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[ Panting ] Come on. I thought we were just going for a run.

[ Coughs ] I can’t believe I let you talk me into hiit training. Okay, listen. What we just did in 20 minutes is the equivalent of an hour-long run. So I just did your heart a major favor. Well, don’t expect a “thank you” because the way my heart is beating out of my chest right now, I’m glad to be next to a doctor-to-be. Yeah. Um… I’m not so sure about that anymore. What? I used to be so sure about my future. Now, not so much. All right. Which one do I wear? What do you mean? Which one do I wear to the hearing? Mom, they both look the same. They’re nothing alike. This one is for summations, and I usually won those. And this one is the relaxed, “I don’t feel anxious” look. Okay, I-I’d say go with the one that makes you feel comfortable. Yeah. Well, they both do, for different reasons. Kristina, what do you think? Oof. Oh, fine. All right, fine. I’ll wear the lucky one. No, no, no, no, no. That wasn’t about the suit. It’s my little kicker weighing in. We’re here. Not so fast. We had an agreement. You were gonna help me get a meeting. I was gonna help you get closer to willow. I’m backing out already, are you? Just want to make sure that you fully appreciate what I am doing for you. Congressman mcconkey is a key figure in the U.S. House. He has the ear to all the major players in D.C., And he wants to speak with me. I’m sure you’re very honored. I am. And I also understand it’s because of his relationship with my father. This is happening because of my personal connection. And I want to make sure that you don’t screw it up. In other words, you want me to be grateful and follow your lead. How could I not, nina? You’re such a people person.

[ Sighs ] Hey. This is a surprise. Yeah. What’s going on? What’s that? Something for, uh, the kids? Open it. It’s for my son. Oh, for this kid?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, wow. What the heck? What for? These are amazing. Look at these. Thank you. Well, last time, uh, we were at the gym. I-I saw your gloves. They looked like they’ve seen better days, so… little rough?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I got those. Uh… they’re, you know, 14-ounce, more padding. Yeah. They’re good to hit the bag with, okay? Um, you can use your old gloves… to spar. Yeah, when I get back, yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, I know you don’t hit the bag anymore, especially right now. I know you’re not into that. But, um… thank you. Appreciate it. It’s the least I can do since you’re the only person in my family right now that I can trust. Carly. Where’s frank? Uh, he’s down the hall. Sonny home? No. No, he’s out. Okay. Well, I’ll wait here till he gets back.

the congressman’s been looking forward to this. Well, thank you. That’s nice to hear. He and my father were great friends. Aw. Mr. Cain, you are not on his schedule. Mcconkey: Not in this lifetime, fred. I wouldn’t endorse him for dog catcher. The man is a pathological liar… perhaps we should come back if now’s not a good time. I’ve worked with him since he was in bell bottoms, organizing campus sit-ins. His bark is worse than his bite.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, really? No. Follow me. Mcconkey: I don’t give a damn about party loyalty. I care about a functioning government, and I bet that goober couldn’t even remember his actual name. Now, just stop wasting my time. Wow.

[ Chuckles ] Congressman. Oh, nina, look at you. The last time I saw you, you were riding on dan’s shoulders with your hair in ribbons. And you, congressmen, have never looked so distinguished. Oh, it’s the gray hair, is it? Well… and they say politicians are smooth talkers.

[ Laughs ] Nice to see you. And you. Thank you for seeking me out. And I feel honored that you’re trusting me with your statement. I trust you, but, uh, who’s the suit? I was so smug about being over my morning sickness. This little one is definitely making up for it with all his kicking and squirming. I thought maybe it was just from all the spicy foods I’ve been eating, but — oh, oh! Blaze found this incredible restaurant that has the most delicious

