right head space. That makes sense. Speaking of which, I have an early recording session tomorrow, so now I really do need to get going. Aw. Oh. It was so nice to get to know you a little bit better. Uh, I’ll be back. I’m just going to wash my hands. Okay. Bye. Bye. Your sister is really nice.

[ Chuckles ] Text me later? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Bye. Bye. Heather was really brutal with kevin. She blames him for trying to help ryan and accuses him of causing esme’s death. She really lit into him. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Heather likes to lash out at people and say horrible things. But no matter how horrible she was, try not to let that get to you. Really, honey, because she’s in jail. There’s nothing she can do from there. I’m just glad she can’t get to any of you, especially ace. My god, I can’t believe you are adopting that little boy. I’m so happy for you.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you. We’re very excited about having him here full-time, although I can’t say that I ever imagined that I would be raising another child. Yeah, no, I’m — I’m sure. But he couldn’t be in better hands. Oh. And if you ever need a babysitter, it would be my absolute pleasure to watch that sweet boy. Well, I appreciate that, but I don’t think I will be taking up any of what little free time I know you have. It’s very demanding to be the head nurse of G.H. Oh, unlike being mayor?

[ Both laugh ] Yes, I guess. Well, kevin and I both have very busy schedules. But fortunately, we’re at a point in our careers where, you know, we have a little bit of flexibility, and we are both committed to giving ace a happy and a stable home. Alright, well, if you won’t let me volunteer, then aiden loves kids, and he’s been babysitting. Really? Oh, my goodness. Mm-hmm. I will keep that in mind. Actually, if I’m being honest, it’s good to know that there is some sort of a support system there, and it’s not just me and kevin in it all alone. You’re not alone. So you call us if you need anything. We’re family. We have to stick together. You look a little nervous. Are you uncomfortable going to the pine barrens? I am. Okay, what’s going to happen is not going to be easy. It never is when someone you trusted to have your back betrays you. When someone chooses money over their word, they don’t deserve to live. Is that what happened? Was someone in your organization taking bribes? Someone has been secretly working against me for months. That’s unacceptable. Of course. I know how important loyalty is to you. It means everything. I do everything for people. I treat them well. I make sure they’re taken care of. You agree with that? Of course, boss. I’ll never forget when you came back for me in that warehouse. You saved my life. Then you took me into your own home so that I could recover. And I thought that would mean more than just a quick payday. But one thing I learned in this business is loyalty is rare. And people will always disappoint you.

Well, that looks promising. What? You and “allie.” Okay, I know what you’re doing. And we are just friends. Just friends? Come on. Are you really going to tell me you’re not attracted to her? Blaze is hot. That’s not the point. Okay. Well, I think you guys are cute together, and there’s definitely a vibe there.

[ Scoffs ] Do you really not see it? I mean, I-I vibe with a lot of people, molly. Yeah, not like this. You only spent a little bit of time with her. Long enough to see the little looks she’s giving you and the way you make each other laugh. I’m just saying, I know putting yourself out there is hard, but it might be worth it. Okay. I will take that into consideration. Good, because you deserve somebody great. Okay, now you are being just as pushy as our mother. You’re just doing such an incredible thing, being the surrogate for tj and me. I want you to be as happy as we are. Wait, is that why you’re not pursuing things with blaze? Because you don’t want to have to explain that you’re having our baby? No, no, no, she already knows I’m pregnant. We wanted to, uh — to talk to you because… even though I’m very excited about moving in with you and your dad and getting to spend more time with you, uh, we may not be able to play together as much as we would both want. It’s because of your leg? It’s not just my leg. I have an illness. One that isn’t going to go away. Is it contagious? Uh, what grandpa has will only affect him. It’s not like getting a cold. You can’t catch this. Okay. What’s wrong with you? I have something called als. “Als”?

[ Chuckles ] Remember when you learned what an abbreviation is? Als isn’t a — isn’t a word. It’s an abbreviation. It’s an abbreviation for a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. That’s hard to say. Als is easier. Yes, it is. Having this disease means that, uh, we may not be able to do some of the things together that we’re used to doing. And sometimes my symptoms may be, uh, very obvious, and I don’t want you to be scared if you see them. Like what? I might have a little trouble catching my breath. It’s like when we play tag at the park, and we chase each other for too long. That’s not scary, right? No, that’s fun.

[ Chuckles ] I may sound a little funny or be clumsy or — or trip or fall. But I-I don’t want you to worry, ’cause I will always have another grown-up around me, so you’ll never have to take care of me. It’s okay. I like taking care of you, grandpa. Thank you, sweetheart. I’m sorry you’re sick. But you can fix him, right, daddy? He doesn’t know who’s trying to kill him. And you know how he hates feeling like he’s on the defensive. I don’t blame sonny for being jumpy. I mean, it’s incredibly unsettling to know that someone took a shot at him, got that close in a place he’s always considered his stronghold. That’s why this is so awful. It just feels like nowhere is safe anymore. And the shooter definitely had information about sonny’s security that only sonny’s people would know. Well, that means sonny was betrayed by someone in his inner circle. That’s something sonny will not tolerate. Hold onto him. W-what are you doing? You think I’m the one who betrayed you? I don’t think. I know.

I’d love to be able to fix grandpa. More than anything in the world. But… it just isn’t that simple. Some things just can’t be fixed, honey. Some things, you just have to learn how to live with. And grandpa can still do so many things with you. But there will be times that he feels a little shaky, and he needs to take a break and rest. That’s okay. My teacher says breaks are good sometimes. Yes, they are. But I hate being sick. I don’t want grandpa to feel bad. Oh, no, no, don’t worry, honey, I’m not any pain. And being around you always makes me feel better. It does? Yes, always. Being with family makes everything better. That’s why grandpa is moving in with us. ‘Cause we’re all going to take care of each other. And I’m going to be here as much as I can to help. ‘Cause that’s what families do. I’m sorry you’re sick, grandpa, but I love you. I love you, too, sweetheart. Oh, hi. Hi. Hi, laura. Hi. I’m sorry to drop by unannounced. I, um — I was hoping to talk to you if I could, but I see that you already have company here, so — no, no, that’s okay. Um, I was just about to leave. You better call me if you need anything. I will. Love you. I love you. Hi. Hi. Um… so I just — I wanted to discuss the gallery’s contribution to the nurses’ ball this year. I know it’s a few months away, but it’s such an important charity, and I want to give as much as we possibly can, but — but the gallery’s getting busy, you know, and I don’t want anything to fall through the cracks. Ava. Hmm? You don’t have to make excuses to come over here. I know that we disagreed about your choice to press charges against esme, but I also understand why you did it. And you are family, so you’re always welcome here. Thank you. Would you like a cup of tea? I would love a cup of tea. You told blaze about the baby? Why? I-I thought we agreed we were going to wait until you were more than three months along. I’m so sorry, molls. Listen, I — I told her about the iui procedure because I didn’t think that I was actually going to get pregnant on the first try. And then I did, and it was a miracle, and I-I felt wrong hiding that from her. And so I told her. But I promise you, she’s not going to say anything to anyone. Something’s not adding up here. You keep saying that you and blaze are just friends, but you haven’t told any of your other friends that you’ve known much longer than blaze. I mean, you two must be really close for you to feel the need to confide only in her. Okay, you can stop interrogating me. Allie and I are dating, alright? There, I said it. It’s out there. I knew something was going on! I’m never wrong. Okay. But it’s new. And — and I-I’m not even sure where it’s going to go yet, so… from the looks of it, it’s going pretty well. You two are clearly into each other. Yeah, um… I really like her. I kind of forgot what that feels like. Yeah, you do look happy. So why did you deny you two were dating when I asked? Oh, it had nothing to do with you, I promise. It was just — look, allie’s family is very religious, and so they don’t know that she’s gay. She’s not out. So I’ve just been, you know, respecting her privacy. Krissy. What? Blaze isn’t out yet. Are you okay with that? Brick: Am I interrupting?

[ Gasps ] You are, but that’s okay, because it’s always so great to see you. Not as great as it is to see you. How you doing? I’m good. What are you doing here? Well, excuse me. I went by the crimson offices ’cause I wanted to congratulate you on being named editor in chief. Next thing I know, I see a construction crew and found out you were here. Yeah. Redecorating? Not exactly. Don’t tell me. Nina? But that’s not important. I want to talk to you about sonny, so come in. Okay. Okay, so, what have you found out about the attempted shooting on sonny’s island? You heard about that, huh? I did. Can’t say I’m surprised, but you know I can’t tell you anything. I know, but ava was just here, and she implied that there’s a traitor in sonny’s organization. I need to know how that affects my kids. He’s handling the situation as we speak. It’ll all be over soon. Boss, you got the wrong guy. Every second we’re here — stop lying to me! You’re not leaving this place. So it can be quick and easy or slow and painful. That’s up to you. I wasn’t working with the shooter on the island. I’m the one who alerted you when the shooting started. Maybe that was your plan all along. You wanted it both ways. You took the money to betray me, and then you used the shooting so you could play the hero. What money? Is this how you stay in touch with my enemy? Now you — you realizing that you screwed up and got caught? You got this all wrong. No, I don’t! Brick found two payments that were untraceable from a shell corporation that coincided with the two attacks on me. Which tells me that you betrayed me. No, I didn’T. This is not what it looks like. Then what is the second phone for?! I can’t tell you that. Well, you got a few minutes to survive, so you better unlock this phone and let me see for myself, ’cause I want to know who’s paying you to spy on me. Okay, when you turn around, you’re gonna see someone.

Do you have any more questions, sweetheart? No, I don’t think so. Well, if you think of any, you can always ask us. Anytime. Absolutely. You can talk to us about anything. Okay. But I think I need to go process this. Okay, I-I understand. Would you like to, uh, go in your room and play? And we’ll be right here if you need us. Okay. That was rough. Gregory: Do you think we overwhelmed her? I mean, that — that kind of thing is hard enough for adults to process, let alone a kid. I think violet handled it okay, actually. I do, too. You know, I know violet doesn’t know exactly what als is or that it’S… terminal, but I think it was a good first step in preparing her for what’s going to happen. You know, she’s, um… she’s a really smart kid, and… she sees so much more than we realize. And I think she was just looking for some explanation for what’s been going on. I know you’re right.

[ Voice breaking ] But I — I hate this. I hate knowing I’m not going to be here to see violet grow up, that her last memories of me are going to be of me sick and in pain. And it’s — it’s not fair. I-I was hoping for — …that I’d have more time with her. And you will, dad. I know this is hard, but you’ve got a lot of life left. Look, you shouldn’t have to hide your relationship. You deserve to be with someone who is excited to fully commit to you, not somebody who’s going to treat you like their dirty little secret. Whoa. Molly, that is not what’s going on here. Look, coming out is an incredibly personal decision. And — and allie has to do it when she’s ready. I know, I’m sorry, I — I really cannot imagine what blaze is going through. I mean, I’m lucky I don’t live in a time where I’d have to hide my relationship with tj. That wasn’t always the case. No, it wasn’T. And if people didn’t approve of your relationship, what? Would you just give up on him? No, of course not. I’m just worried about you. You’re not exactly one to hide her feelings. I mean, are you going to be okay pretending to be just friends with blaze? I don’t know. But right now, things are — you know, it’s casual. And — and if it does get more serious, then we’ll figure it out. But, you know, blaze is taking a risk, too. How so? Because she’s never had a girlfriend before. She’s actually — she’s never really even been in a serious relationship. She’s just always been so happy to focus on her career. And now she’s really happy with me, and she wants to take a chance and have a relationship. And she knows that if she wants to pursue this with me, that she has to make some changes. Changes how? I mean, are you going to have to pretend to be just blaze’s friend every time her family visits? I just — I can’t imagine you happy like that. I don’t know. But for right now, we’re happy, and we’re sorting through things. And — and at this moment, I am fine to hold her secret. And I hope you can do the same. Yes. Of course. No, I would never out her. But I do have to tell tj. How have you been? Uh — I know this is a tough time, and I’m here to talk if you want to vent or complain or scream or throw something. Thank you. Thank you, but I’m okay. You know, having ace here keeps me really busy, so that kind of forces me into the present moment. You know, if he were not here, I might actually get lost in my grief over spencer’s death. Trina is handling it as best she can. But she’s having a really hard time. And for me, seeing her grieve so deeply, it takes me back to how I felt when kiki died. How angry I was. How lost. I’ve been thinking a lot about kiki lately. I understand. You know, you never get over the loss of a child. The pain gets duller, I think, but it’s always there. I had kiki longer than you had spencer, but… it was not long enough. You know, a hundred years more wouldn’t have been enough. I keep expecting him to walk through the door. Yeah, I bet. You know that spencer and i had our problems. But I-I was starting to see him through trina’s eyes. And I could tell that he — that he was getting his life back on track. Yeah. I thought so, too. That’s really generous of you to say, especially after everything that spencer put you through. I know he shares some of the blame for your marriage falling apart. Mnh, mnh, he was just a hurt kid lashing out at — at his father and me. I’m just — I’m sorry that I won’t get to see the man he was becoming. Me, too. It’s twisted, isn’t it? All this pain goes back to that one family. Ryan took kiki from me. Esme took spencer from you. I think ryan played a very big part in making esme who she was. The man was evil. I’m glad he’s dead. God help me, I am, too. I always feel better knowing that sonny has you watching his back. My pleasure.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, sorry. -It’s alright. -I’m sorry. I know you’re busy. I’ll just let you get back to work — wha– uh — uh, where’s sonny right now? Sonny’s just out taking care of some business. But I promise you, everything’s under control, seriously. Okay, wait. Wait, wait. What — what is sonny gonna do? Don’t worry. You’re not in any danger. Sonny will always do whatever it takes to take care of his family, no matter how much it hurts. Does sonny think dex is the traitor? What’s the password? It’s a password/touch I.D. Combo.

