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 he’s gonna give himself a migraine if he keeps that up. He obviously hates me, which is fine, ’cause I hate him. Good. He knows that I didn’t have any responsibility in neil’s death. That didn’t stop him. As a lawyer, you and I both know that sentence was over after the words “didn’t have any responsibility.” Nothing that man has said today bears any relevance on your case, nor is it factual. He’s completely unhinged. Okay. All rise. Hi, elizabeth. Hi. I’m so sorry to hear what happened. Finn called me and told me about gregory and that he wasn’t gonna be in today. I didn’t know him that well, but I knew him to be an incredibly decent man. Better than decent. One of the best. He handled his als diagnosis with phenomenal dignity. I felt ver y lucky to see himin his element yesterday, how proud he was of his family, and how much he clearly loved them. It was really beautiful. Yeah. It’s hard to fathom the wedding was just yesterday. Finn didn’t tell me very much. He just said that it happened suddenly? In his sleep. Oh. And sometimes when that happens, it can be very difficult for the family members who are left behind. More difficult than I could have imagined. I know about a lady who lived to be over 100. Yeah? I wonder if my dad could do that. Maybe. I wish grandpa could have. I wish he could have, too. But we know that was impossible because grandpa was sick. I searched up als. It’s easy to spell. It is. Brook lynn, I’m scared. Why, honey? Because I forget things all the time. I forget my times tables. I forget my eights. And even though I tell myself not to, what if I forget my grandpa? Not possible. How do you know? Because his hugs and smiles and funny stories — those aren’t things you can memorize for a test. The people that love us and that we love — that changes us. That love becomes a part of us, imprinted on our hearts. Like a tattoo? Exactly like that. Tattoos are forever. That’s why my daddy says I have to be sure if I want to get one, because they’ll stay. Just like your grandpa’s love for you. It’ll never go away. Look, I don’t want anyone telling me how to handle losing dad, so I’m not gonna turn around and judge you for how you’re dealing with it. This is gonna be one of the hardest days of our lives, especially for you. Chase, no. No, that you had to find him like that. I-I don’t know how you did it. I had no choice. Still. It’s not like it was my first dead body. It’s not a body, finn. It’s dad. It didn’t look like dad. You know, our dad’s eyes, they were kind and understanding, and his mouth — you know how curved up at the edges?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Like he was always ready to give a smile if anyone gave him half a reason to.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. That wasn’t the person that I found, bro.

[ Voice breaking ] It was… he didn’t smell like old spice anymore. And he was so cold to the touch. I mean… colder than you could ever imagine was possible. That wasn’t our dad. Our dad was warm. Yeah. One of warmest people I’ve ever met. Yeah.

[ Crying ] I don’t want this to be happening. I don’t want it to be happening. Neither do I, finn.

[ Crying ] Neither do I.

[ Humming ] Um, [Chuckles] How was the ride? Mm-mm!

Just what the doctor ordered, I mean, literally. I have to thank that dr. Randolph for telling me to get outside more. Sun on my face, wind in my hair — yummy. That’s — that’s — that’s great. I’m really glad. Um…I was told you’re needed up at the house, so don’t worry about the mount and the saddle. I’ll take care of that. Really? No one was up when I left. And if they’re up now, it’s ’cause they’re gossiping about the bensonhurst family members that I met at the wedding and thankfully have already forgotten. It sounded pretty important. Really? Who needs me? Chase. No, chase in brook lynn are on a plane to florence. They — they didn’t get on it. They — they couldn’T. Why not? Why not?! I’m sorry.

