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excuse me.I’ve got some rounds to make. Wait, wait, wait. Aww![ Chuckles ] Lucky man, my friend. I sure am. Sam, I was going to ask you. How’s the pi business? Any interesting new cases? Same old, same old. Hey, jason. Hey. Hey. I’m so glad monica got you to come. Yeah. I know she wanted to come herself. And I know she would wantme to tell you congratulations. Thank you. Good to see you. Sonny, we don’t see enough of you. You don’t come around the neighborhood as much as you should. Carmine: Gloria’s right. Now, listen — we’re having a big 4th of july party, just like every year. I want to see you there this year. Alright, I’ll try. No, no trying. Commit! Uncle dimples! I’m so glad you came. I would not miss it for the world. Aww. Okay. Say “formaggio!” Okay, no, that’s okay. We’re — yeah, we’re not — well, you’re not the mother of the bride. I am, and I’m walking around taking pictures of everyone. So pick your favorite cheese and say “formaggio!” Formaggio! Formaggio! Formaggio. Great. Oh, you’re beautiful. Our great grandkids love your music. Oh, thank you. Don’t be embarrassed. Tell her. Tell me what? She loves it, too. Kids start dancing, she’s right there with them. I’m afraid she’s gonna break something.

[ Laughter ] I’m gonna break you.

[ Laughter ] So, blaze, are you gonna perform today? For our brook lynn? Yeah, who we love so much. Oh, blaze is a guest. Yeah, I know she’s a guest, but she’s here and she’s got that amazing voice. Oh, well, um, I… well, actually, she really wanted to perform, but when you think about it, if brook lynn had her most important client perform at her wedding… exploitation. Yeah. See? You got it. Exactly. And that’s not a good look, not at all.

[ Light laughter ] What did you think of my song? Oh, we loved your song. And you wrote that all by yourself? Yes, I did. Jason, it is so good to see you! At this wedding, obviously, but also just in general, spinelli really missed you. And so did I. It’s always good to see you. Are you free to enjoy yourself, or do you still have responsibilities? Uh, no, this is olivia’s show now. My responsibilities ended at the church. Can I commend you on the music? That violinist was superlative. I thought so, too, but I can’t take any credit for that. He’s a cousin of the cerullos or something? Usually, when a family says they have someone they want to play the ceremony, it can be a total mess, but I think he was really good. Oh, gio, your performance was perfection. You could not have given brook lynn a greater gift. I’m glad that she liked it, but, I mean, brook lynn was a little busy. I doubt she even noticed. Are you kidding me? Everyone noticed your talent. Oh, honey. Oh, the family is so proud of you! Oh! Mm! Violet: Daddy. Huh? I need to ask you a question, and you need to be honest with me. Okay. Ask away. What did you think about my song? Honestly? I thought you were amazing. Mm.

[ Breathes deeply ] Violet, it’s almost dinnertime. Why don’t you go find our place cards in the ballroom?

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Soft piano music playing ] You seem upset. Did something happen?

[ Knock on wall ] Well, what’s this? It’s samples. I just finished up wrapping up all the after-party prep. Hmm. Catering for two families. What were you thinking, volunteering for such a mission?

[ Sighs ] I honestly feel so bad that I couldn’t make it to the wedding. I-I wanted to go. I was planning on going. But I had no idea how much lois and olivia were expecting from me for this after party. They gave me this long list of food to prepare and, being so new at the job, I couldn’t say no. I get it. Well, yuri and leo are splitting some takeout and playing video games. Monica wanted a light dinner. And being as everyone else is still at the reception, it seems that you and i have the quartermaine manse all to ourselves. Mm.

[ Soft piano music playing ] Sorry. I didn’t mean to strand you.

[ Laughs ] Not at all. Not at all. Actually, it’s been really nice getting to see you hang out with your really loving family and friends. Oh. Oh, my god. For the love of god. I know it’s a party, but you’re causing a scene. Can you just rein it in? Everything okay? Why wouldn’t it be? I don’t know. Three names — cates, brennan, pikeman. Why don’t you just forget about all that for the evening, yeah? I will if you will. Try killing bugs the worry-free way.Not the other way. Zevo traps use light to attract and trap flying insects with no odor and no mess. They work continuously, so you don’t have to. Zevo. People-friendly. Bug-deadly. Gio! Mwah! Mwah! Thank you so much for playing! Didn’t I tell you he was brilliant? You did, and you did not exaggerate.

