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Without me, you talk to carly? Yeah. We’ve got trouble. Your, uh, regular wine list is somewhat lacking tonight. Didn’t the previous owner keep a supply of interesting wine for the more discriminating customer? That’s still the case. Special occasion? Hoping to rekindle an old flame.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes? This is clement, the pharmacist. I’m aware.

Our deal is off. I’m gonna need you to clarify that. I’m done messing with sonny corinthos’s medications. His wife is on to us. “The basis for my disbarment was an accusation of perjury based on hearsay evidence. No one involved with the accusation was present for or affected by the statement in question.” That bad, huh?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. I got distracted by pictures, uh, of the rehearsal dinner at coney island. Let me see. Aw. Yeah. It looks like they’re having a good time. How long do you think it’ll be before lois convinces tracy to go on the cyclone?

[ Scoffs ] Anything’s possible. Yeah, well, nothing compares to our parachute jump. Nothing at all. No, I didn’t mean to — to get us off track. Let’s get back to rehearsing your pitch for reinstatement to the bar. You know what? It’s fine. Let’s take a breather. Absolutely not. If you’re gonna spend your evening babysitting me, at least let me make myself useful. How bad? Oh, god. Well… I think the severity of this situation all hinges on whether or not you can handle carly before she blows this entire operation and gets herself sent to prison in the bargain.

Think of the mcconkey esplanade like — like the high line in manhattan, right? The plan is to transform something that’s rundown and flat-out dangerous into something that’s beautiful and safe and clean, a place where pedestrians can gather in — in large numbers. I’m telling you, we do this right, and it should vastly improve the city’s fortunes. And alter the perception people have of port charles being a haven for organized crime. Yeah, that couldn’t hurt. So what do you think? I mean, is this kind of what you pictured? Well, I am definitely impressed. It’s a bold and imaginative idea and a big investment for the future of port charles. Well, that’s great news. I’m glad we are in agreement on that. But it’s not big enough. The way you have it laid out, this proposal won’t even get off the ground. Come on, alexis. I know finn asked you to watch over me while everyone’s off at coney island. He did not. He is worried about your well-being while he’s away, but my coming here was my idea, because, “a,” I really do want your help, and, “b,” you are my friend. Not my charge, and certainly not someone that I need to babysit for. Okay. Maybe that was a poor choice of words, but my point remains. Gregory… finn just wants you to be okay. And he agonizes over how to do that without trespassing on your autonomy. He knows that — that your time is limited, and he doesn’t want to waste any of it with the two of you being at odds with each other. Wow. Sounds like you two had quite the emotional conversation.

[ Sighs ] I’m guessing he also told you that I lost my temper and dredged up his little tryst with jackie on our wedding eve? Of course he did. Finn was hurting, and you’re his friend. Look, I got frustrated. I-I wanted to be left alone by myself for a few hours. And when he argued against it, I retaliated by laying a hell of a guilt trip on him. It was a cheap shot. As cheap as they come. Okay, listen, tell me exactly what’s happened. Sonny’s wife came to my office earlier today asking a lot of questions about his prescription. She knows he’s not on the full dose of his meds. Okay. And?

And what?! Isn’t that bad enough? She — she knows! She threatened you? Have the police been contacted? Sonny? N-no, no. But — but y-you’re not listening to me. No, I am listening. I’ve heard everything

that you’ve said. You said that a woman claiming to be mrs. Corinthos approached you, claiming that she knows you have been delivering sonny a lower-than-prescribed dose of his bipolar medication. And rather than going to the authorities, she turned and walked away. Does that sound about right?