pasteles. You have to try it. It’s — it’s so good. We’re obsessed. Who? You and blaze? No, me and the baby. This little one loves spicy food as much as I do. Well, you didn’t when I was pregnant with you because I had indigestion the entire time. And we already talked about your kicking. This is really nice. You know, I don’t share too much about my pregnancy with molly ’cause it’s sensitive. Oh, I kinda get that. I think once the two of you get over this initial awkwardness, things will get a little easier. And she’ll probably enjoy hearing about the baby and how you’re doing. I don’t know. I just — I never want to hurt her feelings. But I do really appreciate that I can share this with you guys because this is the most powerful, profound experience I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, it’s amazing. Having this little life growing inside of me, it’s just like — phew! Anyway, it’s so incredible. I know both of you know exactly how I feel. I’m thinking about switching my major. From pre-med? Why? Because I’m not sure that I want to be a doctor. And it is such a huge commitment, trina. I mean, should I really be doing it if I’m anything less than all in? I-I guess not. Wow. What — what brought this on? I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. And then all of that stuff went down with adam, and it just freaked me out. Wait. Okay. Joss. Adam’s problems had nothing to do with his major. No, I know that, but it — it — it gave me a glimpse into the next few years of my life. And it’s another year with a full course load. And — and then it’s studying for the mcats. And then it’s med school, and then a residency, and then maybe a specialty fellowship. Like, I’m exhausted just talking about it. Yeah. I hear you. Becoming a doctor is no joke, and my mom has told me some pretty daunting things, but she always said that it was worth it and she loves it. Yeah. And she’s amazing at it. And I have nothing but pure admiration for those who pursue a medical degree. It’s just… is that for me? I mean, I know that I want to do something in science, but I’m just not sure that being a doctor is my passion. You can go do whatever you need to do, ava. I don’t need to be monitored. This is sonny’s house. And I am an invited guest. So let’s get something straight. You might think you can come in here and start ordering me around because of your prior relationship with sonny. But that’s over, carly. As far as sonny is concerned, you’ve gone too far. Wow. Okay. Well, as long as we’re getting things straight, let me be clear. You may have appointed yourself sonny’s gatekeeper, roommate, or whatever the hell you want to call yourself. But I will speak to my ex-husband, the father of my children, whenever I need to. And that’s never gonna change. You know, you got, uh — you got more people in your corner than you think you have. Well, people on my payroll don’t count. Diane is representing jason. But diane always represented jason. She can still represent you, too. Well, yeah, but, you know, we’ll see if she can work for both of us. Did you hear that nina signed the divorce papers? She’s another one out of my life. Yeah, I’m sorry that ended badly. I know you, uh… I know you really cared about her. Nah, that’s all right. That’s all right. I don’t — you know, I don’t trust her. I don’t trust really anybody anymore. I mean, jason, dex, nina, michael, carly. Carly hits the most ’cause you know that I-I went to the metro court the other day, and when she made her triumphant return, do you know what she said to me? “Get out of my life!” What do you mean, just like that, no lead-up? No. I-I asked — I said to her, why — “why, when jason offered to buy the hotel back for you, you said, yeah? When I offered, you turned me down.” And you know what she said? “Stay out of my life.” I mean, I-I can’t do that. Because we have, you know, kids, grandkids. She’s trying to cut me out. That ain’t happening! Okay, look, why don’t you let things cool down a little bit between you two, okay? You’ll work it out. No, because once carly makes up her mind like that, there’s no getting through to her. Okay, well, hey, it’s a good thing you got me, then, right? You know… it is a good thing that you have my back, ’cause I’ll always have your back. Hey. Is something going on? It’s — it’s — it’S… yeah. I’m concerned that, uh, dex has joined the pcpd.