[ Laughter ] I know it’s not in your nature, but it wouldn’t kill you to mingle. You’re right. Yeah. It’s not in my nature. Oh. [ Laughs ] I see. It’s not like I’m asking you to just go up to total strangers and start discussing the trends in — I don’t know — coffee, fashion… gadgetry. But there’s a lot of people here who’ve really missed you. Dante: Look, no matter what my cousins say or do, we are not going to this after party, okay? They’re going to try and get to me through you. They’re going to get you to go and then drag me along, and we — we got to present a united front, okay? This is new for you. What is? Cowardice. Wow. Too slow. What do you mean? I saw it, man. Pretty little homemade shank. Well, I’m not saying that I — I have such an item, but if I did, what could I offer you to pretend you never saw it? How about I just take the item? You wouldn’t want the guards finding something like that on you. Uh…no deal. You see, I made it. Make a new one. Ugh!

[ Laughs ] I know jack about wine, but judging from this year, I’m guessing these grapes were not growing in napa last summer? They were not. Mm-hmm. And you didn’t get this bottle from a local wine and spirit outlet. Ned uncorked it last night and only had one glass. Okay, I’ve been — I’m wondering, are the q’s gonna be okay with us absconding with this bottle? We didn’t abscond with anything.

I did. A chef. Even so. Cody, please. I have had their wine before, and it never bothered them. So, why would it now? Maybe because this bottle is expensive, even for them. It probably was before it was corked, but you can be sure of one thing — that wine is good tonight and it definitely won’t be tomorrow. Well, then, as a budding wine connoisseur, I cannot in good conscience allow today’s good wine go to waste tomorrow.

[ Sniffs ] How are you and brook lynn related again? Oh, we’re cousins, once removed. Wait. Or is it twice? I always get that part confused. Anyways, he’s a cerullo on his mom’s side. He gets his musical talent from his mom. Ah. So, your dad’s not musical? Uh, I-I don’t really know. He — he was in the military. Died before I was born. I am so sorry. No, no, no. It’s fine. I’m very proud of him. As you should be. You know, actually, that guy in the blue suit there — he served in afghanistan. He’s now at the police academy. Does he like it? You got to ask him. Oh, no, no, no, no. Do not try to recruit gio to be a cop. My grandmother would have a heart attack, not to mention the rest of the family. No, no, no, gio is going to be a concert violinist. Isn’t that right? Yeah, that’s the plan.

Close your eyes and see I know it wasn’t easy seeing your dad struggle. But look. He’s fine. Yeah. He seems to have recovered, thanks to tracy. She’s really good with him.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, she is. Who would have thought?

[ Laughs ] Point is, let’s not think about what happened ’cause your dad is having a wonderful time right now. You’re absolutely right. It’s been a while. Yeah, it has. Excuse me. Hey, know what? Um… cadet heller — how’s he doing in the academy? Oh, I’m not allowed to discuss that with you. And you should know better than to ask.

[ Laughs ] Should we go find our seats? What do you think? Yeah, let’s do that. Yeah? Okay.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I’m getting hungry.

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from brook lynn is that just because you can’t stand somebody, for very good reasons, I might add…

[ Laughter ] …Doesn’t mean that your lifelong enemy can’t become one of your very best friends… …a friend that is there for you when you need someone the most. Congratulations, brook lynn. Love you. I love you.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah and chase. Um…

[ Laughter ] You sweet, handsome, honorable man. Just do your best not to arrest her again. Good luck with that.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations to the happy couple. -Aww! -To the couple! -Cheers! -Happy couple! -Cheers! -Aww. Thank you for being the best wicked stepmother ever. Oh! I do what I can.

