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Continued any further without them seeing each other for who they ar that we have avorite vintage. Enjoy. Hey, so, I need to let the chef know that we have a party of six coming in, and they’re celebrating their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Okay. So I want to have some white-chocolate mousse sent out to them with some raspberry coulis, compliments of the hotel. Fantastic. I’ll let them know. Great. Oh. And somebody’s here to see you. Thank you. Commissioner. Can I get you a table? Oh, no. Thank you. I don’t need a reservation. Need some answers. Could you explain to me why you went to visit jack brennan in pentonville? Hey, michael. Michael: Hey. Did you have dinner? I can heat something up for you. I’m just scoping out recipes. No, no, you’re fine. I grabbed something to eat when I got home from work. You take a break. You’ve earned it. Your cooking is getting rave reviews from the adults and kids alike, and you know how hard the kids are to please, so… well, in this case, it’s the adults that have me digging through recipes. Well, I have not heard any complaints from them. So you’re doing great. Well, if they’re happy, I’m happy. They are thrilled.

[ Laughs ] Not only is olivia less stressed, but we’re getting regular meals, and we still have access to our own kitchen, so you are the perfect cook. Well, I am very glad that someone thinks so. You know, I am, um — I am a little surprised that you did take the job, though. Yeah? Why? ‘Cause I used to be a glamorous spokesmodel? Uh, ’cause, um… well, because of you and me. Nice ride, tracy. You have a great seat. Anyone ever told you that?

[ Horse neighs ] Not in a while. That is a great saddle. Thank you for letting me try it. Yeah, no problem. Expecting someone? Yeah, I thought I was, but now I think I’m getting stood up. Who would do that to you? Tracy! Sorry I’m late. Stella: Ah!

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Go ahead. Thanks. You just worked a full shift at G.H. Are you sure you don’t want to just soak in a hot bath, order in, watch one of your favorite shows? Don’t try to back out of our movie date with a sweet attempt to find something else for me to do. You can’t stay cooped up in this gallery all day surrounded by… nice style. Different style of art. Well, that’s called the “ode to duchamp.” Yeah. Mm-hmm. I know art is subjective and expensive. That’s how ava stays in business.

[ Chuckles ] You know, your great-grandmother, she used to say, “a fool and his money are soon parted.” ‘Cause our father was always coming home with these get-rich-quick schemes. I’ll tell you about ’em someday.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I can’t wait. And… I just want to say… I know what you’re doing. And I want to let you know… that it’s working. Are you sure about this? I don’t know. I — maybe this is a mistake. You know, the last few times that willow and i have been together, we’ve actually parted ways without things deteriorating. I don’t know. I don’t want to push it. I really don’T. And I don’t want willow to think that we’re handling her in a certain way. Would you calm down and stick to the program?

[ Sighs ] I’m your boss. I called you in to talk about crimson. Don’t worry about it. I got everything else handled. Drew, this psa copy looks great. I hope I can do it…justice. Nina. Hi, willow. What are you doing here?

Were just wrappingup some crimson business. Did I answer all your questions about the new accounting system? Hm! Okay. Good. I’ll make sure I speak to the software engineers and I express the rest of your concerns, okay? Thank you. Thank you, drew. Uh, lots of changes since I’ve been back. Absolutely. Sure is. And my door is always open. You guys can wrap up. I can step outside and go over this copy. No! No, no, no. Stay. Stay. Um, willow is prepping for her very first psa for the new tomorrow institute. Yes! That is really, really great! I-I’m so proud of aurora for supporting such a worthy cause… and you for being the spokesperson.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Well… I’ll leave you to it. Hey. Hold on a second. I just had a brilliant idea. Would you mind sitting in? What do you mean, you know what I’m doing? You act like I have some ulterior motive for trying to spend time with you. Well, don’t you? The last time we went on a coffee date, you were worried about how I was handling losing spencer. And I took your advice. And I tried to do something meaningful that helped me get closure. Did it help? A bit. But I’m no closer to knowing what to do with myself. I know, honey. I do see you trying and I see you struggling. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and take all the hurt away. Me too. Josslyn is your great friend. And keeping yourself busy here at the gallery. But sometimes you just need a hug and a shoulder to lean on him and… so here I am, baby. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, we got to keep going, right? Yeah. 15 grand, huh? Yeah. A-ha! No accounting for taste. Aunt stella!