This must be hard for you, too. Gregory wasn’t simply a patient. You were practically a part of the family. Felt that way. So how’s finn holding up? He’s struggling. We all are. If you want to take the day off to go be with him — I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want me around right now. Well, that doesn’t sound like finn, [Chuckles] Especially under these circumstances. Positive. Honey, are you sure? Elizabeth, what’s going on? I am your friend, too, remember? You’re also the co-chief of staff. Gregory died? I’m sorry. I-I know I already said that, but I just… I don’t really know w-what to — to say. Um, here. Why don’t — why don’t you take a seat, and I’ll — I’ll get you a water. Here. Um… is there anything else I can do? I wish you’d seen… gregory at the wedding yesterday. Must have been proud. He was happy. How is it that that person no longer exists? I-I’m sorry. It sounds ridiculous. No, it… doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. We all knew it was coming. It’s just that… …this is so sudden. I don’t know. I-I feel like you can intellectually expect something and then still feel punched in the gut when it actually happens. I’m just — I’m sorry that you had to hear it from me. I’m not. I used to… try to imagine what gregory would have been like when he was young. And you know what? What? I imagine that he was a lot like you. Court is now back in session. Are you ready for this? I’ve done nothing but prepare and be ready for this. What more do you want me to do? What more do i want you to do? I want you to get mad at somebody other than yourself. And I want you to fight like hell, or just give it up and go home. At this point, I don’t care. But what I don’t want is even a hint of the wishy-washy, “oh, maybe I deserve this” nonsense.

[ Door opens ] I trust everyone had a productive recess. We’re ready to hear your final statements, starting with ms. Davis.

[ Exhales ] Your honors, if I may, I would like to return to my earlier points without them being obscured by opposing counsel, if that is at all possible. Yes, I lied under oath. But that perjured testimony was made in front of a medical board hearing and not a court of law. And why does that distinction matter? Because I wasn’t testifying as an attorney. I was testifying as a private citizen who was desperately trying to protect the career and the reputation of a man that I deeply cared about, a man that just so happened to be the late brother of opposing counsel fergus byrne.

I have handled everythingin the worst possible way. No, you haven’T. Yes, I have. What am I doing? Hmm? Hurting elizabeth, pushing her away? Being someone that you and violet can lean on? No, I have selfishly made this about me and that bottle. There is no right way to grieve. No, but there’s a wrong way. And that’s what I’ve done. You’re being too hard on yourself. You’d think after all this time, I would have been stronger. You are strong. You know, it’s not like we weren’t prepared. We’ve — we’ve known dad was… we’ve known he was dying for months. Yeah, but knowing it and experiencing it are two completely different things. I hurt him. I… I hurt him so many times, and now I’ve — I’ve gone and thrown away my sobriety, the — one of the things he was really proud of me for. No, now you’re just rewriting history. Did I or did I not ruin my relationship with dad? Did you rebuild? Did you? Landing in a place of understanding and trust and love? You did it with dad. You can do it with your sobriety. I need a favor, bro. Anything. Get rid of it. You know, I-I really am flattered that I remind you of gregory, but I gotta say I-I don’t see it. You both have a quiet, open way about you, unhurried, unworried.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, believe me, I worry plenty. Just good at hiding it? More like good at alleviating it.

[ Horse whinnies ] Or the horses are, rather. You know, I come here to the stables and I hang out with these guys, and I figure a world with them in it can’t be all bad. That is exactly what gregory would have said, except about his family. They are what grounded him and what gave him a reason to keep smiling. I’m happy he had ’em. Me, too. Want some more similarities? If you wanna share ’em. You don’t talk too much, and you don’t miss a thing. And you don’t push people around. You give people a lot of grace. That, my friend, is a gift. Heading back to the house? No. Not yet. Off to finn’s? Mnh-mnh. He needs time. Did you notice — did I leave some clothes in the tack room? Um, yes. I hung them up behind the towels so they wouldn’t get dusty. Thank you. Yeah. Um…if anybody asks, would you tell them that you, um… you told me the news? Of course. I really am sorry, tracy.

[ Voice breaking ] I really am sorry, too. Molly. Hi. Hey, I thought we were meeting downstairs. Oh, I couldn’t remember if that’s what we said, so I just came up in case you were waiting for me. What do you feel like for lunch? You pick. Actually, I picked last time. And you did such an amazing job of it. Bobbie’s? Bobbie’S. Bobbie’S. Molly. Hi. Uh, I’ve been trying to get ahold of your mom, and I keep getting her voicemail. To tell her about gregory? Tj let me know what happened. I’m so, so sorry. Thank you. It’s gonna be a really big loss for my mom. They were really close. It’s not every day you jump out of a plane with someone. Yeah, yeah. So, do you know where she is or how I can reach her? She and diane are in albany for a court of appeals hearing. Oh! Right. That’s why she couldn’t go to the wedding. How’s it going? I haven’t heard anything yet, but she should be home tomorrow. Do you want me to try to call her? No. That’s okay. I would like to talk to her myself, but thank you. Okay.

