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They havea baby soon… so I can be the older cool cousin.

[ Chuckles ] Slow down. You may be cool, but you’re not old. I’m old. Let’s give the newlyweds a chance to be newlyweds. I suppose.

[ Sighs ] But I still want to babysit. What was your favorite part about the wedding? Oh, why, you singing, of course. Right, finn? Absolutely. You were amazing, sweetheart. I’m so proud of you. What was your favorite part? Hmm. Catching this, of course. And the kissing. They’re gonna live happily ever after. I believe they will. And the dancing! Uncle chase asked me to dance.

[ Chuckles ] Look at you go. I love to dance, grandpa. Almost as much as I love to sing. And you’re brilliant at both of them. Okay. Well, now that we’ve established that, it’s — it’s pretty late. I think it’s time for bed, kiddo. Aww. Okay. Keep this safe for me, grandpa. I want to keep every single petal. I live to serve. Violet’s right. It was a magical day. Yeah. And I couldn’t have gotten through it without you, son. Not just today, but all these past few months. I truly appreciate you, finn. Ah! I love my dress, but it feels so good to be out of it. Can’t argue with that. I like you out of your dress, too. I have no idea what to eat first. Olivia’s too much. She’s been spoiling us ever since we checked in. Now she sent this comp food basket? Are you surprised? She lives to pamper. True. Ooh! That chocolate wafer looks good. Are you hungry? I just realized I’m starving. Between the dancing and the greeting of the guests and the toasts, I didn’t take more than two bites of dinner at the reception. Except for that bite of cake you gave me. Oh. Okay, then. Whatever my beautiful wife wants… ohh. “Wife.” I love the sound of that. Me too. I love you. Come on!

[ Dex grunting ] Do you know what I do to traitors? Huh? Come on!

[ Grunting ] Let go of me! Let go! Go! Get out of here! Sonny: I’m gonna kill you both! You’re both dead to me! I’m gonna put a gun in your heads! K-kristina. It’s not what you think. Wait, wait, wait! No, no, no! No.

[ Sighs ] Get off of me! Dex, go! Get out of here! No! You’re not. You’re not going after him. Screw him! What about kristina?! Let go of me! What did she see? When did she come in? I don’t — I don’t know. You do know ’cause you called her here, didn’t you?! No. I-I didn’T. Listen to yourself, sonny! Just calm down! Stay away from me. Stay away from my family. Carly. I’m at the hotel. Sonny’s in trouble.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door closes ] Jack? God, you’re gorgeous.

[ Chuckles ] No wonder poor valentin was so obsessed with you. Well, you’re on the mend, then. Ah, you know me.

[ Chuckles ] Nothing gets me down for long. Not even a shiv attack? It was a-a shiv? Inmates aren’t supposed to have those. Against the rules, eh? And you always follow the rules, don’t you? About as well as you do, anna. Josslyn: Oh, my god. Oh, my god! Dex! Hey! What happened?!

[ Stammers ] It was sonny. Oh. Where’s jason? H-he came in and stopped him. Can you see? Uh, yeah, mostly. Okay. I need to take you to the hospital. We need to go. No, no. I’ll go tomorrow. No. No! We need to go right now. I’ll take you. Well, it’s been quite the day,but it’s catching up to me. I think I’ll turn in now. Hey, uh, dad, before you do, um… I appreciate what you said. I… you don’t know how good it makes me feel… …to be here for you after we missed out on — on so much time. Oh. Hamilton, that’s — that’s ancient history. I’m very much A… “live in the moment” kind of guy these days. Yeah. And you’ve been such a rock for me, you know, letting me move in here and… managing all my doctor’s appointments and medications, even when I threw a fit about it, cheering me on to do chase’s wedding when I was doubting myself… and then putting up with my…orneriness as I was trying to make peace with this disease. I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. I’m in awe of you… in awe of the strength and determination you’ve showed since you’ve been diagnosed and how — how brave you’ve been, and not just ’cause you jumped out of an airplane, but the way you’re still embracing life. No, I-I don’t have a choice. Now is all I have. Yeah. Finn: Yeah. Thanks, grandpa. I’m gonna put these in water now. You know, you could, uh, dry those out and preserve them that way. You just need to hang them upside down for a few weeks. Really? Yeah. I’m gonna put these next to my bed ’cause they smell so good. Will you help me tomorrow? You bet. Thanks, grandpa. Good night, grandpa. Good night, dad. Good night, sweetheart. Wait. A-are you saying it’s not necessary to tuck you in tonight? I can get in my bed by myself. Oh. Okay. Yeah. See you guys in the morning! Love you, grandpa. I love you, too.

