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 You all right? I’m fine. I’m not sure sonny is, though. Am I late? No, I was early. Oh, okay. Um, how’s molly and tj? A little jumpy. Expectant parents. I hear ya. How’s kristina? Uh, she says being pregnant is not what she expected. It’s better.

[ Both chuckle ] Um, thank you for meeting me. Yes. You said you had a proposal? I want to make a significant donation to the city of port charles. Thanks for coming, drew. Absolutely, for sure. Okay, so, um, I guess this means that you made a decision? I’ve thought it through and talked it over with michael. And?

And I would be honored to be the spokesperson for the new tomorrow institute. Commissioner? Oh, detective bennet. This is unexpected. Uh, yeah. I was, uh, in the area, conducting a training exercise. Commissioner. Where do you want this?

[ Door buzzes ] Laura!

[ Chuckles ] Good to see you. Good to see you. Thank you, kelly. You may go. It’s procedure, ma’am. I understand. Especially for someone with an extensive history of escape. Thank you, kelly. Thank you. I’m kind of a celebrity around here. Sort of flattering.

[ Chuckles ] How are you feeling? A lot better. The — the new hip’s still healing, but it’s a lot less painful than the old one. Oh, I’m glad to hear it. And I don’t miss those rashes or that whole “not being able to breathe” thing, I can tell you that. You here to give me the lowdown on ace? You know, I wouldn’t hate prison so much if only I could see my grandson. Jason? Jason! Hey. Hey. Oh. What’s, uh — what’s wrong?

[ Sighs ] It’s sonny. He’s in trouble. And does one want to ask me any more questions? E top of my head a significant donation? That surprises you? Not at all. You have a long and impressive history of philanthropy. I can think of three programs off the top of my head that could benefit from your support. Why do I get the impression you don’t want to take it? Why do you think, sonny? Well, any — any donation from me is coming from a legitimate enterprise and also investments. I figured. But one needs to be sure. And does one want to ask me any more questions? Just one. Why come to me? Because you are the deputy mayor. You’re gonna know, right, where to put my money. And we both have children that are having a baby together. And that means a lot to me. How are things progressing with willow? Oh, incrementally. I mean, she came into drew’s office when we were going over the crimson budget. And when I went to leave them, she stopped me. What’d she say? She said if drew and i can manage to be civil to one another after everything I did to him, then maybe she was holding onto her anger at me a little too long, and maybe, just maybe, she can let some of those bad feelings go. Wow. That seems more than incremental. Yeah, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but right? What did you say? Well, I thanked her for saying that, and then I got the hell out of there before I started making lunch plans and offering to babysit.

[ Chuckles ] What? What? What did I do? No, no, no, no. You’re fine. I’m just, uh — I’m worried. Who knows what poison drew is putting willow’s ear about you. Oh, he’s not.

Not if he knows what’s good for him. Willow, I can’t tell you how happy and honored I am that you’re willing to work with the new tomorrow institute. Great?

[ Both chuckle ] It’s just that there’s — there’s been something that’s been kinda bugging me. Okay. I know that I sprung this on you, like, out of nowhere, and it just occurred to me that maybe that you feel pressure to say yes because — because you went to greenland, rescued my aunt liesl, and brought her back to port charles in time to save my life? Well, yeah. And I would never want you to feel a sense of obligation to me at all. You don’t owe me anything. Drew, I literally owe you my life. And that’s why I’m having second thoughts. Calvin, I told you that I took today off so that I could move into my new apartment. You did. And now you’ve assigned all the new cadets to help me move? Well, it’s just a few boxes. But you’re not allowing them to use the elevator. You’re making them bring said boxes up three flights of stairs. Ah, you can’t get a good cardiovascular workout on an elevator, can you? No. Okay. I really appreciate the gesture, but I’m telling you, if — if I get in trouble with internal affairs, I am so taking you down with me.