[ Stammers ] More or less. Why aren’t you as upset about this as I am? Okay, listen, if this “wife” of sonny’s wanted you arrested, you’d be in handcuffs by now. Can you describe her to me? Well, s-she was — she was blond, beautiful.  Honestly, that’s all I remember. It all happened so fast. I can identify her. In the meantime, you stay the course and continue to deliver sonny the lower dose. But w-what if sonny’s wife actually does report me? Sonny doesn’t have a wife, not currently. But he does have several beautiful blondes in his orbit, and I am familiar with all of them. I’ll identify the woman who approached you, and I will deal with her appropriately. You were right. Carly was listening in on your conversation with john, and she took it upon herself to go visit brennan in pentonville, where she proceeded to inform him that cates was looking into pikeman. So now that means that this operation is — is blown. I can’T… yeah, because brennan — he’s gonna reach out to whatever allies he has left at the wsb to obstruct this investigation. And if the fbi can’t build a case against pikeman — well, then my deal with cates is blown. And carly will be prosecuted. Yeah, and that can’t happen. I know! It can’t happen. Well, I’ve been thinking. It stands to reason that the first person he would reach out to is ostensibly the same target that we’re after. Right. Whoever’s running pikeman. Right. So if we can find out how he makes contact with his successor, then, actually, we could use carly’s mistake to our advantage. Well, this is fortuitous. I was thinking about you, and here you are. Oh, perfect timing. What’s up? I’ve heard from charlotte. I have an update on that equestrian event in normandy. Oh, I do want to hear about that, but, unfortunately, I have a meeting that I have to get to. Oh, all right. Well, then, another time. Okay. Um, just one question. You haven’t reconciled with sonny, have you? Um, no. No. I-I’m sorry. Where did you hear that? I just — I thought I heard somebody say. Obviously, I was mistaken. No, sonny and i are not together, and we’re not getting back together, either. Sonny and I are done for good. Okay. Well, you know how I feel about him. His loss. And ava’s gain. Come again? Well, ava’s worming her way into sonny’s house and his life, and she somehow made it where she’s one of the very few people that sonny feels like he can trust. They’re very close now. And ava wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, then, I guess you’re well and truly out of it. Perhaps I am, yeah. I really have to go. I’ll see you?

Ava. Spare a femoments for a friend? Projects of this size need so many different approvals from the regulatory bodies in the government. And they’re all just looking for a reason to say no. Now, the environmental review will be particularly tough, but our chances will increase exponentially if we have enough powerful friends in albany and dc. And I’m assuming you know how to win them over? I thought you’d never ask. Let’s start with the parking lots. That’s incredibly valuable real estate. And you have so much space allocated for them. Well, people have to park. Only if you drive in. Now, there’s an abandoned rail line ending right at the waterfront. It may be old, but it’s still viable. What if we get it back into workable shape, then connect it to the existing light rail network? And voil. Now, it’s not just a waterfront redevelopment. It’s mass transit. Exactly. And we can just sit back and watch the state and federal grants pour in. That is an amazing idea, jordan. It is, isn’t it? But I’m not done yet. I also think we should dredge the harbor at the dock adjacent to the esplanade and make it suitable for ferry service. Like, service to canada? Yeah. Think about it. The current drive time to toronto from port charles is three hours. A high-speed ferry will cut that time down to one hour. We would be an international tourist destination. And those tax dollars will pour in. Jordan, you are really good at this.

[ Chuckles ] I appreciate the enthusiasm. How could anybody say no to this? Feel like the next thing to do is just break ground. Okay, slow down. Slow down. We still have to get official approval. And then we can pop the champagne. What are we celebrating? Okay, so if brennan reaches out to whoever’s controlling pikeman, we just need to be ready and watching. Okay. I’ll talk to the authorities at pentonville. Meanwhile, I’m still pursuing the other angle. What was that? Valentin. So I’m — I’m meeting with him shortly. You okay with that? Yeah, I mean, you know, he — he claimed to be in europe when he was actually here monitoring the first attempt on sonny’s life. So that’s proof that he’s more involved with pikeman than he’s letting on. And I-I really need to find out just how involved. And you are our best chance of getting any information from him. Maybe. I-I think there’s something else that we need to discuss. Do we give john a heads up as to what we’re doing? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need to talk to him until I tell him who’s running pikeman. I don’t want to work with him. I don’t want to deal with him. But you’re the police commissioner. This is a joint operation, so I will take your lead. I agree with you. John’s playing it very close to the vest. So will we. Sorry, nina. Gallery’s closed. Oh, you can make time for me, ava. After all, I never told sonny how you manipulated me into selling my hotel to jason. Is that what I did? I’m sure you can appreciate my discretion. On the other hand, I wish you’d be more forthcoming in your dealings with crimson. Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing to do with crimson. Really? Well, that’s odd. Because my assistant just asked me for my approval for a last-minute addition to next issue’s cultural calendar. Wouldn’t you know, there’s an exciting, new african artist making her debut in the united states, and her opening just happens to be taking place in the very gallery we’re standing in. I’m very successful at what I do. It stands to reason that a talented artist would choose my gallery. And to promote said artist, you’ve lobbied one of our assistant editors for the mention. Okay. All right, nina. You got me. But the fact is, the artist is extremely talented, and their work deserves to be seen. I make no apologies for that. I agree. I agree. Her work is beautiful. And I think crimson should spotlight worthy artists. I have no issue featuring her, despite your many,