[ Cellphone beeps ] What’d you do to the phone? I activated a kill switch and wiped the phone. There’s nothing left on it. So you just proved that you’re more loyal to the bank roller instead of me. That’s not what this is about. I haven’t betrayed you. Then why’d you wipe the phone?! What are you hiding? The person who’s paying me is not out to hurt you. Alright. Tell me his name. It’s better for you not to know. Why? I like having a lot of friends.

[ Snaps fingers ] Give me his name. Now.

I have to tell tj that blaze knows you’re pregnant. No, you’re right. Uh… I-I didn’t really think this through. Of course, I-I should have checked with you and tj before talking to allie about this. It’s your baby, and you guys deserve to make these decisions for yourselves. It’s our baby, yes, but it is your body. And I completely understand you needing somebody else to talk to other than me about this pregnancy. Just — just know that neither tj nor i will tell anybody that blaze is gay. I do know that. I just — I hope that blaze realizes she can trust you and tj the same way that you guys are trusting her to keep quiet about the baby. I’m sure she will. I get that you have to tell tj, okay? All I’m asking is that you just give me a chance to tell allie first. Thank you for listening, laura. I didn’t come here planning to unload on you, but I-I feel so much better after talking. Yeah. Well, I hope you know that you are always welcome here, and not just when you’re upset, ’cause I want to share the good times, too. Oh, well, let’s hope the good times get here real quickly. I couldn’t agree more. Been a lot of darkness lately. Chase: Oh, I know what this means. Would you like me to read you a bedtime story? Actually, I’m going to read grandpa one, like daddy always reads to me when I’m sick. And you can use my favorite blanket. It always makes me feel better. Sonny, please call me the second you get this. And don’t do anything until you talk to me first. Okay, look, he’s not picking up. Where is sonny right now? He’s probably a little preoccupied. Oh, my god. Look, I know this is going to be hard at first. Josslyn, she was so close to dex. We have to stop this. We have to stop this. Dex had a side hustle going on, carly. I saw the proof myself. Okay, look, you have to trust me. You have to tell me where sonny is right now before he makes a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. Sonny: All I want from you is the name of the person who convinced you to rat on me. Telling you that will only hurt you. Wrong answer. I can’t tell you who it is. So do what you got to do.

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GH Transcript Monday, February 12, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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well, he’s in better spirits today. Yeah. Me too. I, uh — I’m really glad that he was able to sleep through the night. Poor little baby has been shuttled between so many different homes, and he’s not even a year yet. You will give him all the love and stability he needs.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. I’ll get it. Here. Okay. There you go.

[Straining] Oh, my, goodness.

[ Laughs ]

[ Grunts ] Ahh. Hiya, baby sister, how are you? Marty! -I’m good. -There he is! There he is! Uncle marty! Apologies for coming over, uh, unannounced, you know. Oh. That’s okay. What brings you by? I-I’ve got some very important paperwork for you. It concerns your — your grandson. This is a nice surprise. May I join you? Uh, y-yeah. I suppose I can handle another cup of coffee before I start packing. Today is my last day living at the metro court. Oh, I hope you’re not moving back to the west coast. No. I’m moving in with finn. Yeah, it seemed like the thing to do, considering. Congratulations. Not only will you be living with your adorable granddaughter, but finn is a decent backgammon player. You won’t be bored.

[ Both laugh ] That is all the dough you’re gonna get out of me. -Mnh! -Ohh! Could you two guys be a little less conspicuous, please? You’re gonna frighten my customers. Sorry. Sonny just wants you to have extra security right now. Yeah, but you and frank? Both of you? I think that’s a little excessive, don’t you? Trina! Hey. Is everything okay? Oh. Yeah. Yeah. What are you doing here? Um, I’m just all cried out. I need a distraction. I know that you hired someone else, but — you can — you can come back here anytime. You know that. You know, I’m putting up a new show, and I would really love your input. Okay. Don’t worry, boss, I’ve got eyes on him. Good. Don’t let him out of your sight. You — you found something on dex? Yeah. You’re gonna want to hear this. Yes! You seem very excited and happy today. Oh, my god. I was so unsure about taking over the role as editor in chief, but since I saved the prinzer & golden account, I feel like I’m coming into my groove! I mean, we came up with the best ideas last night. I knew you could do it. You are gonna be the best editor crimson has ever seen. Okay. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, alright? I still have to get the first issue out. But from what I’ve seen, it’s gonna be great.

You’re great. Aww. Uh… what the hell?!

Hey, hey. Don’t worry. Wiley’s off to school. Amelia’s been fed. Actually, she drank from the sippy cup. I think she’s starting to get used to it. You did all that? Mm. Why didn’t you wake me up? I figured you could use an extra hour before work. Here you go. Wow. It is so nice when someone else makes the coffee. Yeah, you are so not a morning person. Guilty. I did not mean to pass out down here last night. Where did you sleep? On the chair. It’s not the first time. I used to — I used to sleep there when you were sick. You took such good care of me. Yeah, well, you paid me back by getting better. It was really nice having you here last night. Yeah. I liked it, too. -Are you crazy? -Tracy, are you okay? She’s a lunatic! I always knew she’d go off the deep end someday. Oh, goody. Floor show’s about to start!

[ Laughs ] That’s our cue to cut this date short, as pleasant as it has been. Date? I misspoke. I rarely associate omelets and toast with dates. But listen. Before we go… a colleague gifted to me two tickets to the port charles metropolitan ballet. Are you interested? I’m really not much into the ballet scene. Um, try alexis. Well, I confess. I asked alexis first. She’s booked. I’ll try not to be too insulted. I could have picked a more opportune time, I suppose. Gregory chase was in her office, still mad at me that I argued the malpractice suit against his son. The hell’s the matter with you? Oh, just be grateful. It could have been a lot worse. Because this — this friend of yours has systematically destroyed my life. Oh, please. I gave you an out. Thanks to my kind companion, I went to martin and I explained that I had been misleading him and that you, in fact, were true blue. Oh, gee! Thank you. Well, your change of heart came just a little too late. Too late for what? Oh! [ Laughs ] This is rich. Am I missing something? You did really sleep with scott baldwin.

[ Laughs ] I took the liberty of, uh, doing up the paperwork for your petition before I left. And the forms are all ready for you, baby sister. Whenever you make that decision, you just put down your john hancock.

[ Chuckles ] A petition for what? Well, to — to legally adopt ace. Who the hell is in charge here?! It’s not safe. You shouldn’t be here. This is my office! What the hell is going on?! I got this, aldo. I got this. Go on about your business. Thank you. I appreciate you. Nina. What the hell is happening? I am so very, very sorry. There was a flood a few floors above, and it leaked into the walls last night. The building notified all the employees on the floor to stay home today. You didn’t get that? Aurora has got a lease. You can’t come in here and rip out all of our offices. Well, check the lease because as owner of the metro court, I am allowed to address all safety and health matters. See, the construction team needs to get into the walls to repair the damage, and, more importantly, they needed to dry up the water to prevent the mold from spreading. And, obviously, some of the fiber-optic cables needed to be temporarily replaced. So the internet on the floor is down. But not to worry — because this isn’t a long-term project. The crew should be out of here in three days or so. And the deadline for my first issue is tomorrow. But then again, you knew that, didn’t you? You remember I did an in-depth background check on dex last year — came back clean. But now it seems dex came into a huge windfall — twice in the last year from some untraceable shell corporation. Twice? When were these payments? The first one was right after you were attacked last march. The second one was just last week. The day after you and ava were targeted on your island.

I think there must be some mistake. Kevin and I were only going to watch ace until nikolas gets out of jail. Baby sister, come on. Nikolas confessed to kidnapping. It’s gonna be quite some time before he’s even eligible for parole. I’ve already been talking to him about ceding his parental claim to you. You what?! Yeah. Don’t forget — heather webber and her brother has ties to this little guy. I did see heather at esme’s grave. She is interested in ace. Oh, my gosh. So… cyrus got out of jail early. If heather, god forbid, managed to do the s– exactly. God forbid. Now, you would most likely win if they ever decided to challenge your guardianship, but I think the wisest course of action is for you to have permanent custody, and the best way to do that is for you to officially become ace’s parent of record.

[ Laughs ] Ooh, I love it when I’m right! I am right about you, lucy coe. You cannot resist scott baldwin. Just shh! Just zip it! Do you want to announce that to every single person in the restaurant? Do you think anyone would be surprised? You have been having your tawdry affair with scott on the installment plan. A few years on, a few years off, and now you’re back on. How long have you been sleeping with scott? I haven’t! I haven’T. Well, I-I mean, since marty and I broke up. Well, I am not responsible for your rebound choices. You, however, are definitely responsible for my dry-cleaning bill. But you are responsible for orchestrating all — all of this. You had scott romance me with the intention of swindling me out of my deception shares. And now you’re whining because I paid you back. Perhaps you could afford to be gracious in victory. Really? Hm. I like gloating.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. If you insist. If martin is open to it, I would be willing to try to mend fences. Fat chance. He is sending all my calls to voicemail. Actually, I-I spoke with martin this morning to thank him for his help with finn, and he mentioned he was going to his sister’s to drop off some — laura. Perfect. She will know exactly how to make marty forgive me. Thank you. Ta. “Ta”? Oof! Scott baldwin was romancing you? I said he tried. Only lucy coe would think that he had a prayer of succeeding. And you’re immune to mr. Baldwin’s charms?

[ Laughs ] Charms? Um… once, in a spectacular moment of bad judgment, I did get close to scott. How close? Close. Blame it on the ’90s. The good news is, I learned my lesson. Obviously, lucy never will. How many of wiley’s magic tricks did you sit through last night? Uh, four. But he is getting really good with the ball one. I know, right? Yeah. It was good having you home last night. It — it felt right.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Hi. I’m so sorry to interrupt. I was on my way to see dex, and I found this in the car.

[ Willow gasps ]Amelia’s lovey. There it is! Thank you so much, joss. Yeah. I, uh — I have to get ready for work, but michael can make you some coffee if you want. Okay? Okay. Well? Well, you want some coffee? No. I want the tea. Spill, please. What, y-you spent the night last night? Are things back to normal? Yeah, well, we’re taking it a day at a time. There’s still a long way to go, but, yeah, we’re — we’re making progress. Oh, I’m so happy for you guys. And the kids. Nina is not worth you two fighting. Yeah, I agree. God, I just can’t wait for sonny to divorce nina so she is out of our lives. Yeah. I mean, I saw sonny actually yesterday. I have no idea what he’s gonna do about nina. Well, how was that, seeing sonny? Well, we talked, and I think things are better. Okay. Good. When there’s friction between you and sonny, it freaks me out ’cause I think it makes things more dangerous for dex.

[ Gasps ] Oh, no! Take it easy. I got it. I’m thinking the shell corporation was created with the sole purpose of funneling… money to dex. I don’t know who set it up yet, but it sure tells a story. Dex gets paid to tip them off to your location, your enemies, and, of course, to highlight your vulnerabilities. Why would he do this to josslyn? Maybe he used josslyn to get closer to you. It’s genuine. Maybe josslyn disapproves of his life with you. Yeah. She does. So it could be that dex is trying to get out of this life with her. What better way to avoid a bullet from you than to set you up to take one? Kerendia presents… the abcs of ckd a is for awareness, because knowing that your chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes could progress to dialysis is important. B is for belief that there may be more you can do. Just remember that k is for kidneys and kerendia. For adults living with ckd in type 2 diabetes, kerendia is proven to reduce the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis. Kerendia is a once-daily tablet that treats ckd differently than type 2 diabetes medications to help slow the progression of kidney damage and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks. Do not take kerendia if you have problems with your adrenal glands or take certain medications called cyp3a4 inhibitors. Kerendia can cause hyperkalemia, which is high potassium levels in your blood. Ask your doctor before taking products containing potassium. Kerendia can also cause low blood pressure and low sodium levels. So now that you know your abcs, don’t wait. Kidney damage from ckd in t2d is not reversible. So ask your doctor about slowing your kidney damage with kerendia.