[ Laughs ] You done good. You didn’t do too bad yourself. Hi. I’m gio. Dex heller. Uh, chase was telling me that you served in afghanistan. My dad did, too. Oh, yeah? Do you know where? No, no. He was killed in action before I was born, so, uh… no, I don’t have a lot of details about his service. I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything. I-I just… I-I think what you did was very important. Thank you. So do I. Your dad must have gone over there pretty early. Was it 2001, 2002? Uh, it was 2002, yeah. Did you like it? Serving in the military? Yeah, I — I did. You know, it’s hard when you’re deployed. You, um — you spent a lot of time thinking about home. I bet your dad spent a lot of time thinking about your mom and wondering who you would turn out to be. A violinist? I bet he would have really liked that. When you’re surrounded by destruction, you have a lot of respect for the people who create the things that are beautiful, like your music.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Do me a favor. Can you stop gio from talking to that guy right there? Why? He used to work for me, and he’s not trustworthy. Oh, come on. It’s a wedding reception, sonny. They’re probably talking about sports scores or something. I don’t care. I don’t want him talking to him to him. What — listen. Bigger deal you make of this, the bigger of a deal it’s going to be. So just let it go, okay? …Up to her due date, so there was probably never…

[ Soft music playing ]

Speak my name maxie? Yeah? Maximista. Uh-huh.

[ Chuckles ] When’s the last time I told you how beautiful you looked? You mean, like in the last 15 minutes? That’s far too long. It’s unforgivable. Spinelli, hey. Allow me — what? Huh? Got a minute? Uh — sorry.

[ Sighs ] I really wonder how the wedding is going. It’s a wedding. It’s either great or it’s god-awful. There is no in-between. Well, if those are the options, then I think it’s going great. Well, you can wish all you want, but there’s about a billion things that could go wrong. They could forget the rings. Someone could object. There could be food poisoning, runaway bride, runaway groom. Wow. Okay. Well, until I hear otherwise, I choose to believe that this wedding day is everything brook lynn and chase would want. And I can’t wait to see pictures. You want some more? ‘Cause I could use some. Hey. Whoa. What — what is with you? You’re with me. Do you have something against weddings? No, not weddings, per se. I just kind of thought… you know, I hoped it was a cliché that all women dream of a big formal church wedding. Why does it matter? Because even if a guy like me could convince a woman to marry him, I doubt I could afford the big fancy wedding of her dreams.

[ Stammering ] I thought you didn’t want to discuss this tonight. Yeah, well, I changed my mind. Okay, look, samantha, you know, I would love to help you, but I also value my freedom far too much to investigate the fbi. Spinelli. Okay. What is — what’s the goal here, anyway? Besides getting locked up in federal prison? Full disclosure? Yes, by all means. Redact nothing. I’m not sure.

[ Exhales sharply ] Samantha.

[ Sighs ] Okay, a fishing expedition is one thing, but the data stores of federal law enforcement are vast beyond comprehension. How would we even know how to start? I don’t know. Maybe you can help me. All I do know is that jason has been working for the fbi as an informant. I’m sorry. Working for the fbi? Yeah. I know. It sounds crazy, right?

[ Stammers ] Um, but jason actually told me so himself. And the only reason why he would work as an informant would be… if the fbi held damning evidence against him. Yeah. And we have to find it. Well, it is that time, folks, where we welcome our beautiful newlyweds to the dance floor.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ The como brothers’ “I see something” plays ]

I see something in her smile

it makes me feel as though that I could fly

[ Cheers and applause continue ]

I see something in her smile

it makes me feel as though I’ve

always really known her now

I hear something when she speaks

it’s everything I want and what I need

I feel something when she breathes

it makes me feel as though I

never want to leave her now

and I’ve been searching for something all my life

yeah, I’ve been looking for someone with your eyes


Each of us

has a story

about how we came to where we are

and each of us

has a big dream may I have this dance? Yes, you may. Don’t be jealous. Of what? Think of a reason.

[ Laughter ]

[ Whispering ] I’m gonna go dance with gregory.

There’s a great big world that’s waiting for all of us may I have this dance? Gregory: Um…

there’s a great big road you don’t need that.

And we’re kicking up the dust be my honor.

There’s a great big sky

and we’re shooting for the stars

there’s a fire burning in our hearts ng knowi this is just

this is just the start

I can see

a new life before our eyes

and I can feel a feeling move us

to a new chapter of life he looks like he’s having a good time. He’s surrounded by cerullos. How could he not be?

[ Both laugh ] You know, you’re lucky to have a dad like sonny. But I think you already know that. I do. Although I got to say, if you only knew him back in the day… oh! Do I even want to know? Your dad is a stand-up guy. Always has been. He always will be.

Knowing this is just and you’re certain that this would help jason? Honestly, I don’t know. But I think we have to at least try because jason would do the exact same thing for us. I’m in. Thank you.