As soon asI learned that my brother neil figured into the complaint against ms. Davis, I recused myself from the medical review board. And was replaced by his partner of his law firm. Sounds like an inside job to me.

[ Sighs ] Something else that I think is very noteworthy is that ava jerome was the sister of my ex-husband. And I think that her credibility should be called into question because she had clear motive to have me disbarred. Which was? Retaliation for divorcing her brother. Ms. Jerome’s animus toward ms. Davis is irrelevant, your honor. I beg to differ. We’re going in circles here. Ms. Davis perjured herself, plain and simple. Which I already admitted. It’s where I perjured myself that’s relevant. What’s also relevant is that I was never informed of my disbarment hearing, or the fact that his law partner was sitting on that panel, or that ava jerome was involved. And had I known any of those things, I would have proceeded differently. It has become very clear to me, and I hope to you as well, that this disbarment is not about my wrongdoing, but about the personal vendetta of the jerome family and fergus byrne. What do you think’s happening at the hearing? I wish I knew. I hope it’s going well. Can you imagine? I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that my mom comes home from albany and is able to practice law again. I certainly wouldn’t bet against alexis and diane. Whoo. Me neither. What about a little davis girls matchup? You mean if my mom and I went up against each other in court? Yeah, who do you think would win? That is a nightmare scenario that I do not even want to think about. You’d know all of her weak spots. Yeah, and she would know all of mine. Even so, I’d put my money on you. You have to say that. You’re my domestic partner. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

[ Both laugh ] How about…dp? Is that better? Dp. Ah… I could get used to that. I could get used to you. You better. Because I’m not going anywhere.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ] It’s a hard day. One of the hardest. If you’re looking for finn, he — no, I assume he’s home. He is. Actually, I was looking for, um, stella henry. You know where she is? Yeah, last I saw her, she was in the break room. Okay, thanks. And I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sorry for yours.

[ Sighs ] I heard about gregory.

[ Door closes ] Please don’t leave. Look, I was confused and honestly a little hurt that you didn’t want to talk to me. Am I wrong about our friendship? I — no. No. But what I would be talking to you about — it’s not my story to tell. Okay. Okay. Just know that you can trust me if you change your mind. I’m worried about you. I’m not the one you should be worried about. Now you’re scaring me.

[ Sighs ] Is someone in trouble? When I went to finn’s this morning… …he was drinking.

You have to understand that finn had just found his father’s body, and you even said how difficult it is when the death is sudden like that. There’s no warning. There’s no chance to say goodbye. Gregory was just gone, and finn was in shock and needed to hold on to something. And he grabbed the wrong thing. It’s all been… wrong. Yeah. Right. Portia… …don’t make me regretconfiding in you. Thank you. You and gregory were very close. I’m glad with the time we had together. But you wish you’d had more. So much more. Curtis and portia told me the wedding was magical.

[ Chuckles ] It was. Gregory officiated over the ceremony beautifully. It was so important to him. Mm. And chase in brook lynn, I’m sure. Did you hear anything else? About the wedding? No. About his… his cause of death. Well, from what I understand, it — it was in his sleep. No seizures, no paralysis? Not that I’m aware of. It sounded peaceful. What do you think it was? I’ve heard a few theories. Cardiac arrest. Pulmonary embolism. Both merciful outcomes for an als patient. I-I’m sure doctor kramer’s filed his death certificate. Do you want to see it? No, I do not. But do you think there’ll be an autopsy? No. There won’t be. Good. Family shouldn’t have to go through that. I agree. I-I wonder if you could do something for me. Name it. Okay, I know your job title is, uh, patient advocate, but I get the feeling you sort of run this place?