[]Did you know, there’s a way to cut your dishwashing time by 50%? Try dawn powerwash dish spray. It removes 99% of grease and grime in half the time. Dawn powerwash has 3 cleaning boosters not found in traditional dish soaps that remove food and grease 5 times faster. And, because it cleans so well you can replace multiple cleaning products for counters, stoves, and even laundry stains. Try dawn powerwash dish spray. Brand power, helping you buy better. Ou’re not insinuatingthat I’m trying to sabotage your next issue of crimson. I’m not insinuating anything. I’m accusing you. This has you written all over it. I am surprised that you would jeopardize the jobs of your former employees, you know, the ones that you claim to care so much about. The editors have backups of all their articles, templates, and spreads on the cloud. I’m sorry. You don’t know this? Yes, I know that. But coordinating all the backups from around the cloud would make us lose a day’s work, easy! Which means the issue will be late to the printers, which is exactly what you intended. My focus is on the hotel. I’m just wanting what’s best for the metro court. Really? So if I talk to olivia, the other owner of the metro court, is she gonna back up your story? I have authority to sanction emergency construction. Now, olivia could disagree and she could overrule me, but the process has already begun. It could take a few days or even more to get all the offices back together, even if we stopped. It’s certainly not cost-effective. So I think we all know it’s best to just let the repairs play out, and then you can come back when it’s all done. When it’s all done. I think I’ve heard enough. You will be hearing from my lawyer. Until then, i have a magazine to put out. Good luck! You go ahead. I, uh — I need to have a word with nina. Alright. Well… I will call you later. You keep playing with fire. See where it gets you. You really think doc finn capable of negligence? Mnh-mnh. But…it wasn’t my place to decide that. It was my job to present the strongest argument possible that dr. Hamilton finn was guilty of negligence and let the jury decide. Of course, the jury was never allowed to deliberate, so we’ll never know if my argument was convincing or not. Fair enough. The rule of law doesn’t always make for winning friends. Come on. You must have come up against that, certainly. Where you have the evidence to convict, but your gut is telling you that the defendant just might be innocent. Unfortunately, yeah. It’s happened. Where an innocent person has been played out in a system that’s not always fair. Well, maybe you and i together can try to make the system a little more fair. One day at a time. I’m so sorry I broke the stretcher! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it! It’s not a problem. It’s why we have insurance, honey. Dex, please take that to the back room. My assistant will send it out for repair. You got it, ms. Jerome. Thank you. You see that? Crisis is finished. But it’s not, ava! I can’t stop — I can’t stop crying! It’s like everything I see, everything I hear reminds me of spencer. And it’s like I’m losing him all over again! And there’s a pit in my stomach. And I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I’m gasping for air. I don’t know how to live with this feeling. I can’t live with this feeling. I wish it was me who died instead of him. Don’t say things like that. I-I know the feeling, you know? And… when kiki died, I, um — I was in so much pain… that I didn’t want to live. Now, I would have done absolutely anything to trade places with her… to die so that she could live. But she was gone. And I was here. And I realized that I needed to stay here for avery. Sweetheart, just like you need to stay here for your mom and for curtis. You have such a strong, wonderful family, and they’re gonna get you through this, okay? And, truthfully, I’m — I’m forever grateful to spencer that he — that he did what he did. So you could live. Because you are here with me. And you and my avery, you girls are everything to me, sweetheart. Everything to me. I mean, I guess this is the obvious next step. It’s just that I hadn’t even considered it before. -Hm. -What did nikolas say? Who do you think gave me the permission to start the paperwork? Really? Hm. Just be honest, baby sister. Is this not something you want to consider? I’m not saying that. It’s just a lot to think about, you know? I know, but like I say, I just wanted to make sure that you were set up, you know? So the paperwork is right there. And, you know, when you make that decision, you want to cross that bridge, you got everything you need. Anyway, you’re gonna have to forgive me. I have to get out of here if I’m gonna make my flight. Now, I will be out of port charles for a while. I’m only a phone call away. Lord knows I’ll come back if you need me. Okay. I love you. Thank you so much. I love you. Travel safely. Alright?

[ Door opens ] Ah. So?

[ Door closes ] So… what are your thoughts? Well, everything my brother said makes a whole lot of sense. It would be better for little ace to have a permanent parent instead of a temporary guardian. But this is not just my decision to make. If you want to adopt him, I’m totally on board. No, kevin. We would adopt him. Together.

Hey. Ah. Is ace down for his nap? Yeah. Thankfully. Did I interrupt a call? No, I’m just moving around some appointments at the hospital so we can talk. Oh, I hate that you have to rearrange your schedule. This is so much more important. And it came completely out of the blue. But, kevin, I can’t imagine doing this without you. Which is why we need to spend some time with it. So…

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Lucy! Hey, laura. Is it okay if I come in, please? Uh, yeah. Thank you. Um, I — I was so sorry to hear about spencer. It’s unbelievably tragic. I’m sorry. Thank you. Um, I was just wondering if — if martin’s around. I heard he was here. Uh, martin left just a little while ago. Darn it. You know, I need to catch up with him, and he’s avoiding all my phone calls. Do you know where he went, any chance? Uh, he said that he was going to visit his mother and that he was gonna be gone a while. What? He — he’s just leaving like that without even saying goodbye? Ohh. I cannot believe that tracy quartermaine did this to me! Okay. I did it. I did it to me. Like I always do, right? I just thought this time was different. I thought I was different. Why do I do this? Why do I always sabotage the very best things that happen to me? Maybe I just don’t deserve to be happy, right? That’s it. That’s ridiculous. Everyone deserves to be happy. Life is too short. Okay. Listen. Marty was just here, and — and after here, he was going straight to the airport. If you hurry up, you might be able to catch him before he gets on the plane. O-okay. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. -Thank you. -You’re welcome. Ohh! Was that a little foolish maybe? [ Laughs ] No. That was generous. Which is exactly what I expect, because that’s who you are. Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Breaking story? Uh, no. Uh, it’s from finn. The move is on for this evening. Need any help? No, I just have a few things. Books, papers. Stuff like that. Figures. So, what brought this on? You know how fond I am of finn, but his place has limited space. I’ll manage. As to what brought this on, um, I’m starting to feel a little irresponsible living on my own. Especially since I’m trying to make it to the big wedding. No. Don’T. Don’t do that, please. Don’t do what? You’re the one person in my life who doesn’t give me that look. So don’t start now, please. I-I don’t want your pity. I don’t pity you. But I do know you, I think, a little. And I think you have reservations about this move, am I right? I don’t like depending on anyone, not even my family. And I know finn’s just trying to help, but I hate the idea of giving up my own agency. It’s been my greatest fear ever since I was diagnosed. I know at a certain point I’m — I’m not gonna have control over what my body does or even what happens to me. And the move? Forcing me to face that reality…

[ Sighs ] …Feels like this may be the first part of my final chapter. Diane, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but your assistant told me you’d be here. I need to talk to you. It’s an emergency. Ah. There goes the ballet tickets. I’ll be out of here. Don’t you move. What’s up, carly? I’ll give you three guesses on who’s trying to sabotage crimson. And the first two don’t count. I want all these walls checked. I mean, it’s better to replace all of them than have the mold spreading, right? Thank you, aldo. Get back to me as soon as you can. Was that your lawyer on the phone? Well, that’s a waste of time, ’cause everything I just did right now was completely legal, so don’t bother threatening me with a lawsuit. You made the choice to escalate. You’re gonna have to live with the fallout, nina. Well, it can’t be any worse than what has already happened to me. I lost my husband, my family, and my magazine. Sure, I regret some of the things that I’ve done. I have made mistakes — just like the rest of you. But I don’t understand why I continually have to pay for pointing out a crime that you and carly have committed. I am through with the injustice and the indignity of being the pariah. Legally, I did nothing wrong. But I am telling you this. I am not going to take it lying down anymore. Did you go to prison, nina? You don’t know the meaning of indignity and injustice. But believe me. You will. It’s not like dex is working for sonny against his will. I mean, he insists that he’s found purpose in sonny’s organization. Okay. Don’t remind me. Please. Just — there’s something else. This arrangement with dex, it’s gotten — it’s gotten more important lately. Um, dex is keeping everybody in our family safe. What does that mean? Things have gotten more dangerous lately. What are you talking about? The shooting in puerto rico? Yeah, well, the fact that somebody got to my dad on the island. And somehow they were apparently able to bypass security — means that they have inside access. Okay, so you’re saying it’s someone inside sonny’s organization? Sometimes the simplest explanation is true, that someone that sonny trusts sold him out. Has he made any calls? Sent any texts? Alright. I-I’ll be in touch. According to frank, dex is just doing his job, protecting ava. He’s not jumpy. He’s just… look, sonny. I was just presenting a theory. Yeah, but you’ve got a — a lot of evidence. So look. What are we going to do about this?

-Hey. -Oh, you got my text. Great. I was just telling diane how nina’s trying to undermine crimson — again. Great. Great. Tell me how we can strike back a-and teach nina not to mess with us. Yeah. This really does sound like my cue. I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye. It’s probably for the best. Any discussion about retaliation should be kept between attorney and client privilege, right? Carly: No one’s talking about retaliation. I just want to get our offices open as soon as possible so we can get the issue out on time. So that nina can sabotage the next issue? No, we got to shut her down! We can’t focus on nina. We can’t do that. If she’s a distraction, she’s getting what she wants. We need to think about the magazine.

Your magazine. Okay. Um… yeah. You — you do that. I just — I just need to take a break.

[ Sighs ] Why do I get the feeling that your frustration isn’t just with nina, that it’s also with drew? I’m really sorry about the painting. Ava: Mnh. I thought I was ready to come back to work, but I guess not. This grief. The sadness. Is it ever gonna go away? No. But it dulls, and somehow you get used to it. And between your mom and curtis and marshall and stella and me… we’re gonna get you through it, honey. Count on it. It’s peppermint and chamomile. Joss swears it helps calm her down, so I figured it was worth a try. Ava: Thank you. Trina: Thanks, dex. Let’s go. Wait. What? We’re supposed to watch ava. Change of plan. Well, if there’s a traitor inside sonny’s organization, then dex is in danger, correct? I don’t know. The thing is…um… everything okay? Yeah. Um, actually, I am meeting trina at the gallery, but it was so great to see you. Good to see you, too. Good to see you. And, um, we’ll just talk soon, okay? Michael: Alright. Uh…

[ Door closes ] Not that you asked, but, uh, joss and i were discussing a family matter concerning sonny. Is it something I need to know about for the kids’ safety? I don’t know. Look, if it becomes something that you need to know, I promise you, willow, I will tell you. Although you have every right not to believe me. Of course I believe you. Um, hi. Um, my boyfriend is on the flight to raleigh-durham, and I really need to get to him, and they won’t let me through security without a boarding pass. But I have to tell him something. Ma’am, they won’t let you through security without a boarding pass. Okay. I have to apologize. So just let me run down there. I won’t delay the flight. You can send a little guard with me. You can’t get through security without a ticket. Woman on P.A.: Passengers for flight 403 nonstop to raleigh-durham, we will begin boarding shortly. O-okay. Fine. I-I will buy a ticket. What’s the next flight? Uh, where would you like to go? We have a flight for bora bora, bangor, duluth? Ew. No. Not — not duluth. You know, they were so rude to me. I lost an earring at a coecoe cosmetics convention, and they were just not helpful at all. Duluth it is.

[ Chuckles ] Kevin, I know you didn’t sign up for this — I mean, you know, the idea of having a child. And having a baby at our age… it’s gonna be a daunting task. You’re right. For both of us. You’ve been a parent. You know what it takes.

[ Chuckles ] For me, outside of a brief stint as a step-parent with lucy, I… this would be a new experience for me. Yeah. I mean, if we become the parents of record, then ace will grow up with us. He will rely on us. It’s a huge responsibility. If you — if you have any hesitation, you should say so now.

Look who’s up from the shortest nap ever.

[ Both chuckle ] Alright, laura. You asked for the truth. So…here it is. I have never felt more a part of a family than I have since I married you. And I’ve seen your capacity for love and your children and your grandchildren and… your love for me has opened my heart in ways I never imagined. But… adopting a child at this stage of our lives is…complicated. Yeah, it’s a little crazy. Yeah. Yeah. But it feels right.

[ Gasps ] It feels like us. So like us. And if this is what you want, then I’m in. And I mean I’m all-in. What do you think? What do you think? Welcome home, little baby. Oh, I think he approves. I think he does.

[ Beeping ] Marty! Wait! Marty! He’s gone. I’m too late. He’s really gone. You have a lot of decisions you’re gonna have to make about your future, some sooner rather than later. But moving in with your family doesn’t have to be something that holds you back. I… come and go time and time again. But I always end up back at monica’S. Why? Because… as much as every single person in that house infuriates me… …living under the same roof with them, it — it feels like… home? Home. Look, I can’t blame drew for hating nina and wanting revenge after everything that she has done to him, but what I want — I want that parasite out of my life. Well, that’s easier said than done. Nina has considerable resources, and she’s obviously willing to devote all of them to undermining you. I know. And I’m — I’m still grieving my mom. And the last thing I want is to keep up a war with someone I truly don’t care anything about. And every move that drew makes to go after nina, it just keeps pulling me back into her twisted orbit. I want a list of everybody that’s done business with aurora that may be interested in working with nina reeves. It’s time that we draw a line in the sand. Aldo, how long will it take to put all this back together? We’re making good progress. We could be done… another day or two. Oh, no, no, no. That won’t do.

[Chuckling] Not at all. I want you to take all the time you need to make sure that this job is done correctly. Understood? I believe you regret the way you handled things. And I believe you wanted to protect us. And that’s why you did what you did. Yeah, but I — willow, I should have trusted that you could handle it. I mean, we’re always so much stronger when we’re together. I’m sorry I forgot that. And I appreciate you giving me the space I needed to process everything. But last night, having you here felt right. And I’m not saying I’m ready for everything to go back to the way it was. There are still things we have to work out, but… maybe you don’t go back to the main house. What if you come home… for good? That — that would mean the world to me, willow. A-are you sure that’s what you want? I’m willing to try, if you are. Okay. I’ve really got to go or I’m gonna be late. Michael: Okay. See you later. I’ll be home.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales heavily ] Josslyn: Trina. Hi. How’s it going?