[ Up-tempo dance music playing ] Think you can keep up with my sick moves?

Close your eyes I can try.

Let’s live it up

baby, give me your love

this is the night that we’ve been dreaming of

ooh the bride gets to pick who she dances with on her wedding. It would be my honor.

Tonight we’re gonna celebrate and live it up

living for the night may I have this dance? I thought you’d never ask.

[ Laughs ]

Ooh, ooh, ooh

living for the night

ooh, ooh

living for the night, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Okay, first of all, I don’t think that all women dream of getting married in the first place, let alone have a big wedding that takes over a year to plan. And at least a year’s salary to pay for. And traditionally, the groom doesn’t even pay for the wedding. The bride’s family does. Okay. Is that a part of the dowry, or is that in addition to? Since we’re talking tradition. And traditionally, sure, every fairy tale ends with a wedding. Mm, you clearly weren’t raised by germans. The grimm brothers. And popular culture tells little girls that their wedding day is that one day they get to be a princess. But I think that… it’s just one way to celebrate love. If you have a better way, I’m all ears. Well, take me and brando, for example. We got married in a garage. And, yeah, that wasn’t really what we imagined, but we were just so excited to get to the “happily ever after” part. And when that didn’t happen… yeah, I felt cheated. Because a wedding day is just one day of your life. But the marriage, the chance to grow old with your best friend, that lasts a lifetime. Or it’s supposed to, anyway. All the single ladies! Come!

[ Guests murmuring ] Ladies, ladies, keep your head in the game! Alright. They’re ready. Okay. You ready?

[ Gasps ]

[ Cheers and applause ] I caught it! I caught it! Congratulations, violet!

[ Cheers and applause continue ] Not so fast! I want another dance with my beautiful bride. I love you, I want to dance with you, but I’ve got to check the viennese table. Ahh. But do you, really? You’re impossible.

[ Chuckles ] Fine! Hey. Going so soon? Yeah. I’ve got a big day ahead. Can I give you a ride? No. You know, I think I’m gonna stay a little longer. Well, that’s too bad. I’ve been meaning to tell you about my last conversation with mcconkey. Please don’t tell me he wants an entire pier to go with the esplanade? Ah, no, let’s just, uh — let’s just say the congressman has given me a lot to think about. We’ll talk. You tease!

[ Sighs ] Excuse me. Would you like water? Oh, thank you, young man. Of course. With all the excitement and the dancing and everything, my head was beginning to spin a little bit. Um, what’s your name? I’m dex heller. Hi, dex. And how do you know my granddaughter and her new husband? I’m a cadet with the pcpd.

[ Gasps ] You’re a policeman. Oh, your family must be so proud of you. Ooh. We’re so pleased and thrilled to have chase in our family. Well, chase is an exceptional officer. Yes, and of course you know dante. Yes, ma’am. Yes. Well, dante, let me see. He’s got to be three — no. Fifth cop in his generation in the falconeri side of the family. Oh, lois, do you know dex? Mm-hmm. Yes. He saw that I was parched, and he brought a glass of water over to me. That was very thoughtful of you. Thank you, dex. It was no problem. And you know what else? Mm-hmm? Dex is at the police academy. You should introduce him to your cousin lucia. If they were to marry, then there would be four cops on the cerullo side. Ma! Ma! You just met the guy, and you already marry him? I’m so sorry… oh, not at all. …For my mother. Really. Although I will say, you should meet lucia. I mean, she is a beautiful girl. And also very smart. She has a degree in computer science. But no — no pressure, though. Stop. Stop. No pressure at all. Ma.

[ Groaning ] Unh!

[ Groans ] Ugh!

[ Breathing heavily ]

never really ponderedthe whole “ever after” thing. You know? I make sure the horses are healthy. I clean out their stalls. I live day to day. Given where I’m from, the whole long-term thing didn’t really seem like a great option. I get that. When you marry someone you love, thinking “long term” is the default setting. But then when it’s cut short, you realize that making big plans and relying on them happening — it sets you up for disappointment. Don’t — don’t get me wrong. I mean, you know, hoping for a future with the person you love doesn’t seem like a bad thing. It’s just, in my personal experience, when you don’t plan too far ahead, it leaves you open for surprises. Like parachuting into a swimming pool. Yeah. Or quitting your spokesmodel job because someone calls you too wholesome. Or finding a family, even though you can’t tell them you’re part of it. Or this, you know? Great wine, great food, great company. Hold that thought. I didn’t say anything. No, hold it!

