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finn: It’s chase’s rehearsal dinner, alright? He should be able to enjoy it without wondering if he’s abandoned you. Gregory: And you of all people would know what it’s like to be abandoned before your wedding. I recall feeling great about my rehearsal dinner with jackie and then wondering where the hell you were when the wedding started. But no, by all means, son, you lecture me on proper wedding etiquette.

[ Door opens ] Hey. What are you doing home so early? We had a half-day, silly. Ah. Mm. Hi. Just wanted to make sure violet got in okay. Yeah. Thank you, mary. Thank you. Uh, well, gretchen’s in the car, so I got to run. But see you two tomorrow? Sure. Yes. See you tomorrow. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Maybe we can take my bouquet out for a walk. Flowers love fresh air. And we can tell grandpa to come, too, if we don’t go too far. Yeah. We, um… yeah, we can go for a walk, sweetheart, but, um… come over here. I just — I want to talk to you about something. Okay, but shouldn’t I tell grandpa to get ready? We can’t wait too long in case of the rain. Grandpa isn’t here, sweetheart. Is he at the doctor’s? No. Grandpa isn’t with us anymore. Grandpa passed away last night. I haven’t turned sonny in. Because you don’t intend to or because you haven’t had time yet? I haven’t decided yet. Why? Because kristina and I — we don’t want you to report it. What the hell’s going on with you, dante? You know the history here. Michael and dex — they conspired to take me down. Now, I didn’t take the proper steps to contain it. I let it go. You want a — you want a medal, dad, for not killing someone? That’s not — that’s not what I’m saying. I left dex alone, and look what’s happened. Even more betrayal. He’s hiding behind a badge in the office with anna talking about my business or whatever he’s talking about. He’s still trying to take me down, and you refuse to see it, son. No, I think the only thing I can see really clearly right now… is you. What does that mean? This isn’t some isolated incident, dad. You have a — a pattern, a history with violence. And I’m not talking about what happened with cyrus. This goes back — you and I both know — a long time. What are you accusing me of? Okay. You’re right.

[ Laughs ] Whether the robes buy this or not, I want to stand in front of them and make my argument. Testify! Testify. Welcome back.

[ Sighs ] There’s a reason why you win all your cases. Hmm? You’re not just pretty. You’re very persuasive. Oh. Don’t forget either of those things. Now let’s go win this. Alright. I have to grab something first. What is this hoodoo? It’s from gregory to bring me luck. Ooh, let’s hope it works. Good news! I spoke to monica, and she is all for it. I’m not surprised. We have plenty of room. Have you warned him about my mother? Oh, about her irrational bias against those of us who were blessed enough to grow up in bensonhurst? No, not yet. You know she loves you, right? Oh, yeah, yeah, I do. I also know that tracy loves to complain about me. And olivia. And I’m sure she’s gonna complain about him, too. But olivia and I — we’re adults, and, you know, he’s just a kid. You said he was 21. 21 is still a kid to me. Well, maybe he’ll win my mother over. She loves music. As long as it’s not eddie maine who’s playing it. Can I get you anything? You want some water? I’m not thirsty. Announcer: This is the final boarding call for flight number 384 to rome. Dad was so happy yesterday. He was so full of life. I thought that… I thought that we would have so much more time. I did, too. And there were so many things that I wanted to say to him, and now he’s just…

[ Sniffles ] He’s never gonna know. He knew, chase. I promise he knew.

Boarding for flight 384 to rome has now closed.

This isn’t just about you. It’s about me. I’ve looked the other way so many times for so long.