[ Sighs ] I think I might have came back to work a little too soon. Oh. Sorry. Something smells really good. What is that? Is that peppermint tea? Yeah. Your boyfriend made it for us. Oh. Dex is here? Oh, he was. Just missed him. He seemed to have left in a hurry. Get in. Boss. What’s going on? How about you and I go for a little ride? <

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GH Transcript Friday, February 9, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Knock on door ] Hi. You didn’t have to knock. This is — this is your home, too. Oh, I must have miscalculated my variables. But which one? Angle, force, centrifugal force? Let it go, spinelli. We’re not here to reprogram a satellite’s reentry vector or recode the internet.

[ Laughs ] You can’t recode the internet. Oh, although… forget it. I got lucky with the vector reference. And to be honest, I didn’t know if “recode” was a real word. Look around. Do you see any children we’re related to? Do you hear the sounds of highly emotional children yelling? Do you s ee a sign for deception?

[ Chuckles ] Do you hear the sounds of… well, highly emotional grown-ups yelling? Uh, I do not. That means we are not at home and I am not at work. So, let’s lighten up and not take this too seriously. Yes, but precision and accuracy is kind of the name of the game. No, no, no, no, no. We’re here to have a good time and throw pieces of sharpened steel at a wall. Okay. You’re right, you’re right. Um, so let the unwinding begin. Thank you. Yes. Okey-dokey. Well, this is fun. And sure, I love turning walls into kindling as much as the next guy. But what do you say we raise the stakes a little? What’d you have in mind? Well, I love that one of spencer. Yeah. You know, I couldn’t tell at the time, but looking at all of these, he really was so cute. -[ Chuckles ] -Mm. It’s no wonder everybody let him get away with, you know… all sorts of stuff.

[ Br eathes deeply ]Hey, why don’t we take a break? No. No, it’s fine. I’m fine. Are you sure? Because it’s not a race. We could just come back to it after we get a snack or something. I just don’t know if I should even be doing this. Why? Because me posting all of these photos of me and spencer, it’s like I’m making it about myself. My loss, my grief. But he was my friend. And he was laura’s family, and…he was the love of trina’s life. One drink, that’s all. Then I’ll let you get on with your regularly scheduled evening. Mm. When you called in the favor from the mayor’s office, I didn’t expect it to begin and end with me and a drink. Mm. Why’s that? Do you see me as someone with zoning and permitting issues? Oh, I imagine you can solve those all on your own.

[ Chuckles ] I think you need to consider the much bigger picture. This drink? It’s all a part of the plan. Mm. I didn’t take you for someone who plays the long game. People aren’t always what they seem. Jagger cates. Been a long time. And yet still not long enough. And it’s john now. Oh, is that on your identification? So, uh, so, what do I call you — agent cates or my old pal or…

[ Scoffs ] We were never pals, sonny. Yeah. But maybe we can change that.

Um, I was thinking we split into two teams. Whoever gets the most points wins. And what exactly do we win? Oh, please, not a certificate. I have enough junk on my fridge already. How ’bout bragging rights until the people I’m bragging to get bored with how much I brag about my triumph? Well, I was — I was thinking that the losing team would pay for the winning team to have a night out on the town. I don’t know. Why does everything have to boil down to some competition reliant on brute strength? Hatchet-throwing isn’t about strength, spinelli. It’s about finesse and — and teamwork, togetherness. Yeah. Come on, spinelli, it’ll be fun. How are we going to separate into teams? Well, I mean, obviously, the two faces of deception have got to stick together. Don’t you think? Absolutely. Mm-hmm. The more we’re in sync, the better for deception’s marketing. Fine by me. I’m happy to do my victory dance in both your gorgeous faces. Wow. I see your competitive streak remains undiminished. Yeah, you wouldn’t say that if you knew how many games of “go fish” I purposely lose to our kids.

[ Laughs ] What do you say, teammate? Of course. Debating with myself the whole drive here — should I knock or just let myself in? It — that’s okay. I’ve been picking up for the last half hour, but then I lose track of what I’m doing and have to start all over. Mm. Um… if — if you’re, like, you’re rethinking the invitation or anything, it’s okay. I can just grab the papers that — that drew left me and I can — I can go, no harm, no foul. I’m not rethinking it. I’m happy you’re here. So, you still want me to stay the night? I-I know you — you said you wanted me here in the morning because the kids would want to see me in the morning, but is it just for tomorrow or… or are you asking me to — to come home for good? You know, I was doing the dishes, and one minute, I’m totally fine, and the next minute,

[Voice breaking] I have tears streaming down my face. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have to feel how you feel. No, I know. And I know that I have my own loss to grieve, but I don’t know how to do that and be a support system for trina. I mean, if I post these photos, won’t that be shocking to her? What, she’s scrolling through social media, and then, bam, there’s spencer? I mean, I don’t want to make things worse for her. I think it says a lot about your friendship with trina that you’re being so considerate about this. I really do. When, um… when oscar died… a lot of people reached out, and they told me how much they missed him. And there were times that was the only thing that got me through the day. Trina knows that you suffered a loss, too. She wouldn’t want you to hide it. No, she wouldn’T. What you wrote about spencer is — is straight from the heart and so beautiful. That’s a message to be shared. Excuse me for a second. I’m going to put in our order. Oh, the server should be here any second. A woman such as yourself should never be kept waiting. I’ll be right back. Dex, good to see you. Yeah. You, too, brick. Can I buy you a drink? No, thank you. I’m on call for sonny tonight, so I’m sticking with soda. But how ’bout I buy you one instead? What I’m planning to sip this evening might be above your pay grade. Maybe. Let’s find out. Frank. This won’t take long. We had our problems back in the day. That’s what you’re calling them? “Problems”? Whatever you want to call it, it was a long time ago. Things change. That may have been a long time ago for you, sonny, but it was yesterday for me. Yeah, well, you know, I did some things back then that I regret, but… …losing your brother was —

[ Scoffs ] After everything, you can’t say his name. Can’t say his name?

[ Laughs ] I named my son stone as a middle name because I considered, you know, stone family. Wow. Well, god help your family. Be careful. I am not here to talk about stone or karen or any part of our past. Okay, so what are you here to talk about? Are you here to tell me that the feds are going to look into my business? Or are you coming after me, john?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Nothing would make me happier than to see you behind bars. We both know that’s where you belong, and we both know all the reasons why, past and present. Then stop talking about it and take your best shot. I am not in port charles to take you down, sonny. I am here to save your life.

[ Chuckles ]

Okay, send. It’s out there. It’s a beautiful post. Mm. It really is. It captures who spencer was and your relationship with him. Yeah, well, I was really lucky to know him for so many years, even though sometimes he annoyed me so much it didn’t feel like it.

[ Carly and drew chuckling ] Well, that just means that you guys were really friends, that you really saw him, you know — the good, bad, and everything in between. Yeah. The good was really good.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, sorry. Oh, no, not you, too. What is it? Another advertiser threatening to pull out?

[ Sighs ] Triton luxury hotel and cruises. I’m not dealing with it right now. I’m not. I can’T. No, no, no, I got this one. I know the cfo. Let me handle this. I — [ Sighs ] It’s gonna be okay. Thank you. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Trina saw my post, and she loved it. See? I told you. Yeah. Now everyone is sharing their memories of spencer, and it’s great. Drew was right. Yeah, well, he frequently is.

[ Chuckles ] And it drives me crazy because sometimes I want to be right. But since it’s drew, it’s okay.

[ Both laugh ] Man, when I think of everything he’s done for our family and the fact that he can even make you smile through times like this, it’s amazing. He’s an impressive guy. I’m very grateful he’s in our lives. Does this night out include free babysitting? Sure. And what am I potentially paying for — an entire evening or just a dinner? I was thinking, you know, four hours? Enough for dinner and a movie. Or wine night at a spa. Okay, well, the event has to be something that both parties want to enjoy. And I don’t enjoy greasy hands poking me in the name of health and healing. I’ll think of something else. What about tips and parking? Someone needs to write this down. Maxie! I thought a bet would be fun. Not — not involve lawyers. Please. Fine. You’re on. Alright. Um, cody, might I have a word? Sure. No lawyers. What are you doing? Dude, I’m helping you get a date with maxie. No, no, no, no, no. Stop helping. Why? Why?

[ Breathes deeply ] You guys have been toggling back and forth between parent mode and — and roommate mode for way too long. Tonight, maxie needs to see another side of you. A sexy side. My sexy side has been best described as…subtle. I bet you got some moves. I’ve seen how you work a keyboard. I don’t know where you’re going with this, but please stop immediately.[ Chuckles ] Alright, alright. You’re an information guy, right? What do you got, like, some incredible playlists? I bet you got stuff no one’s ever even heard of, right?

[ Sighs ] Are you an aromatherapy wiz? What? You got something. Okay, look, before you — before you derailed my train of thought by detailing my failed dating profile, I was trying to relay that… I’m not interested in — in maximista. I don’t believe you. Oh, so that’s it, then? You — you say it, and it must be so? Look, you’re a good guy. You’re a good dad. You’re a genius with tech. You’re a total catch. Why don’t you just go for it, man? My relationship with maxie is purely platonic, okay? There was a time when we tried to make it more than that, and it became very clear that we’re better off as friends. So, despite your cupidinous, it’s going to stay that way. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, this is not the first time I’ve been to a hatchet range. I’m not sure I’m hearing you right. You come into my office, tossing around accusations about things that happened 30 years ago. They were more than accusations. I don’t remember us, you know, having, uh, angel wings back then. Karen did. Yeah, karen did. And you married her, you cheated on her, and she divorced you. I guess none of us did right by her. You did a helluva lot worse than cheating. Alright, you know what? There are things that I did back then that I would have done differently. But this is when you’re going to shut your mouth because I let you come in here, get in my face, take a couple shots because I thought you were entitled to a couple shots. But you’re done. Your freebies are used up. Now, if this were 30 years ago — and you know this, john — I wouldn’t have given you this latitude. Oh, you’ve mellowed with age? Well, I’ve gotten smarter. I don’t have to prove it to you. That much is true. Then what are you doing standing here, talking about saving my life? Oh, trust me, it’s nothing i want to be doing. I would rather see you rot. That’s what you deserve. But as an fbi agent, it is my duty to notify you that you are in danger. You know what? I don’t care because I-I’m — I’m doing just fine. I don’t need any help from the feds. Oh, well, I guess I got it wrong, then. You got what wrong? Imagine my concern when my colleagues and I discovered that you were the target of a very public attack in an action area filled with civilians. You’re talking about — the metro court shooting. Trust me when I tell you we know more than you think. We know that curtis ashford was a bystander — collateral damage. We know that either you or anna devane may have been the intended target. But our assessment is that that bullet was meant for you. Thank you. Been, uh, saving for a rainy day. How much rain do you think you’re gonna get? Looks like you’re fixing to build an ark. You never know. That’s true. That’s true. You never know. I appreciate the drinks. Take care. Enjoy your evening. Sorry to keep you waiting. It won’t happen again. Oh, thank you.Thank you. So, what should we toast to? Your secret plan?

[ Chuckles ] We can toast to whatever you like.

[ Chuckles ] But I won’t be keeping any secrets from you. Oh, so much for the “secret” part of the plan. I know you’re only here with me because you felt you owed me a favor. Oh, that’s not true. Well, not entirely true. It’s alright. I don’t mind a bit. How many chances does a guy like me get to be seen with a woman like you?

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Beautiful, intelligent, accomplished. I consider myself quite a lucky man, but not that lucky. But you see, it’s all a part of the plan.

Tell me everything before they get back. Did you and cody finally admit you’re crazy about each other and should be dating? Maxie, your romance-colored glasses are distorting your vision. Are you sure? Maybe you should get yourself a pair. Cody and I did actually talk, and we both decided that it’s better we stay friends.

[ Scoffs ] For the time being. Congratulations. That sounds very adult and mature of you, but I don’t get it. If a great guy were into me, I’d be with him in a heartbeat. Okay. Quick question. How good are you with a hatchet? How good is anyone? I just meant, you know, you want to have fun, not stress out about it, okay? Well, I won’t, because I won’t be participating in this charade. Okay, so, what you want to do is have kind of a firm but loose grip on the handle. That’s contradictory. Bring it up past your ear. You don’t want to tilt left or right. Aim with your elbow, lead with your chest. Lead — aim with your elb– yep. Okay. Alright, well, maybe you’ll find your inner viking once we get going. Mine’s gonna be sitting this one out. What does that mean? Nothing. I just mean I feel an off night coming. You’re going to cheat. That’s dishonorable. Dude, do you want a date with maxie or not? Okay, ladies, why don’t you pick up your hatchets? And, uh, may the best team win. Drew was so wonderful when your grandmother passed away. I mean, sure, I could have handled it all on my own, but I didn’t have to. He was with me every step of the way. One more reason to be grateful for him. Are you okay? Crisis averted. Oh, actually, I’m so sorry. I’ve got to go. I’m meeting dex at the savoy. I’m surprised you’re up for that. Uh, so was dex, but one of his favorite bands is playing. And, honestly, just being with him and listening to music is exactly what I need right now. Oh. I hear that. Okay. Okay. I love you. I love you, too. Thank you so much. Yeah, of course. Anytime. -I’ll see you guys soon. -Okay. Oh. [ Sighs ] I wish I could spare her this kind of grief, you know? Just add it to the list of things we want to spare our kids.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, that’s a long list. And it’s getting longer every day. I appreciate what you said to her earlier. She thinks the world of you. I think the world of her, too. I just — I hope that I can always live up to her expectations. Well, if you managed to talk triton off the ledge, you’d be my hero, too. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] So, about that… what? What about it? Are they going to extend their contract? Come on, tell me. Actually, that’s up to you. I wish I could tell you, but I don’t know yet. And that’s — that’s okay. It’s okay. I-I’ll wait as long as it takes. ‘Cause

when I –if I-I move back in again, I-I want you to be fully confident in your decision. Part of me is worried that if we, you know, rush back in and pretend as if nothing happened, someday we’ll end up back here in the very same position.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I-I-I get it. I [Scoffs] — I have the exact same fear. I try not to think about it because… …I just — I dread the thought, especially now. Why now?