[ Stella and trina laughing ] Hello, ladies. Hey, jordan. Hey, jordan. Hey. I am really glad to see you both so happy. But I’m sorry to say I am about to be a buzzkill. So this is an interrogation? Well, I’m just curious as to why you would visit your attempted abductor in prison. So I have to check my comings and goings with the pcpd? Maybe, when you’re talking to the former head of the wsb… and pikeman security group. Has that been confirmed? Brennan was head of pikeman? Working theory. I’ve answered your question. Now you answer mine. You know, last time you came knocking on my door with the third degree, you and agent cates accused me of harboring a criminal. Don’t you have better things to do with your time? I do. I have to run a hotel. Okay, so, the fact that jason slipped out of your house doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there. You’re deliberately not answering my question. Why is that? How do you know I went to pentonville? Well, brennan may be sequestered, awaiting trial, but he is still considered a dangerous man. He has a lot of eyes on him. Especially the fbi’s? I was beginning to think I had been stood up. Well, since you asked yuri to drive me, I could hardly “ghost you,” as violet would say.

[ Chuckles ] And it was such a lovely evening, I asked him to take the route around the lake, and the sunset was breathtaking. So I asked him to stop, and h-he found a nice spot and pulled over and… piped tchaikovsky into the back seat. And I just soaked in the music and the splendor and got lost in it. I think we both did. I’m sorry I missed it. Uh, I am, too. You would have enjoyed it. And I would have enjoyed it more with you. Well, I-I did get to see some of the sunset on my ride. And you’re so right. It really was lovely.

[ Chuckles ] You know, gregory, I-I bet we could convince tracy to hop back on her horse. Two of you could finish that sunset together. What do you say? Want to trade out your cane for a saddle? Maybe next time.

T-that’s an interesting assumption. The fbi. Yeah. If this is your way of trying to figure out what I know, let me save you some time. John cates was asking jason about a connection between sonny, brennan, and pikeman, but brennan didn’t seem to know anything about it. So you told brennan, then? That agent cates was on his case? Like, specifically. Yeah, it’s not like it’s some deep dark secret. Yes, carly! It was! Didn’t you learn first-hand how law enforcement works when you were married to the mob?! I’m sure nina has more important things to do than listen to me practice my psa. Well, like I said, I’ll let you two get to work. Well, j-just hold on one second. Are you sure, willow? I mean… nina listens to pitches and ad campaigns just about every day. It’d be a shame not to take advantage of her expertise. Someone with so much media and promotion experience. J-just figure she might see something that I could miss. Unless you’re not comfortable. I — well, I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfortable with being a public figure, but it is important and I agreed to do it. But nina has a magazine to run. I’m just suggesting it because this is your first psa, and we really want to knock it out of the part. But, of course… it’s completely up to you. You know what happened the first time I rode a merry-go-round? I fell off.

[ Chuckles ] Stop trying to make me feel better, cowboy. No, no. It’s — it’s a true story. I was, uh — I was a little younger than leo. I was probably 8 or 9. I was trying to impress a very cute girl. Hard to believe. And she kept looking at this brass ring that was at the top of the pole. So I-I climbed up on t-the carousel pony and I stretched out my little body as far as it would go, and I just kept reaching for that brass ring. And then I fell — flat on my face. Don’t know how I didn’t break my nose, but I got eight stitches in my head. Too bad it didn’t knock some sense into you. Wait, wait. W-what about the girl? The next day, she sat next to me on the school bus.