[ Sighs ] It’s embarrassing, really, like… not admitting who you are and who you’ve always been. But, uh… I’m done with that now. I’m not gonna do it anymore. Too many people are getting hurt. And if you don’t do something to fix that, it’s just gonna get worse. Do you think I should turn sonny in? I think that that’s up to you. You were attacked. It’s your decision. And you have no opinion on it? That’s a first. Okay, I’m — I’m tired of telling people what they should and shouldn’t do and giving them ultimatums, alright? It hasn’t exactly worked out for me in the past. Dex, I-I know I have no right to ask anything else from you. Right, but you are asking me. But it’s not like when I worked for sonny, okay? I’m a police cadet now. I have direct knowledge of a crime. Look, what if somebody else gets hurt and me turning sonny and could have stopped it from happening? I’m not asking you to do this to protect sonny, believe me. Look, sonny deserves to pay for what he did to you. I’m asking you for kristina’s sake because if you accuse sonny, she will have to be a witness, she’ll have to testify against her own father. And she’s already an emotional wreck from all of this. And she’s pregnant, dex. I — [ Sighs ] I’m just worried it’s too much for her. When is it too much for me? I can’t deny that what your dad did last night scares me. Yeah, I know. It scares me, too. I’m not as afraid of sonny as I am of what all of this is doing to you. You’re the one I care about here. I hate seeing you in this much pain. Besides, I’m the last one who should be throwing stones at anyone’s parents. My mother gave you every reason to run from our relationship. But you didn’T. So I won’t, either. You’re not your father, kristina, no more than I’m my mother. I don’t even know who he is anymore. I saw him attacking dex, and I — after hearing him scream those threats, I just feel like he’s a completely different person. Grandpa — he wasn’t in any pain. He just — he went to sleep and — and didn’t wake up. That can happen? Oh, no, not to you and me. You know, grandpa — he was real sick. It was his als? Yeah. That’s probably what it was. They say — they said his — his heart just stopped beating. But his heart was fine yesterday. I know. You know, sweetheart, sometimes when people are sick inside, we just don’t know. But I want you to think about how — how amazing grandpa was yesterday, how much fun he had, and think about how lucky we are to have gotten to spend all this time with him, right? No, I want grandpa to still be here. Grandpa! Grandpa!

Where is he? Hey.

[ Sighs ] The paramedics — they, um… they took grandpa away.

[ Crying ] He didn’t get to say goodbye.

[ Voice breaking ] I know, sweetheart. You know, if grandpa had known it was gonna be the last time he was gonna see you, he would have hugged you so tight.

[ Both crying ] Gregory: You take after your dad. When Finn was a boy, he always had his nose in some book. You’re funny, grandpa. Everyone knows you can’t draw with your nose.

[ Laughs ] You’re so much smarter than I am. The wisdom of youth. What’s youth, grandpa? It’s everything you are, sweetheart, and everything old guys like me long to be.

[ Sniffling ]

[ Exhales heavily ] No. Life is so beautiful. But sometimes it’s cruel and it’s not fair. Life is so beautiful that it hurts sometimes. I love you. I love you, too. You okay? Not really. I just wish I could have gone straight from the airport to finn’s place. Me too. But finn wanted some time to tell violet about gregory when it was just the two of them, so… I don’t blame him. I just… I know. I know. I know. Do you know what? We’re gonna have to tell them everything at some point, so we might as well get it over with. Are you ready for this? I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready, but waiting isn’t gonna make it any easier. Poor ned.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I bet you tracy would support your musical side had brook lynn not decided to follow in our mutual footsteps. Thank you. If brook lynn just fell in line and lived her life the way my mother wanted, my mother would never respect her. Mm. And brook lynn would be miserable. That, too. My mother will never admit it, but she loves the way brook lynn stands up to her. Oh, I love it, too. Mm.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Door opens ] Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on a plane, sipping champagne, watching another little plane on the screen in front of you get closer and closer to rome? Okay, what’s the matter? Was your flight canceled? Now that you have nearly rubbed gregory’s good luck charm to shreds, do you feel its luck coursing through your veins? Not if luck and anxiety feel the same way. Fine. Well, then put it away. Take a deep breath because you don’t need luck. You have a brilliant attorney pleading your case. Perhaps you know her name — alexis davis? Who do you think is our esteemed colleague? I have no idea. But something about him looks familiar. Bailiff: All rise.

[ Sighs heavily ] Are you okay? Are you?