[ Smooches and blows ] You okay, son? Huh? Yeah. I just — I, uh… had a vision of saying goodbye to violet on her wedding day. She’s growing up so fast. Eh, not that fast. And don’t worry. Violet will always need her dad. Yeah. That never goes away.

[ Breathing sharply ]

[ Breathing shakily ] Allie? I need you. No, I’m — I’m in the bathroom across from the ballroom. Please hurry. Ooh…

[ Gasps ] Hey. Just let me explain.

Chase, I want to ask you something, but I don’t want to bring you down. I doubt you could. How do you feel about your mom not being here? I mean, I know she’s on assignment halfway around the world, but…

[ Sighs ] Um, at first, I was disappointed, but I’ve, um, had a lifetime of experience with my mom’s job. And I also think because of everything that happened between her and finn and how that revelation nearly tore my family apart, she didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. So… she just bowed out. Oh, that’s a really loving thing to do. It’s a good thing we took a ton of pictures. We can send them to her. Yeah, it’s a good thing. All in all, I think today was a perfect day. It was the best. You know, I washaving a lot of guilt asking your dad to officiate, but I’m so glad he did, that he was the one to marry us. You know, I-I… I want to clear the air about something. I’m so sorry about the words we had yesterday. No apology needed. No. Please. I-I need to get this out. I was angry and… yes, bitter, but not at you. It was at — at my disease, at my inability to be whole and feeling helpless in the face of that. And I lashed out in a petty and… I’m ashamed to say, a vicious way. And I’m so sorry. Um… I’m not holding onto some old past injury. It was a cheap shot, and — and I regret it. I love both of my sons so fiercely, and I-I’m so proud of both of you. And not just because you’re my sons, but because of who you are a-and who you’ve become, based on your own values and standards and hopes and dreams. You’re A… a good man, finn. You’re a loving father to violet, who’s a joy and A… a ray of sunshine in this world. You’re doing a wonderful job with her. That’s because when it comes to making a parenting decision, I say to myself, “what would my dad do?” Because you’re the best father I know. Well, thank you. I wish I could take some credit, but… you’ve done all the work. You’re a good son. My son.

[ Sighs ] I hope… I’m half the man you think I am. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And you’ll be fine. Hey, dad? I love you, too. Hi. Where’s sonny? I don’t know. He went to look for kristina. This is where he attacked dex — out here in the open?! He was out of control. Oh, my god. Kristina must have been shocked! Thank god you were there to stop him. Yeah. I saw how sonny was watching dex at the reception, and, you know, like, everybody was having a good time, then lois’ mom made a big fuss out of dex, and sonny did not like that. And then after a while, dex left and sonny followed him. Sonny meant to do this? He planned on ambushing dex? Right here when all of his friends and family are out in the garden?! Carly, it looks that way.

[ Sighs ] We gotta find sonny. I’ll check the parking lot. And I’ll check the terrace. Kristina, just — can you listen to me? No. Yes. Okay. Look, sweetheart. Just — no. Okay… d-dex and jason they turned on me. Stop! No! I don’t want to hear this anymore! Listen, b– no, don’t! Don’t! Please! Okay. You don’t have to be afraid. No! Don’t! Don’t be afraid of me. Please no! Don’t ever be afraid of me. Understand? Don’t ever be afraid. No. Just go, please! Please just leave!