[ Static hissing ]

[ Soft music plays ] May I have this dance? I remember how much trouble you used to be. Well, why I married a cop. Needed an inside man.

[ Laughter ] Oh, that was good thinking. Well, you should try it sometime. Ohh! Just saying. Oof.

[ Laughter ] Well, uh, brook lynn, congratulations. And I know next time my maxie gets drawn into a convoluted deception involving risk, danger, and intrigue, she’ll be in excellent hands. That’s sort of our thing.

[ Laughs ] Believe it or not, I think I’ve said all I have to say. And I heard it. You’re gonna have the best life. Just wish I deserved it. What are you talking about? Of course you deserve it. That’s why it’s yours. We saw you two on the dance floor. Nice moves. Yeah. You know, it’s kind of like dex forgot that josslyn’s my little sister and that I’d do anything to protect her. Okay. That’s enough. Thank you. Oh, dex knows that I’m kidding. Actually, I’m — I’m not kidding.

[ Laughter ] Found someone’s hearing aid. It’s probably carmine’S. I’m gonna go find him then. You’re coming to the after party, dante. I won’t take no for an answer. Aw, geez, patty, I would love to go, but I got kids to tuck in and crime to fight and — that sounds great. I think you should go right ahead. What? Deputy mayor, are you coming? Oh, you know, I can’T. I, um — I got a city to deputy-run. Dante, don’t worry. Spinelli and I can drive you and jordan to the after party. I don’t — I don’t — I don’t want to go. I — yeah, I-I really can’T. Uh, yes, you do. Yeah, you can. Oh! Okay, yeah, yeah. Hey, you know what, patty? We’ll — we’ll meet you there. How’s that? Perfect. Jordan: Yeah. Can’t wait. See you there. See you there. See you there. Bye.

[ Laughter ] Dad! I cannot stop thanking you. I would do it again in a heartbeat. And thank you for… yeah. I certainly hope you regret, um, arresting me. You know, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

[ Laughter ] Good answer. Come on, violet. Let’s go. Let me walk you out. Thank you. For what?

[ Sighs ] Everything. Always. The cerullos are my people. You enjoying yourself with my people? I’m having a good time. A great time, actually.

[ Laughs ] That’s the wrong answer. They’re like family to me. You stay away from my family. I was invited the same as you. You are a snitch! A spy! You’re lucky to be breathing. I’m gonna tell you — you stay away from me and mine. Or you may not be breathing much longer. I’m not your enemy.

This is the best day of my life!

[ Gasps ] Wow.

[ Both groan ] We did it. Yeah. We tied the knot. We crossed the finish line. Ahh. And you are my husband. And you are my wife. Oh, your wife. Now what? Now we have a great wedding night, followed by a great honeymoon in florence. And then we spend the rest of our lives together. How’s that sound? I’m so glad I hit you with that bottle. Wait, I thought that was an accident. Oh, that was no accident. It was luck. Hey, kristina, I seem to have misplaced your father. Oh. Sorry about that. Uh-oh. What’d you do to him? I didn’T. He hasn’t seen his family in a long time. Probably got caught up telling stories from back in the day. Oh. Well, that makes sense. I’m just ready to go up. Do you want to ride up with me? I’m not tired just yet. Okay. Well, will you tell your dad I had a great time, thanks again, and to have a really great evening? Yeah, sure. Okay. Bye. Okay, don’t judge me, but I kind of want to get another piece of cake. Grab two and meet me in my room. Done. Ah!

[ Chuckles ]

I wouldn’t dream

how’d this be without you here I should probably go. The reception should be over. Probably.

If you weren’t the angel… ned and olivia and tracy will be home soon. Can’t keep them waiting. And I’ve got an after party to throw, so… I got to go. Okay. One more song.

If you were here to hold dr. Andy: What have we got? Stab wound to the abdomen. Bp 70 over 40, heart rate 130. He’s lost a lot of blood. Let’s get him to trauma one. Ooh, olivia, olivia — what? What? What’s wrong? Who’s under arrest? We were so close. No, no one’s under arrest. I just wanted to say, it was a great party.

[ Exhales heavily ] Thank god. Always good when a wedding is over and no one is in custody. It is, ye

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