He doesn’t have a camera,so he’s not a photographer. So, why is he here? Uh, congressman, this is drew cain — I’m andrew cain, congressman. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am the ceo of aurora media. I’m the publisher of crimson. But people call me drew. Well, drew… I have an appointment to speak with nina alone. I’m so sorry, congressman. I didn’t mean to overstep. It’s just I mentioned to drew that I was talking to you today, and he expressed an interest to come along. I’ve been a supporter of yours for years, sir. Well, you need to make an appointment. Um, and while I’m talking with nina, maybe you could see mariel, and she could fit you in maybe sometime after the election. I could totally do that, but we are both busy men. I’m here right now. Why not take advantage of the situation, right? There’s actually a specific project that I’d love to discuss with you in particular, sir. Yes, but I don’t hand out favors to corporations. Don’t worry, congressman. I will show drew out, and we can proceed with your statement. The project has nothing to do with aurora whatsoever. It has to do with the people of port charles — your constituents. Would you share a moment of your time for them? Well, I wish I could stay and chat a little longer, but I have gotta go pick up my nearly grown teenage son from school. How’s danny doing? Uh, I don’t know. He really hasn’t been talking to me much lately. I don’t know if it’s a teenage thing or a jason thing, but he and i are disagreeing on how much time he should be spending with his father, so… well, he’s got you to count on, and that’s everything, so just give it time. Thanks, mom. You’re welcome, honey. I love you. Love you, too. Bye. Love you. I love you, sis. Love you, baby.

[ Laughs ] She’s okay, right? Well, considering that her boyfriend was shot and her ex has mysteriously returned and danny wants to spend all his time with him. I-I-I love jason, but I really understand why sam is so worried about her son spending so much time with jason. Well, she’s very protective of danny. Speaking of protective mommies, how’s my girl? Seems like the trimester is going well for you. Mom, I’m actually — I’m really good. I am. It’s molly and tj I’m so worried about. So, now I have to figure out what major I want to switch to so I can still graduate on time. And in order to do that, I’ve gotta figure out what it is I want to do in the first place. Same. I’m behind on credits unless I want to play a game of catch-up during summer, and I definitely don’t want to do that. Yeah. All I can do is, like, work at the gallery. Well, I mean, you’re still grieving spencer. Yeah, but I really don’t want to be stuck on that. I really don’T. I want to care about… anything. And it’s weird because it’s just not like me. I used to know where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be, and — and now I don’T.

[ Exhales ] Well, I feel you on that. But you were on track. That’s why I’m so surprised that we’re here in the same boat. What changed? All right, halt. We’re heading back up. Yeah, I — yeah, I heard that dex was, uh, accepted into the academy. I can’t tell you how to do your job. But you’d be wise to stay away from him. Yeah, you know, dad, we probably shouldn’t be talking about that. Well, I-I’m just telling my son how to, you know — to watch his back, because from my experience, dex can’t be trusted. I mean, I was good to dex. I did everything for dex, and he turned on me. So if you’re ever in a — in a difficult situation, don’t expect dex to cover for you. Hey, look, I-I don’t expect to be in that position with dex. I mean, you know, anna and the cops and whoever else, they can believe all this — whatever comes out of his mouth. But I know you’re too smart. You know better. I’ll tell you right now, you’re gonna hit those bags…

[ Grunts and laughs ] …In no time, right? All right. You can talk to sonny whenever and however you want to. But sonny isn’t here. So why don’t you leave a message, and if sonny wants to talk to you, he will? But something tells me you’ll be waiting a while for that call.

[ Laughs ] You know, for someone who claims to be so confident in her situation, you sound a little defensive. You sound desperate. That’s why you came barging in here and planting your sad little flag in the middle of sonny’s living room. ‘Cause you can feel him slipping from your grasp. And you know you’ve screwed up with sonny for good.

[ Door opens ] Carly, what are you doing here? Where’s donna?