[ Chuckles ] Well, this is my doing, and I take full responsibility. So if I do go down for this, you’ll be in the clear with some shiny new recruits in the best shape of their young lives. I can’t have donna

stayingthe night over at sonny’S. Between ava being there and sonny going on and on about how I’m a traitor, it is not good for donna emotionally. That’s — that’s reasonable. So I went to tell sonny, but ava was there, and then she tried kicking me out, which is crazy. It’s like ava thinks she’s mistress of the manor or something. Maybe she thinks she is. Sonny was furious. And I expected that, I really did. But I was hoping once he got past his initial reaction that he would understand my position and respect it, but that’s not what happened. He just became more and more irrational. He even threatened to take me to family court, which is absurd. Yeah, now, that’s — that’s crazy. He has to know that he would lose that. He should. And because he didn’t, it made me think — is sonny off is meds? Thought about that, too. I asked him. He swears he’s taking his medication. I even went into his bathroom. I went through his medicine drawer. I checked his prescriptions. It looks like he’s taking them. Okay, but how did he react to that? He said just because we disagree about what to do with donna, that doesn’t mean he’s going off his meds. And he has a point. I may hate the way sonny’s living and the choices he’s making, but that doesn’t mean he’s headed for a breakdown.

I wanted to tell you — ace did the cutest thing. I’m sure everything he does the cutest.

[ Laughs ] It’s true, it is. But he sort of outdid himself with this one. Okay, so I’m humming him a lullaby. And just as he’s about to fall asleep, he starts to try to sing along.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, he starts making his own little sounds to the music. That is so wonderful. Hey, look, he’s already marching to his own drummer. Runs in our family, I guess. I guess. And y-you wanted to tell me that? I mean, like, when it happened, you thought, “I need to tell ace’s crazy grandma about this”? Well, I didn’t think of it quite like that, but yes. I did want to share that with you, heather. And in fact, um, I know this is not the same as seeing him in person, but I thought you might like to have that.

[ Exhales ] Thank you, laura. No, really. Thank you.

[ Laughs ] He is just the cutest thing ever. I think I see esme in him. Yes, he does look like esme. He does? You’re so lucky. I hope you know that. In terms of? You got to spend time with esme, really get to know her. I mean, at her worst, but also at her best. You know, I mean, sure, I got to spend time with her at spring ridge, but she didn’t really know who I was. And then, of course, there was her father. I hope that ryan is roasting over a pit in hell right now! Sorry. Oh, please, don’t be. ‘Cause he is a murdering bastard, right?

[ Chuckles ] Not unlike yours truly. Except I loved my little girl so much. And, yes, I did blame trina robinson and your grandson spencer and everybody else for all the bad things that happened to esme. But I believed in my heart that all those people deserved what esme did to them. So when they tried to put the blame on her, I mean, I did what I thought every good mother would do. I protected my daughter by — by punishing the people that hurt her. But now, laura, that I’ve been going over and over this in my head, I cannot for the life of me remember why I thought that killing those people, stabbing them with a hook, was gonna help my little girl. Any civic donations are subject to fiscal review by the city. Of course. And aren’t accepted solely at my discretion. Yeah, but with you in charge, I’m positive that my money’s gonna go where it’s needed the most. Well, that’s very flattering. No, it’s very true. But why now? My home’s in port charles. I raised my children here. And I want to help the community. I know that you are a private person. And if taking on this role demands that you share more of your personal history than you’re comfortable with…

[ Laughs ] What? Nothing. It’s just, you offered me this job, and now you’re trying to talk me out of it? No, I’m not trying to talk you out of it. You’d be perfect for this job! I know there’s nobody on the planet better for this than you are. I mean, you’re living proof that — that stem cell and bone marrow transplants from cord blood — thank you very much — can save lives, and that’s really not very great breakfast conversation, by the way. Drew, I’m a nurse. That’s true. Which is another reason you’re perfect for this. Not to mention the fact that you are warm and beautiful and charming. Okay, I am not sure where you’re hoping flattery will take you. I am getting a lot of mixed signals here.