[ Laughs ] Don’t tell my supervisor. Okay, so if anything comes up, like medical bills or official notifications, anything that I can handle with my hands or my checkbook, would you let me know? Ah. Absolutely. So how are you spending the rest of your day off? I was thinking about going for a walk around the bluffs. That sounds great. But?

[ Laughs ] I mean, do I sound too much like a dad if I’d prefer you didn’t go alone? Well, seeing as you are about to be a dad, you should probably start sounding like one. Ask kristina. I did, actually, um, but she said yes, and — and that was a few days ago, and now she’s not answering my calls. Was that my fault? It’s what your fault? That there’s this rift between you and kristina. I wouldn’t call it a rift. I mean, we talked about going on a walk casually. I’m sure kristina didn’t even know it was, like, a plan plan. Oh, okay. Well, um… why didn’t you just say that from the start?

[ Chuckles ] Because you think the moment you mention kristina not being the paragon of perfection, I’ll jump on it. Right? Would I be wrong? Oh, I missed you. We weren’t even gone a whole hour. Still too long. You smell like toothpaste. Yeah? Did you have lunch yet? No. I was waiting for you. Does a grilled cheese sound good? With tomatoes like grandpa used to make it? You got it, kiddo. Why don’t you go wash your hands? I’ve made choices in my life that I wish that I hadn’t, but I paid for them. I don’t think that my personal life, as flawed as it may be, should have any bearing on my ability to practice law. I’m a good lawyer. And I have a track record to prove it. I’ve lost my career as a result of a personal vendetta, and I was never given a chance to speak my piece. So I’m speaking it now. Thank you for listening. Ms. Davis asks us for separation of her personal and professional lives. It’s ironic, don’t you think, since all of the mitigating factors she presented were personal? Get to the point, mr. Byrne. Ms. Davis asks us to rely on her ability as a lawyer, citing examples of her work in and out of the courtroom. And those examples are impressive, though decidedly cherry-picked. Before we start polishing her lawyer of the year trophy, let me point out a few details that she conveniently left out.

I think when it comes tomy sister, we’re both to blame. Don’t you think? I mean, you say something about kristina, I jump to her defense. I say something, it’s your turn. Well, I haven’t done much defending lately. I’ve been too busy second guessing her every move. I’m sorry, molly. You’ve been hesitant to bring up your own sister and that — that’s not right. I mean, I think it’s just easier to worry with kristina. What do you mean? I mean, it’s easier for us to doubt our surrogate because it’s my sister. Like, if it were andrea or another candidate, do you really think we’d be monitoring their bedtime and showing up with groceries? Or looking for parts of their family tree to chop off. Yeah. Doubtful. We’d just want them to be healthy and happy and living their lives. That’s what we should want for kristina, too.

[ Chuckles ] What? Oh, I’m just trying to picture how anyone else would react to our… inquiries. You mean you don’t think our surrogate would welcome me showing up on their doorstep with kale and yogurt? Greek yogurt. Full-fat. Obviously, our baby needs protein. Mm. Say that again. Protein. No.

[ Chuckles ] Our baby.

[ Chuckles ] We’re having a baby. I can’t wait. You’d really step up for gregory’s family like that? They have enough to negotiate. So if there is any issue with his literary works or his papers at the university, I’ll just take care of it and get them professionally stored. That could be a lot of work. I don’t mind. I have one more favor. Okay. As much as I will miss gregory immensely, it really is not my loss. And I want you to keep this just between the two of us. I don’t want my name all over it. Okay. I understand, and I will. But let me be very clear on something. It is your loss, tracy. Not yours alone, but it’s your loss. In my neighborhood, when someone is grieving, you bake them a casserole.

[ Laughs ] Oh. Nobody wants me baking a casserole.