[Chuckling] Ohh! And? The moral is? Reach for that brass ring. You may fall flat on your face, but… ya never know. He’s well-meaning. Yeah. I wish everyone treated me so kindly or gave me such good advice. Sasha: I don’t know, michael. Given your family’s history with relationships, I’m pretty sure the fact that you and i used to be a couple barely even registers on their radar. Maybe you’re just disappointed that I never used to cook like this for you. I’m a little disappointed, yeah.

[ Chuckles ] No, it’s just — I, uh — I’m just sorry that you even had to take this position. I never thought you would’ve walked away from deception. I mean, I could have negotiated, like, a golden parachute or something. I just hate that you left all that stock on the table and now you’re here cooking for my crazy, mixed-up family. Please. Take that off your mind. I wanted to walk away. And, yes, selling all my shares was a big…gulp. Sure. But… it was a loss that I was willing to take for my peace of mind. And gladys already took all my money, so it’s not like I didn’t have any practice. You know, sasha, you don’t have to do that with me, you know, pretend that you’re — you’re okay. I’m not pretending. It was time for me to go, michael. I’ve made peace with my decision, and, honestly, I haven’t even looked back. When olivia offered me this job, I jumped at it. I-I had other options, but none that I liked. Okay. You know, maybe if you would have given your job search a little more time, I-I would have lent you the money to tide you over. I’m sure sonny would have, too. I really appreciate the gesture, michael. But, first, I would not have taken it. And, second, there’s no need. I like it here. You know, I-I don’t know if you remember, but I always used to say that I longed to be part of a family… after growing up without one. So now I get to cook for your “crazy, mixed-up family.” I get to practice my cooking and stay in a home with people I know and trust. Trust? I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t go that far.

[ Laughs ] But, I mean, maybe… I should have asked you before I said yes. I mean, I-I never even talked to willow about it. I really hope that I have not made things awkward between the two of you, have I?

I didn’t even think to ask willow how she might feel about me moving in here. We used to be so close, and then with everything that has happened to both of us, we’ve lost touch. And then after she had amelia and I showed up at the gatehouse hopped up on pills, she’s probably worried about having me around the kids. No, no. Hey. Sasha, that is not the case at all. We know what the situation was. Y-you were sabotaged. We trust you. Thank you. As far as us and our — our history… yeah, we shared a lot of memories, but we’re good, though, right? I mean… unless you’re saying it’s awkward for you. No. No. I-I really like being here. Good. Because the quartermaines, who rarely agree on anything, agree on you. Especially the kids, ’cause they love your beignets. I’m so glad. And, honestly, michael, this is not a step down for me. I really love cooking for your family. I… I’ve found it really… nurturing and grounding. I like seeing how happy people are when they eat my food, knowing that I’m contributing to their well-being. And I really love seeing how happy you are with willow. You guys are really inspirational. The love and the commitment that you share.

[ Door opens ] I, um — I used to have that once, so… maybe I will again. Have what? I don’t know if there will be an actual motion to reopen heather’s case, but I wanted to let you know what was brewing.

[ Scoffs ] This is preposterous! I’ve lost count of that woman’s victims! And she almost made trina one of them! What is there to revisit, jordan? How could this even be considered?! Well, it’s been discovered that heather was slowly being poisoned by an artificial hip implant decades ago with neurotoxic results. Wait. What? They think her artificial hip made her crazy? I-I read about this. A-and I did some digging. Some people who were poisoned by heavy metals have been affected mentally w-with anxiety, depression, cognitive dysfunction, bipolarity, even schizophrenia. But even if that were the case, heather is a brutal killer. Surely, this can’t erase her actual crimes! No, but some people think it can help explain them. “Some people”? Who? Who would even advocate for heather webber?! Well, you’re gonna find out anyways. My boss has raised the question. Spencer’s grandmother? Blood cancers once considered fatal can now be cured… if only people knew where to look for help. I should know since a marrow donor saved my life. That’s why the new tomorrow institute was created — to help people like you and me. Willow , that was so good,especially for your first try! Thanks, drew. Uh, nina? Anything to add? You come across very sincere and authentic. But? No. [ Chuckles ] I don’t — I don’t want to make you feel self-conscious. No, what you’re doing is — is spot-on. Nina, it’s okay. I… I’d like to hear what you have to say. Okay. Willow, you’re living proof that cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence. You are the success story. You’re the example that people can aspire to. You came through a harrowing ordeal, and now you have a wonderful, healthy, happy, fulfilling life. Show that. Show the people that are dealing with cancer and their families that they not only stand to survive, but, like you, to thrive. So, in other words… totally okay to smile a little.