[ Laughs ] I know. It’s not flattery. That’s just a list — a list of the many reasons that people will be able to hear you on this. All I’m trying to say is I don’t want you to do it if it compromises your privacy, or out of a sense of obligation. I appreciate everything you did for me. And it was heroic of you. I know that makes you uncomfortable, that you don’t see yourself that way. I don’t see myself as a hero because I’m not a hero. I just did — something completely, utterly heroic. I did the right thing. Okay. And here I am, alive and well,

because you did that right thing. Why can’t you be proud of that? I am. I’m very proud of that. And I always will be. So, tell me, how is it working for drew? I mean, after… you bought the invader, and I left you in the lurch? Well, I think I was referring more to you reporting him to the sec. Oh, that. And by the way, as for buying the invader, I have no regrets. You sure? Yeah. Because it gave you the leverage to get back to where you need to get to. And that’s money well spent. So was this part of your grand plan? To manipulate drew to get me back at crimson? No. Even I’m not that good. Oh, don’t sell yourself short. I think I was revealing a path to happiness post-sonny for you. And wherever that takes you is fine with me. Oh. So this was an entirely selfless act. Entirely selfless. That’s what I thought. Well, I’m not gonna deny that the invader is a surprisingly good investment and installing adrian dewitt as associate publisher was a genius move because now he’s reverted the style of the paper to tabloid, which has increased circulation.

[ Laughs ] That must drive alexis crazy. You must be hearing no end of it these days. Well, she’s still printing the hard stories, and more people are reading them because they don’t realize that’s what they’re buying. It’s a win-win. Even if alexis doesn’t realize it. So how much grief ishe giving you? I can take it. You know me. I’ll do whatever it takes to get when I want. I have to say, as much as I loved your old house, I think this place is perfect for you. I know. It’s nice, right? I mean, I-I couldn’t stay holed up at the metro court forever, so… stranded at a five-star hotel. Life is hard. It was nice, yes, but, you know, it wasn’t mine. No, I get it. And I understand that you needed time after everything with charlotte. Yeah, I did need time after what happened. Well, if you want to talk about it, we can talk about it. No, no, I’m fine. I mean, it’s not like I’m ever not thinking about it, but it’s beginning to go a little bit in the background now, you know. But she’s fine, right? Yes. Yeah, she just went back to boarding school in switzerland. So, yeah, she’s on her way. And you know this how? What? Have you and valentin been chatting? Look, the way sonny handled cyrus is proof that he’s not thinking clearly. So it is what happened in the pine barrens — hauling dex out there, planning to kill him when everybody in port charles knew he worked for sonny. It’s just — I-it’s sloppy. It’s impulsive. Sonny’s too smart to make a mistake like this. Then he’s gonna have to have his blood drawn and his medication recalibrated, and he refuses to do that. I mean, this is the frustrating part about bipolar disorder. It sends you spiraling while telling you that you’re fine and everyone else is wrong. Okay, let’s just take it one step at a time. Okay. Is there somebody that sonny still trusts who can convince him to get his blood drawn? The only person sonny trusts right now is ava, which is crazy because we all know that she switched morgan’s meds for placebos. You think she’s trying it out with sonny? Well, I-I think she’s capable of it, but I just don’t know what it would get her. And to be honest, sonny’s been off since nixon falls, and he’s been really bad since his breakup with nina. So maybe it’s not bipolar disorder. Maybe sonny’s pride is wounded and he’s got nowhere to put his anger.

Valentin and I, we just bumped into each other at the metro court bar the other night. And how’d that go? I was good, you know. We were very civil with each other. Oh, of course valentin can be civil with you. He’s been obsessed with you since the cold war.