[ Laughs ] The point is, these are extraordinary gestures. Stella, it’s what I can do. Yeah, a lot of people can do things, but they don’t have your heart, so they end up doing nothing. Gregory changed me. For the better, it would seem. Well, he expected a lot of me, and I don’t want to let him down. Not this soon anyway. What ms. Davis didn’t tell us is that she was suspended for a time for discouraging her client carlos rivera from taking a plea deal which would have afforded him a lighter sentence. That’s a curious choice… until it’s revealed that the man mr. Rivera would have been testifying against was none other than her husband at the time, julian jerome. And I assume mr. Rivera can testify to that. Unfortunately not, your honor. Before the case could come to trial, mr. Rivera was murdered by julian jerome. Perhaps ms. Davis’s plan all along. Objection! Objection! Prejudicial! My apologies. It’s just that it’s difficult to keep ms. Davis’s personal and professional life separate when the two are so entangled! I encourage you to try and avoid such wild speculation. Understood.

[ Scoffs ] Is it, though? In addition, my other brother, brendan, futilely attempted to hold ms. Davis accountable for my brother neil’s death, which tragically led to brendan’s death, as well. That is a wildly inaccurate statement… you want to accuse me of perjury? Meant to inflame the panel. That’s exactly what you’re doing right now. I said “led to.” Show me the lie. Oh, you know very well that I had nothing to do with either one of your brothers’ deaths. Do you truly think… order! …That my brother neil wouldn’t be alive today if he had never met you? Of course he would! And brendan would, too! Order in this court. You destroyed my family, alexis! And I’m here to make sure you never destroy anyone else’S. Order!

[ Bangs gavel ]

You have someplace to be? Not really, but I probably should head home. I have avoided my family long enough. Ah, what’s a few more minutes?

[ Laughs ] Yes.

[ Laughs ] Let’s schedule an mri. Mm-hmm. Dr. Park and I are gonna need copies of the results. Can you check on mr. Rand in 307? He was having back pain, and I just want to make sure it subsided. Okay. Okay, thank you. And please keep me updated on her condition. Thank you. Okay, I’m sorry I dumped all of that stuff on you earlier. I-I just come from his apartment, and we had gotten into it, and — elizabeth, it’s — it’s fine. Really. I, uh… I can’t really imagine what must be happening with the two of you right now. But I am glad that you trusted me as your friend. It’s all just really fresh, you know? I think that once the dust settles, then it’ll all go back to normal. And finn…

[ Quietly ] Finn having a drink was a complete aberration. He had a-a moment of weakness, and that’s all it was. It was a moment. Mm. You know, he has to take care of violet, and I know he’s going to pull himself together and be strong for her. And he has patients that are counting on him as well. Of course, and he would never put his patients in danger. You know that. Portia, you have to keep this a secret. Please. I know how important finn’s sobriety is to him. And I’m sure that this was a, uh… a one-time crisis. And it’s probably over already. Yes. Thank you. Um… I really needed to hear someone say that. I’m glad I could be the one to say it. Saved you the last bite. You are too good to me. I know. Mmm! So good. Can I play on my tablet for a little? Sure. But first, daddy needs a hug. I love you so much. Never, never forget that. I won’T. Brook lynn, I am so sorry. I’m so sorry you’re missing your honeymoon. No, no, no, no, no. Our family being together is the most important thing right now, okay? And I’m here for whatever you need — errands, um, food, laundry, babysitting. Consider me at your beck and call. Thank you. Of course. But right now, what I think I need is a meeting. I think that’s a great idea. Lying under oath is perjury, your honors. Yes, it took place at a medical board hearing. And, sure, some would argue that makes it less impactful. But the repercussions from that lie had enormous impact. Your honors, how many times [Chuckles] Will opposing counsel say exactly the same thing? Wrap it up, mr. Byrne. Ms. Davis’s lie set off a chain of events which led not only to the deaths of both my brothers, but removed ms. Davis from the state bar as well. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she has no regard for legal ethics. Nothing that happened can be undone, but that should include the disbarment of alexis davis. Thank you, mr. Byrne, ms. Miller, ms. Davis, for your statements. The court will communicate our decision within the next 30 days. Court is dismissed. You should be ashamed.

[ Door closes ] Well, I’ll say this for you — you swung for the fences. Oh my god. What is your n ame? Bi ll. I love you, bi ll. Bill, are you really doing t his?

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