[ Sighs ] Because I’m trying to put the things that I wrecked back together again and do it right. I mean, before I came here, I went to go talk to my dad, and I came clean about everything. That must have been difficult. Yeah, well, I owed it to him to be honest, including how I blackmailed nina. That couldn’t have been easy for him to hear. Or for you to say. No, it — it wasn’T.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, it’s — it’s going to take a while for me and my dad to get back to who we were again, but at least we’re being honest with each other. Well, I’m happy to hear that there’s hope. Hope is where it all starts. Yeah, you know, willow, there wouldn’t — there wouldn’t have been any without you, because if you — if you didn’t encourage me, I wouldn’t have gone and talked to him. I thought it was a lost cause. Maybe I don’t believe in lost causes. Well, lucky me.

[ Chuckles ] What you did was… misguided. But I know you. I know you, michael, and nothing is more important to you than protecting the kids and me. I know your intentions were good. Just my methods you have a problem with. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about what you’re doing to make things right. You’re telling me you got a string of hits on mob guys across the country, and you think they’re all connected? We know they’re connected. Well, what are you talking to me for? Because I’m a coffee importer. You’re also the target of a shooting. Well, you know, the coffee biz has been pretty rough the last couple of years — climate change. The fbi knows the pool shooting was connected to the others. Same M.O. On the shooter, same type of firearm, same target profile. Sounds like you know everything. Why don’t you go catch the guy? Give me a break, sonny. I know you’re not sitting around doing nothing. You’re looking for the shooter, too. But I have the resources to catch this guy. Then do it. If you cooperate and tell me what you know, I can end this quick and neat. Jagger, you want my help? All you got to do is ask.

Anytime that there’s a change at the top, advertisers get a little bit nervous. I-I was expecting some phone calls. As many as there have been? There haven’t been that many. Look, I sang your praises to the guy at triton. I explained that the hit piece that gemma wrote for the gazette, that was just what it was — it was a hit piece. I hate that you have to do this for me. What? Tell the truth? You are the right person for the job. The fact that you got salvadore back to deception for the cover shoot proves just that. And even triton knew who salvadore was. Well, I’m not surprised. I may have been a little too convincing, to be honest. Why? What do you mean? Well, triton is going to stay at crimson…

[ Breathes sharply ] …If and only if you are going to be the editor-in-chief for the long haul. Oh, drew! Come on! That was not the plan. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a good plan. Look, all we got to do, just…

[ Sighs ] …We present a united front, right? We show a little stability, we eke out a little bit of growth, and then we’re on our way. I don’t know. I don’t — you are the right person for the job. And I know it’s early days. But you like the work. I can tell you like the work. Just admit it. Okay, fine. Okay, fine. Yes. I mean, the more that I settle into the role, the more I enjoy it, but nina’s not going to make it easy. She has connections in the fashion industry, throughout the whole thing, and she’s already seizing every opportunity to sabotage me. I cannot believe that woman. She sends me to prison, she nearly gets me killed, and she’s still not satisfied. Because it’s nina. She’s petty, and she’s vindictive, and she’s not going to stop. Not until we stop her. I’m gonna get michael back on the phone. I’m — I’ll bet you he’s going to reconsider once he hears all this. Reconsider what? So, drew a nd I had a chanceto talk when he was here, dropping off that paperwork. And if you spend five minutes with him, you can see the kind of pain he’s in, and that pain is changing him.

[ Sighs ] Well, maybe he just — he just needs some time. No, michael, it’s — it’s more than that. He… there’s this cruel streak that wasn’t there before. He wants nina to suffer like he suffered. Yeah, I mean — [ Sighs ] I mean, can you blame him? Well, no, of course not. But I also know that payback isn’t going to help drew heal. That’s for drew to decide. All I know is that I can’t have any part of it. But, willow, you and the kids mean more to me than anyone. So… and you — you can decide whatever kind of relationship you want with nina. I’ll — I’ll — I’ll accept whatever you decide. I hate what nina did. It was petty and vindictive. Your mother makes her feel insecure. And she wanted carly out of the way, and she didn’t care how much damage she did. Because at the e nd of the day,nina only cares about herself. But we can’t let nina destroy our relationship the way that she’s destroyed hers with sonny. I have no idea what my dad is going to do. I don’t think he does. I don’t want that uncertainty for us. But, you know, trust is rebuilt slowly, and we have to respect each other enough to be honest. I agree. I promise to try if you will. I believe in positive energy. Some might call it luck. It all starts with one drink with a beautiful, gorgeous woman. But who knows what happens next? Hm. I’m not sure I get it. Are you planning to win the lottery on your way home? No, no, no. It’s the little things. You get home from a long, hard day of work, and the leftovers are still good, or your favorite movie’s playing. Or there’s a piece of sheet cake right out there, waiting for you, and you don’t even have to ask for it. Mm. I’d have to fight you for that. You wouldn’t have to. Okay, so a latte on the house from my favorite coffee shop because they mixed up an order. Or daffodils blooming on my birthday. See? There you go. The unexpected pleasures. Like being here with you tonight. Oh! I’m so happy to see you. I saw your post about spencer. Had to be hard to write. Are you sure you’re up for this? Yeah. I’m fine. Fine-ish. I just want to be with you. Me, too. But if you change your mind, we can go whenever. Okay. Cranberry soda? Yes. Thank you. If you want to play games, fine by me. I’ll tell my boss I made the ask and you turn me down, like I expected. Sorry you wasted your time. And when they take you out, which they will, I will have a clear conscience. I wish I could help you, but I can’t ’cause I don’t know anything. And even if I did, why would I tell somebody who’s hated me for two decades? Because he’s putting all that behind him. Why can’t you? I appreciate it, but this is the end of our conversation. If you won’t talk to save your own skin, what about the people around you, including your esteemed colleagues who are in the line of fire? Curtis ashford can’t walk, sonny. How do you think he’s going to react when he finds out that you won’t do everything you can to find the guy who shot him?

Willow was blindsided when she found out that michael blackmailed nina. You know he’s not staying at the gatehouse. I know. Then I’m surprised. Why would you ask michael to help you go after nina? I think willow was upset that michael was going behind her back instead of telling her everything nina had done. Believe me, willow is not in any hurry to defend nina. I-I know that, and — and willow loves you, and she’s appalled by what nina did. So, why not make nina pay? Because I don’t want to make nina pay. I mean, focusing on nina only gives her more power than she deserves, and I don’t want to do that. I mean, the best revenge is to make nina irrelevant, to — to move on with our lives. And let her get away with everything that she’s done? I’m not letting her get away with anything. I just want to focus on doing what’s right for the magazine and what’s right for us. I’m not sure I agree that it’s what’s best. Oh, my god. Really? Nina is living proof at how revenge can backfire. She had everything she said she wanted. She was engaged to sonny, she found out that willow was her daughter, and she could have focused on that. But instead, she came after me. And, yes, you were damaged in the process, but nina was damaged. She’s all but lost sonny, and probably willow, too. She’s got more to lose. And believe me, she will. I understand more than you know how you feel about nina. But if you want me to stay on at crimson, you’re going to have to leave nina alone. Willow, I am in, 100%. Good. And I know that, see, moving back in doesn’t mean that we still don’t have work to do. And — and — and I’ll do it. I’ll do it. All of it. Does it have to be all work, though? What do you have in mind? I don’t know. Maybe we could talk. Catch up. Have a glass of wine. I woul d love all of that.[ Door opens, footsteps ] Hey, daddy! Hey! What are you doing awake? I have to show you my new magic trick before you go. It’s incredible. Oh. Hey, guess what. Daddy’s staying tonight. In that case, my three new magic tricks.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah? Are they all incredible? Okay. Now? Now. Alright. We have to ask your mommy. It is more than okay. It’s really four magic tricks. Ah, okay, I had a feeling. Alright, let’s go. Lead the way. I’ll wait up until after the show. You know, we got a lot riding on this bet. I can give you some pointers if you want. Sure. Let’s hear what you got. Okay, well, the thing a lot of people don’t know about hatchet throwing is it’s all about the mind-body connection. It’s kind of spiritual. Okay. In order to come through for you, I will do everything in my power, including but not limited to prayer and soul-selling. Spinelli, I-I-I really don’t care if we lose. I’m just happy to get out of the house. You know, I-I’m kind of trying to just stay out of your way at home, but if I — if… I can do more if — if you tell me. I’m so beholden to you for taking me on you know, I… as a tenant. I was worried about how our living together would work. But it’s been kind of great, right? I mean, I’m almost hoping the pipes in your apartment never get fixed.

[ Laughs ] And that’s crazy, right? No. [ Chuckles ] You know what? You should build a hatchet range on that estate you want to buy. Oh, at s-serenity? Yeah, sure. I mean, if I’m ever in the position to buy that place, the first thing to go in will be a hatchet range. Hey, why are you doubting it? I know you can make it happen.

[ Chuckles ] Sure hope so. These good looks aren’t going to last forever.

[ Laughs ] There is a lot more to you than your good looks. Really? Like what? Hey, are you guys going to throw the hatchet or what? Alright, alright, alright, chill out, maxie. Wait your turn. Maxie: What?! Oh, my… we’re being hustled. What happened to curtis is a tragedy, and whoever did that… is going to pay, but I’ve been around long enough to know when a fed is trying to provoke me. Then let me give you a warning. Whoever this shooter is, he knows your world. He knows how you move. And if he’s come for you, that only means one thing. It means he’s already in your house. So watch your back. Thanks. Tell me the truth, joss. Do you really want to be here? So, you mentioned daffodils. I did, didn’t I? Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Favorite flower? Definitely on the list.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Excuse me. I do want to be with you. Here, with all these people? No. [ Chuckles ] Then let’s get out of here.

[ Sighs ] I hate to do this more than you know, but I have to go. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful evening we’ve had. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. That’s the plan. I have your number, and now you have my private line. Maybe my luck will hold.

This is the last time you and I are going to be alone like this. If you want to talk to me, you got to call my lawyer, diane miller. You’ll like her. So that’s it? That’s the way it’s gonna be? That’s the way it’s gonna be. Hey, jagger. For the last time, it’s john. Hey, john. Welcome back.

[ Door closes ] Sorry that, uh, took so long. I don’t think wiley’s magic act is quite ready for vegas yet.

[ Chuckles ] You got me pretty good with that last one. Must have been your tutelage. Mm. Also, I come here a lot. Really? I wouldn’t have pegged you as a frequent thrower. Yeah, it’s been a tough couple of years. Some days, I would come in here, and I didn’t even care about throwing. I would have just chopped up the furniture or anything else I got my hands on. But I would settle for throwing my hatchet as far as I could at the wall. You mean — you mean at the target? Do I?

[ Both laugh ] Anyway, um, a few visits later, and voil. Well, thankfully, one of us had a good night. Sorry, I-I feel like my game kind of let us down. Yep. I noticed that your game was off. It’s almost like you didn’t want us to win.

[ Both laugh ] Yes! I don’t want to brag. Who am I kidding? Of course I want to brag. I’m on fire tonight. Whoo! Alright, it’s your turn, spinelli.

[ Exhales sharply ] Spinelli! Yay!

[ Both laugh ] If it’s that important to you, I… …will hit a pause on anything to do with nina. But I don’t want you staying at crimson if you’re unhappy there. I’m not unhappy. I’m not at all. I mean, in — in fact, I’m warming up to the idea of staying on as editor-in-chief long term. I am. I love the people I get to work with, and the fashion industry is thrilling. You’re going to be blown away by the artists you get to meet. You’re going to be blown away. I can’t wait. But I-I just want to stay for the right reasons. Not to get back at nina, but to build something great… with you. Well, I love the sound of that. I’m really sorry about missing the show. I’m right where I want to be. Sonny. Sonny: Yeah. I found something. Someone in your organization has an offshore bank account. The kind with too many zeroes. Three guesses as to who it belongs to. I just need one — dex.

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GH Transcript Thursday, February 8, 2024

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[ Exhales deeply ] Sonny: Yeah. Michael. Can I come in? Sure. What are you doing here? Well, we haven’t spoken since new year’S. The longer we wait, the harder it’ll be to have this conversation.