The docks have remained under-utilized for decades, and I think we can all agree, continue to attract criminal activity. Now, there’s two piers in particular — unused piers that have incredible infrastructure, beautiful views that can be developed into something amazing to benefit the people of port charles. And generate tourist revenue, eh? Well, that’s one of the goals. Absolutely. I’ve been working with deputy mayor jordan ashford to figure out ways to redirect some of that revenue into the city’s budget to be used for things like public transportation and to have more weekend hours in the libraries, more green-energy projects. Jordan, huh? Yeah, well, we crossed paths a few times when she was police commissioner, and I was pleased to see that she was taking on the deputy mayor. She has some impressive ideas. She really does. That’s why we’re working together on this, but as you know, a project of this scope requires federal funding. So I guess my question for you, sir, is, can we count on your support? Well, I’m intrigued. So far, it sounds good. But I can’t help you. What do you mean, molly and tj are having trouble? What happened now? Well, apart from tj giving me an inquisition about my sleeping habits and forbidding me from seeing my father? Well, this is why I told you that we have to have some grace, because this is a new situation. Yeah, it’s a funny thing about extending grace. You know, you actually have to acknowledge that maybe your behavior is part of the problem. I don’t see tj doing that anytime soon. And, you know, honestly, it’s insulting to insinuate I don’t know how to take care of myself or this baby. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. And it’s not just the way he’s being towards me. I feel like there’s some tension between him and molly. Well, there’s tension between every couple every now and then, particularly when there’s a life-changing event. Well, they can figure that out for themselves. I’m the one who is carrying this child, and I don’t deserve to be micromanaged. Hey. I’m sorry I’m

homelater than I thought, but I had to stop at my mom’s to see kristina. Hey, that’s okay. Is danny home? Uh, no, not yet. How’s kristina doing? Oh, you know, she’s hormonal and — and grumpy and stuff, all the pregnant — wait. Is that a gift for somebody? Oh, yeah. Sonny got me, uh… got me some new boxing gloves. Wow. That was really nice of him. Mm-hmm. These are really good gloves, you know. Yeah, they are. They’re nice. How was your visit with sonny? Yeah, that was fine.

[ Sighs ] Don’t do that.

[ Chuckles ] Something’s wrong. Obviously. You can talk to me. Uh, it’s just, you know, uh, you know, that line I’ve drawn between work and being sonny’s son. I don’t know, I kind of feel like maybe I might have crossed it. I need to talk to youalone. I wasn’t clear. Does carly get to dictate what happens in this house? I need to talk to you about donna. I’m not discussing our daughter in front of ava. I have a call to make to the gallery to check on a delivery. Excuse me. It’s donna okay? She’s fine. I just, um… I wanted to have this conversation in person. I’m not bringing donna to sleep over this week. I’m not bringing donna

here at all anymore. Why not? It’s not good for donna to be here with you.

Well, you might as well stay for this, drew. Um, I have lung cancer. Stage 4. I, uh, intend on serving out the rest of my term, but then I will be stepping down to be with my family. I know it’s a political cliché, but in this case, it happens to be true. I am so sorry, congressman, for you and for your family and for the people that you serve. And I know that you will be dearly missed by your colleagues in the house. Does your staff know? Does mariel? Yes, mariel knows, and select members of my staff. I wanted to stay focused on my remaining programs and legislation. And, um, well, I want this statement not to be about pity, sentimentality, or hysteria. There’s enough political spectacle to begin with. I assure you, I will see to it. I’m deeply saddened by this news, congressman. I’m so, so sorry. If there’s anything that I can do to help in any way, please let me know. But if I may, your term doesn’t end until january of 2025, correct? Drew, talk about being insensitive. Nina thinks I’m being insensitive, but I really think that this project could be your legacy for the people of your district, to take a place that was previously neglected and — and turn it into a showpiece. Give the people of port charles just something beautiful. A place to gather by the water like this would be such a gift, not only for the people here now, but for future generations. Well, go on. You do still have time to push this in the house. It could be your farewell piece of legislation, and given your current diagnosis, who’s gonna vote against you? When you told me that you were going into pre-med, I remember thinking to myself I never heard you express this before, but I was so proud of you that I didn’t put it together. Put what together? That it had something to do with dex. Oh. Well, yeah. I mean, when cam and i were falling apart and I was catching feelings for dex, he got really hurt. And I had to stitch up his side, and I had no idea what I was doing. And it was the most helpless feeling. And I remember wanting to be able to do more than just wait around and be concerned. You know, I wanted to be able to help people, especially in an emergency. And my people, you mean dex. Well, okay, well, sonny should have known better than to discuss police business with you. But from what you just told me, I think you handled it pretty well. Yeah, I mean, sonny didn’t come right out and tell me not to act on information dex may have, but, uh, you know, he sent a message. He assumes dex is gonna talk and that anna’s gonna listen to him. He didn’t ask you to interfere on an investigation. No, not yet, but he’s come this far, so that’s probably next. Anna called this, too. How so? At chase’s bachelor party, the guys were shunning dex, and, uh, I questioned the wisdom of bringing him onboard to anna. Okay. And what did anna think about that? Uh, she kind of reversed it on me and…