many transgressions. Then what’s the problem? I don’t like that you went behind my back. You come to me first. Next time, I’m not gonna be so generous. I was protecting the artist, nina. I thought you would cancel the mention if you knew it came from me. Yeah, you’re smart to worry. ‘Cause you snaked sonny away from me, all while lying and pretending to be my friend. If that’s not worthy of payback, I don’t know what it is. There you go again. Always looking for somebody to blame. You ruined your relationship with sonny all on your own with your lies. And you didn’t wait five minutes before you took advantage of our breakup. That’s okay. What’s done is done. I don’t have a future with sonny. I know that now. I have finally accepted that… we’re over for good.

You expect me to believe that you’re suddenly fine with your marriage to sonny being over? You were there when I signed the divorce papers. Oh, I imagine that you delivered those papers to sonny yourself, didn’t you? It’s not what I wanted, but I’ve accepted the reality of it. Well, that sounds… too evolved to be true. Ava, you don’t think that I can grow and change? The way I see it, baby snatching, letting sonny’s family believe he was dead, and anonymous tips to the sec are all different sides it’s the same vindictive coin. So, no, no, I don’t see any evidence of you growing or changing, nina. Well, I never claimed to be perfect. The point is, I’m trying to be better. You should know what that looks like. You tried it once. For a minute or two, you and nikolas sort of had something real, didn’t you? And who knows if you could have sustained it, ava? You might still be married, and he wouldn’t be in prison. Well, you’re probably right about that. I-I went to see him — don’t mistake me for someone who still cares. We have no friendship anymore. We did. I know that. It was really nice being able to confide in you. But the first chance you had to help yourself to something that was mine, you took it, and the friendship is over. I mean, professionally, I’m sure that the two of us can be mature enough to get the most out of it, but that’s all that we will ever be to each other now. I hope it was worth it. Things just got out of hand. I-I felt like he was ignoring my wishes, like he wasn’t listening to me. He wasn’t seeing me, his father, and had just reduced me to this stinking disease again. I should have just stopped the conversation and said, “let’s start again when we calm down,” but instead I lashed out and said the cruelest thing possible.

[ Sighs ] I can’t tell you how much I regret it. Do you have any idea how much stress you’re under? It’s ridiculous. Show yourself some grace. I mean, my god, do you know how many times I’ve screwed up as a mother? And I had no excuse. Did I ever tell you about the time kristina came out to me? Did I tell you about how I reacted? I don’t believe so. Yeah, well, she didn’t get the love and acceptance that she was hoping for and deserved. Really? That surprises me. I would have thought — yeah, that I would have, you know, put out the rainbow flag. And, yes, I am 100% supportive of the lgbt community, but when it was my own daughter in front of me, I-I got scared. Of what? Of how much harder her life could be and people’s prejudices and scary moments that would happen to her, and I wouldn’t be able to protect her. I mean, there she was,

so vulnerable and wanted my unconditional love. And, honestly, it was one of my worst moments as a mother. I’m sorry to hear that. Well… it became my best moment, one of my best moments, anyway. Because, you know, you make a mistake, you learn from it, and I did. I self-reflected. I-I educated myself. I listened to other people talking to me. I apologized to her, and I explained to her why I reacted the way I-I did, and she understood. And we were better off for it. I’m glad to hear that, but I really don’t think our situations are the same. Gregory, your situation is exactly the same. You made a mistake. You’re human. And by the way, that is quite a relief because your being so saintly is really infuriating. Just apologize to him. Don’t let fester. I plan to.