[ Sighs ] Nina: I told him yes, but it’s fine. It’s fine. No, I don’t think we have room. Maybe at 4:45? Hi, trish. Dinner for two. Hey, carly. Yes. Your guest is waiting for you. Great. Right this way. Thank you so much. Bryson dougherty. It is a pleasure to meet you. Bryson? Bryson: The pleasure’s mine, ms. Spencer. Carly: Oh, please. Call me carly. What are you up to, carly? I have some paperwork I want to drop off for michael. Oh, uh, he’s not here right now, but I’ll let him know you dropped it off. Okay. Um… have a good evening. Thanks. Um, drew. I’m glad that you and michael are on good footing again. Me too. Um, obviously I hate being at odds with him, but I really hope that things are better between the two of you. We’re working through it. He was just trying to protect his family. And I-I’m not condoning anything. I’m just saying that I — I get that. So do I. Michael’s impulse is always to control the situation. But I would rather know the truth than be protected from it. I think michael understands that now. I’m really happy that he was able to put nina behind him. From the sound of things… you haven’t put nina behind you. I’m serious. He traveled so far, he could have wound up in pennsylvania. I’m telling you. The refs stink. All night. They stink. Who knew the chase boys were such knicks fans? I think they heard you all the way back at the garden.

[ Laughter ] Actually, my dad here was rooting for boston! Finn: Wow. Shh. Keep that quiet. Keep that quiet. Charlie’s is a home-team bar. Ah. Well, I don’t mean to interrupt your, uh, post-game wrap-up, but can I steal your dad for a few minutes? Please. Take him. Is this about the rehearsal dinner?

[ Gasps ] That’s none of your beeswax.

[ Laughter ]

[ Grunts ] Okay. Why are you watching dad so close? I’m not. You were sneaking looks at him the whole game. What’s going on, finn? Okay. Look. I think dad might be worse off than he’s been telling us. It is with great pleasure that I reinstate you as commissioner of the port charles police department. Welcome back, commissioner devane. Dante: Yeah.

[ Applause ] Thank you, deputy mayor ashford. Thank you. So how about a little speech? Any words, uh, for the — the crew here on your first official day back? Well, I’m very grateful to the mayor’s department for — for entrusting me with this role, you know, and I-I’d like to acknowledge the fact that the baton is being passed by two great commissioners — jordan ashford and max scorpio. It is a profound honor to guide and support the hardworking officers of the pcpd. We all share the same goal, which is to protect and serve the good citizens of port charles. And anyone who’s not with us… is against us.

think we can trust this guy? Anna seems to. Let’s take our lead from her. Nice office. Mine’s being decorated. Of course. You took the job on short notice. Let’s get to it, shall we? Sure. I want you to know the pcpd is officially running an investigation into the cache of guns stolen from the wsb… and their buyers. This is still an fbi investigation, commissioner devane. Well aware. But the way I see it… the crime was originally committed here… in my jurisdiction, putting the community of port charles in harm’s way. And a possible conspirator was apprehended here. Again, my jurisdiction. So the fbi can accept a partnership with the pcpd or, respectfully, get the hell out of my way! You know, the rehearsal dinner used to be referred to as the groom’s dinner. So I just want to make sure my future son-in-law is well taken care of. It sounds like you’re going all-out. Careful. You might undo a lifetime of his mother and I trying not to spoil harrison. Ohh! A little spoiling never hurt anyone. Besides, I’m taking full advantage of this. It’s been a while since I’ve lived this close to brook lynn. You never know how much time you get to spend together as a family. You can say that again. So, after spencer’s funeral, he… he had trouble breathing. That wasn’t the first time he had an incident. The other times with tracy. And it just — it’s got me wondering about what’s been happening when he’s alone or what could happen. What if he falls down? What if he needs an ambulance? Okay, yes, all that is very concerning, but it hasn’t happened yet. He’s been lucky. So far. I just — I’ve been wondering if maybe it’s time for dad to stop living on his own. Okay. I haven’t got long. I’m leaving town today. I need your legal help. My ears must deceive me. I was unaware that I had won back your trust. Oh, you haven’T. But you do owe me. Well, I’m glad you agreed to meet on such short notice. I agreed to this dinner as a courtesy. Prinzer & golden have been advertising in crimson for years. Yes, and I would like to show my appreciation. I know that prinzer & golden and crimson have both enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship, and I see no reason for that to end. Well, here’s a reason. Your relationship is garnering bad press. Isn’t it enough that you’ve taken crimson away from nina and given it to carly to run? Nina lived for that magazine. Whoa. Willow, are you feeling sorry for nina? Because she doesn’t deserve that. I can’t help but feel partly responsible here. I mean, I didn’t tell anyone about my diagnosis. And, of course, the second carly found out, she admitted that nina was my mother. But nina blamed carly for keeping the secret, which is what triggered nina to do what she did. I set everything in motion, and now everyone is suffering. Just as the family was finally coming together, we’ve completely fallen apart. Okay. I gotta stop you right there, willow. I really gotta stop you right there. Because you do not need to take responsibility for nina. She brought this on herself. She deserves to face the consequences. My concern isn’t for nina. My concern is for you. Carrying a grudge, meting out punishment? That’s not you. The drew that I know is kind and forgiving. Is that man lost forever? I started to call you, like, a dozen times. What stopped you? I wasn’t sure you’d answer. So you thought you’d come here where I can throw you out? Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Well, that depends on what you have to say. Look, I-I came to say that I am…sorry. And I hope that you can forgive me.

People change, willow. Maybe the old drew died in pentonville. Drew. You did not deserve what happened to you. And I hate that nina’s vengeance put you in that position, especially after you’d saved my life. Look, all that matters is that you are healthy and you are well, and I would — I would do anything for you again in a heartbeat. That sounds like the drew I know and love. Please don’t let what happened to you in pentonville change who you are. Maybe everything just caught up with me, willow. Pentonville wasn’t the only time that I was put behind bars with terrible circumstances. Okay? Like… the guy that you knew with the — the — the rosy outlook took work to cultivate after everything that victor did to me for years so that people wouldn’t be uncomfortable around me, so that they wouldn’t worry about me. I just was so happy about being back with my family and with my friends. I didn’t want to look back, but… the joke was on me. Because I just went from one hellhole to another. A-and the thing about the attack, I didn’t see that coming. The threats were right there in front of my face, and I missed them. And that’s not me, either. Like, how did I end up on the floor of a prison shower bleeding out?! Because I let my guard down. I-I literally turned my back. And you — you can trust me that that is never gonna happen again. You have been through a lot. I have, too. I mean, not as extreme as you, of course. Hell is hell. Well put. Despite all that… I still believe in the power of forgiveness, and not just for the people who wronged us, but for ourselves. Good for you. I’m not there yet. Nina: I’m considering starting my own magazine. Really? Doubtless something to rival your old publication. You want to go toe-to-toe with crimson. What inspired this? Well, actually, valentin suggested it, and I’m warming to the idea, but only if I can use the best features of crimson, those that I developed when I was editor in chief. And how exactly do you propose to do that? That’s where you come in. Hello, brook lynn! I am going to do olivia a favor by not telling you exactly what I think of you in the middle of a restaurant she co-owns. What just happened?

[Mockingly] My attorney couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. We are aware of public sentiment. There was already concern when your highly regarded editor in chief, nina reeves, was ousted — suddenly and without cause. You add to that the controversial article about the relationship between you and your publisher boyfriend? At this time, we are not convinced that our brands align with where this new crimson is going. Okay, I appreciate straight talk, so I’m just gonna respond in kind.

Crimson magazine has just changed hands. Our editorial mission statement still remains the same — a celebration of style, art, and provocative journalism. And the publisher and owner of aurora media, drew cain, he shares my mission to maintain the impeccable quality that our readers are familiar with. And I am confident that the public is going to understand this. Now, I know you said you want to suspend your advertising with us, but I would love the opportunity to explain to you why I think you should reconsider. We want to take what’s working with crimson and elevate the rest. That’s all great, but how are you gonna do that if your photographers and your designers are booking other gigs, rather than staying loyal to crimson or to you? My superiors see the benefit of working with the pcpd. But you don’t? Well, it’s not your call to make, is it? Well, whether I agree or not is irrelevant. Information will be provided… on a need-to-know basis, and I have the authority to determine who qualifies. Detective falconeri is one of my most senior officers, and I trust him implicitly. Deputy mayor ashford will be reporting to mayor collins about all of the federal operations here in port charles. Fine. But the circle of trust doesn’t get any wider. Any leaks could have deadly implications. I think we all understand that. You want to bring us up to speed? Well, you first. What information did you go to jail to hide from me? You told me you withheld the truth about nina because you didn’t want to hurt me. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. You’re the reason why I kept quiet. I found out that nina was the sec informant minutes after you two exchanged vows. How could I say anything in that moment? It would have affected everybody there. I mean, not only you and willow and nina, but wiley, kristina, donna. And, honestly, dad, would you have really believed me? Or, given my history with nina, would you just think I’m trying to sabotage her? We’ll never know ’cause you didn’t say anything. Dad, I needed to get evidence first. You could have pulled me aside and tried as hard as you could, but you didn’t want to do that. Why? Because once I decided to be quiet about what nina did, I-I needed to find another way to protect my family. Protect them? How? I leveraged the truth against nina to keep her away from them.

o’neill claims that he sold multiple weapons from the stolen wsb shipment to a single buyer. One of the weapons was the rifle that was used to shoot curtis ashford. O’neill also claims that this client is based here in port charles. So the shooter could be right under our noses. Well, this alleged client could have resold the weapons or maybe he’s even part of a larger group. Yeah. Well, at this point, we lack the evidence to rule out either scenario. Then start with what you know. Your turn to share information with us, agent cates.

[ Sighs ] Four individuals have been targeted for assassination since the unmarked weapons were stolen. And there’s a common denominator. Which is what? All four individuals were high-level organized-crime figures. I recorded martin grey admitting that nina ordered him to turn my mom and drew in to the sec. And I intended to play that recording for you. But you know what? I played it for nina instead. And I gave her two options. Either she admit what she did and face the consequences or she lets me decide when and how she got to see willow and the kids. You blackmailed her? Nina had every chance to come clean about what she did, and she didn’T. That is on her. And then ned, he remembered, and he started to push nina. And then — look. Nina came to me to buy him off. Alright? And that was my second mistake. I should have just called ned’s bluff and let — let him expose her if that’s what he wanted. But I-I struck a deal with ned. To keep the peace. But you know what? It didn’t — didn’t matter because lois found out anyway, and the whole thing blew up. Why didn’t nina come to me? Instead of living a lie? Because, bottom line, dad, is t-that she was — she’s guilty. And she was desperate to keep the truth from you and willow because she thought that neither one of you would forgive her. What about you? W-where would I stand with you if I did? Don’t believe everything you hear. Crimson still boasts the most sought-after collaborators in the industry. We enjoyed a long and profitable relationship with nina reeves. But you, ms. Spencer, you’re untested. I’ll be frank. We have doubts. Well, I can assure you that this transition will be seamless. I’ve already elevated my senior editor to managing editor. The crimson you know and love is only going to get better.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I have to take this. But we can discuss terminating our current agreement when I get back. You don’t seem to be enjoying your dinner companion. Yeah, it’s really hard to enjoy dinner when it could cost me $2.1 million annual. Ouch. To be fair, long before you had me alert the sec to carly and drew’s insider trading, you have A…knack for… alienating people. Bryson: Nina! Nina: Bryson! [ Chuckles ] How are you? What’s going on? It’s a complete waste of time.

Crimson without you — it’s unthinkable.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh! Mwah! Well, that explains it. I’m happy that brook lynn found her independence, but to be honest, that’s not how she grew up. You know, in our house, family was a generational thing, right? I mean, she grew up with her grandparents — just like I did — with her aunt, her uncle, her two cousins living two doors down. It’s what we call the bensonhurst brigade.

[ Chuckles ] I’m familiar with the term. And there’s a lot to be said for that. But I’m — I’m curious. When you were growing up, did that ever feel intrusive? Oh. Oh-ho! Waiting for the bathroom was like waiting on line for the cyclone at coney island. And there were eyes on you at all times. I mean, they were loving eyes, but they were there to keep you honest. But, hey, family is family, right? And looking back, I — I got to say I’m so glad that I got to know my parents and my grandparents as well as I did. I mean, violet must really appreciate you living so close by. Are you thinking about putting dad in a long-term care facility? What? What are you talking about? No! Well, you — you don’t want dad to live alone. I live in a one-bedroom apartment with brook lynn. So I assume you’ referring to your place? Well, you know… things would be tight with violet there, but I think I can convert my office into a small bedroom. I don’t think dad would care about the amount of space. The main challenge you would have is… …dad feeling like you’re taking away his independence.

D has his challenges.There’s no two ways about it. But he’s still able to navigate them. And I hear what you’re saying about all the things that could go wrong with him living alone. But for now, that hasn’t happened. We could get him a watch. It’ll send an alert when he falls. You want to rely on a watch? I want to rely on dad. I think that there’s a way that we can keep a close eye on him without being too intrusive, and then we can step in if we see a problem. But we should let him keep his independence for as long as possible. And get him a watch. How was it living with your grandparents? I mean, do you think they felt infantilized by having their kids taking care of them? Are you kidding me? They loved it. It kept them young. You know the saying “it takes a village”? Well, that only works if you actually have a village. You know, and — and as they got older, they knew that somebody was always gonna be there to help them out, and they really loved that, especially when it came to the tv remote and the microwave.