[ Both laugh ] Noted. Anything else? You got this. I’m gonna go back to my office. Nina. Thank you. Any time.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Why on earth would you think it was a good idea to tell brennan that he and pikeman were subjects of an fbi investigation?! Because I wanted to know how he’d react. Why? Are you running an investigation of your own? From the minute I laid eyes on brennan. Oh, he hasn’t asked you to call him “jack” yet? No. He told me he was in the “security business.” And I took that to mean he was ex-intelligence or ex-military. I thought he was going after sonny, then I realized he was working with that guy hume. And when I heard the name pikeman in connection with brennan, it’s not a far stretch to think the fbi had their sights on him. Okay. God. Don’t know why I’m telling you this. Okay. Listen. The fbi didn’t realize that the former director of the wsb was involved with pikeman, maybe even running it, because he had managed to conceal his involvement. And that is why he came after me. But did brennan come after you? Well, yes. I thought that was hume. Did jack brennan come anywhere near you? How did he find out about john cates? You know, ’cause brennan was already in prison when he came to town. Did he tell you that or did… did you tell him? I may have mentioned it. Okay. So you blithely confirmed to brennan that he is under fbi surveillance… and you have put pikeman on high alert… and you have compromised a major investigation!

What happens with your investigation is not my problem. Okay, you know, you need to listen to me, carly! So you understand what’s at stake! Like what?! Never mind. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know. Because why should I trust you? Why should I trust

any of you? I mean, john shows up being all nice and genuine. Then he goes to jason and he hassles him about pikeman! And you know this how? I don’t think john would have shared that information with you. Were you listening? You were listening, weren’t you? Oh, my god. Of course, you were listening! You just asked me why you should trust me. It’s because I’m trying to help you! Or have you forgotten that brennan could have killed you the day that we arrested him? I remember you and dante bursting in with your guns drawn. The only thing brennan was packing was a couple zip ties. Yeah, like everyone walks around with zip ties in their pocket! Well, apparently, all spies do. Where are yours? In your pocket or in your purse somewhere? I don’t have any — okay. Look. I have never, ever considered you to be stupid or naive. But brennan could have kidnapped you that day or worse. You know what? I’m not so sure about that. I mean, if jack brennan is as dangerous as you say, he could have taken me down, he could have pulled a gun. He didn’t do either. I mean, maybe what you saw as a life-or-death situation was just a miscommunication. Why don’t you try to be as smart as you think you are? You stay the hell away from jack brennan! Oh, really? Hey, fritz. Um, I don’t feel like driving tomorrow, so I’m gonna need a ride. Yes. Yes, that’s right. Well, I would like to go to pentonville. Yes. No. I-I want to leave from here. Great. I’ll see you tomorrow. Well, that’s nice of you — to still visit your friends behind bars. Finn and violet have probably already left for the rehearsal and coney island, so why don’t you have dinner with me? As it turns out, sasha is a fabulous cook. All she has to do is heat it up for us. I’m not having dinner with you tonight, tracy, because you are going to coney island.