[ Sighs ] I just — I’m not sure that an apology alone will do. I didn’t expect to see you today, jordan. It’s, uh, been a while. It has. Yes. I think the last time we spoke, I sent a group of apartment residents over to your office. “Sent”? “Sicced” is, I think, the word you’re looking for. And they were mightily disgruntled that I didn’t want to support their, um, affordable housing project. And was dealing with them not worth the return of my “get out the vote” efforts for your re-election campaign? Oh, I always know where my bread is buttered. Well, jordan is a valuable ally. And don’t you forget it. I have to get going, but thank you for getting behind the esplanade. We are really appreciative of your help, and we will definitely do good things in your name. Oh, I appreciate that. Yeah. Jordan, we’ll talk soon. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. Bye. So, yo ur timingis impeccable, because I’ve got a layout — yeah, just leave that alone for now. I’ve got another reason for being here. Um…why do you think I should get into bed with a convicted criminal?

[ Door closes in distance ] Danny.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here? Came here to see you. Or are you gonna tell me to leave? Anna: You started without me. Just a little something to calm my nerves. Good lord, you’re beautiful. I didn’t realize I could still make you nervous. Well, you can. It’s been a while since we’ve done this. Exactly. So you should enjoy. Relax. No need to be so serious. With you, it’s always been serious.

Sorry I kept you waiting. Don’t apologize. Your work’s important. How are things at the pcpd, by the way? Complicated at the moment. There — there are rumblings that the heather webber case is going to be reopened. And then, of course, there’s the ongoing business of sonny. “Ongoing” is a good way to put it. He’s been a thorn in the pcpd’s side for decades. It got a bit more complicated recently because a former employee of his — a young man, dex heller — got accepted into the police academy. Oh, yeah? From the mob foot soldier to police cadet? That’s a hell of a career change. Yes. The other officers have been very quick to judge because of his former occupation. But I’m more worried that sonny will retaliate, you know, because he’s switched sides. Yeah, sonny’s not really a “forgive and forget,” is he? Why would dex risk his wrath by becoming a cop? It was my doing. I originally suggested that he should apply to the police academy because I thought it would be a way to back sonny off and protect the young man. But now I-I think the drive behind it is dex and his need to redeem himself. You can understand how powerful that is, yeah? Well, he could hardly find a better mentor if he’s looking for redemption. I mean, you’ve been spending your entire career chasing that. Why do

you think an apologyis not enough for finn?