[ Knock on door ] Expecting anybody? I don’t know. Maybe it’s detective bennet with another training exercise. Flowers for anna devane. That’s me. Thank you. Oh, wow. They’re lovely. Thank you so much. Oh, gosh. Let me guess. What? Uh, yeah. It’s valentin. It’s just congratulations on the new apartment. Shameless. And, uh, looking forward to dinner. Back up. You said that you talked to valentin. You didn’t say anything about dinner. Yes, I owe my life to you, and I will never, ever forget that. But I am not accepting this position out of any sense of obligation. The new tomorrow institute is doing important work. Getting people tested, recruiting donors can help save other lives like mine was saved. I want to be a part of that. Amazing. Then before we make it official, we should talk about scheduling. You might have to cut back hours at the hospital. That actually won’t be a problem. I have decided to leave my job there. Well, not because of this, I hope? No, no, because of my kids. When I was fighting leukemia, I kept saying how much I wanted to live to see my kids grow up. But after I recovered and got back to work, I realiz that bit by bit, day by day, their childhoods were passing me by. I have the privilege of being able to step back from my career. Most people can’T. But I have been given a second chance to be a mother to wiley and amelia, and I want to take full advantage of that. I know the feeling. Time with your kids — there’s, uh, nothing more precious. I was worried that drew had lured you back to crimson just to find new ways of punishing you. Yeah, well, that thought crossed my mind, but only for a second, because I really don’t think that drew would sabotage his own magazine. You have all new faith in him. No, it’s not faith. It’s more observation. I really can’t stand the guy. He’s arrogant, entitled, petty, and rude. Other than that? Other than that, he… is a savvy businessman. You sure he’s just not giving you a hard time?

[ Voice breaking ] It is a terrible thing to take people’s lives and only afterwards realize what that means, that those people all had people who loved them and who they cared about. How did I ever think that by killing people I would somehow help esme? Heather. Heather, this doesn’t excuse what you did. Heather. You were suffering from cobalt poisoning. Okay. No, listen to me. Listen to me. That line that you drew from wanting to protect your daughter to deciding that it was okay to kill people to do that — that line was drawn by the illness. And you were inside the illness at that time, so at that time, it made sense to you. I hear what you’re saying, and I — I want to believe that that’s right. But I knew the reasons for what I was doing right up till the minute that I had surgery. It’s just that now I-I can’t remember the logic. Just, I-I can’t conceive of why. But I can remember what I did. Every single moment. Okay, because now you’re outside the illness. And so you’re seeing things more clearly. And I’m seeing how other people see me, too. Boy… they must hate me. Jason: Let’s just go over a few things. Is it possible sny developed a-a tolerance to this dosage and the prescription needs to be adjusted? There’s only one way to find out. Right. All right. So who can reach sonny? Well, not a lot of people. Sonny’s convinced that everyone’s out to get him. I mean, dante is a possibility, kristina, but I wouldn’t want to involve her because she’s pregnant. Right. What about olivia? They’re still close. Or brook lynn? All options, yes. But if they were to approach sonny right now, he’ll know I’m behind it. So not only will he refuse to do it, it could damage his relationship with them, and then he’ll feel even more alone and persecuted. Okay. Is there anybody else you can think of?

[ Sighs ] Stella henry. Yeah. You think she would do it? I do, but think she has to witness his behavior firsthand. I mean, it’s hard. It is. And donna’s gonna be so upset that she’s not gonna see her father. And sonny so furious, he’s never gonna want to come to my house and see her. It’s a lot, you know? Well, I just — mr. Morgan. Ms. Spencer. I didn’t expect to see you here. Uh, well, I’m — I’m here visiting my best friend. What are you doing here? Official business. I have some questions for mr. Morgan.

Whatever the cause, you did do some really horrible things, but… you’re still human. You’re still ace’s grandmother. And as far as I can see, you’re still capable of love. Yeah, but I wonder if I’m only capable of love when it’s convenient for me. I discarded my children. Not just esme, but steven lars and franco. And I did all of that before the ski accident. Okay. But, heather, it’s not like you left them in the woods or by the side of the road, right? You made sure they were safe. Maybe I was sane enough back then to realize that i was really the thing that I wanted to keep them safe from. I-I was not in any condition back then to give them any kind of a good life. Wasn’t only till years later that I became obsessed with my children. I mean, I insinuated myself into their lives. I interfered with their relationships. I wonder — if I’d never had that hip replacement and had that metal poison my blood and my mind, you think I might have been a good mother? If memory serves, and it does, the entire reason you and valentin broke up was because you realized you couldn’t trust him. That was the reason, yeah. So then, why on earth would you have dinner with the man? Anna: Clearly, valentin does more for pikeman than just set meetings. You know, when you texted me, I was — I was with him. I bumped into him at the metro court bar, and he said he’d been out of the country, that he went to switzerland to deliver his daughter back to boarding school… that it was her idea. But now I’m wondering… if it doesn’t just make it easier for him to do pikeman’s bidding. It’s not like I think he’s suddenly trustworthy. Good. Then I don’t have to check you for a head injury.