[ Kristina sobbing ] It’s okay.

[ Exhales shakily ] We’re okay. Really.

[ Sobbing ]

Special occasion? Mm-hmm. As a matter of fact, I was having a lovely evening. And then I get a call that you’re en route to the hospital. Yeah, prison violence can be so inconvenient. Yeah. Isn’t it, though? Ah. Yeah. But I-I understand that you’re projected to make a full recovery. Yeah, the stabbing, it missed any major organs. You know, I don’t recall giving permission to release my medical information. Police commissioner. Prisoner. Yeah. Being a prisoner, it abridges certain privacy rights. Have you forgotten that? Ah, it must have slipped my mind, what with, uh… everything that’s gone on. You’ve had a very eventful evening. You want to tell me exactly what happened? I guess those vicious thugs in pentonville were too much for me. You know, i can make it into my room on my own. I know, dad. I know. Still, it’s, uh… it’s been a long day. I’ll grant you that. You know, violet already turned me down. You’re — you’re kind of stuck with me. Here. Here. Thanks, son.

[ Sighs ] Finn: Hey. I’ll drop these off at the dry cleaners in the morning. Don’t even think about tucking me in. Even I have my limits.

[ Both chuckle ] Hey, dad… what’s the l ast thing you alwaystold me as a kid before bed? I won’t forget to brush my teeth. Good night, dad. Have good dreams. Good night, son.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey! Finn am I calling too late? You weren’t sleeping, were you? No. I’m working. I got papers all over the place. How was the wedding? Wonderful? Yeah, it was wonderful. I drank.

[ Breathing shakily ] Kristina?

[ Sobbing ] Is it the baby? We have to go to the hospital. No, no, it’s — it’s not the baby. It’s my dad. Did something happen to your father? No, he was — he was beating dex. He was — he was punching him. He attacked him. He was kicking him and… he was going to kill him. Okay. Hey. I talked to security. They’re gonna locate sonny using the security cameras. His car is still in the parking lot. He must have driven himself. I haven’t seen any of his guys around.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, my god. Oh, hold on. Yes. Okay. Great. No, no, no. No. I can handle it. Thank you. Security located sonny in the garden. Okay. If I go with you, it could set him off. I know. I can handle it. I know. I’m just gonna be out of sight, but I’ll be close. Okay. Come on. Well, at least the bleeding seems to have stopped. Look. It’s a busy night. Let’s just go. Hey. No. No. You need stitches. And they’re gonna see us soon. It was really nice of you to give me a ride, but you don’t have to sit around and wait with me. I’ll be fine. Okay. I’m gonna ignore that. How bad does it hurt? It’s not that bad. It’s more on the inside of my head like when your ears are ringing. Okay. You might need a ct scan. Sonny meant business. I didn’t want to fight back. I just tried to dodge, but he just kept coming. He was out of control, joss. I think he wanted to kill me. Sonny. Jason call you? He told me what happened. W-why did you stop me from going after dex… and just ended it?! I had him right there! Is that what kristina heard you say? I don’t know what I said. Bastard grabbed my arm. I punched him. Kristina walked in. Where is she? I saw her in the restroom. My little girl’s afraid of me.

Thank you. I cannot wait to see all the pictures from the reception. The candids are always the best. I hope someone got one of violet catching the bouquet. That was so adorable.