[ Sighs ] I honestly don’t know. Like your reaction to kristina’s coming out, I shocked myself with what I said to finn. I thought I was long over all the hurt and anger about what happened between him and jackie. I was just grateful to have finn back in my life and be able to spend time with him and violet. I-I was blindsided to realize that I’m holding on to that resentment. Explain it to finn the way you explained it to me. He will understand, because I know that he still feels guilt about this, too. I thought we were long past all of that. What happened in the past happened. Pretending it didn’t happen is just giving it power. So just acknowledge it and just get over it and beyond it. Move on. I see your point. The fact that you two love each other is literally all that matters right now. You make a very compelling case. Anyone ever tell you you’d make a great lawyer? That’s your cue to hit me with your opening statement again. Really? I mean, are you in the head space for that? Absolutely. Come on. Give it a go, counselor. Convince me you should be reinstated. May it please the court. Well, then I guess we’re done here. I guess so. Agent cates. Ms. Jerome. Am I interrupting something? Not at all. Nina was just leaving. Ms. Reeves. I don’t think that we’ve officially met. Oh, I did see you at the metro court with carly. If I recall, you were wearing a lot less at the time. You seem to have gotten the wrong idea — I don’t think I care enough to really remedy that. Enjoy the art. Beware of the gallery owner. She’ll take you for all you’re worth if you aren’t careful. You two seem close. It’s been a very long day. So can whatever you came here for please wait until tomorrow? No, it can’T. I’m here about sonny. Ah, of course I like seeing you, but there are good reasons I told you not to come to the warehouse. This part of the neighborhood is very dangerous, especially at night. Oh, well, you don’t have to worry, you know. Yuri’s — he’s outside waiting, and no one’s gonna mess with him, so… this place is pretty cool. Does your mom know you’re here? Oh, it’s fine. Brook lynn has her running some last-minute errands for the wedding tomorrow. And so she’s dropped me and scout and rocco off at the quartermaines’. That’s right. It’s, uh, brook lynn and chase’s wedding tomorrow. Yeah. That’s why I’m here. Uh, grandma monica — she has a message for you. When I ran a search on you, what do you think was the first thing that popped up? My conviction for sec violations. Mm-hmm. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? I mean, popular notions aside, politicians do do their own research. I wasn’t trying to hide it from you. Well, because you wouldn’t want to open with that when you’re trying to sell me on the esplanade. It wasn’t relevant to the deal. And, yes, had I brought that up, it would have been the only thing that you were thinking about, and I would have gotten an immediate no on the esplanade. But I had to make you fall in love with the project first. Well, what makes you think I won’t pull out now? Because it’s a great idea for port charles, and if my name is an obstacle, we will just leave it out. Really. I’ll delegate everything to my nephew michael so there isn’t even a hint of scandal. Really? You would do that, even though it’s your idea? Of course I would. It’s not about me. This is about doing something great for port charles.

[ Chuckles ] It sounds like a campaign slogan. Look, it’s my home. This is where my daughter’s growing up. And if I have a chance to make it an even better place, why would I sacrifice that just for stroking my own ego? Well, it’s good to hear you say that, but fun fact — you can, uh, still be convicted and serve in the U.S. House of representatives.

So, uh, how is — how is monica? She’S… she’s pretty good. I mean, she still has pneumonia, but she says she’ll be back to normal by the summer. She just has to stay in bed and rest up until then, though.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m glad she has you as her messenger. That’s why I’m here. Grandma needs you to represent her at brook lynn’s wedding. So, if my career has been all about redemption, what’s at the heart of yours? Crippling self-doubt.

[ Chuckles ] That’s funny. No. I-I think it’s the opposite. I think you’ve always believed you were smarter than everyone else. I don’t feel the need to analyze what motivates me. I don’t think I’d like what I find. That’s disappointing, to be honest. I think self-reflection is very good for the soul. Others have found plenty about you to like. Love even. Myself included. You know the whole story, don’t you? Yeah. The chip on my shoulder. How badly I wanted to fit in at the wsb, and when that didn’t happen, I went my own way, and I hurt a lot of people, did a lot of bad things for a long time. Which I know you regretted. Charlotte came along. She made me want to be a better man. But, anna, I don’t think that you can ever close the door on your past, not entirely. And so I compartmentalize to ensure that whatever I feel compelled to do… …doesn’t affect the things and the people that I love the most. What is it you want to know? Has sonny received any overtures from the other crime families? Does he have any theories as to why he’s been targeted? Well, I don’t speak for him. You’re gonna have to ask sonny these questions. Sonny won’t talk to me. Well, he doesn’t talk to me either. Not about that kind of stuff, anyway. I find that hard to believe. You were glued to sonny’s side the night of the warehouse shooting and have barely left it since. And you’re a member of the jerome crime family. You had mob ambitions of your own a few years ago. I don’t know what you’re getting at. But my business here is totally legitimate. That’s good to know. But I’m more interested in your relationship with sonny. Are you in love with him? Or are you setting him up for a takeover?