[ Laughs ] Anyway, I got to go. Uh, but I will keep you posted about everything, uh, according to the rehearsal dinner, as soon as the vendors confirm. Okay? Vendors? Oh. Stop it with that. We’re almost family. Mwah.

[ Chuckles ] You just took over. You’ll make your mark. And then everyone will forget all about nina reeves. Yeah, well, unfortunately, I’m not off to a great start. Advertisers and contributors are threatening to cut ties with the magazine. And if I lose the prinzer & golden account, that could really affect the bottom line. Thank you. [ Chuckles ] Alright. Oh, great. What can I do? Nothing. Nothing. You don’t need to worry about this. This is not your problem. Of course it is. Nina is doing everything in her power to undermine you. And this is the same woman who let everybody believe that my father was the one who turned you over to the sec when he had a head injury and couldn’t even defend himself! Am I over it? Not even a little bit. So. Carly, let’s do this. We can get prinzer & golden back. We just have to be a little creative. As you can see, I’m the one with the relationships. The gentleman certainly seemed to hold you in high esteem. Bryson is an ad rep for prinzer & golden. For years, they were crimson’s top advertisers, but no more. Which positions them beautifully to be one of the first ad buys in my venture. What I need now is to get my staff’s non-compete clauses waived. Can you get around that? If you decide to forgive nina, or if you don’t, it’s not for me to judge. That wasn’t an answer to my question. Okay, well, I think that we are all better off without nina in our lives, but I will not pursue any further action to drive her away. Look, if willow wants to let her back in, I have to live with that. Alright. What about me? Dad, no matter who you’re with, you — you’ll always have a place in wiley and amelia’s lives. You know, I love those kids. And I hated being estranged all those months. It’ll never happen again. And I-I hope that you’ll — you’ll choose to — be a part of my life, too. And I can’t promise to like or — or trust nina. But I will not allow her to cost me my wife. Or my father. It seems to me that whoever is ordering these hits is cutting a swathe across the country. Would this be mafia power grabs or what? John: That’s what’s puzzling. Nobody’s stepping forward to claim responsibility. There’s been no resulting turf wars. That would suggest it isn’t business. It’s personal. So, what are you doing to protect those who’ve been targeted? We’re not in the business of protecting criminals. If we have any hope of nailing this perp, we can’t tip them off that we’re onto the pattern. “Onto the pattern.” So, wait. Let me get this straight. So what you’re saying is you just want to get your guy and to hell with saving lives?

I understand your point, bro, but I am still uneasy about this. Uneasy? About what? Uh, knicks’ chances of making it to the final. Huh? Good luck with that. -Yeah. -Everything go okay with lois? Yes. Um, she was telling me about how she grew up in a multigenerational home, and it got me to thinking. I’ve had a couple of health scares recently. I mean, nothing to be alarmed about, but enough to make me wonder if it’s wise to, uh, live alone. I don’t mean to intrude, hamilton, but it might make sense to be near a doctor. Yeah. No. I’m sure we could… get, uh — work something out. I mean, it’d be nice to have you in the apartment, have someone to keep an eye on violet in case I have an emergency at the hospital. But only if this is something you really want, dad. Yes. I do. Sounds to me like your personal connection could be a problem. It sounds to me like your personal animosity toward sonny could be a problem. Everyone in this room has a personal connection to sonny. Alright? Let’s just get that out of the way. But I think we also share a determination to bring whoever is behind these shootings to justice. That should be our one and only focus. Jordan: I agree. Whoever’s behind this is organized, calculated, and doesn’t care about collateral damage. And they need to be stopped before they hurt anyone else. Agent cates, can I have a word with you alone? I have some calls to make. I’ll be right outside. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Falconeri. Yeah. What you’ve been told is classified. Really? Was that necessary? What, you don’t think he’s gonna warn his old man? Of course he wants to, but he won’T.

You should be the one to do that. No. Anna, tipping off sonny corinthos just gives him a pass for vigilante justice. Or it enables him to check in with his security and figure out how to protect himself. Look, I understand that there is no love lost between you and sonny, but you shouldn’t let that cloud your judgment. What’s that supposed to mean? Despite your disapproval, sonny means the world to a lot of people. Tell me. What do you think stone would want you to do? You know, sometimes I — I look at nina and still see the woman that I married. And then I think of donna and how close she came to losing her mother to a prison sentence. And drew getting, you know, close to beaten to death in pentonville. And nina set all that in motion. Look, dad, I-I realize that… it’s not my — my right… …to try to make decisions for — for people that I love. So if you want to forgive nina and let her back in your life again, it won’t affect our relationship. Assuming that w-we still have a relationship. Willow: Sorry it took so long. Amelia is still adjusting to the sippy cup. Aww. I can’t believe she’s one now. Me neither. Michael and I didn’t want to have a big birthday celebration, especially with everything going on. We kept it just us and the kids. I get that. I missed out on so many birthdays with scout. That’s time I’ll never get back. But you have the rest of your lives now. Your outlook is remarkable, willow. I realize that some people might find me too forgiving, but I don’t view that as a weakness. Actually, it’s been a key to my survival. Forgiveness and gratitude have helped me through the worst things that have ever happened to me. I’m so thankful to be alive and well. It’s — everything else takes a back seat to that. Just so you know… I think you’re one of the strongest people that I know. Same. I’m standing here raising my children, thanks to you. You did all the work. You’re standing here right now because you’re a fighter. I didn’t fight alone. You flew across the globe, put your life on the line to bring my bone-marrow donor home. Would you still do that today? Or would punishing nina take precedence? I-I wouldn’t think twice. I would never turn my back on you. Even if I let you down? Willow, like I said, people change, but some things don’T. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people that I love. But… nina is not one of ’em. Nina, you don’t need a lawyer.

[ Scoffs ] You need a magician. Come on. Aurora’s contracts are ironclad. I’d have to be houdini to get anybody released from something like that. Then again, it is your money. I mean, if you want me to waste time and energy… oh, I’m sorry. Forgive me. But you’re gonna do this pro bono because I did you a favor. You broke attorney-client privilege. I could have had you disbarred. And how exactly were you gonna do that? Hm? I mean, prove that privilege was breached. What, are you gonna get michael corinthos to sign an affidavit? See, once again, you’re doing this all wrong. You’re going about it the wrong way. If you start the conversation like that, I am not inclined to help you. But — but! I shall peruse the contracts looking for a loophole, some way to get your staff released. But not because of your threat. Stop grinning at me. Not because you’re threatening me. Because I accept responsibility for the part I played in your current situation. Okay, great! I’m glad you recognize that. Okay. I am focused on two things. One, I want my staff back. Staff back. I got that part. Two, I want crimson to eat my dust. I’m sure salvadore will be thrilled to accept. The entire team at deception is very impressed with how seamlessly you’ve taken control, carly. Thank you so much. Oh, I’m sorry. Am I in your seat? Are you with deception? Uh, brook lynn

is deception. She and her grandmother, tracy, are the majority shareholders. And you are? I’m bryson dougherty. He’s crimson’s long-standing advertising rep with prinzer & golden. D-did I just hear you mention salvadore? That photographer? Guy’s a phenomenal talent. You think so, too. I heard he was boycotting crimson. Yes, and I told you not to believe everything you hear. That’s true. Do you mind if I share the good news about the face of deception? By all means. I offered sasha gilmore the cover, to be designed by a top designer and to be shot by salvadore. That is exciting — for both you and deception. Yes. You know, I tried to make a marketing deal with lucy coe, but we just could never agree on terms. Well, just like

crimson, deception is under new management. Which means new opportunities. Would you like to join us and throw around some ideas? I’m all ears.

[Dramatic music]We lost everything. What are we supposed to do now?

[Siren sound] There’s got to be someone who can help. There may be one.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, February 7, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Alexis: How are we expected to say goodbye to spencer? He was so young. He was so vibrant and good. He had his whole life ahead of him, and I can’t even fathom any of it, really. And yet, here we are, all of us now, having to pick up and go on without him. I don’t want to. And I know none of you do, either. So I’ve been trying to think of ways to sum up spencer. Aptly describe who he was. And as it turns out, that’s a very difficult task. Because spencer was so many things. He was complex, to say the least. As a young boy, spencer was…bewildering, precocious, precious, and fun. He was mature beyond his years. Oh, and the antics. I mean, spencer had a real knack for entertaining and aggravating us all at the same time. But then, right before our eyes, he grew up, and he grew up into this confident, curious young man. Magnetic, really. Larger than life. And he was able to captivate you with his soulfulness and his depth. And then, at the same time, he could make you laugh so hard you’d cry. But he grew up to be strong and grounded, and he took responsibility for his choices. And I was so intensely proud of him. I know that I’m not alone when I say that I will miss him every day. But if we can’t hold on to spencer in the flesh, at least we can hold him in our hearts. Fiercely. Tightly. And maybe, in his honor, get up to a little bit of mischief because… …I know that’s what spencer would want… for all of us.

[ Sighs ] Oh, come on, man. Wiley’s workbook. How does willow make this look so easy? Hey. Having trouble? Um, well, I got wiley off to school… win. …Without his workbook. Ah. Yeah, and I was feeding amelia breakfast, and it got all over my shirt and her hair and face. And your face. Oh, yeah. Exactly.

[ Both chuckle ] So, tell me, what is your secret, nurse corinthos? Oh, the secret is… there is no secret. Just…be here. Have someone capable on call when you can’t be. I’m lucky that way. In a lot of ways, actually. Sometimes it feels too easy to forget. Yeah, and on days like today, it’s — it’s important to remember. I can’t believe this is happening. Trina, I am so sorry. I’m sorry for you, too. Both of you, I mean. I don’t even know if I said that. Yeah, I-I loved spencer more than anything, but the three of you have been friends since you were kids. Hi. Hi. Do you think that I could get one of those? I’m so happy you came. Did you think I wouldn’t? No, I knew you would. Will I, um, see you guys at wyndemere? I’ll be there. I’m not sure. I don’t think I can handle all of that. I understand. Zero pressure. You take care of yourself. I’ll try. And if you need anything — I mean absolutely anything, trina — I know. You were great. Yeah, well, it felt like it was all a blur. Yeah, but you were still great. That was a beautiful eulogy. Thank you. It was an honor. Uh, transportation to the launch is ready if you care to go. Ava, thank you so much for opening up the house. Oh, o-of course, I’m happy to do it. I know a lot of people think that wyndemere is just a pile of rocks, but to spencer, it was very special. It was his home for a very long time. I’ll see you there. Mm-hmm. Hi. Hey. How are you doing? Oh. Um…I’m pretty numb right now, but in five minutes, I’ll probably be a puddle on the floor. Well, that’s grief, you know? It’s — it’s like a roller coaster, I guess. There’s so much I want to say to you. You don’t — you don’t have to say anything. You’ve always been there for me, supported me — even when you had your doubts about spencer. Well…he certainly proved me wrong, huh? I’m so sorry that he’s gone. But I’m here for you. And I’ll always be here for you. So, uh… will you come to wyndemere? Thank you so much for the offer, but I think we’re going to take trina home. Yeah. I understand. Just you remember, though, okay, that I’m — I’m just a phone call away. Unless you want to go, sweetheart. Honey, I’m just leaving it up to you. I’m tired. Let’s go home. Okay. Must be so surreal, losing your oldest friend. Oldest friend and oldest adversary. Finn: Do tell. Oh, well, the competition between spencer and cameron was pretty legendary. All the way back to the two of you fighting over emma drake. I’m gonna miss giving him a hard time. I know you are. We’re very sorry for your loss, cameron. Whatever you need, cam. Thank you. I’ll, uh, see you at home after the reception. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there. And aiden’s been baking all morning, so get ready.

[ Sighs ] Should we head out? I just have that one thing I want to take care of. Okay. The offer of backup still stands. Thank you, but I’ll be fine. Okay. Are you guys going to wyndemere? Uh, yeah. Are you? Uh, it’s the least I can do for my nephew. Okay. We’ll see you there. Alright, see you. I can’t tell you what it does for my soul to see you here. I’ve missed you. It’s good to see you, too, grandma. Are you alright? I will be. Eventually. I know the feeling. Uh, the car’s ready if you are. I’ll, uh — I’ll catch up. I, uh… I need to take care of something. Okay. Come on, hon. Dad? Dad. Sorry. I was just thinking. You don’t have to apologize for that.

[ Chuckles ] I’d intended to be cremated, but now…I don’t know. I think maybe I might like a spot of my own. You know, the right plot, the right marker, the right words. I think I want that for all of you. A place where you can gather and share memories. Tell me about all the good times you’re having. You don’t need to think about any of that right now, dad. Oh. That’s all I can think about.

I hope that didn’t sound likeyou can’t talk about your als or what it means or what the future will look like. You can. I-I want you to. I-I just meant the burial stuff — we– we’re not there yet, dad. I know what you meant. You know, I’m getting a little cold. I think I’ll wait —

[ Breathing shallowly ] Dad. Hey, dad. W-what’s — what’s wrong? What’s wrong? This one is — is for you, honey. It’s from the sorbonne. Yeah, they’re — they’re saying that they’ll save a spot for me for next semester. That’s decent of them. Yeah, it is decent. But there’s no way I’m going back to paris. Ever.