[ Chuckles ] …Said maybe it’s what dex could be telling us at the pcpd about my dad that — that might bother me and, uh, steer clear of him, and, uh, didn’t want to put me in a position where I’d be compromised or tempted to protect sonny. Yeah, well, there’s nothing wrong with setting boundaries. Yeah, but the thing is, I-I used to set the boundaries for myself. I-I didn’t need someone else to — to set them for me, you know? I think that you are being too hard on yourself. Everyone in town knows that dex worked for sonny. And cops — they are bound to be suspicious. And that does create a hostile work environment. I think it was good that you made that point to anna. There’s just — there’s one other thing that I haven’t told anna, or you for that matter, and that’s when I found out that dex was applying to the police academy, my first thought was, how could this hurt my father? That’s not thinking like a cop. That’s thinking like a son who’s worried that his father’s already guilty. You’re using our daughter to get back at me? No, I am protecting donna. She shouldn’t hear from her father that her mother betrayed him. Well, it sounds like you’re protecting yourself. No, I don’t want donna involved in an adult situation that she can’t possibly understand or poisoned by bitterness and resentment, sonny. Do you think I would do that, carly? I don’t know! That I would say something against you to our daughter? I barely recognize you anymore! I don’t know what you’re capable of, sonny. Well, I’m — I’m donna’s father. Legally, I have rights. If I have to take you to court, I-I’ll do that if I have to. Wait. Okay, please, take me to court. Let’s put it all out on the record. Let’s put it in the light of day and let the judge decide who donna should go home with. It’s not you. First, you turned on me. Now you’re using our daughter… no, I am trying to protect you both, sonny. Donna doesn’t deserve to be around your level of hate and anger right now. You’re getting everybody in my family to turn against me. Oh, my god. Why? Why? Because of jason? Can you hear yourself? Yeah. You’re not making any sense. You’re not listening to reason at all. Y-you’re living in an alternate universe. It’s like everybody’s out to g– oh, my god. Oh, my god! What? Sonny! Where are you going?

[ Sighs ] Carly, what the hell are you doing? I’m making sure you’re taking your medication.

Congressman, drew’s enthusiasm for his project has clearly clouded his sense of tact. He will wait outside while we finish our conversation. No, no, no, no. I’m not insulted, nor am I swayed, nina. Uh, do you know how many developers have sat in that chair with a slick pitch and an outstretched hand? More than a few, I have no doubt. But that is not what’s happening here, congressman. I truly believe in this project, and knowing what you’re facing, I think this would be such a legacy for you. Well, how do I know you’re not beautifying these docks just in order to turn them around into luxury apartments on the federal dime, you know? I-I believe in public projects. I-I like them, but I may not be around here to see how things work out. Well, do you really think that jordan ashford would be on board for a real-estate scheme? No. But if you’re well-funded and smart enough, she may not be able to stop you. Um, well… it all comes down to your true intentions. What do you think, nina? I mean, you brought this guy in here. Should I trust him? Molly and tj are — they’re very goal-oriented people, and that’s great for them in their career. All the power to them. But sometimes it does feel like they… look at this pregnancy and this baby as just, like, the next thing to check off on their list of accomplishments. That’s cynical. I hope you’re just being a little hyperbolic. I love molly and tj. You know that. And I know how badly they want this baby. It’s just they — they both get so focused on the practicalities of this pregnancy, and they’re missing out on the beautiful process of just absolutely falling in love with this baby as much as I am. You love your father. You don’t want anything to happen to him, just like billions of other sons and daughters all over this planet. Yeah, but I’m in a position to protect sonny, to put his welfare ahead of my badge. But, dante, you had one thought. I know you. You’re not gonna allow one thought to influence you or affect your work. We both know that life can get pretty messy and ambiguous when family is involved. And you have never compromised yourself for sonny. In fact, you had him arrested when he put cyrus renault in the hospital. I wish I could be as sure as you are. I mean, I used to be. I-I thought I could be both a good son and a good cop. And you’ve done that. Have I, though? Sam, sonny runs a criminal enterprise. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. My job is to stop him. So why haven’t I? I need to call your pharmacist. You need to — listen! You’re not calling my pharmacist. Give me my pills. Not until you answer a question. When was the last time you took your medication? What is this? Because I didn’t agree with your custody arrangement, now you’re accusing me of not taking medication? I’m not judging you. I’m not judging you. I’m just trying to help you, sonny. Something is so wrong. You remember the last time you went off your meds? I’m fine. You’re not fine! Yeah, I’m fine. Is everything okay? Look at me. Look at me. Hold on. It is common for people dealing with bipolar to go off their medication. Okay, I’m not judging you. Just tell me, and I can help you. Do you really think I’d risk everything by not taking my medication? Do you think that little of me, carly?