[ Scoffs ] How dare you? What’s your end game? Are you planning to walk away with control of sonny’s organization? What’s my end game? My end game is co-parenting a child sonny and I both adore. And you need to live with sonny to do that? Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m between residences. Sonny offered his place, and I took him up on it because I want to keep my daughter safe ’cause somebody keeps shooting at her father. Crimes you haven’t been able to solve, by the way. You can try to turn this around on me, but it’s obvious you know more than you’re saying. So consider yourself on notice. Sonny’s a person of interest for the fbi, and now so are you. So if you get the feeling you’re being watched… it’s because you are. I have stage 4 lung cancer. Hearing those words, getting my, uh… well, ticket punched makes me wonder just what I want to leave as a legacy. Mm? I got into politics to — to help people, and I want my seat to go to someone who desires to serve their country. But, um, well, the people in my party want me to endorse somebody who is either a-a crook or a moron or sometimes both. Well, that’s a tough position to be in. I liked what I saw when we were talking before. You have convictions and you’re not afraid to stand up for them. I believe you would use the office to do good things. Well, that’s very kind of you, sir, but I don’t think I have the pedigree for politics.

[ Chuckles ] Well, clearly, you can handle tough situations, which is good because politics is not for the faint of heart. Not to mention that you’re rich, which means, of course, that you won’t have to bow down to the, uh, lobbyists to get something done. It may be technically legal for an ex-convict to run for congress, but, I mean, who’s gonna vote for him? Oh, well… the world loves a comeback. And, you know, y-you’re kind of a cowboy hero. I think you’re a perfect fit for it.

[ Chuckles ] Even so, you need more than just a good story to win an election. Well, yeah, that’s true. You need me. “And so, after presenting all the evidence, I’m asking you to render the only verdict that respects the law and precedent and overturn my disbarment. Thank you.” What do you think? Well, with the caveat that I’m obviously not a lawyer… I’m asking for a rhetorical review, not a legal analysis. I think you’re off to a really good start. Oh. But it could definitely use some streamlining. My guess is because it’s so personal to you that you’ve gotten caught in the trap of restating your argument too many times in hopes of winning them over. That’s a good note. All right. I’ll take a look at it. All right. What about the logic? What about, did I make my case? Yeah, I think you have a really strong argument to overturn your disbarment. You’re clear and articulate. You have a great command of your subject matter. As far as I’m concerned, you have all the elements necessary to trial. All except one.

summation was missing? Luck. I wasn’t expecting you to say that. I got this medal in seventh grade. “Debate. 1st place.” Winning this changed the course of my life. It gave me the confidence to pursue the things I wanted in life. I’ve had it with me ever since — every debate, every big lecture, every public engagement, even when I was defending my dissertation. It’ll fit right in your pocket. And it’s guaranteed to bestow good luck on whoever holds it, which is why I’m giving it to you — because no one deserves a win more than you. Ah.

[ Chuckles ] No one wants to say no to a dying man. I mean, how would that look? If I endorse you, the rest of my party will fall in line, and then I’ll put my considerable resources to work making sure you get elected. I can’t say how flattered I am in your belief in me, but I-I mean, I’ve never even considered a career in politics. Well, get considering, and fast. I mean, it’s already may. We’ve only got a few months before the election. Look, if you’re not interested, I-I understand. I’ll move on, but I think you’re making a huge mistake. You could do some great things with a real chance of winning. Hmm? You might also want to change your name to quartermaine? We’ll talk. You care for a nightcap? Not tonight. Maybe next time. I’m happy to hear there’ll be a next time. My place? I’ll cook for you. Really? What? You want to find out? You have to show up. I look forward to it. You wouldn’t dare put me under surveillance. I already have. You’re bluffing. This morning, you dropped your daughter off at school. Then you had a long breakfast with sonny. Feel free to tell me what the two of you talked about. Then you went to the hospital, where you spoke to the chief pharmacist. Then you went back home, and then you finally came here to work. It’s a wonder the gallery is so successful, given the odd hours you keep. Bastard. You stay the hell away from me. I have been tasked with uncovering why sonny’s been targeted, so I will be using the full weight of the fbi to investigate whomever I want until this case is resolved. Monica said she isn’t well enough to attend brook lynn’s wedding, so she needs you to go in place of her. She knows you don’t like wearing a suit and tie, but says you can handle anything for just a few hours. All right, I’ll go. You will? Yeah, I mean, look, I can’t — I can’t argue with monica. And now you? Come on. It’s late. I’ll give you ride home. What about yuri? Um, I’ll explain to yuri that I can give my son a ride home.

[ Laughs ]

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