[ Sighs ] I’m very sad. But I know it — it had to be hard for you

[Sighs] To go into grandpa’s room just now. It was for me. He was supposed to be in there. I know. But if grandpa’s not here with us, where is he? What happens to grandpa now?

[ Sighs ] Don’t lay a finger on dex heller. In fact, don’t go anywhere near him, dad. Because if something happens to him, everyone’s gonna know it was you. That’s how you’re helping me? By telling me to hide from someone? Keep my mouth shut like some coward? It’s not about being a coward, dad. Mm. It’s about being smart. You better hope this kid doesn’t press charges because if he does, you can’t make amends to your family from behind bars. And your freedom now rests on the shoulders — the decision that a guy’s gonna make that you threatened to kill. My own son is forsaking me. Oh, forsaking you? If I was forsaking you, I’d be taking you down to jail right now in cuffs. I’m trying to save you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I am. You know, I think the problem you’re having is I’ve just kind of reached my limit with you, okay? I am done protecting you. You committed a crime, and now you have to face the consequences of that crime, alright? Okay? I hate that I asked michael to fix things with dex. That was so unfair to him. It’s pretty clear that your brother loves you and will do whatever he can to help you. I know, and I love michael, too, but you would never be able to tell by the position I just put him in. Alright, you’re being too hard on yourself. I wish. I hate it, but there’s really only one way for michael to “fix” things, and that’s by convincing dex not to press charges against my dad. I came to port charles because you hired me to take sonny down. What happened last night is further proof that your first instinct was right. Look, sonny is not just a danger to his enemies. He’s a danger to his loved ones, too. And we are never gonna get a better chance to stop him than right now. Maybe, but like I said bef– okay, michael, there’s no maybe. He’s right. Sonny absolutely deserves to be punished for what he’s done. The question is, does kristina? And does her baby? I guess you’re not afraid to share your opinion after all. Hey, I’m thinking about you, too. Because if you press charges and then kristina’s a witness and they interview her, is the stress gonna be too much for her and the baby? I know you, and you’re gonna feel terrible if it is. I’m not interested in telling you what to do. I can only ask — please don’t file charges against sonny.

There you are. I was worried. You barely said two words last night, and you were gone by the time avery went to school. She missed her dad this morning. Hey, sonny, please don’t shut me out. I’m — I’m here. Just… kristina saw something, got the wrong idea. She’s one of the last people that believed in me, and now I lost her. So, did you see sonny at the wedding? Yes. I did my best to ignore him. He iced me out at the church. Not that I was expecting anything different, but… I was watching him at the reception with brook lynn’s family, and they were all over him. I mean, they adored him. He was charming. He was flashing his dimples. He was — he was smiling and flirting with the ladies and making jokes with the guys. And I was just… I was watching him, and I was just thinking, “there he is. You know, I know that guy. That’s — that’s my father.” I remember feeling that way about him, thinking that he was so kind and empathetic and [Scoffs] Thinking how lucky I was to have him as a stepfather. It’s not that he’s lying, though. I mean, the… all that charm, the dimples, all that stuff, the love — that’s real. But so is the ugliness, the — the brutality, the rage. He used to be better at hiding it and controlling it. That’s why mom and I wanted dex to stay around dad — to keep an eye on him, to protect him from himself. Yeah, well, now dex needs protection from sonny. Hey, speaking of dex, I saw you two. You know, you were dancing at the reception. I know you waited for him afterwards and it didn’t — actually, the whole night didn’t go as planned. But…are you, uh — are you two back together? Well, in a few days, sweetheart, there will be something called a funeral. And that’s where all of grandpa’s family and his friends will get together to say goodbye to him. But how do we say goodbye if he’s not here? Right. Well, we — we say it in our thoughts and we say it in our prayers. Or if you want, you can say it out loud. It’s different for everyone. It’s whatever feels best for you. But when we say goodbye, does grandpa go to heaven? Is he with the angels? Yeah. Grandpa’s with the angels.

[ Knock on door ] Ohh. Hi. Chase called me. I’m so sorry. My dad’s sad, too. I think he needs a hug. I’m sure.