Drew may be a very, very tenacious businessman. But, congressman, he’s also a decorated navy seal. And he’s known for his philanthropy and leadership at aurora, and he’s very committed to the city of port charles. Hmm. I can say truthfully that drew can be tough but fair. Not so different from you, congressman. Well, um… I’ll have to see some actual concept sketches and specs. But if the numbers check out and you can make this a reality, well, then you got yourself a deal. Excellent. Thank you so much, congressman. Sure.

[ Sighs ] It’s gonna be tough to wangle this through the house, you know, and I expect a little more than a park bench with my name on it. How about the mcconkey esplanade? Well, that’ll do. Of course, I’ll be long gone before this thing is finished, but you gotta promise you’ll have my wife front and center for the dedication. And you gotta let her cut the ribbon ’cause hazel does love a good photo op. Absolutely. You can count on that, congressman. You and I both know that molly and tj want and already love this baby. But maybe their misguided and annoying attempts to contribute to your pregnancy may be their awkward way of trying to just connect with you and be a part of it.

[ Scoffs ] By coming at me like — like I’m some clueless, irresponsible incubator? Stop. Stop. I want to ask you something, and it’s important to me that you answer it honestly. Okay. What? Do you think you’re starting to think of this baby as more yours than your sister’s? Okay, I did not get into pre-med because of dex, and I’m not thinking about getting out of it because we broke up. Trina: But he is a factor. Yes, but not because I was thinking dex is a criminal, and I need to be able to stitch him up in case he gets shot again. I guess it’s that dex and i are close in age, but we’re worlds apart in life experience. I mean, he’s already served in the military. That really matters. And it seemed to me that becoming a doctor would also really matter, and it would. But just because I have the grades to get into medical school doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit. I would be taking a spot from someone who really does have the passion and who very well could make a much better doctor. And I think I owe it to them, and to me, to figure out where I would do the most good and what I actually want to pursue. Well, look… whatever you decide, I’ll be here for you. Same. We’re in this together. I know. And while you’re trying to figure things out, admit that part of the future that you’re struggling with is about dex. You’re still in love with him, aren’t you? Why can’t you admit that you don’t want you and dex to be over? I think that you are being hard on yourself. Because I know how you value the law. And I know how you always walk that line. You’re a good cop, dante. Gotta give yourself a break. Mm-hmm. I think maybe I just have to face reality, you know? I have gone easy on my father because I love him and my siblings. And that right there is a conflict of interest. If I’m not willing to enforce the law, I have no business being a cop. Let’s just go to your doctor and get your blood drawn. Maybe you just need your dosage adjusted. No, I don’t need my dosage adjusted! Come on, get out, carly! No. I don’t want — please listen to me! I’ve listened long enough. You have to understand how serious this is, sonny. You gotta go!

[ Sighs ] There’s nothing wrong with me. No. But you do look furious. And you have every right. Carly is being unreasonable. Oh, my god.

[ Sighs ] Carly can go to hell.

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