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Recap written by Suzanne

At Alexis’ place, Kristina rants and raves to her mom about how Molly and TJ are upset that she accidentally said “my baby” once. Alexis tries to calm her down, but she’s clearly worried about both of her daughters. Alexis tells her that TJ and Molly are just worried because of all of the disappointment they’ve already faced; things will be better once the baby is born. They hug. Later, she visits Diane, who’s having trouble finding the legal precedent they need to get Alexis’ law degree back. Alexis asks Diane’s opinion about the situation with Molly, TJ and Kristina. Diane is sympathetic and reminds her that, in the eyes of the law, Kristina is the baby’s mother (even though they signed a contract). Diane advises Alexis to stay out of any problems between her daughters, or she might lose one of them.

At the park, Blaze and her mom bicker a bit about Blaze’s meeting with her stylist. Blaze wants to dress how she likes when she’s not working, but her mom insists that being a pop star is a full-time job with no down time. Natalia then asks about Blaze’s new single and blames Brook Lynn for being distracted with her wedding, so they argue about that. Natalie also wants Blaze to replace the guitar solo on the song and bring in her brother, Eloi to play. Blaze suggests that she let her children live their own lives, which leads to more bickering.

Kristina goes home and finds Blaze waiting for her. She used the key that Kristina gave her and is looking at the outfits that her stylist picked out for her. Blaze tells her about fighting with her mom at the park. Molly arrives and apologizes to Kristina about how TJ acted earlier. She told him to stop micromanaging Kristina’s pregnancy. Kristina thanks her and makes sure that TJ and Molly won’t be telling her not to see Sonny any more, either. Molly agrees and leaves.

Anna gives Detective Bennett a to-do list as she prepares to move into her new apartment. She’s not using professional movers for her stuff because she has sensitive documents.

Dante and Sam discuss his wanting to quit the force; he still worries about staying because of Sonny. She assures him that he would never compromise his ethics for Sonny, but she would be relieved if he quit, too. She tells him how hard it was for her when he was shot.

Dante brings Anna his resignation. She asks him about it, so he tells her why he wants to quit. He feels that Sonny is going to ask him to give him inside information about whatever Dex tells the police. He doesn’t want to even be seen as possibly compromised. Anna points out to him that if he gives up his badge, he’ll have no more excuse not to be dragged into Sonny’s business, whether he wants to be or not. She suggests that he just stay away from anything at the PCPD that might involve his dad. Dante agrees to stay.

At home, Sonny is in a rage to Ava about how Carly barged in and insisted on checking his medicine cabinet. Ava agrees that Carly isn’t treating him well. She looks alarmed when he says that he might go to the hospital to get his blood checked, so he can prove that he’s taking his medications. She calls his bluff and says that maybe he should do that, but then he decides not to do it because Carly will just find some other way to judge him. He rants and raves and then leaves to go take a walk and cool off.

Still at the park, Natalia hears someone coming up behind her, so she puts her purse in her lap and tenses up. Sonny comes up. She sees him and laughs. He apologizes for scaring her. They flirt, and she invites him to sit down. They talk about their kids and commiserate about dealing with ex-spouses. He shares with her that he’s bipolar and how he feels that, while Carly has always been helpful about it, she’s going to use it against him now. They discuss it some more, and then he invites to his penthouse for a drink, so they go. At Sonny’s penthouse, Ava is not too pleased to see Sonny cozying up to Natalia as he decides to open a nice bottle of scotch for her. After some brief chit-chat, Sonny suggests that Ava excuse herself. She does but then listens in on Sonny and Natalia’s conversation. Natalia admires Sonny’s penthouse and the beautiful view on his balcony. He mentions that he’s thinking of redecorating and could use a women’s POV. She asks about Ava, but he tells her that he and Ava don’t have that kind of relationship. In the other room, Ava looks angry.


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