[ Chuckles ] Can you believe that song she sang and wrote? She was a total showstopper. Everyone had the best time. It was like our wedding was a gift to them. And I’m so glad. They deserve a thank-you for loving us and getting us to the point where we could find each other, which is saying a lot when it comes to me. Hey, you turned out great, so I think they did just fine. And for that, I can’t thank them enough. Me neither. And there’s no pain or bleeding? No. No. No. It’s not the baby. Alright. You sound short of breath. It’s not — it’s — it’s not the baby. It’s my dad. I told you. I feel like such a — I feel like such a fool. Josslyn tried to tell me. Tj, dex, everyone. Everyone tried to tell me all this time, and I-I just — I didn’t believe them. I thought that I knew him better than anyone. My dad, I thought I knew, and he had this — he had this code of ethics. All this time, I’ve just been defending him. Over and over and over again, I’ve just been defending him! And I don’t even know who that man was! I don’t even recognize him. He was so angry and he was so violent. And he… he said he was going to kill him. He said — he said he would empty a gun in their heads. That is who my dad is? I didn’t even realize what I was doing. Brook lynn’s grandfather handed me the glass, and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, and I was just gonna set it down. But then, violet, you started singing the song that she had written, right? And everybody was going crazy, and they were applauding. And then he made a toast to her, and I just… I just started — I drank without even realizing what I was doing. Uh, I see. What? No such thing as an accident, right? No, that’s not what I said. I-I… I-it’s just, now that you brought it up, do you think maybe subconsciously you wanted a drink? I mean, to me, it soundedlike you just were, you know, having a good time and got caught up in the moment. I was. Am I overreacting here? No, I didn’t say that either. Look, we both know that, you know, staying sober is a struggle and we also know a slip is a slip, which is why the important thing is — and you need to listen to me… you did not fail here. Alright? So you need to forgive yourself, which is really hard for people like us to do. The hard thing — coming to terms with this. Seven years sober, and it’s gone in 20 seconds. Sonny: There are things parents need to keep from their children for their own good. Y-you know, a father needs to protect his daughter, even from himself. Well, there’s a part of you that kristina has never seen, a part that even scares you. But that’s just one part of sonny corinthos. And it isn’t outmatched by the part kristina has always known. The loving father. The good part. She didn’t look at me that way. She looked… scared. And then when I reached out… …s-she flinched. She flinched! Because it just happened, sonny! She’s raw and she’s confused. Kristina’s gonna need some time to calm down and to process, but she’ll remember the father that you’ve always been. And you can help remind her by leaning into the good. You can show her the father that she’s always loved. I am not sure… anyone loves me anymore.

See, the thing I remember is that you were always first in class in hand-to-hand combat training at the wsb. Didn’t you almost snap the instructor’s neck once? How long ago was that? Years of desk work have left me, uh, lax, somewhat feeble, I suppose. No. [ Chuckles ] “Feeble” and “lax.” They’re not two words that spring to mind when assessing you. Is that what you’re doing, anna? Always. Yeah. Placement of the wound. It’s just so suspiciously fortunate. No vital organs hit. Is prison life so dreary that you had to stab yourself in order to get a change of scenery? Because you were never afraid to take a risk to get what you want. You know, it doesn’t seem fair, interrogating a helpless victim. I very much doubt you’re helpless.

[ Chuckles ] I’m chained to a bed. And I’m too weak to stand. Well, then, I’ll be gentle. You’re never more dangerous than when you appear harmless. In sonny’s mind, I’ve betrayed him and I’m coming after him by joining the pcpd. I keep hoping to see some look of recognition in his eyes that he remembers that I was someone he used to care about and that cared about him, too. I’m so sorry. But… you know, sonny either loves you or he hates you. And right now he hates you. I’m just really grateful that jason kept his promise. Jason pulled him off, but it was kristina who stopped him. You did not intentionally drink, so you did not mess up your sobriety date.