[ Chuckles ] I hate to admit it, but… I miss him. I hope you’re not disappointed in me. Just a little bit. But whatever else I may think of valentin, I do know that he loves you. Drew and I have had some altercations, some of them quite fierce, but we’ve reached a kind of a quid pro quo. This quid pro quo — is this equally beneficial to both of you, or just to him? You know what? That’s an excellent question. Where are you going? I’m going to find out. I’ll be right back. Well, as you know, I was terrified, but now I feel silly because amelia has taken to swimming like — like a duck to water. Drew. Willow. Good morning, nina. Good morning. I-I didn’t mean to interrupt. I-I just — I need to run something past you for the next issue. I mean, it doesn’t need to be now, obviously, but sometime this morning. Anyway, that’s it. I’ll leave you to your morning. Actually, uh, nina, I would like you to be the first to know — if that’s okay with you? Yeah, absolutely. Know what? I have officially accepted the position as the spokesperson for the new tomorrow institute. Oh. Great. I’m so proud of you, if — if that’s something that I can be. I think it’s fine. Great. I’m very, very proud of you. Hey, I just had an idea. What if crimson does a story on the institute? And on willow? Well, I save you from being beaten, and you thank me by harassing my friend? Believe it or not, ms. Spencer, my being here has nothing to do with you. Well, I am present, so it does have something to do with me. And you know who’s not present? Jason’s lawyer. I’m gonna call diane right now. No, carly, don’T. Don’t, please. Don’t bother. Let’s just — let’s just get this over with. What do you think diane would say if she knew you said that? Carly, it’s gonna be okay. I’ll call you later. Fine. John: I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s calling your lawyer anyway. Probably realizes that ms. Miller will refuse to let you cooperate. And while I am impressed by her ability to obstruct an investigation without actually obstructing justice, I have no time today for ms. Miller’s legal pyrotechnics. We need to talk about pikeman.

I think the thing that made my relationship with valentin so complicated was the fact that we — we really did love each other. Yeah, that never goes away. Certainly not quickly, and most of the time, not completely. But I can’t share my life with someone I don’t trust. No, you can’T. No, but… you know, valentin — he understands me in a way that few men do. Yeah. You get each other. I mean, I-I don’t think he gets me quite the same way that I get him. Oh, no, you do. You see each other with perfect clarity. The only difference is valentin likes what he sees, and you don’T. Wow. Being the recipient of valentin’s devotion must feel amazing — to be seen, flaws and all, and still be loved so relentlessly. Yeah, it was something. It was. The tragedy of charlotte’s shooting will always be between you two. I know he doesn’t blame you. That doesn’t change how you feel about it. And you’ve only just started to recover. So I have to ask you, do you really think this dinner’s a good idea? Yes, uh, crimson is always looking for important stories to run alongside the arts and culture of fashion. And I would love to include an article about the new tomorrow institute, if it works for you as spokesperson. I can’t wait. Great. Well, someone from crimson will contact you. It — it just may take a little while. I still need to get up to speed on the institute. Oh, yeah, no rush. You just schedule something with the rep at crimson whenever. I’ll do that. Okay. Enjoy the rest of your morning. You too. Well, that looked like that went well. My daughter smiled at me. And she’s doing an interview for crimson. That’s wonderful. Good for you. And I take it your quid pro quo evened out a little. Oh, honey, right now, I’m way ahead. Valentin, I can put up with drew forever if he gives me access to my daughter. I should have asked before I pushed you together with nina. Drew, please. You’ve gotta stop treating me like I’m still that fragile woman in a hospital bed. I’m fine. I can handle this. Not that there’s anything to handle. It is an interview for a good cause. Oh, and it’s my job now. It sure is. Thank you. You, too. Always. Well, I will see what I can do and get back to you. That’s all I can ask. Good morning, jordan. Sonny. Hey, drew. Drew, you got second? Sure. What’s going on? Listen, uh, I’ve kind of… been thinking about it. I-I’ve reconsidered. I’m not gonna sell volonino’S. Oh. You know? Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but, um, no harm, no foul. Yeah. Good luck on your — on your project. Thanks, man. Thank you. Yeah. Uh, and I-I hope to hear from you soon. Well, I need to get back to the office myself. Actually, do you have a second? There’s something that I want to pitch you. How different would my life have been if I’d gotten medical treatment that didn’t turn me into a monster? Would esme still be alive? And, you know, even though I did give her up, would I be well enough to maybe go find her, be a mother to her? Laura, when I think of all the years that I spent in prisons and in mental institutions, all the things that I’ve missed, I — there’s just no way to know what might have been. You’re right. I might have been a great mother. I might have been a terrible mother. I mean, maybe this person that I’ve become is the real me, and the cobalt just brought it out. There’s just no way to know. But there’s one thing I do know. I hurt a lot of people. And understanding now all the wrong that I’ve done and, you know, feeling the guilt and responsibility for all the damage that I did — I guess that’s all just… part of the punishment.