[ Door closes ] On behalf of my client, alexis davis, and myself, I would like to thank the court for hearing our petition today. We come before the court to appeal ms. Davis’ disbarment and ask that she be returned to the bar and allowed to practice law in new york state once again. And should you accept her appeal, the state and the people in it will only be the better for it. Thank you. With all due respect to my colleague, ms. Miller, the state of new york and its citizenry will be better off without ms. Davis, a proven liar, abusing their trust again. And what is the name of the party opposing ms. Davis’ appeal? Fergus byrne. I am opposing her appeal. My brother, neil, was a casualty of ms. Davis’ utter and complete disregard for the law.

The church, the music, everything was just beautiful. There were people there from the old neighborhood that I grew up with, you know, like the cerullos and the falconeris, mostly. Church was packed. I look over. I see dex. What? Yeah. He had no right to be there. He knew it. Then he looks over at me with this little smirk, like he knew he was getting away with it. Why would he do that? ‘Cause he’s a punk kid with no respect for anyone or anything. What did you do? I — I punched him a few times. More than a few times. But he deserved it. And then jason stopped me from doing something really bad that I was gonna really regret. I’m sure dex got the message. Guys like dex — they never get the message. If michael’s willing to ask dex to drop the charges, maybe it’s a good thing. You on my dad’s side? Would have lost that bet. Okay, I’m on your side first and always, but if I’m honest, I’m worried about what the effects of sonny’s possible arrest and prosecution would have on you. You’re very pregnant and already under a lot of pressure. I know. Seeing my dad attack dex that way didn’t make it any better. It’d be worse if you had to go up in court and testify against him. My god, I didn’t even think about that part of it. I have been so focused on what would happen to my dad, I didn’t even… that’s why michael agreed to talk to dex. It wasn’t for my dad’s sake. It was for me. Michael already knows you have a lot to think about with the baby. On top of the already complicated history you have with your dad, I’m guessing he’s putting himself out there because he wants to spare you. That’s a pretty amazing brother thing to do. I know, but I just feel so bad. Michael’s going out on a limb, and I — what? I-I love my dad. No one’s asking you to stop loving sonny. It’s not like you’re turning off a faucet. I know, but he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with attacking people and threatening to kill them just because I love my dad. I don’t think he should, either. What’re you doing? What I have to do.

[ Breathes deeply ] Hey. It’s kristina. I’m at the metro court. How soon can you be here? No, dex and i are not back together. Oh, sorry. Forget that I asked. No. I mean, why wouldn’t you ask? I’m asking myself the same question. I’m the one who broke up with dex, even though I still was in love with him. He just did something that I couldn’t accept, and I thought that that was the end of it. But it’s not? I just hate couples that keep breaking up and getting back together. You know? It’s like they’re terminally indecisive or — or they’re just addicted to the drama of it all. God, it just reminds me of mom and sonny’s relationship, you know? Every time she got rid of him, she would go running back. Not saying that dex and sonny are the same. They could not be more different. Oh, understood. My point is, it’s just not the kind of relationship that I wanted. You know? And when I broke up with dex, I really meant it. But then he radically changed his life, you know? I mean, he’s gonna become a cop. And at — at first, I thought it was to make amends with me. I know I sound like an egomaniac. You’re saying that dex didn’t apply to the police academy to impress you? Because that seems like the obvious explanation. Violet, can I ask you for a favor? Sure. Aiden has been begging me for a friendship bracelet. Can you make him one? Definitely. Thank you. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. But it’s obvious you’ve been drinking. So I’m gonna take violet home with me, and you can get yourself to a meeting, okay? No. Not okay. Violet’s staying with me. And I don’t need to get myself to a meeting. Finn, this isn’t just about you — my father’s dead. And you must be in so much pain — I stood right over there, and I watched two strangers wheel out my dead dad. Please, just let me help you.