[ Exhales shakily ] It feels like I did. I understand why you feel that way, but you’ve been to enough meetings to know that people who have been in recovery for a long time do slip up. And they come back. Those chips are a great motivator, right? But we know that it all comes down to us because we’re constantly having to climb uphill, and there’s no summit. So…you might have a misstep, but then you — you find your footing again, right? I’m sorry. I know that I am waxing poetic and I’m really punchy and I’m very tired. But, finn… will you just please tell me that this is not the end of your sobriety and you know that? Your children love you. Kristina wouldn’t be so upset if she didn’t love you. You did not see her face, carly. She — she — she looked at me like she didn’t know me. Like she was afraid of me. You can’t change what happened, sonny. You can’t explain it away. And you can’t make kristina unsee what she saw. But it was one night. Hell, it was less than that. It was five minutes! Weighted against a lifetime of love and support and understanding. You’re gonna get kristina back. But you’re gonna have to give her time.

Why did you ask jason to protect me? Why do you think? I love you. And that was never a problem. Come on. Let’s go to my room. You can take a bath and get into some comfy clothes. I don’t want to be alone. I won’t leave you alone.

[ Sniffles ] You may be right. Five minutes is nothin’ compared to a lifetime. And the memory… could fade. But she’s not gonna forget.

[ Sighs ] There’s always gonna be a part of kristina that’s gonna be waiting and afraid that I could do it again. Then don’t do it again, sonny. You know I can’t promise that, carly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this. I don’t know if I got through to him. I think you did. I’m so scared for him. I heard you had a visitor at pentonville. Carly spencer. I find that so odd. Because the last time the two of you were together, you were gonna zip-tie her and drag her off to god knows where.

[ Sighs ] The zip ties… are an occupational hazard. In my work, as in yours, we carry zip ties the same way that civilians carry pocket tissues. No. That’s not a thing, jack. No. Okay. Yes. You found me out. I’m so hot for the gorgeous ms. Spencer that I stabbed myself in the improbable hope that she’ll come visit me in hospital. So… you think I have a chance?

[ Chuckles ] There’s that twinkle. You’re very good, jack. You think so? But I’m better. Thanks for taking the time to talk me down off the ledge. You’re gonna be okay. You are. You just — you freaked out. That’s all. And it’s understandable. You just needed me to tell you that. Yeah, well, I appreciate you. Hey, good luck tomorrow with the court of appeals. Thanks. I’m gonna need it. Yeah. Look. And if you need to talk to someone after… you’ll be the first person that I call. You be good to yourself. And give brook lynn and chase my best, okay? Okay. Ugh! I am so tired. And I have never been more in love. So glad… …we have our whole lives ahead of us.

Those were the days when we had childish dreams I love both of my sons so fiercely, and I’m so proud of both of you. I hope I’m half the man you think I am. Just keep doing what you’re doing. When I was a kid, any time that I was scared of something, you would take my hand and you would say, “I got you, son.” And in that moment, I knew that everything was gonna be okay. I got you, dad.

And I love the lovely years, no worries, no fears love you, grandpa. Love you, too.

[ Smooches and blows ]

Oh, what a great life gregory: Violet’s a ray of sunshine in this world. You’re doing a wonderful job with her. Finn: When it comes to making a parenting decision, I say to myself, “what would my dad do?” “Ho, ho, ho!” Finn: Because you’re the best father I know.

Holding a child gregory: Violet will always need her dad. Yeah. That never goes away. I’m in awe of you, in awe of the strength and determination you’ve shown since you’ve been diagnosed. You’re still embracing life. Don’t have a choice. Now is all I have. Something on my bucket list.

[ Laughter ]

And I love the lovely years first words and steps… violet: You were right, brook lynn. When you make a wish on a christmas tree, your wish comes true. Gregory: My christmas wish — I want to live to see my son marry the love of his life more than anything. Brook lynn: Then we’ll make it happen. And I promise I will bring the strength and love that you inspire in me every single day to our marriage, to our children, just as my dad always did for me.

We’ll sit and repeat ourselves my bucket list is now complete.

Telling our favorites stories

good night, sweetheart.

And we’ll love the lovely years remembering all the years of such a great life and we’ll love the lovely days they’ll never fade away just look in my eyes

violet: Good night, grandpa.

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