[ Laughs ] Oh, in the words of the bensonhurst brigade… “fuggedaboutit.” This is lois’ event, not mine. And while they’re all dining on hot dogs and cotton candy, I will be enjoying sasha’s delicious meal with cloth napkins and a tablecloth. Besides, I’m not in the ceremony, so there’s nothing for me to rehearse. I couldn’t disagree with you more. I need you to stand in for me at the rehearsal. That way, you can tell me when the music starts and stops, when I make my entrance, where to stand, all the little details that I need to know. Is this why you wanted to see me tonight? Uh, partially. T-there’s something else. I guess you could call it my “fail-safe” plan — in case I can’t make it to my son’s wedding. I am really excited about hopefully helping so many people, but I have so much to learn when it comes to the media side of things. I have no doubt that you’re gonna get the hang of it. Plus, you got so many people around you to help. It was a really good idea to have nina stay for the rehearsal. Her suggestion to simply smile made it so much easier the next few rehearsals. You really are a natural, but I have to admit nina’s media savvy probably could help us reach our target audience. So if you’re open to it, I mean, I could ask her to become more involved. Well, I’m not surprised… since you and nina planned this whole thing. Didn’t you? I’m just here to scrounge. I was hoping to find some yummy leftovers in the fridge. Yeah, I take it you’re hungry? Aren’t I always?

[ Laughs ] This is what I like to see. Checking out new recipes? Yeah, I am thinking of trying out some new appetizers. Ooh! Stick around long enough, and you might get to sample them. I’m really glad we talked, michael.

[ Sighs ] She’s amazing. Oh, I know. So, what are your plans for all of her…amazingness?

oh, baby, how are you feeling about this? I can’t feel anything but betrayed. For me and spencer. I understand, baby. And I don’t blame you one bit. And right now I’m — I’m straining my objectivity to try to see it from laura’s point of view. I’m trying to think how I might feel if this was a member of our family. Stella, that’s big of you. Really. It’s amazing. You know, I was police commissioner throughout heather’s hook killing spree, her jail breaks, and I’m struggling to find objectivity, too. But, still, I recognize laura’s courage to even consider taking this on. She has to realize the political firestorm she’ll cause if she gets that case against heather re-opened. So, are you saying that laura’s asking for heather to be set free? Well, you just put that out there, didn’t ya? I find it saves a lot of time to be direct. I saw you two just now. There’s sparks, you know? T-there’s something there. Yeah. Yeah. We have a good time. We’re friends. Friends. Okay. Friendship’s good. Can’t have too many. But some friendships are more special than others, and I just — I hope you realize how special sasha is. Don’t I ever. I mean… her molten chocolate lava cake is to die for. Are you ever serious? I’m very serious about my job, so no worries there. Okay. What about sasha? She has been through a hell of a lot these last few years. And she’s come through. She’s one of the best people that I know. So I hope you’re serious about being good to her. I will be as good to her as she’ll let me be. Willow, are you — are you accusing me of — of setting you up? I am accusing you of being a well-meaning friend who is trying to patch things up between nina and me. I’ll admit. I would love if you and nina work things out, but I am a businessman, and nina coaching you makes for a better psa, which may widen the reach for the appeal, which is what aurora promised the new tomorrow institute. So it’s good business. I would never do anything that I thought would hurt you. I hope you know that, willow. A-and I do get how sensitive the situation is between you and your mother. Ahh. My “mother.” That still lands with a jolt. I haven’t thought of nina in those terms in a while. I know, willow, but if I can get past it and find a way to work with her, maybe you can, too. I meant what I said before. Your attitude toward nina, your ability to put the past in the past and deal with her here in the present, made me rethink my own attitude. But it’s hard. I have opened myself up to nina on more than one occasion, and it did not go well for me. There was always a lie or manipulation, and then I’m left feeling angry and foolish. Like, how many times do I have to go through the same thing before I learn my lesson? Nina was the one that needed to learn her lesson, willow. Maybe she has. Maybe? I can’t be sure. But I’m willing to give her a chance. And I — I realize that it’s easier for me. She sent you to prison! I have a professional relationship with her, not a personal relationship with her, so she can, like — she can disappoint me, she can frustrate me, but she can’t — she can’t wound me. So I get… I get how letting her in is just a much bigger risk for you than it is for me. And saying that… …I realize that I owe you an apology. You? Why? I, uh… may have finagled the meeting and pushed things a bit so that you guys would have a chance to interact. And I’m sorry. But I stand by my business perspective. She really did make things better. So if you’re not comfortable… no, no. I’ll — I’ll think about it. Good. Then why do you look so upset? Because I have no right to come down on you. Not when I’ve been keeping something from you myself. Keeping something from me? About your brother. Carly: I can’t do this! I don’t have time. I’m sorry. That’s — that was unnecessary. Carly, I’m having the best day ever, and I do not want to ruin it. Look. We are never gonna hear bluebirds or see rainbows when our paths cross, but we don’t have to take shots at each other unnecessarily. Like you just did? It — that was a reflex that I regret. And I’m sorry. I approached you because there was actually another reason why I needed to talk to you. It can’t be another apology. I’ve already heard them all. No. I wanted to tell you that…