Heather, I know how painful this is. But I think that it’s a very good thing that you’re starting to realize the severity of your crimes, because you’re taking responsibility, you know? That means that you’re coming back to reality. A reality without my daughter or franco. Two of my children are dead, laura. And the third’s in prison, and I’m probably never gonna be able to see him. I mean, not that he wants to see me. But… I have my grandson, who, thanks to you, is going to have a happy life. Heather, I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to make sure that ace has the best possible life. Thank you. I was able to convince him to throw some federal money at revitalizing the city. Our city? Port charles. Okay. That is unbelievable. What did he want in return? He wants a lot of things. Such as? Such as his name, like, all over the place. How all over the place? Well, so far, all I’ve promised him is, a, uh — an esplanade.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, that’s fine. What else? Front-row seats at the dedication. Done. What else? Well, that’s it, so far. Okay. Well, let’s get it all in writing. And drew, I’m impressed. Don’t be too impressed, because I-I pitched mcconkey like I knew exactly what we were doing, right down to the last detail. And how much do you have planned? Other than the mcconkey esplanade, not very much. I got some rough notes.

[ Chuckles ] Post-its or napkins? Yeah. Both. Well, in government, we call that a working draft. How can I help you? Well, you know exactly what the city needs. You know, I’ve secured the funds to make it happen, but you gotta help me figure out how to make port charles as attractive and as accessible as — as it can be. Okay. Yes, I’ll do it. Amazing. I kinda thought it would be harder to convince you. Why? When it was basically my idea. I talked to you about urban renovation and reclamation, and you found a way to make it happen. I…do need you to answer one thing. How did you get mcconkey to sign on? I mean, how did you even get a meeting with him? He is notoriously inaccessible. Everything is righting itself. Well, almost everything. And I have you to thank for all of it. I’m always happy to help a friend. It’s complicated. It’s just dinner. Famous last words.

[ Sighs ] Valentin and I — we had a very intense personal relationship. And you’re right. What happened with charlotte is — is always going to come between us. The result of that is that we — we’ve never really been able to have a calm, adult conversation about — about it. Is that the reason for the dinner? To have calm, adult conversation? I-I think we need closure. I hope you know what you’re doing. So do I. Your business partner is sonny corinthos. The fbi arrested him last fall on suspicion of facilitating an illegal arms shipment for pikeman. Corinthos was let go for lack of evidence, but it only means he was covering his tracks. Sonny hasn’t spoken to me about pikeman or anything else. We know pikeman was doingbusiness in port charles because the ex-director of the wsb, jack brennan, is in pentonville right now. And he was arrested for conspiracy with roman hume, a pikeman employee. I wasn’t here when any of that went down. No. But sonny was. And it points to an ongoing association between him… and pikeman. To check into hotels as his alias.

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