[ Sighs ] And you don’t have to. That city has painful memories for you. We get it. I’m sure pcu can find you a different study-abroad — no, I don’t think you understand. Honey, help us understand. I’m not going to pcu or anywhere else. Trina. School is meaningless now. Everything is. Such wonderful pictures. It’s really thoughtful of you, ava. Well, I can’t take too much credit. I found a cabinet full when I moved out. Ah, nikolas. You know, for all his flaws, he — he really loved his son. Hey, laura, I just… I feel like it has to be said. I know you called me, but I-I took no joy in arresting nikolas. Oh, I know that. And at least we know that ace is being well cared for. A silver lining, shall we call it? Yes, I could really use one of those right now.

[ Doorbell rings ] Excuse me. I s– I still can’t believe it. I mean, spencer? It’s like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. That’s why they call it the circle of life. One life ends and another begins. Kevin: I didn’t think anyone else would be here. Didn’t expect to see you here. It’s difficult. You know, given all the pain that she inflicted on cameron. But I sent that pain right back to her, didn’t I? Helping nikolas hold esme captive. Did you arrange for the marker? Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone as alone as esme. When she woke in G.H. With no memory, no past… …she was so frightened. She had no idea how she got there, who she was, and a newborn baby. I felt for her. It showed. I’d say my efforts fell short. Oh, I disagree. You did your best to make her feel like she had a family. Mm. A family she should have run screaming from. Not from you. Maybe. But my brother for a father? And don’t get me started on heather. Heather: But where is she? Where is she?

[ Voice breaking ] Where’s my baby? No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not my little girl! No!

[ Sobbing ] Esme! Esme! Esme! No, no, no, no. No!

I tried to warn you, baby. I told you, just forget about spencer. Get on with your life. Bide your time till I could help you hold your little boy again. Oh, esme, why, honey? Why? Spencer cassadine was never worthy of you! None of those people were! Why couldn’t you have listened to me? And why did you go to france? They told me that spencer threw himself into the river and he took you with him. They — they can’t find you, baby. They say that you got washed out to sea. Oh, god. She must be so cold.

[ Sobbing ] Heather, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it probably doesn’t mean much coming from me. Coming from you? Well, I’d be willing to bet that you hate me for helping nikolas hold esme prisoner. No, no, quite the opposite. Just the opposite. You — you stopped nikolas from killing esme after the baby was born, and then you came forward and you told the truth, knowing what price you’d have to pay for that. I admire you, elizabeth. I know why my franco loved you so much. Elizabeth, it’s because of what you did that esme stood a fighting chance in this world. Oh. If it hadn’t been for you! Amelia all good? Happily playing with melanie. You need help with your homework?

[ Chuckles ] Have you actually looked through this? I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to answer half these questions when I was wiley’s age. There is an explanation for that. Our son is a genius. Ah, yeah. So, what does that make me? The father of a genius. Nice save. You’re in no rush to get to work, huh? Yeah. You noticed? Hard not to. Are you still having issues with drew? No, no, we actually managed to patch things up, uh, for the most part. What’s the lesser part? Uh, well, drew, he — he asked me to help him get back at nina.

[ Sighs ] Michael… I-I-I said no. Easy. Nice and easy, alright? I’m gonna call an ambulance. No, you’re not. No. It’ll — it’ll pass. No, dad, you don’t know that. I just — I just need a distraction. Talk to me.

[ Whimpers ] About what? Anything. Just something to take my mind off what’s happening. What is happening? Please, just t-trust me, hamilton. Can you do that? Yeah, I can. Uh… I-I — yes, I, uh — I-I offered to — to bring the snack for violet’s, uh, winter party at the school. Sounds — sounds fun. For violet, yeah. Not — not so much for me. I, uh — my first two attempts of making brownies — uh, it was a disaster. That oven timer, uh, I-it’s trickier than people — people will tell you. Um, uh, and then, so elizabeth suggested that I have aiden — I had aiden make the brownies, alright? And so now her whole class is clamoring for my famous brownies, but they’re not really mine. They’re aiden’s, and — and — and I think the jig is up.

[ Whimpers ] If aiden…was smart, he’d start charging you for his time. Don’t think he hasn’t mentioned it.

[ Strained chuckle ] Has this happened before?

[ Shakily ] Mm-hmm. I wish you would have told me. You had other stuff on your mind, like ensuring you kept your job saving lives. The life I want to save most right now is yours.

[ Sighs ] Is it… is it a loss of sensation, or is it the opposite? Do you feel pain? Uh, it’s, uh, more like a shortness of breath and — and a-a-a twinge in my chest.

[ Inhales deeply ] It happened the first time not — not long ago. Tracy [Chuckles] Came up with a cure for it.

[ Clears throat ] She ticked me off on purpose so bad that I forgot all about it. Yeah, that’s pretty on point. Well, I’m glad tracy was there. But I’m here now. You like it or not, we’re going to the hospital. No, no, no, no, no. We’re staying right here.

[ Clears throat ] You’re not on duty, detective. You can grieve, just like everyone else. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just — it’s not that simple. After the latest attempt on my father’s life… you think it was an inside job? Well, sonny sure is convinced. And he may be right. But what he doesn’t know is that it’s all part of a bigger investigation centering around a shipment of illegal missing weapons. Okay, weapons, as in used in other crimes? So, you don’t think sonny was the only target? It’s looking that way. But now the fbi is involved with the lead investigator being john cates. Cates? Does that have anything to do with stone? Yeah, stone’s older brother. And guess what — he and sonny, of course, they have a long-standing beef with each other. Oh, no. And you still haven’t told sonny yet, have you? So, sonny doesn’t know? Sonny doesn’t know what? You’re not welcome here. I came for my sister. Surely you can understand that impulse. It’s your call, laura. Thank you. Don’t thank me.

[ Door closes ] I must admit, I wasn’t expecting quite that level of hostility. How can you expect anything else?

I know that you’re hurting right now, but you’ve always found serenity and purpose in the classroom, and when you discovered art history, a whole new world — I get it. Education is important to you. It’s important to you. But how does that help spencer? He died saving my life. Honey, honey, now is not the time to make any life-altering decisions. He would want you to live your life. But what about his life? His future? His — his — his purpose? It’s all gone. Spencer is gone, and there’s nothing I can do to bring him back. Come here. Why did you refuse to go along with drew’s plan? Becaus e while drew hasevery right to go after nina, I-I have other priorities. Be honest. You must have been tempted. I was. But then I thought about you and the kids. This family is more importantto me than anything, willow. I’m — I’m not going to risk that again. Thank you. Not only for saying that, but for backing it up with your actions. It means a lot. There’s more, isn’t there? Whatever it is, just — just say it. It’s not just the people under this roof that need healing. You and your father need it, too. You’ve hurt a lot of people. You have committed a lot of crimes. How — how do you not realize that when people see you, they still see… a monster? And what about you, sister? Is that how you see me, too? You know it’s not just the pcpd trying to figure out who’s targeting you. Right? Right. Jordan and anna are also looking into it. They making progress? What are you not telling me? My daughter might still be alive if it wasn’t for you! Heather, that’s not fair. Isn’t it?! Kevin tried to help esme — yes, as her therapist, but more importantly, as her uncle. Oh, right. I forgot the dutiful uncle, so loyal to his psycho brother, who I did everything in the world I possibly could to keep my baby from knowing! You can’t blame kevin for ryan’s crimes. It’s alright, elizabeth. Let her say her piece. Oh, thank you. You thought you could save him, didn’t ya?

[ Laughs ] What a god complex! So convinced that you could cure what ailed ryan that you did the exact opposite! You nursed him back to full strength so you could unleash him on the world again! I did everything I could to shield my daughter from that maniac. And then you go ahead and bring him back out into the world. You know what? They call me a criminal. Ha! It’s “good people” like you that destroy lives!

That was heather’s grief talking. You are not responsible for what your brother did or for what happened to esme or spencer. Oh, you have such a good heart, elizabeth. Just like franco did and those sweet boys of yours do. You’re always determined to see the best in everyone, aren’t ya? But you know better. Don’t ya, dr. Collins? She’s wrong. Come on, admit it! Every single word I just said here now is true. Visitation time’s up. Oh, come on, I just need a few more minutes. There’s one last thing that I have to say because my daughter can’T. Michael: I should probably get to the office. Oh, now you’re in a hurry to get to work. One mention of your father is all it takes, huh? I-I don’t know what to say, willow. You can’t avoid him forever. And it’s not like this is the first conflict you’ve had. Yeah, that’s an understatement. So? You patched things up before. You can do it again. Look, willow, last time it took over a year to reconcile. Okay, yes, but when it finally happened, you and sonny were getting along great. You even went to the island for his wedding. Yes, I did. We had a-a nice time. But look, that was before everything blew up. I haven’t seen or talked to my father since my grandmother’s funeral. There are hurdles to clear. Yeah. Big hurdles. Then clear them. You didn’t give up on us. Don’t give up on your father.

[ Sighs ] Come on. You know the drill. Ongoing investigation. I can’t tell you about it. But when there’s something to tell you, I-I’ll let you know. Alright, yeah, uh, well, I got some unfinished business back at the office, anyway, and I got to take care of it, so… I’ll see you later. Alright. Hey, dad. Just, uh, be safe, alright? I’m on it. Are you heading out? Yeah. Thank you for hosting. I know that your relationship with spencer was complicated. Well, my relationship with everybody is complicated. Obviously, I’m going to have security for you here, so when you’re ready to leave… straight back to your place. Alright. I’ll see you at home.

[ Sighs ] You think I messed up? No. No, I actually think it’s a good thing you didn’t tell your dad about the fbi investigation. Yeah, I don’t know if he’ll see it that way. You remember what a pain in the ass spencer was?

[ Chuckles ] You mean in general or… well, yeah, I just was thinking about more when he was younger. Yeah. Insufferable. [ Chuckles ] The ego on that guy. Well, eventually it became tolerable. And then lovable. I think a lot about that had to do with you. Me? Yeah. Spencer really looked up to you, cam.

[ Scoffs ] Get out of here. He had everything. Well, he didn’t have a stable home, and he didn’t have a lot of friends. People were naturally drawn to you. It wasn’t like that for spencer. He had to work on that. But he had a really good example in you. You wait for elizabeth. I’m gonna call a rideshare and head home. Hey. I thought the goal was to stick around for a while, make chase and brook lynn’s wedding. You know it is. Then why did you hide symptoms from me? I didn’t hide them from you. You didn’t tell me, either. I mean, maybe there’s something we could do. You know, maybe there’s a protocol or some physical therapy. There’s nothing, hamilton. It’s just… it’s just the way this disease goes. It eats away at you, little by little. Sometimes a lot by a lot. Hey, don’t you understand? I want to help. What’s the point of having a medical license if I can’t — can’t do something to help my own father? You don’t want to help me. Of course I do. You want to save me. And god, I love you for it. But you can’t save me, son. No one can. What can I do? You, or rather, we can have an honest, loving relationship where we don’t walk on eggshells. We don’t hide things from one another. Where we just are. Father and son. Can we stand here on this sacred ground and give that to each other? Yeah. Yeah, we can.

What becomes of my grandson, now that his mother is no longer here to protect him? Ace will be well taken care of. You have my word.

[ Scoffs ] God. Yeah, right. Just like you took care of esme? Laura loves her grandson. You can trust that he’s in good hands. Please. I’m counting on you. Keep an eye on them, please. Do bet ter by my grandsonthan you did by my daughter. Or there will be hell to pay. I’m ready. Oh, wait. Hold on. Can I escort you home? I have a driver, but thank you. In that case, I’ll say goodbye with the hope this sad occasion can mark a new beginning for us. I think spencer would want it that way. Would he? I’m not the enemy, laura. I’m your brother who cares about you and wants to do right by you. One day, I’m confident you’ll see that.

[ Door closes ] Brick, what do you got for me? Uh-huh. Alright. Um, let me know ’cause I, uh, want to know who the traitor is… so he can be dealt with permanently. How’d it go? It was interesting. I’ll tell you about it on the way home. Did your dad leave? Uh, he’s — he’s, uh — he’s waiting in the car. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Um…you know, I-I know — I know what’s ahead of us with the als. At least — at least my head does. But your heart is having a hard time catching up. Seeing my dad struggle, knowing… he’s getting worse, and it’s getting worse right now — today. Wait. Did something happen? He’s okay. It’s just… finn, I’m so sorry. He’s a hard old boy, my dad. You know, he values his independence so much, but… …I think we have to face the facts my… …my father won’t be able to look after himself much longer. Well, I just want to say again thank you so much. You’re welcome. Get home safe. Okay. We will.

[ Sighs ] Well, you know, I wish we could have seen each other under not-such-horrible circumstances. Me, too. But I’m glad we did. Really? Really. How are you and dex? We’re fine. Really? Yeah. He makes me happy. Good. That’s all I want for anyone anymore. For the people I care about to be happy. And here. Yeah. It’s a real shame that we didn’t get that with spencer. Curtis: There she is. Hey, babe. Oh. Where are you going? Um, I’m just gonna take a walk by the lake. You want some company? I won’t be long.

[ Door closes ] Okay, so, why did you give it to me? Well, because every time I look at those figurines, I think about how much I missed you last christmas and how much I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.

[Mumbles] What?

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