[ Exhales heavily ] …You were right about sonny.

I cobbled together some traditional texts along with some thoughts and musings of my own. I’m sure it’s very beautiful. Thanks, but I’m not looking for assurance. I’m holding you to your promise to take my place if I — yadda, yadda, yadda! You are presiding over chase and brook lynn’s ceremony. It’s meant to be. The only things that are “meant to be” are death and taxes. Yeah, well, I take exception to the latter. Tracy, don’t tell me you have stage fright.

[ Scoffs] Whether I do or not is beside the point. You’re the officiant! I-I’m just — I’m covering my bases, in case I can’t read my notes or I-I lose my breath, things that have been happening more and more these days. I’ll need my understudy to go on if that happens. Well, I seriously doubt that I’m gonna need to “go on,” as you put it, because you are perfectly capable of marrying those two, all while being… the most attractive man in the room.

[ Chuckles ] Flattery… will get you everywhere. Except coney island. Now, can we get to the airport in time? You have to make that rehearsal. I’ll get there. Oh… w-what’s the dress code for coney island? Think mermaid.

[ Groans ]

[ Laughs ] I heated you up some beef bourguignon. Otherwise known as beef stew.

[ Chuckles ] Where’s michael? Uh, he, uh — he left… right after warning me to be good to you. Okay. Well, I know michael. He had the best of intentions, but it’s not his job to make sure that I’m well-treated. It’s mine. I get to decide all on my own if a situation works for me, if it fits my needs. So we’re talking about your job as a cook? “Situation” is pretty vague. It covers my job, but also the people I associate with. Like me. You don’t need a lecture from michael on being good to me, cody. You already are. Trina, I can’t speak for laura’s intentions, but I do know her as my boss and as a person. She is smart and sensitive. So let’s not jump to any conclusions. The immediate question is, where does heather belong while they sort out her medical and legal issues? My vote is someplace safe and secure. T-this is a very complicated issue. I’ve worked with psych patients and their families, and — and I know that people’s pain, whether mental or physical, can drive them to do and say things that would otherwise be unthinkable. Okay, aunt stella, maybe heather was acting out of mental or physical pain, as you say. But what about her victims? What about the victims’ families? What about the pain she inflicted on us?! What I’m about to tell you is confidential, okay? Okay. When jason got back to port charles, after he jumped off the bridge… michael and I found him in the boathouse badly wounded. And we bandaged him up and got him antibiotics from the hospital. Jason should never have put you guys in that position. We had to do something. He was shot. So did you stitch him up? Of course you did. Because that’s what you do, willow. You help people. You helped jason. You help people at G.H. And now you’re helping people through the new tomorrow institute. I appreciate you so much, willow. And your secret is safe with me. Nina: You said that it wasn’t going to last, that sonny would leave me, and he did. If I had listened to you, maybe I could have saved myself some heartache, but, you know, I-I wouldn’t listen to you or anyone else. I had to live it. And I have. Is that all? I’m trying to make amends with drew. I understand needing to be on good terms with your employer. It’s in drew and my best interests to have a good working relationship. Then I guess it’s all worked out, huh? You and drew have a working relationship. You’re back at crimson. I have my hotel back. I mean… no reason to look back at all the damage done, huh? It’s good for all just to move forward. You make it sound easy. Not easy. Necessary. I’m not looking back. I’m not going that way. Jason? Jason?!

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, you were right.

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