[ Scoffs ] Nothing can help what I’m feeling. Nothing.

so he — he’s taunting me. You know what I mean? He’s not — I mean, he didn’t say anything, but, you know, he’s still taunting me. Jason grabbed me, and then kristina showed up. I don’t know what she heard, what — and then she took off without… I wasn’t able to explain anything to her. I’m so sorry. Kristina was the only one who… who really, really believed in me. And every time she would look up at me, she would smile. This time when I finally caught up with her… …my little girl was afraid of me. Come on in.

[ Door closes ] Looks bad. I’ve had worse. Never at a wedding, though. I-I don’t even know what to say, dex. Um, I — “sorry” doesn’t even begin to cut it. Thank you for even agreeing to come here. Can I get you anything? Aspirin? Ice? No. No, thank you. Joss stayed with me at the E.R. While I waited to get stitched up. Josslyn was right about my dad. She — she can say “I told you so” for, well, the rest of my life now. That’s the last thing that she wants to do. There’s no victory lap when it comes to being right about sonny. Right. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be flippant about it. I, uh — I’ve… I’ve had blinders on when it came to my dad. Everyone saw that but me. I wanted to think of him as the man i knew him to be, not who he was, not — not in his entirety. For what it’s worth, when I worked for sonny, I also saw what I wanted to see. And I was just as wrong. I know my brother asked you not to press charges. Michael did that because of me, because I asked him to. But I shouldn’t have. Why not? Because you are entitled to justice. And if you choose to pursue it, I want you to know that I will testify on your behalf against my father. Dex really believes in what he’s doing. He wants to be a cop. He wants to wear that uniform, to protect and serve. And I think he’s gonna make a really good cop, like dante. He’s gonna help people. And I — I think that he would really like it if we got back together. But if for some reason we don’t, you know, dex is gonna be fine. He respects himself. And some other girl would get him, and I’d be kicking myself. You know, there is an easy solution to this. You know, you can just tell dex that you want to try again. Michael, I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. What i do know is that I’m done changing my mind. Dex deserves better. Okay. You know, I’m gonna guess, though, dex would tell you that there is nobody better than you.

[ Sighs ] You’re my big brother. You have to say nice things to me. It doesn’t make them any less true. Your honors, mr. Byrne just admitted to being the brother of the late dr. Neil byrne, who was a factor in my client’s disbarment. This is clearly a conflict of interest. My brother was much more than a factor in your case, though I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve reduced him to such. My brother, neil byrne, would be alive today if it weren’t for alexis davis. Your honor, is absolutely — your honors, I have no problem with mr. Burns’ role here today. In fact, I welcome it. I’ve never pleaded my own case in court before, but I intend to do so today, so it seems fitting, maybe even necessary, that mr. Byrne have a front-row seat to it. I am so sorry, chase. Ohh. Your father was a wonderful man. And he was a wonderful father. You’re proof of that. Every moment I spent in his company was pure joy. Thank you. Baby, you okay? I’m so sorry, chase. Um, where’s my grandmother? She went down to the stables. She was going out for a ride. I’ll go down there and see if she’s left yet. Okay. Chase, I’ll walk you down. I can’t believe he’s gone. I mean, I — I knew it was gonna happen someday, but — I know, but someday wasn’t supposed to be now. Well, you know what? Sometimes god has a plan for us, you know? And it —

[ Sighs ] I guess it would just be nice sometimes to get a little heads-up. Yeah. You know, because of you and chase and that beautiful wedding, gregory died the happiest man on the planet, right? Yeah. He was also one of the bravest. Yeah. Yeah, he was. The way he officiated your wedding. It was with so much courage and determination. He had so much strength, you know? And he used so much of it to get through that ceremony. It’s like he just… didn’t have any left. Oh, baby.

[ Both crying ] Chase is the one who needs holding. He just wanted a little more time with his dad. I know. I know. But you know what? You’re here to hold chase now, okay? Yeah. And to let him know that he is not alone. You all know what eased the pain for a few minutes? One drink. One — one drink. You know, I think I have the right to do whatever it takes to get me through this day. If that’s how you choose to treat your pain, then I can’t stop you. But I will not let you get drunk with that little girl in this apartment.

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